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Geeky Favor for a Friend
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: Did Koga just earn himself a stalker?
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Koga Miura

Madigan Belle has posed:
The lunch time rush has just wrapped up and most people have ventured off of one of the main squares of this Ivy League school. It's the best of the best here in New York and everyone who's here is either wealthy or smart, or both. Because of that wealth Columbia University also has some of the best research libraries and labs that schools can have in the entire country. The sounds of people are kind of disappearing into the buildings as either the day and classes are over or people are just gone. In this particular little square of concrete and bright green grass is a redhead who's sitting on a bench with a bag up against her legs. That bag conceals, for the casual observer, her leg braces, and she has in her hands a rather loud sounding portable gaming device. A Nintendo Switch from the bright colorations.

She rudely doesn't have earbuds in, and the music of the game is blasting. Next to her leans a metal crutch and the tip of her tongue is being bit while she concentrates on the screen. And then, a burst of, "Suck it Dog Douche Seventy Eight!" She raises up both of her arms, shouting out, and then looks around a moment with her eyes to see if anyone noticed her outburt. It looks like, for the most part, people are absent in her nearest vicinity but there are certainly a few stragglers who look her way.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga had decided to do a favor for a friend. While he was better known on the racing circuit, he still had that degree in archaelogy. And well, those sorts of contacts just don't die out easily. That had lead him to heading over to Columbia University instead of searching for a decent apartment. Some of the students had remarked on the cool bike that he had driven up on, but otherwise left him alone.

    That had lead to his being lost as he looked around the square. Archaelogy department and all was a pain to find right now! Making his way around, he heard the exclamation and well... perhaps he can get some help? He makes his way over, looking at the young lady that had said something about a game and gives a smile.

    "Excuse me? Do you know the way to the archaelogy department? I was asked to come here by a friend, but I seem to be fairly lost in this campus." He asks, keeping his tone polite.

Madigan Belle has posed:
When Koga approaches, Madigan perks up, to look up at the person in front of her and she smiles a bit, "Oh, hey. Archaeology huh? Are you one of the students, professors? Were you looking for a particular class?" She wonders as she hikes up her backpack from the ground and sets it on the bench next to her. When that is done, she is tucking away her game system into the bag, preparing to get up and all that, and now her legs and their subsequent metal braces are visible.

"There's just a few different places you may want to go, pretty easy to find, I can get you to any of them. We've got, Doctor Branson's class that's going on right now, this girl Mary Strovagnoff is in it, I don't like her very much. There's another class closing, up, if I've got my time right. Doctor Samantha Cortle. Then there's the Research Library that has a lot on Archaeology, but the sections for the actual books are a bit tricky to find, and the machines are somewhat older. Also... there's a lab, where they help to clean up artifacts that are found, but not so bad off they'll just fall apart." Her face is rather expressive as she's talking, her eyes are squinting, mouth smiling big and showing teeth, then quirking to the side as she visibly thinks, "And then, I think one or two more places that have some cross over." A pause as her eyebrows raise up, her eyes get bigger, and she smiles brightly, "I can totally bring you to any of those places, and we can even stop by the visitor center to get you a map. If you think that'd be useful? Online too, not that any of these places are really -on there-."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga seems to think, "It was one of those two I was supposed to see on this. And I didn't put it in my phone, either." He starts searching his pockets. And looks a bit annoyed. "Where did that paper go?" A sigh is given and he shakes his head, "Must still be on the table at the hotel. But showing me to that class would be helpful. I think it was Doctor Cortle that I was supposed to talk to. They did just say stay in the archaelogy building and they would find me."

    A shake of his head is given by Koga as he looks at her, "If you do not mind, being shown the way there would be very helpful." He smiles at her. "I was just asked to come here to look at some cultural pieces that came out of Russia. They were puzzling people a bit, and they thought I could pin down the culture or civilization."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I get it, with looks often comes forgetfulness. Am I right?" Madi explains as she hooks an arm under one of her backpack's straps, then gets the rest of it behind her, scooting up on the bench to make it fit. Then she's grabbing her crutch and making sure her hand is well placed on it, then she's using that and the bench to heave herself up off the ground. "Whew."

With that out of the way, she turns to look up at the still, much taller, Koga and she asks, with a curious smile, "So, are you like a new professor here? I mean, I'd take your class." She states and then starts moving. Crutch, two legs that with ample hip swaying motions get her walking, slowly, but it is clear the braces do most of the heavy lifting. "Russia, huh? I'll totally show you the way to Doctor Cortle, no problemo. Do you do just in-general Archaeology or are you specialized in a particular area or civilization? Do you think that Indiana Jones has played a role in making current society believe that it is a much more exciting field than it is? You must be some kind of Archaeology rock star if the faculty here is calling you in. Doesn't really jive with the look." A pause and she turns, her eyes get wide suddenly, like she forgot something super important, "Oh my god. I totally didn't introduce myself. You are being led by a total stranger on a college campus. Do you know how dangerous that is?!"

She gives the joke a moment before she smiles more goofily, part of her mouth up higher in a grin than the other, "I'm Madi. You are?"

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga smiles, "My degree is in the lost civilizations mostly. And not really. My local expertise is in Japan, China, and that area. Russian artifacts sometimes make their way past the Chinese border, and I have studied a few in my time. You would be surprised at how much some go for the action, but find that doing so is often the worst thing to do. I have been to a tomb or two in my time, and the traps are nothing nice. I even had a dart nearly kill me once with poison when I was younger."

    The idea of him being a rock star has him rolling his eyes, "Not a new professor, nor a rock star. My fame is more on the racing track. The archaeology is something I get from my parents, and well. I still love it. Even more if it is the lost civilizations as you never know what has happened in those places."

"I am Koga." He replies at her introduction. "Nice to meet you, Madi. Are you sure it is no trouble?" He motions at the crutches and leg braces. "If I had known, I would have let you be."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a pause in her words, just a momentary one, as Madi rolls her jaw around in a few circles, like she's thinking while chewing gum. It only lasts a few moments before she starts talking again. "Lost civis? Neat. I mean, not once you find them anymore, I guess. Since then they are found civilizations, so really a more limited occupation. Kind of means you are putting yourself out of a job... well, hobby? Parentally inspired follow-up. I'm kind of the same. I'm like a wizard chemist, thanks to my parents, but genetics is my passion."

As you respond to the rock star comment with saying you go on racing tracks, she ohs, and shrugs her shoulders, even as she's moving along. "Racing? Isn't that kind of dumb? Can get hurt, die, explode, lit on fire and no one will ever love you again? I mean, I knew this friend of mine, growing up, she totally got her entire face burned off" there's a humored tone to her voice as she talks, and she shakes her head, "I mean, no one wants to make out with that. Ewww. Though, I hear she's had some plastic surgery since, but daaaaayyyymn. Would've ruined me if I'd of had my face burned off. My face is like my best feature."

As she looks at the hand motioning, and then looking to her braces and crutch she is moving along, "Just think of me as a pirate. Pirate lady Madi. Then you won't feel bad for me. I mean, your question, is sort of the rudest thing you could probably say to a person who needs mobility support devices. I won't hold it against you though, I have heard far worse. But, you know, for the next person you meet. Some of us carry guns."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga rolls his eyes, "Sorry. I just didn't want to trouble you and all." He rubs the back of his head. "And seriously, not all of you carry guns."

    Koga shakes his head, "Well, part of the draw of the racing is that excitement. They make it as safe as possible, but accidents do happen. But there is nothing like being in the thrill of a hundred or so kilometer run, trying to take turns as quick as you dare, and attempting to beat out the other people on the track."

    He seems to consider, "The worst I've seen really is a bad crash a few years back. We do have protective equipment for crashes and burns in place."

    The idea of her being a pirate has him looking at her, then he shakes his head, "Nah. Pirate doesn't work, sadly. No eye patch. Too good looking for one, too."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a bit of a snarky chuckle, as Madi's mouth curls up in a smirk as she tries to get out a subtle laugh. It just turns into her making a 'hahahaha' near fake laugh before she shakes her head, "Well, you got me there. No guns here. I don't even own a sharp knife. I just order food. Soooooo much easier." And she keeps on moving in her way, heading between a couple buildings, on some sidewalks that go past some other people zipping off to this or that place. "Nothing like it? So, that's your drug, huh? Racing? Addicts make excuses, not that I'm judging. I'll never yuck other people's yums. You do what you enjoy, more power to you."

With that she nods her head a few times to the bad crash thing, and the burn protection, "Yeah. The person I know, it was like her house or something that lit on fire. A burglar had broken in, or something like that, tied her up and lit the place. Vfooom. So, there aren't that many safety things in place in that kind of situation."

When you comment about the eye patch thing, and the too good looking, she gives a squinty side-eye in your direction, "Oh, really? I see you. Trying to flirt with a girl who can't get away. I get it. I'm easy prey, the sick and the weak, right?" She rolls her eyes at that, and then adds on, "Plus, I could be walking you to a plank right now where I keep all my eye patches. A big ruse, so I can feed my pet shark."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga raises an eyebrow, "No, not really on the flirting. Honest opinion."

    He smiles at her, "Really." The racer looks to have a genuine smile on his face.
    He considers, then shakes his head, "I am sorry for your friend's injury. Not much I can do about it unfortunately. The thing is, we all have our different ways of having fun. Mine is racing and going fast usually. I do archaelogy because sometimes we find tombs and other places that need exploring. Those, too, are exciting because you never know what you will find."

    He seems to consider, "So you mentioned being a geneticist? What is that like?"

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Awwww. You are being so nice to me. Thanks. I believe you, was just teasing anyhow. You got that macho look to you, and your tall. All good things, plus, a scar. I don't want to hear the story, but men are better with some rough edges. I mean, some of the best male leads in video games have a classic face scar. If I were a guy I'd go and get one done, like right on my face, over my nose." She draws a line from over one eye, down to her cheek on the other side. "It would be well worth it."

And then she is walking a bit more, "Oh, she's not my friend. That bitch can burn in hell, for all I care. Just, someone I knew, really. Sorry if I called her 'friend', if I did, it was just because you know, its easier to say that and not sound like some piece of garbage when you talk about her getting her face burned off. Ya know?" And she continues down another small sidewalk that goes between two buildings, "Tombs sound like somewhere I will never go. Plus, I'm sure you have to travel a long ways and then hike or drive in a jeep or something, way off the beaten path. No baths nearby, I'm not really big on nature - and I'm sure there'd be terrible wifi reception."

Though she does perk up a moment, when you ask about being a geneticist. She full on stops walking, and turns to you to look up, curious, and somewhat judgy with her squinty eyes as she peers. Then she smiles, "Okay. Just checking. People don't usually ask. And, like, being a geneticist is the coolest. You get to really identify what someone is made of - and not just the biology or chemistry part. But their story. You know? Red hair. MC1R, in Chromosome 16. Recessive. Means I was born to be pale skinned, check. That I don't need as much Vitamin D as others, check. More likely to get sunburned. Double check. I wear sunscreen like, all the time. And, there's a good chance going in and getting surgery could result in my death, on one side of the coin, or on the other I might wake up in the middle of it. Since, its hard to predict my genetic response to analgesics." She turns and starts walking again, well, in her way. "That, impacts my whole life, right? I'm probably not a person who likes to just hang out on the beach. I like night time more than day time, and I'm cooler than most cause my hair is this country's number 1 purchased hair dye. Which, just goes to show, that although blonde is the mutation most seen as naturally attractive for looks in couples. Red head is the secret desire. Which impacts how others view me. All connected to 1 lil' ol' gene."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga hums as he listens. "Interesting. I'm not used to hearing about that a lot. I mean, far as I am concerned, red hair is normal, blonde is normal, even ebony. It happens. And perhaps you should try watching videos of a tomb exploration instead? The lack of baths is a thing, but generally we try to setup camp near a river or somewhere that we can at least get water for a bath, shower, or something."

    A small smile is given at the speech, listening to it as he looks thoughtful. "So... it's basically you find a way to understand what the genetics do? Seriously, it sounds like you are trying to read the human body somehow. Like a lot. What else does it do? I mean, do you have a way to tell if people will be mutants or have desire to race or something?"

    Koga looks genuinely interested in the field. Seriously, he does.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Quirking her mouth to the side, Madi keeps her head now turned slightly in Koga's direction, "Most people don't like hearing about genetics, though there's lots that genes do. Think of them as guide posts, or those child things that prevent gutter balls when bowling. They don't determine the outcome, but they determine the limits of those outcomes." She brings her hand up to her hair and sort of shakes her fingers through her hair, making it dance about her glasses and kind of get a slightly messy look to it all, as she thinks a moment.

"Here's a great example. Alcoholism. Right? Think about this, just 1 gene, directly corresponds to my hair color. Right? There are at least 5 genes that control susceptibility to alcoholism. ADH1B, ALDH2, GABRA2, CHRM2, and PECR. These are ingredients. Like, a cake. You mix them all together and you can't really determine which one ingredient makes it taste so great, and once mixed it's really difficult to separate them back to their fundamental parts. But, our body does that without problems at all. Breaks things down again. So, each of these helps to make the cake of alcoholism, but say you grow up super religious, and never drink a drop your entire life. Does it matter? Not directly, but genes have co-morbidities. That means, each of these genes are found commonly with others. We aren't a hundred percent on all those interconnectivities. But, you know, like, let's say PECR is co-morbid with the genes that cause blue eyes. If we get rid of these genes, or turn them off, we might have never gotten a me. And I like me. Blue eye genes might be co-morbid with cute feet, and think about all the foot fetishists out there? They'd have desires that no one could fulfill. I mean, the world would come crashing down because we chose to rid ourselves with just 1 of the influential genes that apply to alcoholism."

There's a big deep breath and then she lets it out, having a serious looking expression on her face as she shakes her head, "You play with the story, you have no clue what's going to happen. That's genetics. A field where we learn a lot about the limits of biological life, and how messing around in there can really screw things up. Besides, I like my feet, my eyes, my hair, and red hair and blue eyes were just mutations at one point. Genetic freaks, like mutants today."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks concerned a bit, then considers a little as he finally grasps the concept. "Hm..."

    "... you know, I'm curious on something. Theoretically, what if something caused... well, let's call them growths? What would cause those? Like bones or something out of place suddenly?"

    That's a pointed question, but he looks serious and curious on it.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a bit of a laugh, as Madi smiles wide, "Okay. That's either like, a very very specific question, or one of the lamest come-ons. What causes bone growths? Uhhh, seeing an attractive woman? Or man, or foot, whatever floats your boat." Smiling, she rolls her eyes.

Then she questions, "Why, though? I mean, if not the euphemistic question, then I would say there's all sorts of things. Sometimes people get bone growths from simple calcium intake problems, they are likely more prone to it based upon different genetic backgrounds."

More curious, and she stops again. Looking Koga up and down, trying to ascertain if he has any bone growths that are obvious right now. "I mean, I could take some of your blood, and run it through an analyzer. See if there's any genetic concern. You'd have to bring me food though, cause I hate staying in the lab and not eating something."

You might have noticed, at least for a small while, she's been taking you in a maze like path around the campus and nearby buildings. Never retracing her steps, but clearly you've been by a few buildings repeatedly by this point just never from the same approach.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga does notice. And he frowns. He looks at her, "So why are we passing the same buildings a few times?"

    He eyes her, "And don't worry about it. I just remember seeing someone on the news who could do that. Back in Japan. Grow bones like it was nothing out of their bodies."

    He does look around, stopping as he eyes her, "You are not really taking me to the Archaelogy department, are you?"

    Yep, he doesn't look happy about that. Not at all.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle's face gets a visible grimace on it, teeth and all. She looks to the side, and then to the other side, "Uhhhhhhh." She pauses and then offers, "Okay, so, I figured you know, that you were talking to me, and I've been so bored all day. And it was really a nice conversation, and we -just- got onto genetics." Quirking her mouth to the side, she offers, "We started, like 5 minutes from the class I was going to bring you to, and I promise, we'd get there eventually. Just, you know, you are so nice."

With a bit of a shrug she mentions, "There's probably a ton of genetic answers to how someone could utilize their own skeletal structure, an enhanced control over calcium, I mean, there are so many of these super powered beings running around. There might even be a technological or non-scientific answer." A sigh, as she looks down toward the ground, actively pouting. Her lips frowning, her eyes cast down, "I mean, I can bring you to the stupid class, if you are tired of me."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga shakes his head, "You know, this is the first time my good looks worked against me?" He gives a laugh.

    "No, I'm not tired of you. Besides, maybe you will find the item interesting? There have been people who found things that changed their genetic structure, or so I'm told. It's a rumor thing. Plus, as faded as there are these are supposed to be some sort of knives or something used to sacrifice people. At least that is what I gained from the images." He says, rolling his eyes.

    "But well, misleading me like this isn't exactly a good thing. And no one said we had to stop talking just because I got to the class and talked with Doctor Cortle. You obviously don't have one, and I do find the idea fascinating a bit." He shrugs.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Really? I can ... come along? I would totally do that. Should've said that to start. I love knives, and other pointy things, and sacrifices." A pause, "That sounded kind of weird, but yeah. It's really fascinating." A pause as she looks around a moment, "This way."

And within a few minutes she's to the entrance of a building, beeping her student badge against the security door and then walking in as the door automatically swings open. She's leading you now, still going slower than another person might walk, but clearly not her 'leisurely' rate she had outside.

"And, yeah. I'm in graduate school right now working on my Ph.D so there was some lab time for my thesis, and some classes I should've been in today ... but, I totally had to destroy douche dog 78. He's kind of my rival online, or thinks he is, but like, he doesn't know I'm purposefully playing characters that are weak against his choices to challenge myself. All I'd have to do is play Samus, out of the suit, and I'd cream him."

She gets to an elevator and is now waiting on it, after pressing the button of course. Stairs are just next to her, but that's not the easy route up. "So, you want to like, talk more? Even after you talk with Cortle? You're attractive, tall, and you like archaeology." She is swinging her backpack to the front of her body and she opens it up, grabbing out 3 packs of pop tarts, before swinging it back. Opening one she starts to eat it right out of the package, untoasted as she waits on the elevator.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks thoughtful, going in of course when the elevator gets there. "Eh, being attractive and tall is not all it is cracked up to be. I do want to talk more. The thing is, I tend to go around a lot because of the racing career. So I take the company where I can get it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have many friends at all growing up. When you travel a lot, you learn to appreciate those moments when you have a good conversation and it's being on the road."

    He shakes his head, "Not as weird as being interested in the why of it as far as the knives themselves. My only real worry is that there was some sort of inscriptions on them as well. Besides, if you think I don't like finding out how people tick, you would be mistaken. If I could go without sleep and had an endless supply of fuel for a motorcycle, I would love it. Mostly. I'm sure I might go insane or end up running over something eventually."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Once in the elevator, Madi is pressing floor 2. Yep, one floor up, and she's taking the lift. She's listening, "I mean, tall, sure. Can't fit in luggage as easily, or hide in cabinets. Otherwise, though? Tall is pretty awesome. You know they build most apartments and homes for people of 5 feet and 8 inches tall? That means, they are straining to get to the top levels of shelving. Now, when I was younger, if I couldn't reach something I'd just climb up on the counter and grab it down. Or shake something till it fell, and then try and catch it. Often, without fail."

A bit of a shrug, "Inscriptions are usually beyond me. I mean, often I can read them with enough time but really? I mean, they just lead to some kind of spiritual or magical tradition that most often is just a myth." She rolls her eyes a bit, before adding, "It's snooze worthy. You know? Lies, or falsehoods, and the things that are real? Well, then you have to be like the 1 priest on the mountain top who ate a white deer's horn on the fifth night of the four hundredth year. And then, boom. It works. Everyone else? Nada. Lame."

You do talk about a motorcyle though, "Oh? You ride a motorcycle? That's cool. I ride in Ubers and Lyfts, mostly. I'd definitely stay awake if I could, talking to people, playing video games, reading articles online, you know. Good stuff." She takes another bite from her pop tarts, just chewing through the first package pretty hungrily. "So, is it motorcycles that you race? Or something else?" Ding. The doors open and she starts walking again, "Doctor Cortle's class, only about an hour past the last class. She usually hangs around after class for a while, I see her leave pretty late some nights when I'm sticking around and doing lab studies."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Stepping out after her, Koga shakes his head. "Nah, not all it's cracked up to be. Harder to fit under a house for plumbing or other things. Sure you can reach the top shelf, but that's about it. The tallness tends to make it harder to hide in a crowd and with me, once people notice me at a racing venue? Gods, the fans. That gets annoying sometimes."

    He laughs, "Well, sometimes there is a bit of truth to the myths. It's kinda scary at times. Like there really was some that did blood sacrifices back in Japan. It was banned harshly, and I think sometimes still punishable by death these days. Stuff like that in Russia, Korea, and other places, too. It's not a nice thing overall. I still wonder how the Aztecs got away with it all."

    A small smile is given, "Oh yeah. I own my own motorcycle. Street legal and good for the circuits, too." He shrugs. "Shoot, I can go up to 100 kilometers an hour in three seconds on it if I want."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I guess." Madi says as she's walking her way to the door, and then just reaches forward and opens it up. She smiles, "Hey, so, like you are going to talk about some knife pictures. And then what? I can hang around. I mean, outside or in with you all. Just, you know, for however long. If you need, like hours to talk with Doctor Cortle, I can hang out. Listen, whatevs." Madi offers as she is holding the door open but is still kind of in the way.

She laughs a bit at the blood sacrifices thing and then nudges the air in Koga's direction, "Yeah, we just call it research now." A goofy grin and a bit of a quick intake of air that borders on a snort, but she doesn't quite get there. "Basically, what I know about motorcycles is ... loud, cool, quiet, lame. Fast is good, is that... fast? Seems like, it is kind of slow. Just, conceptually, you know?" And then she smiles and shrugs, "So, yeah, anyhow. So, like, should I hang out here, or go inside with you?" No real option of 'letting you go away' is given.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga laughs, "It's cool. Not many know about torque speed or the like. If you want an idea what mine started as, look up the Versys 1000." He considers, "Oh, that's right... miles per hour over here, not kilometers. Umm..." He pulls out his phone, tapping a few keys. "62 miles an hour. That's rounded down."

    He shrugs, "I can probably go one end of this campus to the other if I have a straight shot in those three seconds and then some." A thoughtful look is given, "Well, I don't know if the knives are here or at some other location, to be honest. It's why I was called. Because they looked like they should be from another part of the world rather than Russia. They are trying to figure out what to do with them, or where they belong."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle steps out of the way so that Koga can go past her. She says, but will follow in after Koga, since he had offered before and didn't update that during this last little conversation, "Oh, I can do the conversion, in my head." Offers Madi, "I am a scientist. We tend to use the sensible measurement styles." And she shrugs, opening up her next package of Pop Tarts and following Koga in.

Once inside, Doctor Cortle seems to not be present. Her things are gone, desk is cleaned up. It looks like they may have missed her. And all because Madi walked them around in circles for too long, "Oh. Huh." She is looking around, chewing on pop tarts, "Maybe she left early today? I wasn't in lab, so I couldn't see her leave. Sorry, totally my fault. So, you wanna go somewhere else? Like get some food or something? I'm super hungry."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks thoughtful, then an alarm beeps on his phone. He sighs and pulls it out, "Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to. One of my reminders popped up and I need to get going. I almost forgot that my agent is supposed to call from Japan. Time zones are really screwy that way. I'll just leave a note for Doctor Cortle at the security, I guess."

    He sighs, "Well, thanks for showing me around and talking to me at least, Madi. Sorry I couldn't show you those knives or anything." Koga looks somewhere between annoyed and perhaps a little grateful that he didn't have to look at those. "I'll probably be back next week at least, if my agent has what I think he does."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a squint, a somewhat upset squint, right at your phone. She looks at it, and then ohs, "Your agent?" She quirks her mouth to the side, "Sure thing. Any time. I guess, if you see me around. Right?" And she sighs and puts her hand into her hair, "I'm easy to find. Anyhow, have a great night. With your agent." She waves, but turns around to head back to the door, and eventually the elevator. Assuming you'll take the stairs since its way faster.