5350/I'm Getting Too Old For This

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I'm Getting Too Old For This
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Synopsis: Carl
Cast of Characters: Sam Wilson, Adam Brashear

Sam Wilson has posed:
It's chaos on the Jersey shore--and not just because of the innumerable house parties taking place and the deafening sound of EDM throbbing through the residential streets.

No, it's because downtown Jersey City is being demolished by a man made out of brick and swinging a massive wrecking ball over his head and through nearby vehicles, storefronts, and lamp-posts.

"You gotta be KIDDIN' me!" the man roars, his voice like the rumble of a concrete mixer. "If someone don't give me that necklace RIGHT NOW, Titania says I'm toast! And when I'm toast--you all PAY!"

The responses provided to this demand are almost uniformly screams of fear and panicked rushing away from the man's position. Even the local police are pinned behind their cruisers, trying to figure out how to gain an advantage.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Sensing the the commotion Adam Brashear the Blue Marvel arrives on the seen with a small but noticeble sonic boom. He's clutched the wrecking ball to prevent it from being swung about. "I'm going to have to ask you to stop this rampage. I don't know what you want or why but I can't let you harm innocent people" Adam says sternly as he confronts the man?monster?construction elemental?

Sam Wilson has posed:
The man keeps turning for a moment until he tugs on the ball's chain and it doesn't move.

"I'm SERIOUS! If you--" he turns to regard the source of his newfound mobility problem. "Aw, if that ain't just the ..."

The man sighs and his entire body transforms to the same steel as the wrecking ball and its chain. "Think you better just go mind your own business, man. I gotta errand I gotta run or else the missus--well, she ain't gonna like it. And if she don't like it, I don't like it. And right now, I DON'T LIKE IT!"

The steel man throws himself forward to try and tackle the Blue Marvel, the asphalt beneath his feet crumbling away like sawdust from the force of his push.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Blue marvel widens his stance to absorb the tackle. his feet dig into the asphalt and even into the concrete below as he tries to take the full force of the absorbing man's attack to minimize collateral damage. He's doing the standard defense against takedowns seen in any mma fight, 'get wide get low'. "Wanton destruction isn't a valid form of paying for gifts for your wife. I cdon't want hurt you but I can't let you hurt people or destroy everything in your way because you want to throw a super powered tantrum"

Sam Wilson has posed:
"'Paying for'?" the man asks, his tone incredulous. He snorts and laughs through gritted teeth. "I ain't payin' for NOTHIN'! Titania wants that necklace, it's comin' home FREE! But they say they don't GOT it--and that's some bull, for sure!"

He tries to swing a haymaker with his free hand at the hero's ribs, the other still clutching the chain, much of the length of which he twists to wrap around his forearm.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Adam's torso contorts as he's hit by the body blow, he grunts as some of the wind is knocked out of him. For a moment He loses composure and retaliates with a big swing of his own. Adam Brashear "if they don't have it then breaking things and hurting people isn't going to make it magically appear. Think for a moment! Do you think anyone here values some necklace over their lives? It's just a job to them they don't care. if they had it they would have given it to get rid of you and let the authorities handle it" Adam says. "So stop this before I have to make you stop"

Sam Wilson has posed:
Much of the Blue Marvel's words fall on deaf ears, as his fist collides with the steel man's form and causes it to resound with a deafening *CLAANNGGGGG* that shatters the few nearby windows that weren't already ruined by the Absorbing Man's wrecking ball.

He staggers, eyes lolling about in his head, as he tries to regain his composure. "Ahhh!" he groans, shaking his head and blinking. He looks around for a moment and then turns his attention quite clearly to the jewelry store he'd been terrorizing--and the diamonds sitting in a storefront display case.

Adam Brashear has posed:
"no you don't" Adam says as he grabs Creel to keep him from the jewels. he Attempts to put him in a full nelson. "I tried to deescalate this I tried to give you the chance to end this peacefully but you clearly don't care to listen or do anything but trash around like a child."

Sam Wilson has posed:
The man reaches out, trying to stretch his arm out as far as he can to grasp one of the diamonds, but the Marvel's strength is too much, and his reach goes from 'out' to 'up'.

He even lets go of the chain to try and wrestle his way out, but when he reverts back to human form, Brashear's full nelson hold completely immobilizes him.

The Absorbing Man lets out a string of curses, fuming. "Alright, alright!" he finally grumbles with a rush of air. "You got me. I'm done for. Fine. Now can you just let me at least hold my ball and chain?"

Adam Brashear has posed:
"you really are asoundingly dense arent you." Adam says with a scoff. "why would i let you hold that. I only just got you settled down a bit. why would I want to risk you getting all hard headed on me. not stop struggling while I figure out what to do with you." Adam says as he now starts to levitate to keep creel from touching things that would cause any more problems.

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Well ... *nghhh* ... I sure WOULDA been dense ... enough ..." the Absorbing Man chokes out between grunts of futile effort to free himself from the Blue Marvel. "How about we just ... *gnhhh* ... call this a draw?"

"Uh--hi! Hello there!" a police officer still ducking behind the car calls out, waving an arm. "I can get a call out for federal assistance ASAP to get this guy to the Raft or wherever they want to take him. You just say the word!"

Adam Brashear has posed:
"sure thing pal" Blue Marvel replies sarcastically to creel Adam BrashearHe then turn his attention to the officer. "Why havent you already called them? Yes please we need to get him in a secure location and get me some plastic zip ties to hold him why they get here."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Absolutely!" the officer replies, his face reddening as he puts the call through for support.

Other officers who'd been cautious begin moving in, turning to direct clean-up and traffic duties as well as to seeking out those who might have been injured.

"You know," Creel says with a low chuckle, "lockup might be just the place for me to ride out Titania's rage. So you're probably doin' me a favor here, pal..."

Adam Brashear has posed:
"well thats one way to look at it I suppose" Blue Marvel says as he hog ties Creel with the plastic zip ties. "ok then officers, I leave him to you I trust you can keep him out of trouble till the come pick him up?" Blue Marvel waves a casual Salute to them and flies off.