5362/Better Than A Message In A Bottle

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Better Than A Message In A Bottle
Date of Scene: 27 February 2021
Location: Hall of Justice - New Troy
Synopsis: Arthur gets contacted by Batgirl to find out what happened to the small statue that she and Cassandra Cain helped Aquaman and Wonder Woman recover from the ocean.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Arthur Curry

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie is at home in her apartment, watching TV. There's a nature show on, focused on life at the bottom of the oceans. As the smooth voice of Richard Attenborough narrates about the odd-looking creatures being shown on the screen, Stephanie harrumphs softly. "Yeah, you need to show the 100 foot tall Lobster Queen, there, Richard," she says, talking to the TV.

The show had drawn up a memory. A memory of Spoiler and Cassandra taking a Batsub down to the bottom of the ocean along Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the group going to recover a statue of an ichthyoid that Stephanie had knocked out of the hands of Cheetah at an auction aboard a yacht. Resulting in the two ladies and the two Justice Leaguers having to fight off two aquatic races she'd never seen before, and the giant lobster-like creature that was the queen of one of them.

"I wonder what ever came of that thing," Stephane says. "Hmm. maybe this would be a good test of the new comms system," she says, going to her bedroom and opening the secret wall she built into the closet, and getting her Batgirl cowl. Returning to the couch, Stephanie puts it on and brings up the communications. Finding the option to communicate with the Justice League, she sends a signal through that, if she is doing this right, should reach Aquaman and allow them to send text back and forth.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry is currently in one of the rec rooms of the Hall, leaned back in a chair with his feet up on a table. He's watching a ball game and munching on some leftover pizza. The phone in his pocket starts vibrating, and he drops a hand into his pocket and pulls it out, looking at the screen to see who's bothering him.

"Batgirl, huh? Eh, what the hell, at least she's kinda cute. And not so boring like Wayne is." He starts tapping on his screen. He's not quick, but her gets there. *Yeah, whatcha need?*

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie probably looks kind of comical, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt, with her Batgirl cowl on. She has the lenses down over the eyeholes so she can see the heads up display. "Damn I wish I had some of the pizza leftover," she says with a sigh.

A message comes up, blinking aqua-green letters. Because, Aquaman. She gives a thrilled laugh that she got it to work and then sends a message back.

>> Hey, remember Spoiler? The one in purple with the blond hair, that went down in the Batsub to recover that ugly statue? I'm Batgirl now actually. Anyway, I was just thinking about that mission, and wondering what ended up happening with the statue.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry kicks his feet back up on the table and continues typing on his phone. Not surprisingly, her message is in the same color as any other text on his phone. Cause he doesn't really get much use out of it. Heck, it's still got the stock lock screen and background.

>> Yeah, I remember. You got to see a little of my world. Though to be honest, races of crustaceans aren't at war every day. The statue? Yeah, ugly little things, as I recall. Let me think, what the hell did we do with the thing...

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie retracts the eye pieces and goes to the kitchen to see what the poor college student has worth eating. She opens the fridge and winces. That milk probably would fight back if she tried to drink it. She goes to the pantry again. "Score!"

A bag of Reese's Pieces is retrieved from a shelf. Just a little one, but she'd stored it away for a rainy day. Not that today is rainy.

She settles back down on the couch again, lowering the cowl's screens again, not having heard any chime of additional messages since his last.

>> Did it end up being magic? Or religious or something?

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry lets out a cheer at a successful score, then takes a large bite of pizza, looks around and realizes he has nothing to drink. With a sigh, he gets up and wanders over to a fridge and pulls out a beer, opening it and draining a good quarter of the bottle before returning to his seat. He goes back to typing on his phone.

>> Not magical in the least no. We think it was actually from a minor undersea civilization. Ended up donating it to the Museum of Natural History in New York once the spell slinger cleared it.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gets one of the hard-shelled candies, catching it between her teeth just so, where she can split the hard shell, nibbling on the part that came free. Then extracting the innards and eating the second half of the candy shell. Finally letting the peanut buttery insides melt in her mouth.

She reads the response.

>> I suppose that is for the best. Had to get healing from Zatanna two weeks ago. Demon slashed me. Which it turns out, is a bad thing. Well glad it was not some apocalyptic idol or something.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry huhs to himself after reading the message, taking another drink from his beer. He continues to tap on the screen of his phone in between bites of pizza. He considers for a moment, then adds another comment.

>> Glad she was able to help you. Demons can be nasty, dealt with those before. Yeah, no big scary world-ending story for this one, just a museum piece.

I hope you're ok now.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives a wry chuckle, replying back as she tosses a couple of the candies into her mouth, just crunching them this time.

>> Museum pieces can be bad. That's how I got clawed. Felix Faust's attack on the museum here in Gotham. He's still at large I think. After he threw a meteor at Metropolis and the rest of the JLA had to go stop it.

>> Well, just wanted to see what it ended up being. Hope you are well. If you ever need a hand, not that you're likely to, but if you did, I owe you one.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry nods to himself, glancing up at the screen and wincing as possession changes suddenly. He shakes his head and takes another bite of pizza, then puts in another message.

>> Faust, huh? I remember that name. Well if you ever track the bastard down, give me a yell, be happy to help ya finish him off for good. And who knows, you might be able to help me more than you think. I know your boss is good at tracking down info, I might hit you up for help if I ever need to do some detective work. Besides, you're cuter than he is, and more fun to work with too. For now though, you take care of yourself, no more demons, ok?

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown sits up straighter. "Oh my god he called me cute. I have to save this to show Cassandra. How do I screen shot this? Barbara!!!" Stephanie laughs and sends a message back:

>> As it turns out flattery gets you everywhere. Happy to help. And agreed, no more demons.