5354/Wasting Away Again At Josie's

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Wasting Away Again At Josie's
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Josie's Bar
Synopsis: Cinque and Madi strike up a conversation with each other at Josie's Bar. Cinque explains his boring life compared to Madi's more interesting one. Madi buys Slips drink, and introduces her to Cinque.
Cast of Characters: Cinque Evers, Madigan Belle, Slips

Cinque Evers has posed:
The eclectic atmospher of Josie's bar is full effect this afternoon, a mixture of ne'er do wells, criminals, whino, day drinkers, and others. It is a perfect to hide from your problems, or conduct illicit business from prying eyes. The reasons that bring Cinque to this establishment is a little bit of both. He is taking a break from the business of Jamil Shelter, while he casually observes everyone in the bar. He finds this is one of the easiest places to gather intelligence on a lot of people. With a couple of hours spent in the bar, he gathers information on a whole host of people.(their looks, their favorite drinks, their friends and allies) A slight smirk appears on his face as this entire endeavor normally costs his only 12 twelve dollars, and having to remember awful bar smells from the rest of his life.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Entering this fine establishment is a young woman who might draw a little more attention as she pushes open the door and makes her way inside. Madigan walks in a bit of a pronounced way, having to sway her hips quite a bit more than a sauntering woman in an action movie does. That's likely because of the same reason her legs are in braces that lock to hold her up, then unlock to swing with her hips, and acts like walking. The crutch helps her navigate and balance as she moves, especially when going up and down stairs.

Once she gets to the bar though, Josie herself is looking a little incredulously at Madi as she works her way onto a stool, "Hey barkeep. Three fingers of your finest whiskey."

And when asked for her ID, the redhead chuckles a bit, and ohs, "Right, well, thank you for the compliment." And she fiddles with her backpack until she can unzip the back pocket. There she grabs out her phone, and a wallet. Unzipping the wallet she finds her ID and slides it out, there's a lot of cash in that wallet as well, a few hundred dollar bills, and then some smaller ones. She slides the ID over for inspection, "Recent picture." And she gives a big grin, to mimic the picture photo, "Though they had me take off my glasses. It was weird really, I mean, if the cops are going to want to identify me, you'd think they'd want my corrective lenses on. Not like I'm driving." It is indeed just a State ID. "So, anyhow, whiskey please." A big bright grin, before she reaches out to take her ID back.

After a quick review, Josie kind of mmphs, and then goes to get the drink poured. The ID being left on the counter for Madigan to grab and tuck back away into her Disney Princess wallet. That's one bright Pink wallet, with shiny pins on it of Belle, Ariel and more. Looking around with her eyes a bit wide, curiously staring at different folks, her eyes are landing on various people, many of whom don't seem to notice as they are busy in their own social endeavors.

Cinque Evers has posed:
Like most of the other patron, Cinque's gaze falls on Madigan as she enters the bar and settles on her stool. The entire scene draws his fascination as he continues to observe the other patrons in the bar. Cinque grabs the bowl of peanuts in front of him as he carries them down toward's Madigan. He tugs on the bottom of his hoodie as he awkardly states, "Just in case, you...wanted some peanuts latter? Umm.. You don't have to try to reach them?

Cinque's eye widen as he realizes what he just said "Not saying you couldn't reach for the peanuts by yourself, or ask for them. It just gets busy sometime. Cinque shifts his weight from side to side as he struggles and continues to fail to find the right words, "Well, it seems no one would should strain themselves for peanuts, not saying it would be a strain to you. A nervous laugh escapes his lips as he proclaims, "Belive it or not, this is actually the fifth most embarrasing conversation I had about peanuts with a total stranger.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Turning her attention on the man who just walked up to her, Madigan smiles big. Her pinkish plush lips stretching wide, and curved upward, as her white teeth show in the greeting. "Oh, thanks! I love snacks. Peanuts are great." And then you continue on explaining, her facial expression shifts a little, as she looks to the side, then to the other side. Maybe embarrassed for you.

"I, get it. It is cool. Thanks for thinking of me. Really. I mean, I can't ignore the fact that getting on and off a stool is a lot harder for me than you." Though Madi waits for you to finish up your conversation on peanuts, then she offers, "Well. I mean, I had to explain to a doctor when I was five about how I got peanuts stuck up my nose. And then when I was thirteen on how I got peanuts stuck up my-"

And Josie interrupts semi-loudly, "Here's your whiskey." Derailing the conversation as Madi brightly turns to the bartender and owner. She grabs up the whiskey and downs it quick, letting out a little grimace.

"Oh, that's ... bad. Really bad. Another for me barkeep, and one for my friend, here. I didn't catch your name? I'm Madi, by the way."

Cinque Evers has posed:
Blinks his eyes a few times as she explains her embarassing stories about peanuts. "That is an interesting memory." Cinque thinks to himself that he is now going to remember that story forever. Cinque picks up a peanut shell and meticulously begins to the peel the shell from the nut as he introduce himself, "Oh, I am Cinque. My peanut stories I think were little less tramautic, and interesting." Cinque laughs and holds out his hand, "Oh, I have to back to work tonight, so I have to refuse. I normally come here down a couple of shots really fast, and then I just waste time until I am sober. Cinque gaze shifts at his watch, "Which should be in about 45 minutes."

Madigan Belle has posed:
A quirk of Madi's mouth to the side shows her thinking about Cinque's response, "Oh, that's an interesting way of putting that. I have a really good memory. Pretty damn near perfect, really, gotta have one thing. Well, I have two, at least, my face is naturally very symmetrical which makes for an attractive look. Then I asymmetrically do my hair, which throws in a nice counterbalance. And then, I have my memory."

Using her hands on the bar, she turns herself, twisting with a bit of effort, not able to really swing her legs to get that extra momentum, but her arms pivot her so she's more facing Cinque. "Nice to meet you, Cinque." And she shakes the offered hand with a few quick up and downs, enthusiastically taking the hand, then she slides the peanuts closer to herself and tosses a few of them into her mouth, chewing with crunch and emphasis. "These are better than the whiskey. And, don't worry, I'll drink yours then, though you could always go to work a little drunk. I mean, just play it off as a bit tired." She shrugs as if that's just as fine of an answer, "Your call. Though the whiskey is terrible, I doubt I'll be able to stop drinking it."

Slips has posed:
Slips spent some time earlier in here as a big burly guy to shark people at the pool table, but it got tiring and /boring/.  After taking care of some business though, Slips steps back into the bar as her main alter ego, Arya.  She's wearing a thick red, zipped up hoodie, some black jeans, and black shoes.  It's a quick stroll to hop up onto a seat at the bar.  "I'll have whatever you can't get rid of," she says with a smirk and pulls out her wallet to slide her ID across.

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Well, it seems you have three things. You forgot your humility." A mischevious grin plays on his face as he continues to dissect the peanut shell from the peanut, "Oh, I cannot show up drunk. I have to set up a good example." Cinque stops peeling his peanut long enough to retrieve a business card from his hoodie. The card reads, "Jamii Homeless Shelter "Bringing the Community Together to Help Each Other". Cinque places the card on the bar next to the bowl of peanuts. "I am the owner and operator of the shelter. Well, I do have a staff and volunteers that are a tremendous help."

As Cinque continues his small talk, his eyes catch a patron with several scratches on his face and hands talking to a small time fixer that puts people in touch with someone who can get them high quality passports. The fixer carries with him a small green notebook and is a southpaw. The fixer has a nervous habit of biting the tip of his pen as he fills out information in his green notebook. To the left of them is a woman in her forties that has order several shots, but she doesn't seem to be drinking any of them. Underneath her crimson leather jacket she is wearing is a holster that is barely perceptible in the bar lighting.
Cinque eyes take it all end, every last detail of the bar that is in his view, little pieces of treasure for his mental treasure cheast. Cinque even stores Madi's naturally very symmetical face too, "Long story short is that showing up drunk when you trying to help people get their lives together just doesn't really work

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Humility?" Madigan questions, confusion showing up on her face, scrunching of eyebrows in full force, and then she pauses and a big grin starts to spread across her lips. She laughs a bit, "Ohhhhh, yeah. I see, a joke. Got it." Then she can't hide her grimace at you hand her a business card and she reads it, "Homeless, shelter, huh? I mean, you have a home and can afford drinks. Isn't that setting a good example?"

There's a bit of a shrug as her two whiskeys show up and as she turns back to say Thank you, she notices there's another person sitting up at the bar. "Hello, stranger. Want one of these?" She asks about the extra whiskey she got, "This fine upstanding citizen, in a bar in the afternoon, is snubbing his nose up at it." A quick look back to Cinque she grins big, showing her teeth, "Just teasing Cinque. Wow, 2 new friends in one day. What's your name lady? I'm Madi, this is Cinque, he works doing something good for people, I think. I've never been, perhaps he really is just running a homeless shelter to attract people no one would miss. And then in the middle of the night, he dismembers them, and sells parts on the internet for illegal black market surgeries? Can never be too sure."

Slips has posed:
"Affording drinks is halfway there," Arya leans a little to chime in without real invitation yet.  Then she resumes waiting for what she hopes is some kind of awful that will get her drunk quick or regret; all good drinking nights are full of regret and laughter right?

"Oh, yeah.  Would love it," Arya says with a smirk, turning a little more toward the young woman when drawn into the conversation.  She leans to fix Cinque with mock serious scrutiny for a beat.  "Arya.  Ari works too," she offers to Madi first, then Cinque.  "Oh.  I see.  He's a pro."  All the while she's grinning through the sport of it.  "That's gotta be hard work.  Long hours.  Security concerns."

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Well, my home is above the homeless shelter. It used to be a hotel that I renovated." Cinque finally finishes peeling the peanut and carefully places the shell on the bar as he slightly mumbles, "The local public radio station did a three minute piece on it awhile back. I think they still might have it on their webpage, but I digress." Cinque laughs softly, "And no, I am not some weirdo from feckin Gotham, but thank you for that very dark image." Cinque winks playfully at Madi as he states, "Remind me to call you when I need someone to volunteer for storytime for the children." Cinque turns his attention to Arya, "It is nice to meet you, Ari. And yes, running a shelter is hard work and very long hours.

Slips has posed:
"Yes, a 'homeless shelter,'" Arya teases Cinque with a singlehanded air quote and a wink before reaching for the gifted glass of whiskey.  She dips her chin in thanks to Madi, brandishing a Puckishly contented grin with her found fare.

"So are you here because the job got a little rough?  Or is this just where you come to hit on people?"  The woman observes Cinque's reaction over the rim of her glass as it hovers there for a sip that doesn't come yet.

Cinque Evers has posed:
"I have a half a floor to myself, but it is still a homeless shelter." Cinque raises his right hand and gently rubs his right index finger with his left hand as he talks, "It is still a homeless shelter, so you be amaze how many women don't think it is attractive to live above a homeless shelter, so I am not flirting with anyone." Cinque grabs abother peanut to begin to slowly peel it, "And I am normally to tired to come up with clever conversations to make myself interesting." Cinque peers around the place, 'I guess I am hiding for a moment."

Slips has posed:
"Half a floor is a palace, homeless shelter or not."  Arya arches her brows as she alludes to the astronomical prices of...everywhere.  She takes a sip and lowers her glass.  "So, does that mean you aren't even trying anymore?"

Arya seems to have more of an intellectual interest in her engagement and line of inquiry.  "Hiding from?"  The woman scans her surroundings, /trying/ not to be conspicuous, like Cinque might have pointed out where the bathroom is, even though no one would expect to want to use a bathroom in a dive bar.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle had to head to the bathroom, and then is finally managing her way back to the bar, when she asks Cinque, "You live above the homeless shelter? Do you find that that smells a lot? I mean, like, a lot a lot?" Then she looks between Cinque and Ari, and looks back and forth between them. "Radio? I really don't think that I've ever even heard radio from like an actual radio station."

"Is someone hiding from someone else? Is it the mob? Why would you hide from the mob, they aren't -that- bad of people. I mean, most people are just people, but I guess you would have problems should you be wanted by them. And then you probably couldn't call the police, cause, it's the mob, they probably have people in the mob's gang." A pause and Madi quirks her mouth back and forth a bit, thinking about this line of ideas.

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Thinking about how to find my soul a home, where the water is not thirsty and the bread loaf is not stone." Cinque recites part of a poem as resumes his painstaking task of deshelling of another peanu. A weary smile briefly plays across his face before disappearing as he prcolaims "You two either have way more interesting lives than me, or you both have imaginations that rival someone with a...great...imagination." Cinque quickly glances at his watch to hide the fact that could have been better. "Perhaps, it is going to take me a bit longer to sober up."

Cinque shakes his head, "Oh. no, we have a great people committed clean and santizing the place, and helping with hygiene. The only time it really smell bad in there was when I decided to clean and cook chitlins." Cinque tugs on the bottom of hoodie as he continues to speak, "People throught we had a busted sewer line." Cinque grins, "I am hiding from my responsibilities. If it is only a few hours every few months, then so be it."

Slips has posed:
Something Madigan says seems to pique Slips' interest, causing her eye closest to the young woman to squint slightly.  It might have been Madi's opinion about mob people, but the faint amused scrutiny vanishes in a split second.  "She has a point," Arya says casually.

Cinque's recitation, whether Ari realizes it's one or not, garners a little bit of a head tilt.  "Ah.  Sloughing it off on your lessers.  Nothing like a network of workers," she says with a laugh before rising.  She grabs her glass and knocks back the rest.

"I owe you a drink," Arya snap points to Madi with a smile before setting her glass down.  "I'm in the phone book.  Arya Joshi."  Do those even exist anymore?  Google searches will find her though.  She doesn't announce her leaving more than her body language does.  On her way out, she looks at a wristwatch.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"What?" Asks Madi about the whole soul and bread thing, before she grimaces a little bit, "Are you some kind of hippie? I mean, I like some hippies. I met this rainbow brite hippie the other day. She was pretty cool... or warm, or hot. I mean, bio plasma, am I right?" A bit of a ramble as she orders a few more rounds of drinks for herself.

"What do you do, outside of the homeless shelter? Not to be... crass, but I don't think I could deal with the homeless. It is rough enough dealing with just me, and helping me. Let alone, helping others. Ya know? That's gotta be a big time suck."

When Slips comment comes out, she nods her head, "Yeah, you need more workers. Like, monetize your shelter more. Get people working in there, do window cleanings, trash pick up, you probably don't even need to pay more than food and a cot. Seems like you could have a good workforce. And that would free you up to do more hobbies." A little wave as she picks up her phone, to search for Arya Joshi, and then sets it on the counter so she doesn't forget. "What kind of name is Cinque? Is that like Sink, everything but the kitchen... or is it more like Sync, like what action stars do with their watches before going in to blow things up?"

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Rainbow Brite? I am sorry, but I think you lost me? Cinque watches as Slip heads out, before turning back to Madi, "Too bad, she left. She would have witness first hand proof why I don't even try to flirt with beautiful women." Cinque clasps his hands together as he explains, "I run the homeless shelter, our shelter has small rooms people who stay the night, coverted suites for lodging for families waiting to get a HUD house, and rooms for abused spouse and runaway children...

Cinque smiles softly, "The families and people do help as much as they can, but it takes a lot of energy to keep it afloat." Cinque orders some tonic water as he scans the bar again, "I am named after, Joseph Cinque." He pauses for a moment to peer at the inhabitants again as he grins again, "I think I implied that I was not very interesting, but my job doesn't suck. It is fulfilling, but it a bit consuming except a few hours every few months when I hide. Cinque ponders to himself running the shelter and extracurricular activities really drain his energy.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Yeah. Some meta I met who could get all lit up. She saved me from a robber, then she totally flirted with me, a bunch. She doesn't have tentacles, so I don't think it'll work out plus she's like... super dull. Loves bad music, likes being mellow. I mean, sure, a booty call? Mayyyyyybe. She's pretty, but was really hoping for the whole tentacles. Or maybe sharp teeth or something, claws. You know, alien. Cause, that's what she is. Nope, just a sexy looking woman." Madi shakes her head after rambling on a bit about whoever she is calling Rainbow Brite.

Then there's a bit of a pause, "Huh? I mean, you can flirt with me if you want. You are pretty hot. I don't mind, but you really are boring. I mean, a homeless shelter that isn't even being used for body part sales OR slave labor? You are practically a saint. And, I mean, that's like dull. Really. You'd need a hobby or something interesting. Like, do -you- have tentacles? Are -you- an alien? I mean, all those things are totally turn ons."

Quirking her mouth a bit when she gets three more pretty full whiskeys, she pulls out her Disney Princess wallet again, takes out a hundred dollar bill, and puts that on the table for the payment. She waves a hand a bit at the idea of getting change. Turning her head to Cinque, "Alright. So, lie to me. Tell me something that isn't true, convince me, and make it interesting." She turns fully toward you and squints a moment, like she's trying to read you, then she says, "Alright, go."

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Yes, you do have a more interesting life than me." Cinque sips on his tonic water, "I do my best to stay away from all that sort of weirdness, except helping homless mutants that might come to the shelter. Cinque continues, "I mean I stay out of Gothan for that exact reason." Cinque raises his hand in dismissive manner, "Please, I think I embarrassed myself already. How about you telling me something about yourself?

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's no hiding it, Madi laughs a little, she has a hard time not having everything just sort of show up on her face, "Clearly, I don't get to say this often, but my life is more interesting than yours." And she adds to that, "I mean, just last night, I met The Punisher. I met an alien earlier in the day, and I got to talk genetics with some smart undergrad at Empire University."

A pause as she hrms, "Something about me? I have a lot about me. I mean, I have non functioning legs, that's pretty obvious. I have red hair, I wear glasses. I am working at getting my Ph.D in genetics. Well, more specifically, associated genes and the implications of co-morbid developments from altering genetic codes. Though I am really working on how we can utilize that, with the proper mapping, of course, to increase our success ratios of genesplicing and expected results." A mouthful to be sure.

She then downs some more whiskey, not even slowing a bit, then drinking each of the other ones, "Speaking of which. I gotta go. Labs for the rest of the evening." And she manages to get up off the stool, "Maybe I'll come by your homeless shelter sometime to make sure its -just- a homeless shelter." With that she's heading toward the door.