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Bad Cassie: Finale
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Dig Site on the North shore of Tonlé Sap, near Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Synopsis: The Titans confront Cassie's extradimensional doppleganger in Cambodia. A prisoner exchange is attempted, with treachery on... both sides? Mooks are routed, or destroyed, depending on their degree of human-ness. The Silent Armor reacts violently to Raven's presence, launching a (very 1-sided) vendetta, but is met by Donna Troy. Terry spirits Helena Sandsmark to safety, among assorted hijinx. Toni shows her heroism, but learns the risks, with a timely save from Viv. And finally, as Diana Prince returns, healed from her injuries and with her true sidekick at her side, Raven is able to cleave the armor from its wearer, where it is bound, hammered down by Caitlin's strength, and ultimately banished. Bassie (the BAD Cassie) ends up bound and subdued, and bound for imprisonment in her own universe's Themyscira.
Cast of Characters: Cassie Sandsmark, Donna Troy, Terry O'Neil, Vivian Vision, Toni Monetti, Rachel Roth, Caitlin Fairchild, Diana Prince

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
After driving her from the tower and interrogating Diesel, they were able to get location the two had been working from: a secondary dig near Angkor Wat, removed from the main tourist attraction and a still active and promising archeological site. Evidently, the Helenas of both realities had been part of excavations there, yet the timelines and their discoveries parted paths: one Helena was focused on slow, methodical work, preserving the site and its artifacts for study. The other had been desperately searching for a weapon to defeat an alien superintelligence taking over the planet. Needless to say, the 'other' Helena found it a little faster. Still, in the evil Cassandra's mind, one of her mothers was about as good as the other (and, as a bonus, still alive), a useful key to unlock the secrets of the temple and the Silent Armor.

Approaching the site coordinates via the T-Jet, there's evidence of work on the ground, and not of the careful kind. As night falls over the jungle, there's spotlights set up to illuminate the many dig site and trenches connecting them, and machinery rigged to clear and remove dirt. There are workers, and even men with guns. The former locals, the latter clearly mercenaries. And apparently stealth isn't much of an option:

<"Did you bring him?!"> crackles a voice onto their communicators, as soon as they've passed into a certain range. There hasn't exactly been proper 'negotiation' with the demented teen duplicate, but a message offering to exchange Diesel for Helena had been sent some short time earlier, directed toward the area, and a vague reply in affirmative. <"Send him out alone, to the entrance of the southern underground complex. NO FUNNY BUSINESS!"> It's a little disturbing, hearing the familiar voice, even the familiar phrasing, yet with the sinister edge behind it.

Donna Troy has posed:
    They could have Rabbit Holed, but there are reasons why not. The first is that BadCassie may not know much about Rabbit Holes - when she attacked the tower, Terry was depowered. No need to tip their hand. The second is that the T-Jet is a lot more intimidating than a bunch of mecenaries.

    The T-Jet switches from high-level cruise to VTOL mode with a thunderous sound, coming to almost a halt before roaring straight downwards towards the site and coming to a sudden halt, hovering sixty feet or so above the ground on the downward thrust of the jets.

    The T-Jet is bristling with missiles, and auto-cannon mounts track the armed men on the ground. Stealth, apparently, was not the agenda. Donna's voice thunders out over a powerful PA. "Don't make the mistake of thinking you are in a position to make demands, Cassandra. The fact that you have a hostage we value is the only reason you're getting a chance to walk out of this alive. You played a clever trick on Diana. She wasn't ready, but we are. She's the nice, gentle sister, I am not."

    The rear cargo door of the T-Jet lowers, revealing Diesel (apparently) in handcuffs and Donna standing beside him, (apparently) in Diesel's copy of the silent armor. She raises her com to her mouth and speaks again. "Here's your skeevy boyfriend, Cassandra. He's coming no closer until we see Helena, safe."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal has spent time watching Diesel, leading to this moment. How he talks. How he holds himself. That aura that just screams Absolute Douchebag- a man who is never worth the price of the ransom, except in the case of some very bad judgement calls and utter desperation.

That's why the illusion is so believable. As Vorpal moves inside the illusion, he prepares for showtime. He knows what his role is, and that after saving Helena, his role was to help with any zombies, and provide any occasional distraction needed.

And he had spent some time working on that distraction. Oh yes.

Vivian Vision has posed:
It's been a busy year so far for Vivian. Multiple supervillain attacks and a constant threat of doppelgangers have kept her and most heroes rather busy. Today she's got an important duty namely protection of an asset for a vital mission. And it's a role she takes very seriously. Having packed a medical kit into her cargo pants pockets.

She's established a subpersona to help co-ordinate communications and if needed signal jamming. Using all the information from the T-Jet and it's many sensor systems to build a full three-dimensional map of the area. So they'll be able to send and receive messages while Doppel Cassie should be cut off from access to more conventional support.

While another persona is on holographic disguise duty. Adding in some special effects for Donna and her fake armour, hiding Toni from sight, and other distractions & diversions as needed.

And in a pinch she sticks close enough to Toni she can phase her through any incoming attacks or turn super dense to physically block them.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"OooooOOOooh. I'm so skeeeered."

It's a cheerfully sing-song-y voice that calls back, echoing from the darkness at the entrance of the underground complex, a large archway cutting into what is now a hill, at the far end of one of the excavated corridors. A few moments later, and Cassie emerges, dressed in her (overly) tight, unecessarily tube-toppy red jumpsuit, with the golden armor covering her arms and legs as overly elaborate gauntlets and boots. Yet even as she strides out, the armor grows out over her flesh, forming armored plates and pieces, adorned in sinister spikes. Eventually, it reaches out over the sides of her face like clawed hands, although falls short of covering it yet. By her side is a dark-haired, spectacled older woman dressed in khaki work clothes. She drags her, jerks her along, holding on by her upper arm.

She walks a short ways forward, and locks eyes with Donna, still at a distance. "You can have her! Do you think I care who she is? She's just another fake, a copy! I don't need her any more! Just bring me my man!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna switches off the mike and signals to the others in the T-Jet -- Raven to start weaving an empathic influence on the guards, to have it begin to build up, and for the others to be ready to act as soon as Helena is Rabbit Holed away - Toni to summon the Bluntening, and Caitlin and Viv to be ready for a second Rabbit Hole to bring them to the ground.

    She grips the fake Diesel and drifts groundwards with him, a few dozen feet away from where BadCassie stands with Helena. "No, you wouldn't be scared, would you? Don't know enough to be. I know what our Cassandra is capable of, and she's a much more skilled fighter than you. We have studied this armor, and we have far better resources, technological and sorcerous, to learn what it can do, than you do. You are outmatched and outgunned, and if we don't get Helena back safe, you're dead, too."

    She gives Fake Diesel a rough shove forwards. "Walk five paces forwards. No more." She orders him with a snarl of contempt. "When Helena is equally far forwards, you both start walk one step at a time. Try anything stupid and I break your arms. Understand?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Donna's even-tempered warnings earn a direspectful eyeroll from Cassie. Sometimes the similarity is disturbing. Still, she walks forward until she mirrors the point where Donna stops. Several of the spotlights flare on behind her, illuminating the area of the exchange, the area between them, harshly bright in the dim jungle. By the time they've stopped, the gold armor has clawed its way out across her face, closing into that expressionless mask.

"Bye, 'mom.'"

She gives Helena a shove, and the woman stumbles a bit forward, before catching herself and beginning to walk. Her eyes are down, and she doesn't say anything, doesn't react to the strange situation unfolding around her.

Toni Monetti has posed:
It's weird as hell, thinks Toni "I'm wearing athletic wear because I don't have a hero costume or something to put on right now" Monetti, as she is veiled in the ilusions of Viv Vision, watching astutely, alertly, even anxiously.

I can't even talk about how I feel because I have to be quiet and if I start shooting my mouth off while invisible they're gonna twig real friggin fast and it's a big ass problem, Toni thinks further, along with the fact that --

It really does sound a lot like Cassie, doesn't it?

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Diesel glowers at Donna as she shoves him, and a very audible "Bitch!" escapes his lips. However, he makes a show of counting five- not six, not four- but five steps as per the Amazon's instructions.

Vorpal, however, is a little concerned. Helena could very well be traumatized and numbs, or she might not be Helena at all. Could Cassie be pulling a fast one just as they were? Well. They were about to find out..

Helena's fifth step is met not with solid ground, but with a Rabbit Hole that drops her down- not into Wonderland, lucky her, but a safe location.

"Babe... I gotta tell ya," Diesel says at the same time that Helena drops through, "I've been thinkin' 'bout our story, yaknow?"

The hole closes, and then another one opens again, leading to the T-Jet. At the same time, 'Diesel' rallies off at Cassandra, when a beat drops out of nowhere and the scuzzy-looking man begins to freestyle.

"So Leeeeet's talk about Cassandra, she's a phony little klutz
She went looking 'round in Reno, only found Deez Nuts!
And she grabbed his bony ass like a ball to a fetter-
Then she started freaking out 'cause she couldn't do better!"

Vorpal is, of course, not inside the illusion anymore. He's become invisible and has put some distance between them, because the rage tantrum that is about to ensue... well. It's just not a good idea for anyone squishy to be where he is currently not.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Diesel glowers at Donna as she shoves him, and a very audible "Bitch!" escapes his lips. However, he makes a show of counting five- not six, not four- but five steps as per the Amazon's instructions.

Vorpal, however, is a little concerned. Helena could very well be traumatized and numbs, or she might not be Helena at all. Could Cassie be pulling a fast one just as they were? Well. They were about to find out..

Helena's fifth step is met not with solid ground, but with a Rabbit Hole that drops her down- not into Wonderland, lucky her, but a safe location.

And that is when the fly in the Metamucil comes to light, since Helena does fall... but not all the way through. Instead, she just... hangs there, half-way in and out. They've been tricked!

But Vorpal can't open more than one Rabbit Hole at a time, so he can't open a hole to the team!

So it was time to the distraction while they reworked their plan on the fly.

"Babe... I gotta tell ya," Diesel says at the same time that Helena hangs there, "I've been thinkin' 'bout our story, yaknow?"
%  'Diesel' rallies off at Cassandra, when a beat drops out of nowhere and the scuzzy-looking man begins to freestyle.

"So Leeeeet's talk about Cassandra, she's a phony little klutz
She went looking 'round in Reno, only found Deez Nuts!
And she grabbed his bony ass like a ball to a fetter-
Then she started freaking out 'cause she couldn't do better!"

Vorpal is, of course, not inside the illusion anymore. He's become invisible and has put some distance between them, because the rage tantrum that is about to ensue... well. It's just not a good idea for anyone squishy to be where he is currently not.

"<Something's holding her>" Vorpal whispers into the comms, "<Can't open a hole to you guys. Rae, you're going to have to do your thing.">

Vivian Vision has posed:
Picking up a few odd results on the T-Jet sensors Vivian also tags several markings on the T-Comm maps. Open pockets, presumably caves and tunnels, some of which seem to have heavy metal deposits in. She sends out a comms broadcast << I suspect there could be re-enforcements hidden beneath the ground. >>

She adds a few subtle holographic illusions of her own. Masking just where the T-Jet is actually targeting it's weapons and hiding some of the more delicate subsystems that might be viable targets for attack.

She does give what she hopes is a reassuring smile to Toni. Sure it's a little bit dangerous but it could be a lot worse!

<If required I can phase and allow gravity to bring myself and Toni into combat range.>>

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Helena starts to fall, because, well, the ground is missing. She drops pretty far, but not quite through.

The reason is quickly obvious, if easy enough to miss given their head-on approach and the glaring backlight behind Cassanra: she's left a strand of the armor, the substance that actually makes up her version of a 'lasso,' affixed to Helena. It's thinner than average, reflecting perhaps a greater control of the suit, but becomes obvious once Helena's movement draws it out and taught behind her. At the same time, she extends the gauntlet of her other arm, the one that doesn't end gripping the strand to support it, into a long blade. This she thrusts toward Diesel with surprising range, piercing the chest of the illusion, although fortunately (and wisely) Terry's immeiate retreat means it falls short.

It happens very fast, before he's gotten too long into his diss track, which raises an interesting question: did she know it wasn't him, or was she planning on murdering Diesel too?

Either way, this is where shit hits the fan, as one might expect, every deceit laid bare. "KILL THEM!" Cassie screams. Around the jet and down the trench between it and the underground complex entrance, various mercenaries open fire, mostly at Donna, although some take shots at the ship to little effect. And Vivian's warning likewise comes in good time, drawing attention to numerous spots all around the area where the earth starts to shift or churn. At least they have a warning before those reinforcements leap out!

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Let's have a talk about Birds.

    Not too long ago, the Titans were moving in on and engaging another target. As part of this, to ensure that they could engage on DoppelTerry, Raven surgically removed the fear of one (1) Kian.

    For the longest time, she's had that isolated fear removed from Bird, allowing him to regain the ability to feel it, all the while that emotion has sat unused for, frankly, long enough that even Raven is wondering if there's merit to keeping it.

    Today, however, is a new day. Today is the day that she makes use of the Birdfear.

    She has been waiting in the wings for quite some time: A combination of being the usual pick for cavalry when not required for transportation- Raven is either among the first, or among the last, to arrive, and there are no exceptions- and Donna wanting to be as extra-careful with her loved ones as possible considering recent happenings has resulted in Raven being.... Ostensibly, backup.

    The call from Vorpal comes through, and she is swift to act, masses of shadow erupting from her and swallowing the others, and herself. Moments later- if even that- these same masses of shadow swirl up, bubbling from the darkness of the site itself, casually depositing those that had been waiting for Vorpal's Rabbit Hole- and entirely right side up, this time.

    Raven of course emerges first, at the core of the others- and in her hand is a glowing mass of purple energy. With no hesitation, she closes her hand around it, crushing it in her palm and sending a definitely harmless explosion of that energy around them.

    "Panic." she utters, and that is the idea. That which is not the mind of a Titan or their allies is suddenly afflicted with the nerves of a bird-person beginner superhero, which is to say, not all that much nerves at all.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's feet are already moving the second Rae's portals hit the ground. The nausea of teleportation churns her stomach but this is old hat; it's a discomfort she's prepared for. The redhead makes a beeline towards an improvised pillbox with her heavy two-handed hammer held out of the way, in the wake of churning dirt beneath her explosively powerful strides. The sheer acceleration is bewildering, and coupled with a thundering Amazonian battle cry she pointedly draws the focus of the gunfire that would otherwise be threatening Donna and Terry.

With a perfectly timed step she stops, brings the hammer overhead, and with a two-handed blow brings the roof of the shooting position crashing down atop the occupants.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni smiles back at Viv. A moment later she hears what Vorpal is laying out in his projection. Then she says, "Is he freestyling?"


A moment later, they are moved with swift and sorcerous means. It is, dismayingly enough if Toni thinks about it, not the first time that she's teleported, but it's like the fourth or fifth? So it's still disquieting, BUT: She has a mission, goddammit, and she has a veil of frigging invincibility like she's Elijah Wood or something, and thus.

Toni raises one hand and curls her fingers. "OK... okaaaaay," she says, before from that veil of invisibility, shapes fly! Cubical, glittering metal. They tumble through the air, distorting, as Toni bites her tongue tip while aligning them, aiming to spike each of them down on the larger spikes upon the wicked Cassandra's dread armor!

"If I die or something, tell Nightwing I loved him," Toni says to Viv as she gesticulates dramatically (and invisibly, save for Viv presumably.)

Donna Troy has posed:
    BadCassie does not have the Themysciran training of the true Cassie. She has fought with Diana, but that was not exactly a conventional fight. She has probably never seen just what Themysciran training means. She might not even be aware of 'bullets and bracelets' .

    Donna demonstrates.

    Donna's reactions are fast. Really fast. At the first crack of incoming fire her arm is a blur, moving up to intercept the incoming bullet and brush it aside. Heightened senses take in the environment - sharp eyes picking up muzzle-flashes, acute hearing picking up the mechanical sounds of guns being fired. She moves through space in a high-speed dance, choreographed to perfection by years of training. In her mind's eye imaginary lines move through the air, marking the paths of where the bullets have been and where they are going, almost lazy at the highly accelerated pace she is operating at. Her brain sifts through the spiderweb of imaginary lines in a lightning-speed calculus of pure instinct, and one-by-one the bullets of that first volley of incoming fire are intercepted and deflected by her indestructible bracelets, and then Donna rises up in the air, her lasso glowing.

    "You picked the hard way," she calls down to Cassie. "But you were never going to walk away from this. We're not going to kill you though. We're going to take your armor, and we're going to send you back to your world. To Themyscira, where you will be a prisoner of the Amazons. We took Kara Zor-El, once the terror of your world, there. You will join her. Give up, Cassandra. I have no desire to see you hurt. Don't force us to."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Raven appears releases that dark wave, and soon, awash in avian anxiety, accute alarm activates in the angry adventurers. The fear is not focused or overwhelming, but it is troubling, because this IS a truly bizarre situation. They were out here, guarding a what they assumed was the age-old business of some white lady (a little younger than usual, but who's going to argue) looting valuable antiquities from their native country to sell off to museums. They even were warned some superheroes might bother them, because that's just part of the criminal enterprise these days.

But they were not expecting quite this level of strange, nor a fully armed VTOL jet/space ship.

And normally they might be hardened enough to deal with that kind of situation, when the pay is good, and when the psycho teenager in charge is as scary as she is. But in a more Kian state of mind... less so. The gunfire doesn't immediately stop, but becomes... halfhearted, if one can ever say that about gunfire. Some glance among themselves, firing a few more rounds but then quietly trying to sneak out of sight. Not all of them go, but many do. When Caitlin charges one of the positions and annihilates it with such colossal force, MORE seem to revise their calculus of risk.

And yet, alone, one decides its still his job to finish this. With trembling hands, he struggles with a bulky, shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile tube, the kind of thing favored in dubious conflicts around the world. He's intent on doing this, but his nerves make it a muddled effort. He hits the button, and it fires. Misses, but starts to track around, using some kind of homing- and then goes haywire, spiraling out of control and into a hillside. The explosion of earth includes several muscular, golden-masked bodies. Needless to say, Missile Guy has given it his all and failed, so he also runs away.

As all of this is happening, Cassie pulls on Helena's 'leash,' but she's stuck in that hole pretty good. "Let her go, or I swear I'll bleed the bitch dry!" she calls out, after wherever Terry's gone. While she stands there raging, Toni appears to execute Donna's plan. Her armor starts acquiring plasma nubs like cheese snacks on tooth-picks, which she seems to find baffling but a little hilarious. "For real? This is the plan? Who even IS this chick?"

What she does, though, is apparently make good on the first part of her thread, lighting up the cord connecting her and Helena with red energy, challenging any of them to come closer.

"No, I don't know who that- No! What? Fine, we can kill her -next-." Also who is she talking to?

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal narrows his eyes. In his crouching position, he's been spared from the worst of the crossfire... which also helps when you are absolutely invisible. But there are other things to worry about. Namely, the safety of Helena, which no-one can guarantee. The divine nature of the armor prevents him from simply snapping that cord off with his Rabbit Holes. The hole also cannot cut cut through living flesh, which makes beheading Cassandra diff-

He pauses. His eyes go wide. Well... there was an idea.

"Let her go? Your wish is my command!" Vorpal's voice comes right over Cassie's shoulder. An illusion, of course, but it's only part of his attempt.

The Rabbit Hole tips, so that Helena slides out of it, and then it vanishes.

Only to reappear immediately on top of Cassandra, descending at blinding speed like the mouth of a predatory beast from the depths. It will try to descend around her and close over her upper body, and /squeeze/ with all of its might. The Rabbit Hole might not be able to cut through divine armor, and it might not be able to cut through flesh... but there was nothing said about Wonderland dimensional bear hugs, right? If it works, Cassie's upper body will emerge from a sister hole nearby. Upside down.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian turns all the electronic countermeasure systems up to maximum, both her own and the T-Jets, and splits off even more sub-personalities to control every weapon system. Her ability to process vast amounts of information allowing for accurate targeting of missiles, mostly fired into bunkers and emplacements or set to airburst over the mercenaries at just the right height to injure and terrify without killing.

The auto-cannons, having already been discreetly (with holographic masking) aimed where Vivian expected hidden tunnels to be, begin scything through the ranks of any Blood Warriors who poke their skinless heads above ground.

Other systems like flares and chaff get deployed as needed to stop the T-Jet getting hit by anything that could knock it out of the sky. And thanks to her high speed uplink even being teleported won't impact her effectiveness.

"With Vorpal it is often best not to ask questions," she informs Toni. "As for death you have no need to worry. I can phase you so any incoming attacks pass through your body. Just stay close and you will be safe from anything. Unless you have a pre-existing medical condition which I am unaware of? If that happens I have recorded your statement for transmission to Nightwing."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
The second Helena is free of the hole, Cassie jerks on the lasso, and she flies backward, skidding through the ground at her feet, where Cassie grabs onto her by the collar of her shirt. The sickly red glow is still there, and the woman's face is pale. "You don't get it," she tells Donna. "You want me to surrender? You want to send me back? Yeah, hard PASS."

And then it seems to be 'go time' for the armored version of Cassandra, as well as her strange army. Many of the apparent tombs honeycombing the nearby area begin to disgorge their contents, the more physically intimidating (and less bird-fearing) warriors that she previously used to attack the tower, each looking something like a skinless muscular humanoid with a replica of her own gold mask. Vivian has a bead on many of them, who are cut down as they exit their holes. But there are a lot. And more pour out of the dark entrance behind Cassandra, leading into the catacombs.

-And Vorpal's portal starts coming down over her head, momentarily giving her a strange view of the world, upside down, from another direction-

But it never quite closes around her. With the full speed of a demigoddess on the warpath, she jerks back before it can grasp around her, and into the air. Brandishing her armblade, she makes a pass at Donna too fast for parts of the group to even see, wheels at the far end, and then-

Goes for Raven instead? "FINE!!!" she screams, again, unclear who she's even talking to.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    This is probably the worst thing that Bassie could have done. Not that it is dangerous to Raven- because it very much is- but because it does the one thing that is going to cause lasting physical and psychological damage to the sorceress.

    It vindicates Donna.

    For so long, Raven's partner has been dragging her nigh kicking and screaming to training sessions with the other Titans, and Donna herself, to make sure that if it were needed, Raven could pull off a defensive maneuver in that split-second time between noticing that she was the target of an amazon, and receiving the strike.

    There is a sudden twist of her body, and she pulls up a pane of filtering ebon 'glass' that absorbs the brunt of the blow and hinders the armblade's ability to cut, the weapon itself slamming- but not /biting/ into Raven's side and sending her flying no less than ten feet off to one side.

    The roll isn't especially acrobatic, but she's at the very least /alive,/ and more than anything else, she can feel and hear the I Was Right forming in Troia's mind- a thing that cannot be forgiven.

    To say that as Raven recovers from the blow she looks furious would be an... Incredible understatement. The truth is that she's so angry about both the physical pain and emotional trauma that Bassie has just caused, that she is momentarily not exactly sure how to harm this doppelganger to a degree that satisfies her.

    Her hands go to her sides, and erupt in the frothing masses of shadow that had brought them here. She is quite ready to engage this assailant so very, /very/ directly.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Look, don't worry about me, okay? I'm not like, made of glass, alright," Toni tells Vivian as her blocking-cubes of doom make their mark and -- well, nobody's died yet, right? And Toni doesn't feel like she's withering to death or evaporating or anything, which she'd kind of wondered about, so that's good.

Less good is the sudden rain of lead. "Gahh!! Is being vulnerable to bullets a medical condition!?" Toni declaims, huddling nearer to Vivian, who is hopefully bulletproof. She turns her head upwards in time to see the glossy-dark motion of Raven, briefly think 'badass', and then ask Vivian, "Uh, is she on the radio or something? Or is she yelling at us?" Followed by another yelp from a totally-safe-but-scary burst of lead not far enough from her for her taste.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's facing down gunmen and the gold-masked warriors. A pugilist at heart Caitlin's not really equipped to deal with a combat situation except by pummeling it into compliance. The warhammer in her hands was a birthday gift from Donna, the first time someone gave her a force multiplier that was more effective or efficient than the superhumanly strong bones in her bare fists.

She doesn't hesitate when Raven takes that hit; Caitlin grips the hammer low on the handle, turns, and braces her feet against the ground. Corded muscle stands out in her bare legs as her toes grip for any purchase the soil offers, and with all the force Caitlin can generate she hurls it at Evil Cassie with a perfect, practiced throw. She doesn't have the natural fluid grace of the Amazons but when it comes to sheer physics, few can put as much power into a blow as Caitlin can. Deep runnels of soil churn up behind her heels as she's driven back by the countering forces.

Two gold-masked warriors swarm into her and she's immediately forced onto the defensive by the ominous, silent adversaries so she's not simply pinned in place by their assault. A fair trade for keeping Raven clear of an adversary smart enough to go after one of the Titans' glass cannons.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I get it," Donna disagrees. "You don't want to go back. But it's happening anyway, whether you surrender or not. We're giving you the chance to make it easier on yourself."

    She braces behind her shield, waiting for BadCassie's charge. Around the the ground churns with explosions and canon fire, and the forms of blood warriors tearing themselves from the earth. There is the T-Jet, and Vivian, and Toni, and there is Caitlin with her hammer. This seems manageable. Donna's attention remains on BadCassie.

    There is a flurry of motion as demi-goddess dummies and passes demi-titan to launch her attack on Raven. If anyone had tried putting on the spare suit of armor, this might have been expected -- long eons ago, the armor was forged in the heart of a star for the very purpose of challenging Raven's father, before he had grown to his full power. She probably seems to the semi-sentient armor very much like its ultimate target. This was not something the Titans have discovered yet.

    Donna blasts forwards in pursuit. "RAVEN!" she cries out, a moment of panic entering her voice before Raven stands. She draws back her lasso, and as Caitlin's hammer flies through the air towards BadCassie, Donna swings her lasso forwards, ready to meet and hopefully entangle the doppelganger as she dodges back from the incoming mass of Amazonian steel.

    "That was a big mistake, Cassandra. And this is your second chance. Surrender. Fast. Raven... don't. Please, I want her alive."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
As Raven lands at some distance, struck yet not satisfyingly impaled, the golden-armored figure pursues her. "YES, DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS, FACE ME." That- that very much isn't the creepily familiar sweet-yet-evil voice they've been hearing. It is deeper, a strange echo. It is still coming from the figure of Cassandra, although it's hard to tell if her mouth is moving with the mask covering her face.

But whatever force is speaking, it seems to relish this impending conflict, and as Raven conjures her shadowy arsenal to stand and fight, something useful happens: the armored figure suddenly casts Helena aside, not gently, but not with decisive intent to further harm her. Carelessly, perhaps. It has found a foe, and no longer seems to care for this cat-and-mouse routine fighting over the frail body of some mousy archeologist. Instead, it flexes the fingers of that second hand, starts to grow them outward-

And then glances right and lifts a hand to catch the head of Caitlin's hammer.

One attack foiled.

But it gives Donna her moment, and the lasso catches that hand. She responds, of course, by yanking with great and sudden force, well beyond what Cassie could manage at her strongest, slinging Donna around and toward her shadow-clad lover.

"See? I'll kill them BOTH!" Cassie's voice, again, before she leaps toward them both, slashing the armblade through the first shadow-tendrils that meet her.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Multi-tasking is such a handy superpower. With it Vivian can keep up her close support fire from the T-Jet turning vast swathes of the surrounding jungle into burnt and shredded open ground. A few airbursting missiles are sent after the fleeing mercenaries just to keep up that sense of fear while they flee. While those auto-cannons continue to turn the hoard of mindless minions into pulped streaks of gore.

"I have no idea. It's possible she is receiving magical instructions from her evil suit of armour," Vivian admits with a shrug. Seemingly indifferent to all the thundering explosions and rain of shell casings. "But you can rest assured that we are in no danger from bullets. And if we were? I have medical supplies and a wiki-how article open on patching up bullet wounds." A suddenly lunge from an evil Amazon on the other hand... Well lets just say that it's lucky Bassie is so focused on Rachel.

From her position a (hopefully safe) distance away she does what she can to support the main battle by unleashing a few searing blasts of energy from her eyes. Trying to fire only when Doppel Cassie is distracted and directing her attacks for weak spots at the joints like the back of a knee or an ankle. All the while her holographic systems make subtle changes to the landscape. Things Bassie might overlook in the heat of the moment, like dips in the ground, that will cause her to make little mistakes. Things a more skilled and experienced fighter can exploit for an advantage.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's prime directive is to get Helena back, as hale as possible, and it's not happening! He has no objections to Raven going Mistress Of The Insufficient Light on the doppelganger, Helena is still captive. It is clear that Cassie's strength is being enhanced by that accursed armor. That accursed armor of war.

But that was not his problem right now- his problem was getting Helena the helena outta there. When Bassie pushes her away, it's time for the Cheshire to act! Leaping through the Rabbit HoJle, he lands over near the fallen archaeologist and, upon securing her, glances at the fight that is about to go down.

"One parting gift," he mutters, and snaps his fingers, conjuring up an illusion.

It isn't much, but in battle, any distraction might help a little. The unbearable sound of many vuvuzelas explode around Bassandra's head in a cacophony of one of the worst sounds ever created by humanity. Incessant, intense, and sounding about as pleasant as a chihuahua trying to dry-hump a chainsaw.

"C'mon Mrs. Sandsmark, this way..." he says, trying to pick the woman up as he summons a Rabbit HoJle to the  HoJ medbay.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni is struggling with multitasking on her end. "I guess that makes sense, if it's evil," she answers Vivian twitchily. "And that's... really reassuring, actually, kind of, I guess." She turns her head for a moment and sees the landscape rippling--

Donna's giving Evil Cassie a two count here. Toni's teeth grind. She's squaring off on Raven, she's catching Caitlin's strike, and Toni says, "ah fuck this" to herself and "I guess pull up that article," before she lowers her head and runs forwards--

-- out of the space of invisibility! Seemingly in the middle of thin air! This isn't likely to draw notice given all the "war" happening in the area and Toni covers her head with both arms before throwing herself behind an overgrown lump of what, a little quick feeling reveals, is not a hologram, a robot, or an imaginary story.

I should say something here, Toni thinks.

"You ain't killing anyone, asshole!" THE LAST WORDS OF ANTONIA MONETTI ARE SPOKEN. Toni raises both her hands in an over-dramatic way -- and what is more dramatic is that those vaguely blocklike construct lumps on the spikes of Bad Cassie's armor suddenly sprout mercury-fast tendrils upwards, aiming to meet together at a point behind her back, wobbling and shining blobbily.

Then they turn solid, and abruptly tight, and shrink. Toni is not looking directly so this may do interesting things to the human joints.

Donna Troy has posed:
    It's always awkward fighting in the air against people with superstrength. You can't get a proper grip with your feet off the ground, and the advantage tends to go with the person who pulls the most surprising moves. In this case, Advantage BadCassie.

     BadCassie is stronger than Cassie is. GoodCassie couldn't have pulled that move off. Donna could have accelerated into the move, and could have yanked back harder. Once she's off-balance and moving through the swing, it's too late for Donna to correct it.

    Instead Donna accelerates /with/ the move. She adds a little speed, keeping the arc of her swing at the outer limit of the lasso, to keep the rope taut around BadCassie's wrist. She sails just past Raven and comes to the ground beside her, wincing at the pain in her arms that move has cost her. With her feet planted, she jerks the lasso up and then yanks sharply down and to the side, trying to redirect BadCassie's leaping attack and bring her crashing to the ground.

    Donna glances quickly to the side to check on Raven before flicking back to BadCassie, bracing for a follow-up. "Rae... Please. Keep calm. No disintegration or banishing," she says quietly. Then, louder. "Toni... WAIT! Cait... Everyone... Damn it, Cassandra. You get three chances. This is chance number three. After this I stop telling people to hold back. Fight the anger. Surrender, /please/. I don't want you hurt, but there are limits and you are at that limit."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
It's admirable that Donna gives peace so many chances, Cassie so many opportunities to end this peacefully. But from her perspective, peace was never an option. "No." The mask hides her face, and perhaps for the best, as the sight of the familiar visage twisted in hate would be a heartwrenching one. "I'm going to kill her. But I guess you first, because you're in the way."

The yank of the lasso to one side doesn't trip her, but it throws her off enough to land just off her targets, burying her blade in the dirt next to Donna. But she doesn't stop for a moment, launching immediately into attack, slashing up out of the dirt and toward Donna again. And the scarriest part is how fast and strong she is, outpacing her counterpart, easily on par with Diana herself. Up close, sprouting a second blade on the lasso'd hand, she assaults Donna first, if only because she's the one thing keeping her from her actual target. And their mutual binding proves double-sided: every time Donna tries to dodge or disengage, Cassie yanks her back in for another slash. Even parrying the blades, it's only those glowing nubbins on her spikes that keep her from being impaled.

As the two Wonders brawl- a fight Donna seems doomed not to hold on her own -the rest of the team has finally disposed of the lesser threats and brings each of their abilities to bear on Cassandra. It shows just what they're all collectively capable, but it also shows just how powerful this armored, demented version of their friend has grown to be. Maybe Helena was forced to unlock its true power. It's just that said true power seems to be aggressively focused on murdering Raven, not actually listening to what Cassie wants to do. It makes her frighteningly unrelenting, but a bit overly single-minded.

The first hit from someone she's totally ignoring is Vivian's eye-blast, which first hits but doesn't seem to penetrate the armor meaningfully. Since Cassie barely reacts to it, she may be able to focus in more and amp up the power, which does, slowly, begin to melt through the golden shell, opening a weak spot on her back, although the metal seems to react and try to heal it even as the hole forms, making her have to focus to achieve that goal. Then all the plasmoids sprout and try to engage in a little spontaneous bondage.

This holds her a moment. She strains against them, and the plasma strains, but doesn't break right away. But Toni is out of the invisibility, and she turns to stare at her captor. "Yeah, I don't think we even have one of you where I come from. Oh well, here neither, now." Apparently, one of her arms isn't bound so much that she can't point it in that direction, and with a single swift motion, extend the blade at the end of her arm far enough to catch the interloper. She's clearly playing for keeps, aiming dead for her heart-

-which she only misses as the trumpets go off around her. But then, only barely.

Diana Prince has posed:
From the sky to the east the sound of a strange high pitched squealing can be heard, alien sounding propulsion... the engines of a familiar craft to many here. The chaos on the ground, mixed in to the jungles, is swept over by the craft, though nothing in the sky is visible...

The trees of the jungle start to wave wildly in the wind of something descending from above until the invisible presence falls motionless again. A few seconds of 'nothing' happen before suddenly the sky near the tree line to the south is filled with the sudden presence of a cloud-hued aircraft that just hovers in air about 20 feet off of the ground, it's nose aimed at the battle occuring before it.

From beneath the vessel a ramp begins to lower, unable to reach the ground from the 20 feet height, but lowers nonetheless to let passengers disembark. The first sign of motion comes in the form of a familiar form...

Cassie, the good one. She runs down the ramp and stops at the edge, staring out at the fight before she turns back the way she'd come and shouts up in to the Jet, something unable to be heard from all the noises of the fight.

Next to come from the Jet is an armored form, of the Princess of Themyscira, dawning her familiar armor. She walks down the ramp, with the winds of the jungle rushing over her and flowing her dark hair back behind her bare shoulders. Diana's eyes stare out at the fight as well from beside Cassie, she glances to Cassie then out to the battle.

"Let us help them." Diana says, reaching for her lasso at her side, uncoiling it and stepping off the ramp now to start to leap in to the air and lunge across the battle field to engage with Bad Cassie by lashing out with golden glowing rope!

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Okay. She's given Donna three chances to get Bassie to give herself in. As far as Raven is concerned, that's a couple opportunities too many, but the fact of it is, she's deferring to Donna because it's her pseudo-sister from another world. There would be no end to the lectures and talks about what's Right if Raven hadn't given her the chance.

    However, those chances are gone now. Raven has been idly considering ways to extract her terrible vengeance- She is, after all, Trigon's /Pride./ Comical as it may be, giving Donna a reason to be generally correct in what is a common conversation does irk her heavily.

    "We fight two in one. Let us see how they do when separated."

    Already, Bassie is bound enough- but Raven bides just a little more time, drawing those swirling shadows from both hands into one, before pulling that arm back and lunging it forward. Though she is nowhere near close enough to physically grasp Bassie at all, she doesn't need to be- from that arm comes a writhing shadowy appendage- not a tentacle per se, as it is tipped with a glowing claw of sorts, that isn't aimed at doing physical damage to the evil doppel...

    But is quite good at separating two souls- or approximates of souls- from one another- And may be just enough to rob her of that armor.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin finishes dealing with the gold-masked warriors, fighting with a brutal efficiency. There are too many of them to take on and drop one-by-one with enough force to really take them from the fight; she's entirely on the defensive, breaking arms and smashing legs anytime one of them gets close enough to try and menace her. One lumbering attacker stumbles into his ally and creates an opening that Caitlin can exploit, and lays out two of them with a phenomenally powerful back hand that breaks her out of the melee.

From there, it's a short order of effort to clean house with the rest of them. The last warrior goes down, and with the bullets thudding harmlessly against Caitlin's skin it doesn't take much to get the soldiers to flee, next.

All that's left is Bad Cassie, and Caitlin takes two abortive steps towards the blonde. Raven and Donna seem to have the situation momentarily in hand, and Caitlin's savvy enough to not try to close the distance to fight someone covered in spikes-- blunted or not! She looks up when a jet swings overhead and waves excitedly at Donna and-- and Good Cassie!

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
As the Invisible Jet arrives and disgorges extra Amazons, real Cassie is likewise dressed in full Themysciran battle armor, a rarity for her. She also sports an unusual pair of bracers (capped with coiled snakes) compared to her normal ones, and cute little wingy sandals. As Diana steps down, she pauses and looks back with a grin. "Oh yeah, I've definitely got some choice words for this poser. After you, boss." While bold as ever, she's cognizant of being less durable like this. And besides, Diana is Wonder Woman. She leads the charge!

While they're charging...

Bad Cassie is mid brawl, barely post attempted murder, but for the moment rather caught up, by one of possibly many lassos, as well as a silvery plasma harness. The latter might not be long for the world, but it lasts long enough, and between the two, she can't evade Raven's SOULCLAW.

It's not surprising that there's a reaction, for the Silent Armor shares a history with Raven, at least in a fashion. In some ways, this makes it a potentially deadly weapon against her. But in others it means they are bound to similar forces, operate on comparable sets of rules. A mystic soul-self versus a magical parasite. Both voices, Cassie's high-pitched and the lower echo, scream as the claw wrenches through them and her body arches back. The armor pulls the other direction, forward. Yet even as it rips free of Cassandra, it does not fall inanimate, but rather constitutes into some being free of her, and lunches, maw yawning, claws outstretched, toward Raven.

"No, it's mine-" Cassie mutters, as she stands, mildly stunned in the separation. Disarmed- yet still a mad demigoddess.

Vivian Vision has posed:
When her charge leaps forward Vivian also moves up. Maintaining her distance. So in that moment when Bassie is monologuing Toni will feel a tap on her shoulder. And then everything will go silent for them both for just a moment. As Viv both slips them out of phase with reality and yoinks Toni back as fast as possible.

If not for the phasing it really wouldn't be fast enough though. As the physical portion of the blade passes clear through where Toni's standing. The phasing should in theory make the attack harmless, but Viv has no idea how the magic will interact.

There's very little Viv can do about that though other than hope her charge will be safe and curse her own lack of care for letting Toni rush forward like that.

This means her own focused eye laser attack ends, likely letting the Silent Armor heal itself, but it does give Viv a moment while Bassie is looking their way to pulse a low level blinding beam at her eyes.

Of course it's hard to say what being out of phase with the rest of the universe will do to the magical bindings Toni has put in place. Here's hoping Viv didn't just re-enable all those deadly spikes!

"Toni are you okay?" She asks the moment they unphase, putting a line of auto-cannon fire across the space between them and Bassie as if to ward her away with hot lead. "Please stay behind me in future so I can guard against attacks!"

Toni Monetti has posed:
The Evil Cassie turns to face her.

"One of a kind, hon," Toni's mouth says even as the rest of her thinks: Oh wow, I'm gonna die here, huh, she is absolutely going to super-stab me to double death. She sucks in a deep breath because it all happens insanely fast-- she does not even have time to scream or to yell or to pray.

And then Wonder Woman's voice in the distance.

Does this mean I went to Heaven? Toni thinks for a moment. Is Wonder Woman in Heaven? I thought she was pagan or something. Don't pagans go to like the nice part of Hell? She can hear the memorable voice of Raven as well, which is where Toni opens her eyes and looks downwards.

"I feel kind of ****ed up but I think I'm gonna live unless that's like super poison or something," Toni says. "I think I got - hold on - it's like on - my - wait, did it go through me?? Am I dead????"

SHE IS FINE. (In the aftermath Toni will be pancaked - the mere occasion of close contact with that horrible body, the few molecules that phasing inevitably doesn't move far ENOUGH out of phase having transmitted enough to drain most of her physical reserves - but oh, it could have been like, fifteen thousand times worse, exactly.)

Terry O'Neil has posed:
When Vorpal comes back from his duty of delivering Mrs. S, he comes back just in time to see everybody converging on Bassie. "Well... I feel potentially redundant," he quips, crossing his arms as the Rabbit Hole closes behind him. He shoots Argent a very concerned look, but then he nods when she gives signs of being fine, if rathe freaked out. He knows how that feels. He's been shot several times already.

And counting.

What /can/ he do to contribute? Not much, when talking about super-strength and the like, but he can muster a little something to add to the pile-on, because teamwork is very important.

A glowing, purple anvil manifests itself over Cassie. It scintillates with chaos magic, and he has been thoughtful enough to write ACME on its side, because branding is very, very important. And he has been practicing.

He lets the anvil fall, certain that to someone of Bassie's invulnerability it'll feel like a mild thwap, but hey--- he's contributing. See, Donna? TEAMWORK!

Donna Troy has posed:
    As the Wonder battle rages, the speed and strength Donna brings to the fight gradually increases. Always reluctant to test the limits of her powers, she's used to trying to scale to the threat rather than go full out. This armor-boosted super-Cassie is a threat on a level which she is not used to fighting. She's fast, and she's strong. Really strong.

    She's untrained though. Donna switches tactics from trying to overpower the berserk demigoddess to fighting defensively, doing what she can to neutralize her attacks instead. Time is against BadCassie, because every one of her minions taken out of the fight is a moment closer to the Titans being able to bring their full strength to bear on her. Another moment for Raven to work out some spell, for Terry to perform some new trick, for Toni to use her plasma constructs, for Vivian to blast with eye-lasers, and for Caitlin to get a step closer with that might hammer.

    And for BadCassie to get more lasso-entangled. Donna tries to guide the battle this way and that, keeping her opponent's focus on making attacks, and not on where she is in relation that lasso, and how the turns and twists of battle enable Donna to work it in amongst the spikes of her armor, providing an anchor for the loops of rope. The lasso is held tight but with a readiness at any moment to give out some slack and swing it round in an arc that will wrap around her more tactically-naive opponent. She awaits her opening.

    And then two strange things happen.

     The first is Raven's spell. This has the odd effect that Donna's lasso is no longer around Cassie herself, because Cassie is now no longer inside the armor.

    The second is that there is another golden lasso coiling towards Cassie. A lasso belonging to...


    It's a testament to the discipline instilled in her by Philippus' training that Donna somehow manages not to completely forget she is in the middle of a fight to tackle her sister with the world's biggest hug, but the sheer expression of joy on her face cannot be hidden. With a grin of glee at BadCassie, Donna says "Warned ya!" and launches herself suddenly forwards. Not towards BadCassie, who Donna is leaving to her two newly arriving sisters, but past her, to one side of the animated armor, wrapping her lasso bound firmly to the armor's arm around the chest-piece of the armor.

    Donna barrels past the place the armor stands too, taking to the air and hauling tight on the lasso. The force of her movement yanks the chest-piece and armored gauntlet free of the rest of the armor suit, which staggers, the various remaining constituent pieces struggling to retain a humanoid form.

    Donna comes to a halt and yanks the torso section free from the lasso, tearing front plate apart from back plate, and hurling them away from her, one part in each direction. The armored gauntlets, still on the end of her lasso, she starts to swing around in ever-growing circles.

    The animate form of the rest of the silent armor manages to resume its semi-human shape, a strange gap where the torso and one arm should be. It staggers, rights itself, and advances on Raven again. Donna's lasso comes round on the end of its arc, the heavy gauntlet crashing into one leg, and knocking it flying away from the rest.

    Still the armor advances, slowly and clumsily, hopping onwards with grim determination, its one remaining arm reaching out to Raven, weakened now but still attempting to fulfil some part of its purpose. The lasso and heavy gauntlet swings back again, removing the forarm, but still it hops on. Then, finally, the third swing crashes into the helmet, sending it flying...

    Towards Caitlin. And Caitlin's hammer.

    Caitlin's arms rise. Caitlin's arms fall. The air rings with the booming clash as Silent Helmet meets two hundred pounds of Amazonian steel, swung with the formidable strength of what is now known in the Titans as a Full Caitlin.


Donna Troy has posed:
    The remains of the animate form of the armor finally loses its last semblence of coherency, and falls to the ground at Raven's feet.

Diana Prince has posed:
With the valiant combatants working their magics to remove that terrible armor that Bad CAssie was adorned in, Diana's lasso had joined in the efforts to help subdue her to give it all a chance to actually come together and work.

When it did, when there was a satisfactory result of the armor leaving the doppleganger's form, Diana lands once more on to the jungle floor and starts to walk toward the Cassie from another reality.

The first lasso strike comes from Diana's right hand, twirling golden rope snares around one of the young woman's legs, followed by another. The Princess' left arm sweeps around and laches out with the other end of the lasso that sends it around Bad Cassie's mid section. She sweeps the rope around her many times before she starts to walk toward the girl, straight u pto her.

Diana stops, her hips swaying from right to left as she settles in to a sturdy stance in front of the Evil Dopple who'd caused all of this misery and despair.

Diana.. just stares at her, eyes to eyes....

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"You look OK!" shouts Cassie as she flies by Toni. If she then happens to promptly pass out, this might contradict her evaluation. Cassie is not a doctor!

This is, of course, the good Cassie, inbound toward her imposter. Diana gets there first, though, just as the young woman is drawing herself back up from the aftermath of the separation. "I've still got -him-," she snarls as she looks for a target, spotting Donna first. Yet seeing the armor free of her body, lashing out on its own, only to be step-by-step bound in golden rope, she thinks twice of it. Maybe the reaction is fear, or maybe she just thinks she has an out, with the distraction it might provide. Because even if she's not willing to surrender, that doesn't mean she's not considering escape. Especially now that the armor isn't forcing her on some suicide mission to purge one of Trigon's children from existence. This Cassie doesn't even know who Trigon is. Screw that noise! So she turns the other way-

-into an oncoming Diana and her own armored self. "Alright, fine, WonderBitches, bring it-"

... annnnnd, lasso'd.

The bad Cassie ends up blinking at how fast it happens. It's not that she doesn't react, she tries, but the speed isn't there. "Lord Ares, come on! Even without the armor I'll-"


That was the cartoon anvil. Which, yes, doesn't cause her much more than an 'ow, wtf?' in reaction. Yet it may serve a more important role as a bit of a cosmic womp-womp, proof that no help is coming. Any effort she's made to truck with the God of War, he's long since lost interest. Only a fool fights a losing cause, after all. Or backs only -one- champion.

And thus while Diana may be walking up to deliver some deep wisdom, Cassie has her own, flying up on those beating foot-wings. "You'll suck fist."

And then she punches herself in the face.

Which leaves the doppleganger bound, dazed, and defeated. The armor, meanwhile, has been bound, torn apart, and hammered. This doesn't destroy it, but causes the extremities of the false body to recede, for the armor to melt away into just a few constituent original pieces, the Fauxmazon bracers.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And when all is said and done, there is Vorpal, walking up to Bassandra, that Cheshire grin lighting up his feline face. DIANA IS AWAKE! But there will be a reaction later. Right now, there is something very important that he needs to do.

Crossing his arms, he points to the air-

And the beat drops.

"Aw, she cast off with Ares 'cause he wouldn't refuse her-
She was siding with the bully, with the loser and abuser!"

And then he raises his hand, where a microphone appears out of thin air.

"Come and sip this little drink that will rip up your liver:
Girl, you think that you're an Amazon? You can't even deliver!"

He drops the mic, turns around, and walks away from her.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven is impassive as the armor starts is Black Knight reminiscent walk-then-hop in her direction. She stares it down, simply slipping her hands into her pockets. Whether she's confident that it actually arriving at its destination was unlikely, or that it wouldn't matter if it did is unclear. Instead, it is battered until all that remains is a pair of bracers that do not belong in this universe.

    There is a short red flash to her eyes, and a portal that is decidedly the wrong color opens up in the ground- of course, the easiest path for her to open, and to take, is the path to Him- and the bracers slip into it, disappearing and falling into Trigon's realm. Considering they're supposed to be harmful to him, she doesn't care what he does with them.

    Then, without so much as looking as if she broke a sweat- the bruise is deepening under her sweater, but she's going to hide it for as long as she can- she strides up to this universe's Cassie.

    "Good work Gassie. You punched yourself in the face. Congratulations." Her remark is as dry as fine wine, and she doesn't linger to explain what the hell Gassie means.