5371/Breakfast Trek III: Search for Yogurt

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Breakfast Trek III: Search for Yogurt
Date of Scene: 27 February 2021
Location: Outsider's base kitchen
Synopsis: Rose searches for her lost Greek yogurt and Conner interrupts.
Cast of Characters: Rose Wilson, Conner Kent

Rose Wilson has posed:
In the kitchen, Rose Wilson is rummaging around, and her toasts sits ready in the toaster as she wastes time looking through the refrigerator. The orange light of the refrigerator bathes her in a colorful glow while she looks totally annoyed. There are things stacked in the fridge and arranged on different shelves but she doesn't look pleased to see them as she looks through the contents. She leans forward and squints, cussing a few times quietly because breakfast doesn't come easy. "Where is it...shit..." she mutters. She looks like she's been running but now she's holding her Nutri-Water in her hand while she keeps the refrigerator door open for minutes on end. She smirks.

Conner Kent has posed:
It is Saturday and Conner is back to the Roost. He spent most of the night getting his old laptop ready for his trip. Downloading whole libraries of stuff he might need and upgrading everything. It is slow. Maybe he should buy a better machine for this thing.

Then again, chances are it will get blown up or something.

Then he hears someone in the kitchen, and it is early. Who is this evil morning person? He gets out and hears muttered curses. Of course, Rose. Good to know she is still around, because ha has not seen her a month. "Rosie," he greets, stepping into the kitchen. "Good morning, did you lose something?"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson shoves something aside and further looks through the fridge. She then straightens up as Conner meanders into the shadowy kitchen, "Hey what up," she comments blandly.

She looks back into the refrigerator while still holding the door open and motions inside with her hand, "Yeah, who ate my Greek yogurt? I swear I put it right here. Right there in the middle of the fridge. Did somebody move it maybe?" she asks him, "Come here and look," she adds annoyedly. She looks over at him again, as if to make sure he's paying attention.

Conner Kent has posed:
Who pays attention to Greek yogurt? Conner doesn't. He glances over Rose's shoulder, smirking. "I don't have X-ray vision. I see only regular yogurt. But I have not seen you around much lately, you okay?"

Because if she put the yogurt there weeks ago, well.

He reaches for a can of soda and steps back to let the girl's search continue. "By the way, I am going to vanish for a week or two. Space trip because my, uh, aunt. She wants to see if she can find more Kryptonians."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson extends her hand again as Conner makes light of her yogurt, "Come on, it was here before. I always put them right there," she whines and complains, probably thinking it was thrown out, "Nevermind." She steals one of Tim's yogurts and shoves the door closed with a rattle.

She turns and watches him for a second, "Cola for breakfast? Hey you can have this Super Nutri-Water," she offers, as if concerned for his health. She then squints concerned as he reports sketchy details about his trip, "I'm still looking into that thing with my Mom---space? A few weeks?" she asks him, "Sorry about not talking. Guess I'll really be bored now," she says depressedly. She hmms as she peels open Tim's yogurt. Plain. Not Greek. Ugh.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I like the taste," explains Conner. Which means his taste is questionable, but he is an American teen, what could you expect? It is not as if he needs nutrients, or even sugar. Then again, given Gotham's perpetual gloom, maybe some food instead of (scarce) solar radiation would be good.

Her mom? Oh. Conner purses his lips. No quip this time. "I wish you luck," he settles. Actually, it is a relief she is just looking for her mom's stuff and not mercenaring around. "Hey, if you are bored you should hang around here more. We are fun."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson holds out her Super Nutri-Water for a moment and shakes a little as if tempting Conner, over that sugary Cola but gives up and shrugs, "Yeah, I should," she admits, as she thinks over what he's said now that he's going away. She looks resigned to all the situations happening in her life.

"Well if you're here---if everybody's here, I'll catch you guys," she tells him.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Oh, well..." Conner hesitates. "I think Phoebe and Tim are always here, but I usually stay in New York. But I could come more if you want to hang out," offers Conner. "We still watch movies most Fridays. Bart rarely misses those."

It is a bit awkward, of course, as Rose is his best friend ex now. Not to mention past... stuff. He sips more coke.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson purses her lips and nods along with Conner's reports about his friends, "Right, movies, I forgot," she tells him, "Hang out? Yeah sure, no probs," she states casually.

She puts down her little yogurt on the counter and rummages for a spoon, then turns and fences at him with her new weapon, "Hey hey! I have an apartment too, you know," she snickers, "Yeah, you should help me clean it up. It's a mess," she reports.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I have one too!" Conner knows where her apartment is, but Rose has never been in his, so he pulls a blank card and writes his address in Greenwich Village. "So, if you need to crash in New York, or whatever. I am there most weekdays," he gives her the card. "We can go clean up whenever, yeah."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson takes the card and squints at it because she's never been to his mysterious apartment, "Why do you still have this thing?" she wonders. She plops her spoon into her yogurt and then says, "I throw too much shit in there and just leave it," she explains, "If you could help me clean up, that'd be great."

"How do you afford that apartment anyway?" she asks.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner's mysterious apartment is pretty much a college student pad near the ESU in New York. It is about as mysterious as a Greek yogurt. "What thing? I can't bring my college friends here. Besides, this place is Tim's. And in Gotham." And if super-villains attack them, goodbye to all they keep here.

"I have savings," he explains. "When I was in Hawaii I did a lot of stuff in social networks and earned quite a bit of money. Influencer stuff. I had an agent and everything." He finishes the coke. "The cash should keep me through college."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson eats a spoonful of yogurt and then waggles the spoon at him in a questioning manner, "Ah ha! I didn't know you were a Hawaiian mercenary," she tells him, "I shoulda went to Hawaii, huh," she muses and hmms.

"Yeah cash, that's what it's always about. Yeah, you're right, I keep too much cool shit here. I should move it to my apartment. Yeah, that's why I need to clean it up!" she snickers, thinking of a motivation. She elbows Conner.