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Whatever's Clever
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: Weishel Carcass House is an eerie and foreboding place. Once a prominent meat packing plant, it went belly up nearly ten years ago and was abandoned so abruptly that it now resembles a ghost town.
Synopsis: Netflix and chicken. It's going to be a long night.
Cast of Characters: Eric Brooks, Kokumo Adebesi

Eric Brooks has posed:
As always, Weishel Carcass House is an eerie and foreboding place.  Once a prominent meat packing plant, it went belly up nearly ten years ago and was abandoned so abruptly that it now resembles a ghost town.  Enormous plastic curtains separate the warehouse-like space into sections, each less inviting than the last.  There's an abundance of dust, grime, and rust-colored bloodstains, along with tools of the trade that were dropped carelessly in the middle of a shift.  Bolt guns and bonesaws abound, and more vicious implements are hung from peg boards scattered around the exterior walls. 

Not only is the appearance of the place positively wretched, it carries a local legend.  In addition to bankruptcy, it's said that the place was left in this condition because it was haunted by vampires.

All of this appeals to Blade.  He likes it very much.  Not only does that mean that the locals tend to avoid the place, no one even bothers to call the cops if they hear gunshots.  That may or may not have something to do with the quality of the neighborhood. 

Which brings us to target practice.  Despite having screwed a silencer onto his pistol (because he's considerate), he's got a pair of headphones in while he takes aim and fires off rounds from one of his many Glocks.  He's got a wide array of targets at his disposal, too.  Enough empty (glass) bottles of Dr. Pepper that they're difficult to count.  A handful of signs, including 'NO TRESPASSING', 'ESCAPED INMATES MAY TRAVEL THESE ROADS', and 'TRUCKS MAY CARRY NUCLEAR MATERIAL.'  Plus a handful of careworn plates, mugs, and other bits of crockery.  They've all been set up along the pylons, girders, and conveyor belts that used to propel operations when this was a functional place of business. 

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
It wasn't like Koko had nothing to do. No, she had something to do. She had promised, well.. it was promised to her that she'd learn a thing or two about handling a gun. Guns, which weren't in her resume, apparently became necessary upon meeting Blade. Whomever he is.

It wasn't as if she already had eyes in the back of her head whenever she went out at night, attempting to drown all the days of work into bottles that never really satisfy. Koko wasn't -that- much of a drunk, but she could lie, cheat and steal through a bet and put most of the bigger, more seasoned ones down.

So the Weishel Carcass House is where she arrives, killing the power upon her bike, kicking the stand into place whilst removing her helmet to tuck under her arm. It was definitely cold out, and her outfit consisted of forest green leggings, a large military type sweater, black gloves that connect to her bomber jacket. And earmuffs.

While he shoots along, Koko bangs on the door. Banging hard enough to cause it to dent, which she offers a shrug of her shoulder and a kick. It's goddamned cold out, she was eager to get inside.

Eric Brooks has posed:
Blade's shots are measured.  Carefully paced in a way that only a combat veteran can truly pull off.  Pop.  Pop.  Pop.  DING!

The last bullet ricochets off of a support beam and wings its way into the rafters.  It receives a disdainful glance, then a few seconds later the plant's garage door opens.  Old-fashioned, it skips up along its track propelled by a single shove.  The dent rattles its way through the frame, but doesn't stop anything from opening. 

The headphones are plucked out and Blade arches a curious-but-welcoming eyebrow. He almost smiles, but not quite.  "Good to see you.  Come on in."

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
The rattle of the old fashioned garage door causes Koko to wince, one eye remaining shut as her cheeks puff up, all up until she sees Blade whom recieves an upnod in greeting. "Sup." She says, taking a little duck so she could step in, already moving to unzip her bomber jacket to shake it off. "I know this isn't your usual place but.." She shrugs. "Kinda gross."

And that was her interpretation.

She finds an elevated spot to toss her helmet upon, which soon became a 'stool' for her jacket. Fingers were already cracking in preparation to get to work, but she didn't look too eager to. She was really content with watching. "Where you been?"

Eric Brooks has posed:
"Around."  Blade shrugs, then yanks the bay door closed again.  Almost as an afterthought, he thumps the dent with the heel of his hand and pushes it roughly back into place.

"You know how it is," he elaborates.  "I stay busy, what with all the killin' and the dyin'. Occasionally being tortured.  Come on, welcome to Castle Blade, you're just in time to shoot some shit."

There's a brief poke of his thumb up toward the rafters.  There's an office suspended high above the factory floor, accessible by a rickety staircase and an equally rickety catwalk.  "That's my apartment.  You don't think it looks cozy?"

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Weirdo." Koko breathes out, trying her best not to laugh. Still not too eager to handle a gun, she does step into the center of the area, just to gain a better layout of the place. The point towards his apartment has her tilting her head back, then pacing backwards a few paces to actually try to 'see' into the darn thing.

"Maaan..." She says, then clicks her teeth. "..my apartment is -way- better than yours." She was all jokes, but it appears they do live the same lifestyle, from one profession to another. "Honestly though, if you got a comfortable bed and a tv with some bussin' blankets, its gonna be cozy no matter what." And that was the truth. "But thanks for having me here." She finally says, bobbing her head in a nod. "I really wasn't up to much tonight but Netflix and chicken."

Eric Brooks has posed:
There's an audible CLICK as Blade uses his thumb to flick his pistol's safety back into place.  Then he spins it around in his hand and offers the grip to Koko.  "I have Netflix and I know how to order chicken.  I bet you'll think this is pretty fun, though." 

And he seems amused.  From the looks of it, he's already blasted at least a dozen bottles and a few Thanksgiving's worth of place settings.  "You ever use one of these before?" he asks, perhaps belatedly.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Maybe.." Koko says, reluctant, but finally taking the grip. "And yeah, I'm from the Midwest, you don't learn how to use a gun you're pretty much an imposter."

She flicks the safety on, but doesn't do much more than that. She does aim -away- from Blade, towards the ruined decorations but couldn't exactly bring herself to pull the trigger.

"I'd rather Netflix and chicken. You put in the order and I'll find some booze.."