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Date of Scene: 27 February 2021
Location: Horse Stables
Synopsis: Emma, Christian, and Rogue have a chat, Christian has been sober for four days.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Rogue, Christian Frost

Emma Frost has posed:
    It's a cool day in New York again, and despite the trees surrounding the property, the winds have been harsher and cooler than most would prefer, including the poor four hooved friends down in the stables. As such, Emma Frost, can have some sympathy, so she's down in the stables, with custom riding pants on, cream in color, and a thick black riding jacket on with the nearly knee high gloss black boots polished to a perfect shine. She looks like a horse-girl that you might see on Tinder talking more about her horse than herself.

    But this is Emma, there are ulterior motives.

    Emma is at the stable of a large black stallion and she's calmly talking to it, her hair swishing against her shoulders from the pony tail she put it in as she reaches up to brush at the creatures neck with a special brush. "There there. I know, fresh hay will be down in the morning. I know." She says to the creature, looking into those black eyes and not realizing others might be coming out to find her or the horses more likely.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gone out to town to get a few errands done for the school. One of those errands was to stop by the Western store to get stuff for the horses.

Outside the garage her red truck pulls up and after a moment the Belle steps out of the driver's side and shuts the door. Wearing her grey navy peacoat, a black wool hat on her head, and simple slacks and boots, Rogue steps around the truck and starts to pull out the bags of horse feed..

They weigh a lot, but she just puts them up on her shoulders like they're full of feathers and starts to walk toward the stable door just inside the garage...

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Little Emma, still playing with her horseys." He says, finally making himself known, allowing himself to be seen. Christian had on a blue beanie, and was dressed in light khaki chinos, with an 'ironic' black military style sweater with the shoulder pads, a royal blue scarf around his neck, and those gold round teashade sunglasses he had been favoring, keeping out light to avoid yet another withdrawal headache. "Some things never change." His worn out Docs stepped lightly as he approached his sister.

  Christian was more of a swimmer than a lifter, he hadn't noticed Rogue making a heft of the feed bags of yet.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma lowers the brush from the horse and turns with her hand still on the side of his face to look at Christian, though she is aware of Rogue's approach, she doesn't mention anything, curious to know how the two of them will treat each other. She has her educated guess, but nothing is for sure.

    "Some things never do older brother." She says with a blink and then looks up towards Christian, "What're you doing out here?" She asks, curious what to expect from Christian this time, though she has a guess that it's him seeking money for some clothes or a phone, or so he'll claim but actually spend it on weed or something worse.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spots Chris first, but is quick to spy Emma right there after. So she just assumes that Chris is some guest of Emma's, it's odd, but Emma is kinda odd, right?

Rogue approaches Chris and passes by him on the way to the stables, offering him a smile as she passes by the with the 60 pound bags on her shoulders. AS she strides in to the stables she catches part of what Emma says and walks over to one of the stalls to crouch and set the bags down.

"What's up, Emms?" She asks now, straightening up, Rogue's gloved hands go up to her hat to pull it off and run her fingers through her brown and white streaked hair. She sorts the white strands out around her face and leans back against one of the stass, giving Chris another look and a upnod of her slim pointed chin.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Taking a walk. Decided to poke my head in." Christian was CLEAN since Monday when she had taken him to the mansion, the day before his incident at the dance. He'd been trying to stick to detoxing. The opal trip showed him just the kind of thing he could be, and he wanted it. "What you're thinking. I'm trying to stop. Okay?" He says to her before looking down at his boots, kicking the dirt just a little. "I am trying."

  Rogue's upnod is returned, his own blonde hair could be seen peeking out under his beanie. His round sunglasses glint back the overhead lights, but he was very relaxed, compared to his younger sister.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma leans to the side to give Rogue a slight nod, her hair whipping from the motion but she keeps petting the side of the stallion's face before she reaches over towards Christian, "Hand me that apple." It's just against the stall and Emma wants to make sure he gets a treat.

    Watching Rogue drop the bags, Emma puts the apple on the palm of her hand and holds it up to the horse. "Christian, this is Anna, Anna, this is Christian." Emma says, allowing the introductions to get out of the way. "I have a shipment of hay coming up from down south, should be here soon."

    The whole apple is quickly gone and Emma lowers her hand to rub it against Christian's shirt and she turns to Rogue and then smirks before passing into the stall with the horse to grab the large specialty blanket to throw over the stallion and now she responds to Christian, "I'm proud that you're trying, but it's a trial every day sometimes. Y'know. Right, Anna?"

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Oh. My. Fucking. God. Emma, this is Balenciaga!" Christian says, wiping off the wiping off of his sweater.

  "Anna, hi, this is my sister, Emma. Who never grew out of wiping her boogers on me." Giving Emma a bit of side eye. "Yeah, now I wish I had some PCP to smoke just to spite you!" He made light of it all, he couldn't survive if he couldn't make fun of himself about his drug habit.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking between the siblings and stuffing her wadded up hat in to the side pocket of her jacket. She then puts her elbows back on the stall door behind her that has a Chestnut brown horse in it who is walking over to nudge the side of her head with his big nose. Rogue looks over to the horse and smiles at him before she hear sthe introductions and it draws her green eyed gaze back to the Brother.

"Ya'll are related, huh?" She assumes. "Ya look like carbon copies." The girl with the deep southern accent says to them, now grinning lightly. "Nice t'meet ya, Christian. Anna, or Rogue, either works. I like your shades."

The horse bumps Rogue's head again and she turns to face him now to put her hands up on to his long face to stroke it gently. She whispers something to the horse in French.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "And who gave you the money to pay for it." Emma says then sticks her tongue out at Christian, yeah, eat it. Emma takes up the blanket and moves to the side of the horse, careful with her hand on his side so he knows she's there the whole time, and throws the blanket over the beast. Spreading it out across his back and sides, making sure its even and smooth. It takes Emma some time to finish her job of getting him ready for another cold night. "Okay, there you go." She says and pats his neck before she climbs out of the stall. "How did that dance go? Was it as boring as it sounded. Enchantment Under the Sea, gross." Way wrong, but she doesn't much care.

Rogue has posed:
After giving her whispered flirts to the horse, Rogue adjsuts her stare to look back over at Emma and Christian. She shows a grin. "Cute." She tells them both. "Well, yeah, it's good t'meet ya, Christian." Rogue shoves off of the stall door and swings her hands at her sides for a moment as she steps out in to the middle of the aisle.

Stopping there, the Belle's hands go in to her coat pockets and she looks to the horse that Emma is caring for. "Didn't take you for a animal person, Emma. It's nice t'see ya carin' for them like that." She looks back to Chris then. "You just stoppin' by t'see your sis then?" She asks him.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Oof, how dare you." Christian offered up coyly as Rogue calls him a carbon copy of Emma, giving a wink from above his sunglasses.

  "The tunes were alright, but this girl got uppity with me after I said I can relate to Whitney Houston not having someone to dance with. Then that Scott guy started...just being the biggest shady queen. I left after that, too many sticks shoved up too many asses, and everyone being a judgey Johnny."

  "Fuck, made me really want cocaine that night. I almost skipped town to get my hands on it."

  He lets out a sigh before answering Rogue's question. "I don't know. I...it's complicated." He never really knew his plans more than getting his next high, making long term plans was just a foreign concept to him at this point.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma pats the rear flank of the horse and smooths the blanket out there and reaches down to make sure his legs are covered well against the winds. "All better." She says and runs her hand along his side as she approaches towards his head and the others in the isle of the stalls. Emma and the horse both stick their heads out as Rogue gets closer and she squints almost playfully, "I care for the kids too, but you're more likely to see this as something 'traditionally' called caring." Emma says with a shrug, she knows how she is. Christian does too but that's up to him if he wants to comment on it.

    "He's staying with me, or via me, or however you want to explain it. I'm trying to get him sober and then from there, ... we're going to ruin our dad's fortune, and start our own. But I am hoping something else pops up for us to get him to focus on." Emma tells Rogue her plans, but it's not like it's a secret.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking back over at Emma and the black horse, starting to meander over toward the animal now. But Christian's talk of his party lifestyle makes her look back his way for a second. She shows a hesitant grin at that flagrant talk of drugs and... yeah.

"I see." Rogue says, her stare going back to Emma. "Well, I hope you can get'im sobered up. They'll kick his ass outta here like a sack'a bricks if he's bringin' stuff like that onta the school grounds."

She shoots a smile back over to Christian, not wanting to talk about him like he's not here. "This ia good place, if you're wantin' t'clean up and get setup for a good life. Your sister here's been doin' a great job, impressin' folks, in fact. Like me, and I'm a harsh ass judge."

Rogue reaches out then to pet the black horses face now too.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "The man sent me to a mental hospital to un-gay me, and you want me to just forget that?" He raises an eyebrow to that, allowing Emma to retort.

  Rogue's thoughtful comments make the man smile, just a bit. "There's two of them that heard the last name Frost and didn't treat me like a pariah, good." Christian makes way for the horse, not that he didn't like them, he just...wasn't wanting to get dirty. "Four days...still not enough."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I know, Anna, thanks for the pep talk." Emma shoot Rogue a look for the 'warning'. Something Emma is well aware of, and is keeping an eye out for, but doing her best to trust Christian. "Thanks for the compliment though." Emma says with a smirk before she leans back to get back to work in the stall with the horse that somehow hasn't been named yet.

    "I know what he put you through, you don't let any of us forget, this is why I'm offering to take you on the ride of ruining his bank account and his self worth." Yeah, they're petty like that. Planning on 'overthrowing' their father and younger sister. "I'm still working at being redeemed here, but you shouldn't have to work so long, I did some...shit." Emma admits.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just kinda looks between the two of them as they talk about the rather ... personal family drama out in the open in front of her. She winces a bit at hearing the jist of it, but isn't sure how to comment on such a topic.

So she elects to just cross her arms on the stall edge that Emma is in and watche her for a moment before she looks back to Christian. "Ain't nobody around here gonna treat ya like that, Mistah." She does choose to tell him, lacing it with a warm smile for him. "I mean, they put up with me and I'm pure trouble." Her smile shifts in to a slight grin.

Back to Emma, Rogue tilts her head. "Ya need any help, Emms, or are ya good here?" She asks.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "At least there's good lookin' guys to ogle at behind these glasses. I saw this one fella, could have been made of steel. Mmm." Christian just gives a bit of a sigh before he continues. "Really though. This is a nice place...I could get used to being around here. Thanks Anna." A genuine smile grew on his face before he turned to Emma. "This one is a good one too."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I did, but I think we're about wrapped up here." Emma says with a wink, yeah, it was a bad joke about wrapping up the horses. "I'll hang around a bit waiting for the truck with the hay to get here, tell them where to stick it and that stuff." Emma shrugs before looking to Christian and rolls her eyes. "She's probably the most dangerous one here, I wouldn't fuck with her if you knew what was good for you." Emma says, giving Rogue some high praise without saying it directly to her. "You two go on ahead, warm up I know it's getting cold out here." She says, suddenly the woman isn't pale, but crystaline and refracting the little light there is. "The cold never bothered me anyways."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue remains leaning on the stall's gate with her hands overlapping one another. She glances back to Christian and hears his praise of the men at the school. This gets a grin from Rogue. "Piotr." She says. "The metal man. Though you might wanna aim more toward the one made'a ice." She grins again at him before she looks back to Emma.

The Belle lightly shakes her head at the priase. "I dunno about that. I'd say Jean is the one who packs the biggest punch, so t'speak anyhow." When Emma turns down the help Rogue leans back and pats the stall ledge softly before nodding. "Fair a'nough." She starts to turn then. "I'm gonna take the rest've the stuff outa the truck, and head inside. Ya'll shout if ya need somethin' from me."

With that, Rogue turns and starts to walk back the way she'd come. "Nice t'meet ya, Christian." She tells him as she passes him by again on her way back to her truck outside the garage.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Yeah, Emma. Tell them where to stick it." He says, raising his middle finger up to nothing. "So punk rock, yet elegant. Like me!"

  Christian's laughter echoes through the stables for a moment. "Let's go, Anna, I can help you. I also managed to find a stash of Irish cream, it's not angel dust, but it's what we got!" Is she even old enough to drink? Oh! Good! "You don't have any Angel dust, by chance?" He asks, following next to Rogue as they leave. "Wait, does everyone have powers here?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Christian as he joins her on the walk out of the Stables and back in to the fancy garage. She hears his words and grins at the booze comment, "Yeah, turned legal just a few weeks ago." She notes as she pulls her hat back out of her pocket and starts to put it back on over her head. The Angel Dust stuff makes the Belle laugh softly and she shakes her head. "Sorry, no. I like t'party, don't get me wrong, but not quite like that. I'm high on life." She says the cheesey line and puncutates it for him with a big smile.

As they head out the open door to the driveway where her truck is, Rogue walks toward the side of it with her boots crunching on the finely laid gravel. "This is a school for gifted youngsters, like the sign outfront says. So yeah, a lotta powers around here. But we're doin' our best t'make sure people learn how t'use'em responsible like." At the side of the truck, Rogue starts to take out bags of groceries to hand to Chris, as many as he can handle.

"Like I said, this is a good place. I hope you give it a chance. For Emma's sake too." She smiles softly once more.

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian sighs playfully before he snaps his fingers. "Damn. Guess liquor will have to do."

  Approaching the truck, Christian chuckles. "I just thought it was a smart kid school." He takes the offered groceries before heading in with her. "So, tell me more about this ice guy, is he cute?" Heading inside for alcohol laced warm beverages, perhaps things wouldn't be so bad here in this place.