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Sad raccoon noises
Date of Scene: 28 February 2021
Location: Upper East Side
Synopsis: Raccoon semi saved!
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Gwen Stacy

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 has been out of sight for several weeks, no presence in the city or at the place she was staying at with Strix. Now she found herself standing at a very well prepared spot, on one end of one of those large wooden squares they place over construction sites so people won't fall in a hole. To her side a 'roadwork in progress' sign can be seen.

She had been standing there for a while, waiting for Gwen to go out and come close enough for her ESP to activate. What Gwen would see, at that point, is about 10 buildings with explosives attached to them, very large explosive charges in fact. They were all around Irina. Besides that there were charges exactly like that buried across the street, a great number of them all over. The raccoon seemed aware of as she seemed to be in a near-breakdown, staring down at her own hands.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Swinging through town often means that Gwen gets a few flashes on her danger sense here and there. A robbery sometimes, or some thugs beating another on a alley. It was good being able to sense those things from a distance. But rarely there's those large signs that send her senses haywire. Extreme danger? Very much so when she notes those explosives.

She swings around a building, landing on a rooftop rather close to where Irina is, in fact it one of those rigged to blow. She curls over the edge, looking, searching perhaps for any signs of those military blokes she saw when she followed Irina to that rendezvous point.

Finding none she then jumps, landing across from the raccoon girl, hands and feet on the ground. "Irina? What's going on here?" voice muffled under the mask.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 was a wreck, visibly, she was having the worst time. Her body was twitching and shivering, her hands were squeezing a spot on her belt so hard they went all pale and red marks formed around the areas of contact with the kevlar. Her eyes were red, as if she hadn't been even blinking, but had this incredible fixation on them. They were staring so intensely, like someone training to fire lasers like superman, her entire face was hardened with stress.

Nearby, a visible charge blinked with a red light. From this distance, across from the wood, Gwen could see two buttons on Irina's belt, and the fact that the girl's foot was under the edge of the wood plank, ready to kick it off and reveal *something*

She breathed in large heaving breaths, barely able to keep herself contained. She finally manages to look up and stare Gwen in the eyes. "I." She says that with great confidence, but her monologue freezes right after then, her eyes look around in a panic for a bit. She changes the dialogue entirely. "Why? Why is it wrong to kill people?" Her hands tighten around her belt, thumbs hovering over the buttons, eyes fixated on the center of the wood. "If in the end it's going to make the world better, why should anything be wrong? Answer me that." This time Gwen could spot at least 12 different cameras built into the kevlar armor.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen takes a moment to look over Irina, her condition, the struggle, mask turning here and there as she took in everything, using all that spatial awareness to great effect. But she was worried, shoulders tense, hands extended forward in a placating manner, trying to not appear threatening.

"Because that's not what a hero does." Is Gwen's immediate reply, no doubt on her voice, "A hero saves them. Even from themselves." she says, "The world won't get better with killing, it will only get worse. And darker."

Seemed like they had picked up on the camera trick before. 12 cameras seemed an awful lot to disarm. She frowns a bit, "Who did this to you? And what for?" she asks again.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 seemed to get set off by something there, the girl, not the explosives. Her hands strain audibly against the structure of the belt, but she resist the urge to pull them away. "AND WHO SAYS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS IS HEROES?!" She screams out, taking a moment to breathe heavily and huff as if she had just ran a marathon afterwards.

Now the speech she had been given was being mixed with her own. "You keep giving pats on the back of those you save while they go around and act like the lowest scum possible without breaking the law. You let maniacs and mass murderers live in a metal hole somewhere. That's the same as leaving a primed grenade in the laps of every single innocent person. All because you're afraid of being hated, of being feared, of becoming the next 'threat' because you're capable of ending a threat!"

The memorized monologue blasts out of her mouth almost as hard as the explosives around her would, should those thumbs come down. At that point she was shivering deeply, tears were streaming down her face and she couldn't help but break down in the hardest crying her body could produce. She falls to her knees, ripping off the belt she was holding entirely and hurling it away. "Then WHY? WHY CAN'T I DO IT?! I WAS BORN FOR THIS, MADE CAREFULLY DAY BY DAY INTO WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS! Someone to fear, someone to hate, taking their hand with an iron grip down the path of decency." She takes off her helmet and stares into the camera "I can't! I can't do it! I can't kill my friend." She hugs the helmet onto her chest and curls forwards a bit, she chuckles softly a bit. "I never fully armed the explosives. Otherwise we would both be dead now." She can't help but laugh sadly at the end.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"You only need to pay attention." Gwen says quietly, "To know what the world needs.." she appears ready to jump at a moment's notice, perhaps to either webshoot the belt or Irina's hands as needed. But for some reason the danger doesn't seem to be coming from Irina exactly.

Yet it's when the belt is tossed aside and she hears that crying that she takes a bold step forward, perhaps a leap of faith in that she assumes the girl won't be attempting to kill her, "You were not born to kill or to hate." she drops to a knee, placing one hand gently atop the girl's back. "You already know what your instincts are telling you.." she pressing on quietly. "You need to break away from that place, find your own path."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 was crying so much her face was a waterfall, she hiccups with deep sorrow. There was much of her sense of worth, well not much, her ENTIRE sense of worth had been based on being the way the organization needed her to be. To be this one figure they taught her would be the saviour of the world. They felt threatened by what Gwen, Heather and Strix were doing to the girl's psyche, this was the result.

Several issues were involved now, though, this shattered her sense of purpose and self, for more than one reason. "B-buh...thehn who. *Who* a-am I suhpussed to be?" She says through her crying, she had never had to think something like this up on her own before. It was contrary to how she had been living.

Second issue. Gwen can see Irina's face getting paler and paler, purple veins start to appear visibly all over the place, something was not going right around her insides. This seems to take her by surprise as well, she looks down at a visible spot on her arm that was extremely affected. "Oh." She says in realization. "I thought it would be just the powers." She's able to stop her crying for a moment, breathing very rapidly. "There's something else they put inside me. Y-ou..." She stops for a moment, feeling woozey and nearly falling over. "Know anyone good with poison and stuff?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"That's something you will still have to figure out." Is what Ghost Spider replies, her hand squeezing gently the girl's back, letting her cry and let it all out. Of course that the cameras were still a problem. And she should make sure to disable these ASAP. "But I will be here to help you with it." the girl smiling under the mask.

When she notes the purple veins it takes her by surprise though. A countermeasure. That leaves her seething. But for now she'd need to help the girl. "We should be able to find help in the titans tower, I know a few people." she gestures for the girl to turn.

"But first..." And her hands reach forward to start ripping out those cameras, one by one, smashing them as she goes.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 kind of wiggles around and uses a bit of help from Gwen to get out of her suit of armor entirely, who knew what else was built into it by now. Might as well be a ticking bomb. She's out of it after a little bit of struggling, in her full-body black jumpsuit, ending around her wrist, which was super purple.

However, there as something odd to notice here. They could have literally planted a bomb in her suit, or given her a poison that would kill her in seconds. Yet it was working exceptionally slow, she could even stand up. There was certainly a very good reason for that.

"Titans...yes...Heather..." She stumbles around and leans onto Gwen, squeezing herself against the girl for support. "Can you web us there?" She asks with a deep sickly huff. She tears off her sleeves, which are surprisingly resistant, suggesting to use them to secure herself to Gwen.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
This certainly has all the makings of a trap. But Gwen can't simply leave the girl to die here on the ground. So her choice is made, she helping the girl back up to her feet. "I can." she says, "We will find Heather. There's also Waspette who might be able to figure out what's wrong with you. Or even me." sometimes she forgot she was actually studying Genetics!

She shoots a web up to a building and nears Irina, wrapping an arm about her body. "Come on, better hold on tight."

And then off they go! The rush of the wind is felt as Gwen goes airborne. Destination? Titans tower and Heather.

Irina-As17 has posed:
The breaths of the raccoon are fast and ragged, she's in pain but doesn't really show much of it, her body starts heating up more than normal. "Three hours, I think." She mutters from behind, realizing something herself. However she was losing consciousness quickly, and her body going limper and limper. She does manage, with her raccoonish efficiency, to tie the sleeves around Gwen's chest in an X almost like a seatbelt, securing her to the girl's back, so she'd be able to move around less hindered.

And oh boy was that going to be needed. About halfway there they can hear the thrum of a chopper, some kind of hybrid vehicle zooming in from behind them. It sort of tilts sideways in chopper mode just enough, her ESP going crazy as someone grabs hold of .50 cal mounted machine gun and starts hailing upon them. And it keeps on approaching.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
With Irina now tied up to her back more securely it's time to go. And Gwen can really go when she wants to. Specially in New York City which she knows like the back of her hand. The sound of that .50 cal being prepped to shoot reaches her ears and she takes a quick dive, almost to the ground before taking a sharp swing to inside an alley, then out the other side, moving between buildings like noone's business.

"Better hang on. I will need to take us towards the Hyperloop." She murmurs, legs swinging as she goes up and down each time she shoots another web, that keeps her airborne, ahead of the helicopter. She doesn't even look over her shoulder. She knows her danger sense has her back. Literally!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Getting closer and incoveniencing her seemed to be the only purposes of the chopper, because once it's quite close something leaps out of it. There's a green flash and a gust of wind as a man with similar kevlar armor and two huge green wings comes flying at her. He takes a dive straight towards her with no hesitation, seeming to be using the momentum and flight speed to try to outspeed her reaction time. As he approaches an arm swings out and attempts to slam into her back, trying to smash right where Irina was, and certainly the impact would carry over, though she was drastically more durable than the raccoon.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The danger sense flashes dangerously as that winged man starts to 'bomb' rush them, she only with the time to take a quick peek over her shoulder before the guy is already very close.

She pushes hard on one of her webs, making it so Gwen and passenger are swung to the side abruptly, just enough to avoid that first impact from the man. Her legs swing about and she tries to clip the man as he moves past them, as if to get him off-balance and hopefully to crash somewhere. "I don't have time to play, Hawkboy. Go back to your nest!" she taunts in that traditional Ghost Spider way of hers.

She mutters and comments, "Why does everyone always gets the best powers? And here I am, a lowly spider swinging from web to web." the tone is a joking one, she certainly not someone to think lowly of the powers she had. But that's how she fought the tension of the battle.

Shooting a couple of stronger webs towards the winged man she then proceeds on, trying to lose him too. "You have a lot of people that want to put their hands on you, Irina!"

Irina-As17 has posed:
The winged man sort of wobbles, but then lets out a bird-like cry of rage as the webs cause him to crash straight through a building. Unlikey Irina, it does seem this one was much closer to the level of strength and durability you'd expect of an animal-based mutate like Gwen. This gains her quite a few moments for him to get rid of the webs, which are undone via a melting agent sprayed from the gauntlets of his armor. He has to handle it carefully so it takes a bit.

She can soon hear him screeching and speeding up behind her again, bleeding from his head though. This time it seems he has a brick in his hand, and he takes a very elegant sideways flutter, during which he flings it at Gwen's back. Then his wings flex and he launches himself at her from behind again. He did seem like the all-or-nothing type, only this type buffering a bit to make her deal with the brick. The ranged throw showed his level of strength was much higher than Irina's, as it accelerates massively, easily enough to crush someone's bones or dent their skull.

Irina was barely conscious by then, but kind of flaps one of her arms forwards, letting Gwen get a view of it. Ever since the girl had ripped her sleeves off Gwen would be able to see a massive amount of scars going up her shoulders. They're not big cuts or ugly splotches, they're tiny, thin, measured slices, suggesting tissue-sampling incisions. Her vague flapping of the arm in front of Gwen is to call her attention towards it and emphaisze the reason. Something prompted many, many rounds of experiments to be done to her body.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"A brick?!" Gwen twists herself mid-air when there's that incoming brick in her direction, both Irina and her senses making her way take note of it. And letting her react way before any human could do so. She lets the momentum of the last push through a web carry her, now turned on her back, directly facing it. "I thought we were going to be friends, Hawkling..", she shoost a web right towards the brick, not to deviate it but to wrap around the thing, letting it swing past her and build more momentum as she starts turning around in the air.

Physics. Sometimes it's all a matter of using someone's strength against themselves. And that's just what Gwen does, spinning as if she was in the olympics to throw a disc. But in this case it's a brick, held by a web...

She swings the thing mightily. Her aim? To hit the winged-man squarely so they can escape. "Better hold on tight now, Irina!" she says while she spins.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina's limbs flop around as she seems to go completely unresponsive by then, the poison plus the olympics did not have a good impact on her ability to stay conscious. Still, it was good for her ability to stay alive. As for the brick it attains absurd force, thanks to the motions involved and the stretchyness of the web helping conserve the force.

He lets out a parrot-like squeak right as the brick impacts him and makes him go spinning through the air furiously, ending in a resounding crash that produces a large crater. He stays there, sprawled out and quite unconscious. From there Gwen has no issue getting to the hyperloop and heading towards the Titan tower. According to Heather there was an exit really close to it after all.