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After Hours Work Club
Date of Scene: 24 February 2021
Location: Brookyln Safe House
Synopsis: The SHIELD Agents aware of HYDRA's possible infiltration of their ranks get together to do some good old fashioned data analysis. They discover a few interesting things on Vogel Enterprise's laptop, including a strange meeting in Vatican City. Further plans are made.
Cast of Characters: Peggy Carter, Melinda May, Elena Rodriguez, Lance Hunter

Peggy Carter has posed:
The hand passed notes were so subtle that short of a trained sleight of hand magician, no one would have noticed what was happening until the two realized there was something in their palms. Both Lance and Yo-Yo got handed something by Peggy as she went about her normal day. Simple, neat cursive hand written instructions. Want to help more? 10 pm. 145 Butler Street 3B, Brooklyn. Burn after reading.

And that was it. A show of trust, nothing that can be said with SHIELD's listening ears around, and some hope.

By the time 10 is rolling around, Peggy's at least got a decent spread of Chinese food from the good place down the street, two six packs of beer because it might be that kind of night, and most of what they got in Italy printed out or on various tablets to be cross referenced. The apartment is in a squat little five story walk up in Brooklyn, on the second floor. It looks as boring and generic as they come and, once inside the doors, the place is only half lived in. A spartan bedroom, a more well used kitchen, bookshelves with little on them but old notes, and a heavy, fireproof safe in the corner for all the previous files.

Melinda May has posed:
May tosses a bottle openner down beside the six-packs, figuring it'll save wear and tear on the edge of the counter or the table -- if these bottles aren't the screwtop type. (And if they're really half decent beers, they probably aren't.) She adds a stack of napkins beside a collection of disposable chopsticks from the bag and then wanders back out toward the living room to see just what Peggy's doing.

"Bright side," she says casually, "we know for sure they're dirty." And that's about as good as it's going to get all night. Because she has the distinct feeling anything else they find will be no news, bad news, or worse news.

That's usually how this works.

"Where do you want me to start?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Yo-Yo is no magician, so it's a good six minutes before she even realizes she's palming a note. It would be comical if it hadn't been so genuinely innocent, the fact that she nearly threw it away. See, she'd been eating when Peggy came by and gave her the address. Being the well mannered individual she is, she had assumed it was a napkin, and that there was something on her face. So she'd wiped the corners of her mouth with the address, only spying there was writing on it as she was set to throw it in the trash with the rest of her dinner.

Which makes reading the address smeared with just a little pizza sauce complicated.

Thankfully, she's fast enough to check every apartment on the block.. Finally coming up the steps to the brownstone with her usual black coat, shirt, pants, and boots. Peeking inside almost a full 30 seconds after 10p. "Is that chinese?" From the good place, too. "And beer..." Being a spy has perks, clearly.

Waving to Peggy and May with a dark eyed glance around to see if there's any surprises waiting in the closet to jump out her hail hydra style.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter shows up surprisingly on time, and with a third six pack to add to the party. Stepping inside, he looks around at the apartment, remarking, "Looks like my place, just less Liverpool FC stuff around," he remarks offering Peggy the beer and shrugging out of his coat. He's got his pistol clipped on, but no sign of a phone or anything like that. "Nice spread, guess there's benefits to being on the secret quest to save SHIELD."

Peggy Carter has posed:
A little sigh escapes Peggy's lips as May stares at the spread in front of them. "I suppose....anything and everything we can track about that warehouse in DC. That's the only solid HYDRA connection..." Peggy starts, but then there's people at the door, nearly exactly on time. A smile cuts across Peggy's features of a sort that doesn't often come these days -- it felt good to not be mostly alone about this. "We'll get settled in and then put together a game plan."

She sets down the stack of papers she was working on and stands, opening the door for both of them. "Glad you got the notes. I was worried I was maybe a bit too quiet about it but... well, come in. There's food." Peggy steps aside, inviting them both in before she ducks her head out the door, just double checking she doesn't hear any steps in the hall or on the stairs. No. Alone. Good. She triple locks the bolts on the door and steps back into the room.

"Of course there's food and beer. I'm not asking you to do data analysis on an empty stomach. Besides... I feel like we owe you an apology for that first night. Still, it's good to have you aboard." She chuckles at the beer Lance brought. "...we only crack one six pack while we're information combing. Save the other two for celeberation when we find something, sound good?"

Melinda May has posed:
May smirks faintly as Peggy puts a cap on the amount of drinking they're allowed to do. Or maybe it's just the amount of drinking *Hunter* is allowed to do. She greets the pair with simple nods. "I suggest you get the food while it's hot," she says. "And if you want dumplings, you'd better get them before this one gets into them." She thumbs lightly to Peggy as she says that. May has seen that woman put away dumplings. She *knows*.

She moves towards the table and starts taking lids off containers and opening boxes. They can serve themselves, but she can at least let them into it.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Don't have to tell Elena twice. Not about food, and not about what this is all for. She might seem one track minded, but she's a hyper focused on task oriented goals. Right now, that goal is getting a plate of chinese food, but the gears are turning in her head as she's packing on lo mein and, yes, dumplings (just a few, don't want to rob Peggy of her treats). Once she's satisfied, with a beer, and fingers cleaned from sucking sauce off the prints, she settles into one of the chairs turned around backwards at the table.

Right in front of a tablet laid out with what information they've already collected.

"Mmm." Holding up a finger to suck down some of the beer, nodding to Peggy and May. Flicking her thumb across the images and notations while the other hand works (with a fork because wtf does she know about chopsticks) at noodles. "We have quinjets in a Hydra holding facility with very sparce security. Is it possible they think we find this? Maybe set up a ..." Motioning with her fork, "..not a trap, but put all these pieces in motion to get us chasing our own tail rather than looking at heads of dragon?"

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Works for me if you three don't mind splitting two beers," Lance jokes as goes to the bag he left by the door and produces the laptop he stole from the warehouse, "Got this, dunno what's on it, maybe something important, maybe just some lonely office worker's favourite porno but might be worth a look if any of you can crack the password and all of that." Moving to the little buffet Hunter helps himself to one of the beers already out cracking the lid with the opener and sinking down onto a chair. At the mention of getting to the food quick, Hunter puts the computer and beer aside and gets to filling a plate with a quickness, taking a couple of dumplings before Peggy does. Her fault for inviting a speedster and a former infantryman and serving them buffet style. "A red herring you mean?" Lance asks Elena before stuffing his face with a bit of beef and broccoli.

Peggy Carter has posed:
A little groan escapes Peggy's lips as Lance mentions cracking the password. "I am... a highly capable agent with far too many specialties for a single woman to have but, after 80 years in the business, I suppose that's not a surprise. Computers have remained firmly... *not*... one of those specialties. We'll have to get Quake in here if none of you are particularly good with the things." Peggy admits, a little ashamed to say it, but she's not perfect. No one can be everything, she knows that. May is given a little side ways glare, "That was one time and they were bringing the cart around again. God, woman. You'd think I'd stolen your last pork bun or something." But the tone is teasing. More friendly than Peggy is with most.

Then she's scooping up her own box of fried rice, her choice for the night because it's easy and compact. She's already got a beer open, the Smithwicks she prefers from home. "It...could be chasing our tail, but I don't think Vogel ever thought anyone was going to catch on. Hell. I got that name through some backwards luck and little else. Modern HYDRA are *very* good at hiding, not the boot wearing gestapo of yester year. And those QuinJets had dust on them> They weren't set up recently for us to just find. But...that pile is on the old HYDRA money that bought them. And this pile is what we got from Italy yesterday. Pick your poison. We start scanning for anything that looks interesting."

Melinda May has posed:
May gives Peggy a somewhat smug look as the woman rants about pork buns, but says nothing in response. She scoops up a plate and begins to fill it, perfectly comfortable with the chopsticks -- go figure. "I've got one of those USB sticks she gave us for the raid," she says, with regard to hacking the computers. "It might work. It might not. It depends on how sophisticated the thing is." For a working schlep's laptop workstation? It may actually be sufficient.

Note, however, that she's totally relying on someone else's tech for this. If it doesn't work, there are only so many tricks she knows. 'Hacker' is not on her resume. But, being a Specialist does mean she's picked up a few things along the way. Probably not enough, though. She prefers 'percussive maintenance', as it were.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena leans againt the back of her chair, arms laid over the top rest, as she devours her food. Only stopping intermittently to point her fork at Lance, "Red Herring, that's it, yes." Likewise nodding to Peggy, "Landmines sit on a battlefield for 80 years waiting for someone to hit them... might not be something he ever thinks is going to be found?" Not that she's trying to take eyes off what they /have/ successfully acquired.

Hacking certainly isn't her forte, however.

Pragmatic thinking, on the other hand.

"Mmm.. It would be a lot easier if people went back to using physical information storage like filing cabinets. Those are a lot easier to hack into." May has tools for this though, for that Elena is grateful.

Wiping at the corners of her mouth.

Lance Hunter has posed:
When it comes to cracking passwords Hunter nods, "Same. Bobs tells me it's painful just to watch my type reports, I'm definitely not a hacker," he reports as he reaches for his beer

As to the Quinjets, he muses, "Wonder what the plan for those were, especially if they're all dusty like that, I could see a use for ones painted with SHIELD logos, but ones overtly HYDRA, why not just spray paint please shoot me down on the sides, just easier for ^everyone."

Melinda May has posed:
"Try lifting a whole filing cabinet," May tells Elena dryly. "Phil and I tossed one out a window once. It was the only way to be sure we got everything we needed." True story. It lead to a huge headache, later, too... to go with the shoulder aches at the time.

She sets her plate down on a side table and takes a seat in front of the stuff from the Quinjet hangar. "I have no idea," she replies to Lance, the beer she snagged in between a pair of knuckles before she catches it with her other hand and takes a swig. "But, I'll happily shoot them down. Or up. Getting them while they're still on the ground would be ideal." She shakes her head. "If I were HYDRA, and had a bunch of quinjets stored like that, it'd only be because I thought I could use them reasonably safely. I didn't get close enough to them to determine if they have our cloaking tech or not--" That's visible on the skin, because of the specialized reflectors it requires-- "but the only reason to have publicly displayed insignia is if you expect public support. *OR* if you purposely want to sew public terror." She frowns.

"If we're working on the assumption HYDRA has infiltrated SHIELD... that means they've probably got some plan to take us out from the inside. Likely by trying to make *us* look like the dirty ones."

She sets her bottle down and picks up her plate and chopsticks. "Set 'em up, knock 'em down. We end up dissolved, and they step in to pick up the pieces. It's not horrible plan... if they can overcome the PR nightmare it'd bring."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Probably easier than piratear una computadora..." Elena replies, just as dryly, to May. Just the slightest hint of a smirk as she takes in another fork load of noodles while May works magic with that USB hacker drive. "Mmm..." Inclining her head the senior agent has said, "The Cartel are a lot like HYDRA.. Started out as a fringe criminal group that built up enough support inside the Columbian government, all they had to do was destablize the existing law enforcement with bribes, shells, and assassinations.." Waving her fork gently from side to side, speaking in a quiet tone with her eyes on the plate laid in front of her.

"Now they ride around without having to hide at all. If you shine enough attention on the shadowy corners, you create enough shadows to walk right up to people. Groups like this-" Fork down, arms folded across the back of the chair in front of her, "-thrieve on appropriate application of chaos. Causes a lot of chaos to valientemente around with your logo on the side of the plane, si?"

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter frowns, "I get that people are generally stupid and easily led, but really, even with SHIELD gone, you think people would rally around the ol' HYDRA flag enough for those planes to be any use to them?" he says sounding more like he's hoping that's the case than believing it could be. "But I'll give you that I can't think of another bloody reason to paint that on the side."

As for the computer Daisy's magic stick does its job, lines of code flashing through the screen as it works through the security on the laptop until it unlocks. "Like I said, not a hacker but I believe one of us, is obligated to say, 'we're in'" he remarks as the program unlocks the laptop. "Would one of you like to do the honours?" he asks.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Of course, with the perfect timing of SHIELD, the moment Lance cracks the laptop with Daisy's stick, he's getting a call. Someone looking for him back on base, a bit confused why he's not around. The other three dead quiet, no one else needing to know they're gathering behind SHIELD's back. Peggy frowns to him and gives a silent 'Better go' sort of nod. 'Update you later. Promise.' Peggy mutters to the man. But then it's just those three. Once the door is shut and the sound of his steps are gone, Peggy looks back to the ladies.

"Alright... we're in... what do we have? I'll be incredibly annoyed if it was all this just to find some man's pornography server. That is what many people use the internet for, no?" It's hard to tell if Peggy is joking or dead serious, but she's heard rumors. She steps back to the others, looking across Elena's shoulder to the laptop she's letting other agents who have better typing speed manage.

Melinda May has posed:
May sets her plate aside and moves to take a look at the laptop. She reaches over to start moving the mouse pointer and scanning through file lists. A faint scowl purses her lips and beetles her brows. With a small, curious noise, she clicks on one folder. It opens up to reveal a bunch more files, each starting with the letter's QJ. Beginning to open them each in turn, she's rewarded with a series of avionic schematics.

Her dark eyes narrow. "Yeah, I'm not aeronautics engineer," she says, "but I know quinjets. And these are quinjets." She starts skimming through them. Her eye may not be an expert's, but it's a practiced journeyman when it comes to these things. Most pilots eventually learn to read the schematics of their birds' systems. It comes in handier than you might think.

Her dark eyes narrow and her head cants to one side as she starts to zoom in on one highlighted little spot on one of the images. "No cloak," she says, a subtle sense of satisfaction in her tone. "Space for it, but the controller's not there and they don't have the skinweave."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena puts her plate aside as well and moves over to look at the laptop over May's shoulder. Not that she'd know a schematic from a schoolmarm, but she can clearly make out that it's for a quinjet. "If we have this and they start mass producing them, can we use it to disable them?" It seems logical, right? Finding any potential design flaws.

She does cast a glance over at Lance when he's cast away and gives him a little nod of farewell to mirror Peggy's promise to fill him in later. Doubling that.

Peggy Carter has posed:
A brief bite of her rice is taken, but then Peggy just scoops up her beer and starts some quiet pacing. She's in thinking and data analysis mode and that calls for a cheap British beer and active movement. One can practically see her doing this in the SHIELD offices of the 60s, probably with a cigarette in hand, wearing a hole in Howard's shag carpeting.

"How old are they? How long have they been there... was our cloaking technology even up to par when they were purchased? And...the man who made those purchases, what else has he gotten from them? How close are they working? Can we cross reference anything with his name..." Peggy pauses at a file from their initial run and some notes she's already taken. "Jason Gyver."

Melinda May has posed:
May glances to Peggy at the name. "That name was on some papers I snagged last night," she says. "Didn't look like it had a lot to do with what we were looking into... but he was all over a bunch of purchase orders."

She gives Elena a brief shrug. "Theoretically, sure. But we'd need to give it to the eggheads for that. The surest way I know how to disable them is cut the fuel line or fire a missile up their ass. Our birds are even hardened against EMP... I don't know if these are. They're stuck about ten years in the past, designwise, just looking at them. But I don't know everything they may have adjusted. What I'm seeing is just surface stuff."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena is not an egghead and doesn't pretend to be one. Rubbing at the back of her neck with one hand while leaning against the other palm, she stares at the designs, even if she hasn't really much clue what all of it means other than the obvious. "I cannot imagine they just stop advancing them over that time. Especially if they have access to our tech..." Glancing back at Peggy, then May. "They could be dug in pretty deep just by having this, right? At the foundations of SHIELD? Not exactly the kind of design specs you find on the black market..."

Peggy Carter has posed:
"They...shouldn't be. Quin Jet technology is supposed to be proprietary. I thought Vogel was just supplying a *part* to us... not the whole things, but he's clearly giving the things whole scale to someone else, which means someone high up in SHIELD has given him full plans. High up enough to have access to those plans." Peggy explains quietly, the line of thinking that has prompted her to drop into Vogel's offices in the first place and really keep barking up this tree.

She exhales slowly, "Jason Gyver is Kurt Gyver's grandson... Kurt was not only a Nazi scientists but the only reason he was turned over to American forces is because he betrayed the Nazis for a higher cause. HYDRA. He managed to sweet talk himself into an aerospace job in the fifties and... " Her nose turns particularly wrinkled, "Was a nightmare to deal with. But his name lingers in no digital shield record. I lost track of the Gyvers in the 70s myself..." She stalks over to the heavy safe, pulling the old, yellowed Gyver file and bringing it to add to the pile on the table. "But Yo-Yo's got a thought. Cross reference everything we have from Vogel communications with a full list of SHIELD personnel. Let's see if anyone in the company is emailing with us in house..."

Melinda May has posed:
Welcome to the unglamorous side of spy work. The manual sifting and sorting. "There are thousands of people working for SHIELD," May notes dryly. "Are you *sure* we can't narrow the list just a little?" Like to those most likely to have access to the information Vogel wants... at least to start. It's easier to expand, than to contract, usually.

Nevertheless, she pushes away from the laptop and returns to her food and the stack of paper she has there. It's a place to start. "We're going to need tea," she notes, even as she swallows a mouthful of beer. "Strong, black tea." The kind that can stand up on its own and kick coffee to the curb.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Well.. I do not have clearance for this kind of information." Elena points at the data they have found, "So anyone clearance 4 and below is out." Glancing to May and back at Peggy, "Also someone from R&D? Even if a field agent could access schematics for the quinjet, they would set off some safeguards if they were transmitiendo. Even across secure emails." Tea?


Elena furrows her brow, grabs a wanton, and heads for the kitchen to put a kettle on. At least for May. She's getting coffee brewing for herself. A whole pot of it. "This narrows it down some, si?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
There is tea and coffee in the little, half empty kitchen. The tea is used more often, the kettle on nearly every day and a good tin of gunpowder black tea as well as one of green. The coffee is Cafe Bustelo because it packs the kind of punch this house often needs and is cheap. But there's plenty for all of them. Peggy finally settles down at the laptop herself, since May has given up the screen for the moment.

"R&D Level 5 and above. Alright... I can pull that list of names and start a cross reference search but..." She gives a little moan. "There's a lot of data on here. Computers these days... god, they have so much data." She lets the search start running, pulling one hand down her face. "Welcome to the boring part of being a spy, Yo-Yo. ANd you aren't even getting OT for this."

Melinda May has posed:
May leans back in her chair, closing her eyes a moment. "Profile it," she says to Peggy, the crease in her brows suggesting she's doing just that. Totally not prepping for a nap, here. "What do we know about Gyver? What do we know about Vogel? And what sort of personality are we likely to be dealing with on our side?" She opens her eyes, frowning. "It'd be helpful if we had a money trail. Or if we had some idea of what other 'incentives' they could be offering." She uses the word 'offering' very loosely, since it's as likely the incentive is 'give us what we want and we won't kill your kid' as it is anything else.

"We need someone with the proper clearance levels at SHIELD and enough autonomy not to be looked at too closely if a few oddities crop up here and there. If they're a sleeper agent, and not coerced, they've likely got a really boring dossier -- clean, but not squeaky clean. Competent, but not obviously a rockstar. And probably really good at misdirection."

She purses her lips. "If they're not a sleeper, they've either been bribed or coerced. So, we'll need people either with ambition or some form of debt. That, or people with outside connections that leave them vulnerable. Are there any legacies on staff from those early days who might have gotten sucked into the family business, so to speak, or who were trying to to dodge it, but can't?" She's spitballing here, much as Peggy is.

"What's the pattern in the data outside of the mole? What's the picture we're looking at?" She rises now, and starts flipping through papers until she finds faces, names, and purchase orders. Pushing a piece of furniture out of the way, she takes them to an inside wall, one that won't be seen from a window, and starts pinning them up with whatever tape or pins she can find to do so.

Time to start some old fashioned cross referencing.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
It must be boring if both the hardcore spies are welcoming her with with the tagline!

Elena gets the kettle brewing, peeking in at the pair sifting data with a flick of her eyes from one to the other as if she's actually watching a computer work. The computation power going on in that living room might well rival a computer, at any rate. When she finally returns, May is pinning pictures and data to the wall, while Elena is carrying a couple mugs and the kettle to set down in the center of the table.

For herself, she's got a pot of coffee and a mug. Drank with no additives, standing a few steps back after shedding her coat. One arm laid beneath the other elbow, watching the diagram of connections take shape. "How much of the quinjet construction calls for specific parts that have to be specially made? We know they have, at least, six.. which means bulk orders of onboard systems.. large frame metal plates.. not to mention whoever was used to assemble." Motioning with her mug, she takes a drink of coffee. "Which is a money trail. Specifically if you want to construct six quinjets off the radar. Have to use shell companies... or move them. Large scale transportation projects using any company with enough trucks to relocate something that big would require financial exchange?"

To say Elena feels a little outside her wheelhouse is an understatement, but she's been following Cartel for years? Might as well use what she knows about their operations right?

Peggy Carter has posed:
A slow breath escapes Peggy's nose as Melinda asks all the right questions. "This is where I hate having been on ice for 30 years. I don't know anyone on staff near so closely as I wish but... those are all damn good questions. It's time to start going through personnel files and seeing who matches those possibilities." A quiet grunt is given in agreement to Elena's questions about the money. "Seems like you've got a good trail to follow yourself, not even in these records. I'll see what I can pull from SHIELD without attracting too much notice."

And then, on some off chance she'd recognize a name on a calendar, a personal meeting comes across her search instead. "...Huh. Seems Vogel himself is going to be in Vatican City in just a few days. Something titled the Paraguay Hardening Mill and utterly not a single other scrap of information on this meeting... People feel like another trip abroad? We could plan this one a bit better..."

Melinda May has posed:
Given all their adhoc trips, lately, yeah. Planning would be smart. "The Vatican?" May says, turning from where she's standing trying to make sense of the scraps they've already got. God, there's an international incident of special significance waiting to happen. She lets out a soft sigh. "Oh, sure. Why not? What do you got in mind?" Chances are another training flight won't work. The powers that be won't believe electrical failure a second time.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Always want to go to Vatican." Elena admits, sitting down in front of one of the laptops with her coffee cup set off to the side. Not even really sure where to start looking over the questions she's come up with. She crosses herself, kisses the crusifix hanging around her neck, and leans forward onto her elbows with her fingers linked together. "Could create a whole other situation for us to investigate in Italy and travel by private vehicle to Vatican once we're on ground?" Glancing back at the two senior agents.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"I can go ahead. Take a weekend off -- I've got so many sick and vacation days I've lost count. Maybe get Bucky along the way... then it doesn't look like it's always May and I traveling internationally. You two figure a separate mission in Rome, it's an easy duck away from there, and we meet up the morning of the meeting. May and I have been off site a lot lately and if we continue doing it, we're going to start turning heads." Peggy's got the data programming running, but there isn't much more she can do on the computer tonight until responses start pinging up. So she stands again, older body popping in a few places as she moves, trying to shake out some of this building tension.

Melinda May has posed:
Peggy may have years on her chronologically, but as May has pointed out before, she's still got a body roughly equivalent to a woman half May's physical age. The popping sounds are familiar, nonetheless. So, the Asian woman gives the Brit a small, wry smile. "I'm sure we can figure something out," she confirms. They've gotten away with it this long simply by virtue of the fact they're usually partners and Peggy's needed the flight hours to get certified on the quinjets. But, no. They can't keep pushing it.

"Ever been to 'The Church'?" she asks Elena. There's something in the way she says 'the church' that emphasizes it -- the same way names like 'The Hub' or 'The Guesthouse' or 'The Playground' get emphasized. "I think there's a courier shipment headed that way that absolutely requires a two-person escort detail."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena drains her coffee and is already pouring another mug while the two ladies assess the fundamentals of how they're going to get over to Italy without raising suspicions. "No better time to see The Church than during this very important, very two person escort detail." The Columbian is picking up what May is putting down. One leg stretched out with her hand rubbing at her knee absently. It's mostly a response to Peggy's popping joints, but one has to imagine there's a lot of wear and tear on her own body from all that high speeds running.

"Can we stop at a Bristo and get fried cheese cake while in Italy?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Sounds like a fun... learning vacation. If we can get Hunter in on the trip, great. If not, I trust this team. There's going to be a lot more stones to unturn and headaches in our future to bother Lancelot." Yes, Peggy probably only dares to use his full name when he's not here, but she says it in that way of a fond old aunt who gets away with annoying the children on occasion.

She finally steps into the kitchen to grab her tea, stumbling just one moment as the room seems to shift around her. It doesn't last long, these moments never do. But it's happened again. If she's lucky, neither of the other agents notice as she leans one hip against the kitchen counter for balance while very slowly pouring her tea. Just a moment and she'll be back.

Melinda May has posed:
"So, we have a plan." Of sorts.

May misses the stumble, but only because her attention has returned briefly to that makeshift investigation board. It's not like she has supersenses or anything, anyway. "Elena and I will get ourselves on courier rotation, you'll take a few days off, Bucky will... do what he always does and Hunter..." She snirks. "Knowing him, he'll hole up in our wheel well the entire trip across." At least he won't be chattering there. Unless you count his teeth.

She turns back towards the room and crosses to pour herself a cup of tea. "I suppose we can put in a couple more hours of sifting, here, but I doubt it'll change things much." Not yet, anyway.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
With another mug of coffee drained, Elena comes to the only logical conclussion a woman can when digging into a pot of coffee with the same ferver as she might a plate of donuts. Thankfully, most of their information equipment is handhead and she need only take one of the tablets with her. "Probably doesn't do much more, but before we close this all up for the night, there is one thing I have to take care of."

"I have to pee."

She makes it sound very important.

A half a pot of coffee confirms that it is very important.

So the columbian is on the way to do just that!

Peggy Carter has posed:
That gets a bit of a laugh from Peggy in the other room, "This place isn't that big, you can find it!" She calls back to Yo-Yo, then is stepping back into the front room. "30 minutes more data surfing, then we all open a beer and go to sleep. We've got the next steps of a plan and that's what matters." Peggy makes the executive decision. Part of her is still a director, deep down at heart. So, the ladies settle in for a little bit longer work before some casual chatting, beers, and good nights are said. Probably the next time they will all be together is in Vatican City.