5361/25 - 02 - 21 - HUTTZ!

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25 - 02 - 21 - HUTTZ!
Date of Scene: 27 February 2021
Location: Vatican City, Italy
Synopsis: May, having escaped her arrest, takes the opportunity to question Katherine Huttz about the HYDRA temple under the Biblioteca Apolstolia Vaticana, among other things. With Daisy's remote help, of course. What she discovers is far more disturbing than she expected -- and not how she expected.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson

Melinda May has posed:
The bluetooth earpiece in Melinda May's ear is as unobtrusive as she could find. She's not above using the various contacts she's made over the years. And even in Rome, she has 'friends'. Friends outside of 'The Church'. The earpiece is small, flesh-coloured, and more or less fits in her ear like a slightly oversized hearing aid. It's not perfect, but it will do the job.

Somewhere along the way, she ditched her khakis and floral blouse for black trousers and a white buttondown that allows her far greater flexibility in creating various disguises. Getting out of the police station, she just needed to toss a yellow jacket over it and grab a black ball cap to blend in with the cops. Getting into the hospital, it was a blue cap and blue jacket from an EMT. Put her at a fancy dress party and a smart jacket would turn her into security... or a server. Seriously. Never underestimate the white shirt and black trouser wardrobe staples. Now, the cap is gone and a white lab coat and stethescope give her the illusion of being part of the hospital staff.

She fishes through a stock room for some gauze, speaking softly into the earpiece. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I'll tell you everything I can when I'm back stateside, but right now... I need everything you can get me on a woman named Katherine Huttz. Two T's and a Z. *Everything.*" She scoops up a couple of rolls of gauze and some surgical tape, sticking them in her labcoat pocket before exiting the storage room and striding purposely down the hall toward the room she earlier located the woman in. "I'm going in to interrogate her and you're the only one I trust to get me the info I need to shake her loose."

Isn't that nice? May respects Daisy's skills AND trusts her. High compliments, here.

As she enters the room, she closes the door behind her. The woman is still out of it, which suits May fine. She was rather hoping that'd be the case. She knew she was working against time. ICER rounds only last so long. Finding that they're still working is a blessing, in this instance. The currently off-the-books SHIELD agent takes the gauze out of her pocket and begins wrapping it efficiently around the woman's head -- over her eyes, mainly. It really wouldn't do for Ms Huttz to wake up and recognize the Asian American Tourist from the South, after all. Not when they have much more important matters to discuss.

Finished with the gauze, she puts it away, tucks the woman's arms inside her sheets, and tucks those sheets tightly under the edges of the mattress. It's not the most secure binding around, but it should do for now.

Now... she just has to wait. So, she picks up the woman's chart and makes a show of studying it, in case anyone peeks in the the window in the door.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Katherine's last memories before everything went blank. A strange phone call from the care taker of the temple telling her she had left her toy behind. Then returing to the library to see guard of the temple on the ground. She alerted Giuseppe over the phone and tried to make a run for it.

    The drip in her arm is just to rehydrate her. It's like her entire body untenses all at once and she lets out a small moan of discomfort. The gauze concerns her and she turns her head this way and that. There's a vaguely lab coated person in the room with her, "Doctor? .. what happened?" asks Katherine making the initial assumption May wants her to make.

    It dawns on her as the situation floods back in to her brain, "Oh. Sorry doctor I need my phone at once, I have urgent calls to make," she says and squirms against the well tucked in sheets.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The message had comes as a surprise. She knew May was the type to go by the book. At least most of the times, she knew they had went off the books when they visited that village a while ago with Clint. Still, for her to be sending this ... Shit had hit the fan. Big time.

And where it came to Daisy, she didn't doubt family.

So she got her burner, took point inside her van where she has all her tools of the trade needed, laptop, satellite connection. Hacking abilities. Time to get to work.

Katherine Huttz. A quick skim starts revealing those basics and even as she grins at the show of trust she tells the other woman through the phone in a professional manner, "She is the CEO of Pucktech." she states, "Telecommunications, mmmm, hold on I need to find out more about these guys." she starting on a search for them, the *clack* *clack* of her keyboard heard on the phone. Super speed with those fingers!

"She is supposedly on vacations in Europe, has three kids Kat, Grey and Fred. Her husband is called Reg. Let me see if I can find pics.."

Melinda May has posed:
May speaks soothingly, at first, letting an Italian accent colour her tone. "Go easy, signora. You are still recovering. Your phone call will wait." Then, she leans over, and whispers quietly into the woman's ear, "Hail, HYDRA."

She betrays nothing on her face as Daisy starts relaying information to her. Instead, she straightens, laying a hand gently on the woman's breastbone and pushing her back against the bed. It's a gentle suggestion she not struggle. "We need to talk, signora, about the temple, si?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Katherine is somewhat relieved to hear 'hail hydra' in her ear, but then somewhat more confused as she's held down on the bed. "Right.. the temple," she says on confusion. This isn't one of her people. Perhaps it's one of Mallick's people. That old grey fox isn't trying to pull moves against the other heads again is he?

    "I should ask that you not press on my chest quite so hard," she says in a slightly warning tone. "Now is a time for you to prove yourself and find a higher purpose, not sully yourself playing the fool in someone else's game of chess."

    Huttz never liked the more aggressive parts of HYDRA. Not that she can do much about the way it has always been and the way it will always be. She agrees that there is even a need for muscle. You can't always rely on people behaving rationally.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy whistles, she most likely having landed into some juicy info. "Those guys are into some serious stuff. Pucktech. Advanced, on-the-fly encryption chips. They even work for governments and militaries." a pause, "From what I am reading they have their hands in a lot of pies and .., damn, they have a model inside the US Military too, even Euros, Russians." a beat, "The Chinese." then a frown. "Those guys even provide their top model to SHIELD." oh great, she just knew IT would be up to their nines soon enough. Most likely ripping off those chips.

She lets out a brief sigh. Trouble was on the horizon.

Melinda May has posed:
"Scuzi, signora," May says evenly. The pressure from her hand is, in fact, light. But she relaxes it. For the moment, anyway. "I know well whom I serve." She sets the chart aside and reaches for a cup of water, with a straw. "I have some water here for you. I would take your bandages off, but it is better for both of us that they remain on. Not to mention, whatever you were shot with has made you quite photosensitive. You will find it less painful this way." A beat. "We both will."

She waits for a moment, listening to the additional information Daisy gives her. Then, she places the straw gently against Katherine's lips. "The water, if you wish it. If you do not, that is fine." May's trying the 'nice cop' approach here. She's not really sure it's going to work. But, sometimes it's smarter to lead with the carrot.

She knows Daisy can hear what she's saying. "The temple beneath the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana has been breeched. There are some -- not I, you understand, nor my employer, but *some* who cast aspersions on you. They say it is your fault. They say that you left something there. A doll?"

For the moment, she's playing for time, letting Daisy dig a little deeper and giving her some vague clues as to what's going on. Like... what the hell was that temple? Meanwhile, she mentally files away the information about the encryption chips. That totally jives with Quinjet find and Gyver's stuff. Nevertheless, she waits for Katherine's reaction before pressing on.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Katherine listens for a moment and then nods her head, "Very well, thank you for the consideration." She smiles and has decided.. this person must be an agent from Italy. May be one of Vogel's. He spends the most time out here after all. Her expression sours though when the doll is mentioned.

    "I do not own any such doll and did not leave such a thing behind. Whoever attacked us must have snuck it in there somehow. Perhaps it was used to spy on us, but when Giuseppe told me of it I knew something was amiss and I came back to investigate. That is when I saw we were under attack," she says and then her brow furrows.

    "And the last person to enter before me.. was Vogel," she says accusingly. She has little compunction to throw her colleague under the bus.. though this agent may work from him. "So that is what this is about hmm? he wants to cover his butt. Very well, tell him he owes me one and we are square. The Pacifica complex in Los Angeles shall settle the debt nicely."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
So that's what they have been up to. Breaking into Hydra bases. Daisy is already working, looking for the plans. Mmmm, "There is supposedly nothing under the library." she informs. "Which tells me this was built at the same time the library was, and kept secret." another whistle. "To keep such a secret, that's quite the feat. I am find no reference to them in *any* plans, military, government. Nothing.." she shakes her head a bit to herself.

"So we are talking about something that's been there most likely since the 17th century. But our idea was that they only existed since world war 2 right? But there's a possibility they have been here for ..., a while longer."

As for the names spoken, they are being stored for further investigation. Vogel specifically.

Melinda May has posed:
"Why the Pacifica complex?" May asks, sounding entirely casual, almost unconcerned. "Why should Signor Vogel make that deal with you? The chips your company makes are impressive, but... they're hardly the key now, are they?"

Or are they? May has no freakin' clue.

"Giuseppe does not believe Signor Vogel was responsible for the doll." She doesn't even have a clue who Giuseppe is. She really wishes she had a last name to go with it. "But someone was. Who do you think attacked us, signora? Why now? On such a day as this? It is special, is it not?"

Yep. Still fishing.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Katherine smirks a moment and says, "My. You are reaching. You want to make your way up the ladder but you're afraid you might stumble if I knew who you were. I can understand. I appreciate the ovaries it takes to fight your way up to the top. You don't understand HYDRA like you thought you did and you want to know more. It's perfectly natural."

    Perhaps asking if this day was special might have revealed something about how much most HYDRA agents know of HYDRA's history. "Who attacked us. That is .. a confusing question. If I had to make a guess... there is no way SHIELD would have found us. But perhaps the Cabal."

    She lets out a sigh and nods, "Yes this does fit their M.O. Overly elaborate, bizarre gadgets and distractions. We were so busy running different ways who knows what they made off with."

    She snorts with derision and says, "Pacifica has interested me for years now. I don't think it's being operated correctly and I have ideas on how to improve efficiency. Frankly, I am sick of hearing about the pathetic requests for resources from that idiotic Helmut List... just what does he think he's a doctor of anyway? quackery?"

    "Well agent, this is your big chance. I'm going to humour you.. what is it you want to know that you think will propel you up to a higher station? are you sick of your current employer hm? I always have openings for go getters like yourself," she adds.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Helmut List, another name for her to search. Daisy does just that, now typing on her computer as she collates info and starts looking for more on List as well. But then there's Pacifica complex. Huh.. "LA based, biomedical company." she tells over the phone. "They are doing a lot related to genetic mutation. Modification and detection. They have filed a lot of patents." a brow arches and when she speaks next her voice is grating. "This includes contracts with the US military to detect the X-gene. I wonder what more."

The rest was still classified, but she could get through. With time.

"If that woman is Hydra and she is supplying SHIELD our whole infrastructure can be compromised." she letting out a sigh. "But I have looked into the specs of those things. They are *really* top grade."

Melinda May has posed:
May sounds almost self-effacing. Not *quite* so. No HYDRA woman would ever let herself be thought a pushover, and May knows it. But she's certainly careful to keep her tone on that edge between neutral and respect. "Si, Signora," she says, letting the hint of a smile creep into her tone, if not across her lips, "I am always on the lookout for opportunity." Juuuuust maybe not in the employ of HYDRA.

What Daisy says puts a hot stone in the pit of May's stomach. Good God, Peggy's going to freak when she hears all this. "Signor Vogel is powerful; I know this. But he... he trusts so few. How am I to advance, if I am not allowed to prove myself, no?"

She frowns faintly. "The temple, Signora. I know it is important, I just do not understand why. What treasure does it hold and how will it help us to defeat SHIELD. Or the Cabal?" And who the hell is the CAbal, anyway?

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Defeat SHIE.. the Cab..." she begins to laugh and then afterward sips some more of the offered water. "Oh. My. You have a lot to learn," she says like she's talking to a child. There is a pause as she considers and then she nods her head, "Okay then. This will help you a lot in your career I am sure."

    "Humanity is always in conflict. No matter the government, the society, the personalities.. eventually, there is conflict. One side wants to build a home, the other wants to build a shop. They both want the same land," she says and somehow squirms her arms out from under the sheets and uses them animatedly as she talks. "Who will win? if you were to back one of them with money, which would make you richer? .. either of course, they could both win. One might have the odds on their side, the other might have fate. Who knows... who cares. We always back both sides, that is the way of HYDRA. We never lose, because we are always backing the winner. The losing side is forgotten. We do not defeat the Cabal, we bet on it and their competition. We do not defeat SHIELD, we bet on it, and their competition.... and when a beast has no competition, we invent it. Elegant. Simple."

    She sips some more water, "We stand between the right and the wrong, human nature dictates that this is the eye of the storm where we shall call home. Words to live by, Arturo Malevolo de Roma, our founder, said these in 1633." She smirks, "You want to understand the temple? it is where we go to remember what it is we are, who we are. It's so easy to lose your way in this world.. like that idiot List."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Listening to those words is.., revealing. Daisy lifts a brow, quiet for a long while on the comms after that dissertation from the woman. She puts aside her laptop for a few moments and then finally speaks up. "Unless that woman is full of shit we have some major trouble to solve." she takes in a breath. "List is a top hydra head. He's known to SHIELD already. Connections to Whitehall too." she frowns at that last name. One of foul memory to her.

"And did she just say she is supplying SHIELD because they want to *help* it?"

Melinda May has posed:
"Arturo Malevolo de Roma," May repeats for Daisy's benefit, letting the r's roll of her tongue in the Italian style. "I see, Signora." Except she doesn't. "I will try to read more about him. His words make sense." Oh, she understands the competition angle. That makes sense to her. Twisted sense, but sense nonetheless. But, yes. She's pretty sure Katherine did say they're selling to SHIELD to *help* it... like any good arms dealer playing both sides of the fence."And List has lost his way because... he has chosen to back one competitor over another? Or is it because of what he studies, there at the Pacifica? There are many contracts with the US government, are there not? And with other governments and agencies. That is no surprise. I know Mr. Gyver has sold much product to them. Even to SHIELD. Everyone does. Your chips are very important to them, are they not?" Bit of a stab in the dark. But not much of one.

"If Signor Vogel is putting so many resources into it, List's research must be important, no? Signor Vogel is not a stupid man."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Katherine hmphs, "List and the others like him have lost their way because they're egotistical fools who think the only way to win is with direct action, ...they think.. why manipulate a pawn to do your bidding badly, when you can do it yourself correctly. Red Skull and his disciples, the lot of them, are perversions of true HYDRA. Do not fall in with their crowd agent," she warns.

    When May starts to go on about all the other names and connections Katherine tilts her head a touch. Something about so many different things listed at once makes her suddenly hush and she tries to lift the gauze off of her eyes, "Just who do you think you are coming in here and saying such things. You are a fool," she accuses.. connecting dots between the heads of HYDRA for a lowly agent who doesn't even know the teachings of Arturo? "Security!" she says, suddenly not so interested in helping this would be protege.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Better get out of there." Daisy calls out, already bringing up a blueprint of the hospital where May is at so as to guide on an escape if needed. She starts a side search about this Arturo Malevolo to see what she can find about the figure.

But other than that? It's about giving support from afar to May.

Melinda May has posed:
"Forgive me, Signora," May says, realizing she's reached the end of what she can do. "Perhaps I am too curious for my own good." Then, she lashes out with a quick strike to the woman's head, designed to knock the woman out. No sense killing her. She's in a hospital, after all.

She picks up the chart, since it's got a clipboard attached that just might come in handy, and starts for the door. Ideally, she'll be out of the room and into the hallway (purposely strolling along) before the local authorities realize she's the one they want. First rule of avoiding pursuit: Don't run. It attracts attention.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    As the doctor leaves, the security enters and sees the woman sleeping. The security guard moves on to the next room and the next, wondering exactly where that cry for help came from. Seeing.. nothing obvious, he returns to his station.

Melinda May has posed:
Without pursuit -- since sometimes the Fates do smile on a SHIELD agent -- May makes her way out of the hospital and onto the street, once again having discarded one jacket for another. She hails a cab, giving the address of a popular tourist hotel where she can make yet another change and, gradually, make her way to the safehouse to meet Peggy and the others.

All the while chatting with Daisy along the way.