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G.I.R.L. Sleep Over
Date of Scene: 02 March 2021
Location: GIRL HQ, Pym Technologies Campus, New Jersey
Synopsis: GIRL Slumber Party is a resounding success. Teenage scientists manage to socialize and figure out the contours of a spaceship design.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Vivian Vision, Madigan Belle, Valeria Richards, Mori Merritt, Riri Williams

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
To say a lot has been happening lately would be a vast understatement, but while Pym Technologies is still recovering from the recent attack of The Queen GIRL forges on. Recently their ranks have grown and developments in the Mori case have increased such that Nadia has called a general 'meeting' for those who can make it. More accurately she has called for a slumber party because she has been informed that this is something that teenage girls do for bonding. Not like the Red Room where they just ambushed each other and beat each other up with sticks.

Every detail has been meticulously researched and planned. The central round table in the main meeting room emblazoned with the GIRL logo has been decked out with an array of snacks. Big fluffy warm sleeping bags and pillows with members names stenciled on them have been prepared. Off to one side there is seemingly a makeup and hair station because Janet insisted painting each others nails and doing each others' hair was an integral part of such things. Finally the sound system has been commandeered with Dazzler's latest hits playing over it. There are also some files with information on the Mori case and what look like very rough preliminary designs for a spaceship on some of the screens around the room, they'll probably get to that part of things... probably.

Nadia is dressed in some of her favorite not quite goth not quite punk, somehow very fashionable attire. There is a good chance Janet has had input into her wardrobe. She is currently setting a pile of pizza boxes on the table. She has now figured out ordering pizza for herself, no GIRL should have this much power. There are some pretty wild assortments, but thats what you get from a girl that likes to experiment. There are the more traditional staples of cheese and pepperoni, too. Probably more than they can all comfortably eat without a speedster stopping by ...or Mori.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Cooking is one of the ways Vivian Vision tries to understand humanity, so whenever a chance comes up to disappear into the kitchen she needs no encouragement. Today she's responsible for a lot of the healthy snack options. Home made roasted vegetable chips, assorted uncooked vegetable sticks and a whole lot of dips from around the world.

Tzatziki, hummus, guacamole, salsa. If you can dip a chip or pizza crust in it she has probably made it.

There are also cookies and brownies baking in an oven for later on. Why does a science lab have such a well stocked kitchen? Delicious chemistry. Well that and Doctor Pym donated a lot of appliances before his house got destroyed by doppelgangers.

Vivian has what her look-up table indicates is a sleepover compliant outfit. Yellow shorts suitable for sleeping in (not that Viv sleeps) and a green t-shirt. Plus a pair of fluffy bunny slippers that make a squeaky noise when she walks.

Madigan Belle has posed:
What do bangers and mash, pasties, garlic roasted cabbage, twice baked potato casseroles, lamb and guinness stew, cream bundt cakes, and more have in common? They are things that the building's security has piled onto one of those carts used to push computers by IT folks about. This one likely far more fancy given the place that owns it, but both layers are stacked. Then there's 2 bags of alcohol filled bottles clanking about and of course - Madi. She's got on a bright pink knitted sweater dress that's baggy instead of tight, along with a pair of pink socks that have the Nintendo character Kirby on them. Her leg braces have even been doctored up with a few pink soft balls of material tied off in various locations, though her crutch is left in its original state.

"I dunno where it goes, just in here somewhere." She looks around, and finds the spot with the rest of the snacks and such from Nadia's preparations and she points that direction, "Over there..." Squinting a bit to look right at his name badge, "Steve, thanks. You really saved me like a million trips here and back and here and back and here and back. To pick things up."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val has arrived with video games! And while she couldn't resist a bit of tinkering, replacing the need for a TV screen with a holoprojector, for all your mascot-go-kart-themed fun, she's stopped short of making the AI self-aware or anything too ridiculous. Sure, it's also loaded with a library of movies and TV shows split into sleepover-appropriate categories, but that's just good planning.

She's dressed down for maximum comfort. Like full-on faded sweatshirt and leggings maximum laze-ness. The sweatshirt's logo can almost be made out, one of the vintage Fantastic Four pieces of merch.

She gives a wave as she carts her system in, not much bigger than a lunchbox... and part of that's the six controllers that clip onto it for easy transport. Her eyes widen at the entire setup, whistling out softly. "Wowww... now -this- is a sleepover! I mean, once someone's asleep it will be. Now I think it counts as... a par-tay?"

Mori Merritt has posed:
It's a good thing sleepovers rarely require sleep. Mori, however, looks like she could use it. She's also sporting leggings and extremely oversized sweatshirt to look warm and cozy, but she certainly looks tired and her overall energy seems to be less of her usual energetic self. Even lacking energy, though, she seems excited to be here. As she heads inside, messenger bag slung over one shoulder, she offers a wave.

"I don't think I've gone to a sleepover since I was... thirteen?" She finds a spot to set her bag down, her eyes going over the pillows with names on them. "This is definitely the strangest sleepover I've ever been to, though. Do we get to keep the pillows?" She's also noticed the food. Which, of course, means she's drifting in that direction almost immediately.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Thank you Steve! Hi Madi! Welcome to GIRL!" Nadia is her usual high energy self as she skips over, pausing as she tries to find a way to hug Madigan without knocking her over in the process. It's a Nadia thing, she even hugs Hell Lords.

"Oooh these look delicious Viv!" She exclaims as she passes all of the dips and additional snacks. "We are definitely not going to starve!"

"Val!" Nadia's best science friend is also wrapped in a hug the moment she walks through the door, really there is no escape it's best to just go with it. "I'm so happy you could make it! According to my research this is how a slumber party is supposed to be." Says the girl with no concept of money and a billionaire step-mom.

"Mori!" One by one she picks them off as the come through the doors like some sort of hug assassin ...hugsassin. "Are you feeling any better? Any worse? We have SO MUCH food! Let's party!" Nadia declares throwing her arms up in the air and wandering back towards where the food is. "Oh, we also need to talk about constructing a ship for deep space travel, but first food!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
When Madigan comes in with a trolley that contains clinking bottles of alcohol Viv glances over with a look of mild alarm. "Before anyone even considers it," she says solemnly. "I am banning anyone from using the lab equipment and tools after consuming alcohol. And will shut off the power to enforce this if I have to."

Perhaps this will earn her a reputation for being no fun but it potentially will save the world. So it's a price worth paying.

She glances at the increasingly large amount of food. "Any leftovers we can split between the Pym Technologies staff and the Titans to finish off. They'll make short work of anything we can't finish." She waves to Valeria, Mori and Madigan. "Good evening everyone. I hope you are all doing well?" There's a short pause before she adds "I shall prepare a 'party mode disco hologram program' for later."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's food, and people?! Madigan gets a big grin on her face as she is moving slowly into the room, looking in the direction of the pillows and then to people present. Some of them not exactly human. Nadia comes wandering up to her and offers a hug, Madi gives one in response which takes a moment as she has to sort of account for the crutch, lock both legs with weight, and then let the other person do most of the work, "Wasn't sure what to bring, so I brought food and alcohol, left the cocaine at home." A joke? She chuckles, at least. A glance over in the direction of Vivian can't hide Madi's wide eyes and a little rock of her head, and she goes to stick out her tongue before she can stop herself, managing to catch it with her teeth at the last moment.

Then to food, and since Mori's on her way to the food, Madi speaks up to her, "You haven't been to a sleep over since you were thirteen? Wow. That's a long time. I mean, not to say you are old, but you know what I mean, it sounds like a long time, who knows though you could be a clone of someone who was only created a little over thirteen years ago. And that'd mean it only happened yesterday, or last weekend." A big shoulder rising shrugs, and then Madi's letting them drop.

By this point she's managed to get herself over to the food. Each step is a matter of swaying her hips and partially swinging a leg, that then locks in place from the leg brace, then the other, and her crutch is there to help keep her balance. "I brought some food, didn't know how much would be here... I tend to eat a lot, so I figured I should bring enough for at least me. And I also brought alcohol, thought about bringing soda, but alcohol is pretty much soda with better taste and less carbonation. Unless of course it's sparkling wine, then... well, about the same." She's speaking a bit quickly as she grabs at some pizza, and chomps down, chewing, and nodding her head with a smile and mmm. "Cuhnshrtuctng uh spshchup?" Madi manages with her mouthful.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val laughs and loops an arm around Nadia in a return of that hug, with a fond squeezing! Her eyebrows perk up, her brain whirring... well, she's -hardly- the posterchild for being the everygirl judge of slumberparty etiquette. Sure, her parents tried to keep her balanced and grounded... but her dad also had her walk through a teleporter earlier the week to a hidden spaceship parking lot when she mentioned designing a ship with her friends.

"Oh! I mean it seems like it! Sleeping bags! Pillows! Oh my -gosh- that's a lot of snacks!" She stares at the spread, mouth hanging open for a moment. "Well, I mean, if this isn't how to do a sleepover, it sure -should- be!"

She shakes her head at Viv and smiles crookedly, "Oh no! I promise, I won't science and drink... err, drink and science?" She settles her game console down carefully, and then makes her -own- way to the food. Because she's -pretty- sure eating to the point of discomfort is a big part of slumber parties.

Mori Merritt has posed:
Mori's already got a handful of chips when she's brutally defeated by the hugsassin. She laughs, doing her best /not/ to drop the snack food while she accepts the hug. "Uh, I mean, I'm not /great/ but I don't seem to be randomly exhibiting any new abilities so..." That could be considered great, depending on how you look at it. When she's got her arms back, she munches on a chip as she looks between those in the group.

Mori gives Madi an amused look at the mention of being a clone. "I mean, I'm not saying I'm not a clone, but I'm not to my knowledge." She glances to Nadia thoughtfully. "I'm not a clone, am I?" After all... anything and everything has to be considered for SCIENCE! "More food is good. I've been so hungry lately."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Mentions of alcohol and cocaine do not elicit the reactions that one might expect from a typical teenager, but then such things are perfectly mundane and normal in the home of Nadia's step-mother Janet, who if she stopped buying might crash the finances of several cartels. "I have been told cocaine should be left at home." Nadia agrees deadpan. "Otherwise it creates too much work for the lawyers."

She peers at Vivian for a moment, "The only equipment we're going to be using tonight are the holoprojectors and sound system." She shrugs though, not having grown up with any sort of prohibition Nadia doesn't have especially strong opinions on alcohol either way except for don't chug the burny stuff.

She grins at Valeria before heading over towards the food. Though she stops mid-pizza slice at Mori's question, "I am 95% certain you are not a clone." She declares after gulping down the cheesey carb-filled morsel. I mean it seems you can never really be sure these days.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Thirteen years is a /very/ long time ago," Vivian muses mostly to herself. Everyone seems old when you are only two. "Miss Belle please keep in mind that some members of GIRL are not old enough to legally drink and that my records could at any time be accessed by an Avenger. You would not want to see Captain America looking disappointed in you."

Janet on the other hand would look disappointed in everyone if the bottles weren't empty by 2am. But Viv isn't going to bring that point up...

"And I know that is the plan Great Aunt Nadia, but alcohol in large amounts often encourages poor decision making. Not everyone has your tolerance to intoxicating substances." She shrugs. "I've been working on some software I think will be useful for operating the subsystems on a space ship. But there isn't a great deal of value in finishing any of the programs until I know what hardware it will be run on."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I had a cousin who was trying to convince me that I was a clone when I was younger. He told me that my friend Tommy's sister Susie, was who I was cloned from. So I cut the brakes to her bicycle. Only one of me is allowed. Turns out my cousin had a big crush on her until then." Madi says as she is nodding quirking her mouth to the side, then a little shrug, "I thought the missing jaw was kind of sexy, in a haunted house kind of way. Would make kissing tough..."

Her eyebrows raise, though, as she looks between Mori and Nadia to see about the answer with regards to the clone. She's also started on a second slice of pizza, this one she's added a cookie to the top.

"Oh my god! Video games?!" She is looking over at Valeria, but her quick change in topic doesn't really follow with any speedy movement equivalent to her enthusiasm. Table of food, games, table of food, games, she looks back and forth with her whole head shifting, then to Mori, big smile lots of teeth, "Hey, Mori was it? Could you grab me like a lot of anything, and maybe a bottle, and bring it over closer to where the video games are going to be setup? I..." She kind of raises up her hands, and her one free hand already has a pizza cookie creation taking it up.

To Nadia, "Left at home? Cocaine done at home is kind of sad. I mean, it should be being snorted off the bikini line of a brazilian named Sandy." A pause, bite of pizza cookie, "I guess she could travel..." Thoughtful look up toward the ceiling, and then a shake of her head in a negative, "Too much of a public treasure. Are we really designing a spaceship?"

Looking over to Vivian she questions, "Really? I mean, I thought alcohol helped alleviate the pressure of the cognitive function known as compunction. That restrictive nature often means, creativity is also lessened, so in essence. Alcohol increases ones ability to be creative. True story." Another bite, finally getting to the cookie.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val falls upon her own slice of pizza with demure but ravenous hunger... while she might have her father's trait of sciencing without remembering to eat, she's got much more of a gusto for eating -delicious- food than just ensuring her nutritional requirements are met.

She laughs and nods her head at Madi, gesturing towards the console while she's also trying to wrangle up a bottle of soda, "Oh! Yeah, it's got a bunch of stuff on it..." Her brow furrows thoughtfully, "I don't think any of it is one of those 'It looks like a video game but actually you're commanding a real civilization across the galaxy' things... but uhh, if you run into any boring games that seem -way- too realistic, you might... wanna be careful..."

Val tries to eat pizza, open her soda, gesture at the game system -and- point at Nadia, "Hey! I need to bug Janet for stories about mom. Don't let me forget! My curiosity must be satiated!"

She grins at Viv and narrows her eyes, "Wait... can you make it so like, in a fraction of a percent of the time, the ship doors don't open all the way and people bonk their heads? ...Maybe not when like, emergency systems are active... like, serious time is no time for silly TV references probably..."

Riri Williams has posed:
     Have you ever had one of those days where things just get away from you? One of those days in the lab where you get your head buried in something and the next time you look up, it's fifteen hours past when you really were supposed to take a nap before a meeting and all the alarms you set were silenced and you hadn't had a chance to even take a shower and....

     Well, that's what happened to Riri. She should have been to the sleepover hours ago but, truth be told, she had a breakthrough of sorts with her materials engineering and, by the time she realized it, the clock was ticking towards two hours past the time she was supposed to be there! Suiting up in Ironheart 1.4, which is the protype of 2.0 that she had been working on, Riri rocketed to G.I.R.L. headquarters with the evidence of her construction, radioing ahead to let people know she was coming in hot. Not past the speed of sound, of course, but fast enough to rattle a few windows if she tried! Landing at G.I.R.L. headquarters, she quickly settled into one of the labs that could be locked, got out of Ironheart 1.4, grabbed her bag that had handily been carried on her belly the whole way, and ran for the main room where people were supposed to be meeting.

Mori Merritt has posed:
"Those are good odds. I'm good with 95 percent," Mori replies between chip bites. The mention of the alcohol gets a tiny bit of a groan. "I just turned 21 and I'm pretty sure alcohol would be a terrible idea for me." She pauses. "Or a good one. /That's/ the risky gamble here." She does, however, wince at the thought of Captain America looking down on anything going on at the slumber party.

The casual suggestion of break cutting gets a few really confused looks centered in Madi's direction, but whatever she thinks, Mori doesn't comment on it. Instead, she sets about making up a plate to send in that direction. "Of course," she replies cheerfully. While she's grabbing some of everything she can, her attention moves to Val and her mention of video games being a little too real.

"Yeah, okay, I hope the games are fun and cartoony, that's a terrifying thought..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia laughs for a moment when Vivian talks about Avengers accessing her feed, "It wouldn't be the first time I hacked into the Avengers network." She says with a grin. "But really Captain Stepdad is cooler than you think. I mean yeah it'd probably be a lecture, but more like disappointed than angry." She shrugs a bit. "Either way, no death rays tonight, we have a spaceship to design." She scarfs down some more pizza. "If you look at the viewscreens around the room, I put up some of my initial designs. Shuri is also working on a vibranium hull and how to use its special properties to cut the energy requirements significantly. Unfortunately she couldn't come tonight because Princess stuff. But yeah, feel free to look and add notes. I want to start acquiring materials soon so we can begin construction." She grabs another piece of pizza, possibly the most casual super tech design meeting ever.

"Riri!" Nadia jumps up when Riri arrives and soon she is hugged too, as none may escape the hugsassin. "I'm so glad you made it! We're still just settling in, really!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It also makes humans fall down and pee themselves and I have no desire to clean up after that happens," Vivian counters, rolling her eyes at Madigan. "I could play a collection of drunken animal videos if you would like? There is one particular clip of a very drunk raccoon..." It even talks, makes rude hand gestures and... okay yes it's just Rocket at Titans Tower.

She gives Mori a reassuring smile. "Do not worry though. Unless the building alarms trigger I doubt that Janet will let anyone casually request access to my information." She lowers her voice to a more conspiratorial volume. "Typically they can only see my location anyway. I'd have to consent for my optical feeds to be viewed and even then I will add pixellation to anything that might need covering."

A subpersona confirms with building security that Riri is indeed an expected guest. Just to make sure no accidents happen. Everyone on site likely a little jumpy after the latest giant insect monster attack.

"Have we considered and ruled out the option of just making a very tiny spaceship and shrinking ourselves to use it?" She ponders. "That would save a vast amount in exotic materials costs." Pym particles are in theory expensive to make but nothing like vibranium.

Madigan Belle has posed:
As Val comments about something with regards to the video games, and Mori is grabbing some food for her, Madi makes her way in the direction of the video games and places to sit. "What do you mean? Like, could some of these video games be commanding like, other places? People? Cool!" She gets wider eyes and a bigger surprised smile. Though sitting down lacks grace of any kind, she just lets herself fall to the floor, ideally on her pillow, and then sighs, exhaling quickly and causing some strands of hair to bounce about. Then it's unhooking her crutch, easy, and unstrapping her leg braces, not as easy. It all gets done though as she talks.

Calling back over her shoulder in Vivian's direction, "Captain America? He's pretty hot, do you think if I do really really bad things he'd show up?" She gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, then grins big, "You are just incentivizing the original plan. Jeez, where'd you learn to parent?"

To Mori, a few nods, "You should totally have a few drinks. You seem... confused, alcohol helps to solidify plans. Besides, you got me, I won't let you do anything too too dumb. Promise." Making a cross over her heart, and everything.

As the conversation goes back to the spaceship idea, and something of being shrunk is tossed out she quirks her mouth back and forth. "So, I'm not really a physicist, yet, or an engineer. I -am- pretty damn good at genetics and biology though, so I call dibs on first contact diplomacy, or autopsy which ever comes first!"

A thought does pop into her head, "So, where is the person who absorbs other people's powers? I'm so interested in their genes it is making me..." And then she ooohs and grabs another cookie, "Nmmmm... cookies are just the best."

Riri Williams has posed:
     After landing and getting out of her armor, Riri changed into pajamas, being sure that she was both a) comfortable and b) decent. And, of course, being a Science type, something specifically purchased is really not in the cards. No, her pajamas were made up of things found amongst her clothes at the silo, specifically a pair of high-waisted black gym shorts that ended just at her navel, a strappy tank top camisole in white, and a pair of long striped socks that end just below her knees. All in all, it's a really cute outfit that allows ease of movement and might not require Viv to pixelate anything unless there's a sudden water fight or something of the sort. It's a sleepover - her research has shown stuff like that might happen! (/s)

     "Me." Riri says with a grin as she's hugged, slipping into the room and depositing her bag, giving a wave to the gathered girls. A few she knows, a few she doesn't, but them being here means they're probably okay. "So, I've done some cool things with Princess's Vibranium." she says with a grin. "I can do a show and tell at some point if people are intersted. And is that pizza? And did someone say cookies? I brought rice krispy treats if people want more carbs and sugar..." She's falling into the trap of not knowing when to stop talking but finally does so, arching a fluffy brow at the talk of alcohol. "Aren't we like 75% underaged here? Drunken Science sounds like both an awesome and scary idea when you have the tech we have around here."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val sips at her cola and then lets out a soft little snorting noise, eyebrows perking up as she chirps out, "Wait... pixelating? What kind of starship design is going to involve things needing pixelating?" She frowns thoughtfully... well, it -is- also a slumber party. She supposes anything is possible.

She wanders over towards her sleeping bag and sprawls atop it, only for her head to perk up, peering towards Riri, "Oh my -god- yes! Rice Krispie treats are mathematically the best combination of cereal and marshmallows."

Mori Merritt has posed:
"I'm no scientist, but that could probably work as long as you could still be as fast as you could in a normal ship? I'm pretty sure no one wants to go proportionally small in speed..." Mori moves to deposit the plate piled with snacks and junk food in front of Madi before smiling sheepishly. "I mean, drinking could be considered science."

It's hard to tell if she's concerned about the suggestion of 'autopsy' in the context of aliens, but she wiggles her fingers in a bit of a wave. "I'm Mori. I /think/ you're talking about me but it's not really /absorbing/ because I'm not taking anything from anyone. I'm just... getting things."

There's a little bit of discomfort at the attempt to talk about herself, so she's distracted by Riri's mention of rice krispies and Val's subsequent conclusion about the mathmatics of such. "... is there any other combination of cereal and marshmallows?" She pauses. "I never thought to try with other cereals..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia shakes her head, "There is too much potential for unforseen side effects. The propulsion system already warms space/time using fields created from Pym Particles, infusing the ship with them could interfere with the fields in ways we can't predict."

She lets the talk of alcohol and Madi calling her not quite step-dad hot go, zeroing in on the the SCIENCE! instead.

That is of course until Riri mentions rice crispee treats and Valeria procedes to sing their praises, "What is a rice crispy treat? Do you fry rice to make it crispy? Wait marshmallows are involved?" She has been out of the Red Room for almost a year now, but there are still many things she has yet to encounter.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"As I am only two years old I have never learnt anything about parenting. However I do know how to eyelaser someone in the butt if they get out of control," Vivian notes to Madigan solemnly. Although there's a grin on her face which makes the threat seem less serious. "Also we probably have already had first contact. Mori could be the aliens way to reach out to other life."

Riri gets a shy wave when she comes in. The synthezoids face turning a slightly darker shade of pink-ish red. Is she blushing? "You look nice Riri. I hope you had a safe flight? Help yourself to snacks. There are brownies and cookies in the oven too. Plus icecream for later." It's clear this event is massively over catered...

She shakes her head when Valeria talks about the spaceship needing pixellation. "No no that's for..." She glances at Nadia and Riri. "Long story short some members of GIRL have a tendancy to think about projects without pants on... Anyway... breakfast cereals... Uhm yes a large number of commercially produced breakfasts do contain marshmallows. But typically only of a poor quality."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Am I the only one who doesn't get fully dressed every day?" Questions Madi, as she looks around, and then offers a shrug, "I mean, I don't want to be recorded partially nude unless I'm getting money for that." And she reaches down to her legs to reposition them, making some effort to get into a cross legged sitting position.

Madi nods her head enthusiastically to Nadia's comment, "They call that the Bag of Holding in a Portable Hole problem. Rice Krispie treats are great! Though not as good as Cap'n Crunch marshmallow wonderbars." And then she's shifting gear to Mori.

Leaning over in the other girl's direction, "Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Seriously? You have to let me look at your genetic material. Ideally some bone marrow, or part of your spinal cord, but I'd take blood." She offers a big grin and is now focused on Mori, eyes big and wide, bright smile, and looking her over quickly. "I mean, seriously. Like, genes are so amazing. So, you copy them, you copy other abilities. Are there limitations? Do you have to eat them? Or part of them? Or is it touch? Close proximity? What?"

She is most certainly going to say something about how she already has a hot butt, but even though her mouth is partially open to make said snarky response, and her eyes are already rolling in Vivian's direction, they pause. And Madi looks back to Mori instantly, "You... are... an... alien?!" Jaw opening, eyes even wider, and she pauses, for probably the longest bit of silence she's emitted since getting here. Big grin forming slowly from stunned shock.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "I did some research." Riri explains as she rummages around in her bag. "And tried a few combinations of things. Even tried vegan marshmallows which...yeah...didn't work out nearly as well as the package said they would. I can get into ratios, but if you get close to a 40.6% of marshmallow by weight in ounces, you get enough chew, enough crunch, and a sugar boost that'll keep you going for at least forty five minutes." Out of her bag comes Vivi's tupperware, all cleaned up and repurposed. The larger one is opened and, inside, is a good two dozen rice krispy treats, some studded with chocolate chips and small pretzel goldfish for those who want different tastes. The other, smaller one, the one that held rice? That's got the SCIENCE to be discussed!

     "Aww, thank you, Vivi. I like your pajamas, too. You've got really nice legs and your outfit really shows them off." Compliment given, compliment returned! And then to Madigan, Riri grins and bobs her head. "Well, sometimes. When I was modeling for Ironheart, I scanned myself in 3d using Solidworks, and it was just easier to go skintight in my underwear to get the curves, otherwise I couldn't get a good fit for the underlayers. You can't imagine how tough it is for close-fitting plates if you're not exact. The chafing...." She visibly shudders. "Not fun. Not at all."

Mori Merritt has posed:
"You've never tried them?" Mori seems shocked at the suggestion that Nadia hasn't enjoyed the crispiest of treats, but she does understand why. "... okay, okay, I want to see your expression when you try one, okay? They're /so/ good." She lets her gaze go towards Vivian for a moment at the mention of aliens.

"I mean, there are all kinds of weird theories, but aliens seems to be the most reasonable one so far." It is, however, clearly amusing to her that /aliens/ are the /reasonable/ explanation. She does, however, look back towards Madi sheepishly. "I don't really have much of an answer to any of that. It's not really something I do on purpose. It just keeps happening and I'm really not sure why. Other than, of course, aliens."

She then pauses as she realizes the confusion. "Oh, oh no. I'm not an alien. Not that I know of. But I've got..." She scratches her head. "I'm not really sure how to explain it. /I'm/ not an alien, but there are things..." She does seem a little frustrated as she searches for words to make sense of it.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia holds up a hand, "Wait stop timeout. Mori isn't an alien ...I think. Probably. But it definitely seems like she is being targeted by aliens. I've been trying to get her into a meeting with a telepath I know to find out more. She does seem to be developing random powers though, except not so random since they seem to often resemble those of people she has spent some measure of time around, we think. More data needed. But she shrank after spending time around me, soooo..."

She grabs another slice of pizza. "That's why we need a spaceship." She continues between bites, "Mori has been seeing these strange visions of alien worlds and Carol ...er I mean Captain Marvel helped me match them to the stars of actual alien worlds. But it is a star system the Kree have never been able to explore since their probes keep vanishing. Anyway, I think we should go there and find out!" This is definitely not dangerous or insane at all right? Perfectly reasonable plan.

As she accepts a rice crispee square, she begins turning it around in her hands marvelling at the perfect geometric cubeness of the treat before taking a bite. At first she says nothing but her eyes get really wide. Seconds later the entire thing has been consumed, "That was amazing, growing up I never dreamed such wondrous flavors could exist..." This girl fights cyborgs in alternate universes and repels alien invasions, plural, but is apparently in awe of a rice crispee treat.

Vivian Vision has posed:
It's probably for the best that Viv wasn't holding anything just now or, judging by the surprised look on her face, she'd have dropped it. "That's very... I don't have to exercise so..." she haltingly replies to Riri. "And I don't really sleep either they are just running shorts. I mean... uh.. thank you." She blinks a few times. Shifting from one squeeky bunny slippered foot to the other. "A good idea in regards to computer security is to always encrypt any body scans you make. To prevent unauthorized access."

She adds a rejected ideas tab to the various holographic screens and notes - Shrunken size spaceship and a summary of Nadia's logic for why it's no good.

"I've begun compiling a map based on all observations of space made by humans that are currently available. But it would help if we had other more comprehensive star charts to incorporate. Actual physical ship design is not really my field. I can however run simulations to ensure whatever design we come up with can travel through an atmosphere without issue." Her head tilts to one side. "Well I suppose it does depend on what the atmosphere consists of but I will simulate a wide range of possibilities."

Riri Williams has posed:
     With the rice krispy treats making the exact splash she hoped - thanks granmomma Williams - Riri takes the smaller tupperware container from her bag and deposits it on a sleeping bag that's kind of next to another one that isn't claimed. Might be Nadia's, or Vivi's, or just an extra one for Shuri that probably won't be used since Princess ain't around. "Alien or no, if Mori's here, she's people, and that's enough for me." Riri says, opening her tupperware and pulling out a small, dull, metallic square that she starts to unfold...

     "So....check this out." she says with a grin as the cube gets wider and thinner until it's about four feet square and, with a flick of her wrist the flimsy stuff pops and stiffens into a sheet of something that looks like a dull steel. "I found some books on Wakandan weaving, sprinkled a little metallurgy and materials science on it, combined with about 3.5 million in vibranium and came up with this..." She rests it at the foot of her sleeping bag, sitting with her legs crossed. "I call it Vibrocarbotanium. Or VCT for short."

     Sitting cross-legged on her sleeping bag, Viv gets a smile and a playful wink. "Well, if you've got it and you don't need to maintain it, flaunt it. The bunny slippers are an awesome touch. Lots better than my socks." She wiggles her toes, letting the cartography talk go on while she starts to....fold a paper crane out of VCT? What?

Madigan Belle has posed:
The red headed alcohol loving Madi attempts to fill in the words that are evading Mori's lips, "You were invaded by a swarm of mind-controlling maggots. You were replaced by a clone, 5% chance." She quirks her mouth to the side, "Were born from a cacoon and you aren't sure exactly how you got inside of it." More ideas, "You traveled into space, were struck by a cosmic storm, and now you have an ethereal entity who has invaded your same space?"

There's a lot running through her mind at this point in time, its visible, the way her eyes are shifting, and she quirks her mouth back and forth enough to make it so her nose is essentially wiggling. Then a pause, and she looks up, over at Riri, "Did you fly here?" The distraction finally catches up to her and she grins bigger, "Well, that's kind of cool. I mean, like, you could fly all over the place. I kind of wish I could fly it would be way easier than dragging myself around places. I'm Madi, short for Madigan, nice to meet you Rocket Girl." A quick wave to say hello to the young engineer.

But her eyes do go back to Mori, then she turns her entire body back in her direction to face her again. "Alright, I'm going to be your best friend till we figure this out. Deal? Deal. Great!" And she's grabbing food with one hand and grinning, trying to reach out and grab Mori's hand with the other one to shake quickly... should she be able to do so. "You are being targeted by aliens" Her mouth opens again and she shakes her head, "All the luck."

Perking up a bit, "Simulations? I can help with that." She's eating more pizza, this time at a much faster rate. And then she licks her lips, before offering, "I am super good at prediction algorithms and incorporating the likeliest environments and what we'd need to be able to contain in order to study later. Did you say Captain Marvel? Kree? I'm super excited to meet aliens. It's like a life long dream of mine."

A pause, as she looks over to Mori and smiles big, "I still like you even though you aren't certain whether or not you are an alien. But, wow, what I wouldn't give to be in your shoes. So, do you like hear them? Do they invade your dreams? What about hobbies, do they like them? Something other than mutilating and committing genocide of the entire human race?" A quick chuckle and she shakes her had, "Like in Massacre from Beyond the Stars 3?"

Mori Merritt has posed:
Mori pauses in her discussion of aliens to watch Nadia carefully for the reaction of the treat. The corresponding look of awe seems to delight her. "Seriously, you turn boring cereal into magic. It's the best." She glances around the room, and Riri's comment about being people gets a wide smile. Enough so that it makes it pretty clear that she's not been sure of how 'people' she is herself. That and Riri's doing something super cool.

"So I might be the stupidest person in this room, but does that mean you can make flexible things super strong?" She's no scientist, but she can definitely tell there's SOMETHING COOL going on with that 'paper crane'. Her attention goes back to Madi, however, and the enthusiastic proclaiming of best-friendship gets a bit of a wide smile.

"I can't say I can explain everything but there's definitely something weird going on and Nadia and Cait have run a bunch of tests... it's not /normal/. But I was normal before, so far as I know. Uh, and it's kind of just a..." She pauses. "I mean, sometimes I /do/ hear things but it's not really like I can just find a way to imitate what I'm hearing so I can't really explain that part. But I just zone out and it's like I'm somewhere else." She pauses. "I wouldn't say you'd want to be in my shoes, though. Even if it /sounds/ cool I was sort of barely able to get out of bed for like eight months and crossing the street can be dangerous. I don't cook anything except in the microwave, too easy to set somewhere on fire by zoning out while you're cooking..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oooh! You did it!" Nadia seems to be super excited at what Riri brings out, "The Vibranium Carbotanium alloy! That's so cool! That should help lighten the structure considerably while making it even stronger!" She slowly reaches out a finger to gently poke at it.

Another rice crispee treat is quickly snatched up, and another after that. She's hooked. "Yeah." She nods to Madi, "Carol is a friend of mine, or well of my step-mom, she's really cool though! There will definitely be aliens in space. I mean there seem to be a bunch on Earth, too."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I think we can mostly all fly?" Viv gives Mori a quizzical look. "Nadia has wings, all synthezoids can fly, Riri has her armour and Valeria probably has some anti-gravity technology or a Doombot that will carry her."

"As for the simulations I intend on running them in my mind. Once we have something to simulate anyway. We can't figure out the shape of the hull without knowing how the insides work." A shrug. "Which is not to say predictions on atmosphere composition would be unwelcome. Going by the alien landscape drawings Mori has produced we can likely assume some kind of biosphere on the planet. Between the images, star chart data and some educated guesses perhaps you'll be able to figure out if it'll be safe for humans to breath there?"

"That's very neat Riri. What sort of material properties does it have? Enhanced strength to weight ratio? Or perhaps you can adjust how flexible it is by applying an electric current?" She sits down cross legged where the sleeping bags are. In a quiter voice she adds "Although I have to admit I did not mean to flaunt anything... I merely do not own any pajamas as I have never slept before."

"If you ever wish to have someone come prepare you a home cooked meal Mori please just say the word. I can stop by after school and make you something. I have to travel through the New York area often when going between school and the hyperloop station."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madi just reaches out and taps her leg braces that aren't currently on her legs, and then smirks to Mori, "You are describing my days pretty accurately." She smiles, "But! I'd also be hearing aliens. I wonder if I could convince them to show up, that'd make things better, I mean, I could. Probably." She starts to chew on her lower lip in deep, and deliberate thought. Her eyes half close as she squints, thinking, chewing lip, thinking, then her eyes pop open and she looks down at the plate of food.

In a few moments the food is gone, as Madi moves quick, consuming what remains with quick blurring motions. "I'm going to go to bed, sleep, and then in the morning we're going to do a full round of tests. Just you and me. We'll get in deep, and figure this out. I won't rest until its complete." A pause, big smile, "Except... right now, of course. I'm going to bed, and then... after that, no rest or breaks or sleep. Except to play some of these video games, or eat, or if a cute animal comes by, we have to stop to awwww and pet it. But, outside of that, nothing." She is squirming her way into the sleeping bag as she's talking, laying her head down, "Oh oh, and probably also to go to the bathroom, but that goes without saying... and I do have to check in on my uncle, and work on my Ph.D - but absolutely no other reason."

Laying down again, then she's sitting up quickly and she sticks her tongue out at Vivian and lets it pbbbbbbbbt, quickly, "Gaaaaaawd. Make the can't walk girl feel bad by saying everyone can FLY, jeez. Sensitive." Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, "And I can't bring alcohol to underaged girls but -this- 2 year old thinks she can be insensitive. You owe me, I'll collect someday soon, but, just saying. You do." Then back laying down, curling up, and she shouts out, "You owe me."

Riri Williams has posed:
One of the first things when Ironheart was completed was a quick jaunt across country that certainly sent a few jets scrambling when a human-sized object streaked through radar range at a high rate of speed. Something that small shouldn't be moving that fast and, of course, on further revisions, stealth was added in to make things a little more quiet, in addition to flying below radar range. So yes, she can fly, and she can do it without being seen, technologically speaking, of course.

"Extremely malleable, as you can see, but tough. I've fired projectiles from a railgun at it without any damage to it when it's as few as two layers thick with a gap of .0001mm between. The default state is rigid, but a particular frequency - one that's not found easily in nature or anything I've found in Stark or GIRL systems - makes it go all wiggly like this. It disperses force in a way that I've only seen in pure vibranium, and can be actually set up with a conduit to capacitors for use in beam weaponry. It could be used as shielding, armor, or even adaptive construction. Need a larger cargo bay for a while? Make it so with a few adjustments on the main computer." She finishes folding the crane, setting it down and tapping it, the thing solidifying in place, balanced on a fingertip. "I did it." she says proudly. "I can't wait o see what we can do with it."