5390/Sleight of Hand is no fun with Kryptonians

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Sleight of Hand is no fun with Kryptonians
Date of Scene: 01 March 2021
Location: Maxima's imperial ship, somewhere in deep space
Synopsis: Supergirl and Ant-Man meet on an alien ship. Turns out, Supergirl isn't quite as 'intense' as her sister Power-Girl, or his benefactor Maxima.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Scott Lang

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara has been spending plenty of time simply staring out at the streaks of stars in the distance. It's one thing to travel faster than light herself, but when she's in a vessel doing it she can relax and enjoy the show. At least it isn't a tiny pod. That thought gives her a shiver down her spine.

    Dressed in white clothing which is mostly hidden by a heavy dark blue cloak with golden alien symbols along its edges. The shoulders, notably, have a golden S each, just like Superman and Supergirl wear. The blonde is smiling almost whimsically.. now that she's finally off Earth the weight of responsibility has lifted, but the pit of her stomach is still in knots because of where they're going.

Scott Lang has posed:
     "Just tell me where your processor is stored so we can have a heart to heart talk," comes the exasperated voice of Scott Lang coming down the hall.
     "You clearly are looking to sabotage me in an attempt to override some of my protocols. I will report this to Maxima," a voice that sounds nearly identical to the Princess herself rings out but with a more mechanical tone.
     "I'm gonna report you for not putting enough salt in that cardboard you call pizza! And don't tell me again about nutritional safety guide...oh. Hey, Kara was it? Enjoying the view? You know, since you can't enjoy the FOOD?!" this last pointed remark directed at the ceiling. The ship's AI alas doesn't seem to think this worth responding to as Scott stops to take a glower out the window, dressed no longer in the ridiculous Almeracian warrior gear. Instead in his usual Ant-Man suit, the only change of clothing he'd brought with him alas. A tight red jumpsuit covered in doodads. Much more practical looking.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara's brow furrows in confusion at the yelling and she turns to see what is going on. Her eyes refocus as she looks through the walls and sees Scott arguing with some kind of food processor or creator or.. whatever that he would deem to call it. Possibly not food.

    She smiles as he comes around the corner and says, "You really are Ant-Man?" The outfit he's wearing seems to say yes, but this is not who she imagined would be behind the mask. "And you really worked with Power-Girl?," she asks with slightly amusement. Her sister.. working with Tony and Steve Rogers and all the others."

    She grins suddenly and says, "And Maxima kidnapped you off of Earth so you could help her bring her bottled city back to full size?" Her eyebrow raises at this third question, being one of the people who helped defeat Brainiac in the first place and almost dying in the process.

    "The view is nice," she says looking back out at it. Her hand reaches out, letting parts of the cloak slip away to reveal the skin tight white clothing beneath. She rests her fingers on the window and asks, "Is this your first time in space?"

Scott Lang has posed:
     "Second Ant-Man. Hank Pym was the first, or is. He seems to go back and forth a bit on whether he's still active or not. But yeah, me and ole P G have worked together. She didn't tell you about the time I tracked down a corrupted guardian spirit of the Earth and helped her put an end to it?" he asks in some disbelief. As he speaks he dares to move closer, his eyes glancing down at the slender blonde. Only not in the way most men might. What was really catching his attention were those S symbols. And the flash of skintight white which really, REALLY reminded him of the other Kryptonian in question.
     "Even saved her life the night we were attacked by a bunch of those crazy alternate universe versions of ourselves. Not that I expect she'd ever admit to it..." he adds with a beleaugered sigh, turning and resting his forehead on the, well not glass but whatever the starship variation of it might be.
    Speaking of not admitting to things, "And Maxima didn't kidnap me. She brought me up for medical treatment and then asked for my help. Which, you know, I politely accepted. As my first trip into space. You know certainly know a lot about me. Anything you wanna share about how you know the pixie-cut bruiser or why Maxima the Tyrant was so chummy with you?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara looks a little surprised, perhaps even a bit skeptical that Ant-Man 'saved' her sister. She smiles though, "I'd love to hear more about both of those stories. She doesn't share her work with me. I don't think I know a Hank Pym, but then I don't really run in your circles."

    Certainly not between being an intern at the Daily Planet, a student at MetU, a fake daughter to her fake parents the Danvers, an agent of the DEO.. and of course, Supergirl. Sometimes she even gets to be herself - like now. "I'd be fascinated to hear how Power-Girl was in danger," she says without any hint of sarcasm.

    "Ah. That story makes more sense. I think people have overactive imaginations when it comes to Maxima. I find if I want the truth from her, I need only ask," she says and then both her eyebrows raise, "Oh. Well. Pixie-cut bruiser is my sister and Maxima is my friend. I helped Maxima when she came to Earth, and helped her find her lost city."

    Her hand moves toward Scott for a hand shake, "I'm Kara Zor-El. Though, most people on Earth know me as Supergirl. But please, Kara is who I am and it's good to just be me right now. It's a pleasure to meet you Scott Lang, Ant-Man II."

Scott Lang has posed:
     There's a long intake of air from Scott as Kara comes out and admits to it all like that so openly, and maybe just the slightest bit of regret at using the term 'Pixie-cut bruiser.' Looking down at Kara though, despite being another female blonde Kryptonian was still somehow night and day compared to making eye contact with the usually more abrasive Power-Girl. There's still a moment's hesitation before Scott finally claps his palm against her's and gives a faint squeeze.
     "Nice to meet you properly then Kara," he responds with a lop-sided grin, letting go of the shake as he muses, "Maybe after I save the city she'll actually show a bit of niceness to me too, I didn't think gratitude was in Maxima's species," Scott shares as he moves back away from the window while pulling something from a pouch at his waist.
     "So now as I was saying, I had to save Power-Girl though. We got ambushed by a whole classroom of half-sized baddies. One of them was this robot guy with a weird, I don't know, crystal in his chest. Soon as he got near her she went down and these other four started just beating on her. I was of course holding off a half dozen guys on my own but, seeing as she needed me, I mean she was bleeding and everything, I tossed one of these at the robot fellow," Scott briefly brandishing the thing he pulled from his pouch. It looks like a cross between a fidget spinner and a circuitboard.
     Absentmindedly he starts playing it across his knuckles like a coin as he goes on, "Anyway this little doodad is a shrink disc. Hit him, reduced his mass to almost nothing so whatever he was doing stopped working, enough she woke up and was able to get herself back on her feet again and help me finish the job. How the pros do it," he cockily finishes as he flicks the disc into the air with a little swagger of his head...and then as he catches it clearly triggers the device as Kara watches him shrink down to about an inch tall in front of her.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara's smile is warm and welcoming. She's known for it. A media darling if ever there was one - not because she seeks it out, they just can't get enough of her when she turns up to save the day. Much like they are always looking for shots of Superman too. Her hand wraps around Scott and in a demonstration of just how far she has come since she arrived on Earth, it gently squeezes in return of the hand shake. And possibly unlike those that Scott fears, does not crush his hand in any way.

    "Can you? Help the city that is? I remember Nadia and her father working day and night trying to fix it. I remember she unshrunk a bus with an Avenger and SHIELD. But in the end they had to use bits of Brainiac's array to restore Mutant Town," she recalls.

    "And we sent all of that to Oa... so. If you want to really help Maxima and her people, you might need to ask the Oans to borrow it," she suggests not knowing he's more likely to simply steal it if he can.

    She listens to the story and seems a touch alarmed. Kryptonite? in a robot? that's very concerning. The world can't stop getting more dangerous it seems. Her eyes watch him dance the gadget across his knuckles and she looks quite intrigued at his dexterous skills. He is an Avenger after all though... "I .." And then she blinks as he shrinks down to an inch in size.

    "Huh!," she says as her smile grows wider. "I think Nadia has something similar. She and I are both in the Titans. I'm not talking too loudly for you right now am I?" She crouches down before him ever so carefully.. because she has to be ever so careful with the whole world.

    "I mean, The Waspette that is. She has a very keen mind. So, if you're anything like her I trust the city will be in safe hands. Maxima will show you more gratitude than you'll know what to do with. She might even offer you a title in her empire."

Scott Lang has posed:
     The problem with triggering the disc was, he hadn't meant to do it. Scott staggers and blinks in confusion as the world suddenly expands, the feeling both familiar and still as always a bit unsettling as Kara's shoes in front of him fill his view each the size of a house now by comparison. He looks up as she crouches down with a face bigger than a billboard's. Sure enough her words boom over him and he hurriedly snaps the helmet into place, both helping him breathe and managing the sensations of the world around him. Not to mention raising his own voice to more normal speaking levels, not that a Kryptonian needed the help.
     His nervous embarassed laughter comes first as he pockets the now spent shrink disc which had reduced with him, he'd need to recharge it with more Pym particles later if he wanted to bring it back up. "Uh, yeah, Nadia invented some crazy beam to do the work for her I've seen. Me I still like analog. And yea, course, keen mind is why Hank brought me into the fold and all you know. Piece of cake, I'll have it back to normal in no time once we get there, be a Duke or Count before you know it," his bravado forced though the small size and voice coming through speakers helps some to hide the fact he really isn't sure whatsoever.
     Deciding he needed to change subjects in a hurry before more pointed questions came he claps his miniaturized hands together and chirps, "Only real worry is dying from boredom on this trip amirite? I mean at least on a roadtrip on Earth there's a bit more variety than deep space. Maxima shot down my idea of a shipwide sing-along too. Ya'll didn't bring any boardgames with you by chance did you?" the inch tall Scott says as he starts moving and bouncing like an energetic cricket before bounding up onto the seat of a chair. He wanted to conserve his Pym particles for the trip, better to let the effects of the disc wear off instead of triggering his suit again.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    She smiles and nods her head at his confidence. And why not? he knows Hank. He knows Nadia. He's Ant-Man and an Avenger. Who is she but not one of the most trusting beings to ever live on Earth. One of the traits that her sister lost over time. She looks surprised though and says, "Boring? Oh. I guess the view is a bit more interesting to me than to you.. but if you want sing-a-longs and board games, I think you should head to the cargo hold and get on the Milano. Besides which the captain Peter Quill is also Human. He has 300 songs on his zune he tells me and they're all pretty good to far. Also.. they're very interesting people. One of them is a tree after all."

    She stands back up and stares out at space again. "What's weird is I never really had much interest in space and foreign cultures before I was thrust in to living with aliens on a weird planet where the sky is blue. Now I love it. I love Earth and all the people who live on it. Even if some of them need some serious timeout..."

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott throws his arms out wide...well, wide-ish, it was hard to be truly wide at an inch tall. "I mean look I enjoy a nice view as much as the next person but, we're up here a week or something? Maxima could've sent a cruise liner instead of a warship to pick us up is all I'm saying, I...wait 300 songs? I think my phone can do a few thousand," Scott momentarily befuddled by the weird boast. That would've sounded good 20 years ago maybe but now?
     He shakes his head, moving on past that point as he says, "Yeah I'll have to get to know them sometime. It's just, Groot didn't seem that great at conversation and the two other gals seemed about as personable as Maxima what I've seen. Peter's alright though, appreciates my magic tricks...not like SOME people with super sight and X-ray vision," Scott sounding downright accusatory as he actually seems to be glaring up at Kara with his arms crossed and foot tapping on the chair.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara chuckles, "Well.. I hadn't mentioned that bit to him yet. He just seemed to excited that he had 300 songs. I think he doesn't come to Earth very often may be. I haven't the heart to tell him the entirety of Kryptonian knowledge fits on a crystal the size of an index finger."

    She smirks though when he seems upset that her sister clearly doesn't like magic. "Well.. you have to think of it from our perspective. We can see right through your hand when you're hiding a card at an odd angle, and we can see you palming things really obviously because ..well, it's fast for Human eyes but not ours. Look I'm sure it's a very impressive skill."

    Yep, just like her sister she too isn't so impressed with magic. She has faked being impressed with it as Kara Danvers of course. "I bet everyone on the Milano will enjoy your magic," she says trying to encourage him to try with people who aren't Kryptonian. "As for the ship," she motions to the functional walls.

    "Maxima no doubt expected to engage in battle with Brainiac upon arrival, or continue to follow his trail. The last thing she expected was to discover a small planet that had defeated the monster. Certainly not a planet with Kryptonians living on it either.. as I am reminded, often by Rocket, Kryptonians aren't exactly a common sight - even before we lost our home."

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott sits on the edge of the gigantic chair, his legs dangling over the side like a child sitting in a seat that is too big for them. Only in this case it was several hundred times too big. "Yeah yeah, you all save the world so I SUPPOSE not being impressed by magic tricks gets a pass, I'm just saying. You don't have to be so logical about everything...and uh, yeah, sorry about losing the home?" he adds with uncertainty. It was like giving condolences for a lost family member, only times billions and an entire civilization and culture to go with it. Scott kicks his feet during the awkward silence that builds and then suddenly points a finger up at the ceiling. "Right I've got it, still have my cards back in my bunk. Since you were bored staring off into space how about some Crazy 8's? Go Fish? Though Cassie always beat me at that one. Told her I let her win but was never true," Scott admits. Wait, wasn't he the one who proclaimed he was bored in deep space?

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods her head slowly. He doesn't know that this journey to Oa is really a journey to the remains of Krypton. She takes in a deep breath and nods her head again, "Thank you. It happened a long time ago, but not for me... any way." She double takes a moment as he declares she's bored. The stars are so pretty.....

    But clearly he needs some distraction, "Sure. I even promise I won't cheat," she says with a grin. "First you'll need to teach me the games. I like the fishing one, let's fish with cards," she says with almost a touch of excitement. Learning new things is one of her passions.