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Rogue Oppressed a bowling story
Date of Scene: 03 March 2021
Location: Cosmic Bowling
Synopsis: Kitty, Rogue, Warren, and Simon take some of the younger Xavier's students bowling and drop in on Nori at her job. Some come for the the company, some come for the beer, and some come for the firemen. Which one are you?
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Warren Worthington, Simon Lasker

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's just one of those days.  One of those days when you find you're 18 and you're working in a bowling alley that will only let you spray the shoes.  Where have all the years gone?  How did it come to this?...WHERE HAVE ALL THE MONTHS GONE EVEN!

This is Nori's life now.  Sprsshhhhh.  Sprrrshhhhhh.  The bowling alley is not a bad spot to hang out it seems.  It's not totally a ghost town at this hour.  But let's talk about the alley itself.  It's exactly what you'd expect.  The end.  And somehow it still smells like stale cigarettes ever so faintly.  Because.  It's a bowling alley.


"Fuck off Jared," Noriko says to the guy manning the counter with her and handling the money.  She shakes her head with a faint smirk.

Rogue has posed:
Having nothing to do on a afternoon has lead to a trip to the bowling alley. Rogue's red truck pulled in to the parking lot outside and she'd gotten out to join Kitty and whomever else wanted to tag along for a bit of afternoon bowling.

They had a couple of the younger students with them too. The young kind that can't always go to the weekend 'cosmic bowling' party times. These kids had a 'bumper lane' reserved for the afternoon so Rogue was here to supervise. Imagine that.

"Plus." Rogue says to Kitty, leaning over to her. "There's supposed t'be the fireman league practice in here. So this won't be /all/ boring." She grins at her friend as they slip inside, her leather jack worn over a green tanktop and black gloves on her hands, blue jeans on her lower body with leather boots and bowling shoes in her fingers by their laces, dangling at her thigh as they walk on inside....

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde climbs out of Warren's car as they pull in, just in time to take a space beside her as Rogue parks. She hops out, closing the door and grinning over to Rogue as she and the students climb out. After hearing about who else is using the bowling alley in this time window, Kitty lets out a laugh and brings her palm to her face.

"I should have known it. What were you stalking their calendar online or just happened to see them penciled in the alley's schedule?" she asks. Kitty looks over to Warren, flashing him a grin, and waits for him to get the car situated and join them before she walks in, arm slid around the winged mutant's waist. "I told some others we'd be here as well, see who all shows up," Kitty says. "So is Noriko working today?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren doesn't usually strap down his wings these days after having outed himself as a mutant, but today seems to be on of those rare exceptions. The blonde billionaire exits the car dressed in the most casual of his clothes, a pair of jeans and a old vintage rock band tee, the suspicious bulge of his wings casting an almost hunchback look for the young man as he makes his way for the front.

"Firemen? When you said there would be hot girls here, I didn't think you meant you, Marie. I'll make sure to have a bucket of cold water at the ready."

Warren grins, splitting off from the ladies as he heads over towards the snack bar, "I'll grab us some food to munch on, and a pitcher or two."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon leans up against the counter. He isn't just loafing around of course. His Good Friend (TM) Noriko is working here. He is wearing his typical outfit of a black leather jacket (his casual one of course) and blue jeans along with some generic branded canvas shoes that are legally distinct from converse.

"So this is the job? Do they let you have discounted snacks?" he addresses to Nori. In a quiter voice- "Are they giving you trouble?"

The mention of firemen might have once been cause for excitement for Simon, but lately ... He remembers how his department was so quick to believe he was an arsonist, and that kills the interest. "Yes, all the sweaty middle aged men you can handle. I am sure they will be interested until ... Well you know." He is sure that for the people the message is intended for it will finish it self.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
When Noriko spots the caravan of students swarming along with their chaperones, Noriko reaches out and SNAP!  Static pops at Jared and makes him jump.

"What?!  I told you not to do that."

"Why didn't you tell me they were booked today?"  Noriko hisses at him as quietly as she can get away with before straightening up and starting to line up a bunch of shoes on the counter down the way.

"I didn't mean to," Noriko mutters to herself.  She sprays a few more shoes when she hears Simon first.  Then she lifts her gaze to owner of the familiar voice.  "Apparently.  I clean the bathrooms too.  You don't want to know."  She doesn't seem to respect the whisper at all or doesn't think it's necessary.  "No more than the usual assholes," she mentions with a flourish of her gross spray, baring a toothy grin.

Then, as if she was going to be compelled to by her self anyways, Noriko lifts a gauntlet to greet Rogue and Kitty.  "That guy's the one who actually dishes the shoes out."  She leaves Simon's comment alone.  Astonishing.  But maybe that's why she's kept this job so long.

Noriko though, can't help but find herself drawn to chatting with one of the kids that wanders her way, smiling, asking a question or two, sending them back with a teasing, "Better go better go or you'll get zapped!" after giving the kid a head of hair-full of static electricity.

Rogue has posed:
Warren's words to Rogue gets her to look at him as she raises her sunglasses up on to the hairline of her white bangs. "You go throwin' buckets'a water on me in this establishment and it's gonna change the whole nature'a this affair, Mistah Worthy." She says back at the winged one with a flirty tone that everyone with her is all too familiar with.

The four kids that rode in Rogue's truck with her are all running toward the arcade and the claw machines to upload videos to their social media accounts because kids and claw machines, right?

Rogue glances at them, barks a few things about staying with each other and then moves to where Nor is with the others. She grins at Nori, nods once over to Simon when she sees him too. "Ya'll look... like you're livin' life t'the fullest." She tells them. "Are our lanes ready?" Rogue asks whomever is in charge of this nickle and dime operation.

She also, starts scanning for the Firefighter team....

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde tells Warren, "Right, Rouge only does wet t-shirt contests on Thursdays, and alternating Saturdays, and have to give her advance notice." She flashes a grin over at the Southern belle.

The Jewish girl moves over to the counter, resting an arm on it. "Hey Noriko," she says warmly. She glances around and says, "Man this place takes me back. We used to come here a lot when I was starting out in school." Kitty glances at the shoes that Noriko is having to spray down, and Kitty just gives the Asian girl a commiserating look without commenting on it to where Noriko will have to talk about it.

"So, where are these studs that drew Rogue's interest," Kitty says, looking and then following Nori's direction about where their lane is, and the ones beside them. "So have you met any of them, Rogue, or just hoping they turn out like in the movies?" She looks over to Simon, resting her hand on his shoulder gently. She knows enough of his history to maybe have interpreted what was on his face.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I just meant I would toss water on you to cool you down from being all hot, not..." Warren sighs as Kitty joins in the with the wet t-shirt joke and tosses his hands up in the air as he makes for the place they sell the 'food'. "You are both impossible...but I'm pretty sure that if you did a wet t-shirt those firemen would certainly pay attention."

Warren is heard grumbling as he enters into the little alcove containing the food.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon doesn't actually know the pain of this sort of job. His first job was in construction. That doesn't mean he can't pretend. "Ah, so just the usual trials of first jobs. I hear if you work at them long enough you get to use them as a reference." he looks at the people who arrived. ugghh teachers. Ah well, that just means they can foot the bill. "If the grownups are coming, then I will have some fries and a soda on the tab."

Simon is still very annoyed at the veneration of combustion combatant profession. "It'll be great. You will have the attention of five fat balding married men. It will definately be worth it." He also remembers the dissapointment he felt when he found out that the folks in /his/ department didn't look anything like the guys you see on the calendars.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh...you guys..oh.  Yeah you're lanes are ready," Jared trips over himself at Rogue as he tries to remember how much this is all going to cost, or what it was invoiced for.  Wait do they invoice people, he wonders.  Look up buddy.  LOOK UP.

"Jared's the one who needs a bucket.  What are you?  Twelve?"  Noriko steps over, just sort of edging him to the side.  He ends up standing behind her, gobstruck by by...well duh!

"I swear to God if you snitch on me for saving your ass?  You'll regret it," Nori says the last with a grin and an almost sing-song voice.  "If you're looking for the team they're over by your lanes," Noriko leans to say with a little jerk of her chin in their direction.

After they take care of the money aspect, Noriko tells Jared he needs to get everyone shoes.  And he complies, though this is clearly a change in the natural order of things around here.  She grouses to herself, "Gah.  Iris was supposed to be here already.  I was only covering for her because she was late.  She promised she'd take my shift today."

"Simon.  Stop being a wet blanket.  Maybe one of the is cute!" Noriko says with a no-good wink.  "Or has a shining personality!"  Perhaps Nori's proximity to Jubes is rubbing off on her, but without the rigorous bite of her usual tone...is she being sarcastic?

"Go get your bowling ball and get your thumb stuck in one," Noriko encourages Simon.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at Warren as he gives up on she and Kitty's banter. She looks to Nori, then the other employee, then over to Simon. Simon gets a gentle slap to the back of his shoulder with one of her black gloved hands. "I ain't lookin' t'find my future husband or nothin'. Just messin' around for some fun is all."

She isn't familiar with Simon's past within the fire department, or whether it all went down here in Salem Center or someplace else. So she's a bit oblivious toward his jaded center on the subject at hand.

Rogue lifts up her left hand and shows off her own fancy bowling shoes. "Gambit and I bought some'a these when we came here last summah." She tells the Bowling Alley Employees of Wonder. "So you can keep your germ traps t'yourselves." She grins at them and starts to turn to look for the kids that came with.

"Come on, ya bed bugs. Lets get your shoes ona nd go pick balls for ya t'throw, yeah?" The Belle starts to meander toward their chosen lanes, and obviously looking over to the firefighters NEVERMINDING THE NEGATIVITY TOWARD THE IDEA!
A moment or so later and she looks back to Kitty and points to one of the hot ones she spies, mouthing the words. "See?!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty shakes her head at Rogue and says, "I'll take a pair of germ traps then, please." She grins over to Nori and says, "I know it isn't an ideal job. But honestly I don't think it's a bad idea working something like this. When you end up in more of a career sort of job, it probably helps to look back and appreciate, you know. Sitting in front of a computer. Or... designing dresses? I don't know what you'd like to do, but, step up right?"

She gets her shoes and then check on the kids, and then on Warren. Kitty gets shoes for him. Finally she looks towards the lane. "Well, not ALL of them are balding," she says, spotting a couple of strapping men over at the other lane.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren returns with the assistance of one of the other workers, each carrying a tray in each hand. There are all your basic fried foods from fries to fried pickles. Another tray carries a couple pitchers of beer and some plastic cups. "Little help," the winged mutant asks as he approaches the table trying to balance everything perfectly and not spill spill something or topple this precarious house of cards, lest he be the one that ends up with an accidental wet t-shirt. It just wouldn't have the same effect.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon grumbles as he gets some bowling things. He very pointedly does not look over at the guys in the next lane over. He doesn't care how handsome they are.

"So how about some bowling?" Simon doesn't actually care much about bowling. He just hopes to change the subject. "No one made this much of a fuss over me." He sour grapes to himself.

Simon has bowled once or twice before. It is one of the big hangout spots, so there is only so long one can go without participating. Besides sometimes you meet people.

Simon is not normally particularly helpful, but in this situation he is persuaded. He helps unload Warren. He then digs into his fries while he waits for the bowling to start.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
There's a waiting, amused smirk for Rogue when she looks Nori's way.  "Yeah.  Seriously," on the husband subject.  But when Rogue lifts up the fancy bowling shoes, as the resident shoe expert now, Noriko thinker poses a gauntlet to her chin and dishes out some faux scrutiny with all the believability she can muster.  Apparently that's a lot, even if it is absurd.  "Hmmmm?  Yeah.  Wise."  Never a good sign when the bowling shoe lady is...well she /is/ stating the obvious.

Noriko listens to Kitty, she really does.  Evidence is abundant.  "Yeah, Kitty.  I'd rather drill burr holes into my skull than work here.  I don't think it's going to be possible to not appreciate anything else...You know, after this place stops me from appreciating anything else.  So I hope it's a step up," she says with a laugh, earning a squinted look from her boss in the background.

Finally a girl with curly red hair and flyaways galore bursts into the bowling alley looking disheveled and like it might not be unreasonable to doubt if she ever finished her makeup.

"Iris...what the fuck."  Noriko shakes her head as Iris apologizes.  "It's cool. Don't worry about it.  I'll just do it to you," she teases and then sets her metal hand down on the girl's shoulder in an attempt to cheer her up with a jocular laugh.  It doesn't work with the awkward girl, but Noriko announces, "I'm going to go hang with the big party.  They're from my school.  Seeya."

The speedster almost bounds over to the converging group a leeeeettle too fast.  "Hey so I'm off," she announces to no one in particular.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is settling in to a chair to change her shoes when Warren comes back with the food and drinks. She grins at the kids as they rush over to get their grubby hands on to the food, but she tells them to take their cups and go fill them up with water at the fountain.

"Giver of grub, Warren, my hero." Rogue says back to him with a grin before she glances Simon's way. She's not oblivious to his dour demeanor. She stares at him a moment before she tips her chin up at him. "Gotta look on the positive side'a things, Si." She tries to give him advice. "Look around, you're young, healthy, in your prime. Don't waste time grumblin when you can be rollin' and rumblin'." She tries to punctuate her words with a smile for him.

With her shoes on now, Rogue stands up and whips her jacket off, then goes to get a bright yellow ball, the heaviest one they got... even though it still feels like styrofoam to her.

"Lets do this." Rogue states then, approaching the lane to get ready to bowl!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets her shoes changed, and stage whispers to Noriko as she gestures at Rogue's shoes, "You should really spray those down too if you get a chance." She grins softly and then says, "I didn't have that kind of job experience. Well, there was a... ah I never told that story here have I," Kitty says. Whatever job she was going to talk about, she seems to change her mind. "Well, ask me about Caliban sometime though. The same is true for not just jobs." She pauses a moment, then sighs. "Though he was kind of sweet."

Someone else sweet returns and gets Kitty's attention then, as Warren returns with the food. She moves with Simon to help him get things set down. "Got you some shoes," she tells Warren. "Thanks for handling the foot." He gets a fond touch on the shoulder before Kitty goes off to check out the bowling balls.

She picks up a few, trying out the weight. Though weight is only one consideration. Looks has to be at least equally important. Kitty goes over to some of the empty lanes to check the balls there, and finally returns with a fiery red one, with streaks of gold through it. "OK, me and fireball here are ready," she says. "Sorry Simon, I'm totally crossing into your intellectual property space here."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Thanks, hun," Warren says as he leans over and gives Kitty a quick peck on the cheek before he sets the pitchers of beer down onto the table, moving quickly to pour himself one as soon as he is able before moving to sit and swap out his shoes. "I figured I got something for everyone, and if I didn't I can always go back and get some more. Everyone dig in."

Warren sips his beer, then goes about the process of changing his shoes, "So, are we playing teams or is it everyone for themselves? Are we putting any sort of wager on this thing, or is it just for the giggles? And Marie....stop ogling."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon thought Nori worked in the afternoons "Wait your shift is over already?" He is concerned with the number of jobs she has gotten fired from. Unless there is some secret amazing job that unlocks by getting fired from every business in Salem, she might be in trouble.

Being told that he is 'in his prime' just makes him think she is saying its all down hill from here (he is an extremely wet blanket at the moment). unsurprisingly this doesn't cheer him up. "Easy for you to say. You haven't--" he stops as the grapes get sour enough to make wine.

Simon smirks finally "Wait we are doing teams?" He knows what she meant. He just chooses to ignore it, because this is funnier. Having something to joke about that doesn't remind him of times he got sent to prison really helps bring his mood up.

Simon at last changes out his shoes. "Well if we are doing a wager it can't be money, because we can't afford anything you would care about. What do you propose?" simon of course goes for the zebra ball to match his very rainy mood. Its not as bad as it was before, but ya know, he had already started on this bad mood. No point wasting it.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"She'll never know what hit them," Noriko assures Kitty with a wink that almost looks like a blink, because really, she can't resist the idea.  Though Kitty's next words cause a slightly blurred head tilt, small enough for anyone unfamiliar and watching might think they saw something.  Not enough sleep.  That's it.  "Will do."

"I was covering for a coworker," Noriko offers by way of explanation.  "But yeah, I don't work every day."  She might still get in trouble for this obvious ruse.  Noriko and Iris totally look like twins right?  Not even from a mile off.

"Yeah I mean I'd be betting pittance.  But I can bet some free express rides," Noriko offers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her first couple of shots and walks away with a satisfied level of results. She's got a bit of a unfair advantage in a way, in that she can put a ball down the lane without it even touching the floor... but she does her best to play by the rules and make sure the ball goes down the slippery lane to hit the back of the wall without bursting through it too.

She definitely wings a bowling ball hard enough that it inevitably draws attention to her from other bowlers, including the Firemen. She's a lithe lady after all, but she's got those two shots of her sailing down the lane and hitting the pins hard.

When she finishes she turns around with a grin and tugs on the hem of her tanktop to right it around her waist as she walks over to her chair to sit down and enjoy a first sip of the beer Warren bought.

Her legs are crossed and her eyes are sent over to the Xaviers students who are throwing their shots on the bumper lane beside theirs. To Nori, Rogue looks. "How's Jubilation doin'?" She asks. "Haven't seen her in a bit."

She looks to Warren and Kitty next then and grins at them, her bare shoulders shrugging. "Ya'll are on a team, and Nori and Simon can be on one and I'll be alone. Like that Green Day song."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets her drink and takes a sip. "Thank you," she tells Warren gratefully, a hand going to tease the back of his head for a moment, but keeping the PDA very brief. When it's her turn she walks forward, sending her ball of fire down the lane. It only takes down six pins but the others are left together. After her ball is returned, Kitty propels it down the lane again, picking up the spare.

She walks back, stopping at the food tray to get a potato skin with sausage and cheese on it. She takes her seat and nibbles it. "Ah good, you're done with work?" Kitty asks Nori, having missed, apparently, the job hand off with Iris. Kitty looks over to Simon, seeing his bad mood and she reaches out her foot to give him a nudge in his leg. "We're out in the world. We've got free food," Kitty says, though her hand moving to Warren's back expresses she knows it isn't free and that little touch is one more sing of gratitude for him picking up the tab. "Don't worry," she says like the song. "Be happy."

Warren Worthington has posed:
After Kitty goes, Warren makes his way up to the line. He just grabbed some random ball from the racks, not paying much attention to the weight or color as he was just looking for something that kit his finger. "Ok, lets see here. I haven't been bowling in years.." the billionaire says as he steps up to the line and lines himself up to his lane, biting on his lip in concentration. He makes his approach, lets the ball go...which promptly arcs high instead of going down the lane causing a loud BOOM as it hits the wood before promptly rolling into the gutter at such a slow speed that it takes a full two minutes for the ball to actually end up by the pins and finally return.

"Well, that could have gone better.." he comments with a sigh as he picks up the ball gain, sending it down the lane somewhat properly this time, knocking over a singular pin as the ball clips the edge of one as it flops into the gutter again.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Hearing that Nori has a good excuse for leaving her post is good. "Well thats a relief." Perhaps she will keep this job after all.

A surprised look passes over his face. Simon hadn't expected anyone to take his suggestion seriously. He turns back to Nori "You wanna be teammates? I have to warn you, I am only okayish." Wouldn't want to drag down a Good Friend (TM) -- at least with out forwarning.

Being told to be happy doesn't quite work. "If you start putting on an accent and singing, I am out." It does still bring an almost smile to Simon's face. His bowling form certainly leaves a lot to be desired. His turn ends up with a split on the second ball. He is actually fairly pleased with this result as he typically does worse.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh.  I'm playing?"  Noriko shoots the question out fast before ever answering Rogue's question about Jubilee.  "Cool."  She walks normal speed, everywhere in here actually, and she's on her quest to find the widest holed ball available.  Maybe it will work.

When Nori returns, she's cradling the ball for lack of grip, or for precaution against losing her job.  She sits back down, looking slightly uncomfortable as the question keeps cycling in her mind.  "Shee's...been better," though outwardly Jubilee has been rather Jubilee.  "She's been afraid to use her powers."  The sidelong flash of concern to Rogue speaks volumes Nori probably isn't intending to communicate, but what's done is done.

The speedster nods to Kitty, easily hopping through her conversations.  "I was covering for a coworker.  She was pretty late."  Noriko doesn't seem to be concerning herself with the game too much, so much so she's going to miss her turn.  "Yeah.  It's cool Simon."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is watching Warren while he takes his shots and she can't help but start to laugh from her chair as that slow ball made its very slow progression down the lane until it just plunked in to the gutter.

"Bumper lane is just a few steps to the right, Sugah." Rogue says teasingly to the winged man. She grins at his second shot too before she looks over at Kitty. "At least he's pretty. And rich. And nice too." She grins at her friend.

Nori's search for a ball catches Rogue's eyes as she notes what the girl is looking for that will fit her gauntlets. "Lemme know if ya need that thing sized up a bit." She offers, having the ability to work the finger holes wider if needs be, obviously! "Let me know if I can help with Jubes too. She's still one'a my favorite people around here, I hate seein' her strugglin' with anything."

Another sip of her beer is had and Rogue watches Simon. "Someday, Simon Says, I'm gonna see you happy and smiling. I'm sure'a that. I dunno when or how, but someday!" She's quick to look over to the kids who are bowling and giggling happily. "Like them."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde adds on where Rogue left off. "And muscular. And warm. And I could keep going on all night," she says, flashing a grin over to the blond-haired older man. When he returns, Kitty grins and slides her hands over into his if he allows her. "We can't beat Rogue anyway. She'll pout," Kitty says with a sigh and a shake of her head, as if she's seen it before.

The Mississippian gets a grin from her as Kitty watches Simon take his turn. "Nice job, Simon!" Kitty cheers for him as he returns to the table.

A small nod is given by the Jewish girl as the topic of Jubilation comes up. "We went out for ice cream. Figured getting out of the school would be good," Kitty says, though doesn't go into more detail than that, beyond adding, "Which is when we found Scruffles." She explains to Simon, "That's a kitten we found. Couldn't find a momma cat so brought him back. He ended taking to... Scott of all people."

Kitty pulls out her phone and shows Simon pictures of tiny brown tabby kitten, clinging to Scott's sweater as if it climbed him while he was standing. The two of them staring at each other until there's almost the hint of a ghost of a smile on Scott's face.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren grumbles, the bowling obviously not on his 'things he likes to do' list right now. Slipping into a chair and grabbing his glass of beer, the billionaire sulks at his pitiful performance. "It's having the wings strapped down," he explains, "it's throwing me off balance!" Sure, Warren. Sure. He snorts, taking Kitty's hand and giving it a squeeze, "Yeah, sure. Can't have a pouting Marie...god forbid all those firemen come over and try to find out what is wrong."

Warren's phone lets out a ping, and he fishes it out of his pocket to check the screen, sighing as he reads a message. He leans in, giving Kitty a peck before standing, "Sorry. Have to deal with this...you all go on without me."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah," Noriko says, though her look says a little more at Rogue's offer.  There's not a hint of sarcasm or push back, but Noriko doesn't pursue it here and now.  "I mean.  She-"  But Noriko stops herself and looks down.  "That kitten is liquid adorable."  She happily distract herself with kitten pics as she leans to look at the screen, keeping her body at a respectable distance from Kitty's phone.

But it doesn't prove satisfactory.  "Uh.  I need to go check on something," or someone.  "Sorry, but kind of important.  Simon it's all you."

The game must go on, and so it does.