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Early Morning Hoops
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Sporting Courts: Triskelion
Synopsis: Ward and Daisy engage in a little early morning game of one on one basketball at the Triskelion. Loser makes breakfast. Looks like Ward is cooking.
Cast of Characters: Grant Ward, Daisy Johnson

Grant Ward has posed:
Moring at the Triskelion and like always Agent Grant Ward is up with the sun and starting his day off with a little bit of athletic engagement. It is breakfast for the body and it is something that the Agent has been known to incoporate on a regular basis. This morning's activity; basketball. He is alone on the Trisk's court, shooting baskets in a sweat drenched white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. The ball echos loudly as he bounces it off the floor and moves in for a layup. The ball rolls about the rim and rolls back down, failing to fall into the net. "Oh come on. It is your job to go in you stupid ball." He dribbles a bit more, pivoting away from the basket, his eyes falling to the entrance.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy isn't an early riser. Not by any means. This breakfast for the body bullcrap is something that her old supervising Agent had tried to impart on her. Ugh, she can still hear it in her head sometimes. Eye-rolly almost. Yet it turns into an actual eyeroll when she hears Grant's EXCUSES with the ball.

"Never blame the weapon, but the hand that wields it." Her voice is heard, the sneaky git having made her way in while Grant was shooting hoops. So when Grant turns to look there she is, hands folded over her front, dressed in training tight shorts and top. Hair is pulled away from her face in a ponytail and there are bandages around her wrists.

There were reports that Daisy had lost her powers not long ago on a mission on Saudi Arabia. She being here so early? Probably meant she was trying to recover her form.

Grant Ward has posed:
Ward stop dribbling, gripping the ball in both hands upon seeing Daisy in the doorway. There is an attempt to hide a smile but he fails and he does present himself. "Well look at that something I told you did sink in." His steps begin to take him across the court closer to her and it is more evident that he must have been at this for quite sometime by the state of his t-shirt.

"There are many variables to properly sinking a basketball. The amount of air in the ball, the temperature in the room, even your heart rate can effect your release. It is not an easy thing to do." He extends the ball to her in a challenging gesture. "See for yourself and you may not be so quick to critiscize."

Her appearance and wrist wraps are not lost on the perceptive Agent. "Let me guess. You woke up early..which you never do if you can help it. You are dressed for something physical which is not always your first choice of activity. And you are coming off a period of recovery." He walks up and places his arm around her shoulder, an arm that is a bit sweaty. "We'll get you back in shape Daisy. And nobody but me needs to know about it."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yea, but look at it all now crumbling down now that I see you don't follow your own teachings." Is Daisy's immediate retort, not hiding her own amused smile. There was always this little game of poking her old training agent, rebellious that she was all the time. There was just some things that could not be taught out of this Agent. "Been a while, where have you been holed up? Oh, let me guess..." and she makes quotes with her fingers, "Somewhere 'above my clearance level'"

How she hated clearance levels. No wonder she was a hacker with a penchant to break those pesky rules.

But then she is catching a basket ball, feeling it in her hands and then joining in the court. She lets it hit the floor a few times before looking at the hoop. And perhaps distracted by the easy way in which Grant can read her the ball doesn't even hit the hoop when she throws it. Booo. She lets out a sigh.

"I suppose I do need that help, don't I?" Hands on her hips and she shakes her head to herself. Though the arm around her shoulders has her look up and she comments. "You smell like a horse." which is Daisy-code to: Yes, I need help.

Grant Ward has posed:
"I was somewhere yes. I could tell you nothing more except that it was somewhere on Earth that rhymes with Prussia. I have revealed nothing. If you are able to guess then, well good for you." Ward played by the books. Protocol was his thing and the restrictions and rules were there and were expected to be followed. However, Daisy had always caused him to /bend/ the rules from time to time. There was a soft spot for his former project and tho he would not readily admit it, he was proud of what she had become and all that she had accomplished given what she had gone through.

"As he watches her shot fail to reach the hoop he mock winces and fetches the ball, handing it back to her. "Okay so just so we are clear the goal is to get the ball /into/ the hoop, not do a fly by."

He moves to stand behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders and steadying her. "I believe my smell may be an insult to horses." His hands are gentle as he presses down lightly. "Bend your knees a bit. Place your hand on the back of the ball and steady it with your other hand." His breath could pissobly be felt on the back of her neck. "Eyes on the hoop. Now...let me put this a way you may understand. You know have wavelengths have crests and troughs. Like when you do that shakey thing you do. Push that ball towards the hoop to make a crest. An arc...with the peak being the hoop. Got it." He steps back just behind her and then softly adds. "Don't forget to breth. Exhale when you shoot."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You're making it real hard." Daisy letting out a huff, "Is the P silent?" a smirk coming to her lips. But it's not as if she expects an answer so she just nods. "Glad to see you all in one piece." Agent life was like that. Always hoping to see the other Agents after a mission but never taking it for granted.

The missed-shot comment has her exhale. "Would you believe it if I said I just invented those rules? Fly by shots to the net." nah, not very believable, which is demonstrated by how Grant just goes to show her how to properly make a basket shot. The talk about her powers does make her shoulders tense though, something that Grant can notice. Clearly it's a tender issue for her still. "I can' feel it anymore." her powers most likely.

But then she is focusing on the net, the ball, following instructions...

She throws it again, this time more focused and after a couple of bounces on the rim it falls inside the net. "Ahah! Win for team SHIELD!" she goes to fetch the ball at a small run and tosses it back to Grant.

"Care for a ball game?"

Grant Ward has posed:
As the ball falls into the net (eventually) there is a sense of pride that grant feels, perhaps only because his instructions appeared to have worked, but also perhaps seeing the excitement Daisy experienced when she made the shot. He catches the ball and eyes her with a raied brow and a half smile. "A game? Like with the basketball?" He considers hits a moment and answers her with a slight nod. "Alright then. A game to 3. I don't want you passing out, because there is lie paperwork involved. And the fact we are both not all that good and at some point we shold probably act like we actually dosomething here."

He offers her the ball and and stands in front of her, taking a defensive position. "Now you have to dribble it. No running with it." There is a look of amusement on his face as to the unexpected turn of his morning routine. "Let's make this interesting. Loser makes breakfast. No cereal." He crouches down and prepares for her to begin.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Ugh paperwork. Her nemesis. Daisy understands the want to not have bureaucracy on what is supposed to be just training sports! "Don't worry, I am not *that* bad." she says with a laugh, "But fine, a game to 3. And ow, that hurts. Are you calling me lazy?" she lifting an amused brow. "Mr. I-Wake-Up-at-4-am-for-practice." damn it turned out like too long of a name. No matter, but she does grin, looking eager to get into some physical activity, or perhaps just missing her old sensei.

"You do realize I know how to play this game, right?" And just to show it she lunges to the right, dribbling and attempting to squeeze past. Or is it a bluff? She stops and pivots, trying to take the man unaware by cutting left!

Yet it's clear she isn't in peak form, slower even if way better than her first times when she was still Skye.

Grant Ward has posed:
it is like old times. Well not exactly. Tghe times before in her training were to make her an efficient Agent and to keep her alive. This was early morning basketball and there was nobody's safety on the line in this little /training/ session. Ward as well had a smile on his face, the mere simple carefree interaction between him and Daisy bringing past memories to the surface. Her basketball skill is on full display and her bluffing pivot does catch him off guard leaving him standing there with no Daisy in front of him. The young woman has a clear path to the basket now. "Whoa." He turns to give chase.

"I think I have just been hustled."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Ahah! Just like the secret agent Daisy was trained to be (By Grant himself!) her bluff appears to work, she skipping past Grant and jumping to toss the ball to the hoop once she is clear. It lands in and of course that she prods in a little jab at Grant. "Getting a bit old, mmm?" amusement on her expression. Or maybe she is just poking him to make sure he doesn't let her win on PURPOSE. Of course that she has always been a touch blindsided where it came to Grant. Call it memories of the past.

Game resumes, the ball now with Ward and she gets into a defensive posture. "So.." she asks, trying to cover most angles of advance. "How's life been for Grant Ward, secret agent man of SHIELD?" she asks.

"Feel like it's been ages since we talked. I am sure FitzSimmons are missing you too. Remember to bring chinese takeout, it's the secret." The secret? Maybe to bribe the best minds in SHIELD.

Grant Ward has posed:
When the ball falls into the net, there is a shake of his head in what appears to either be disbelief that she actually made the sjot, or perhaps shaming himself for allowing her to do it so easily. Whatever the reason, he takes the ball and stands on the takeout line. "A bit old? I am in my prime Sk...Daisy." With that he steps forward quickly, then back just as quick, hoping to throw her off balance. The shot is tossed into the air from a good distance away and sinks through the netting with a *whoosh* sound.

" He actually does a little dance strut, very unorthodox for the usually straight laced Agent. "Ooooh. Did you see that? Did you get a video of that? If you didn't I will do it again for you in a minute. Your phone must be tucked in there..." He waves a hand at her outfit. "Somewhere."

The ball is fetched and given back to her with joking smug grin. "It has been ages. I admittedly have been concerned about you, having read what I have read. Which is why it is going to hurt me deeply when I bruise your ego."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"See..?" Daisy says, eyes going up and down at those .., dance moves. She lets out a laugh, "This is what I am talking about when I say you are old." a wink and she points up and around the room. "You realize I can just take this little dance out of the security cameras and .., distribute. Right?" there. Blackmail material secured! "But fine, lets just hope you aren't letting me win!" if anything she hates handouts. Not that the prospect of having her cook is a good one. Everyone knows Daisy is the worst cook in SHIELD. Maybe even in New York itself.

And no, there is no reveal of her phone anywhere. No places in that outfit for it!

Though she lets out a sigh at those last words, dribbling the ball a few times on the ground and doesn't advance just yet. "Yea, Saudi Arabia was an adventure. But at least we made sure the whole team came back home safe. No Agent is left behind, that's what you taught me." and then she strikes! Or rather she moves forth, using her shoulder to push Grant away to gain space... Another shot and point!

Grant Ward has posed:
Her words about taking the camera footage and distrubtuting actually cause him to pause a moment. She can do that. She would do that. Oh this could end up quite poorly for the reputation Ward had at the Trisk. It was true, Daisy saw a side of him that fairly few ever got to see. It came with their past, she had got him to open up to her and Daisy knew things about him that seldom did. Besides, he always had a silent soft-spot for the young woman; yet another thing he would not openly admit. "You wouldn't! Okay maybe you would. Please don't. You'll crush my legacy." He swats feebly at the ball.

"Nobody left behind. That's my mantra. Why I work alone a lot. When you work alone you casn't leave anyone behind. No pressure." As she dribbles forward he back pdeals on his heels. The shoulder finds him and being a bit off balance the man stumbles back and finds himself on his backside, peering up at her as she dribbles in to score. "Oh I see how we are going to play." There is a laugh given to his words as he pushes himself to his feet.

"Ball me." When the ball is given he eyes her carfully, his eyes meeting her, that smile still present. A few dribbles and he tries to dribble the ball through her legs, catching it on the other side and laying it in. "What did I say about keeping your legs closed Sk...Daisy." he tosses her the ball. " Tied up at 2. Can you win it, or will you let the pressure destroy you? I like my eggs scrambled. Tho, every egg you make ends up scrambled so..."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Don't worry, I will make sure noone ever gets to name you Agent Dancing Ward." It does have a ring to it. Maybe Daisy will have to keep some of that footage for a special occasion. But no, Daisy isn't the type to go and publicly humiliate Ward in such a manner. She knew the limits, and what was private. What they shared was for themselves.

As the shot is made and she scored again she lets out a dangerous grin, extending one hand to help Grant up, "Orphanage rules, biatch." it was no secret she had lived a lot of her life in an orphanage. St. Agnes! But once they are up again she grins, giving him a pat on the shoulder as if to apologize, throwing him the ball. "You know, for all the things you taught me Grant .., there is one that you have yet to learn yourself." She says, getting into position, again those legs open so as to cover as most of the field possible. She is smaller than the man afterall. " ... and that lesson is that SHIELD is family. You don't keep yourself away from family." and that's when the man strikes. Sneaky! Getting that ball between her legs.

She lets out a frustrated hiss but then smirks. "Okay, I admit. It was a nice comeback."

But then going after her cooking skills?! She snorts. "I will throw those eggs on your face and call it a meal." She then moves forth, dribbling, then back, looking for an opening...

She finds it when that slippery floor has her slide and almost fall. Which passes for a bluff, or some unorthodox maneuver. What matters is that she wriggles through, maybe due to Grant not being as .., committed into getting that ball back. Who knows?! Yet the throw comes through and she scores!

Grant Ward has posed:
When Daisy drives forward and almost slips, Grant extends a hand to actually attempt to catch her. Call it a protective instinct. However, he quickly realizes that either she was bluffing or recovered amazingly and as the ballis shot into the air, his world seems to go into slow motion. The Agent drops to his knees and raises his eyes and hands to the sky, letting on a mock expression of suffering. "Nooooo. How can this be?"

He remains on his knees with his hands resting upon them, his smile genuine as his glance falls once again to his former student and girlfriend. "My stomach may never be the same. Can you make toast?"
He shakes his head again, seemingly playing up his disbelief, but then becoming a bit more serious in his next words to her. "Did you enjoy your lesson Daisy? Your lesson in self-belief and confidence. I read your file after Saudi Arabia. The physical will heal, but it is what it inside your head that no medical treatment can cure. See what you can do when you put yuour mind to something?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I won." Daisy notes, "So no toast, or cereal." there she went, bending the rules again. It was supposed to be just no cereal! "You will have to spoil me to something nice!" and yes, she doesn't inhibit herself from doing her own little victory dance, indeed some of that self-confidence being back. And did he let her win? Well, she isn't thinking about that right now.

Those last words snap her attention back to Grant. She nods slowly. "I am hoping it will all heal.." she says, a tell that perhaps she had come to rely on her powers quite a lot. "I feel soething missing, a ..., purpose." she furrows her brows at that last part but then shakes her head to herself.

"You are right, I just need to get over it and give it time and focus on recovery." she approaches to extend one hand to help him up. "Come on. I will look forward to what you will prepare."

Grant Ward has posed:
Ward takes the offered hand and stands up, making no effortto retrieve the ball that remains on the court anyhow. "No, that is not what I said Daisy. I don't want you to just get over it. You can't rush the healing process. It's unhealthy." He gestures towards the exit, walking along beside her. "If there is one ting I have learned it is you can't just give up on something when it gets hard." Is that a reference to a past relationship?"

He places his arm around her in a casual manner as they exit the court, holding the door open with his free hand. "Pancakes. A sprinkle of powdered sugar. Not too much. Maple syrup and blueberries on the side. You like to monitor your blueberry to pancake bite ratio. Freak." He smiles as they both exit.