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Bag Grab goes Awry
Date of Scene: 25 February 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: Opposites ... get into an Uber together.
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Karolina Dean

Madigan Belle has posed:
It's evening, so it has already gotten dark and Columbia University isn't a place that a lot of people hang out at night. Not because it is dangerous, but because they all have fancy lives. So, why would they dare be at school, late? Well, Madi was doing some lab catch-up since, you know, she actually needs to show some work on her thesis that she's been ignoring for over a week at this point.

So, there she is, the red head in the middle of the night walking away from one of the few buildings that still has some lights in the windows. She's all alone, and her walking is slow, thanks to those leg braces and crutch she can walk at all. It's more of her hips swaying and the leg braces maneuvering her legs for her, and then locking, letting her take another step, and so on. She's pulling out her phone to start the request for an Uber when -

Some darkly clad male figure runs up behind her, and though she seems to notice enough to start turning her head, she just isn't fast enough. The guy has hit her with his shoulder, causing her to scream out, "Eeeaaaayyyh!" As she starts to tip forward, then a knife flashes, and the bag's straps are cut in quick order as the bag thief starts to bolt. Leaving the flailing Madi to come crashing to the ground in a not-at-all graceful way.

"Stop! You stupid, ugh, oh my god! Who steals someone's school bag!?! My favorite snacks are in there!!!!" She calls out loudly, as the man is getting to the edge of the campus, that she was so close to, and now turning a corner to run down the street in front of the school.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Ka-THOOMF! It comes from nowhere. Or, rather, up high. It's a bolt of shining rainbow light that gets the guy right upside the head like five across the face. "Yeah! Who does that? What is this, the 90's? Her favorite snacks are in there!" calls out a feminine voice from a few stories up. Matching the rainbow bolt, there's a blonde.... maybe blonde? woman wrapped in scintillating rainbow light. She's just hovering there, glowering. She's not good at glowering. She's mom-frowning. That's better. Or maybe worse.

    "Seriously, why do all the bad guys come out at night? It's like they know I'm freakin' solar powered..." she grumbles. Did she just announce that out loud? She's wearing those jeans, the boots with the fur (faux fur) and the whole quad would be looking at her. If... there was anyone but a redhead and a dazed mugger. She adjusts the collar of her long coat and flies down to counter-snatch the bag from the bag-snatcher before hovering over towards Madi and kneeling next to her.

    "What kind of snacks?" she asks, smiling radiantly. Her glow fades, her smile doesn't. "You okay?" she asks, offering her arm along with the bag.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"What... the?" Madigan hears the voice before she spans her eyes up. She instinctively takes off her glasses, rubs them clean with her long sleeved shirt flannel, and then puts them back on her face. By that point the scintillating rainbow woman is finally on the ground. Then she's headed her way... blinking, Madi is trying to sort of get herself up. Pushing from the ground when you are flat on your face moments ago is hard, harder when you don't really have legs that function.

So, she waits, and sighs when the woman comes back with her bag. Well, what she thinks is a woman, and she grimaces a little, "Oh, thanks." And she reaches out for the arm, and with that arm and probably the other arm from Karolina she's able to get back to her feet with only a bit of a wobble. "Oh, all kinds. I got Alter Eco chocolate bars in there, I've got kettle corn in like 6 different varieties, there's these vegan donuts that the bakery here serves, straight from the students studying in that field, and well, there's some additional treats. Plus, like, my Nintendo Switch, my laptop, and my books but... you know how hard it is to get snacks down from shelves?" She rolls her eyes, and shakes her head, still kind of holding onto the glowing woman.

Then her eyes get wide again, "Oh, holy moley, I'm talking to a rainbow! That's so incredible. Is it kind of like an advanced form of bio-luminescence? That's fantastic! I mean, like, disco level fantastic." She giggles and grins big, "Madi, by the way. I don't glow. Unless of course you are talking after a bath, then I'm grinning like a big fool." A pause, and she quirks her mouth to the side, looking Karolina up and down as she fades, "Wow. Is it totally conscious? You are like, the greatest. I swear. I mean, like totally amaaaaaze-ing."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    As Madi describes the treasures in her bag, up to and including the Nintendo Switch, 'Lina's eyes widen more and more. "Oh! Wow! That's what I'm doing here! I kind of co-teach the vegan cooking course at NYU, as an assistant, but occasionally I get a chance to come over here and sit in, or help out.." she practically gushes, though she's definitely doing her part to help steady Madi and keep her from tumbling again.

    She glances over her shoulder, to make sure that they're not about to get knifed in the back, then looks back to her new acquaintance. "Huh? Bio-luminescence? No no, I um... I'm like.. a teeny, tiny star? So, like, bio-plasma, and when I get shot at, it's like... fwooosh, a solar flare and... it still hurts but..." she blinks, pauses, and stares, cheeks turning red. If she hadn't come in looking like a disco ball, she'd look pretty much like a normal human. Well, a normal human you'd see on TV or in a movie or something.

    "N-no, I'm not that great... but, hey, hi, Madi. I'm Karolina. And... it looks like you're okay? I hope none of your donuts got squished..."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Not really letting go, Madi holds onto this new person. "Really? You cook?! I just order food, not really patient enough to make anything. And besides, there aren't any sit-down chef kitchens. You know?" And she chuckles a bit, taking her inability to stand long pretty lightly. "A star? I knew you were pretty stellar for getting my bag, but literally?"

Letting you explain the process, and she takes her hand and kind of runs it up into her slightly wavy red hair and shakes them free from her fingers to make them dance about the side of her face. "No, you are gorgeous. Too, I mean, tall, blonde, super symmetrical face. You have great curves, as well. I mean, genetics are like your best friend." She nods her head a few times at that, "We've both got a little recessive in us, but me more than you." A pause, and then she ohs, her eyes get momentarily worried, startled enough to raise her eyebrows, and she gapes her mouth a bit open, "My donuts? Oh crap!"

She starts to fumble with her backpack, trying to get it unzipped, while still having her arm now, pretty well hooked, in your arm unless you don't let her. She's tugging on you a bit to hold herself up as she more quickly unzips her bag and starts moving around some packaging, pulling out a box that looks a little busted in. She pouts, visibly, outwardly, showcasing every emotion in exaggerated expression.

"Well, shoot. That punk may have not gotten me, but collateral damage. These'll have to be consumed before too long, don't want the air exposure to make them go stale. Want one? Coffee maybe? Food? There's tons of places around here. Are you like in the movies? Or an underwear model? You look so much like one of those two."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Karolina isn't about to let go of someone like this. Especially someone this cute. "Oh? Yeah. I cook. I cook all the time. I've even got a garden. I grow my own food when it isn't, you know..." she gestures at the winter weather. Then there's just the flurry of compliments hurled her way. A barrage of flattery that makes her cheeks go so red she looks like she'll turn into a tomato. "I mean... being... an alien star-creature-thing kind of makes it hard to be... normal...?" she offers sheepishly.

    Then she frowns, peeking down at the bag. She's going to let Madi hold on to her, to be sure the girl in the leg-braces doesn't take a tumble on the cold ground. "Sure, I could eat. Food. Coffee. All of the above? Vegan only, though, and that limits our options around here..." she msues aloud, peering down at the damaged donut box. Clearly the true victim here. Even if the backpack is going to need replacing.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Wait, hold the phone." Madi looks back over at Karolina, and looks her up and down now, scrunching her brow as she inquisitively stares and looks. She looks some more, and then smiles, "Daaaaaymn girl. You don't look like an alien. I mean, alien to me. A sexy blonde, who can reach the top of a fridge?" Her spirits are picked back up despite the damaged donuts. She'd seemingly lost all interest in them after she found out she was standing next to an alien.

"Donuts be damned. So, tell me, do you have like tentacles or something? I saw this movie once, where this attractive blonde alien woman... queue role for you ... attacked all these people trying to mate with them and have a baby alien. It was really predictable, but I watch a lot of sci-fi, and I kind of dig on horror and gore type stuff. It's fun. You know, the way like blood goes everywhere." She laughs at that, big grin styled, and sighs some smiling. "Anywho. Yeah. I wouldn't take money to not talk to a real life alien."

A pause and she squints at you, before pouting slightly, "You are a vegan? At least that means I'm safe. Right? Thanks again by the way. I don't know where that guy ran off to, but I bet he'll never bother me and my donuts again. And, uh, lead the way? Count me as your annoying less attractive friend, if you end up needing a wing woman. Right? I mean, no offense, but you are the number 1 choice in this pair."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "...yes? I did say that. I need to not say that. There's people out here who would use that information against me..." Karolina sighs, wilting a little bit. But the compliments keep coming. "I mean, I guess I'm pretty tall... am I sexy?" she looks down at herself, bewildered. The conversation keeps switching gears but she's doing her best to keep up, shaking her head about the tentacles. "Ah, um, no, no... no tentacles... no... alien breeding..." How DO tiny stars reproduce anyway? Her writers never went into it. Probably a good thing.

    "I-I'm just me," she states, nodding slowly. "Lead the way where? There might be a Cape & Cuppa branch here nearby... and... wait, wing woman? What do you mean? And you're plenty attractive!" she says without thinking. "At least I think so!" Ok maybe she was thinking.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's some nodding from Madi as she offers, "Yeah, you totally did say that. I mean, with all the metahumans running... and, flying, around you should be super careful with what you say. I mean, I could totally be some crazy mad scientist who wants to kidnap you, brain wash you, and make you my ... slaaAAaaAAAAAaaaaAAve." She brings her hands up and makes wiggly fingers like she's imitating some ghost or spectre voice from some movie.

And, yes, the conversation is blinking around. She just sort of snaps her fingers, "Damn." And leaves her reaction at that, to whatever it was she was damning. Then she moves on, "Cape & Cuppa, sure, where ever that might be." And then turns her head, looking up, and up, because, well, you are nearly a foot taller than her and she's leaning on you and your arm so it makes her just a wee-bit shorter still. "Me? Well, I do have nice skin, and red heads are still kind of 'exotic' but like, number 1 hair dye purchase, right? Especially for all those women who are splitting on their boring partners." She pauses and says, "Wait a second. Plenty attractive? That's like a participation award. You know, before I lost the use of my legs, I got one of those for sitting on the bench during volleyball. I hate sports, lotta work, but I still got a ribbon. Who knew?"

Karolina Dean has posed:
    A blink a bewildered expression, and Karolina squints at Madi. It's like she's trying to discern if she really is mad scientist material. Nah. "I mean, I'm not that interesting compared to the big names anyway... I'm just, you know, a living rainbow thing..." she says quietly, clearly a bit more on the modest side of super hero-dom.

    "Yeah it's... have you ever been there? Cape & Cuppa. Coffee and tea and stuff, and people that work there are free to dress like their favorite heroes. Rumor has it some heroes even moonlight there, all low-key and stuff. Not me, though, I have to worry about classes and my studies and stuff..." she says, nodding firmly.

    Then right back around to the subject of prettiness. "I... wouldn't say it's just a participation award?" she asks, offering with a shrug. "I think you're really pretty, I mean it!" she gives a lopsided but sincere smile down at the shorter woman.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle squints again, this time longer as she looks right up at Karolina and her lopsided smile, then she shrugs a moment and smiles back, "Thanks, I'll take it." And she hmmms and then wonders, "So, you make food? I mean, we can totally do this Cape and Cuppa place, but at some point you'll have to make me food. You know, after you've gotten to know me, me you, so you aren't so much a stranger. I'd probably go and get that food right now, but I shouldn't. My uncle, he's always warning me that I need to be more careful around strangers. I tell him, but I know their names, and that makes them not a stranger. Besides, fiery redheads, am I right?"

And moving on to a completely different topic. "So you cook, and stun people like a mythological nymph. You study anything else? Miss Bio-Plasma? Or, do you just go by Rainbow Brite? Which, by the way, I saw this really awesome halloween costume for an adult rainbow brite, but I don't do well with short skirts. The braces kind of ruin it. So, pants or dresses, really, work best."

And she frowns a little bit, looking up into the sky, and then says, "I am so sorry, I'm making you go sooooo slow. You could probably, zoom there, and here I am, clanking along. I could get us an uber, unless you wanna like... get there, and wait for me?"

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "You should take it," Karolina nods, confident. "I know cute girls. And you're a cute girl. And I really need to stop talking sometimes..." she presses her free hand to her face and sighs, staring at the ground. "Yes, I make food. I love it, it's one of my passions. Vegan cuisine is fun, and there's been a lot of taste advances in the last few years for replacing stuff like dairy products like eggs and cheese..." she rattles off her stuff and shrugs. "...so I'd be happy to cook for you sometime."

    She blinks, "...Rainbow Brite...? Oh... I've had that nickname before... kind of an old reference though..." she muses, then perks up. "Hey, yeah, I could fly us there! But... it's really, really, really cold. Um. How about we do the Uber thing and I get us an address?" she offers, pulling out her own phone. No Rainbow Brite on there, but there is a Rainbow Dash, and a bunch of the other ponies. So she likes small, colorful, best-friend horses. "And why would I just want to.. go there and wait for you? It's cold. We're going to have hot drinks and hide from the snow for a little bit."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Well, fine. Twist my arm. I admit it. I'm cute." And Madi looks up at you and quirks her mouth to the side some before offering, "You know, you don't have to be so nervous all the time. If you like someone, just tell them. If you think they're attractive, just say so. I mean, what's the worst that happens? I mean, they could get enraged, find out your address, and run a bus into it. But that's very unlikely. The odds are pretty low on that, in fact."

She does listen to the food list though and moves her mouth slowly like she's imagining eating. "The quickest way to get on my good side, is food. For sure. I eat, I'm not a vegan, sorry, but I love tasty anything. Desserts. Oh, icing, like, if you make anything with icing. I get to lick the spoon, and the mixers, the bowl."

The Uber gets her vote, and she must've not realized it was snowing when she dressed for the day. Though she is tucking up closer to you now, kind of using your arm and her own to pull into a hug. "Yeah, well, normally I'm just going from one door to a car. Yeah. Uber, with a heater, fine by me. They are always around the campus."

And sure enough, the app is telling her only a couple minutes till it arrives.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Karolina wrinkles her nose, then sticks her tongue out. "...I mean... I did just tell you that you're attractive at least three times..." she states, nodding firmly again. "...I live on a top floor, rooftop garden...? Would be pretty impressive to run a bus into it... not even sure I'd be mad..." she muses aloud, then frowns. "...no, no, definitely mad. All my stuff is in there. My Beatles collection. My cooking stuff. My bed..." she sighs, imagining warm blankets.

    Speaking of warm, as she's pressed up against, she's really warm. Like. Cozy sunbeam warm. Like. Lay next to the radiator warm. "I could just make a bowl of icing but that's not really filling..." she muses. "There we go, nearest C&C location is a few blocks down... the ones near NYU are open twenty-four seven, though. College kids and coffee, right?"

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a look, as she ohs, with her eyes opening wider and her mouth getting bigger and opening up. She snickers a little, sticking out her tongue just a bit and biting it with her teeth, as she grins goofily. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh." It takes Madi a long while to get that part out before she rolls her eyes, mostly at herself, still smiling. "You are so gay. I get it." She offers and smirks, "It's cool. I mean, whatever feels good, right? I don't think I'm so much bi, or straight, or whatevs. I'm jus' in college. So, it all sounds good to me. Like a bowl full of icing." Mmmmm mmm.

She can't stop smiling, and making small little giggles. The car pulls up, and she starts moving toward it, though she stays hanging on Karolina as much as she can even while in the car. "Yeah, so, like, question. Is like, licking a finger as much of a turn on to you as it is to a straight guy? Do you like to watch people eat?" She wonders, her mind can't stop herself from asking, though her eyes get pretty wide, "I bet it has got to be so amazing, like you know, kissing. Cause chick lips are way better than guy lips. We're always lip balming up, got protection on them." Her eyes squint and she shakes her head a bit, "You could totally be a playa girl. Go down to a club, in a hot minidress, dance your way up to someone. Shoot. That'd be nice." Its hard to tell if she's daydreaming about being an attractive blonde playa or dancing in a club. Maybe both?

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Karolina sighs quietly, "...yes, I like girls..." she says with resignation in her voice. "...again... things I... should probably keep quiet... but... college, right?" she offers, lifting her shoulders in a little shrug. It's a playful one, though. "Hey, you're old enough, right? I mean if you want to eat a bowl of icing... it's your stomach ache later... or headache..." she says with a nod. Then the car's there, and then they're in the back seat. The poor driver, with this conversational thread.

    "...huh? Licking a finger...? Watching people eat?" she asks, bewildered. Was this a thing people were into? "I.. um.. I mean... I do take care of mine, yes... it's nice when it's fruit flavored and keeps my lips safe from the cold air... winter's the worst.." she leans back a little, though, at the claims she could totally hit the club and have all the ladies hanging off of her arm, or something.

    "I... don't really like clubs that much... I went to a karaoke bar a few months ago but that was it. Kind of... too loud? I'm... really pretty mellow, actually." Sunshine and rainbows. Tall sexy blonde hippie girl.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a bit of look, Madigan pulls back a little, confused, looking at Karolina. "Uh, yeah I'm old enough. I turn 19 on April 1st. I know, it isn't a joke, somebody has to be born on that day. And one of those people, me. That said, yes, if the question is whether or not I'm legal. I am. Also, yes, I would eat an entire bowl of icing. I don't think I'd get sick." She ponders that, and shrugs a bit, half-leaning on you and half leaning on the backseat while she's all turned and not wearing a seat belt.

"Who -isn't- into watching people eat? I mean, that has got to be like the sexiest thing in the world. How lips move, tongues, taking big bites out of things. This is why Zombie movies are just so ... great." She offers, as if 'duh'. And then she ohs, and asks, "So, do you play games? Or just hang out making food? I mean, either one is cool. I love video games, super good at them too. I'm also pretty damn good at eating food. So, like, either one is cool by me." And when she sees you deflate a little, she reaches up and taps you under the chin, "Look, clubs are loud. They want you to feel more than think. Karaoke bars are just depressing places people go to get drunk. And then have regret sex."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "Oh, that's soon..." Karolina muses, smiling. "...I'll be.. 20 in July? So.. no, not old enough to drink..." she considers, shrugging at the mention of legality and birthdays. "Someone has to be born on February 29th. That's an odd one, really. I always wonder if those people can get their free sundaes or Denny's grand slams on the 28th on non-leap years..." she stares off into the distance for a moment, leaning back against Madi, not seeming to mind the proximity or the warmth shared.

    Snap back to reality, "I'm... not really into zombie movies... or watching people eat... I'm happy when people like the food I've made them, does that count?" she offers, then shrugs. "Games sometimes. I focus more on my studies. Agricultural sciences," she adds, remembering to finally answer the question of what she was in college for, like whole minutes later.

    "The karaoke was fun. Didn't drink.. can't drink... and clubs can lead to regret sex, too. I'm just.. not looking for that.." she laughs quietly. "Not going to find me in a club. Going to find me at home, listening to my old vinyl albums, laying on my bed hugging one of my plush toys while waiting for something to boil on the stove."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Uh, you can drink. Trust me, ain't nobody stopping you from entering a bar or club to get a drink. And if they do, I know some places, they'll let you in. If... you ever wanna." And then the Uber comes to a stop, "Thanks driver dude." She had pre-tipped the guy so he'd show up quick, how much? Probably quite a bit from the way he showed up quickly and took them straight there.

Getting out of the car is a bit harder than getting in, but she manages. Once out in the cold world again she starts making her way toward the entrance. "Don't like zombie movies?! What about monster films? Horror films, you know, the kind where like some serial killer pieces someone apart?"

Dropping the bomb, agricultural sciences. Her jaw actually drops, "What? Are you into like genetic manipulation of plants for optimum food production? I would totally dig that. And, your description of 'a good time' is kind of lame. Like, snooze alert, why'd you wake me up? You can totally study later. You can upgrade to like, streaming hifi services. And still cook. I'm just sayin'. I won't yuck your yum, but if there's not screaming happening in the background from a movie or video game, then you just aren't laying about correctly."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Some people just aren't compatible. It happens. Karolina shakes her head, "Not really my thing," she gives that lopsided smile. She's going to say that a lot tonight. "Thanks~" she says on the way out, and does what she canto help Madi out, too. "I grew up in Hollywood, so movies... got kind of old for me pretty quick. Music, though..." she shrugs again, heading towards the door. "...I like listening to music. And I've got a lot of old stuff from my favorite bands. Beatles, though, always..." she nods, musing aloud.

    "Sometimes people are just brought up liking different things. You sound like you want a much.. faster life than I do?" she laughs. "That's cool. My good time is my good time, it doesn't have to be yours. And vice-versa. If I'm hearing screaming I'm usually worried it's something being on fire, not from my TV..." she exhales a little sigh.

    The query of her studies, though? She nods, "Well, primarily altering growing patterns to ensure sustainability and drift away from the hideous monoculture that our corn industry has imposed upon a huge portion of the country... to alternative means of pest control... genetic engineering is an interesting angle but it's still a big scary boogeyman to a lot of people... There's lots of ways to grow things healthy and organically without messing with them too much... even if messing with seeds and crops has been going on forever... cross-breeding, radioactive mutations... all normal things, but you start talking poking at the genome... But... I'm still not.. that advanced yet... I do more cooking.." she muses softly, embarrassed.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Getting into the place, she's immediately looking for a seat. The way she walks, is kind of like kicking her legs in a swaying motion, from her hips. It can't be easy, and took a lot of practice, but it shows her legs don't really work at all. The braces do most of the heavy lifting. "Beatles? Wow. You are such a hippie." She chuckles at that and shakes her head, "It's cool. You are pretty, I'll forgive you."

Once she finds a place to sit she heads in that direction and takes up the softer side of a booth, leaning back and sighing, smiling, "On fire? Oh, I knew this girl growing up. Her like, entire face burned off in a house fire. Like, damaged, you know. I think she's gotten surgery to fix it since, but yeah. I bet she has some problems with cooking, fires, can't enjoy camping, you know." Then her eyes get wide again as she looks at Karolina again, "Oh? Did something like that happen to you? Fire, I mean, like... do you have scars or something." She's now turning her head back and forth, trying to 'see' if she can spot some scars. "That'd be so rad. I've never been in a house fire, but I'd totally just go up with it if there wasn't someone there to get me. Just foooomh. Then I'd be a true fiery red head."

She laughs at her own little joke, as she is looking around at the few people still here and she tap tap taps on the table, as she looks back to you. You could imagine her kicking her legs like some little kid, if she could, "Faster life? I dunno. I just... life is zooming by and you have to catch up and grab it. You know? Move faster, escape the cycle, burn some bridges and make your mark. I ain't gonna sit around and wait for life to show up, I want it now. You know? Everything I want, now. As much as I can handle, and then some. I study genetics, by the way. I don't think I said that. I'm getting my Ph.D probably, next year? I'm sort off dragging my feet ... literally, and figuratively. Just school has gotten so boring, I want to get out there. Do more with what I've learned, change the world, make it fun again. Ya know?"