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Delivery for a Lab
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: Lab in a seedy part of New York's abandoned subway system.
Synopsis: Escape to Steak House - Accomplished.
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Thomas Blake

Madigan Belle has posed:
The request went out via some usual channels. The person tracking this particular job was specifically unknown but all the right contacts were tapped and all the right payments were made. It was some kind of techno-ka-jigger lab equipment. A heavy box, probably a cubic foot in size, and at least a good 40 lbs. The hooded fella who was dropping it off was putting it into one of those delivery lock boxes. Ones with pass codes. The pass code was given to the courier hired, and it was all hands-free. No two people were in the same location at the same time, so by the time Catman was arriving to pick up the item, it was already in the lock box.

From there, however, it was much more of a trek. Through the city, to the heart of it all, down underground. And the trickier parts were how do you get through a subway station, onto the tracks, don't alert security and then go down a path to old service tracks. Down some tunnels, and finally arrive at a well-off the beaten path makeshift door out of old and battered lumber.

Inside is a clean space, well taken care of, old equipment from heating elements to big metal containers with tubes and other things running between locations. And it was steamy and running, but no one was really present. Well, only 1 person at this specific moment. A red headed girl, teenager by the looks of things, with leg braces and a crutch moving from machine to machine and checking some readouts. Right now, nothing but cleaning was happening, prepping for what was to come later. Some venture though, getting all this stuff down here.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake enters with the precious cargo on one broad shoulder. The quiet, steamy place put him a little on guard. He didn't like labs. He sees the girl and smiles a little. The drop off. Go to be. He lowers the box and sets it on a table, coughing to make sure she hears him. Catman says, "Your supplier, Howard? You have to get a new supplier. I didn't do anything. I got the pass codes. I made the pickup just fine but... he acquired some gear from these evil science guys, dress like beekeepers. A.I.M.? Well they took exception and filled is office full of holes... the way they did him? I left while they were trying to do the same to me. I led them into the Bronx before I doubled back here. No one followed me to the pick up. No one followed me here.

He leaves out the tale of Floyd and him taking apart an A.I.M. base in Jersey due to bad intell. She doesn't need his life story. Also you never know about these science types. She might turn him into a lemur or something.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Swaying her hips to kind of swing her legs, the leg braces locking as she moves and allows her to put her weight on one leg, then to the next, and so on. Madi starts making her way to the box, the crutch helps immensely in keeping her balanced. Looking up to the guy who dropped off the box, she smiles at him big, "Hey, thanks. What happened? Who?" She questions a little bit then shrugs, "Okay, well, I'll let my Uncle know. He'll be the one to get someone new, even if we need someone new. I'm not sure, this place is a little interesting with the dynamics. I can probably work here for a bit, but jeez, the walk. Am I right?"

There's a little more movement, she stops at one of the tablets that are displaying numbers associated with one of the containers and she taps a few buttons, then she continues on her way. "Annnnnd, AIM is someone ... important ... I'm guessing? I'm not really into that area of things, more just this area." Quirking her mouth to the side, she looks over the guy in the mask and squints a little more, "You have a sort of, cat theme going on. I couldn't help but notice. Are you in a gang or something?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake looks down at Madigan. "Yeaaaaah. Where I'm from the upper echelon criminals all had a theme. Do you need some help? Also your Uncle told me my payment would be here and what he'd do to me if I wasn't a gentleman. Starting with not paying me. Do you mind if I wait in here?"

He looks around the lab in a disinterested way, avoiding looking at the box and its contents. Not his business. He does look at Madigan though. "Not to sound like a creep but, you're working here all alone?" He lets out a sigh relaxing a little.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Really?" Madi asks, to the whole money thing and then she looks around from where she's standing. Then she shakes her head, "That's family for you, right? Leave you with the bill." And she doesn't seem at all worried, as she starts to make her way to the box. Once there, she opens it up and looks inside, "Yep, that's what I was needing." It is some kind of compressor and motor.

"That's kind of interesting that they all have a theme. I guess that's true here too, for some of them, right? I mean, like, there's all sorts with different themes. Like, some have accents. Some are Russian. Some..." Pause, as she squints and tilts her head to the side, looking up, and then looking back to Thomas, "I guess that's less of a theme than the whole... cat thing. That's pretty cool. I wish I had a big cat, like a Lion, or a Tiger. It'd be neat, and I'd always get my seat on the bus."

"Alone? Not really. I mean, right now, at this very moment, sure. But I'm sure someone's bound to come back soon. And it is pretty hard to find, way down here, and it won't even be here that long. I mean, gotta keep moving, and all that jazz. You? Keep moving around? I mean, what kind of job is a courier. I bet you get to see tons. What's the craziest thing you've delivered? I bet it was a turtle, cause.. who needs a turtle?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake half sits on a table. He ponders the rapid fire questions before answering, "More than an accent... more like basing your jobs on birds or riddles or freezing people inside out. As for myself... cats are more an affinity than a theme. I do not advise making a pet of a big cat in the city, or at all. I lived with lions and... no. The fangs if an adult lion can easily pierce a human skull. They can hit 50 miles per in a sprint. That's with an antelope in their mouth. The only reason they don't kill more humans is we taste terrible. On a bus? Hahahahahahaha."

"I'm not always running errands. I was available and a friend asked me to take care of this. Your people are known and they agreed to my fee, which is high but my little story explains why. I got it here. As to the weirdest thing I saw... I won't say. It'd be unprofessional. Now to double back, surely a lovely young lady like yourself could get a seat on a bus, and surely you get driven by your family." He pulls his mask off revealing a metal gauntlet on one hand and sets it down with a clank. He looks at her intently with bright green eyes.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There is a laugh as Madi kind of rolls her eyes a bit, "Well, I mean, I don't take the bus right now, that's true. But I -would- if I had a lion." She smiles big and shows teeth, though not in that predatory way, instead in that goofy fun person kind of way. Though she's nodding her head a bit, her eyes getting wider as you describe the lion attacking people, "Ooooooh. Really? Like, just..." She brings her hands up to the width of a human skull and then pushes it together, like 'crushing' it. "I bet it'd pop. Brains, I'm sure, don't taste great, but zombies sure love'em."

That's when she ohs and nods her head a few times, "Professionalism. That makes sense. I get it. Don't want the news coming back to bite ya?" She raises her eyebrows up like, get it? and then she looks around again, "Oh, over there, in my backpack." She starts making her way that way, "Your money is probably in there. Lovely? Well, aren't you sweet. I do think leg braces are pretty hot, myself. Things that differentiate us are the most attractive part of living things."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake gets up to follow her. Oh she just forgot the money was there? Lonely maybe? Trick maybe? Oison is a pretty solid businessman. S he doesn't follow too close.

"Are you sureing I'm just talking empty flattery? Well it's flirting for your information. But I'm still being a gentleman. Hard as it is to believe by looking at me. You should have someone here with you. I'll stay till they arrive, if that's all right? Consider it insurance. If I left and anything happened to you, I'm the last person who saw you here."

"Heh, I haven't been called sweet... before. I see I didn't corner the market on flattery. Do you want to see what a lion can do? I'm sure you have a strong stomach..."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Once at her backpack, Madigan is sort of moving through it till she quirks her mouth to the side, and she pulls out a few rolls of bills. She sets them down on the table next to her backpack and mentions, "Well, I'm not sure how much you were supposed to be paid. So, just take it out of my money and then I'll get my uncle to pay me back. He owes me a limited edition Nintendo Switch for the one that got shot a few days ago."

Then she ohs and chuckles, rolling her eyes some, "Flirting? Really? Seriously. Is this like the predator going after the weak one in the herd? I can't really run away so well." She moves some more, it takes her a few crutch movements to get to the point where she can turn around, back to the table and standing there leaning against it a bit and looking at you. Her eyes get big, "See what a lion can do? Yeah, totally. Strong stomach? Why would I need a strong stomach to watch a lion work? I bet it is kind of cute. Tearing antelope to pieces, and chasing things down. I imagine they are having lots of fun."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake smirks. "Sweetie, if I were stalking you, you'd never know it, never see me coming. And they love antelope. As for weak... they left you here to deal with me. That doesn't make you weak."

Catman lifts up his shirt with his bare hand revealing his chest. Jagged scars resembling angular C's are plainly visible. The scars are dark on his tanned muscles. Catman smiles, "Sorry I don't have an antelope to rip apart for you. I hope this satisfies. I met a lot of turds who thought themselves men because they shot a lion with a scoped rifle. When they kill an adult male lion with a knife they will get my respect. Right before I kill them."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Well, maybe I have a gun?" Madi questions before she shakes her head, "I don't. I do have all these big powerful machines on a high pressure clean. If I don't maintain them. Boom. But that'd be a super long time from now and I'd likely die as well." She quirks her mouth to the side, and then squints a bit at Catman, "But, I think my uncle counts you as a ..."

She stops as you pull up your shirt. Looking around a bit, left and right, "Um. This isn't a you show me yours and I have to show you mine, kind of situation is it? Cause, I don't think I've got as nice of a chest. And I definitely don't have cool scars. Those are nice." A little shrug of her shoulders about guns, "I mean, technology is kind of our advantage. Though I'd never want to shoot a lion, maybe shoot at to get it riled up so it went on a rampage." She giggles a little bit, smiling at that and then hrms, "So, you like to show off your chest of scars to 'lovely young women'. Is that the vibe I'm getting? Cause it kind of is hot. I mean, a guy who gets all cut up and lives. Pretty much one of those gene tests, right? Strongest survive and all that."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake haha's and drops his shirt back down. "You don't have to show me anything. You were curious about what a lion could do. I had a visual aid. Now stop talking about shooting /at/ lions. I was getting to like you. A rampaging lion would soon be a dead lion. I like lions, a lot. I have three lion king t-shirts... two were gifts. But that was just for laughs... and the musical was good."

"Have you ever been to the Hellfire Club? Heard of it at least? They have a great steakhouse."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Mouth, open, as you start talking about The Lion King. "Oh, my god. The Lion King is like, the best. I love it. I've seen it a million times." She breaks out in song, "I just can't waaaaaait to be kiiiiiiiing." Snickering at herself she shakes her head, then quirks her mouth to the side, "A steak house?" Looking around she then looks back, "I've never been, no. I like lions as well. I wouldn't let anyone kill it if I were getting it to rampage. It was just to illustrate that it would be the only situation at all that I'd use a gun, like that, cause, really. I think big cats are amazing. Claws, teeth, Apex Predators are my favorite creatures. From spiders, to lions, to viruses, if you can sort of call them that, to aliens with tentacles, spikes and second heads that burst into skulls. Doesn't matter."

A pause as she curiously looks over at you, "Are you inviting me to dinner? Or lunch, breakfast? What time -is it-? I'd have to turn off the machines, let them cool down, you know, so they don't boom, and you'd probably need to give me your name. Or a name, so I don't think like, you know, you're a stranger planning on kidnapping me." And she looks to the side, then squints a little, as she thinks, "Thooooough, that could be kind of fun as well. I mean, I hope some day to be kidnapped by aliens. Probing or not, it seems like a great way to get to space."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake rocks back a bit under the flurry of words. "It is 10 pm. I *am* inviting you to dinner. Sorry not an alien. Just a guy with hot scars. A cool down works for me. I'll jut hide the mask and the equipment meanwhile. This jacket hides a lot with a little work. Your uncle knows my name, no biggie. Thomas Blake. I prefer Thomas. I did get yours, from your uncle. I mean, if you're not Madigan, then give me back that damned box right now. You should be ashamed of yourself leading me on with that winning smile and those sexy knee braces."

"Oh I will let your uncle know I'm taking you to dinner... after we leave. He looks the sort to worry about you."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Well, okay then. I mean, I would be dumb to say no, and I'm not dumb. Food, free I imagine, cause you look like the kind of person I can get to pay my way. You'll regret that at a steak house, lemme tell you." She nods her head a bit, "And I am Madigan. He calls me the full thing, you can just call me Madi. Ridiculous name, though, I know, it's gaelic." With that she is making her way toward some of the tablets, nothing is on wifi here, so she has to go one by one and tap a few buttons to initiate a cooldown process. That is going to take a few minutes.

As she is walking around she looks back over her shoulder, "Tell, my uncle? Are you serious? Please don't. I mean, then he'll know where I'm at, he'll send someone to creepily watch to make sure I leave. And that's no fun for me, no fun for you, no fun for that guy when I get you to distract him, cut his fuel line, and light it on fire to make him not be able to follow us. You know how hard it is to crawl under a car with these hot leg braces on? I could scratch them, or worse."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake nods to her while getting his phone out and making the call.

"Yes everything went perfect. She looks a little lonely and undernourished. So I'm taking her to dinner. Where? You don't need to know that. I mean you trusted me here with... no I would not care for that all. No not that either. Yes I like them where they are. I... sorry. I just zoned a bit there. Could you please just start from the beginning... if I lay one finger... well which finger man? I'll just use one hand. That way I have a fifty fifty chance. Sheesh. You talk to him. He's either speaking Gaelic or having a stroke." Madigan can hear her name shouted from the burner phone.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Taking in a deep breath, Madigan looks up to the ceiling, and shakes her head. She lets out a huff of a breath that would cause her hair to flutter if she weren't wearing the beanie that keeps it pressed down along the sides of her face. She looks back over toward Thomas, and she quirks her mouth, making her way back over to where the man with the cat scars is present. Holding out her hand to take the phone, she waits till she has it and then brings it up to her ear.

"Look Oisin." She switches to an Irish brogue, "Yoir not ginna do nettin'. Oi'll stop. Oi swere ta gahd." And then she pauses, and takes in a deep breath, before smiling to the phone, "Okay Uncle. I'll be safe. You too. Now, sweet dreams and if I even so much as smell you. Boom. Who do you think they'll blame? Huh? Yeah. Okay. Good night." She clicks off the phone and her eyes are wide, she's shaking her head a little bit, then she looks up to Thomas smiling big, "So, hellfire club?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake adapts an Irish accent to say, "Aye." He look back the way he came and ponders a minute. "We shouldn't leave the way either of us came. I saw another way out but it's a little dicey uhm... you against a princess style carry? It's only a ten foot jump. What could you weigh, 105? I can make it easy. Not showing off, well I am can't be helped. I promise to be very considerate. He'd never expect us to go that way." Or anyone sane. Amazing how little civilized humans are capable of.

He gives a little smile and holds his arms out.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a moment, where Madi offers, "Just to be clear, I don't speak Irish with anyone but my family. No offense." She mentions as she quirks her mouth to the side, and then back the other way, "It is more of a 'me' thing than a you thang. I prefer American, and American slang, and whatevs. I love Irish food, and I like the language, but jeeeez, can it be ridiculous. Just, he knows, when I'm there, he has to listen. The family likes me more anyhow. He knows it, just a bit jealous about it." And then she shrugs, "You are willing to carry me? I don't care. Look, if I could, I'd be carried everywhere. Especially on a throne or something similar, carried by big giant monsters. That'd be awesome."

She grabs up her backpack, zips it up, puts it on her back, and then reaches out. "Alright, do what you're going to do. We'll go whatever way you think works best. Probably should be quick about it. Mush, Thomas, Mush!"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake lifts her with hardly any effort, settling her in. He leans his face close to her and says, "You tell a dog to mush, sweetie. I'm not a dog. On the bright side I've carried antelope weigh more than you, hardware and all. Throne carried by monsters... you have just the one here. Put your arms around my neck. I may need a free hand.

With that Thomas lurches down the corridor, sprinting fairly quickly for a man in his position. Lions like to play keep away as it happens. He lopes along easily and barrels down a side corridor, only dimly lit. He peers in the darkness and moves unerringly to the exit, beyond a wide gap. Catman hurdles it easily. "I have also run with swag weighing more than you but I bet you're more fun!"