5432/Music in the Woods

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Music in the Woods
Date of Scene: 04 March 2021
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: A song accidentally shared turns into a duet. Prize given to Alison for best lead. Rahne comes out with a supporting role.
Cast of Characters: Rahne Sinclair, Alison Blaire

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk with you agin.

No, that is not mis-heard. The sound of a song echoes through the trees, the voice with a lilt that causes one to tilt their head, to check a second time, seeing if they've heard it a-right. Something ethereal about it; something uncertain, furtive and hoping.

The woods are not quiet, though the lake is still. No one is seen, unless there be a person walking by. Though the woods hide a small girl, spending time alone. Singing to her heart. Singing with her heart, she shares with her loneliness.

Rahne Sinclair sings of loneliness and believes herself to be alone.

Alison Blaire has posed:
In the distance it surely must be an echo but if Rahne is listening she might hear another voice -- again, surely an echo -- singing in harmony with the song that she's singing. It's a fair distance off though. Surely just a trick of the ear, and absolutely not coming closer.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
It isn't an instant thing, but sharp ears tilt in the air. They figured, I'm alone. they guessed noone was listening. Then an echo, perhaps a mistake or...the girl doesn't stop, but she wonders.

Uncertainty enters into the song, a half-hitch almost ruining the tune as Rahne's voice almost catches. Vocally it sounds like, without pausing in her chords, she casts out in hopes of there being nothing there.

But the perfect chords she thinks that she hears could still be her own. She closes her eyes again. She sings with less power. But with a tremor in her tone, afraid. It lends to the song well.

Alison Blaire has posed:
There is no hitch in the music, and in fact, the other voice is, well..more powerful. If Rahne wishes to keep singing without being discordant she is going to have to skip a beat or two to catch up. And now, the voice is coming closer. It's getting louder. It seems like it is coming from the direction of the lake. If Rahne looks in that direction, she'll see what looks like a bit of a muted light show, that is starting to get brighter and brighter. Nothing else is visible just yet outside of some shifting lights.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
She would never. She could never, singing with another person is beyond her. So the song falters on her end, drifts into nothingness. It doesn't cut off, it instead...fails. Her voice hits a note poorly, darkens, goes quiet. And she listens to it done correctly by the other, her head down. Her heart beats too fast, embarrasment lending to the pain.

And then her clothes fall to the grass, four paws padding as a form less held lifts ears to the music. A wolf of crimson scouts the sound, peeking out of the bushes. But from their side, there is now only the sound, of silence.

Alison Blaire has posed:
The singer -- hearing the faltering of her accompanyist -- changes the key, moving it from a minor to a major, and making the song less a song of timidity, but more of a battle cry. The voice continues to get closer, the light brighter.

A few moments later, as the song reaches its climax, through the brush steps Dazzler, in all her dazzling glory. She comes to a stop as she gets to the clearing, and looks around, as if expecting to find someone. When she sees no one immediately visible, she works the song to its finish, and then hmmms quietly to herself. "I know you're out there," she calls.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
No humans peer from the bushes, but Alison could feel that she is not alone. It wouldn't be too hard, given all the clues. You know, how often it is that the woods spontaneously burst into Simon and Garfunkel music on their own.

But the one who pads from the bushes after the song's conclusion is not one who could have brought forth dulcet tones. A child of nature, a wolf not frightened off by the song or the lights, though obviously hesitant. The song was hesitant; the wolf seeming smaller than its size.

Clearly there is more to it. And Alison may have heard rumours, of the students who live in the mansion.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison lives in the mansion part time, so when the creature comes padding out she smiles to it and says simply, "Hope you liked the song. You sing it very well," and then, with that, she bows, to the wolf, and continues her stroll through the woods, humming a different tune this time as her aura starts to radiate about her. If the wolf follows, it seems she doesn't mind, but she's not going to intrude any further on the wolf's activities in the woods.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
And the words, like silent raindrops fell.

The wolf, heart beating inside, is charmed in a way. She watches Alison pass, a moment where they had something together passing as well. But how can you let something like that slip away, so very easily? The wolf's eyes follow the wolf's heart, and while Alison goes past, she doesn't hesitate. And the woman would find a soft, fuzzy head under her hand.

Take my arms, that I might reach you. Hear my words...

But if she were to listen, she might hear in the woods, an echo. Perhaps something else. Her own music, or the whine of a wolf. In tune, but listening.