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So The Whole Theater Huh
Date of Scene: 25 February 2021
Location: Master Bedroom - Tim Drake's Home - Chelsea
Synopsis: Steph comes by needing chemistry help. Tim is still feeling the effects of a taser rifle, and Conner drops in to let Tim know he'll be away.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Conner Kent

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie had texted ahead. Done with classes for the day but could use a second set of eyes to look over the results of her chemistry lab. There was also a mention of donuts as a bribe.

She pulls up outside the theater in The Compact, what she's taken to calling the small purple compact car that was a gift from Roberto da Costa. A gift they'd souped up dramatically intending to run it in a literal underground racing circuit when it returned to the East Coast.

But it's nicer transportation in winter than her motorcycle which is the main reason she drove it now. Stephanie hops out, getting a box from Gotham City Bakery. It's a small one, about enough for four donuts. But then she's still a struggling college student, who can only afford Gotham U because of the surprise scholarships that showed up. She gets to the door and knocks on it.

Tim Drake has posed:
Knowing Steph is coming over, Tim moves to go open the door for her by merely turning the knob and walking away to allow her to let herself in. Besides, with the surveillance he probably has in the Theatre he probably knew it was here the second her tires touched the drive outside.

Tim moves stiffly, like someone who has either had a really hard workout the day before and his muscles are sore from the lactic acid breakdown, or someone who might have gotten tazered by a high-powered tazer and his muscles are still stiff from the lockup. He is dressed comfortably and casual, a pair of sweats and a loose fitting black novelty tee that ironically has the bat-symbol on the front from either Planet Krypton or Bat-Burger.
RHiss Tim sits back down onto the couch he lets out a little groan, "Hey Steph. Sorry I missed your birthday bash..."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie bumps the door open, backing into it with her bookbag and backing through, then sliding it closed with a foot. She's wearing jeans and tennis shoes and a Gotham University sweatshirt, with a blue jacket pulled overtop but left unzipped. Perfect camouflage for blending in among the Gotham U student body.

"Hey there. Yeah you did miss it. And boy am I sore at you for it," she says, affecting so much seriousness into the words that it's pretty clear she's being over the top for comedic effect. "No worries. Missed a good time though. I think if someone opened a hot dumpling AND funnel cake place they would corner the market," she tells him.

She moves over to join Tim at the couch, taking a seat and slipping her bookbag off and setting it on the floor. "Got your favorites," she says, opening up the donut box to show him.

Tim Drake has posed:
"Yeah, well, I had a bad case of electrocution. Wasn't really feeling up to a group of people due to being unconscious." smirks Tim as he reaches out to slowly grab a chocolate bar, lifting it up to his lips for a bite. "Did you have a good time? Who all was there...and more importantly how is your side? It's been a couple weeks since I have seen you."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie turns sideways in the couch to face Tim, one leg drawn up and bent at the knee with her foot hanging off the couch, the other resting on the floor. "Electrocuted? Was it that stupid Electrocutioner again? Or did you walk too close behind an old lady on the street and she tazed you?" the blond coed asks him, her smile a little teasing as she says the last part.

She reaches out, resting her hand gently on his upper arm. "You ok now though?" she asks, the previous tone of humor giving way to concern. She glances down at her own side then. "The demon thing, all cured. Zatanna did some magic stuff, and kind of sucked some life force out of Jason to help deal with it. He's ok, was more like... donating blood, not anything that'll affect him long term," Stephanie says. It does make her remember the comment Zatanna had made about his life force. Something she still hasn't asked about.

"Yeah, that's all healed, not even a scar. Soon as the magic was done it was like all the time since it happened that hadn't healed, just caught up as if it had. No marks there now. Well, except for a couple of bruises. I took two rounds from a SWAT assault rifle when that Demon gang attacked precinct 22 the other night. Didn't make it through my cape and armor though."

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim lets out a little chuckle, shaking his head. "Taser rifle. Still not sure how the guy managed to get the drop on me, but he did. I must have been to focused up ahead of me and not at my six, which is a rookie mistake." Something that he is still likely beating himself up over. "At least Impulse was there to get me out of there. Just a dumb move."

He takes another bite from the doughnut, chewing and swallowing before he glances over again, "Good. I'm glad you are all healed up. I was getting worried, I had been ever since that day at Dr. Thompkins. I'm glad Zatanna was able to help, and I will have to thank Jason for being a donor." Though the later part of the sentence is slightly colder than the rest.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"Well, was there a shapely person up ahead of you drawing your focus?" Stephanie teases quietly about how the person got the drop on him. Though the concern she has keeps it a gentle amount of teasing in her tone.

Stephanie reaches down and unzips the top of her bookbag. She pulls out a chemistry book and sets it on the coffee table, and then laptop that she opens up and boots. It's an eight year old Dell, the case having seen better days with lots of scratches marring it. Two of the keys are blank replacements without a letter on them, though not an issue if someone is touch typing.

"How are things going with that group? The ones that all hang out outside," she says, playing off the group's name.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim rolls his eyes, "No. No shapely people at all, just a farmhouse and crops. If Jason ever hears about this guy getting the drop on me, I will never hear the end of it." the dark haired young man says with a sigh. "I swear, if the rest of the team hadn't been there, I don't know what would have happened. Just a dumb move."

Tim polishes off the last of the donut and takes a look over at the computer, "Do you want me to replace that thing? It's ancient. I probably have a couple spares around here that are at least 7 years newer than that one."

As she asks about the Outsiders, Tim shrugs. "Well enough I suppose. I haven't really talked to any of them since that night, to be honest. Not sure how I can face them after that colossal mess-up. At least they were able to get the job done without me."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie lightly rests her hand back on Tim's arm. "We've all been there. We strive for perfection, but even Bruce isn't. We've all taken our hits," Stephanie reminds Tim after hearing him be hard on himself.

"That's why it's a team and you're not out there going it alone. Says... the girl who was out there. Going it alone," Stephanie says. "Well, not completely alone, but..." But pretty close to it. Some occasional equipment from Tim or helping Spoiler when she got involved in sticky situations during that year after Bruce had told her she needed to hang up her cape. Which she hadn't.

Stephanie looks at her laptop, and Tim probably can guess what her answer is going to be. The girl from literally the wrong side of the tracks, with Bruce Wayne's Bristol on one side and hers on the other, has always been a little reluctant about asking for that kind of help. Reluctant being an understatement. Though she tends to accept gifts graciously. "I... I don't know, I'm pretty used to this one," she says as an excuse. Even though a computer isn't a drop in the bucket for Tim, she still behaves like everyone is her own financial situation.

Tim Drake has posed:
"Yeah, yeah, I know. At the end of the day we are all only just human and we all have limits. Eventually we are bound to mess up eventually...I know all that. That doesn't mean I don't strive to be BETTER than that. I have to be." Tim says defiantly with a shake of his head.

He glances over at Stephanie, "You are not alone, you know that right? Or at least you don't have to be. You are as much a part of the 'family' as any of us, at least in my eyes. I'm sure Jason feels the same, and Bruce, well, you know how he is. If he didn't think you were worthy..."

Tim shrugs, taking another look at the computer. "One of these days I am just going to replace it without you knowing. I'll just put new parts in the old case and you won't be any wiser, except when the thing boots up in 3 seconds instead of 5 minutes."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The nineteen year old's smile for Tim reveals how much hearing that from Tim means to Stephanie. He's seen her change over the last year. Though she was stubborn enough to go it alone after Bruce, Tim knows that for the girl from a broken family, the rejection had hit her particularly hard.

Though she's come far. Confidence. Gained not just from Barbara's training, but from the acceptance from the extended Wayne family over the last year. Tim might even suspect that she's started to believe she belongs there, that she's part of his family. And maybe even that she deserves it.

As he speaks about stealthily replacing the computer innards, the blond breaks out in soft laughter. "I'm not as hopeless with a computer as I once was. Granted I don't have Oracle's programs on this thing. But, yeah it would probably take me awhile to notice apart from boot time," she says, leaning over and bumping Tim's side. But gently, having seen how he moved stiffly.

She pulls up her chemistry lab. Most of it is basic stuff, with only a few tricky bits that are the parts she wanted Tim to look at. "So how is everything else going? We haven't sat down and really talked in a long time."

Tim Drake has posed:
"Alright I guess," Tim answers with a shrug. "I mean, not much going on with me other than the normal. You know me, Steph, I don't really have a life outside of 'work' these days. If I wasn't on the mend, I probably would be doing something more work-related than lounging around in sweats. What about you? You have more of a life than I do these days. You see more of the 'family' than I do. I can't recall the last time I actually talked to Bruce other than a quick text here and there."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie zooms in some of her chemistry answers. Equations, with predicted outcomes of her experiments and then what they actually yielded. There are two discrepancies, where the results don't match her predictions, due to some errors she made in the formula.

"I've been wondering how he's doing. It's not like he shares a lot about his private life. But, that night he was going to that charity thing with the one DJ. I just kind of found myself wondering if he is just doing that for appearances, then what does he have that isn't? I mean you and your brothers obviously. But outside of that, it made me wonder how he's doing. Never really can tell," Stephanie agrees.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim Drake looks over the equations, and points to the general area in the formula where something is amiss. "Something around here isn't quite right," he says as way of a hint to help her on her way to figuring out what is wrong.

"Bruce is Bruce. If he is going out into public, nine times out of ten it will be fore appearances. The other time, it is also for appearances but likely has something to do with a Wayne charity so that is /almost/ something closer to the real Bruce."

The former Robin shrugs, "But that is what makes him so good at what it is he does. He stays focused and doesn't let petty things like having a life bother him."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie focuses in on the spot that Tim directs her to in the formula. Her lips purse her forehead gets a few creases on it as she walks through it all mentally, trying to figure out where her error is.

The girl hrms quietly, though this time it is about Bruce. "Yeah, I guess so. I just... I don't know. Wish he had someone. I mean, if he actually is Damian's father then I guess he does want, on some level, to have someone like that. Even if it is a member of the League of Assassins. Really, I have got to get him to tell that story sometime," she says, laughing because she can guess what the odds of that happening are.

"Ah, ok, I think... maybe..." she says, turning the laptop her way so she can type on it. She makes a correction, and totals the compounds in the experiment again. "Ah, that did it. Prediction matches the outcome now!"

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim nods with a smile as she sees her mistake and corrects the formula, "Yeah, there you go. Now you got it. It's like a line of dominos, you make one miscalculation and everything from that point down just topples. It helps if you can break down the equations into parts, makes sure one part works then move on to the next, and the next. It's also like programming in that regard."

Tim reaches in and grabs the buttermilk donut, tearing off a corner of it an popping it into his mouth. "As far as we all know, Damian is Bruce's. Bruce obviously believes it, anyway. I don't really even know the whole story behind that one to be honest, and I don't think I am every really going to ask."

Conner Kent has posed:
It is not the weekend and therefore Conner should be in New York doing his college thing. But since the Phoebe's case is still fresh and the team is kind of 'weirded' up lately, he came to Gotham instead.

Checking with Phoebe, and now with Tim. Which is not in the Roost, so he knocks at the door from the Roost, then opens it up at hearing his voice. "Yo, Tim," he calls. A bit too quick, because then he hears Stephs voice. Oops.

The voice is vaguely familiar, but he has not seen Steph in months, so he fails at identifying right away.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie grins over to Tim. "Yeah, I don't think chemistry will ever be my best subject. Though some of the tutoring in it already has helped," she says, probably meaning the various bits of chemistry she's learned for maintaining equipment, doing crime scene analysis and the like.

"Ok," she says, "let me see if I can figure out what I did wrong on the other one then, now I know what to look for. Assuming it's the same kind of problem," the blond says as she scrolls down the chemistry lab to the next part where her predictions didn't match the results. "I'll have to tell my lab partner, she had the same issue. Go figure, we did the equations together," she says.

The coed glances up as she hears someone calling. "More chemistry help?" she asks Tim with a grin. "Or more donuts?"

Tim Drake has posed:
"Is she cute? Your lab partner? Does she need any tutoring?" Tim jokes, he must be feeling a /little/ better to be cracking jokes now and a smile starts to form on his face, until it falters as Connor's voice is heard from the direction of the secret Outsider base. Is he going to have to have that security talk with everyone...again? And of course M'gann isn't here this time to wipe any memories.

Tim let's out a little sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, "In the living room, Stephanie Brown is here." he says, his voice normal knowing Connor can hear him as he turns to look behind his shoulder for a moment before turning back to Steph. "Neither, unfortunately...though I wouldn't complain if they brought a pizza."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Sorry, backdoor was open and I thought you would be alone," offers Conner, showing up with an apologetic grin. At least he is not wearing the S t-shirt, but a regular blue pullover. The normal-ish for the icy Gotham winter, if one is used to it.

"Hi, Steph, it has been a while," last time, he thinks was during the theatre thing when a few folks talked too much. Not him! "I came to check out with Tim because of... ah, there was an electrical issue." Beat, "but he looks okay!"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown lets out a laugh. "Of course she's cute. Every girl at Gotham University is cute, I would have you know," she tells Tim. Mainly because of the implications that would have since she goes there too. "Actually she is. Nice girl, dark hair. Pretty eyes but she says she has her father's nose. Which means he has a big one if so."

Stephanie is wearing a Gotham U sweatshirt and jeans, having removed her jacket when she came in. "Hey," Stephanie says, giving a wave. She's been a little foggy on that pizza party that Tim held, though she recognizes him from other sources. She likely assumes all of the Robins know the Justice League and friends. Not to mention she does know Tim has another hero group even if she doesn't know the rest of their identities. "Nice to see you again. You were here for the movie? Or, am I confusing things?" she asks him.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim grins with a chuckle, "All of them huh? Well, maybe I should go back to school and see if anyone needs more tutoring. Maybe actually get my degree."

Tim looks over his shoulder at the approaching Connor, "I should really lock that. Make sure I don't have any uninvited guests that just drop in unannounced without checking to see if I am busy or not," Tim says in a tone that is halfway serious halfway joke, but leaning more onto the joking side. "Or, you know, just toss a sock on the doorknob. That is still a thing in collage right? I heard something about that once." He shrugs.

"I'm ok, Connor. Still a bit sore from having all my muscles seize up like that, but it teaches me a valuable lesson. Make sure the power is off before you go poking around with the wiring in a place like this."

Conner Kent has posed:
"No, you are right, I saw you at the movie night back in... late August?" Conner offers Steph a lopsided smirk, "Gotham U, hmm? All of them? Noted." And he should add he is in the ESU, but then he would have to make up a reason a guy from New York is here a weekday. So he bites his tongue.

"We should do more movie nights like that one," because surely no one else will do something weird. Again. And again. No, really, Laura is more discreet now and Cass... well, she probably has all the Roost maintenance ducts mapped and won't drop from the ceiling suddenly.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The coed's soft laughter results. "Oh no, I've created a couple of monsters," she says. "The women of Gotham will never be safe again," the blond says, white teeth showing through her grin that comes alongside the laughter. "Anyway, not like you've ever had issues finding women to date Tim. Maybe shooing them off of you is more the issue?"

Stephanie looks to Conner and, damn he is kind of handsome too. "I'm guessing you probably don't lack in that department either," she says, chuckling softly. "That would be fun. Having an actual theater to watch one in for something like that is pretty nice," she says, glancing around the place. "I still can't believe you take up this whole place though," she tells Tim.

Stephanie looks back to Conner. "Should probably know better than to let Tim do his own electrical work though. I'm just glad he didn't end up with his hair permanently spiky."

Tim Drake has posed:
"Yes, because as you can see I am surrounded by a harem of women, Steph. A virtual menagerie of hunnies just all over the place," Tim says with a roll of his eyes. "Sure, I've had a few dates here and there since we tried things, but they all ended up pretty much the same way. 'Just Friends'. Story of my life," Tim grins, shrugging a shoulder and looking over at Connor, "What about you, Con? You seeing anyone? I can't recall if anyone has managed to put a hook in you yet or not?"

Tim looks between the two, and hrms. "I mean, we might be able to do another movie night. I obviously have the room for people to come and hang out. I just, well, we will just have to see." There is a hesitation there, because the last time things didn't turn out so well and Tim doesn't like the thought of having to mindwipe his friends again...not that he could since M'Gann is off world. "I'll keep it in mind."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Tim is usually more careful," comments Conner, defending his friend honor... as an electrician. Or something. His smile vanishes, as he remembers Tim being pretty happy with a certain white-haired bad girl, and he doesn't know what failed.

"Me? I was dating Hope Summers until around Christmas," he mentions. "Remember her? The redhead. And I thought it was going well and then," he makes a hopeless gesture with his hands. "She had to go. You know she was kind of super-involved with political activism and... NGOs," calling the X-Men a NGO is kinda valid! "So, no one right now."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie doesn't try to hide her slight grin at Tim's rolling of his eyes towards her comment. "Well, we're all in the same boat then. I split up with the guy I was seeing from up in New York a few months back," she says, giving a shrug.

She sighs and leans back in the couch. "If you guys want I can try to set you up with someone from school. I'm not exactly a social butterfly though. Mostly just know a few people in my apartment, who you don't want to date, trust me. And, then well like my lab partner. Hell, she'd probably crawl over me to get to either of you," Stephanie tells them with another soft grin.

She sits back forward, attention going back to her laptop. She looks at it, expression suggesting her brain is churning. "Ah, there it is," she says, and begins making some corrections. "And... the oxygen... and then resulting mixture... and..." she totals things up again. "And there, matches the experiment now," she says with a grin, and leans over to give Tim a quick hug, but a gentle one given is current physical state.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim chuckles, laughing as he pops another piece of the torn up doughnut into his mouth, "No, oh hell no. No blind dates, and no setting me up. I think I will be just fine, Steph. Besides, you know I am picky." One has to be when not only are you a super hero, but you have a full hidden complex of other heroes attached to your home. What a mistake that could be!

"You and Hope broke up? Sorry to hear that, Connor. You should take Steph up on her offer. This lab partner of hers sounds cute." Yes, deflect onto the other guy.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I really should, I heard somewhere all the Gotham U girls are cute," and when has Conner missed the chance to meet a cute girl? "But Maybe when I return from my trip abroad. Right now I am a bit too busy."

Abroad being really abroad. He needs to talk to Tim about it, because going to another planet means the Outsiders can't count on him for a week or three.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown finishes up with her chemistry lab. "And... everything good. And... sent. Now I have a free night," she says, a night can go patrol, the bruises from the bullets two nights ago not that bad, "that I can get a leg up on studying for my Econ test." Lying. All the lying.

Stephanie closes up the laptop. If Conner would recognize such things it's an old model, at least 8 years old, and with a lot of scratches and other marks on it to help tell its age. "Thanks Tim, you're the best," she tells him.

She grins over to Conner then, saying, "Well if you want me to introduce you guys? I mean could always... go to some Greek party and have you bump into each other. Not that I normally go to the fraternity parties, but, it's a good excuse at least."

Tim Drake has posed:
"Do I look like the kind of guy that has every been to a frat party, or that would ever walk into the vicinity of a frat party? No, that is Jason who would be at one of those things, probably doing a handstand on a keg as he drank from a tube or something. No thanks. I'm much more the stay at home and fiddle with computers or robotics or some other 'nerdy' pursuit. I'd be wedgied the first minute I was there..." Probably not, considering who he is but it makes a good point. "No, that would be much more Jason's thing."

"Abroad?" Tim says as he turns to look at Connor. "Oh? How long are you going to be gone for?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is a believer in old laptops. He brought his one from Hawaii to the Roost and it stands in his room there. Still working after having his high school blown up by aliens and his den in Hawaii being blow up by super-villains. It is not as old as Steph's, but it sure is far more battered.

"I... have been in a Greek party or two," or maybe three, four or ten. Hey, he loves the college life, okay? "I'll call you in a week or two?" He asks Steph. Which is also a way to ask for her cellphone number in a sneaky way.

No answer for Tim because he has no idea. He is trying to work out things with the ESU right now. Gathering homework and projects he will try to work in the Milano, because of course it is going to be a quiet and peaceful trip with a happy crowd of aliens that are totally nothing like space pirates.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Tim isn't going to get Steph's support on the fraternity question. "No no, Jason would burn down a fraternity house before he went to one. Well, ok he might go to the party for the alcohol if there wasn't a biker rally somewhere. Of you and your brothers though, Dick would probably be the best fit for one," she teases.

As Conner seems to actually want to take Stephanie up on the offer, she gets out her phone. It's nicer than the laptop by far, a new Wayne Tech model actually. If only because she needs it for her extracurricular evening pursuits. She sets it up to be able to transfer her info with a touch to his phone, and does so. "Here you go, just give me a ring. Maybe I can get Tim to come with me as my date so you're the obvious free one. Which means then we'll meet Tim's dream woman and I'll hang on him and lick his cheek and things," she says with a mischievous grin.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim thinks about that for a moment, and then relents with a nod. "Yeah, you're probably right. Dick would go for the party itself, Jason would go just for the booze. I'd get the wedgie or the swirly, and Damian would just get kicked out for being to young. See, it's that whole wedgie thing that really turns me off to the whole idea."

Tim gives Connor and Steph a quick back and forth look, a hint of amusement on his face all the way up until Steph starts talking about licking his face. "Wait?! What?! Lick my cheek? What, am I all of a sudden your boy toy and that is how you mark me as yours? 'I licked him, he is mine'!" Tim snorts, "Well, as far as marking your territory I suppose I would prefer that to other methods."

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner laughs at Steph's idea and thumbs up at Tim response. In truth he has no idea who Jason or Damian are and he doesn't know Dick Grayson enough. But whatever. "I won't let them give you the swirly, man," he promises.

"Anyway, I just wanted to check you were alright. I should have called ahead, I guess," he admits. "And you should lock the back door, Gotham is dangerous." He nods, lips pursed, veeeery serious. "Oh, and good to meet you again, Steph," he pulls out his own cell, a Starkphone (because they are less prone to breakage when he gets punched by super-strong criminals) and takes the number.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives a quiet laugh at Tim's discomfiture at her comment, and about him getting a swirly or wedgie. Maybe at one point he might have, though it's kind of hard to miss the young man's physique beneath his clothing. It isn't like he's doing something effective to conceal it.

Like wearing a pair of glasses or something.

But she just grins at him, enjoying teasing the young man. "Nice to meet you again too," Stephanie tells Conner. "And I should probably get on to my Econ how that Chemistry has yielded to our combined efforts," she says in a declarative tone, like a great evil has been vanquished. "Thanks for the help, Tim," she tells him gratefully as she closes up the programs on the laptop and starts it power down.

Tim Drake has posed:
"Yeah, Connor, I'm good. A bit sore, but that will work itself out in time. Thanks for coming over to check on me, and I will make sure to keep that back door locked from now on. IN fact, why don't you lock in on your way out, if you are going that way."

Turning to Steph, Tim nods. "You did the work, Steph. I just kind of vaguely pointed in the direction of where you had the formula wrong." He pops the last of the donut into his mouth and chews, moving to rise to walk his friend(s) out depending on which ways they go. "And I'll think about the party. I make no promises."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Ah, yeah. I'll do that," which means he needs to wait for Steph to go, since the door is not exactly in the back of the building. Well, he should also tell Tim about Krypton too, so it works. He waves briefly to Steph as she heads out, following the pair to the main door.