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Death Comet!
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: Earth Orbit
Synopsis: Daemonite Incursion Repulsed
Cast of Characters: J'onn J'onzz, Adam Brashear, Carol Danvers

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
The mental contact is firm like a solid handshake, <<Adam Brashear, you are needed.>> It also contains a basic outline of the situation. There is a large ELE size comet headed for Earth. It is within nearest safe distance and was just identified, usually the Justice League would have handled this days ago bu being short-staffed sucks.

Adam Brashear has posed:
The Blue Marvel already sensing something was a miss was almost waiting for the call, is already on his way before J'onn's message is even finished transmitting.
Arrving just as fast as he could. "Martion Manhunter, what is the issue exactly? I'm here to help."

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
J'onn J'onzz nods and is floating in high Earth orbit. <<Thank you for responding so quickly Blue Marvel. This comet has gotten through out search grid, it is large enough to prove fatal to 97% of Earth life and will impact in Northern Africa, usually we would have destroyed this days ago, but now is such close proximity, even the debris could prove disastrous. So, we must be careful. You will shatter the comet and I will work to push the fragments away from Earth impact trajectories.>>

Adam Brashear has posed:
"seem straight forward enough, I'll try to push it back or at least try to slow it before i smash it to pieces" Blue Marvel then flies into action. As he flies at the comet he lets out a massive concussive wave of anti-matter in a blue-ish silver beam that slams into the comet as Adam closes the distance. When Adam meet the comets he tackles it to give it a giant push. then while standing on it he summons all his bottled up anger and resentment and with painful roar he lounges downward and punches the comet with all of his might and even more he didnt know he had and shatters it to pieces. "ok now J'onn its time to clean this up"

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
J'onn J'onzz flies in and supports your actions using his telepathic abilities to give you greater perception and increase your awareness in space. Once the comet has been destroyed J'onn uses his telekinetic ability to part the wave of fragments pushing them away from the Earth's path, opening the curtain to Earth's survival, the plan seems to be working, which is what makes it so frustrating when J'onn is pummeled by a peircing red laser, that knocks him momentarily out of action. The three ships are matte black and disappear against the depth of space. They were apparently hidden inside the Comet and released by the blow.

Adam Brashear has posed:
"J'ONN!" Adam shouts as he goes to check on The Manhunter.
Blue Marvel then focuses his senses for a moment to try to sense any energy singatures left by the mysterious ships. Even if they be on the subatomic level.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
The ships are only shielded visually, their energy signatures light up bright in your senses. You feel a flare of pain before Jonn shuts the link off, and then once he has himself back together, "Their weapons are fire! They are daemonites, we cannot allow them to make Earthfall."

Adam Brashear has posed:
"they can't get away from me I can see their energy trails clear as day are you ok to do this?" He looks a J'onn concerned since he knows fire and martians don't mix well.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
<<Carol Danvers, you are needed.>> J'onn's psionic summons, rings like a siren, it gives an impression of urgency or need. You can feel the raw pain at the edges.

    In he real Jonn nods to Adam, "I will recover, but we must stop them."

Carol Danvers has posed:
I swear that disasters just don't respect days off.

Carol was off visiting her mom in Maine for the day and talking with her brother.

That initial JLA alert about a relative ELE size comet didn't really cause her to break off the visit. J'onn had it after all and recruited The Blue Marvel. That should be more than enough fire power to deal. She did send a note to the SWORD Analysts to pivot a few eyes in the sky to monitor and observe though in case things got more interesting.

The call from SWORD about things getting more interesting occurs about the same time as J'onn reaches out through his psionics. "Ugn." she holds up a hand then looks appologetic to her mom and brother. "Work calls. I'm sorry. I'll try to stop by in a couple of days." heading out onto the porch her jeans and t-shirt with a sensible winter coat changes into her suit with a cascade of cosmic energy.

Moments later she is bursting through the sky into the upper atmosphere, headed to the coordinates fast.

Once clear of lower atmosphere the streak moves very fast. <<Incoming J'onn>>, sending a note to SWORD to track the ships for her and send her the telemetry for them.

Help is on the way, just not there yet.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
J'onn J'onzz ever the consummate professional is tracking targets for her even before she arrives, working in concert with her vector bringing the enemy to her as he bobs and weaves, countering their fire with his own. It s an intricate dance and the Daemonites are some of the craftiest in the galaxy but Jonn has millenia of experience remembered or not, it is burned into his muscles. As he twists and turns corkscrews and finally scores a hit.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Flying straight at the Energy singatures of the ship Blue marvel doesn't waste time or energy dodging debris he just plows right through to keep his trajectory as straight as ossible to maximize his chance of closing the distance.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Well J'onn, and SWORD, are being very helpful right now.

Captain Marvel adjusts her course and puts on a bit more speed. The cosmic energy shooting star incoming is probnably well on The Blue Marvel's senses as it zips along closing the distance.

If for some reason it wasn't, well the arc of photonic energy that cuts through the darkness of space and clips wing off one of the matte black ships surely gets attention.

Honestly it probably gets everyone's attention.

<<J'onn any idea who the visitors are?>> she runs the ship designs against the Kree database she has access too. For the moment she is just floats there, bit overconfident perhaps, making herself a target so The Blue Marvel can perhaps be shot at less, also J'onn.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Blue Marvel takes the opportunity to crash into the Ship that Catpain Marvel clipped with her blast, with a might punch and blasting ti apart from the inside with hsi antimatter blast.
"Captain Marvel! Thanks for coming to help, These are Daemonite ships1"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Internally Carol winces a little at the confirmation over the comms and what comms back from her suit moments later. <<Do not get too close when we vent them into space then Blue Marvel. It would be very bad if one of them maanged to land a claw on any of us.>>

She starts to move again worried now. Not just going to draw fire. Even if she seems almost preternaturally aware of where to dodge to dance between the laser blasts.

She pivots and fires another blast arcing photonic zap zap zaps across the second ship now, not getting too close.

Last thing we need is even temporary Deamonite issues with someone like Carol.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
<<They are Daemonites. Yes, keep your distance. Luckily they are self-contained>> J'onn shifts in mid flight drawing some of the remaining cometary fragments into his body he becomes what can only be descirbed as an enormous space dragon, taking out two of the ships, one with fire from his maw and one with his claws. Ripping open the ship and shredding it's contents with primal malevance.

Adam Brashear has posed:
"Can't let them touch me then." Blue Marvel closes his eyes for a moment his body begins to glow and then seems engulfed in a blueish silver plasma. "This ought to do the trick. Time for some anger management" Blue Marvel covered in a field of antimatter speed right at one ship and Punches through it shredding it apart and fires a Massive anti matter bolt at a ship that was close behind the one he just ran through.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol acknowledges the warning J'onn reinforced <<Good call Blue Marvel>> she notes over the comms watching him shred the ship while protected from them getting too close. It is an impressive use of antimatter after all.

She pivots and gets a bead on the last three ships, which seem to be trying to get away. She can't blame them. <<Just because some of us are off world, it isn't like we are dumb enough to leave the planet unprotected. Idiots.>>

She flares the energy around her, using some of the energy from those laser blasts that earlier were launched at her and launches into motion, another cosmic blur of light as she catches the fleeing three ships, passes them, and ends up in front of them.

Which mean a hail of fresh laser fire that she just deflects with her forearms. Absorbing the majority of it.

Which is then returned with a clap of her hand and a wave of photonic cosmic energy that slices the three fleeing ships in half, which is impressive, but not as nice as when they all blow up moments later from their own ruptured systems.

<<Aliens, I swear.>>


<<No offense meant J'onn.>>

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
J'onn J'onzz shifts back to his human like form, presses the remaining Cometary fragments those not sublimated in the battle and stiil large enough to be a danger upon re-entry out of the sphere of danger and then returns to interact with his fellow heros, there is the hint of a chuckle in his thoughts <<None taken. They have been vermin for Millenia. Thank you, friends. Without your intercession I fear this day may have ended far differently. Perhaps we should return for Oreos and milk?>>