5386/Do You Wanna Build A Spaceship

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Do You Wanna Build A Spaceship
Date of Scene: 01 March 2021
Location: GIRL HQ, Pym Technologies campus
Synopsis: Nadia and Shuri discuss the challenges of constructing a ship to journey to the far reaches of space.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Shuri

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
In the big meeting room with the large round table emblazoned with the purple and pink GIRL logo is Nadia. She is standing in front of the table which has been covered in rough sketches. Holographic images float above the center of the table running various equations and some translucent crystalline 'whiteboard' type displays have been pulled over too. Also spread about the table are no less than six coffee cups in varying states of consumption, there is little doubt she has been at this for awhile, whatever this is.

The answer to that question becomes apparent rather quickly though with even a casual inspection, she is designing a craft or vehicle of some sort, one that a genius engineer could easily see is meant for deep space, assuming of course the ridiculous engineering challenges involved can be met.

Currently Nadia is hunched over one of the sheets of drafting paper scrawling equations and design elements out by hand for what looks like an extremely advanced propulsion system. The sound system is playing Dazzler and the younger Pym is humming along with the music while she works.

Shuri has posed:
There is a shimmering in the air before suddenly Shuri appears and she blinks. She stares at the beads on her wrist before tapping something on a holographic screen and she frowns, "Hello, Nadia." She states before glancing at all her drawings and then the images floating there.

"What is this?" Shuri asks, gesturing at the various items and already taking in all the information even as her eyes and visor scan it all automatically.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia looks up blinking, it is probably a testament to how long she has been working that she doesn't jump out of her skin in surprise at Shuri's sudden appearance, "Woah, cool! How did you do that?" She asks excitedly before picking up one of the coffee cups scattered around the table and taking a long drink.

"This!" She says gesturing with the hand holding the cup, "Is the beginning of my attempt to design a spaceship! We need a spaceship. I should probably rewind a bit, do you remember Mori? It turns out the stars in the pictures she's making match a star system in the Kree databases, but one they haven't been able to explore. It's our best lead so far on where to find some answers, and her condition seems to be getting worse." She says as if going into space is just something one does, seemingly undaunted by any of it, excited even. "This is a start, but I'm not sure I can make it work on my own, to get where we need to go definitely going to need your help, probably everyone's help."

Shuri has posed:
"Simple use of miniature cameras and projectors." Shuri states before shaking her head, "But it only lasted for a few minutes, sadly." Shuri then walks over to look over the various work and then grins, "I see. I have seen the information on the Wakandan attempts for true space travel." She then sips from a Sealed mug. Where... did that come from? Either way she sips and nods her head before looking to Nadia, "I am hoping we are successful then."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oh! Active camouflaged! Neat!" Nadia is her ever enthusiastic self and really invisibility is pretty rad. She turns back to some of her initial schematics and hmms at them. "I was able to get a good look at an alien spacecraft when one crashed into the Titan's Tower and I got to help fix it. The inhabitants were really cool. They called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy!"

She reaches over and pulls one particular sheet of drafting paper with what looks like hull and superstructure designs to the fore, "Anyway, I already have a propulsion system designed that could in theory go faster than light, I've been testing it out in the T-Jet, we actually went out past Pluto with it and back! But the problem is accelerating beyond sub-light speeds would both require magnitudes more energy and tear any conventional ship design apart. That's when I got to thinking about that miniature star you created when we were working on the Brainiac array, maybe that could generate enough power. And you're more familiar with advanced materials science than I am so I was wondering if you have any ideas for what we could make the hull out of or how to reinforce it to withstand the forces involved, maybe Vibranium or Adamantium or some sort of advanced alloy?" She asks looking back from the designs to Shuri.

Shuri has posed:
A look over at her and she hmms, "I had not known that some called the Guardians of the Galaxy were on Earth though I did hear about a walking tree." She considers and shrugs before her eyes blink at Nadia, she listens and seems concerned as she does before finally she tilts her head.

"And why would you try to go faster than the speed of light?" She asks and then idly shakes her head and points up, "Why go across the universe when you can go around it." She states simply and then tilts her head, "Or even use its own natural movements to your advantage?" She then idly hmms and starts pulling up her beads and starts typing, "Give me a moment."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Well it is not literally moving faster than light, the propulsion system actually expands and contracts Space/Time itself in order to move a vessel at what is the functional equivalent of very fast speeds but it still creates a tremendous amount of strain." Nadia answers helpfully, "I had to heavily reinforce the superstructure of the T-Jet just so it would be able to use the system at the level that it is."

She watches as Shuri makes her own calculations, idly picking up another of the coffee cups and draining it.

Shuri has posed:
A hmm and a nod before she shrugs, "As long as you aren't literaly trying to move faster than light." She chuckles, "That's just silly." She then looks at her own calculations and then looks up, "As for reinforcing it, while vibranium or the like might be good, we could instead operate it on the same function as the Black Panther habit." She states, "Powering itself off of the pressure it exerts on itself." She nods, "To a degree." She then gestures at her own clothing, "I am wearing a sort of watered down version of that right now. Kinetic energy comes in, a blast back can come out."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head slowly as a grin spreads across her face, "That is such a cool idea! I love it! This is why friends are the best, they have the best ideas that I would never think of!" There are other thoughts clearly going through her head as well, perhaps trying to figure out if she could make her Waspette armor do that.

Nadia begins scrawling on another piece of drafting paper trying to visualize some ideas popping into her head. "So we could shape the hull in such a way with the right materials that other forces could be harnessed to augment the power requirements, in theory that could even be self-sustaining once in motion!"

Shuri has posed:
"Not completely, some energy is always lost. However, with less requirements on energy than normal. It would require vibranium for that idea but I'm just saying that vibranium would not be as good for full protection." She shakes her head, "It'd require some kind of shielding on another front." She then shrugs, "Either way, there's a lot of ideas to add in." She then considers this a moment, "Just be aware that we won't have replacement parts as easily."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Great! I want to hear all of your ideas! /All/ of them!" Nadia grins, "We should get everyone together, this will be great, our first big project together! We can have a sleep over! I've heard that is something teenagers do." Her excitement for this project seems to be achieving critical mass, "I bet Val will have some amazing ideas too, and Riri!"

She snatches up another errant coffee cup before another thought finally occurs to her, "Oh, did you want some coffee? Sweet sweet C8H10N4O2."

Shuri has posed:
"No, thank you." She grins at Nadia, "I believe you have enough coffee for all of us." She then casually shakes her head, "As for all of my ideas? Well, if you wish to hear all of my ideas, than we will need to build a mind link and even then the download could take a century." She chuckles and nods her head, "However, I am fine with the idea of a sleep over. I doubt it'll be traditional but I do think it could be enjoyable."