532/Out Of The Lab and Into...Affluence

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Out Of The Lab and Into...Affluence
Date of Scene: 15 March 2020
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Ellie makes it to the upper levels, meets Jubilee, it doesn't go well.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Jubilation Lee, Roberto da Costa

Negasonic has posed:
So some days ago, Ellie nearly died under operation 'Exterminate Genosha', not an official name, but it's pretty much what happened. She wound up buried under debris, only her powers saving her from being crushed to death. Naturally, she lost conciousness, and by sheer luck she was saved by the X-Men.

She has no idea what X-Men are, nor where she woke up, but it looked suspiciously like one of those labs where the Mutate Bonding Procedure was done. So after freaking out for a while, she did meet some normal non-nefarious people. So that was relaxing.

Now she was finally well enough to make it out of the lab, and for the first time, she made it out into a foyer of a place like she's never been to before. Her eyes open wide, she just stares in awe, muttering, "this is no concentration camp..." her phone quickly wiedled at hand, she snaps some pictures for her private archive. The Chronicles of Ellie.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
It is way too late for Jubilee to just be getting back to the mansion, but just back to the mansion she is getting. It was a long shift at the Burger Joint and Steve was particularly anal about her leaving early on account of she's left early every day this week. Something about actually cleaning the fry trap instead of just throwing it away. Dude is legit a slave driver.

"I'M A PEACOCK, STEVE. You have to let me fly." She'd yelled at him, to no relief from cleaning duties.

So she shows up looking volcanic and smelling like three week old fry grease and butthole. It is not an aroma for which any company is producing a named fragrance, of that she is certain.

Yellow jacket flutters bheind her as she shuts the door and rolls on her heels towards the stairs, toes turned up so the heeleys back wheel catches the smoooooooth tiles like hot ice over warm butter, yeeaa... Or fry grease on someones door handle.



"Hey." To Nega, "Nice..." Pointing at her shaved head, then her own black spikes, then Nega's shaved head and back again. "Really bringing out the natural topography of your skull. Strong work." Thumbs up.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto is coming down the stairs as Ellie emerges from the X-Base below the school, phone to his ear, "Yeah, mae, I'll be there to have a look. I mean not what I wanted to do on the weekend before my birthday but what the hell...Sorry! Anyhow I'll be there, talk to you later," he taps off his phone and sighs, looking skywards before he continues on down the stairs, reaching the bottom he sees Ellie and smiles, "Finally on your feet huh?" he asks her.

He'd seen her in the medbay before Lorna showed up.

"Remember me? The guy you called a dweeb," he says before, he looks over at Jubes. "Hey, you meet Negasonic yet?" he asks her.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie turns her head to look at Jubilee as she makes quite a loud entrance, staring at her incredulously, and snapping a pic of her while she has her phone up. "Thanks," she smirks at the diss she's given, "if you like I can give you one too, it's real easy."

She then turns at the familiar voice, Roberto being one of the very few people she met thus far. "I seen you before," Ellie concurs with Roberto, offering a slight nod in his direction. "You didn't tell me I was in a fucking palace...who lives here? Cinderella?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Who's dissin'?! Jubilee has odd tastes.. some people can pull it off!

She just aint one of them. "Hard no from me." Hands up.

Though she does strike a pose for the picture, and by pose, mostly she just gives Steve the middle finger hoping that it pops up on his feed and he inwardly assumes, accurately, that it was for him.

"Well, there's a lot of Pretty Princesses here, so you're going to have to pick and chose who you want to be Cinderalla.. for your money, I'd say Ororo, Ms. Munroe. She sunbathes nude ont he roof." Pointing up, arm down half wrap the banister while wheeling back and forth half turns on her heels.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Dunno, maybe not a full shaved head, but you could rock a mowhawk or something," Berto opines of the whole hair situation as he tucks his phone in his pocket.

As for the assessment of the school Berto smiles, "What Jubes said, this place is packed with princesses and time travellers," he says. "Buuut, This is what passes for a school around here, I know, pretty rough, but we make it work."

Negasonic has posed:
"Suit yourself," Ellie snorts, not quite bothering going into explanations.

"Ugh...I'm no Pretty Princess, never was, never will be. They can have all the sissy princes they want...ugh," Ellie remarks with a roll of her eyes, clearly, quite pleased not to have met one of the aforementioned princesses. She hopes Jubilee is just making it up.

"You got interesting people here," Ellie remarks when mention is made of someone sunbathing nude on the roof, "count me out for that one."

Turning to Roberto, Ellie quips, "I could pull off a mohawk, but, I kinda kept the look as a show that fuck the humans, I can wear it as a choice."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"We're down here in the weeds, roughin' it." Jubes agrees with Roberto about how difficult they've all got it here at the Mansion. She is not being honest. They have it super easy. There's a tennis court, for crying out loud.

Negasonic certainly has an air about her, Jubes is inclining her head steadily as the younger teenager speaks, "Not for nothing, but... I mean humans can shave their heads too... Which in no way says don't, do you, but if your message is fuck humans I think you're reaching a little, huh?" Gentle, genial, glancing at Roberto.

"Probably just me..." Her hands slide back over her own short spikey mane, spinning on her heels. "Now, you could grow it out a little and actually shave fuck-" down one side, "-humans-" turning to repeat on the other, "then everything up here-" Waving atop her head, "-shaved? If they don't get that message, I don't know what else you could possibly do."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto leans up against one of the walls, arms crossed, as he smirks, "Well we do have a couple /non/ princesses here, me for one, Jubes here for another," he says. "If that helps any," he offers to Ellie before the whole matter of hair comes up and Roberto lifts both hands in surrender.

"Know enough not to tell a lady how to wear her hair, you do you, Negs," though he can't quite keep his opinion out of it. "Though yeah, get the whole turn the thing the enemy forced on you into your thing, but the message gets a little lost on the way. Just sayin'."

Negasonic has posed:
"They do it out of their choices, they shaved ours without our say so," Ellie grumbles at Jubilee, annoyed at the very thought she could potentially be lectured about humans right now. "I'm. Fucking. Reaching?" Ellie now turns to absolutely glower at Jubilee, so much so that a golden glow passes and goes in a flicker across her pupils. Whether intentionally or not, Jubilee apparently found a button. "I could tell you about reaching, but fuck you for judging me." She frowns heavily as Jubilee keeps giving suggestions for improvement. "I guess you never been to Genosha, so you can't understand. That's fine, at least I'm not blind."

"All I can tell you is if I ever find the asshole who did it to me, assuming Magneto hadn't already ended is long overdue existence, I would spit in his face and let him know I keep my hair this way out of choice. Because thanks to him, I know better."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee opens her mouth to say something, but then closes it... The spark across Ellie's eye, the surge of potential anamosity all bundled up in a young teen package of mutually assured destruction. "Whoa... whoa whoa whoa..." Hands up, patting the air, "I am absolutely /not/ tell you not to hate humans if you want, I mean you probably shouldn't, but that's not for me to tell you.. heck, if you want to keep your head shaved as a middle finger to the human system, get it girl.. I was just busting your balls, I didn't know you were from Genosha until you said something."

She shrugs, though, "But blind? Ehhhh.." Hand wiggling, glancing up the stairs, "You want to keep your head shaved so they know? Do it, and if a human ever says a god damned thing to you about it? I'll light their ass up like fourth of July over the Hudson.." Motioning between them, then 'Berto, "EN.E.WAAAAYS, I was just messing with you. My bad. Just mind where you put that anger, aint no enemies here. Not all of us read minds or keep up to date with every person comes through the door." hands up.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Berto's phone beeps and he takes a look frowning, before looking up. "Yeah, my name's Paul and this is between y'all," he says of the argument before he offers one bit of input. "Jubilee is right though, it's good people here, and someone wants to come at you for being a mutant, we'll all light them up. It's sort of what we do outside the peace, love and understanding thing."

He looks back at the phone, now pinging with texts repeatedly. "Now excuse me, need to come up with a reason I forgot about a date down in Gotham."

He waggles his fingers in a wave, before he walks and types his way deeper into the school.

Negasonic has posed:
"Oh, I shouldn't? You try to go through the Mutate Bonding Process, then tell me I shouldn't hate them..." Negasonic is seething as Jubilee continues to lecture her about morality. There's something weird about the people in this house, that Jamie guy tried to do the same. "Well...maybe just don't assume stuff about people," Ellie concludes, not delving further into that argument.

"You want to be friends with them, you don't have to do shit to them...but me? They won't enslave me again, ever. I learned from Magneto, and he's right. Or was right...of course they fucking killed the biggest hero I've ever seen."

"Wait...you got some mind readers here? Ugh...those are the worst," Ellie groans, her bad mood further souring.

Ellie's arms cross and she turns her back on 'Berto, too pissed off to properly say 'goodbye' to him.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee closes an eye, real hard, at ellie. Nose curling upwards, the other just sort of watches her. "What else are we going to communicate our feelings on besides our own experiences? I've said, like a dozen times now, do you.. Whatever you is, do that. The whole rawr thing you've got going on, super winning too. You're going to have soo many friends here. So glad you're here to edutain us on the hardships you've suffered and I'm sure it'll be the subject brought up at every single dinner..."

She's usually way more empathetic. "I apologized dude, I didn't know, I'm not assuming anything, but your angry.. So I'm going upstairs and watching season three of castlevania. It was a long night and I'm not comparing cleaning the fry tray to your situation, cus I'm sure you'll just be super cool about that and probably turn it around as some kind of insult, but it still sucked... So."

Wave, "Welcome to the mansion, really do think the haircut is cool, sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I'll freely admit I put my foot in my mouth, but I think you have to appreciate your personality is caustic. You've been through a lot... Hope that works out for you."

She points down the hall, "You know where the kitchen is? Poptarts are on the top shelf and Scott hides his sodas beneath the sink, behind the ajax."

Negasonic has posed:
"I don't need you to tell me that, it's what I've been doing," Ellie groans, peering at Jubilee with annoyance. Her thumb moving swiftly across the screen of her smartphone as she averts her eyes downward gradually. "I'm not here to entertain anyone, I'm not a fucking stand up comic," Ellie snarls, "only reason I even shared anything is because you thought I was a racist asshole like those humans. Well, I'm not, I just want for them everything they wished for me...well, not exactly, I'd be more merciful."

I'd appreciate less assumptions about me, if that's a thing," Ellie offers something mild instead of a stinging remark, her feathers about ruffled by Jubilee's lecturing tone earlier. "You don't know what I've been through," but she does start to move when she's pointed towards the kitchen, "don't know who the fuck is Scott, but I'm taking those fucking poptarts."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"We'll bridge this gap, I believe it." Jubilee says with a back and forth motion of her hands, one at herself, one at Ellie, then reverse'em! "I'm an eternal opotimist, so we'll probably never, ever get along, but that's totally cool." She's grinning again, it's super hard to keep Jubilee down, even in the face of ... well.. Negasonics. "No racist commentary on my part, I have this boss? Steve? Total asshat, and he's human, so... hell yeah man." Thumbs up. Small measure of agreement, down with the man, etc and so forth.

"And the soda, don't forget the soda. Also come watch Castlevania. I'm all keyed up from the aforementioned cleaning of three week old fry traps. So sleep is right out." Either way, she's headed up stairs, "Hard to miss my room, I wont ruin the surprise, but you'll know it when you see it."

Anger and vengence aren't Jubilee's way!

Only colorful exuberance and misplaced wit backfiring in her FACE. "STILL... haircut is rad. If there's /nothing else/ taken from this... that should be it."