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Date of Scene: 28 February 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: Ash arrives at Columbia University in search of a damsel in distress, a monster on the loose, and a kegger.
Cast of Characters: Ash Williams, Madigan Belle

Ash Williams has posed:
It was dark, of course it was dark. Ash hardly ever got to fight evil when it was nice and sunny out as he climbed out of the Delta and stared up at the university's four story science building. "Great, finally my chance to go to college. Maybe I can find a campus party after this," Ash grunts seemingly to himself before reaching inside the decrepit automobile. A shotgun holstered on his back, his prosthetic hand swapped with a chainsaw, his belt tightened up a notch lest he run into any ravishing co-eds. "There we go, perfect, get this show on the road. Watch the car, I got this," he says aloud again. Crazy? Maybe, but as he walks away from the car the door slams shut seemingly of its own volition.

He gives the front door of the building a rattle as he approaches while a cold wind starts to stir outside, and peers through some of the glass on the doors for a better look inside. The doors don't budge though, a card reader next to them showing a solid red light, a student ID needed to...BOOM. The card reader becomes little more than a smoking hole and the doors click, Ash casually reloading his shotgun as he steps inside. Stealthy he was not.

"Hey, big bad evil! Daddy's here to kick your teeth in! Show yourself, I know you're here!" he mockingly calls out. Just a tall man in the mostly darkened building holding a shotgun and a chainsaw, he looked as much a slash villain as any mosnter that might be lurking within.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Slide slide click. Slide slide click. A sound echoed in the hallways of the science building as Ash busted his way in. Slide slide click. Like something was being dragged, maybe a body? It didn't quite sound like that, and Ash might be the one man most intimately familiar with that sound. Though, it shuffling feet, zombie feet? Quite possibly. Then followed by a metal clicking sound. It was faint, and off in the distance.

The cold breeze rapidly approached the science building and blew right in, soon after Ash himself enters. It moves down the hallways stirring some of the push pinned papers on the cork boards that litter the walls. One piece gets knocked off, flying itself back along the wind straight toward Ash. If he manages to catch it (likely) he'll get to see an advert for some student selling their truck. Called, Daddy's Teeth. Was it the dark energy mocking the middle-aged slasher protagonist? He was going to find out soon.

To his left, the slide slide click sound comes again, getting closer. The hallway's lights flickering from some convenient power outage issue. Slide slide click. If he waits before attacking, Ash will see emerging from around the nearest corner a ... a ... a ... red haired woman in leg braces using a crutch. She is tired, it is late, and so she's not swinging her hips as much as usual causing her shoes to drag on the ground as she walks, and then her crutch makes the clicking sound as she moves forward. "Eeeek!" She screams as she nearly bumps right into Ash.

Ash Williams has posed:
Ash manages to keep his finger off the trigger and the chainsaw unrevved as he waits expectantly for the surely monstrous evil that even now was coming towards him. It sounded slow, that probably meant it was big, that was how these things usually worked wasn't it? He waits pressed just around the corner of the hallway, the ad for Daddy's Teeth briefly catching on the side of his gun, drawing a quick perusal. He doesn't even catch the reference to his own words from seconds ago. "What a dumb name for a truck," he mutters before letting it fall to the floor. It was nearly upon him now and he springs out. "HAH GOTCH...oh. Oh geeze, hey I'm sorry, hey hold on, quit screaming it's fine, I'm a good guy!" Ash tries to assure her as he holsters his shotgun and starts making 'shhhhh' sounds instead. "Will you be quiet! Girls screaming are like catnip for these things!"

What things? Well, Madigan soon gets a look, and it isn't likely to help her stop screaming. Behind Ash who has his back to it there's a flicker of shadow as the lights blink on and off again, and in that split second Roaree the Lion, Columbia University's mascot was standing there. Or at least, some sick rendition of him was. The mascot uniform looked torn and stained with blood here and there, but other parts looked very healthy. Too healthy in fact. For mascot uniforms don't usually have such long claws. Or so very many razor sharp teeth curled in a sadistic grin. Blood drips from its maw that doesn't entirely seem able to close thanks to the overabundance of fangs, the mouth looking very, very real instead of just a costume.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I am being quiet!" Madi screams back at Ash as he is yelling at her and pointing a gun, and is that a chainsaw hand? Her eyes get wider and she looks up to see the lights flickering some more and then she looks back to Ash. "We have to get to the third floor. There's a lab up there." She is grimacing, and then... then what? A terrible monster appears that just happens to look like the mascot of the school.

"You don't understand, third floor!" She cries out again to Ash, looking at the thing that would be impeding their path. "That's new, I mean, the costume. It normally looks much much worse, but it looks like when Todd took it home he really worked on it. I was pretty confident he wouldn't, but ..." A shrug, "I guess even I can be wrong from time to time."

Then Madi finally starts to whisper, "I think whoever is in the mascot may be some kind of serial killer. Just, a heads-up." Cold wind comes back down the hallway and straight to the doors that Ash had entered, and the closest route for escape. The doors slam closed, and likely supernaturally locked.

Ash Williams has posed:
     "Lab? Look my sweet lil ginger lickin good, we don't need a microscope to, wait, took what home? What are you...talking about. Well that's a new kind of creepy," Ash concludes as he finally looks behind himself. He steps a bit more in front of Madigan and finally starts his chainsaw with a pull and noisy rev along with a slight smell of exhaust before unholstering the shotgun off his back.

"Look you go get someplace safe, maybe mix up a drink, I'll have this Furry Krueger dead before...AHHH!" Ash's confident speech interrupted as the thing finally moves with a deafening roar and blinding speed, grabbing him and throwing him across the lobby before stalking after him. Well, at least Madigan was temporarily safe, the Furry Krueger remark seeming to have quite upset it. Ash meanwhile struggles to stand back up before it's on him. "GO! I'll catch up!" he hollers at her.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a furrowed brow, "Why would anyone lick ginger? I mean, as a spice, it adds a lot to food. You can really let it sit in some water, and the whole thing will spoil. On its own, I mean, roots, they don't generally do much-" A pause, "Oh, the hair, right. Sorry, on the same page now." And then Ash plays the hero and Madigan is not at all about to stop him. In fact, she sort of is already inching away as best she can when he tells her to go get someplace safe.

Moving as fast as her leg braced legs will take her, she's headed straight to the exit. Even as she hears Ash screaming she shouts over her shoulder, "You've got this fellow not-fully-useful-appendage person." When she gets to the door, is when Ash is being tossed, and she pushes on it. No budge. Then she shakes it. No budge. Then she really shakes it, even still it resists her weak arms and limited body mass.

A deep breath in, "Hey!" she shouts out loudly, "Chainsaw man! No good. The door is locked!" She calls, not attempting to draw the attention of the mascot, but what was it that Ash had said? Screaming girls are like catnip to these things?

Ash Williams has posed:
"Of course it's locked! They always seal the way out!" Ash calls back in exasperation before letting out a yelp as the thing charges him again. This time despite its speed he manages a slash with the saw, nicking the suit and some of whatever lays underneath. What's revealed is not good, a pulsing mass of gooey flesh that puts one in mind of some massive maggot hiding within. The stench that comes with is little better.

"Oh geeze, don't you college kids ever wash these uniforms!" he complains in disgust before leveling the shotgun. The thing lets out another roar but then both barrels roar back, the better part of the mascot uniform head vanishing in a puff of smoke and flame.

Ash gives his gun a cocky twirl, two spent cartridges ejected before he pops two more in. "Now the monster is dead the doors open up, see?" he informs as he walks past the body and up to the doors and gives them a good shove. They don't move and Ash lets out an embarassed chuckle. "Might be a bit stuck, just...gonna...any moment," he grunts as he keeps pushing at the doors. While behind them the mostly headless mascot stands back up slowly. Ash catching a glimpse in the reflection of the glass he turns once more to look. "So, where was this lab again that can help?

Madigan Belle has posed:
Locked? And Madi is already on the move from the locked and supernaturally sealed door. She's moving closer and closer, and then grabs up a fire extinguisher. This always works in the movies.

When Ash blows the head of the mascot off, and chunks of bloody flesh go splattering through the hallway, there's a Madi holding a fire extinguisher like she was going to hit the mascot in the back. Not that it'd of done much good, but she is, instead, wincing as pieces of icky flesh and blood rain down over her and splatter on her glasses, hair, and all over her flannel shirt.

"Oh, gross." She is in a stunned bit of ick, as she lets the extinguisher drop, clanking to the ground. She shakes blood off of her arms and hands, but the door is still locked. "Third floor."

Madi says and she's turning to head down the hallway, even as the headless mascot starts to rise up from the ground. "The elevator is out! Electricity is off." She complains, then looks down at her feet, and legs, and then the stairs.

Ash Williams has posed:
The shotgun stays in its holster as Ash runs full tilt past the mascot and wraps an arm around Madigan's waist as he hefts the small woman off her feet. Behind them the mascot turns around uncertainly and then charges in their general direction before smashing into a wall with bonecrunching force. It seems losing its head had an effect on its senses at least...but something was sprouting where the remains of its once were.

"Up we go!" Ash announces, giving Madigan little choice as she hangs under his arm. Which was fine, for the first floor or so, even if his still running chainsaw pumping next to him probably gets a bit too close for comfort now and then to her head. As they round the next flight though Ash is already slowing and his breathing huffing and puffing. He makes it to the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors and half sets her down, half drops her. Below them they can hear the possessed mascot bumbling up the stairs, now accompanied by sick gurgling noises. "You need...you need a diet toots. Geeze," Ash not about to admit he's out of shape to the 5 foot, barely 100 pound girl. No, this was HER fault.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Getting picked up and bounced up some stairs at least shakes off more of the gore. Madi is noticing the slowing down and she is also avoiding a chainsaw. "Chainsaw, chainsaw, watch it! You almost got some of my hair." She's not doing any of the running part, and finally she's dropped with a groan coming from her.

"A... diet?!" Madi is trying to get herself turned about with her arms, and she's confused, "What kind of diet? Like, keto? Paleo? Vegan? I dunno. I need sugars, powers the brain. And..." She does let out a little painful hissing sound as she finally gets onto her back on the stairs. She's sucking in air, and letting it out, holding her rib, "Oh, I think you dropped me on my ribs. It's kind of hard to breathe, oh my god. If I start gurgling up blood I am -not- one of them, it is my rib having punctured my lung." A few more painful wheezes, before she pushes herself up with her arms, "Come on. Gotta get to the lab. Third floor, we're almost there." And she places one hand up one stair, then the other one up as well, then she groans as she pushes and lifts herself up 1 step. "Ohhhhh, no. This is bad. You are so going to die defending me to the bitter end. I'm sorry in advance."

Ash Williams has posed:
"Sweetheart I hate to break it to you but my record of defending pretty girls in trouble around me is WAYYYYY worse than Superman's. But if it's any consolation, I'll be sure to lop your head off before you come back as something worse," Ash assures her. Well, assures is probably the wrong word. By now the thing has reached the second floor and is rounding around the bottom stairs, it's regrowing head on display. In some ways it still resembles the lion head that was there before. Crossed with a boar, a deep sea fish, and a spider all at once and all of that only half grown giving it a wet slick appearance. A half dozen eyes all of different sizes roll madly in the thing's gelatinous skull and Ash raises the gun and fires again down at it. This time though the head doesn't vaporize. Instead it seems to wobble and pulse like a smacked jello mold...and then a stream of buckshot dribbles from its mouth. "Oh that's just not fair," he concludes. The thing begins to take the first step up towards them when Ash slashes the hand railing nearest to him.

"Keep crawling ya cripple! I'll be right back!" he says as the thing gets nearer, not moving as fast as before still. Ash charges, the chainsaw driving into its gut...and then over the now open rail, falling back towards the first floor with Ash on top, vanishing into the dark below leaving Madigan alone and injured to make it to the lab.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan makes it up another step, and then another, she's hefting herself up, one step at a time. It's just way too difficult to stand here and then try and make it up any other way. Butt steps, only option at this point till she makes it all the way to the top. Shaking her head, and sticking out her tongue, at the comment to keep crawling. And then she ewwws, and reacts weirdly, bringing her hands up to her mouth, "Oh god, I think some of the mascot got in my mouth." And then she wipes her tongue a few quick times with her hands before grimacing, "It is on my hands as well... is that barbecue? No, no, it is not."

That's when Ash goes off the edge and down down into the darkness. "Great! Now I have to climb up all on my own for reals." Once to the top of the stairs, she uses the hand rail to help herself stand, and begins making her way to the lab. Potentially now to defend herself from other possessed ridiculously large headed stuffed animals.

Ash Williams has posed:
Fortunately for Madigan this wasn't a haunted Chuck E Cheese full of possessed mascots, the school only had the one. Unfortunately Ash was finding it rather harder to kill than most as they crash to the first floor, his chainsaw revving in its chest as the thing growls and writhes under him. "Just DIE already! Do you know who I am?!" he informs it as he half stands straddling it and keeps drawing the saw back and forth. Blood and other substances spew forth coating most of him and the thing keeps growling until finally it's split in two across the middle, waist and legs separated from the upper toros and head. Ash stumbles back and switches the saw off as he leans against a wall and wipes at his brow with an arm that really isn't any cleaner.

"Hey! HEY up there! I think I got it! It was tough but..." his words cutting off as a weird noise has his attention. A weird dragging noise. He looks down to see the thing's clawed arms hooking its separated waist and pulling it back to itself, sinews lashing out and reattaching itself, the head turning to look at him and letting out another roar. "NEVERMIND! KEEP RUNNING!" he screams as he starts barreling up the steps again while the thing continues to reform.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Thank goodness for small favors. The lack of other demonically possessed mascots is a real win. Having to go even slower than normal because her shoes are slick with blood and so is the bottom of her crutch, means that she's getting to the lab when she hears Ash shouting. "I can't run! Remember? It wasn't that long ago you were carrying me up steps!" Over her shoulder, and she shakes her head, smiling a little bit, and in a more normal voice she's saying to herself, "This is almost as exciting as that alien who showed up the other day."

If Ash makes it up the stairs this time, since he's not carrying the extra weight of Madi, then he'll see her turn into a room 2 doors in and on the left. Once inside she'll have 1 glove and some protective eyewear for Ash ready to go. And she says two words, "Liquid Nitrogen." Off on the side of the room are a few tanks of the stuff provided to keep certain projects at extremely low temperatures.

Ash Williams has posed:
"Then hobble that sweet little ass of yours, I don't care how you move it!" Ash concludes as he comes bounding up the steps and comes barreling into the room only a few steps behind her, covered in gore. He slams the door shut and hurriedly shoves a lab table in front of it before paying attention to what she's offering. Ash stares at the tanks a few moments before giving her a concerned look. "I know things seem bad sweetheart but I'm not sure getting high right now is going to help us although...wait a moment, liquid nitrogen can get things super cold too. That might help freeze it!" he reasons, talking as if he came up with the idea hismelf. Silly Madigan, just trying to get high on chemicals. Thankfully Ash was there to save her as he picks up one of the tanks with his good hand and drops it heavily on a table. Only then does he bother with the goggles and glove. "Alright now pay attention. We've only got a few of these so we need to make sure we make them count. First we need to figure out where...

"RROOOOOOOAR!" comes a familiar ear-splitting roar, a monstrous head crashing through the wall beside them. Ash lets out a scream of his own and reflexively grabs the handle on the tank, lobbing the heavy steel canister at the thing's head, both monster face and canister full of still unused liquid nitrogen going bouncing back into the hallway through the hole. "OK, that was a practice round, doesn't count," he solemnly informs her as he reaches for another tank.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Once Ash is inside of the room, he is not listening to her and not paying attention. So, she waits. "Uh, no, not high. That's Nitrous Oxide, it isn't the same thing. It is actually a very different combination of things." And then the canister is being grabbed, and her mouth quirks to the side as she just watches things unfold.

"Yep. Just... the first try." Madi laughs a little bit, snickering and shaking her head, "It's like a cartoon. Right now. You're so hilarious" And then Ash is off after another tank. "Look, these are under super high pressure. So, sufficiently heavy crushing force... or lots of impact. You know, from an item that propels objects at high velocity?" And she tips her head, and looks at the boomstick.

She does it again, with her head moving, and trying to 'give a hint'. Though it could also look like she's having some kind of convulsion fit. "If only someone had something like that?"

Ash Williams has posed:
"See how funny you think this all is when that thing sinks its claws and teeth into you little missy. And yes I get it, shoot the tank, it goes boom, thank you," Ash sarcastically remarks. He was dense sometimes but not all of the time, it was a real crapshoot which from moment to moment. The thing can be heard again outside. The door he had braced is slammed into and shudders and there's a flash of movement from the hole it had rammed with its head, but it doesn't come through there again yet either. Ash's eyes flicker back and forth trying to watch every which way at once. Reaching to his waist Ash undoes his belt, his gut widening a bit as he loops it through the tank's handle.

"Gotta make sure this thing is on it good before I blast it. I'm Ash by the way, demonslayer, chosen one, you've probably heard of me. After I kill this thing maybe you and me could..." The monster whatever it is puts an end to the ill-timed flirtations. It doesn't crash through the wall or the door, instead during this time it had scurried upstairs and now comes crashing the ceiling in between them.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"You are welcome." Madigan responds to the thank you, even if it was sarcastic. And she smiles a bit more still, "It's funny because of the claws and teeth. A mascot, who -actually- can do something other than dance at the game. Or..." She is listening to Ash when he rattles on about his name and then she ohs, "Wait, this is so weird. The second demon slayer that I've dealt with-" And that's when the mascot comes crashing through the ceiling.

Pieces of the ceiling start to rain down on Madi and Ash, fluorescent lights crack, then bust, showering electrical sparks, glass and tubing throughout the room. "It is too close for the tank..." Looking around, quickly assessing, she offers, "Out the window?" Then startles, with her eyes wide, figuring she needs to clarify and hoping it isn't too late, "The mascot, the mascot, out the window!!!" She has to stand there though as the creature decides who it should go after. The slow moving red head or the middle-aged ... kinda-hero.

Ash Williams has posed:
"Over here ugly! Chew on this!" Ash hollers as he leaps to his feet with a surprising bit of dexterity and simply uses the steel tank as a club, smashing the hideously deformed head across the side of the face with it. The monster staggers and Ash begins going back and forth clobbering it with the tank and slashing with the saw, barely avoiding its claws as its counter attack.

"Window! Got it!" he agrees, driving it back that way. As it slashes again this time the belt is slipped up its arm and tightened, the tank dangling from its elbow. The creature seems to look at in confusion before Ash yanks the gun from its holster.

"Time to cool off," he declares before Sparta kicking the beast backwards against the window which cracks but doesn't break. The gun is lifted then and one barrel fires. Any ordinary gun the blast might be impressive, but certainly wouldn't drive what looks like a 300+ pound monstrosity several feet backwards through thick glass. Ash's boomstick wasn't ordinary and the beast goes flying out the third story window, and almost before gravity starts drawing it down the second barrel fires striking the tank. A cloud of white envelopes the beast, a rush of cold air flying in through the window. And then outside gravity does finally catch up, the frozen monster dropping to shatter into icy shards on the parking lot below.

Madigan Belle has posed:
The fighting with the tank happens, knocking the monster back and forth. Then... boom. And boom again. An explosion of liquid nitrogen and the monster is covered by it, freezing as it falls into the parking lot below. The lights flicker still because the ceiling is caved in, and Madi has plugged her ears as the gunshots went off.

"Damn, that was cold." Unplugging her ears, she moves back over to where her project is, still plugged into the last tank. She starts writing down a few numbers from the screen that's on display, just continuing her lab work right where she left off, sparking lights in the background.

Ash Williams has posed:
"Uh, yeah. You're welcome. I don't do cleanups by the way," Ash warns as he turns away from the window and looks back to Madigan who seems...strangely disinterested in everything that just happened. His already wrinkled brow furrows deeper, an uneasy feeling over him as he catches a glimpse of her other project over her shoulder. "So. I'm just going to be going now. Gonna go see if I can't find a proper campus party. You uh, you catch up if you want, I'll be sure to save a keg for ya," Ash excuses as he steps out of the room with a series of noisy crunches and squelches, the floor covered with debris and guts alike.

"Kids," he mumbles as he heads back downstairs, the doors of course unlocked as he heads outside and passes the shattered guts of the monster and climbs back into his car to peel out, the sound of police sirens in the distance by now.