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Chocolate Trouble
Date of Scene: 01 March 2021
Location: ALL over the Milano, but starting in the cargo bay
Synopsis: Nebula kills more innocent chocolate. Groot grumbles about revenge! Not really.
Cast of Characters: Groot, Lois Lane, Peter Quill, Clark Kent, Nebula, Conner Kent, Maxima, Zatanna Zatara

Groot has posed:
Groot has been hiding things all over the ship like a squirrel and his nuts. In this case, the cached food, however, is chocolate seeds and adhoc hydropnics. Groot is good at tech, more than you might think, but he's no Rocket. As such, he carefully has determined which parts of the ship aren't required while the ship is here on the cargo deck and expanded his reach to..OTHER areas, that and his expertise in botany and his species, he has several plants near maturity, and is in the process of putting one in the cargo bay when he THINKS no one is going to notice.

Lois Lane has posed:
There's no time in space, or at least, no relative times of day. That means when Lois' brain decides it's morning, it's morning. Especially with the little relaxation aides she took last night, she slept long and hard. Now she's swanning about in what she fondly calls her 'Space Robe'... because it's a satin night robe with peacocks on it and she's wearing it in space. Beneath that, she's got a stolen t-shirt from Clark and maybe nothing else, but hopefully no one can tell. Her dark hair is a muss and she's got the look of someone padding about for coffee. "Look...there's gotta be a pot...somewhere... I didn't bring enough uppers for this." She mutters to herself. She then pauses, noticing the tree doing... *something* across the cargo bay. "Uh...you're not sabotaguing things, are you, tree?"

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill frowns as the coffee maker he picked up on Earth sits silent despite the light being on. It was one of those big fancy ones with all the complex internal workings which is enough to make him curious. He flips the thing off and opens it up, peering inside, he couldn't exactly tell you what all the parts were but he knew what it was supposed to look like and this wasn't it. "Damn it Rocket!" Quill exclaims. "Stop stealing my stuff!"

Had to be him who took it right? No coffee to be had, Quill turns from the machine heading down below to go look for the little rodent and give him a piece of his mind.

"Who's sabotaging what now?" he asks coming in at the end of Lois' question. "And yo, Groot, where's Rocket? He needs a foot up his butt for messing with my coffee machine."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman's also here!

He is still kind of reeling from the sheer size of the briefcase Lois brought. At least one of them remmebered essentials like clothes, underwear, and handy notebooks. Clark has kept to himsself for at least part of the journey, mostly because he feels a little out of sorts with what he has compartmentalized as 'Kara's space friends' for the sake of his sanity. He has also decided it is as close to morning as he's going to get, and being Superman, he's allowed to make these sort of important calls. Superman's nose twitches as if trying to pick something up. "Something smells funny."

Lois is talking to a tree. Oh wait it's the moving one, Groot, right? "Well hi!" Clark says, with a big wave and a big grin as if meeting a new neighbor that he's only a little worried might have bodies hidden in the basement.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula has been trying to keep out of the way. She posed in the stupid advertisements for this 'space tourism' thing mostly because Gamora insisted she get involved. But now that there's actually a bunch of people on the ship, she has been avoiding them like they're the plague.

    That was until her attempts to stay hidden had resulted in her finding a stash of cocoa beans.. the wretched things. Nebula rounds the corner in to the common area carrying what can only be described as a plasma cutter, which is on. She rounds another corner past Clark and kicks the open panel to swish the door open smoothly and then approaches an uninteresting section of wall in the cabin where Lois and Clark have been sleeping and begins to cut through it.

    There's no such thing as 'personal space' on this ship when it comes to destroying all and any means of reproducing chocolate. Nebula is on a mission and she hasn't the time to elicit allies or explain herself, not yet anyway. She needs more proof. A section of wall is pried away and tossed out in to the corridor.

    Nope.. nothing here...

Groot has posed:
Groot groans and puts his hands to his head rocking back and forth. Not AGAIN! And now she was actively searching all over the place. "I am Groot!" He raises his arms like someone yelling at someone in a traffic jam and out of their car frustrated. "I am GROOT!" He does not, however at any time get between Nebula and the panel and that plasma cutter.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner has been a bit bored lately. Spaceships are supposed to be cool, but the cargo bay is not too interesting, and the Milano is not exactly a big spaceship. There is only so much to explore.

So, he turned to his laptop and read, played some games and tried to come up with way to approach Kal and Lois (mostly Lois) with the issue of his own genetic heritage. Not quite ready yet.

He was considering sneaking off the bay to explore the Almerician cruiser (it is about time!) when some blue woman starts cutting the wall a few yards from his bunk. He peers. "Er... Hello?"

Lois Lane has posed:
"...the tree is Groot. I think. And it's smuggling something but, we're sort of on a mercenary ship, so I suppose we're all smuggling things. Or are we the things being smuggled? God, I need coffee." Lois mutters, still watching Groot with a reporter's narrowed eyes and clear curiosity. She takes a few sock-clad feet steps forward to lean closer and try to see what he's hiding. She's a reporter, she has to be nosy!

Back the way of the bunks, though, Superman and Lois' room is a near reflection of their personalities. Superman's clothes all nice and neatly folded, tucked away, his note books on the desk and everything orderly. Lois' clothes from last night have tossed in three different places, the booze and drugs stash briefcase is wide open and clearly rustled through, a bottle of whiskey is on the desk as well as a mostly empty glass. She's got one note book in the bed when she was working on it last night and another left on top of a crate, entirely forgotten. Oh, and a little sealed ashtray she's been sneaking into the bathroom when she wants to smoke.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima stands upon her dais on the command deck, hands on her hips, staring imperiously out at the vast expanse of space around the ship projected on her view screen, as she is want to do.

<<Lady Maxima, an additional plant based lifeform not previously recorded has been detected in the cargo hold. It is possible some manner of invasive species has stowed away. However the one identified as Groot is in close proximity, so it may be a pet of some sort? Data insufficient.>> Comes the mechanical yet slightly feminine voice of the computer.

Maxima considers this interruption to her imperious space staring for a moment. "Computer, put the main cargo hold on screen." She commands as the unfolding scene in the cargo hold suddenly appears on the large view screen before her.

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman immedaitely hears their room being plasma torched.

It would be rude, he thinks, to get upset about this. He is a guest in what is clearly this Star Lord's home. If the blue woman wants to redecorate, that's none of his busniess, even if he and...and Lois are using the room presently. Maybe there's a mouse. A space mouse. Thank god, Clark thinks, as he hears Conner step in, because Conner is not burdened with the kind of upbringing to cause these sorts of moral dilemmas.

"I think the coffee machine's broken, Lois." Superman says, offering Star Lord a handshake. "You know I've got a friend that likes breaking my stuff too. I could take a look at it?" I'm a Kryptonian, Clark thinks, part of a mighty race of super-science wizards. How hard could a coffee machine be? Compared to Lois not getting any for a whole trip into space...

Not realizing he's on camera, Superman leans back in the cargo bay, his muscles rippling just so the exact second the view screen turns on.

Peter Quill has posed:
"That makes two of us," Peter remarks to Lois when coffee comes up. "But someone sabotaged the frickin machine again," which brings him back to his original point. "Groot where's Rock-" he only gets that far before Clark offers a hand shake and he accepts. "Hey good to meet you and yeah, if you think you can fix it that'd be awesome." That's when Nebula starts doing Nebula things and he turns.

"Nebula! what in the heck do you think you're doing to my ship?!" Unlike Groot, he does get up in the woman's face which may be a bad idea all things considered. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, do NOT start cutting apart my ship!" Hopefully that's all she cuts apart.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula turns her head almost violently to look at Conner. A look of pain and angry on her face, her eyes wide with ambition as she simply replies, "Hello." She remembers him from when they were killing the meat hungry rabbits. Her eyes flit to the open briefcase and quickly sifts through it.. no cocoa. Not her target, not her problem.

    With an annoyed hmph she moves out of the bunk and her eyes sweep across the hall way. There.. that bit of flooring. Down on to one knee she starts cutting away the paneling of the floor.

    Growling as she hears Groot shouting 'I am Groot', no doubt because of her actions. She rounds back to Peter ane pokes him forcefully with a finger, "I warned him. I warned him what would happen if he brought that drug back on board this ship!" She lifts the blow torch up and with a click of a switch it starts to burn hotter, "I will cut open every single hiding hole on this stupid can if I have to!"

Groot has posed:
Groot looks around from Nebula tot he plant and is moving along the wall looking for cargo panels to hide the plant in. He also takes out a small comm and whispers, "I am Groot" then he says, "I am Groot" trying to look as innoucous as possible, trying to pass his stealth check.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner gives Nebula a wary smile. She looks angry! Then Quill appears and... it really doesn't clarify much. However, "yeah, don't cut his ship to pieces," because it seems like a pretty bad idea to do in space. "Maybe we can help you find those drugs? I mean, are they the bad kind of drugs or the... okay... kind of drugs?" He just saw Lois' stash, so forgive the babbling.

He sighs. Not going to be the responsible adult here. Nope. "So, what is the name of this drug, anyway? How does it look?"

Lois Lane has posed:
"...What in the WORLDs kind of space drug are you hiding to make her this pissed and you that desperate for it? Shit. I want *that* stuff, screw coffee!" Lois pipes up, but a heartbeat later her nose wrinkles, "No...that's a lie. I want coffee too. Kansas, if you can fix it, I might just love you forever..." She winks up to him in that way which says she already might care just that much, but she's a little too touch to admit it. Conner gets a drowsy nod, Lois still just in her night robe and with her hair freshly out of bed, it seems. "Yeah...what he asked. INquiring minds want to know! Quill, this is your ship. Order your people to share the drugs while Kansas gets us coffee!"

Peter Quill has posed:
"Oh man, not this again," Quill says once he figure's out what Nebula is raging about this time. "Chill Nebula, after the flamethrower incident, I don't think Groot's going to be dumb enough to grow chocolate on the ship again," he looks to Groot for support. "Right big guy?" Seriously bro, help your captain out! He turns back to Nebula. "Either way, STOP CUTTING HOLES IN MY SHIP!" Welcome to a normal day with the Guardians folks.

Groot has posed:
Groot cringes and smiles widely, plant clearly behind him, "I am Groot" he nods giving his best I am totally innocent and successfully not trying to hide a chocolate plant or any such thing. THE BEST non verbal communication he has ever done, an Oscar even.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Chocolate?" Conner frowns faintly, trying to make sense to the conversation. "You mean, cocoa beans or just chocolate bars? In any case that is... not a drug. I mean, it has a little caffeine but..."

Unless it has some weird effects in aliens. Which might explain the blue woman rage. Maybe. "Anyways! Cocoa trees are pretty large, like 15 or 20 feet tall. That space is too small," he offers, trying to be helpful.

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman cannot help but sneak a glance at Lois when 'space drugs' are mentioned.

Okay this is all over chocolate. Superman looks at Conner and shrugs, because this is exactly the life. At least Luthor isn't here selling some kind of super chocolate to get the tree guy to dump them into space. "I'll hold you to that, Miss Lane." Clark winks back, and floats over to mess with whatever Rocket did to the coffee maker.

What DID Rocket do to the coffee maker?!

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula dips a hand in to a pocket and produces cocoa beans and sprinkles them down from the air in front of Peter, "Not stupid enough? I found these in a stash in the lower decks." She hisses at him and turns seeing she has gathered an audience. Not quite sure what to do when there's so many people look at it, she says nothing for a moment.

    Time filters through the question and she replies succinctly, "Theobroma cacao, Earth." She narrows her eyes a bit and turns and shoulder barges Peter to walk toward Groot, "You! Plant! I am Groot, you don't have your furry little body guard to protect you this time." Fat lot of good Rocket did to protect him last time though.

    Her eyes focus in on the plant he's holding, "There!" She lifts up the blow torch and breaks in to a single minded sprint toward him. Destroy the plant. The cocoa plant, not the Groot that is.

Lois Lane has posed:
"You're the best." Lois mutters to Superman, as he goes off to try and fix the coffee maker. But then the drama of the cocoa beans seems to be getting far more heated. Her eyes go wide, "God, if you *really* want the good stuff, I have some left in the briefcase. This is all over *coca beans*?" She mutters in a bit of surprise.

She's then backing up a few feet, giving Nebula space to make her run. Lois isn't going to interfere in intercrew business! She looks thoroughly boggled, staying close to Superman and watching his back as he fixes the coffee maker. Not that he couldn't watch it himself...

Peter Quill has posed:
The beans get an oh-so innocent look from Peter. "Groot! I'm shocked!" he's not really that shocked as he scoops up and pockets the beans. "Are you sure these aren't left over from the last time you might not have burned them all?"

As for the coffee machine it looks like a pump is now missing, possibly turned into part of Groot's hydroponics system.

"And yeah, chocolate, her sister Gamora has a bit of a problem with it," he explains to the others, seeming to make no move to stop Nebula's charge. "She pretends to hate her, but clearly she cares," he adds loud enough Nebula might hear. "Anyhow, there are some real space drugs on the ship as well. Have any of you ever been to Kitson?" he asks the passengers.

Groot has posed:
Groot runs FAST as his legs become giant you would not think something that large could move that fast, but fast he does. Not Kryptonian fast, but Go Tree Go! He howls, "I AM GROOT!"

Clark Kent has posed:
Huh. Aliens, Clark figures. Good thing there's nothing out there that can make him act all loopy.

Well Red K, but that's much more dangeorus than 'loopy'. Clark shudders at the thought, otherwise enjoying the quiet moment at the eye of the chaos, messing with the coffee maker. "I don't think 'Rocket' did anything. It's missing the central pump. We just need a new one." Clark's eyes go opaque, for a second, as he searches the Milano for a proper pump to install.

This, unfortunately, gives him access to any non-lead protected secrets on the ship. Does he find anything interesting? Deadly?

Conner Kent has posed:
"Some folks are allergic to chocolate," points out Conner to Quill, trying to be reasonable. Not that he has much hope by now. "I guess it doesn't matter. I don't think Groot can grow a cocoa tree in the ship, anyway. Too big. Unless he has some plant powers." He directs a questioning glance to Starlord, then shrugs.

They do have a coffee maker, though. Which means somehow they get coffee in space. So anything is possible.

Lois Lane has posed:
An interested look is tossed in Peter's direction. "Kitson? I barely made it over to Europe, much less another planet. But I'm listening." She offers curiously, never one to turn down an experience. Otherwise, she's waiting for coffee. A little pout on her lips and she's slouching to lean against Superman's side as he works on the thing. She's still waking up, trying to be polite enough not to smoke where everyone is, and hasn't had coffee. It's remarkable she's this polite.

Peter Quill has posed:
"I'd say a missing pump is pretty broken, but if you can fix it, awesome," Clark's scan definitely finds the missing pump rigged into the hydroponic set up, not to mention several bombs in various states of assembly, it's cool though, they're in boxes, and a stash of old Playboy Magazines along with any weapons the rest of the crew might have stashed.

As for the chase, he says as an aside to Clark, Lois and Conner, ^"20 units on Nebula."

"And I think he does, I mean he can grow stuff out of himself, so that must translate." Though the coffee supply has less to do with Groot's abilities and a Safeway truck that went missing near Metropolis a few months ago...

"It's basically space Vegas, but they've got these little puffy things, they're really good and can get you buzzed, I've got some stashed in my cabin, I can break them out sometime if you guys want."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The wrong time of day or night to be witnessing someone wielding a plasma torch. Zatanna's attempt at a cat nap belatedly draws to an end behind the commotion spreading throughout the Milano. The ship really isn't large enough even for her to disregard the carrying sounds that batter away vestiges of rest. Short of hiding in her jaunty top hat, she doesn't have a reprieve from the blue alien woman's relentless hunt for space drugs. Cacao beans. She rubs her eyes and rolls off the bunk. The collision of her feet to the deck isn't loud but might give away the awakening the magician. So too, the quick chant erasing nightwear for daywear.

A few minutes later, her hair hanging in thick black braids, she pads out towards the source of the noise. Knuckles don't get the sleep fully from her eyes.

Maybe just in time to see a tree rush by. Flattening to the wall is reflex. "Swampy?" A bit of a confused noise, and then she blinks again. Just to be sure. "All right then." Safe to continue onward and join the others, half-asleep as she is.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula jumps over a table and as the tree tries to cheese it she scowls. She's not a bounty hunter, she's an assassin.. but sometimes the customer wants to see them die which means capturing. Not to mention Gamora tried doing this whole 'capture people' for money thing too.

    "Get back here Groot or I will pay Rocket to build an automatic pruner!," she threatens - the racoon is mercenary, not even their friendship would protect him from that level of shenanigans and credits.

    Her cybernetic arm, which isn't to say her other arm isn't packed full of tech too but this one in particular is, transforms and a grappling hook emerges. Her eyes start to track predictive movements of Groot and she turns her arm just a little to the side and shoots to tangle up his feet with a metal cable.

    "Give me the flerkin plant Groot!," she insists as a fully formed jetpack suddenly creates itself on her back and she blasts the thrusts in the opposite direction to the way Groot is running, expecting he's not going to come easily.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima watches the chaos unfolding within the cargo bay. She should probably go down there, but someone has to stare imperiously into space while the ship largely pilots itself. It is for these occasions that the Almeracians developed Simulacrum technology and Maxima generally keeps one around to help do things when she needs to be in two places at once.

So while Maxima on the command deck resumes staring imperiously at the space around the ship, another Maxima for all intents and purposes appears when the doors to the cargo hold fwoosh open.

"What is going on here?" She asks as her eyes go from one individual to the next, ultimately fixating on Nebula chasing Groot around with seemingly violent intent.

Groot has posed:
Groot finally lets go of the precious plant. See, while he is arguably STRONGER than Nebula, he also has more MASS thus the inertia of his speed yanks the plant right out of his hand. He shrieks in annoyance...ok...groans...its not like has a cerebral hemorage, BUT...annoyed "I am GROOT!"

Lois Lane has posed:
"Uh... Quill is getting us the good drugs from his quarters. And the blue woman is pissed about chocolate plants. And the tree is pouting." Lois sums up in order of importance to her. "And the entertainment is here?" She asks, blinking in Zatanna's direction, as she definitely hasn't met the woman before and would remember a woman like that if she had.

"Oh. And Kansas is fixing the coffee machine because if I don't get coffee soon I might murder someone and I swear it'll be justified." Lois' tired voice rasps out earnestly. She's more awake than she was and not quite pouting about it... or, at least, SHE would insist she wasn't pouting. She's definitely pouting a little. "...Kansas, if you don't have that fixed in three minutes, I'm dragging you back to bed."

Clark Kent has posed:
"Morning, Zee." Superman says pleasently, frowning a bit. He doesn't want to mess with the hydraulics system, even if it clearly isn't essential to the ship. It just seems rude to mess with a plant man's plants. "Could you do me a favor and wizard up some plastic I can mold into a pump? Then we can get breakfast going. Unless anyone's allergic to coffee, like the coacoa beans?"

Superman flushes a little at Lois's possibly unintentional implication. The mercs are bad enough, but Zatanna's a co-worker. "Gosh, Lois, I just didn't want to kill Mister Groot's plants. And the bomb might explode."

"Maxima." Clark says, a bit more sober.

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill seems to be pretty at ease with the chaos watching and shaking his head. "Hey, Zee," he greets the Mistress of Magic with a wave. "Oh, and you too Maxima," he says as their host appears as well. "Anyhow as far as breakfast goes, we've got some Earth food and more exotic stuff in the cooling units and cabinets, coffee is above the machine if we get it working. Stove and things more or less work like on Earth," then he asides to Lois. "Will grab the space drugs after." Breakfast first. Priorities.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"Good morning. I presume it's still morning?" Someone might need to confirm the fact for Zatanna. She has the habit of looking around in hopes of finding a clock or watch, something not fulfilled other than getting a glimpse of a cargo bay. It seems fair to rub the kink from the back of her neck while Superman asks about a pump. The words sink home, but she blinks again. "Thank you for the rundown on the facts. I like knowing what I walked into before I throw anything around." She tells Lois this, warming to a bit of a smile.

Her sleeves hook over her thumbs, pulled down until the bateau neckline almost pulls off her shoulders. The closest she can afford to stretching, what with Maxima following on her footsteps. "Hi, Maxima. Quill."

Flitting in to the gutted machine offers a fine opportunity to eye it up. "This isn't much fancier than the one I put on the Moon. Ollie had the knack for juryrigging the wiring up, but the insides shouldn't be too hard to straighten up," she murmurs. Somewhere three miles back her conscience is shrieking over a sleep-woven point. "Scuzi, a bomb? We're not talking the bombs I gave you for breakfast, are we?" The Mistress of Magic giving Star-Lord bombs? Yes, it's apparently a thing she's aiming at him.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula, victorious, her grappling line whips back in to her arm and closes up. She scoops up the plant and puts the plasma cutter to it, burning it up in her hand with black eyes filled with glee. Mission successful. "Consider yourself lucky Groot," she says and drops the planter with charred plant remains on to the ground next to him, "next time I might not stop at just the cocoa."

    Her eyes turn to Zee having just come out and she stares at those fishnets for a moment, "We have whole pants if you desire them." There, she's now been helpful to their guests, Peter can't say she isn't helping. Her eyes then turn to the simulacrum and she narrows her eyes. The plasma torch is turned off and she says accusingly to Peter, "You're welcome."

Groot has posed:
Groot slinks off into the shadows cursing and rueing the day shaking his fist muttering under his breathe, RUE. The. "GROOT." He sighs and moves off into the shadows.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima watches the battle between Groot and Nebula unfold with some interest. Single combat is an Almeracian tradition after all and this appears to be nothing less than a Trial of Ownership over some plant. She seems a bit surprised when Nebula then puts the plant to the torch but such is the right of the victor.

Something Groot says pulls her attention in his direction though, "What is chocolate?" She asks curiously.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Green Arrow isn't the only handiman on the team." Clark says, idly falling into what he thinks of as 'workplace banter', "I put things together all the time. Who's going to spot-weild a bridge together after Mtter Master melts the thing, Flash?" Clark takes a few tools out of a belt pouch as if to underline his ability to do things that are not punching robots. "Man that is a guy I have not seen in a while, didn't he used to arch the Hulk? This little alien in gold who was some sort of a space alchemist...I don't know why I woke up thinking of him today."

"The Hulk was punching through his usual hangout, and we were called into stop him by that total..." Clark remembers he's in mixed company and amneds his feelings. "By General Ross. Went the way it usually does. Hulk throws a big rock at me, Flash tries to suck the air out of his lungs, that just makes him mad, Batman says something clever and loses a Batwing, and then this guy all in gold just walks out of a rock fixture like it's water, and wears to ensare us all, forever, in chains of finest silver. Which is just kind of a dumb thing to chain people to..."

Clark gets the machine working! He's a farm boy, he actually knows how to fix stuff. "Long story short, the control rods calm Hulk down enough to turn him back to his, uh, other self, and he and Batman figure out a way to turn off Matter Master's machine, and I punch him through a wall. Was a nice Sunday."

Peter Quill has posed:
"Oh, no, not those bombs," Quill says to Zee before looking to the others. "She turned some of my cereal to ChocoBombs yesterday, it was awesome, we're talking real bombs, Rocket makes them when he's bored," or angry, or well anytime really. "You'd be surprised how often they come in handy."

One of the panel's beep and Quill gives it a look, "Crap," he says with a frown and presses a couple of buttons. "Got important Captain stuff to do, but I'm sure Groot and Nebula can help with any questions you guys have." He smiles at that before he turns and heads up the ladder to the cockpit.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Nebula isn't the first person to reference the fishnets going with the skirt and nor is she to be the last. Zatanna smiles and shakes her head. "The Kryptonians requested it specially and I wouldn't want to disappoint my friends. Thank you, though. You have no idea how interested I am in shopping right now." Being stuck in a cargo bay however many light years from home inspires a keen craving for intergalactic Amazon.

Impossible not to warm up to Clark gathering up tools, though, giving him his moment of storytelling and her as one of the appreciative audience. "See, you've got that working. I can go back, possibly, to that nap or working on taking care of air-breathing concerns in space. No more chocobombs for now unless you want me to finish up with your coffee machine."

Lois Lane has posed:
As Clark actually gets the machine working, Lois tosses her arms around his shoulders and presses a big, almost showy kiss to his cheek. "You really are the best, Kansas. What would I do without you?" Probably have died in some horrible and improbable way several times over by now, but that's neither here nor there. SHe gives one pale eyed look between Zatanna and Clark, something stopping her in her tracks, before she takes a breath through those momentary feelings and turns to make coffee. She'll be less cranky after coffee. That will fix everything, right? "...I still might crawl back to bed. Just with coffee." She mutters to herself.

The moment the pot is fully brewed, she scoops it out of the coffee maker with her own stolen cup. "This is coming with me. Rightful earned prize. Anyone who wants some is welcome back to Chateau Superman and Lois." With that, she shuffles back into their little, now slightly lazer cut cabin, with her hard won caffiene goods. From the look she gives Clark, she at least expects him to follow.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zee doesn't need much better invitation than coffee or a friendly face. She finger-wiggles at the machine to convince it to remain well-behaved for the Guardians, Maxima and other sundry passengers. "Don't make me turn you into the little toaster who didn't," she warns. Not much of a warning. It'll count for a point of keeping the coffeemaker on its toes.