5412/Feeling impish

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Feeling impish
Date of Scene: 02 March 2021
Location: Upper East Side
Synopsis: Imps make Wanda look like a crazy woman... Jennifer to the rescue!
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Lucifer, Jennifer Walters

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
It's late. Or early, depending upon whether one is a watch watcher, or just sees the dark as 'late' and the light as 'early'. Traffic in this section of town is usually subdued, but at this hour of the night (or morning), there is almost no one on the streets.

Almost no one.

On the street, darting between cars, hiding in between buildings is a diminuative woman, her movements erratic, and for this area? Slightly suspicious. The reason for her behavior could be a host of things easily explainable by the dangers of addiction. Could be meth, pcp, even alcohol! Who could possibly believe that it has anything to do with magic?

Don't magic users have a dignity to them, a calm nature, a certain serenity?

Not this one.. not tonight.

Balls of red magic well in her hands, pushing forward to flare at seemingly nothing on the side of a building, enveloping it briefly before it dissipates. As she does so, she's calling out in a ragged, accented voice, "You do not belong here!"

Lucifer has posed:
The imps, invisible to those without magical senses at present, make faces and leer at Wanda. One of them twists and shows it's butt at her, another puts fingers in mouth to peel lips wide open, roll eyeballs, and waggle tongue out. That is what they think of 'belonging' or not. One of them rattles off a laughing little taunt in its native language: harsh enough language to literally melt and peel the paint off of a parked car a few paces away. The heat of that swear was pretty intense. One of the imps then dashes forwards, 'invisibly', intending to try to make the red lady dance and look even crazier to any passerby. These critters are particularly difficult: magically resistant, and teleporting-prone. They just disappear before they can easily be caught. Little creeps, for sure.

Still, a jagged scar is starting to grow in the ground, festering there, from the continued presence of the little demons, which is growing the connection to a hellscape in a far more strong way.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda spins around to hurl yet another 'hex bolt', that is, that crimson glowing mass that is seemingly created from the aether. The taunts grow in her head, the number of the creatures that have been released seems to be growing, and as they posture, pose and gallavant, she's magically trying to pick them off the walls to slam them into the ground, into the hole that is growing in the earth itself.

It's a desperate push, and it's not truly getting through to her that these creatures are more magically resistant than most. These invisible to non-magical eyes imps..

With each push, however.. that car that had its paint peeling? A red bolt of magical essence is thrown, and the parked, damaged vehicle is enveloped, but unlike the buildings, it disappears.

And the caster? Wanda's green eyes are wide, almost wild as the realization begins to dawn on her that she doesn't know... how could she know what happened? Why here? Why these things?

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer has had a long day. A very, very long day and has decided to crash at the Mansion since it's closer to where she was than her own apartment. She slows down, however when she spies somebody sneaking around outside. There's something familiar about her though...

"Is that... Is that *Wanda?*"

Intrigued she finds a place to park her Cadillac, which is way too big for her now that she can shift back to plain jane Jennifer Watlers. Not noticing the imminent danger, she gets out of her car and calls out, "Wanda? Is that you? What are you doing out here so late?"

Lucifer has posed:
With the monsters being invisible to normal eyes, Wanda must indeed look like she's losing touch on reality. As that vehicle entirely vanishes, the invisible imps fall over themselves in silent mockery of her, disappearing, and reappearing further away, scattered. One of them pretends to sit where the car was, though, invisibly honking a nonexistant horn and then staring at Wanda with clear INTENT.

Still, something more is starting to show: the ground is warmer, and there's a subtle little shudder that passes through the pavement, as the tension there grows from Wanda's spells cracking something brittle in the fabric of the world in that spot.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks like a crazy woman, her hair hanging in strands, her movements looking more and more.. desperate. Uncoordinated. There's a feeling of just being completely overwhelmed.

While the imps cavort and harassing, at the very least, if she can't injure them with magic, she can lift them with her telekinesis and slam them down. One is lifted, two.. and the 'honking' of the imp in imitation of the now non-existant car becomes audible to 'normal' ears as the imp is lifted and slammed..

The witch spins, pulling the creatures, but not catching all, and as she does, the dark shadows do become visible as inky, devilish blots..

"Stay away!" it's a desperate cry..

And, the ground? She knows it's there.. and the attention to the imps is dropped, to figure out what is going on with that .. hole. It does open her to the renewed onslaught, if not physically, then to her head with their taunts.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer stops in her tracks. "Wanda?" she asks worried. She's not worried about the witch's mental health. She's worried that whatever invisible thing that she's fighting may end up escaping and doing real harm. She's been through enough to know that it's safer to believe her friends than it is to question their sanity.

"Tell me what I can do to help!" Jen calls out.

Lucifer has posed:
A large demonic worm has started to bore out of the odd rip in the ground. It's odd in particular, due to being ... strangely hairy. A rope of nastiness, creepy and eerie, with a front full of teeth and no eyes, it is magically burrowing up out of ... virtually what will seem like nothing. Roughly the size of a large dog, it thrashes and continues to emerge. The imps, made visible by magic, seem stunned at first, then continue their distractions: which is what they are, indeed, doing. Callign attention away from the arrival of the strange worm-beast, whose arrival is widening that tear.

"Kthjxxi Mmmdhsxu!" spits an imp at Jennifer, waving hands for her to come over. It adds a kissy-noise. Demon imps: very rude.

Something else can be sensed at the source of the tear, as well - something different, heavier. Two imps notice, and pause in their antics.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda is stressed, her emotions running higher than, perhaps, anyone has ever witnessed. As a result, the amount of energy expended, the amount of magic cast has probably only been witnessed by one other person.. her twin.

"Kill them!"

Wanda is there in the middle of a swarm of dark creatures, both seen and un-, and as the creature begins to rise from the tear in the fabric of the earth, Wanda lets out a blood curdling scream and lifts her arms to have her hands slam together in a *clap*. In her ears, it's as thunder booming, the crimson red virtually exploding from her cast. It's aimed before her, at the street... and the moment it leaves her, she falls to the ground, unconscious..

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"What the..." Jennifer starts, blinking at the sudden appearance of the imps. Then it starts making fun of her. "Why you..." She says, taking off her jacket. "I'll teach you to make kissy faces at me." There goes her shoes. She fiddles with a little device that's under the belt of her skirt, and suddenly grows huge and green, tearing up her blouse to reveal her Avengers costume underneath.

"Hey!" She shouts at it, walking sternly in it's direction. "Knock that off!"

Before she can get to the imp, however Wanda *explodes* in magic, nearly knocking her off her feet. When she sees Wanda is down she rushes to her side, and picks the limp body up. "Up you go..." She carries Wanda over to her Cadi and gently slides her into the back seat before retrieving her coat and shoes. Once everything is secure she speeds off towards the mansion.

Lucifer has posed:
Fortunately, Wanda's explosion of magic seems to have deep-fried the worm --- though it is magically done, not with heat, precisely. The imps have vanished: banished, invisible, or something else. As it is, the street seems quiet enough - to make Wanda's rescue the clear priority ...

...for now.