5430/The Right Way To Talk On The Phone

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The Right Way To Talk On The Phone
Date of Scene: 04 March 2021
Location: 8A - Viola's Loft Apt
Synopsis: A chat on the phone between Grant and Viola
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Grant Ward

Viola Fiore has posed:
It was a long day for Viola. A lot of time spent on her feet. Now she's back home. Work is done. Done enough she's going to put it out of her head for the rest of the night. She makes herself some dinner. Chicken parmigiana and some fettucine alfredo.

After eating, Viola grabs a bottle of wine and a glass, going into her bathroom and running a bath, adding some bubble bath to it, and a few drops of a scented oil she likes. Once it's full, she sets her phone within easy reach, pours herself a glass of wine and sets the bottle likewise close. And then the young woman settles down into the steaming water. Relaxing after that initial moment of getting in and used to the heat. "Ahhhh... now this is the life," she murmurs to herself, resting her head back and taking a sip of the white wine.

Grant Ward has posed:
It was a long day for Agent Ward as well, finishing up reports from his extended undercover work in SIberia, a pile of files and debreifings that never seemed to get any smaller. At least he was back and out of the desolate snowy landscape he had spent so much time in. If he nevwer saw snow again, he had told himself he would be just fine with that.

Work done for the day, he had settled onto his couch in a pair of running pants and choosing to go without a shirt. It was late and he would be going to bed soon, but a little light flipping through the channels was on the agenda. Channel after channel and not settling, he finally decided on some Discovery CHannel hsow about sharks.

SHe had been on his mind a lot that day and he had hesitated to call her, and with the day being all but over and his phone behind him, he was running out of excuses to not do so. Thus, he picked up the phone and dialed her number, letting it ring a few times and waiting for her to pick up.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola calls out quietly, "Alexa, play soothing music." Quiet music starts up, something by The Carpenters. She smiles and takes another sip of her wine, sticking her toes one foot up out of the bubbles. Her toenails are a nice dark red and she wiggles them, considering if she should change them to another color.

Her phone rings and Viola lets out a sigh. "Should I answer you or just sit here in bliss?" she asks the phone. It rings again. "Fine, fine, you don't have to take that tone with me," she tells it before wiping off a hand on a towel she'd set nearby, and reaches for her phone. When she sees the caller's name she gives a soft smile and answers it. "I wasn't sure if I was going to hear from you again," she says in way of greeting.

Grant Ward has posed:
The volume on the television is muted, but not turned off. I mean sharks, they are fun to look at. Grant moves to the corner of the couch so he could leand against the arm of it. "Did I give you the impression that I would not call you? I am sorry if that is how I came off. I would have done so sooner, but to be honest I was waiting for you to do so. I know so High School right?"

He leaned over to pick up the beer from the coffee table in front of him. One beer. He was not one to overdo it ever. "Did I catch you at a bad time? I was not sure if you would still be awake, what with beauty sleep and all." He stammered quickly. "I mean not that you need beauty sleep...cuz you don't but..." He simply stops talking and tries to change the subject. "So I was thinking. I mean we got caught in the rain, but we missed the pina coladas. And there is like some rule where you can't do that or something. So we would have to get together to finish the song or the Universe may become unbalanced."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Though Grant cannot see it, as Viola listens to him wander, meander, and once possibly even stammer his way through the phone call, the young woman's smile grows slowly wider. "I don't know that you gave me the impression. Just, you never really know until they call, do you?" she asks him.

Viola takes another sip of her white wine and says, "Actually I'm just relaxing. Sitting in a bubble bath with some wine and soaking. It feels fabulous. But having someone to talk to is a nice addition to it."

The young woman slips her foot back down into the water, deciding she likes the current color. "So was that inviting me out for drinks? Or, inviting me in for drinks? Or were you wanting to listen to some Rupert Holmes on vinyl or something?" she asks teasingly.

Grant Ward has posed:
Another sip of thebeer is taken and he leans over ot out it on the table, almost falling of the couch as he does so; good thing she was not there to see that move of utter grace. "Well then thank you for allowing me to be partof your bath time...." Another pause. "I mean not literally, because that would be...well you are there and I am here and...yeah a bath. Sounds wonderful. I will do my best to not ruin the moment."

He rises from the couch and makes his way over to the large window overlooking the city. "Well given the fact I do not own any Ruper Holmes on vinyl..that option may be out, that is unless you have it. Then, it could still be on the table." He turns and leans against the glass of the window. "And that depends, what is your idea of drinks? Something social and dance clubbish..or a more quiet evening where the risk of me punching some drunk asshole is less possible?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola breaks out in soft, warm laughter as she listens to Grant talking about the bath. She waves one hand through the water, shifting the bubbles about, while the other holds onto the phone. Though after a moment's thought she puts it on speaker and sets it down so both of her hands are free. "Oh, a little bit of everything. I like going out to clubs, to bars, just sitting in and watching the sunset with a nice bottle of chianti," Viola tells him.

She picks up her glass of white wine and takes another sip. "Does that happen a lot? The punching of the drunk assholes? I'd have thought you got enough of that at work," she says.

Grant Ward has posed:
"Well perhaps we can do a little of both sometime. You know the club or bar thing. You can dance. I can watch or try to dance. I can stand there all impressive like and make sure nobody tries anything, because they will try." He takes another sip of the beer in his hand. "Make the night exciting."

Again, he turns to stare back out to the city, shirtless in the large window. "You bring the wine, I will make the dinner. Then when I completely destroy dinner beyond all recognition, I will order out whatever it is you want. Sound like a deal." There is a small puase before he speaks again. "It does not happen /a lot/. There are just times when they need to be put back in there place."