5313/I.C.E. I.C.E. Brother, Oh Dear..

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I.C.E. I.C.E. Brother, Oh Dear..
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: St. Luke's Hospital
Synopsis: Emma gets called to come pick up Christian at the hospital. Secrets are revealed. Lives are changed.
Cast of Characters: Christian Frost, Emma Frost

Christian Frost has posed:
     It was late morning. St. Luke's staff had located Christian's phone and contacted the In Case of Emergency number, which was the only member of his family he kept in touch with.

  The nurse had informed Emma that Christian had landed in the hospital in a catatonic state, but given some of his prior visits, drugs had been suspected.

  Christian had been living the party lifestyle in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. Ever since Winston Frost had disowned him, he'd been living off the graciousness of Emma on the DL, Winston had blackballed him in the business world, he was persona non grata. He'd tried to live the straight way, in conversion therapy as per Winston's desire, until he had enough and dear old Dad gave him the boot. Since then, it was one bender after another, indulging in vices and carnal pleasures as if he were not living past tomorrow.

  The lifestyle had taken a toll on Christian, his short blonde hair was bed-headed, had been recuperating and rehydrating as his bed had been raised up to allow for clear airways, resting on the leaning mattress.

  The TV was turned to RuPaul's Drag Race, mainly for background noise by one of the nurses that knew him. Sadly, it was not his first visit.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "God F*****G damnit." Emma snaps as soon as she enters the room. "You swore. You SWORE to me last time Christian." The White Queen says as she busts into the room after finally arriving and finding her brothers room and assuing the nurses and staff she'd be calm and helpful with him as soon as she entered.

    Yes. That's what she told them.

    The Frosts tend to be habitual liars to each other and around each other.

    Emma steps into the room, her pumps clamping against the tile floor as she moves to stand next to Christian's bed and squints her eyes at him, thinking <<You look like f*****g s**t.>> Before she turns to look at the chart, as if she really knows what's on there, but she's able to seek out keywords she can understand, and piece meal the rest from passing staff using a bit of her little telepathy.

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian grumbled after Emma had came in yelling. Shifting in the bed and turning his head towards her. He looked worse for wear, even light tracks on his arm now. He hadn't used heroin in years, but other party favors...that was another story. "You don't look so good either in those last season Prada heels." He smiled just a bit with his eyes still closed. Emma and him had a connection, the die hard love that siblings get sometimes when they are tempered in the forge of parental dysfunction. They were the oldest of the Frost children, and Christian was the good older brother, encouraging Emma through her younger years.

  Christian's chart had mentioned elevated levels of serotonin, and DMT. The nurses had been talking about him, now that Emma had made a ruckus, it had been assumed he had taken Opal. Toxicology was still out, but they'd seen people mistaking it for cocaine, especially when you're snorting it off the toilet paper dispenser in a club with little light.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma shakes her head twice and drops the clip board back onto the end of the bed. "Christian... seriously... what the f**k?" Emma asks, her eyebrows furrowing above her nose as she looks down onto her older, now MUCH older appearing brother. "I can't keep supporting you like this if this is how you're going to end up..." Emma says, closing her eyes and frowning...

    <<Wonder if Jean and ... Well just Jean would care if I brought him back...>> Emma looks over her shoulder at the door and frowns, "I think I know what you took... it's ... harsh. I had a dose and I've been fighting myself from getting more. I have people. We're studying it, trying to stop it." Emma admits, hoping to give him a hint of hope even as the secrets start pouring out of her.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "I know. I know. It wasn't like I was chasing the dragon again." The thirty-one year old had grumbled again as he started to open his eyes. "Who's Jean?" He asked, pulling himself up and squinting. "It wasn't coke. Obviously. This shit was...another level. I've done..." He blushed a bit before saying it. "Emma, what the hell?" Suddenly, he cared if his sister had been doing drugs. "I kept seeing things. Grad day from Harvard, the first time I kissed a guy, everything I liked, in vivid detail...I want more."

  That was the withdrawal talking. "Jesus, Emma, you know what it's like..." His external emotions were so scattered, somewhere between yearning for another hit, and a desire to get better. It was a desire that Christian hadn't had felt before, not in the last three years of living like he had been.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I know. I know." Emma says as she steps forward to put her hand on Christian's head and, as she does so she pauses with that confused look in her icy blue eyes.

    "I didn't say anything about Jean." Emma blinks twice and then squints harshly at Christian before pushing at his face with her hand already upon it. "You didn't tell me? What the f**k Christian, I thought we were cool you asshole." Upset, and maybe hurt, but not really angry angry.

Christian Frost has posed:
     The blonde man's head turns to the side as it's pushed. "Oh...shit...hey. We are cool!" His heartbeat started to race, as indicated by his EKG. "I thought I was hearing voices, okay? It was five years ago after...you know. What was I supposed to do? Tell the white coats that I can hear people talking in my head? No, I wanted to get the f**k out of that place. By the time I got out...it wasn't the first thing on my mind and I didn't want you to...see me like this, godd****t."

  A deep breath taken, and Christian scratches at his left elbow, right where his vein had darkened a bit. "I wanted...much more than this for both of us. I couldn't even get a job in data entry now thanks to Winston." He couldn't bring himself to call him dad.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Five years ago you were twenty six Christian, mutations show up during puberty... I thought that was why dad... But wow, twenty six years old and suddenly. Wow." Emma is almost at a loss for words as she looks down into her brother's eyes. "I can too, but, never- never yours, or any of the Frost's." Emma purses her lips to one side in thought.

    "Well, I know you heard, I'm out of F I. ... but I'm staying at a place, teaching even, and... I think getting you there, around those... airquote 'people' could be good for you." Offering a place to stay up North with some fresh air might be good for the two of them.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "And five years ago Winston sent me off to the loony bin because I like guys." He added, with all the hatred in his heart. "Isn't trauma supposeta set it off?" His matching eyes look at hers, then back to his blanket. "No shit? You're teachin'? I didn't know high school teaches bitchcraft and wiggotry." He snickers, before he winces in some pain, holding a hand to his head. "Oh god, that's worse than that circuit party last year." He takes a moment before he rests his head back on the pillow. "What would they want with an addict that can read minds...they already got one." He jabs again, but resists laughing, if only to not tempt his head to throb again.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Sometimes, but it's a very inexact science." Emma says with a frown. "But if you need help with it, that's ... actually part of what I teach at the school." Emma says with a hint of a smile on her lips. "You can come with me there if you'd like, but that's entirely up to you Christian, but I know you want to get out of here." Emma says as she looms over Christian, "I don't want our stink to end up on any of the kids there." Emma makes sure, with a hard look in her face, very similar to their mother's and he'd easily recognize it.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Fine." He comments, before holding his stomach a bit. "This...I can't. Not anymore. But I swear Emma, Winston needs to pay for what he's done to us."

  "Please tell me there are male teachers I can quietly ogle at."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "We'll worry about that when you're back to top shape." Emma says with a smirk as she pats Christian on the face again before stepping away. "I'm going to get you discharged, but you're coming with me. Like it or not. If I'm paying for you, I want to at least know where you're staying this time." Emma warns with a sharp practiced glare.