5352/The Ant and the Kitsune

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The Ant and the Kitsune
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Pym's Midtown Lab
Synopsis: Science and Magic finally meet.
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Saeko

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has several problems:

1) Continue to refine his sensors to keep SHIELD from shooting Mental Patients, like himself.

2) Engineer a substitute or cure for the highly addictive serum Doll Man and his wife are addicted to

3) Work on a defense/offense against the Queen who seems to have better tech and powers than him

4) Turn Non-Omega Shannon into a functional human being in terms of immune system and digestive system.

5) Stop his powers from killing him. How long was that going to take?

Oh. He has no idea what his daughter is up to and is a shitty dad. Big surprise that, write a letter for now?

At the moment, he is sleeping face down on the central lab table, clutching a handful of notes, the holo-monitors flashing red on the console and the bracelet he wears.

Saeko has posed:
Saeko had been busy, quite busy. Meetings of divine nature and blessings to be offered. The universe was a strange and confusing place, but funny enough, even Kitsune had a 'day job'...and they had time off.

A little magic offered, a teeny bit of tracking and soon enough, there was a knock on the door. Probably unexpected, but Saeko was there in her more 'modern' attire, a wrapped package in her hand.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym wakes up. He gets a paper towel and wipes his mouth. Yuck. He slides off the chair and his feet hit the floor, half awake and not making connections. "Coming... who is it?" He calls. Hunnh should have done a voice check. Doesn't even sound like him. He clears his throat. He looks at the TV monitor... smiles and calls, "I'm coming Saeko." That voice again. He goes for the doorknob then things begin to click. He sees the bracelet flashing red as the first pains hit. Nonono. Not now. Too much to do!

Hank pulls his sleeve back, freeing his hand, and gets the doorknob. He did use his power to startle Saeko before. He might again, involuntarily this time.

Saeko has posed:
A blink, a tilt of her head and Saeko's eye move down. He was shorter than her! Well, that was kinda his trick. A moment to take in the difference and the Tenko lifts the box with both hands before him, offering a smile. "No blessings, just a plain old gift. I have a feeling that you are not likely eating as well as one would like when you are busy, and thought you could use a break."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks up at her. "Thank you. I have some issues. This... I thought I prevented further episodes like this. If you came a few nights ago I was stuck at ten feet tall. Nngh. Come in, I'll get tea." He takes Saeko by the hand to lead her in and indicates a seat in the kitchenette. He puts the box on the counter to wait while he readies the tea. He fiddles with the red lit bracelet, getting a few buttons to turn yellow and the tea boils. He gives Saeko. A big smile. "This reminds me of hanging with the She-Hulk. Mmmh." He puts a hand on the counter.

"So... how's tricks?"

Saeko has posed:
"10 feet tall? I'm not sure it would not do me good to be craning my neck the whole time. This is probably better, at least until things get under control. I have no doubt you'll get things under control."

She moves to a nearby table, opening the small packet that contained a pair of sandwiches. Lettuce, cheese and ham. Simple, but it was food!

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym definitely do simple. Breakfast sounds good. Especially since he disabled his scheduling app. Had he eaten yesterday. He goes to stand next to Saeko to get a good look at the sandwiches. Impulsively putting an arm around her waist. "You are the greatest. No doubt. And... " His thought is cut off by the efficiency kettle whistling and he goes over to steep two mugs. He looks back at her smiling and goes for a sandwich. Suddenly very hungry. Well he did lose a lot of weight. "When I was stuck at ten feet tall, I usually sat on the floor to talk. This isn't the weirdest human thing you've seen I hope?"

Saeko has posed:
"Not even in only this year," Saeko laughs, shaking her head at the mention of the weirdness. New York was strange and both mutants and metas were strange. Not to mention the oddity the Amatsu-Kami were known for.

"Besides, You're talking to someone who could shapeshift in the equivlent of early childhood. You remember I can change my hair color about as easily as I could blink."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes a bite of the sandwich and swallows. "I hope I at least make the top ten weirdest things this year. You know what I like about you?" Her comes around with a mug for her and stands close. Unconsciously he rests his chin on her shoulder. Not so much romantic as a co-conspirator.

"I never get a sense of pity from you. I feel like you always know I will triumph. It's a good feeling. Especially right now. Things don't look so good. I will be honest. This damned bracelet was supposed to stop these seizures. Reed even thought we'd licked the problems. Now it's mostly red, despite our best efforts. On the bright side, you don't need to worry about watching me grow old. That must be a bummer."

Saeko has posed:
A grin, a nod, the fox lazily stretches out. "Well, I -am- supposed to be full of divine knowledge..." she pauses, turning lightly to face the man. "If anything you should have faith, if things were truely impossible for you...well, we wouldn't have met, nor would you be who you are today. Right?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym puts an arm around Saeko. He puts the other on his cheek. He should have done this Valentine's Day. Fresh from the fight and Pixie dust dreams, with flowers and candy in hand. Not having to stand on his toes to quite reach her. "I deal with impossibilities all the time. Dreams are impossible till we make them come true... I..." He stands there waiting for her to either close the distance, push him away or otherwise refuse his impulsive move.

Saeko has posed:
"You speak to a Tenko, a being of magic, born from a 'heaven' and yet summoned by accidental mathmatics...impossible is perhaps the only thing that is itself impossible."

Her hand comes up, a gentle rest atop his own at her cheek fondly as her array of tails lazily wavers in the space, one brushing against his arm.

"You...?" she questions, leading him to finish his words.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is really coming up short (see what he did there?) "I'm a scientist second and a dreamer first. Always." He waits. He also realizes, standing on his toes, why ballet dancers are so tiny. Even with his normal strength supporting half his weight on his toes is hard. He absently strokes the tail on his arm. Hopefully this is not a proposal or other faux pas among fox people.

Saeko has posed:
Neither proposal nor faux-pas, but the tails were obviously sensitive enough to make her shift a little, skin to goose-pimple where visible.

Noticing the difficulties of him being shorter the vixen gives a little shrug of her shoulders, her form shrinking in height just enough to match him and make it slightly less akward.

What was he waiting for? The fox wasn't sure, but nor was she pulling away or rebuking the touch.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym was waiting to be rebuked in all honesty. His eyes light up as she shrinks and comes eye to eye more or less with him. Then he leans in and kisses her.

Magic and Science. Like Westside Story.

When you're a scientist

You're a nerd all the way

From your first shrinking serum

Till you're carried away...

Hank enjoys the momoent of not looking foolish and having someone into him.

Saeko has posed:
It's a kiss met, not one refused. Gentle, warm and as caring as any other action that Saeko had undertaken. Offering a little shift of her hands to gently rest on his shoulders, the Kitsune lets her eyes fall closed for those few small soft moments before they finally pull apart. After all, even she needed to breathe in her physical form!

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym remembers to breathe a moment later. He takes her face in his hands and says, "You shrank for me... nobody... I mean I usually had to match Janet for size. You actually shrank for me. I had no idea you could do that."

He regards the vixen warmly for a moment.

"Listen, I thought about what you said, you being a strange creature but I want to see where this takes us. No pressure. Just bear in mind... I only have 30-40 years left to me. Ok? I may seem a little impatient at times." Then he goes in again and hugs her tightly. She doesn't smell like a fox at all, unless they wore perfume.

Saeko has posed:
Certainly there was no normal scent of animal about her, indeed it was something floral, natural and sweet. Maybe a perfume or simply magic, it was hard to tell. Regardless, his suprise of her shrinking? The Tenko merely smiles. For such a minor change? She could do the same, but to match his more impressive displays of miniturization was not exactly in her normal tricks. His admission, she nods, her own arms holding him close. A small breath, a gentle press of her forehead against his temple.

"I -am- different," she speaks, "different in my ways, different in my nature. But...if you are willing to embrace such, to endure what is 'different'...than I am also willing to try."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym turns to Saeko to rub his forehead on hers. Ants like to do that too. Hank taught them. He looks at her a moment in silence.

"We're not different in what really matters, I think."

Saeko has posed:
A little giggle, Saeko shrugs her partially bared shoulders once more, lifting a hand up to lazily tap a finger against his nose.

"What does it matter? After all, take it from an immortal; different is what makes things interesting!"