5399/You are now one with the Force

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You are now one with the Force
Date of Scene: 01 March 2021
Location: Derby Queens
Synopsis: Terry finally graduates Harley-Fu. At least the beginner steps! And then the Brooklyn Bombshells make a visit.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Terry O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
An ominous message was left in Terry's room in the Titan's tower. Harley's handwriting? Most certainly. And most likely having bribed one of the other Titans to put it there. Maybe a lil bottle for Kian. Or was it the promise of scratching under Gar's ears? Who knows?! And one may never get to know the truth in how that message got to appear there. But what's true is that it said the following:

> Tomorrow night, Brooklyn's roller derby arena, come alone. It's time to finish your training. *little smiley with a sadistic clown with a knife*

And so it was that we are brought to tonight. The day Harley said for them to meet. Preparations have been done, and this clearly seems like it will be the last day of their training. After this no doppelganger shall get in Vorpal's way! Hopefully!

The clownette is already in the rink, dressed to roll of course, roller blades on, the skimpy outfit because there's no way she will be rolling without it and going around it over and over, full on speed. Noone else appears to be on the premises even if the lights are fully on.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
To say that Terry had both been dreading and looking forward to this event was an understatement. Harley was unpredictable, wild, and astonishingly chaotic... and therefore, there really was nobody else so suited to train him for an encounter with his DoppelCheshire. He just didn't quite imagine it would be something like this.

He finally rolls out onto the arena. He does so rather unsteadily, as rollerblading was never a big thing for him growing up, but he does well enough for himself. Pads, helmet and the assorted paraphernalia are worn, and then...

"I kind of think the outfit is a bit /much/, don't you think?" Terry says as he approaches. It's not that he minded short shorts. It's just that he wasn't expecting them.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ya complain so much. I sweah, startin' ta sound like an old, grumpy cat." Oooo, low blow. A roll of her eyes, "Can't wait until ya get yoh powahs back and go back ta bein' Terry." she finishes one last lap before rolling closer to Terry, slowing down, hands on her hips. "But glad ya made it. It's time ta put aaaallll ya learned in the last lessons ta practice." she lifting one finger up, "First the theory." two fingers, "Then the runnin'", three fingers, "And now the fightin'"

She hits one fist over her palm. "And nothin' like doing it on wheels. These games awhe vicious and ya need a sharp mind along with nimble body ta survive in the track. Killah sport really. So we gonna start this and in the end I will have a lil surprise for ya." a wicked little grin appearing in her expression when she says the word 'surprise'.

"So first things first.." and she approaches Terry, opening her arms wide. "Give me your best shot." She even turns her head to the side to give him more hitting space.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Harley just asked him to punch her. And she's even presenting her head!

Now, Terry is not so dim that he can't recall some lessons. If Harley is testing him, then he'd better do his best to pass the course, or else be prey to his Doppelganger when he least expects it.

It's why Terry then decides to aim the punch- at Harley's solar plexus! Because hadn't she said to go for he gut when you could? And to always do the opposite of waht your opponent was hoping you would do?

At least... he thinks that was the right lesson.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The clownette doesn't even attempt to dodge. Really, she is just there to take it. Does she expect Terry to hit her with all his might though?! Who knows! Of course that he may also know of Harley's .., exquisite condition. All courtesy of her best buddie Poison Ivy. Regardless she doubles over when she takes that punch, letting out a waaaaailllllll.

"Ya hit me! Ya really hit me..!" She says as if affronted that Terry would had done such a terrible thing. Her eyes are a bit wide, her lips curl in a ferocious manner. Angry clownette!

"Ow, it's hurtin' so much...." She then adds, rubbing at her chest. "I can't breathe.." the girl continuing down on a knee. The other foot remains impeccably balanced though.

Perhaps something is afoot!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh come on, Harl!" Terry says, looking too wise to fall for that, "I know you're just puttin' me on. Part of your test and all. You knew I'd remember the gut punch!"

But he vacillates. True, one foot is still balanced and potentially ready to kick at him if he comes close... but on the other hand, Harl's one of the best acrobats, and she often does things out of second nature than intent, in that regard. Seemingly torn between acing the test and the thought that he might actually have caused real harm to his friend, Terry's heart gives in over his head.

"Oh gosh Harl, I'm sorry! Did I really hit you that hard?" he asks, rushing over to kneel by her side.

He is not nearly so steady on those rollerblades as she is.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Maybe Terry should had went with his head!

That approach and the gleeful little smile that Harley has on her expression just as Terry is getting down to kneel is enough to know the gravity of that mistake. The kind of gravity that Terry may be getting quite acquainted with if he doesn't move fast!

Harley's leg was indeed ready for a reason, and it swings with intention to knock Terry down, unless he is swift enough! "Ya can't have mercy if ya wanna win this fight, Terry!"

Incoming leg strike!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry is fast, but he's nowhere near as fast as he is when he's a cat, and he doesn't have those lighting-fast reflexes. He does have good ones, which is why the doesn't fall completely flat on his ass when the leg sweeps and knocks him down. Rather, he manages to soften the drop with a judo maneuver, and rolls away from Harley.

Problem? Trying to stand up while wearing rollerblades is /tricky/, and as Terry hastily scrambles to his feet, he ends up propelling himself in a completely random direction. "AUGH!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Do you know who doesn't have a problem with getting up to her feet in rollerblades? Harley Quinn!

The clownette jumps up to her feet nimbly but at least does nod at the avoidance to the kick, "Nice one..." then a frown at that random scrambling. "Need ta work on the recovery!" but she is already up on her feet when Terry is scrambling away. Not that she goes for another blow. Nope. Instead she starts to roll around the field, gaining speed, those roller blades heard loudly on the otherwise empty rink. She is still on the other side of the field but she will eventually be coming in hot.

Most likely to knock Terry down!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
There is something to be said for the art of underestimation- you don't want to underestimate your opponents, but you want your opponents to understimate you! Terry appears to be having the hardest time on those skates. And by the time Harley is getting close, he seems to have managed to finally get back up after using the mesh of the cage as a handhold. But he looks utterly unprepared for Harley as she approaches.

Except that, just before she comes to fulfill the impact, the younger O'Neil suddenly /drops/ to his knees, seemingly after his rollerskates roll out from under him.

But is it? Or is it an actual attempt by Terry to weaponize his perceived clumsiness? The slight smile from the young man as he goes from would-be victim to inconvenient road obstacle might betray him.

Then again Harley is Harley. She could easily leap over him if he got the timing wrong.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The clownette is determined to teach Terry a lesson. It's a life or death situation afterall! And so she is doing her best to teach the young O'Neil how to survive in a harsh environment, clearly with the advantage to Harley.

Yet that sudden drop is unexpected, or maybe that's just how it was supposed to go. What matters is that she high-speed hits Terry's rollers, letting out a, "Ack!" and actually flying for a few meters before coming to crash ahead... Gravity and attrition do the rest, eventually she slowing down.

"Finally!" She brightly squeaks from the ground, rolling over so her belly is up, she breathing hard, "Ya seem ta have put somethin' inside yoh head."

Nope, not getting up yet.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry ooofs at the impact, but he slowly gets to his feet once Harley has stopped her sliding across the field. One hand still clutching the fence, the redhead slowly positions the rollerskates to keep him from sliding off, and he slowly smiles.

"Uh, yeah, it's called a concussion- after our last training session!"

He chuckles, but he does not let his guard down. He knows very well that you should never let your guard down with Harley. She's on the floor now, but that will be you in the next ten seconds, if you for a moment think she's done.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The clownette rolls over suddenly, belly down, almost as if in the prowl, looking at Terry, but seeing him on his guard does seem to make her smile. "Good, good." and then up to her feet she is again, almost unreal in the way she can keep that balance on those rollerblades. But it's always been one of her greatest strengths. Athleticism!

"I dare ta say..., ya are close ta ready ta be done with the introdutory lessons of Harley-fu, Terry." she rolls over towards him and lifts her hands, ".. Which will be moouh than enough ta defeat that no-good kissin' rapscallion!" yes, of course she brought it up AGAIN.

And then she goes to wrap an arm around Terry's shoulder, "Now, I told ya about a surprise, didn't I?" again that malicious little grin on her eyes.

But for some reason the 'threat' doesn't seem to be coming from her.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry looks away, "It was a strategic move to try to disarm him, Harley. It just so happened that he had the gun in a different holster, okay?" Yeah, nobody is buying that, O'Neil. But then again, he is mercifully rescued from embarrassing reminiscence by the simple fact that she is offering a /surprise/. While Harley no longer walks the murderous path of the clown, she does still retain traits. Surprises tend to be... well. Surprises. Even if they sometimes are more full of teeth than confetti.

"You did say there was a surprise..." he says, a little wary.

Harley Quinn has posed:
A loud laugh escapes Harley when Terry focuses on the surprise. "Careful. Curiosity killed the cat and all that." eventually the laughter dying down and she bringing Terry to the middle of the rink, keeping them both steady. "So, this was me makin' suwah ya had internalized all the teachings I have given ya. But now..." and she lifts a finger up as if requesting silence...

Gaze goes to the exit entrances that give way to the locker rooms. "It's time ta bless ya with one o' our trainings. Foh yoh awhe a guy, treading on holy grounds belonging to the..." and she then rises her voice, as if calling someone, ".. the BROOKLYN BOMBSHELLS!" the doors open after a bit and girls dressed to roller derby start rolling out towards the field. "And theah awhe traditions ta maintain. So congratulations, ya gonna participate in one o' our trainings!"

Oh no!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's eyes go wide, and he goes pale- yes, even paler than he normally is. He is also very self-conscious about the fact that he is wearing short-shorts. Not precisely because he looks bad in them, per se, but because these short-shorts have the words "DEAD MEAT" across the rear. At first, Terry thought it was just an odd brand, but when the Roller Derby Amazons file into position, he realizes it wasn't a brand.

It was a target.

"... why do I always get into these messes?" Terry O'Neil says, and turns around to start skating like his life depended on it!