5421/Beginning Of The Month Dumplings

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Beginning Of The Month Dumplings
Date of Scene: 03 March 2021
Location: Hot Dumpling Restaurant
Synopsis: Dick and Stephanie meet up at Hot Dumplings. A very large, as big as Bane, comes in and plays mahjong.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson, Bane

Stephanie Brown has posed:
True to her word that now it's the start of the month and she would have some money for things like going out to eat, Stephanie sent out the second Batsignal. Not a spotlight on top of GCPD One. This one is just a picture of the Chinese sign out front that, for those who can read it, would know it says Hot Dumplings. Those like Steph who cannot, well she knows that's what the place is.

She arrives, parking The Compact nearby and then heading inside. She removes her jacket and gives the woman behind the counter a big friendly smile. Which nets her a fairly expressionless flat look back. "Hello!" Stephanie adds to the Asian woman. And just gets more stare back.

The blond lets out a sigh and plops down in one of the chairs as the woman brings a menu over.

Dick Grayson has posed:
About ten minutes after Steph arrives, Dick wanders in the door. He greets the woman behind the counter in Cantonese, earning a smile and a torrent of Cantonese in reply, along with a gesture over to Steph's table. He nods to the old woman and makes his way over to the indicated table, pulling out a chair and sitting.

"Heya Stephanie, I see you were serious about hitting this place as soon as your money was in. So are you going to let me teach you Cantonese one of these days, or do you enjoy the stony stares and silence?" He grins, picking up a menu that he barely glances at.

Bane has posed:
A tall thickly muscled man in jeans and a hoodie walks in he quietly makes his way tot he front counter. The Lady at the regester greets him warmly as if he is a regular there. Bane responds in near perfect cantonese and makes some small talk before ordering his usual meal order and then is pointed towards a table of older ladies playing Mahjong. BaneThey too seem to greet this very large not obviously chinese man as if they know him and he sits down with them.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown looks over the menu, though she's been here enough to know what most of the options are. Still it doesn't hurt to look over a list. She glances up as the familiar face of Dick Grayson comes in through the door. The blond flashes him a small smile. As he greets the woman at the counter and she smiles to Dick, Stephanie flashes the woman a great big friendly smile too. Trying to glom onto the good will the woman shows Dick.

She see's Stephanie's big grin and her face goes flat again in response. Stephanie turns back away and sighs, missing the little twitch at the corner of the elderly Asian woman's lips as she does.

"Hey Dick," she says in greeting. "Glad you could make it. I know it's a bit of a commute for you," she says. Though at least the place is down in the southwest part of Gotham, near to the bridge over to Bludhaven. "You know, I'm kind of leaning towards... well, towards doing something that's probably pretty stupid. And trying to a dual major. Including linguistics. So, if I do, I'm going to need people to practice with, yeah."

She glances up as the immense man comes in through the door. Holy crap he's big. And of course, speaks Cantonese. Everyone does but her it seems like!

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson nods, "Yeah, little bit, but it's worth it. No place in Bludhaven even touches these guys, and I get to hang out with you." He flashes her a smile, "Which I call a bonus any day. Bludhaven is a lot of work, but I don't really have a ton of friends there, more just work colleagues." A shrug dispels any self-pity from the statement, just fact.

He considers the young woman for a moment, then simply says, "I think that if you want to do it, you can. You've never had a real problem learning things that I've seen. But even if you don't major in it, you can still learn a language." He looks up as the server comes over and orders a variety of dumplings in flawless Cantonese, lookin at Steph, "I assume you want your usual?"

Bane has posed:
The mah jong game seems to be going smoothly till the server arrives with Bane's braised pork belly and lion head meatballs. In the moment that his attention is on his food and not on the game one of the old ladies switches some of her tiles with his. Bane looks back at his tiles and notices something is off and he in a stern annoyed voice singles out the culprit. in cantonese "Liu, come now cheating is not becoming of a woman of your standing."
"I did not cheat! You lie you always lie"
"How DARE you Accuse me of lying! you miserable old bat" Bane answers still in cantonese "You try this every time"
"no you come here and lie everytime!"
they keep arguing back and forth causing a bit of a scene

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The freshman coed gives the menu another quick peek before nodding. "Spicy pork," she says, confirming she'll go with her favorite. Though Stephanie has been known to get a few other things as well, though is mostly at the mercy of the others for translating them.

At the mahjong table with Bane, a man sitting there glances and nudges the other player not in an argument with Bane. He says in Cantonese, "The silly blond girl is back." He waves over to Stephanie, who sees him and gives him a grin as she waves back. The man turns back to the game, giving a wry grin as Bane calls the woman on what she did.

As Dick comments on her scholarly achievements, Stephanie gives a rueful laugh. "Yeah, you didn't see my high school report cards. I probably made it into Gotham U by the skin of my teeth," she tells him. "Some things I do better at than others. Oh, and forensics for the other degree," she tells Dick.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson grins, having already ordered that, and puts the menu back in the holder on the table. He nods a little, "Well, I can't speak for high school, but I think you'd do well in forensics. And hey, I can help you there too, I might just know a little about it. But you probably already knew you had help if you needed it."

He looks over at the mah jong game and shakes his head, "Oh geez, Liu is up to her tricks again." He raises his voice slightly, "Liu, you know it never works, why do you keep doing it?" Returning his attention to Steph, he says more quietly, "And look at the size of the guy she's trying it with.. that woman just has bad judgement sometimes."

Bane has posed:
"See everyones knows you did it" Bane says in cantonese.
Liu returns the titles but in the commotion Bane fails to realize that it was all a rouse and Mingzhu has already won the game.
"you 2 were in cahoots!" Bane says before groaning and paying off his loses.
The 2 ladies split the winnings and smirk.
"I applaud your creativity but I find it pathetic that you could not think to beat me legitimately" Bane says as he slightly pound the table in frustration but his strength is still such that the table is rattled considerably.
Bane gets up in a huff "Honestly I don't know why I keep coming to play with you all"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives a grateful smile to the man across the table a half dozen years her senior. "Thanks. I imagine she's tired of having me point at the menu," Stephanie says with a glance towards the woman behind the counter. She smiled at Dick when he placed the order at least. She comes over with their beverages, two cans of soda.

The girl glances back to the table where the game is played, "Yeah, that's about as big of a person as I've seen," she says. Stephanie opens up her can of Coke and taps a sip. There's a tiny shiver, not from the Coke but just remembering the last time she saw someone that large, or larger.

"Seems like the game isn't going too well," Stephanie comments quietly. She takes another sip as the woman brings their food out. "Oh I'm so hungry," she says, digging in. Dipping a dumpling in some sauce and then nibbling it, being careful it isn't too hot.