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Afterlife: No secrets between biochems
Date of Scene: 03 March 2021
Location: Afterlife Settlement - Nepal
Synopsis: Daisy spills the beans about Bobbi's condition to Jemma. Because spies don't keep secrets.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Jemma Simmons, Bobbi Morse

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Day has been going long now, and while the first few hours of the morning were a touch tense with Jiaying demanding that SHIELD remained out of the encampment, there appears to have been a lift on that blockade. Not that it stopped many of the SHIELD officers to already have taken a look or scouted the grounds (spies will be spies!), but it's also a sign that things appear to be quieting down.

The air up here in the mountains is different from the normal, colder but also harder to breathe in even if the scenery is quite spectacular with the snowy mountains, the quaint houses, the fields where Inhumans go on their day to day. Quite the idyllic place indeed.

Daisy has been out inside Afterlife, along with Matt and Elena, they having gone to talk with some of the people there but right now she is making her way back to the Quinjet, shoulders not hiding the tenseness she feels about the whole situation.

Her arm is wrapped around Matt's, leading him back across the grounds nearing the SHIELD's position. "So, ready to meet my friends?" she asks that fabled lawyer who might have just been a figment of her imagination with how long it took for her to introduce him to a certain Jemma Simmons.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"After meeting your mom, how hard could it be?" Matt asks with a wry smile on his lips. With the arrival of SHIELD he's using his cane again and playing into the act of being blind, though he definitely moves with confidence the cane barely brushing the ground in front of him as he walks beside Daisy. Unlike back in New York where he was almost always in a suit (of one sort or another) here he's dressed down in black jeans and a black hoodie with runners in the same colour.

As he gets close to the jet his nose wrinkles at the smell of jet fumes, before he focuses his attention on his other senses. "I can see why your mother's people are uneasy about SHIELD being here, it does feel strange to have all this technology here."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Within the Quinjet is somewhat cozy. Not that Jemma would notice. She had already sent out whatever crew there was left out and about, insisting that she needed the space to work. Not that she needed the entire Quinjet itself...but it was a good enough excuse to get a bit of privacy. And, it was true. She *was* working. Just, not immediately upon anything to do with her present whereabouts.

Indeed, Jemma has her tablet out with her, using the Quinjet as a booster to access some satellite imagery. But, the images are for New York, not Nepal...and there is a distinct energy trail across certain burroughs. Yes, she is tracking a telltale energy signature. Daisy would know it well. A frown spreads across her features as Jemma works on the one puzzle she cannot solve. Yet.

Also, having the Quinjet to herself gives Jemma an excuse to not walk into Afterlife. Her previous encounter with Daisy's mom wasn't a particular pleasant one...and Jemma did not want to ruffle any feathers.

Jemma's attention to her task is enough so that, were anyone to enter the quinjet proper, it might take her a couple of minutes before she realizes she is not alone...

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The talk about technology, and the wrinkling of Matt's nose has Daisy say with a touch of amusement to her tone. "Give a man a stick and he is happy, is that it?" perhaps in allusion to Matt's preferred weaponry when dressed as Daredevil. But she nods slowly. "But I agree, it doesn't match the place at all."

They are still talking while wandering up the ramp leading to one of the quinjets, where Jemma is. Daisy makes her way through the corridor, leading over and to the working space where Jemma is. It's not as if they are trying to sneak in, but then it appears they are undetected. Typical Jemma and her focus on work. She says up to Matt, "Jemma is in her natural habitat."

A clear of her throat.

"Earth to Jemma Simmons. I repeat, earth to Jemma Simmons." But she smiles, making her way over to clasp the other woman on the shoulder from behind and take a peek at the screen. Indeed she knows that search well, expression sobering somewhat.

"Still no news about Jane?" She asks, considering it's been a couple of days since she's been gone.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Smiling Matt says, "Something like that," to Daisy's quip. "But you got to admit it does seem a little out of place, especially for people who've been living here so long," he continues, "Not that I'm not happy to see your friends."

As he comes into the quinjet he smiles "Jemma, good to meet you, I'm Matt Murdock, Daisy's boyfriend," he says extending his hand ahead of him for Jemma to shake as he wish before he asks them both, "Jane? She's one of your fellow Furaie right?" he asks.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
As the pair enter, there is no clear indication of Jemma reacting, or even knowing they are there. Not even the throat clearing seems to elicit a reaction. However, the page, albeit humorous, with the hand falling upon the shoulder? That does the trick. Jemma comes back to the present from whatever mental revelry she was within, blinking as she realizes it is just not one, but two visitors to her domain. "Oh, hello Daisy!" Then eyes move to Matt..."Oh! and the elusive Matt Murdock! A pleasure to meet you as well!" The hand is taken and given a proper shake before releasing.

Then...on to other matters. "Oh...yes. Nothing knew apart from what our pet Asgardian had done. I had thought it was best to let him try to help, with me being all thumbs with mystical endeavors...but you know me. I cannot leave a puzzle unsolved."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yes, he exists." Daisy nods as the two introduce themselves and shake hands. She then smiles and gives the man a little jostle with her elbow. "Even if sometimes I wonder if it's all a dream on how lucky I was finding him." Awwww. She rests one hand on the man's shoulder, remaining close as her dark gaze shifts focus back to Jemma.

"Are you talking about uh .., Mr. Horse?" She presses her lips to a line. Yes, that meeting had been disturbing to her, "But yes, I know. I am sure we will get to a solution soon.."

Then a look to Matt and she explains. "Jane is indeed a furiae, she's ..., well the best I can say is that she is in a deep sleep. We are trying to find a solution. It involves Asgardians and yea.., not easy dealing with *those*." she mutters.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to come on this mission, Jemma. I am glad you are here. Do you want to go take a walk on Afterlife? I can show you around."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt grins as he shakes Jemma's hand. "I've heard a lot about you," he says trying not to blush as Daisy goes heavy on the praise. "And I kind of think I got pretty lucky myself," he adds with a smile.

Though as matters turn to Jane his expression grows concerned. "Sorry to hear about your friend, is there anything I can do to help?" he asks,

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Regrettably, there isn't much that any of us can do." Jemma's tome darkens somewhat as she sets the tablet aside. "The specific ailment is not wholly medical in nature. I cannot explain it more than it being reminiscent of a coma. It appears like such on the surface, but it is more than that...and we have suspicious of being metaphysical in nature. And, alas, I am no expert in mystical anomalies."

However, that is a topic for another time. With the tablet down, Jemma takes a breath. Then, with its release, she turns...and it is full attention to Matt and Daisy, with all the usual bright and sunny disposition that Daisy is all too familiar with. "So! You two are already to the point where she is taking you to meet the parents, hmm?" Said in a perfectly straight tone, smile warm and inviting....but yet, just a little touch of that British dry humour. "I would imagine that was a wonderful visit, if, of course, Daisy did indeed take you."

And as to why Jemma is here? "I felt it prudent to come along on the mission...but also to remain away from the settlement, at least for now. My previous encounter with Jia was rather traumatic, for both of us. I did not wish to make my presence a hinderance to an already delicate diplomatic situation." In other words...she didn't want to get Daisy's mom mad...and being reminded that Jemma pieced together Jia the last time they saw each other might do that.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Jemma going with that british humor it's received as it should. With an appropriate dosage of amusement but also of bitterness. Yes, indeed meet the parents.. "We have had our first family dinner last night. It .., went as well as you can imagine, Jemms." considering who her mother is! "But hey, things were improving. Now with SHIELD here, we will see. At least Jiaying has accepted to talk with Gonzales and May so ..." she trails off.

"But yes, Matt has been quite the help here. He's always been my centering stone." Daisy mentions, giving the man a slight squeeze on the shoulder.

The refusal for Jemma to go in there is met with a small nod from Daisy. "I can understand it. There's more to Afterlife than just my mother though. This place has .., helped me a great deal in finding myself again." the genuine smile on her lips telling.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Sounds serious," Matt says with a frown about Jane's condition. "Not my area of expertise but from what I've heard about SHIELD's ability to help it's own from Daisy, I have faith if anyone can help it will be you."

There's a smile at that further touch of his shoulder and kind words from Daisy. "I do my best," he says. "And seems we are at that point, the trip though... has been interesting, but I think Jaiying is starting to warm to me, she even used my name the other day."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi rounds the corner in to the quinjet. She seems single minded, of one purpose. She's made it to a go bag and is checking its contents before she even realises the voices that are talking. Her customised tablet is stuffed in and her tactical goggles are placed inside the bag too.

    She looks up even as she's slinging the pack over a shoulder, "Jemma.. Daisy.. Matt." Awareness filtering back in to her mind. She smiles, "I'm heading in to Afterlife to check on Nona." She says almost perkily to Jemma, "I have a patient." As Jemma is the actual medical doctor amongst them.

    The backpack is settled in place - Bobbi is wearing an odd mixture of SHIELD tactical gear beneath but the same kind of kimono like clothing those in Afterlife wear on top. She's gone a bit native, pursuing her own agenda while the crisis of SHIELD v Afterlife has been playing out around her.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Oh, she actually used your name? That is most assuredly a step in the right direction. I do believe that she never called me my name once. Not even a 'hey, you', if I rightly recall. She must certainly like you." The teasing is there...light, but present. A glance over to Daisy is given, with that smile just ever-so-slightly shifting into that of a knowing grin.

Yes, Jemma Simmons approves of the boyfriend. Not that Daisy was asking at all.

"Oh, hello Agent Morse!" Formality wins out over familiarity as Jemma greets Bobbi walking in. "A pleasure to see you." As Jemma speaks, a hand reaches out to the tablet, a finger lightly tapping on the screen...and disabling the tracking program that was running. It is a subtle gesture, practiced countless number of times before. It just probably isn't a good idea to let seniors know one is running satellite surveillance. With that off, Jemma tilts a head towards Bobbi. "A patient? How refreshing. Normally, that is my line. I trust everything is well?"

With the deactivation of the tablet, it would seem that Bobbi isn't the only one pursuing her own agenda in the mountains.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"She takes a while to warm up to people..." Is Daisy sounding defensive. Yes, she is. But who can blame her? Finding her mother after such a long time. Still, she breaks a faint smile. "Maybe we can get her to greet you this time around. I would like you to meet her properly."

The approval from Jemma is met with one of those grins and she whispers up to Matt, "I think you have been Jemms-approved." it's the kind of whispering that's easily overheard by everyone. So .., yea.

Focus then on Bobbi, "So that's where you have been hiding." she states, then explaining to Jemma, "Nona is an Inhuman here, with a condition that makes her freeze everything around her. Bobbi has been trying to help her with .., her powers?" she furrows her brows. "It actually might be good for you to examine her, Jemma. Apparently Jacob's blood may have more of an effect than expected."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"She can be tough but I get where she's coming from," Matt says of Jaiying. She may not be his favourite person but she was Daisy's mom. "But maybe Daisy's right and meeting her again will go better," though he has his doubts.

There's a smile though at Daisy's comment, "Good to know," he whispers back to her loud enough for the others to hear and then a smile and a shrug are given in Jemma's direction. He and Daisy are weird but he apparently knows it.

"She's a nice girl," Matt says of Nona, before waiting like the otfhers to hear how she's been doing under Bobbi's care.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi's eyes flick over to Jemma's tablet for a second. First Peggy and now Jemma. There are things afoot. She hasn't the time to pry even though prying is an excellent spy trait. "Everything is.. not well for Nona, no." Her eyes shift to Daisy as she fills in about Nona.. and then about her.

    There's a slump of her shoulders and she lets the go-bag slip off of them and she stares up at the ceiling of the quinjet. Busted. "Thank you so much Daisy for catching Agent Simmons up, very expedient of you," she says wryly. Jemma being her doctor and trusted with the level 10 classified status of her condition.

    Sitting down on a crate Bobbi says, "It turns out.. Jacob's Inhuman gift has possibly made its way in to me. I appear to have a, I think, working and stable Inhuman ability - much like what Whitehall had been trying to do - without going through terrigenesis or being born Inhuman."

    Like a guilty child she slowly takes the tablet out of her pack and offers it to Jemma to take a look. She has an app running much like a painting program, with tabs open for Nona, Daisy, Elena, and May. Filled with alien writing of some kind. Each tab is a distinctly different symbology set. Sometimes flowing right to left, some times up to down. May's is sloped at 45 degrees.

    "It's.. stuck in my head. I can't stop thinking about it," she says cupping her hands together and looking down at the floor with an agitated tapping of her foot.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Jemma's smile lessens slightly as she shifts first from Daisy to Bobbi. "There's something wrong? I mean, I may not be the best person to assist with superpowers, but I can certainly try." There isn't even a speck of false modesty in those words. The teasing side of Jemma has departed, replaced with the compassionate and concerned doctor.

A doctor that, as Jemma looks over Bobbi's tablet, grows more and more concerned. A flicker of something (anger? admonishment?) works its way to the surface, only to be tamped down with that infallible British demeanor. "I see. You are manifesting the same ability? " There isn't a mention of what that ability is...at least Jemma is keeping it short. "And you felt it prudent to not tell me this? Or, has this been reported to higher levels?" It is one thing if Jemma doesn't know because of level clearance...but, if Bobbi kept this strictly to herself? There may be words later.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
'No Secrets!' by Daisy Johnson. But she knows well what she is doing, eyes resting on Bobbi. "You know you need to be examined, Bobbi." her tone showing concern, "Even if I have no reason to not trust, Mark." but everyone knows who is the superior doctor!

She lets them discuss in peace, eyes going up to Matt, "I should talk to my mother about Nona too when I get the chance." she sighs, clearly something she had forgotten in her talk. But then again there had been little room for .., other things.

She casts a look down at the tablet too, because she is curious. "Why do you have a tab for May?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt for his part keeps silent, this was SHIELD business, and none of his. Though it doesn't mean he's not curious, especially when it seems there's tabs for more people than they expected. "Does that mean she's Inhuman as well?" he speaks up looking thoughtful. "That would make four Inhumans in SHIELD right? If so." He frowns a little as if thinking something over.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi gives Daisy a decidedly annoyed look. Not like one she's ever seen from Bobbi before. Her eyes swivel back to Jemma and she says, "Nausea on physical touch. These are the last four people I've allowed contact with. It's not what we thought it was Jemma," she says of the ability, "I've been reading some of Jacob's notebooks after it started last night. Jacob's unfinished work with Nona seems to have triggered it in me."

    On the second page of notes for Nona, written in small text, underlined and in English is written _immunity_. But when Daisy starts prying she reaches over and turns the tablet off. There's scary implications for what Jacob could do that might send most Inhumans running for the hills.. if they weren't already in them. Jia must know.

    "Gonzales isn't read in to the higher level report Jemma, so you're literally the first person I've been able to talk to this about.. to a degree," she says and looks back to Matt and Daisy, "It's classified. It would be inappropriate to make assumptions like that Matt."

    Bobbi's clearly written a lot of notes and the diary does start last night. She is still a good biochemist after all. One of the passing notes that was clearly visible is 'no current correlation between samples' - the samples being whatever she is writing down in strange symbols. The symbols on each of the four tabs were different looking, not just different combinations.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt cocks his head to his side. "Is it though? Do you see anything when you touch me or Jemma?" he asks her, pushing the point. "As for the numbers, I don't need to know, fair enough, just thinking on something Jaiying said about Inhumans serving a purpose, now that could just be bullshit, but if she and the other Inhumans believe it it will have some bearing on the outcome of trying to set up this truce, good or bad."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi has her gloves on, and very little exposed skin. She learnt her lesson, "I'm not going to be touching you or Jemma, Matt. Not if I can help it." Once bitten twice shy. May be she'll just never touch anyone again. That is the stubborn thought going through her head. She might make an exception for Lance.

    "And this Inhuman idea of everyone serving a purpose is a toxic meme - people always see patterns where there are none. These powers are always going to have a utility that will be useful for numerous situations, not just one single purpose.. I'm not a believer," she says with a smirk.

    "All I know is there's a hole in the hearts of many people with the loss of Jacob and some of them think I can fill that void.. well.. no. I have my own life already and I have responsibilities," she says with a dour frown.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Now there is a definite frown upon Jemma's face. The fact that Bobbi declaring she is not going to touch anyone again? Disturbing, to say the least. "Well, that is hardly a practical solution." At least, for the whole no touchy touchy. "We are going to need to examine this. Understand it. There has to be an explanation or way to control it and I absolutely refuse to believe otherwise ." Like it or not, Bobbi Morse, you got Jemma's attention now.

As far as Jacob's duties at Afterlife, that is still a mystery to Jemma. The validity of Bobbi's assessment of the situation is not commented on, but an idea does spring to life. "So, Jacob had some sort of duty here? Would it make sense to at least attempt to help? If not through you, Bobbi, then through another avenue? It might be another way to get in the good graces of others here. It will go to show that we are not the monsters that, err, certain others were."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Well I wasn't suggesting you start picking out a hut for yourself," Matt offers with a smirk. "I am one hundred percent on board with all of us going home when we're done here, you, me, Daisy, all of us," he says, "Just considering what value or detriment the Inhuman's belief in everyone's power having a purpose might have to negotiating with SHIELD, are they going to see it as whatever power that grants these gifts shining it's blessing on SHIELD or are they going to see SHIELD as making off with vital parts of their community. My sense is the latter from my talks with Jaiying but I don't know if that feeling will be universal or not. Regardless, on a personal level I am hoping we can find a compromise that lets you and Daisy live your lives and find some way to help this community as well."

A nod is given to Jemma as she seems to echo his sentiment, As for Jacob and his role, Bobbi was the expert there.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    There's a long uncertain shrug from Bobbi and says, "I believe that's on Gonzales's negotiations list. But he's asked me to take a step back on this one due to.. me being one of them." There's no 'one of us' for Bobbi yet, this is all too new for her to assimilate that concept yet.

    "Yes, speaking of which. I told Nona about you and I promised that we'd both try and help her. Jacob was helping her.. he was trying to adjust her gift so that it wasn't quite as intense. I don't know how good he was at this though. Mark suggested he was a slow learner... but in a good way," she says with a smile.

    "Ideally.. they'd be happy for us to visit them and help out when and how we can.. for us to like wise bring Inhumans we rescue to them so they can learn to use their abilities," she says and rolls her eyes, "of which I recognise that I may very well need time to understand my new abilities too. I don't entirely understand what Jacob was doing for them... they're being cagey about it and not telling me straight what it is he could do. I'm starting to grow a picture though."

    There's a glower from Bobbi and she takes off her glove, seats herself properly and offers her hand to Jemma. "Fine, let's get this over with now then," she says not at all sure this is a good idea. But skin to skin contact may be inevitable if Jemma is going to invest her time to help her with this. Better Jemma than Jiaying and her inner circle expecting things of her.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Ah. As Bobbi describes what Jacob was at least doing for this Nona, Jemma gets a better understanding of what Jacob's ability truly was. "More than a catalyst. Genetic manipulation on a level normally reserved for scientists with loose senses of morality." Did Jemma just describe a 'mad scientist'? Perhaps...

And Jemma, while not mad, is slightly perturbed, to say the least. There is a quick shake of the head as she receives Bobbi's glower and levels one of her own. "Absolutely not. If we are going to do this, we are going to go about it with at least some sense of structure. We are not just going to jump into things with both feet while blindfolded. I would even venture to offer that it is exactly that sort of action that would have caused this in the first place."

There is no further elaboration for Matt to listen to, as it should be. Jemma is well aware of the level of clearance even alluding to the events that gave Bobbi her new set of problems that is required. And....not even an agent on Bobbi's level has that clearance, much less Jemma. But, Jemma also knows exactly what happened. One of the benefits of being there. And....apparently from the state of mind Jemma seems to be in now, she still isn't exactly pleased with how things went.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nodding Matt says, "Good, that's where Daisy is with things as well, hopefully between the two of you Gonzales and Jaiying can be convinced to see reason," Matt says. "I'm happy to help how I can with that but I don't feel either Jaiying or Gonzales is going to pay what I have to say much mind." He says before falling silent as the scientists talk science. "If you guys need me to leave so you can discuss classified details, I'm not going to be offended."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi puts her glove back on and hmphs softly. It's a special relationship Jemma and Bobbi have been developing. She greatly respects Jemma's knowledge, skills, and mind. At the same time, Bobbi has a job to do that isn't in the least bit palatable to most.

    "It does raise questions doesn't it," she says as Jemma ponders what it is Jacob was doing. "Like.. why an Inhuman ability like that would exist. Purely random chance? or designed?," she isn't really looking for answers. But it does harken back to the 'everyone has a purpose' discussion of earlier.

    Certainly when an agent invents something far beyond their own clearance, it typically is considered 'mad science' - like the academy genius who invented a weather manipulation machine that created ice storms. Or in this case, Bobbi's rather wild leap forward in genetic manipulation.

    "It's okay Matt. Though, I'm still planning on going back in to Afterlife to see Nona. You're both welcome to join me if you want.." though she suspects Jemma doesn't want to go in and Matt would rather hang around with Daisy.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"It certainly does. It is possible it is completely random, but there is perhaps too many random variables that happen to land the right way to truly make it random for my liking." It does seem that Jemma is like Bobbi in at least certain ways. Perhaps with the way they think. Or maybe it is just too much time together and Bobbi is rubbing off on Jemma.

Still...there is work to be done. And...relations to establish and maintain. "When you are ready to go in, Bobbi, I will go with you. After all, it would be best for me to try to help where I can. And best for SHIELD for us to be seen trying to help where we can." After all, she did tell Bobbi that very thing.

"Then, perhaps after we leave here, we can look properly into what is developing. In a controlled environment with safety protocols in place."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Casting a look to Daisy, Matt says, "I think we'll stay put for now," smiling and knowing that wasn't hard to predict. "But say hello to Nona for me," he offers. "And it was good to meet you Jemma," the man says with a smile for the scientist.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi nods her head and stuffs the tablet back in to her go bag, "I was pretty much ready to go. Just waiting for my phone to recharge. They don't have electricity to most of the buildings in Afterlife." She shrugs as if to say 'what are you going to do' in a remote Tibetan village.

    She nods her head to Matt and says, "Will do. I'll be seeing you both around. Good to know where we all stand though." She looks back to Jemma and her smile warms, "I appreciate that, a lot. This gift may end up being more art than science, but that doesn't mean we can't science the heck out of it first." and may be the ability is on the fritz anyway.

    Bobbi gives a wave to Daisy and slings the go bag over her shoulder, "Going via the tent, meet you near the gates of Afterlife Jemma."