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Museums...museums are quiet right
Date of Scene: 22 February 2021
Location: Cloisters - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Synopsis: He really shouldn't go places. Banner saw Catwoman at the museum. Then the bad robber sorts showed up.
Cast of Characters: Bruce Banner, Selina Kyle

Bruce Banner has posed:
People are moving through the museum to look at the usual. There is a story about a new display that shows a mildly radioactive gemstone that was found in an Atzek temple. Curiosity draws everyone, but radiation draws the scientist who has been way too familiar with radiation in his lifetime. Curiosity is what it is.

While others stay with the group, Bruce stays out of the crowd. An ankle monitor on one leg and a pulse meter on one wrist. For the most part he doesn't stand out too much otherwise, just another big nerd in the building that can ask really pointed questions about the gem.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Museums are to Catwoman what flames are to a moth.Especially when there's a new exhibit involving beautiful priceless gemstones. She peers intently at the gorgeous new display, jotting down notes in her little notepad. Much like Bruce, she stays a bit apart from the tour group, scoping out the layout and set up of this particular museum.

You know, for later....

She does notice the somewhat nerdy but handsome scientist guy also staying back from the crowd nearby, and arches a brow at the ankle monitor. "Soo what happened, broke your curfew?" she asks conversationally rather than mockingly. No really, she's curious.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Looking at the strangely green glowing gem, Bruce doesn't even notice Selina at first. He's really a giant nerd in the sense he misses a beautiful woman talking to him for the moment. A deep frown as he hears the answers to his questions. Starting to ask another question he pauses and looks to his side when he catches on to the question to him.

He looks down at the leg monitor and nods a little,"Something like that." he replies finally and might be a little uncomfortable. Shy guy maybe? He talks clear enough, but eye contact only lasts a few seconds.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle smiles a bit, noticing the glasses and other stereotypical nerdy things about him. Like how intent he is on listening to questions. And that gem. Hmmm, well she sure does love a mystery.

She chuckles a bit, shaking her head. "Ahh, my apologies, curiosity got the better of me.l" the tour guide is already moving on to another, less exciting display, some old ancient tapestry or something. Selina stays transfixed, watching the gem thoughtfully, stepping closer to the display as she takes more notes - moreso of the security systems surrounding it than the history blurb of the stone itself.

"Pretty, isn't it..I wonder if it's still, you know, radioactive? I mean..Can't that be dangerous?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
His eyes scan the gem again and shakes his head,"Nothing wrong with curiosity. It's the only way to learn." he replies and looks at the gem a long time thoughtfully,"As for the radiation, it does still have a half life left, but it is the last of it and dwindling. Inside that case it should be safe, but I'd advise against making a necklace out of it."

Near the entrance a few people mill together and watch the tour at the gem. They talk to each other, staring at the gem and pointing at the gatherings as they do. Long coats are the normal with the winter happening, but still they look a little suspect.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle hmms, "Soo, I wonder how long its half life is? If it's still glowing, that's kinda creepy, never liked glowy things." she shivers, but even so, there go her plans of making it a necklace. "Ohh really? So that case is keeping the radiation contained?"

She is aware of the group of people watching and muttering about the gem, but has found nothing especially suspicious of them...Yet. Still, she keeps a thoughtful on them.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"If the assessment is right as to when it was irradiated..." he muses thoughtfull and studies the gem again. The wheels are in motion and it is clear he's got an answer,"Another 72 years. The case does yes, for short term exposure. Combined with the distance it is safe to look at." he comments and looks at the description. The tour guide pauses and looks at his card and back at Banner again, confusion on his face. How did the nerd guy know that?

The guys at the door, five of them, bring out shotguns and one shoots into the air,"Everybody on the floor, face down!!!" One of them screams and starts towards the displays to take the more valuable things. The monitor of Banner's wrist start to rapidly beep at the sudden surprise and hesitates a moment.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle arches a brow at him, "Wooow, you're really smart!" she nods, glancing back at the gemstone, "Hm, wonder how they brought it in here safely...?" and how she might bring it out in a similar manner..

But those plans will have to be put on hold as some other people clearly have similar ideas, even if they're terribly tactless about going about it. She frowns, stepping back to hide behind a large statue. "Oh great, who are these guys?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
"I don't know how it got here. Probably an armored car." he manages despite the armed men starting towards him. One of them screams at him as the beeping continues to speed up. A very annoying sound in the midst of stress. Most people fall to the ground immediately fall to the ground and Bruce finally wakes up to try kneel down too, but too little too late. He catches the butt of a shotgun in the face and falls to the ground quietly...except for that damn heart monitor that is not beeping fast anymore, but rather one steady beep.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle gasps as the nerdy guy falls to the ground, wishing she had her gear with her..Well it's in her backpack at any rate, although she is wearing her catsuit underneath the jacket and long skirt, having planned to cope out the place when it closed in an hour. But now she's gonna need a distraction..lHmmm...

Glancing around she notices the fire alarm behind her, and a light switch. Ok then..Here goes nothing! In one swift movement, Selina punches the fire alarm, then turns off the lights, grateful for the dark outside which will cover her tracks as she retreats into darkness.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The men start to shake down the people in the museum. Another starts trying to figure out how to get the green glowing gem. What could go wrong? Banner, for his part is still on the floor. The heart monitor is beeping almost as fast as an automatic weapon cycle.

The fire alarm causes the men to jump and start really moving fast. One of the men, the one that knocked Banner down swears at him and calls him some derogatory things as he does get up fast enough. Unfortunately, none of them know what is happening and will only be wise about it when it's too late.

Selina Kyle has posed:
The lights are out for long enough for Selina to slip off somewhere unnoticed. And with any luck, it'll alert emergency crew and get civilians to evacuate the other floors.

The lights are still out, although there is some minimal vision enabled from the flashing red lights from the emergency fire panel that she had pressed earlier. But it's still a dark, confusing mess. Perfect. Good thing she can see in the dark..

CRACK! And her whip snaps out, wrapping around the legs of one of the thieves, yanking him to the ground. CRACK! And the whip snags out a second time to grab onto one of the thugs' guns and yank it out of his hand. CRACK! a third time and the whip is used to drag the second thug into a third, smacking them into each other.

"So boys, how about you leave the goods to the professionals and run away while you still can?" she's practically purring as she stalks them in the shadows, watching their frantic steps easily enough in the darkness.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The lights and noise drown a lot of things out, but things are still happening. Good news! The beeping has ended as the heart monitor has fallen onto the floor. Bad news...where the nerdy guy fell something distinctly larger and savage rises. Close to a half a ton of green muscle and rage rises to his feet and and at the top of overly developed lungs he roars a challenge to the men with the guns. Window glass rattles in their frames.

What's left of his shirt falls to the floor and he looks takes the first rumbling step towards the one that struck Banner. The floor actually registers tremors through it with each step. Weight and force together. The man that was caught up with trying to find Selina turns around fast, tracking the weapon and then stopping...cold. He can't even find the trigger for a moment and another roar rages through the room and it's impossible to not notice this time.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman pauses a moment as she feels the groudn rumbling. Oh. Dear.. Is that...?! Eyes narrow as she notices the beeping stops right when the nerdy guy turns into the Hulk.

Oh. So that's why....

"Ohhh...Great...." She grimaces, deciding to keep a lot of distance between herself and the Hulk as he charges after the remaining thugs. Oh wait, there are still people here, innocents. She should probably get them to safety.

And while the Hulk focuses on the baddies, she helps innocents to their feet, ushering them out towards the exits. At some point or other, someone flicks on the lights, which is probably a good thing as they dont want people tripping over each other, or getting caught in the crossfire.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The man finally recovers enough to pull the trigger. Unfortunately for everyone the noise annoys the green beast. Worse for the man with the gun, the bullets only annoy him more. He snatches the gun away from the man and folds it like a piece of paper. The wood works snap and the metal whines in protest. A moment later the man in backhanded into the far wall.

More brave sorts try to get a bead on the Hulk, but he throws his arms out to his sides and claps his hands together. The impact of the hands causes a shock wave that knocks them on their back,"Noise. Too much NOISE!!!" One of them gets kicked. That will be broken ribs. Hulk looks for a way out of the museum to get away from them. None of them will be getting up soon and even if they do, they'll regret tonight's decision.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman cringes as she watches the fight. "Phew, they don't stand a chance." a sigh and a shake of her head as she darts back in to help more innocents to their feet, guiding them to the fire exits amid the chaos. Hopefully soon, the police will here, but before that time...

Catwoman glances around, and grabs a few choice cat-themed statues and jewelry. Best to keep a low profile while Hulk is busy 'entertaining' the thugs. And that green gemstone. But that might be risky..

Bruce Banner has posed:
She's lucky she isn't making a lot of noise. The alarms and the goons are enough to drive him out. Then there are sirens. He scowls darkly at the sound of them and walks to the door, through the door. No, really. He walks through the door, taking the frame and part of the wall with him.

The emergency vehicles are more annoyin g than the sounds in the museum. He flexes his knees a little and jumps. If Selena listens closely she hears in the night,"Leave Hulk alone!!!" His form fading into the distance very fast.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Oh joy, she can hear police sirens. But hey, at least she's managed to help get most people to safety. Now all Catwoman has to do is to escape herself, before the police get here. "Thanks for the assist, Hulkie." she winks and blows a kiss at him, before swinging her whip upwards to snag at a choice ceiling vent, yanking it open and rappling up it.

She's no stranger to sneaking through air ducts and right now it's the quickest way out of here while avoiding the police at the same time. And of course her backpack is now full of choice goodies. Well, this wasn't a total waste of time, too bad she wasn't able to snag the glowy green gem thingy..