5320/This is what I have gotten myself into, I should have had more backup plans please don't hate me staff

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This is what I have gotten myself into, I should have had more backup plans please don't hate me staff
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: Pym's Midtown Lab
Synopsis: Bunch of made up stuff that I had to tweak to fit this unexpected outcome don't blame me for this
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Megan Gwynn

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis is currently enjoying how comfortable and new everything is in the lab, compared to the shitty bunker stuff she was used to. Then the shitty destroyed city stuff she was used to. Anyways, she's out and about, poking around the experiments but being the good girl that she now was, not messing with any of them. She's very anxious to meet Accellar but knowing the symbiote is safe keeps her under control, who knows how she would react otherwise. She's wearing your stereotypical white hoodie and jeans, just like normal Shannon, even though she was actually 4 years older.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn had been a bit tied up after dropping Shannon off. Aside from the late time that she had returned her to earth, specifically Hank's lab, she had some college classes to tend to, and training at the institute.

But she had returned either way, worried about how Shannon was doing - especially as she had been in tears when she left her. She wasn't even sure Hank would be okay with her just dropping her off at a slightly trashed lab. But where else could she take her?

Megan steps up to the lab, a bit tired and ruffled looking after an intense exam in class, knocking on the door to alert her presence. "Hey, hello, anybody home? It's me, Megan!"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis opens the door, revealing herself holding a very large sciency-looking object perfectly shaped to bash someone's head in. She squints her eyes at Megan, then blinks, realizing she's doing something out of habit. "Oh haha. It is you. I forget sometimes." She puts the thing down somewhere and welcomes the girl in, shutting the door behind her. "Uh. Hello." She repeats, frowning as she realized she had gradually become inept at socializing with people and had very few topics to discuss that weren't horrendous. It was a difficult situation.

"So, do you think they're going to arrest me or something? I was going to send a resume to the justice league maybe, heh. Maybe they'll have some telepath or something to probe my head and see I'm all good now." She makes a long pause, thinking back. "It was almost like I was possessed, by myself, it was so so strange. The years leading up to meeting Accellar are the most alien feeling."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles, ready to welcome Shannon back to some sense of normalcy, but pauses as she notices the big sciency object and freezes, eyes widenned in surprise. "Woah, wait, what's that?"

Although she relaxes soon enough as Shannon recognizes her. "Heey, it's okay, I guess you've been through a lot. how are you feeling?" Megan does venture to step into the lab, reaching out to rest a (hopefully) reassuring hand on her shoulder.

As for the arresting part, Megan shakes her head. "Oh no, I'm sure they wont...But uh, you're a mutant, aren't you?" she thinks she heard someone mention that at least. "Whatever happened to you, you were being influenced by that...Acellar. But I'm sure people would understand. If not..I have some friends who *might* be able to help you.."


Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis blinks a few times at the girl. "Well, yes, didn't you see me do all those stuff without it? And for the last time, I wasn't being *influenced*. Well, I was, Accellar is the only reason I didn't kill you all. Or try to at least. Have you ever seen what a symbiote can do? It just so happens there are certain things that match extremely well with my powers. But I digress. Her mind can be read just like mine and you'd see, with the abundance of telepaths you'd think this sort of thing wouldn't be a problem."

She says with an irritated exhale. "I'm her third host and the other two were angels, it's kind of lucky you guys got us separated because she was becoming more like the old me by the day. I never quite managed to find protection against mental attacks, I heard talk about some helmet but I don't really know what that's about."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn shrugs, "Hard to tell, there are so many different types of metahumans out there..Witches, Aliens, radioactive spiders, you name it." she shrugs and chuckles, but is surprised to hear that she actually wasn't being 'influenced' by Acellar.

"Wait, sooo are you saying you were freely attacking people and causing trouble? I kinda though that's how symbiotes tended to act, subtly influencing your thoughts and actions, but I'm no expert."

Megan draws a deep, tired breath, trying to figure this out. "Hmm, well, Emma is the telepath who separated you two, maybe she can do a mind probe or something on both you and Acellar. You called Acellar your friend? How does that work?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis rubbed the back of her head. "Oh yeah, you guys have a lot more people around than we did. Well, I am a natural born mutant. And that's, from what I was told, the original symbiote line which was corrupted." She says very PhD'ly, Hank would be proud. "She's my friend because she accepted me for who I was and tried to help me through all my tough moments. She was there for me every second of the way, she's the only reason I didn't end up all alone." She chokes up a bit, but clears her throat and sniffs in.

"Calling Emma over would be good for this, then, she should check Accellar's memory first and see how the bond with the first two hosts went. I was in a program being ran in one of the research bunkers. We were getting pretty desperate, right? So they took some symbiote and extracted a seed, symbiotes work using genetic memory, so they identified where the parts that caused the corruption were and cut it, apparently cutting and stitching DNA ribbons is pretty easy. Anyways, what took long was finding what part to do. So that basically reset the symbiote's memory without resetting the powers it had accumulated. Then they selected a series of young people like me and put on the program, which is why I know all of this."

She sighs very deeply, seeming to go into a depression for now. "They knew, they knew how it was gonna go. Otherwise they would have sent us home once they selected the first candidate. They know he was gonna die. He did. The symbiote passed on. What I understand now is that supposedly it gets stronger with every new host. What they didn't expect was the bunker getting hit at only the second. Everyone got captured or died, I got buried under some rubble along with some other less fortunate people who got pulped. This included #2. She would have survived instead of me, but she wanted to save me, plus there was a high risk of capture. So she passed it on to me instead. I was supposed to be the 20th, last in the line. She gave her life for someone like me and I almost ruined all that work." She takes a deep breath, wiping away a bunch of tears that were just streaming down her face now. "I was only even in the program because I was a natural mutant. We were really out of options at that point. I shouldn't have been one. I was just absolutely awful. But that's when I gained my best and only friend for the longest time."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks slowly at Shannon, feeling bad for her. "Oh no, I'm sorry..But she really is alive and okay. We didn't hurt her, I just cast a sleep spell on her, she's probably resting up." she shrugs, not really sure how she feels about the symbiote now, and still not sure if it was Acellar or Shannon who went on a crazy rampage.

When Shannon tells her story, Megan is totally blown away. "...Wait, so you're saying, you were part of some...Elaborate science experiment?" she sighs and shakes her head. This just gets weirder and weirder.

"Okaay, soo she saved your life and she was always there for you. I get that, just...When you two merged, there was a lot of chaos. Okay, I'm gonna talk to Emma about this, see if there's anything she can do to help you two."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis smiles brightly at Megan, pulling her into a one-armed hug but a very tight one. "Thank you. I really want her to be safe at least, if it doesn't work out for me then it's fine, but at the very least I want people to see her for the little green angel she is. Though uh, whoever gets her next might need to work out some aggression and anger issues, nothing too bad though, haha. Just reminescent stuff from old me."

She lets go of the hug and nods. "You did say you were gonna take care of me. Accellar and me are the same, we share the same memories, so you gotta take care of her too. I was with her for a long time but I think having bonded with the other two first gave her a strong sense of morality and goodness. I think that's how it was originally supposed to be, that's why the most kind and gentle among us were selected first. To avoid re-corrupting her, like I was doing. But since we needed heavy firepower they put me at the end of the line even though I was fucking crazy, since by then they expected me to be able to stand up to the real heavyweights. I had pretty strong powers already by then, I think that was my saving grace, because I totally flunked the psych exam." She says with a bit of a sad smile. "Anyways uh, I've been kinda monologuing about myself. It must be boring for you."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and nods, wrapping her arms around the other girl to return the hug. "I know, she's safe here, and I don't know Hank well but I trust him, heck, Mike trusts him and I trust Mike so she's safe, I promise. If you say she is not evil then we wont kill her, but I think all of us want answers, and we'd rather not see a repeat of what happened the last couple of weeks."

Megan frowns thoughtfully, "Sooo does she need a host to survive?" She frowns a bit more as Shannon explains more about how Acellar became so..Agressive?

"Oh no, it's good to get all that stuff out. It kind of makes a bit more sense now, so Acellar's personality was largely shaped or influenced by the people she..Merged with over time, I guess? And the need to fight made her a bit more agressive until she felt she had to be fighting all the time? Is that about it?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis shrugs a little. "Well, I just gave you a bunch of answers. She's currently not 100% perfect because of the time she spent bonded with me, but if she were to bond to someone with a pure heart I'm sure she would gradually revert to a more normal state. It would be a process, though." She huffs a bit, taking a moment to think.

"Well, she did experience the death of two of her hosts. Which I'm sure had an impact. And then she spent a long while bonded to me. That is the issue. Whoever were to get her would get the same insane urge to fight that I had. *I* was the one who felt I needed to fight all the time, I loved it, really, it was the best sensation in the world for me back then. But you can only do that for so long when the entire world starts getting mind controlled, so eventually they got me too. They'd have to be prepared to handle that if they wanted. I'm not sure if she does or doesn't need a host to survive but she'd probably need to be fed something."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn sighs and nods. "Right, right. Okay..I guess that's a lot of information to process. Sooo the next step would be to talk to Emma, see if she can scan both your minds and figure something out? I mean..I dunno if I could find someone who is super gentle and perfectly pure. That's like..Really really hard. No one is perfect, you know?"

Presumably that also means that Acellar probably cant survive without a host, which is a problem. "I kinda understand that, it's a rush, exciting, but scary too."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis holds her arms together and breathes in thoughtfully for several moments. "Well, I don't know if they have to be perfect. I think it's more like whatever imperfections they have would get imprinted and kinda grow over time, so I guess the most important thing is self control and a good heart. That's what I feel from my time with her. There's a kind of compatibility. Plus, you don't have to be perfect to a decent person."

She takes a long time thinking before shaking her head. "I don't know, it's really dangerous to hand that kind of thing out, right? People might have issues we can't even imagine, then you have a super-powered maniac like I was. It's probably better to not hand her to anyone besides me, but then I'd probably have to go somewhere secluded.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods and hmms. "I suppose so. Either way, it sounds kinda risky. But, would you really be okay with letting her go?" Megan frowns as she recalls Shannon calling Acellar her only friend. It almost seems..Unhealthy..

"I think we should talk to Hank about that too, maybe he can do some analyses on Acellar, see if there's anything we can do for her that wont result in catastrophe. But for now, I'm glad that you and her are both in stable condition. Will you be okay here in the lab for now at least?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis bites her lower lip. "Well, it would be difficult but I want what's best for her. Plus you're my friend now, right? We would be both getting new friends." SHe says very simply, smiling softly. "He will probably want to do some more stuff, plus I don't want to go out and suddenly get a bunch of people trying to arrest me."