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Thai Food
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: 3C - Lara's Greenwich Loft
Synopsis: Lara and Grant enjoy some dinner in together after being shot at by crazy weirdos in an alleyway.
Cast of Characters: Lara Croft, Grant Ward

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara had come home via their SUV after putting her jacket in the back which did take the bulk of the gross water behind the dumpster in the alley. Though it was also soaking her pants and other places...

Grant had gone off to get the food and Lara had come in to her loft to get cleaned up. A shower, a new set of clothes and when the other Agent is arriving with the dinner, Lara is coming out of her bedroom in a black long sleeve shirt and some red and white jogging trousers.

She moves to the door to open it for Grant and offers him a soft smile. "I'm less smelly now." She announces to him and steps back to let him in to her place. "The food smells good." She adds, raising a hand to stroke back some of her hair that is tied back behind her head.

Grant Ward has posed:
Ward himself had gone back to his suite breifly to just the same, a quick shower and a change of clothes. Afterall, he had basically laid down in the same water, except for the fact that Lara had acted a a shield, soaking up most of it for him. After a trip to the best Thai restaurant in the city (at least in his mind), the Agent made his way with the directions given to the other agent's loft with food in hand.

As the door is opened, Grant stands n it with two brown bags of food held out in each hand to the side. He is now wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a brown leather jacket; a casual look for the usual well-dressed agent. "And just when I was getting used to Agua de Dumpster." He gives her a jesting smile and looks ot the bags. "I have some Pad Thai. Some Khao Pad. Something that could be chicken with some red curry. Some ore potential chicken with green curry and if it is still intact....bubble tea."

He takes a small step into the place and looks about. It is certainly less immaculate than his own suite, but it seems to have a sense of welcoming comfort. "Where should I set this down?" He looks over to her and holds both backs out to the side once more."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara closes the door behind him after he comes on in to her home here in New York. It's a far cry from the Croft home back in Surrey, but it suits Lara's personality a lot more, or so she thinks at least at this phase of her life.

"Here, just over here." She guides him to the kitchen table where she picks up a few boxes and stacks the up in her arms then carries them over to the shelves to set them down. "Apologies for the mess. I'm... not the best at staying well kept." She's a work-a-holic, most at SHIELD who know her well have learned this about her.

"That all sounds deliciou." She tells him with a held smile as she moves to the kitchen to get plates, glasses and pauses to look back at him. "What would you like to drink? Juice, water, I uh, have wine and some beer in the fridge too."

Grant Ward has posed:
The bags are set down on the table and Grant begins to take the cartons out one by one nad places them down, opening the lids as the room starts to take on the scent of their dinner filling the loft. "You need not apologize. Tho, if you ever visit my suite just take your shoes off at the door." It is a side comment added, but he seems genuine in the words he has said.

"Beer works? I think I have earned it. Not really a juice day what with the bullets and dumpsters and all." With the food set out he turns away from the table and move to help her gather the plates and glasses should she need help, she only has two handas afterall. "You did good out there Agent Croft. You held your own. I was most impressed." He exends a hand to take the plates from her. "I have seen a lot of agents temporarily freeze up sometimes. and you took that dumpster water like a champ. Thaty to me was what impressed me most." He gives another smile.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara is happy to have his help in the kitchen and she hands the various plates and utensils off to him. As she listesn to him she smiles and moves to the fridge to get the beers for both of them. "I've.. had a lot of field experience. Even if I've never served in the military or law enforcement like so many other agents. I grew up outside... in the wilds, and." Lara turns and moves to the table to set their drinks down then gets some napkins. "I've been in far worse than a bit of smelly dumpster water before too." Lara tells him, a memory of a pool of blood coming to her mind, and her having to submerge herself within it just to hide from people who wanted to murder her. Let alone so many others.

"I'm glad we came away unscathed though. I worry that those kind of things are on a limited number of ending so positively." She smiles again at him and sits down at the table.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant returns to the table and sets down the plates, one on either side and settles into the chaier across from her, starting to scoop some of the food onto his plate as he speaks. "I've read your file Agent Croft. Most impressive. Your adventures if I may call them that have led to a lot of experience that a typical agent may never...well experience. I shall keep you in mind if I should ever find myself assigned to a mission of survival or an unhospitable enviornment." he takes a bite of the noodle and sets the fork then down on the side of his plate. The Agent laughs lightly with a shake of his head. "You had me worried there a moment when you charged forward to the van like a lioness running down a wounded gazelle." He waves a hand freely to the air. "Oh. Don't get me wrong I was impressed. And then I was thinking...in that split moment, if she dies on my watch that is like four more sheets to the report." He winks and reaches for a sip of the beer, holding it before him as he continues.

"It's my job Agent Croft to make sure we come away unscathed. If we don't then I have failed. Proper planning and adhering to protocol keeps the blood on the inside of your body and allows one to enjoy thai food with pleasant company."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara prepares a bit of food for herself on her own plate before she opens the beer and then reaches for the chopsticks. She's unwrapping them while sitting on the edge of her seat with her back straight, proper posture hinting at her quality upbringing even when she's not thinking about it.

She smiles at his words and glances down at her food as she sets the sticks down on the side of her plate. "I'll admit, I'm not the best at working with others. I believe that's likely in my dossier within the Agency. " She looks back up at him then as she leans back in her chair for a moment, her hands down in to her lap.

"My experiences have given me more varied knowledge than I ever thought I'd get. Especially now that I'm with the Agency and WAND in particular. Delving in to... magic, the occult, so many 'odd' things. To be honest, I love every minute of it too." So I will do my best not to die while under your watch." Her smile turns into a little grin as she leans forward and starts to reach for the sticks to enjoy some of the food.

"What about you? Is this job... everything you dreamed it would be?" She asks with a bit of humor in her tone.

Grant Ward has posed:
More noodles are chopsticked into his mouth, trying his best to not look to eager as hungry as he is. Between bites he does set the chopsticks down on the side of the plate, folding his hands on the table before him as he regards the British explorer. "Is this job everything I dreamed it would be? My my we have gone right past favorite colors and holidays and right to the soul haven't we?" There is a certain mirth his eyes that is not always seen. "It's all I know. It's what I breath. I think about it before go to sleep and think about it when I wake up. If I am lucky, I do not dream about it." He shrugs casually and takes a sip of the beer.

Lara. May I call you that? I know what it is like to be a loner. Much of what I have done has been alone. A lone specialist sent in to do what needs to be done. Sometimes it requires months of undercover work. Other times infiltration and self-extraction." He reaches for the chopsticks and holds them out before him, pointing them at her. "If there is one thing you will never be is bored and you will never become complacent."

Some of the chicken is picked up and a bite is taken. "See, despite what you may have heard about me...am I all that bad?" He winks and takes another bite.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara smiles a bit at his talk of her line of questions. "Blame my court ordered therapist. I guess his style has worn off on me." A smirk graces her lips for a second or so before she quietens to let him talk further.

While he does, she switches her eyes between him and her food as she eats, and takes a swig of the beer too. She gently nods her head to what he's saying and then at the end she laughs lightly, reservedly. She's not one to openly laugh very loudly, part of that Lady training, likely.

"I've only heard wonderful t hings about you, I promise." Lara says with another light smile before she nods once. "Of course, I prefer Lara over any other ... formalities."

Another glance is given to her food before back to him. "Have you considered getting a dog or a cat to break up the ... work in your head all the time?" She grins again, because she has had people ask HER the same thing, so he can tell she's joking likely.

Grant Ward has posed:
"Well then Lara it shall be. You can call me Grant. Or Ward seems to be quite popular around the Triskelion. I have been known to answer to /Mr. Fun Machine/ at times as well, tho if you choose to not refer to me as that, then I will thank you now in advance." More food is taken and he regards his companion across from the table. "And aparently you are speaking to the right people then. Good. I should hate to have to to damage control."

He leans back in his chair, quite comfortably and watches her a moment before continuing with a given smile. "I have a fish. His name is...well his name is Sir Swims-Alot. He is a good roomate. Quiet. Easy to clean up after. Never has any crazy people over. What more can anyone ask for really..right?" He is doing his best not to laugh.

"And what of you Lara? Are there any furry critters that are going to be rushing out from beneath the couch?" He looks over his shoulder as if to seek for said animal. "You strike me as a bird person. Something exotic. Or perhaps a snake." Another sip of beer.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara holds a napkin up to her lips to dab at them while he gives off his official title of Fun Machine. It makes her smile behind the napkin and thenbreak a laugh short and sweet to follow it. When she lowers the napkin to the table again she nods once to him simply. "Grant it is then." She tells him. "I have a cousin named Grant, Ihaven't seen him since I was in my early teens."

Another sip of her beer is had then and Lara lowers it to hold it by the base of the bottle. She smiles lightly at him. "A splendid name for a fish, if I've ever heard one." The bird comment makes her laught lightly too. "No, actually... My birthday was just the other day, on the fourteenth. I was gifted a puppy, but a friend is taking care of him to help potty train him since I don't have the time. A German Shepherd puppy. My friends demanded I accept it because I recently had a break in here and they... want me to be more safe, though I'm not sure how a dog really can do that."

Lara sighs softly for a second before shaking that way. "So he's not here now, but he will be in a few weeks, I believe."

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant's eyes widen as she mentiones her birthday having been just the other day and it is the first thing he chooses to address, picking up his chopsticks and idly poking through some of the noodles for a lost vegetable. "Forgive me. Your gift is on back order. What can you do right? I promise you it is not puppy. Or any other living creature. Who does that?" The vegetable is finally spotted and picked up with a murmured. "Ha. found you."

It is then that the other aspect of what she said seemed to hit him on the second time around. "You had a break in? Here?" He looks about the room to the winbdows and the door, seemingly analyzing them for security. "And they think a puppy is going to protect you?" He watches her a moment with a tilt of his head. "Perhaps it will. If you are besieged by a pre-schooler seeking a juicebox." He takes another sip of the beer and then inquires. "Did they catch the person who broke in?"

He genuinely seems concerned. If there is one thing about Agent Grant Ward he is very protective of those he considers friends or need protecting. "I can sit on your couch in the dark with a gun some night if you want. I am a light sleeper and can sleep sitting up."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara finishes off the last of her food while she listens to him talking, she smiling back at him. "Well." She says. "My friend, Jonah, he just wanted the dog to really be used for its ears. He thought it would be able to alert me to any trouble lurking around in the dark. He wouldn't dare send a dog in to any dangerous situation himself even. He's the one potty training him for me."

Lara moves to stand up then and she gathers up his plate along with hers when she sees him finishing his own food after asking him if he was done. With both in hand she takes them to the kitchen to put them in the sink then grabs them both another drink each.

"And.. no, they didn't catch the person." She says as she wanders back toward him and motions him to follow her toward the living area of the loft. "I think I know who it was though. I... have enemies in this world, Grant, if you can believe it." Lara says with a smile as she sits down on the edge of the sofa and puts her elbows on top of her knees. She looks over at him. "Quite a lot of them, in fact." She motions toward the windows. "I have cameras up now though, connected to all my devices. It should help .. some. I wouldn't ask you to become my Watchman." She states with a slight smile once more. "But the offer is well kind of you."

Grant Ward has posed:
At the motioning to join her in the sitting area, Grant rises from his seat and moves to package the food up first, closing the cartons and walking to place them in the fridge. "You will have plenty of leftovers the next few days." He makes sure that the table is cleared of anything that should not be there and then makes his way to sit on the edge of the couch, taking his leather coat of finally and setting it on the floor beside the couch before leaning back and placing his arm over the back of it. "His heart is in the right place and I am sure the puppy will be a great addition to your...lifestyle. Yes."

He smiles over to her again and regards her with another tilt of his head. "Well all have enemies Lara. I have one in every timezone in the world, I am sure of it, but if you are sure of whose yours is that violated your residence then simply give me their name and I will see to it personally they are taking their next shower in a prison."

His eyes go to the mentioned cameras and he makes note of them. "That should help. If you are lucky they will not return." There is a long soft exhale and he narrows his eyes to her as he watches her until a smile slowly forms on his lips while he reaches down to his coart pocket and pulls out a pen and a the recipt from the thai food. "No...what I am about to give you is level 8 clearance. You cannot share this with anyone, as I do not allow many to see it."

He begins to scribble something down on the receipt, folding it over and offering it to her from across the couch. "People have died for this information. Leaders have fallen trying to protect it." He is doing his best to keep a straight face. When the paper is opened it would reveal a 10 digit cell phone number. "In case of emergency."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara remains leaned forward up to the point where he sits down on her right on the sofa and she then leans back and crosses her legs at the knees. She raises her new drink up for another sip before she looks over at him and smiles at this comments about the puppy and the intruders. "Well. When I say I know who it was, I don't mean one person." She pauses. "It's a group. A cult, I... killed their leader. Well, their leader, and the spirit that they were trying to reincarnate inside of my best friend's body." She shows the hint of a lopsided grin over at him, acoy expression. "I lead a weird life, Grant."

Lara looks to the cameras as well then around the messy living room of her loft as a whole. "I don't know what their goal was here, they took nothing. I guess it was perhaps to just send a message."

Yet another sip is taken as he starts to write out his super secret info. It fools her a bit at first, but then she starts to catch on and she glances from the note when he offers it to her, "Thank you." She says lightly. When she opesn it and confirms its his number she nods slowly two times. "Very valuable information. I shall treasure it." She says to him then showing another grin.

"I do appreciate it though, as with the weird life I live, I do need all the help I can get, even if I am most used to working alone." She smirks lightly then and lowers her eyes.

Grant Ward has posed:
Upon hearing her explaination of the cult she feels visited her residence Grantruns a hand over the back of his neck and seems to be processing it all. "So letme get this straight. You killed a cult leader. Stopped a spirit from overtaking your best friends body and by doing so brpight upon their retaliation. Well and here I thought you went home after work and did puzzles of British art." There is a small nod given. "My my little bird what a life you live indeed. And to think I knew nothing of this."

He takes a sip of the drink in his hand that rest on the edge of the couch, lowering the bottle and looking to her once more. "I know how it is Lara. I actually prefer to work alone. Much of what i have done for SHIELD has been alone. There is a problem, they send me in and I fix said problem. I answer to myself and have no risk of losing anyone under my watch." His free hand reachs out and lightly punches her in the shoulder closest to him. "You need help ever...I'll find the time. Can't have my mission partner getting sidelined because some cult assholes decide they want to avenge their fearless leader."

He peers to the window and the cameras again, looking back to her and trying to offersome clarity. "They want nothing from you accept your ongoing paranoia of their return and your feeling of vulnerability. At least for now. It's not something tangible they desire. It's mental. It's a game. I love games. Oh they chose the wrong British explorer to torment." Another smile is given and he takes another sip. "Anytime you want this dealt with...let me know. I am serious Lara. I don't tolerate this shit."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara releases another little laugh at his puzzle comment. She's taking another drink when he calls her that nick name again and it makes her look over at him sidelong. A curious look os on her stare for a second before she feels his light punch to her shoulder. "You're too kind." She tells him.

"You know, that Little Bird name?" She then asks. "My friend Jonah, the one ho is helping with the puppy? He calls me that also. Strange coincidence." She shows a quick smile then to him before letting it go there.

"The cult, their primary name is the Solarii. If you happen to come across anything related to them, I'd be happy to help you with it since it... involves me, obviously. Clearly you get in to a lot of ... ah... situations? So it seems like there's a chance we might end up in this one together. Both of us on their 'Must Kill' list."

Lara gives him another small sweet smile. "We can't have anything happen to you either though. Sir Swimsalot needs you."

Grant Ward has posed:
Ward goes completely technical in explaining the nickname choice. "Well I will admt it is a name born out of the fact you ar British. Well the fact you are a bit shorter than I am and the term /bird/ refers to a woman or a girl in England. Thus...the..." He trails off his explaination and then casually adds. "Or perhaps it is a coincidence."

When the name of the cult is mentioned Lara would see Ward's mind visuallt committing it to memory and processing what he may know of it. "I cannot say that the name jumps to the head of the ine on the /Kill Agent Ward/ list, but I will look into it." He pauses and looks over to her again, turning to face her fully and placing his bent knee upon the couch. "No, we will look into it. That is is if you wish to. I like a challenge if you can tolerate working with me on another mission. I know how my compnay can become close to unbearable at times." He winks and takes another sip.

"Sir Swims-Alot does rely on me for feeding and water changing and singing him to sleep at night....I cannot imagine what would happen to him if I were gone." He reaches out and actually takes her hand in his own and with as straight a face as he can asks. "If anything happens to me Lara...promise me you will take care of Sir Swims-Alot? I would feel better knowing he was in your capable hands."

Lara Croft has posed:
The The explanation of the nickname makes Lara show a little amusement before she nods her head one vague time to it. "That checks out. I guess I hadn't put it through the filter well enough." She looks away again and tips her beer bottle around on her knee some before she looks back to him when he turns to face her on the sofa.

"It's my best friend, Samantha, that I worry about most. These cultists, I think, believe that the ... deity that they worship, still resides inside of her. It's.. well, I can go in to it sometime if you'd like to hear more about it."

Lara hears him talk of the fish again and it makes her grin and laugh in a little playful way as she raises the bottle up to place it against her lips and tip it back for another sip. "Oh, worry not." She says before taking that sip, and when she lowers the bottle again she looks at him and grins. "I'll make sure he has a safe place to go. But lets, make sure it doesn't come to that, yeah?"

Grant Ward has posed:
"I would certainly like to hear more about it when you feel you wish to share it. The more information I have the easier time I will have inassisrting you with his little cultist problem." He sips again, this time a longer sip and settles the bottle in his hand upon the couch between them. "I'll admit...you probably know more about this weird stuff than I. I am a black and white typue guy mostly. You tell me who I have to take out. What I have to get. Who I have to rescue and I go in and do it. Problem +Action=Solution. It's how I work mostly."

He glance goes mockingly soft and he speaks in a comforting tone. "You have no idea how much it eases my heart to know that Sir Swims-Alot will have a place to go in wish he can continue to enjoy life." He winks and cannot help but smile much wider then he has before this evening...and was that a laugh?

When he stops laughing raises his beer up in front of him. I do not do this often. You know socialize. With people. Like in the same room. Talking about non-work stuff." He extends the mouth of his beer to her as if to toast. "To socializing. It's not so bad afterall with the right company."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara was quick to give his hand a light squeeze after he'd taken hers a moment earlier and she heard him offering his services essentially as a hitman, almost. "I'll remember that." She replies quietly.

The bit about Sir Swimsalot gets another light little sound of amusement to roll its way out of Lara's throat before she glances over at him and his offered toast. She turns to face him a little more and tips her bottle to the shared gesture. "We share that in common, I assure you. You're more than welcome to confide in me, too, if it helps. It sounds like there's a lot you might have on your chest that needs to be aired out, if you ask for my observation on what you've told me thus far." She sips her drink finally then after the toast.

"But." She says, after pulling the bottle from her lips again and shaking her head. "I'm sure, like me, you're quite guarded about your demons." She shows a light grin again then for him.

Grant Ward has posed:
"Perhaps. I am a book that is best remained unread. One of those that collects dust on the shelf."He leans forward to set the bottle of beer on the table in front of the couch, continuing to face her directly. "There are things I choose to keep buried. And there are things I choose to not burden others with. I have never been good with my feelings. It's just how it is." He pauses a moment and watches her before speaking once more. "Perhaps in time you might find yourself reading the first chapter. However, I cannot ask the same of you and not reciprocate. So if this was ever to be the case we must pact of silence."

He smiles with a nod, much more at ease now with his companion. "You know. What is said in this room stays in this room type thing. I offer no promises however. I will tell you a lot of what i do not tell people is to keep them safe." He leans forward with both is free hands and gently grips the sides of her head focusing his gaze directly into her eyes. "The eyes reveal so much....and yet you manage to keep your thoughts hidden."

He leans back slowly, releasing his gentle grip. "Dear god...you are me. Well with different parts. Like..." He actually blushes slightly at his slip up. "You know...the...you're a woman. So not me."

Lara Croft has posed:
Grant's confidence and charisma are alone amusing to Lara, let alone the content of which he's speaking to her about. He has a .. James Bond type charming way of delivering his words that amuse the Briton Nobile. Her light laugh is only interupted by him taking hold of her head and locking a stare with him, but when he releases her she just smiles at him.

His last words about her obvious differences from his physical form gets a grin and a slow nod. "That's correct." She replies to him. "I'd wondered if you'd noticed." She teases him back.

A light exhale follows from Lara then as she sets her bottle aside as well."Well, Grant, this has been an enlightening evening. Maybe we will share chapters about one another's wild history soon too." She reaches out to pat him on the top of that bent leg he rests on the sofa between them.

Grant Ward has posed:
"I noticed. I did notice. I mean how can one not notice." Stop talking Ward. Just shut up. Dig that hole a little deeper. "I just..um. Yeah. An englightening evening indeed. I enjoyed the food and the company. It was good to get out and stay in at the same time." Is he a bit flustered?"

If he was not flustered before the light touching on his bent leg removes all doubt. "Yes of course. We can start our own book club...well not a book club. Are you in a book club?" He bends to the side to grab his coat from the floor and rises from the couch, offering a smile to the seated woman. "I'll see you...we still have to do that report." He starts to make his way for the door pausing at it. "My parents beat me." And with those words he turns to depart.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara leans her right side against the plush embrace of her sofa as she watches the Agent before her get a bit more flustered. Maybe its the booze or just the light hearted personal banter, but it has her smiling at him up to the point where he stands up and takes hold of his jacket. She lingers there for a second longer before she stands up too.

Back on her feet, Lara adjusts her shirt around her waist and starts to walk with him toward the door. "Of course, we'll get the report in before tomorrow. Just send me a draft and I'll add on to it, or what have you." She tells him then as she pauses beside the door.

She smiles at him. "Thanks for tackling me in to the smelly dumpster puddle, Grant. It sure beats a bullet to the brain." Her eyes glance back a moment to the kitchen then back to him. "And the Thai food." Whern she looks back at him she leans against the wall beside her door.

"Enjoyt he rest of your night." She adds in a soft voice.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant pauses in the doorway, not seeming exactly in a rush to depart. He turns to face her as she leans against the wall beside the doorway. "No stress over the report Lara. We have time. Nothing to lose any sleep over. Besides, they will come to me if its late." He leans against the doorframe, his coat draped over one shoulder. "I fugured you would lookbetter covered in dirty water then a bloodstained forehead and a limp body. Call it experience."

His hand slowly extends and he cups the side of her face ever so gently, his eyes finding her gaze. Let it never be said that Grant Ward was not a gentleman. "Good job not dying today." That is Ward's way of saying /great job/. Yes, she just recieved a compliment. His hand slowly pulls off her cheek and he turns to go his voice trailing off but heard if she remained in the doorway. "Solarii. You are now on my list."