5381/Broken Mirrors: Desperate Measures

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Broken Mirrors: Desperate Measures
Date of Scene: 28 February 2021
Location: Common Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: In the face of deadends and no clues to the whereabouts of her friends an out of options Nadia turns to the most mysterious of her teammates for assistance of the mystical variety.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Rachel Roth

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
To say Nadia is a girl of science falls into the category of stating the obvious. While she may be enamored with the likes of Dr Von Doom who commands both the mystical and the scientific and has sought on many occasions to try and understand magic within the framework of quantum physics, it has never been her to to solution to any problem.

But then why has she found herself outside of the door of her teammate with the most sinister of reputations? In her time with the Titans, Nadia's contact with Raven has been fleeting but she has also seen what her teammate can do with her sorcery. So far all conventional means of trying to find where Ying, her childhood best friend, and the rescued black widow cadets were taken have failed. So it is that Nadia, miss SCIENCE! can solve anything, finds herself finds herself knocking on the door to Rachel's room.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Let it never be said that being With someone doesn't have its ups and downs. For example, right now, Diana has proven to be very comprehensibly vulnerable to any form of harm at all. While Donna knew this very well, there is still some degree of proof that was required before the thought set like concrete in her perception.

    It's had a sort of ripple effect.

    For the last while, Raven hasn't gone anywhere or done much of anything, which is to her liking most of the time and yet, at the moment, when she's being- no matter how politely and reasonably- asked to do so, a small bit of rebellion sours her mood in a semi-permanent fashion.

    Nadia herself is not so immune to these ripples causing problems, as the scien-titan knocks on Raven's door, simultaneously there is a small ding from a timer next to the stovetop in the rec room.

    Consequently, Raven is suddenly in the rec room, emerging from nothing as casually as she ever does. Doubly-consequently, so is Nadia, a sensation and occurrence that is utterly jarring the first time, and similarly unpleasant every following time.

    Raven, for her part, is poiling boiling water in soft circles down into the grinds-laden filter of a chemex, a deliciously nigh-ebon liquid pooling and rising in the jar below.

    "What do you need?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
On some level Nadia could be called the second coming of Starfire, such is the typical cheer at the she greets most individuals and situations with, at least when the bipolar disorder she inherited from her father isn't dragging her into the darker parts of her mind. No matter the intimidation factor that might exist she puts on her brightest smile. In some ways it is a natural defense mechanism, nobody ever believes anything is wrong if you're smiling.

It is a singularly disconcerting feeling being subject to the sudden teleportation however. Though having been subject to it once in the past Nadia is not wholely unprepared for it. Still her hands go to her knees and she takes a moment to catch her breath when she appears in the kitchen. "I need to find someone." She begins, "and I don't really know how your powers work but so far all of my conventional attempts at intelligence gathering have failed. Though I guess that shouldn't be too surprising since these are some of the best spies and operatives in the world, but they have one of my friends. For a long time she was my only friend. And I was hoping maybe you could help me find her, or at least the plane that took them." She pulls a piece of twisted metal out of her pocket, "I have a piece of it from when it got damaged in the fighting. But there's no record of anything like it anywhere, other than being an old Soviet design that was clearly modified and improved." She pauses, eyes straying to the coffee for a moment. "I know we haven't really talked much, but I wasn't sure where else to turn."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Aside from her question, Raven is silent throughout the process of pouring the coffee. Much of that is taken up by Nadia's statements, and Raven takes that moment to silently curse that two of her teammates have what to most would be an infectious level of optimism and cheer.

    It is, in this world and any other, the one thing Raven despises the most.

    Once the coffee is not only brewed properly, but in a mug, she turns to face Nadia. Her hood is down, and she lets out a cooling breath over the surface of the drink to get it back down to a reasonable level.

    "I will need everything you have. The piece of the vessel, anything that might hold significance to or be best yet, part of the people who went missing. Hair, and so on, would be best. Then, I can find them."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia sets the piece of twisted metal on the counter and thinks. "They had physicals and were receiving care at the facility they were abducted from. I might be able to get something from SHIELD assuming they don't try to arrest me for stealing Dr. Foster for Thor, actually forget I said that. But there might be something at the ruins of that facility still if the piece of the plane isn't enough. I also have one of the devices that Ying and I developed together as children we recovered from the Red Room when Janet and I broke out, maybe that would work? They're nasty devices that paralyze Pym Particles." If nothing else it definitely seems her life has been eventful lately. Though it is also easy to see why she gets hauled in for as many SHIELD lectures as she does.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven nods a couple of times, and sets her eyes momentarily on the shard of kidnapping-vehicle. After a thoughtful sip of her coffee, Raven's pondering comes to a momentary pause.

    "I will forget all of that." she notes. "Things that have intense emotional connections could be enough. Just in case, I wouldn't count out getting some sample of blood or hair from SHIELD. It would make things much easier."

    Setting the coffee down for a moment, she carefully lifts the chunk and considers it more closely. "With this, at the very least, I can find the vehicle. Without anything else, it would be difficult for me to find them." She pauses, "But not impossible. Unpleasant, though. For you."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head slowly parsing this, "Well if you can find the vehicle that is definitely a place to start, it would at least get me back on their trail which they think not without reason that they covered completely."

She thinks a bit further on it, "In the meantime I will try and see what I can come up with from SHIELD without winding up in a cell or at least a neverending lecture. I doubt they would want to deal with an angry Janet for very long. If it comes to it though, I've endured a whole lot of unpleasant already, I'm not really afraid of a little more." The way she says it could leave one wondering just what actually hides behind that smile and optimism. That perhaps is where she and Starfire differ, somewhat because in Nadia's case it is at least partially the result of a whole lot of damage lurking beneath the surface.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven quietly tucks the piece into a sweater pocket that is too small to hold it, which causes it to quite literally seem to just... Disappear.

    "I'll prepare something for this, and something else for both eventualities." she notes, her hand quietly reaching over and plucking up the still steaming cup of coffee.

    Raven has no cause to wonder, of course- she is nothing less than a... Frightening thing, and there are definitely things that one cannot hide from her most times- and when she truly wishes, that scope expands to everything. She is aware that there are... Layers to Nadia.

    "Is there anything else?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Anything else? Nadia's eyes stray to the coffee again, sweet sweet C8H10N4O2, but she shakes her head looking back to Raven. "No, I think I am otherwise okay. Thank you for your help. It really means a lot. I rescued her once, or really maybe she helped rescue me the way Janet tells it, only to lose her again but I'm not giving up, I refuse to let them have her no matter what Mother tries to throw at me."

She pushes herself off of the counter taking a moment to stretch out stiff muscles, "Anyway, thanks again for helping. If you need anything, well I don't doubt you could find me regardless even in space." She beams at Raven.