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One night in Lindesfarne
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: The small Isle of Lindesfarne.
Synopsis: Amora joins Loki for a walk around the island where they spend half of their time in the past, and some in the present.. and a touch in the future.
Cast of Characters: Loki, Amora

Loki has posed:
It's a magical place, the last island of the isles; the waves and winds blow against the shoreline, whistling through ruins. The sky is a light blue, almost unnatural in hue, so clear and clean it is. Birds call over the sea, wheeling and playing as they catch fish in the surf.

At the edges of the stony ruin of the monestary, further from the shore than closer, a figure in dark suit walks through the long grass, a cane held lightly in hand. He takes a couple of casual steps, and hits the ground with one thump, two.. and crouches soon after, his hand running just above the tops of the grass. Green eyes search the dirt from his vantage, and stops short of digging. Instead, the well-dressed man, Loki, straightens once more before turning his gaze further inland.

Amora has posed:
Amora's interest in the brothers isn't something new. In fact it has over one millenia, countless times doing mischief with one or another, or against one or another. Tales that have been lost in time, like the ones that this island appears to bring. Tales that only a select few still remember. And her interest in them was high now that plans had been set in motion.

And with Loki coming to these specific islands? Well, she *was* keeping an eye out on those that surrounded the Orkneys. So as the Prince's gaze turns inland he will be able to find, on a nearby hill, a lone figure. The woman dresses in the old ways, long dress of a dark green with golden motifs, sleeves way past her hands, shoulders bare. It's the tiara that makes it unmistakable on who it is.


The woman starts making her way down to meet with the Prince.

Loki has posed:
Green and gold?

Familiar colors, certainly, to the trickster, though the only thought to those colors are upon the scarf that he wears loosely about his neck. The gold and green patterns in the fabric end in long golden strings at the end, laying flat and not at all jostled by the breeze off the waters.

Loki is attentive, once the figure catches his view, and as she approaches, he stands still, his gaze not wavering. When she is near, there's a ghost of a smile that creases that lean face, one that actually reaches those emerald eyes of his.

"Amora," he greets. "Lovely, as always."

Amora has posed:
A smile is upon Amora's lips as well, one of those that has melted many human hearts before, crystal blue eyes shining with intensity as she takes in Loki, "Prince Loki. What a surprise to come across you here." it is not a surprise. Still, her tone is one of gentle respect. She knows where they are. And if anything Amora has always been respectful of their people's traditions. Memories are a powerful tool afterall.

"It is good to see you." She turning to stand next to the man, gaze also turning inland. "Such a quiet place now, isn't it? But it resonates loudly still." she muses.

The woman then shifts her attention to Loki, "Care for some company on your walk?" she questions, giving Loki the choice of her company or not. One of the few she actually does that to!

Loki has posed:
Loki inclines his head thus addressed. There is a comfort in tradition, in knowing one's place as it were, as there are very few surprises. The niceties of court rules, all can be twisted to one's desires, but here? Now? It's familiar, it's comfortable, and it's...



His hands move before him, his cane settled in front of him, one hand covering the other upon the gold-colored top. "I still hear them," is murmured. "It's been too long." It's a confession of sorts, born out of a note of nostalgia.

Turning to Amora now, his brows rise and so inclines his head once more, ready to take a walk with one of the few Asgardians he's known for.. centuries. Fought with, schemed with, and all the while .. understanding.

"It gives a person a touch of perspective, does it not? How fleeting time is, and the long journeys of those who have gone, not to be followed.."

Amora has posed:
The same pleasantness is felt by the sorceress. There is comfort in the ways, or old company. One that schemes as much as she does, or even more, but knows when to appreciate these moments as well. So a dip of her head is given in recognition to that, a gesture that she will follow Loki's lead so they begin to walk down the pathways.

She allows her gaze to roam, remembering, places she has been countless times before in history. On one side or the other. Victors, losers. She has done both sides. But there is a big difference..

She is still here while most have been forgotten in time.

"Such is our legacy. We remain while others fade in time. I do wonder if there are other living souls who still remember those who lived, laughed, fought and died here." the smile that appears on her lips is one that shows she believes not.

"You miss the old times." An affirmation, not a question. "Things were simpler."

Loki has posed:
Here, under the sky with the waves roaring against the cliff-face fading as they move a touch more inland, across the grass to the rockier fields, Loki too begins to look around, his gaze settling to the middle distance in memory. Such was a time when he thought he knew who he was, where he was in the universe, and enjoyed the mischief wrought.

How things have changed.

"I doubt it," Loki murmurs, "and those who think they follow the old ways are but sad actors." There's a light lift of a single shoulder as he adds, "Pity, that."

A laugh is barked in the air, taken away by the breeze. "It is no more," Loki states, the sound more matter of fact, perhaps, than he feels. "Too much has passed. It doesn't really matter if I miss it." The smile remains from the laugh, even if it's not quite heartfelt, and he nods agreement,

"They were."

As they walk, the stones crunch beneath his feet, and the cane disappears from his hand. "How are you setting now here on Midgard? Is it truly the curse from Odin that it appears?"

Amora has posed:
"Imitation is a way of honoring the past too. But I agree. Sad actors.." Amora letting out a brief, musical-sounding sigh. Such is the world they live in now. She walks without a sound, almost as if she was floating, hands folded over her front in a gentle manner, the sleeves almost down to the ground. Eyes take the surroundings but like Loki they appear to be looking at something *else*, something that is fading the longer it passes.

"It matters to you." She then says, casting a look at the man, studying his features, "And it matters to me." she admits with a slight inclination of her head. One that is telling he is not alone in his feelings of nostalgia.

"I have never been a stranger to humanity and all their failings, but to be forcer here? It is a slap in the face. Yet one I intend to take advantage of in the best ways." again that cheshire little smile upon her lips, "My focus here in Midgard has allowed me to put a few things in motion. Ones I did not expect the turns they took." always the tease. But indeed she won't be the first to reveal things, she will have Loki ask directly if he wants to know.

For such is the game.

Loki has posed:
Loki pauses his step as Amora makes her quiet and brief observation, green eyes moving to look at Amora, and his attention lingers. There's a flickering //something// behind those eyes of his, the windows of the soul some call them. That something is there, and gone.. fleeting as a wisp on the breeze. "To you, then," he murmurs, his usual facade finding its place once more upon his face. He's had his brief moment of reflection, and now?

Loki sets hands into his suit pants pockets as he begins his walk again. It's an island, after all, and not a large one, so at one point, the sound of the ocean's waves are equal both behind them and before. "I've noticed," is observed. "Motion indeed. It's tricky business playing with other peoples' toys." He smirks soon after, "I'm impressed, really."

Amora has posed:
If Amora notes the attention she makes no comment about it. Of course that being the attention-seeker that she is most likely means she has. The lingering smile remains though, unchanging and set. She lets her gaze wander as they begin to reach the other side of the isle, "But even nostalgia has it's end. For how can we move forward if we stay restricted to such a small island, mmm?"

And then she is laughing. A cintillating one. Amused. She turns to look at Loki, "Tricky business, but would it be any fun otherwise? Regardless, not sure if we should consider her a toy. She might still surprise you." a beat, "She has certainly surprised me."

"But there is more to this than meets the eye." A vague gesture from elegant fingertips.

Loki has posed:
"Just as pets continue to surprise us," Loki returns, the quirked smile still playing upon his features. "Really, Amora.." and his voice drops just a little deeper, "admitting surprise from the action of one from Midgard.." A soft *tsk* noise exits soon after, though it is all in good fun. At least to him it is.

"There could always be worse toys. Some boring SHIELD agent.. always on about something or other." Oh look.. Loki does have SHIELD on his radar. Not so much that 'other' agency.. not yet, anyway.

As a crest gained, the ground rising slightly before the drop to the ocean, Loki stops once again and look out to the ocean on 'this' side. "I know there is. I've walked some of the path. That, my dear Amora," and once again, he turns, but this time fully, to look at her, "is how I caught the briefest fragrence of your scent in the matter."

Amora has posed:
"Not her actions." Amora then clarifies even if she does snort at the tsk, amusement never leaving her features, "But her nature. There is a difference. I would certainly not be surprised at the frailty of their mortal shells." even if their souls appear to be an entirely different matter.

The talk about SHIELD doesn't go unnoticed, "Last time you played with them it did not go well. Yet it did give them a sense of purpose, didn't it?" she stops near the edge, casting a look down even as the blowing winds make her hair blow in an untamed manner, the Asgardian reaching up to bring it back behind one ear again. Her reverie stops when Loki speaks of having caught her scent, a brow arching.

"I did choose her quite the beautiful tunic too." She says, not hiding her involvement. "And what more have you discovered on your .., walk?" head canting to the side, curious.

Loki has posed:
"Mmmm?" Her nature? This, Loki considers for as long as it considers it important, that is to say, not too long. His attention comes in fits and starts, and for something to catch it for any length of time is certainly noteworthy. While he may not sound as if he takes it seriously or with enough gravitas, the fact that he's devoting //time// to it means there is a measure of intrigue that is held.

Or he's doing his brother a favor.

Could be either, really.

"The last time I chanced upon them, well.." and Loki turns finally to look at the waves as they crash, the breeze catching bits of his slicked back hair, "it certainly did give them purpose. And I single-handedly created the Avengers." That last bit, well.. he can't help the smirk that rises to his lips once more. "One day, they should really thank me."


"The tunic was a nice choice," is agreed. As for what he's discovered? A breath is taken and held before he exhales it in a softly audible sound, his tones canted low once more. "Something I haven't felt before." There's an admission, but there //is// a whole universe out there, and Loki is still comparitively young, in Asgardian years. "And something I intennd upon learning more about. If it happens to help my brother, then so be it."

The smirk shifts slightly, turning instead to make him appear a little more thoughtful. "I don't need her presence anymore. Sad Thor believes her best in the custody of SHIELD. He truly has gone native."

Amora has posed:
"I am certain they would enjoy getting their hands on you to properly thank you." A brow rising just so. Perhaps Amora heard on how Hulk got 'friendly' with Loki. But she then only smiles, shaking her head a bit. Not that she could blame him. If she had done such a thing she would do the same. For they can be quite alike in some things. Not so in others.

"So you have felt it as well." A slow nod, her whole demeanor turning more serious, she now dangerously close to the edge even if continuing to maintain perfect balance, back straight and regal, hands now calmly resting across her front, "There is more to this than meets the eye. More than the obvious trip the Prince's consort is taking through the realms." she murmurs. "Did you know I found her roaming near Yggdrasil once?" blue eyes now turned to look at the man, "And there was this .., aura around her. Regardless." and she lifts a fingertip. "There is more to unveil. Related to *how* she got to be in that state."

The news about Thor wanting to return the subject of their talk to SHIELD has her arching a brow. "And here I was so proud that he went rebel and disregarding of Midgard rules. And then he goes to return the body?" a tsk escapes her lips.

Loki has posed:
A barked laugh exits the younger Prince of Asgard, a sound properly amused, and he shakes his head to dismiss any thought of them actually doing harm to him in that //somewhat// egotistical posture of his. "One day, I should give them the chance." After all, they couldn't really catch him unless he allowed it, right? And there are times when it suits him.. just not at this moment. "Perhaps soon," and his words take a slightly airy cast, "assuming they have information I desire, of course." The words that come are given with a quick look over his shoulder to the regal beauty upon the edge of the cliffs, overlooking the water.

Beauty, brains and magic. Pity she prefers Thor.

"Wandering Ygg-- really? Do we have to put up a fence now?" Loki is joking, but while the sound is there, it's something that just doesn't reach his eyes. "Regardless," and he is more than happy to move on with the consideration of that magic.

"with a little more time, I should be able to separate all its components and discover who it may be." That time, however, would be mostly spent in either astral travel, which produces the problem of leaving behind a VERY helpless body, or time in the studies of not only Asgard, but perhaps of Hel.. assuming Hela would be amenable. "If there is any to discover its secret?" He'd be the one.

Beyond that, however, Loki looks to the ruins that lay upon the other side of the island and exhales in a sigh. "Thor is always disappointing me, too." His manner has changed once more, back to the comfortable, casual Loki, and he gestures with his head back towards where they came. "Come with me."

Amora has posed:
"For all you tell me to not underestimate these mortals..." Amora states, gaze again turning to survey the waters below, "... you should do the same. They are not as primitive as they once were when we were revered and Gods with a major G amongst them." her tone soft. Not one of reproach but one of advising her old friend.

"For I would not wish for you to become under their spell as your brother has." The arrogance in her demeanor and poise seems to be gone for a few moments, as if there was some genuine care there for the Asgardian across her, eyes considering him for a time.

A pity indeed.

As for Yggdrasil. "Her spirit." she clarifies. "Not her own self."

"I might be able to aid you in those travels, for you know I am no stranger to astral travel either. Besides, I *do* know how it all came to pass." a faint smile. "The source."

The invitation for Amora to go with Loki is met with both curiosity but also acceptance, the woman dipping her head. "Do lead the way." she turning from the cliffs.

Loki has posed:
"Oh, those here hold no allure for me," Loki returns. "There is little that holds me here, other than the simple curiosity of what it is that holds my brother seemingly so fully. Given another few years, he may yet renounce his claim." The words are uttered so lightly, but there is that deep need, the desire to be the 'loyal' son, the one that holds steady. The one that is always overlooked and is cast into shadows.

"Again, I should put up a fence." He's kidding. Of course he couldn't, but the fact that she is quite serious about this Jane's visit to the Tree, he will undoubtedly give it a touch more weight. Later.

"The source?" Loki looks at Amora a touch more studyingly, green eyes narrowing before he nods slowly. "I saw your attempt at healing.. not your defences, not your battle, not anything else. So, this does surprise me.." The last few words are given rise with a touch of wryness to them. "See? You have that ability."

Once Amora accepts his offer, he's now waking with her with purpose as he leads back towards the ruins. Once there, he stands at the corner, still far enough away that they don't loom, his attention moving towards his feet. One step is shuffled, the grass bending beneath his feet. Then, another.. and one more before he crouches in a somewhat non-descript looking spot, elbows on his thighs, delicate hands hanging down.

Amora has posed:
"It was not far from here. I shall bring you there..., at a later occasion." But then Amora is rolling her eyes at the comment about her being able to surprise him. The corner of her mouth rises in a smirk. "I am glad to be put on the same level as these mortals." she isn't. But she can take a joke. Sometimes!

Her eyes trail curiously to what the Prince is seeking. That purpose. Watching him with the same attention that she does the destination. She circles about the ruins, near the Prince, her eyes falling on that spot before curiosity takes the best of her.

She makes her way closer, delicately dropping to a crouch as well. Just like when they were younger and curious about everything.

"Something has caught your eye." not a question.

Loki has posed:
"No.. something has caught my memory," Loki corrects softly. It is as they used to be, the pair, only when they were more of a trio at times. The discovery, the finding of treasures to run and bring back to those favored either as a present, or to ask questions regarding use and provenance.

There has always been spoils of war as well.

Here, Loki puts his hand to the ground, actually getting it dirty. It's down one inch, two, three, and a small hole is created. Loki makes a softly disappointed sound, only to have it change to something a touch more 'a ha'ish. There, on the edge of his hole, there's a small bit of metal. Rounded edge, and it's dirty.

Digging at it, Loki shakes his head to address her comment. "Didn't I say that they //don't// surprise me? I could have sworn," is murmured in and amongst his efforts, as slight as they may be. "You," and here, he lifts the dirt-laden bit of.. something from the ground. Green eyes are upon it, and he begins to clean it off with dirty fingers, only to cease that, and give a light flutter of his fingers, at the same time, "there is no comparison." His tones are in earnest; words of truth from a man branded 'God of Lies'.

There, in hand, a lovely gold bracelet, a little hard done by the centuries.. millenia under the ground, but the workmanship is certainly not in doubt. It's Viking.. the detail there is certain. And, Loki hands it to her between three fingers.


Amora has posed:
The Asgardian's attention goes to Loki when he begins to use his magic to open the ground to his whims, not as curious as to what will come out of it but more on the expressions she finds in the Prince of Lies face. It brings her back too. To those memories of the past in which things were simpler. She does find herself smiling without the need of it to be an artificial smile, a more open one instead.

"Perhaps I misheard you." This about how humans surprise Loki, or not. Or perhaps she simply wanted to hear him say those words. It's all part of the game afterall. What comes after does surprise her, eyes straying just so to the prize between the man's fingertips.

A gold bracelet. But the meaning beneath those words seem to hit deeper than the gift itself. As it should. She extends her hand to take it. The smile shifts, gaining deeper contours, as bright as the radiant sun falling upon the island.

And if there is one feat that almost none can claim was to have rendered the Enchantress to silence. Fingertips take the bracelet, just the briefest of touches felt on the man's hand when she does so.

Loki has posed:
The smile. It's not one held for his brother, not for some trifle attention born by the elder of the pair. For that brief moment in time, the light shines upon him, Loki.. and once the initial strangeness is over, lasting a heartbeat or three, there's a slight shift of his back muscles, his shoulders; he deserves this. Even if it's partially in return for a trinket that is laden with history; a history none living in the past centuries could even guess upon. Here, in his hand, and then, in hers.

"I think you did mishear, but for purpose," is teased gently. The warm, brief touch of her hand upon his brings a fleeting smile, something that looks definitely more.. boyish than the man he's grown into. In that moment, he's everything he'd ever been before he'd started the cycle down on Midgard. The Prince who raced horses in the hunt, the one who ate quietly as he listened to grand stories told by warriors thousands of years his elder.. and silently wished he, too, could have been there.

Slowly he rises, emerald eyes tearing his gaze from the spot touched by the warm, delicate hand of the lovely Enchantress, so aptly named. Even as he straightens, he can feel the brief chill of jealousy, and while he is mostly successful in tamping it down, yet there will always be a part remaining.

"I need to speak with others before I sit with you to hear your story," A sad excuse for leaving to deal with emotions, but it is still true, even if the purpose is skewed.

The end of the trip to Lindesfarne is like its beginning for Loki; a brief glimmer of his past. When things were so much simpler.