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Fast and the Furry-ous
Date of Scene: 24 February 2021
Location: Rundown New York suburbs
Synopsis: Mutant crew busts up a street racer gang that pilfered a bunch of Null vehicle tech.
Cast of Characters: Sally Pride, Alopex, Kainashi, Leena Danvers

Sally Pride has posed:
It had started like any other street racer evening. New mods to test out thanks to getting their hands on some looted Null tech, so the gang had decided to do laps around some old slums where they wouldn't try too much extra notice. Police didn't tend to come out here unless something really big happened to get their attention, and the few that lived out there would just stay indoors and not care.

The gang of racers were so focused on the prospect of their new toys they didn't notice the dark colored muscle car that had pulled up at the tail end of their line up. Or noticed it at all for that matter. Until it sideswiped one of the rear cars as the race began, using muscle over speed to shove it off the road before the racer even realized what happened, and took off roaring down the street after the rest of the pack.

That was how this whole night turned crazy. Sally Pride naturally at the wheel, and maybe enjoying outdoing the fancied up racers a little too much thanks to making up for it with her combat driving skills. And either terrorizing her passengers, or giving them the ride of their lives. "I know these are slums," she remarks over her shoulder to one in particular, "But try not to blow up anything that looks residental, Collateral Raptor!"

The lead racer and a couple of his cronies with the really good mods had managed to stay ahead of them, but not so far they couldn't be seen in the gleam of the muscle car's hi beams. But there's still other gangbanger street racers trying to catch up to them, so if one or more passengers can do something about it, that'd be great. Sally's gotta focus on, you know, driving like a maniac.

Alopex has posed:
     Terrified or the ride of their lives? Maybe somewhere in the middle. Alopex trusted Sally, that;s why she was in the car to begin with, but this had all gone sideways when the feline mutant found the need to flex the strength of her vehicle. "Is this necessary?!" she barks out, some details of their plan lost in a swirl of adrenaline, concern, and maybe a little panic.

Kainashi has posed:
    "Who cares about necessary? This is AWESOME!" trumpets Kainashi, who while in the van proved to be carsick, once she had a window she could look out of proved to be an avid passenger!

    She sticks the top half of her body out the window, her ears flapping in the wind, her lips pulled back and showing all her teeth, eyes watering and collar charm jangling, and then she turns, squinting in the oncoming lights.

    "One's coming up, Sally, they're kinda 'gressive. Slow 'em down?"

Leena Danvers has posed:
"Damnit Pride!"

So it turns out that Ballista doesn't know anything about street racing. But she knows someone who does. And getting Null tech back would help her to keep her position with the company without having to turn in Sally and the others.

However of course it's hard for Ballista to get a clean shot on any of the other drivers when Sally is driving like a maniac, "How am I supposed to snipe these guys if you're swinging this thing around like that!"

She leans out of the window again, and fires a few shots at one of the cars, putting some holes in it but missing the driver.

Sally Pride has posed:
Keeping Ballista in her employer's good graces until they can do something about getting her out entirely, and keeping some heat off themselves in the meantime, was at least what Sally claimed was the only reasons she agreed to do this. Well, that and keeping Null Tech off the streets, even if was sideways giving it back to Null, was better than leaving it roaming free.

"What, you don't have a half dozen sights and homing weapons to aim for you?" Sally retorts, this time in a more teasing tone. "Besides, these guys are fleeing somewhere, and it may be another stash."

When Kaishai points out the one catching up on the side, Sally actually pulls a bit to the side, if only to avoid the set of razor edges affixed to the gang racer's ricer. Then rolls down her window, and reachs over to use the butt of her pistol to smash the passenger window of the other car. "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?" Then leveling her gun to shoot out the street jockey's steering collumn.

"I've always wanted to say that!" Sally adds, even as she's pulling away from the floundering racer.

Alopex has posed:
While Alopex may have some ranged weapons, most of them are of the thrown variety. For now, the fox is just along for the ride along with the others. Well, at least Kai and Sally are enjoying it. Ballista? Not so much. Pex? Paitent. She has to be, for now. "Are you serious?! What even is that? Car lubricant?!" She has no idea what dijon mustard is.

Kainashi has posed:
    Kainashi pulls back a moment as Sally shifts to the side, and she gives a growl, bracing against the door and reaching up, slamming one of her hands against the roof of the modified vehicle with dangerously unsafe razor edges, her palms on the pillar and roof, and when Sally shoots the steering collum, the canine lifts the other car (the driver's side of their car going down a bit) and gives it a push to help steer it away!

    "Rich people mustard!" she answers back, her tail wagging forcefully.

Leena Danvers has posed:
"If you crash these things we need to salvage them!" Ballista calls out at the Sally and Kainashi, as the two of them seem intent on crashing out the cars they're fighting with.

"Can't let that tech stay out here in the open!" She leans across the hood in order to be steady herself, digging one of her foot talons into the side of Sally's car in order to steady herself while she fires her rifle at the tires of the car, "But you're right about them having a stash, I bet! There was more than four cars worth taken!"

Sally Pride has posed:
"Most of the big stuff we want is in the leader and his guards' vehicles most likely. They wouldn't let the mooks have more than just baubles to appease the--hold on!" The trio ahead turn a tight corner -- too tight -- thanks to having rigged some manner of side maneuvering boosts into their vehicles.

Sally on the other hand has to crank hard on her wheel, jabbing back and forth between gas and brake to drift around the corner the old fashioned way. The trio get a bit of a lead, disappearing down a low hillside. When Sally's muscle car reaches the crest in the distance what appears to be a rundown and likely abandoned at some point truck stop building, until the car dips down to descend the hill. Which the driver is using to gain back some of that momentum. "That has to be where we're going -- Ballista, pick off anything that's still coming up behind us."

Alopex has posed:
    "SO ARE WE THERE YET?!" The question had to be asked. The universe demanded, and so it is uttered, just as everyone is about to get there. Hopefully. Seeing the hill crest coming up, Alopex braces with both hands and both hindpaws, forgetting that, you know, seatbelts exist. She hasn't been in passenger cars a lot.

Kainashi has posed:
    Kainashi might have been leaning a little too far out the window when the group drifted, wriggling, wraggling, and feeling 'in the moment' launching a rude gesture at the group in cars behind her before, coming over the hill, the red pitbull is dislodged from her window perch and goes out the window with an 'oop--'

    Luckily, Kai is pretty tough. She hits the ground rolling, tucking her head, and ends up knocking over a bunch of trash cans like bowling pins.


Leena Danvers has posed:
The raptor holds on tight, which is more than can be said for the canine who goes flying out of the car, "I'm sure she'll be fine!" She calls out, knowing Alopex might want to go out of the car after her, "Stay put, we'll need you once we get to the HQ!"

She keeps her weapon trained on the rear for now, sliding back into the seat up front for now.

Sally Pride has posed:
"Crissakes, that was a tumble... If it was anyone but that tough girl I'd be worried."

Sally has other things to worry about. The trio of racers pull into the garage of the old stop. And of course once they're in they start to close the door. "OH CRAP!" She slams the brake down hard, to the point it can be heard like she'd put her foot through the floorboard as well. She winds hard on the wheel to veer to the side and screech to a stop.

Someone would have to be quick like a ninja to get out of the car and under that door before it closes completely... or before the car has entirely stopped to do so.

The rest of us that aren't ninja have to wait for the vehicle to stop properly. Then Sally climbs out, blaster already still in hand. "This has got to be where they've been hiding out. No one comes around these parts of the older suburbs otherwise.

Alopex has posed:
    "KAI!" Yep, that's a lot of concern overwhelming all the other things going on in the fox's head. A quick word from Ballista and Sally keep Alopex from lunging out after her. They're right, Kai's pretty sturdy and should be fine! ... Doesn't keep her from being concerned, though.

    More important things are happening up front. It involves tires screeching, a door closing, and a ninja realizing that a window of opportunity is closing. Said ninja vaults out of the van window on that side, dives under the closing door, and is up on her feet, claws at the ready, fully expecting these goons to come at her while the others find their way in. "This is a bad idea, guys. You already know I'm going to win right?"

"The hell we d--"

"Shh, no, you do.."

Kainashi has posed:
    "Uuugh... that was bad." Kainashi states as she c omes up to a stand, with the oncoming follow up racers coming.

    Her eyes narrow, and she braces herself. The first one gets a trio of trashcans lobbed at them, smashing the windshield as it spins out.

    "One --"

    The next one revs and tries to hit Kai. Kai braces herself against the road, and as it comes upon her she flexes and scoops up the car, suplexing it into the road in front of her.

    She kicks back up, satisfied that the follow-up slowpokes were done, and turns to head down the hill when she's picked up by some little WRX in bright stupid orange with a hula girl on the dashboard. Kai is on the windscreen. The driver's yelling that he can't see.

    She can see him, though, and she makes stupid faces at him until he shoots out the glass, cracking it and making it even more difficult for him to see!

    They are, however, on their way down at a good clip!

Leena Danvers has posed:
Ballista holds on for dear life as they come to a screeching halt right in front of the door, "Geeze, could have cut that a little closer, huh Sally?"

She gets out of the car, and then loads a fresh magazine into her rifle, turning to look back the way they came, "Oh shit."

She raises her rifle towards the following group, spotting Kainashi on the hood of one, "Looks like our heavy hitter is about to get here..Can you get this door down?"

Sally Pride has posed:
Inside Alopex finds the three street racers, and a forth transport vehicle that several of the gang who must be the 'pit crew' at the hideout were trying to stuff tools and boxes of likely more stolen tech into.

They knew they were being followed, but the leader sitting atop his blinged out ride stops yelling orders to turn and stare at the fox for a moment over his flashy visor-shades. "It's one of them freaks! The hell is she chasing us!"

Bad idea or not, several of the crew drop what they're doing and grab, unsurprisingly, the nearest wrench or crowbar at hand to arm themselves before advancing on the vulpine.

They're probably in for a bad time.

Outside, Sally glances up the hill a moment. "See I knew she'd be fine." Then back at the now shut door. Looks up. "Actually..."

She holds up her blaster with both hands, and fires off three shots, one at each side and one in the middle.

It takes a moment, but the door panels collapse down into a heap because she blasted the bolts that hold it to the rails and chain to open. "Knock knock!"

Kainashi has posed:
    There is an incoming orange object!

    It seems only appropriate when Kainashi hops up off the hood and to the roof that she shouts out a

    "COWABUNGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" as they careen down the side, and the WRX hits to the other side of the door, knocking part of the wall in. The driver and passenger inside are saved (but not concious) by their seatbelts and airbags.

    "... am I too late?" comes the squeaky voice of the brawn of the operation, pulling a couple of wall chunks out of the way. Either way, looks like everyone can get in now!

Alopex has posed:
    Wrenches? Hammers? A sledge? Hum. "Those aren't weapons, their tools, and you're using them -wrong-." Alopex points out, rolling her shoulders, neck, and taking up a more defensive stance, looking to disarm and counter rather than go on the attack. "You realize you're out numbered, right?" Boss man may laugh at that but...

        *Blast. Blast. Blast. Collapse*

    The fox smirks, "See?" The goons charge, regardless, and the ninja starts to ninja. Disarm, kick a weapon away, hip toss, sweep, gut punch, catch a punch, spin them around, toss them toward the others, back to defensive stance. "Well? I'm waiting."

Leena Danvers has posed:
"At least she's clear." Ballista says to herself, as Kainashi flies past and crashes the wall and door down, also thanks to Sally's shooting.

Ballista sighs a little bit as she looks at the goons on the other side of the door, "Hey assholes, I just want the stuff you stole back." Of course her words appear to fall on deaf ears because they attack Alopex anyway, "Just deal with them, I'll handle the stragglers."

Sally Pride has posed:
"MORE FREA--" The punk doesn't get to finish his exclaimation before Sally coldcocks him upside the head with her pistol, then a kick to the gut as he staggers from the blow.

"That is no way to treat guests." Alopex is handling the goons, and the three racers are quickly jumping back into their vehicles. "Oh, I don't think so." She pulls out a hodgepodge device and lobs it under one of the cards like a grenade. Though it's not quite such, as instead of an explosion it's an EMP that kills the car's transmission and battery like that. Then points at the other two. "Hey girl. Fetch!"

Alopex has posed:
    This was a specialty. Dealing with mooks with 'weapons'. Feh. Another is disarmed a moment later, his shoulder may be dislocated, and he went flying over her and onto the floor with a pretty resounding thud. Satisfying. "Haven't you ever heard of hospitality?!" she barks out as she turns to the others, mostly Ballista. "So we do the work and you get the reward?" She teases somewhat sternly. "Sure!" Another creeping up on her gets that cinematic swing of her fist, upward, right into his face, without her even turning to look. At least, not until he's on the ground. "Rude."

Kainashi has posed:
    "--but I'm not clear, I'm kinda reddish!" Kainashi answers back to Ballista, but she's already on the move. Hop. Skip. Jump, and she SLAMS down on the hood of one car, giving a big, toothy grin with her scarred-up face, eyes glinting dark into the driver's vision before she slides between the cars.

    Even souped up, these things aren't so heavy to Kainashi, and she grips up one of the cars, grunts, and lifts it before she stacks it on the other like a Jenga piece!

    "Followed by 'sit' and 'stay!'" she grins toothily.

Leena Danvers has posed:
"Hey I've gotta stop some moving cars." Ballista calls back to Alopex, "If you wanna do that with your ninja magic then feel free." She says, as she turns to the cars that are barreling down on them. She drops her rifle to her side and pulls out a big revolver, a literal hand cannon. She fires, not hitting the driver, but putting the shot through the middle of the engine block.

She knows that a bullet by itself won't stop an engine block. But these will, because there's a flash of an explosion inside of the engine and it starts to sputter and die.

Sally Pride has posed:
The car sputters, rattles, and creaks to a halt RIGHT before it'd actual have hit the raptor mutant. Looks like something out of an action movie... and then smoke erupts from under the hood and the driver tumbles out as he tries to escape it venting into the cab.

Sally lets out a whistle as Kainashi stacks one car on top of the other. Which in turn busts the transmission of the leader's bottom car in half from the additional weight. "And people think a pileup is a figure of speech." With the racer gang either incapacitated or stuck in their vehicles, she stoops down to pick up one of the wrenches Alopex disarmed. "You boys just sit tight. We'll take what we came for and be out of your hair."

Kainashi has posed:
    Kainashi just gives a grin, her tail giving a wag as she pulls her jacket over her, dusting off the front of it with a huff through her nose, and that scarred up mug turns to Sally, waiting for the next task as she stretches her arms over her head, and gives the brightest smile of pride to Alopex, then looks back to the jalopey jockies.

    "Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times -- we get hungry."

Alopex has posed:
    The room is taken in, the fox makes sure everyone is either on the ground, stuck, or just not a threat, and then her stance finally relaxes. "Hmph. Told you," she muses, referring to her earlier quip. That's when she moves up alongside Sally, wanting to see just what it is they were all after. If Close or far, Alopex has to say, "I hope this tech is worth it." Then to Kai. She grins back at the pup. "Good job." Best dog.

Leena Danvers has posed:
Ballista puts her foot up on the hood of the car as it comes to a stop in front of her, and watches the guy scramble out of it.

She shakes her head, and holsters her pistol, turning back to face the trio, "So these guys stole some Null tech. It'll...Have the company logo on it, so it shouldn't be hard to find. Thanks for your help. You didn't really need to assist me with this."

Sally Pride has posed:
"I don't like cheaters. None of the real street racers would have a chance against that sort of tech," Sally growls, even as she's prying open the hood of the bottom part of the car stack. "If it keeps you out of trouble and not having to hunt the rest of us, that's a bonus. Even if I don't like giving stuff -back- to Null. Pyrric victory, or something." Followed by a sharp whistle. "I haven't seen these sort of vehicle mods since training. It's older Null tech, but to these lowlifes? That'd be technological gold. Good thing they didn't put anything out on black markets."

There's not as much room with the cars stuck on each other but she manages to get inside and start disconnecting things. "I doubt they used everything on their cars. Check the building for storage bins."

Alopex has posed:
    There's a 'hrm' from Alopex as she considers what they'd look like, and how best to see if she can get Kai's nose to help. "Hey, Kai? You know how some computers have a sort of unique scent? If you pick up on something like that, let us know, alright?" That being said, the fox will start to rummage around wherever she can, looking for something that may hold some really good stuff. ... Just look for something shiny right? That's how this works, usually.

Kainashi has posed:
    "Do you want me to pull off the sides of the cars? Would that make it easier for you to get at the insides of the stuff?" Kai questions, before she tilts her head back to look at Alopex, and then looks at the parts.

    "Are they going to smell like Ballista?" she questions "Or just 'weird and not like a car'? Most of this stuff smells like a car." she snuffs a moment, peeling back the fender of the upper car carefully, the same way someone might peel an orange.