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Magical Meetups
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: Lois and Clark's Cabin, the Milano
Synopsis: Lois and Zatanna measure each other up and... find each other acceptable. They get out of Clark what is really bothering him about this trip.
Cast of Characters: Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Zatanna Zatara

Lois Lane has posed:
Still just in her robe and a stolen undershirt of Clark's, Lois hoards the coffee pot back into their room and plods over towards the bed, plopping down on the edge. She looks up to both of them, drowsy brow arched in a somewhat bemused fashion. "...Did you want some of this?" She asks towards the precious pot of bean juice. After another moment's teasing hesitation, she reaches the pot out to pour them both some should they wish.

"So...Superman...who's your... Friend?" She didn't say girlfriend, but the faint implication hangs in the air. She's trying not to be jealous. Anyone looking at the brunette could clearly see she's *so* jealous.

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman walks in, holding coffees, and a little oblivious. He's usually not, but Lois has always been a bit of a blind spot for him; he honestly has no idea that she'd be jealous over Zatanna, who Clark largely remembers as a second generation Justice Leaguer and dear friend. They travel in different worlds, most of the time, but Clark respects her work and her dedication to the cause. The thought's literally not occured to him, though he does sense that something is off as Clark comes in to set hot mugs down.

"Zatanna? Oh well she's been in the League for ages, she joined at the same time as Green Arrow and Black Canary." Superman says, "Pretty much our occult expert when Doctor Fate's not around." Which is often, Clark gets that 'I don't want to say anything unpleasent' look on his face. "And the whole stage magician thing, you've never seen her show on tv? Or...you do streaming now, Zee? I can't keep track of this new media stuff, to be totally honest."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The beautiful thing about space technology and alien science is how sudden outfit shifts don't seem that unusual. Wardrobe overhauls in the twinkling of an eye belong mostly to celebrity performers and CGI effects unless someone works with the Justice League. Zatanna isn't cold in fishnets, but she might find an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee for herself. Something piping hot changes everything about a groggy morning. Like Lois, she is still waking up and being deprived of the luminous hum of the ley-lines or just a decent sunrise keeps her circadian rhythm a bit thrown off. "Would you mind? I can make more if you need."

Quite a literal statement about a nearly boundless supply of black gold, offered with a friendly smile to Lois. Oblivious she is most definitely not. "It's all right." Assuring Superman, she nods. "My father is Giovanni Zatara, and he worked with the Justice League for years. He kept a lower profile when I was growing up. Became another aspect of the family business. I took over from his Vegas revue a few years ago." After his disappearance, but she isn't saying much about that point that still aches in memory. She smoothes it over after a beat. "A lot goes on social media now, especially since it's hard to keep a regular stage career. But I'm a magician and an actual mage."

Lois Lane has posed:
Lois pats the bed beside her for Clark, a subtle invitation but absolutely certain. She's wrapping her robe a bit closer around her body so she doesn't flash Zatanna anything the woman doesn't want to see, utterly incapable of just changing her clothing at the blink of an eye. "Zatanna...Ahh. Yeah. I do think I've heard of you. Different in person, of course. But... good to meet you. So... you... Work with Kansas, hmm? Well, that's ... Nice. He's a reliable sort." Lois gives him a long look.

"I work...well... not exactly work with," She's still not going to mess up his cover, even if she was on the edge of slipping, "Well, Superman has come to save me more than once from messy work situations. I get that it's not the same but, uh..." She looks down to the pillows in the bed they've been sharing. "We're close."

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark pauses for a second, visibly confused.

He snaps his fingers, oh God. "Oh! Oh, jeze, Lois: everyone in the League right now knows. Zee, Lois is my partner at the Daily Planet. Zee, Lois found out after, uh." Superman actually blushes, remembering how she found out. "Well it happened, and I should've told her earlier anyway. I was going to make sure the gang knew, but then this Krypton thing got dropped in my lap..." Which really says it all about how he feels about this, trepedatious. He's used to Kyrpton being a ghost, a memory, an occasional source of inspiration...or terror, when its own ghosts come to attack.

To go home to a place that's as alien to him as the humans on board...

Clark sips his coffee. "You know, I don't know if I ever could go fully public but it is a relief to not have to feel like I'm living two lives with everyone."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Clark and Lois allied on the comfy bunk will do. Zee has no issues finding a chair and seating herself in good spirits. "I can see that." She follows up on Clark blushing again and the reporter peering at the pillows. "It's wonderful. Dysfunctional relationships or serial bouts of bad luck seem to dog heroes and members in my circle too. I swear it's almost an industry. So you found happiness?" Lifting her coffee mug, she takes a long sip after toasting in their honor. "Bravo."

How else do you talk to two people carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders? Or worlds. Floating in the void of space could be responsible for loosening up her tongue a bit. "We all have our strengths. I owe him thanks for not letting a demon chew me up the other week." That whole business isn't resolved. She doesn't nudge the topic away from them. "How are you both holding up with the whole 'Krypton thing?' I've got your back however you need. The fishnets were the second reason for the invitation." The first being that star quality smile? Probably not. The transformation of cereal among legendary outlaws, likely more to the point.

Lois Lane has posed:
"I mean... at the planet, but yes, in life too...well, his... Girlfriend partner, you know. We're partners. I mean, we're dating. Yes." As if the shared bed didn't explain that, but Lois is just threatened enough, and since Superman didn't mention it, to feel the need to explain. And then her hand goes very gently on his knee, probably the most chaste touch she's given in a while, but she's trying to be good when they have company. A pleasant, genuinely curious smile crosses her face. If any emotion could trump jealousy for Lois, it's curiosity.

Then she takes an actual moment to focus on Clark. The nerves he's feeling, the ever-so-subtle tension behind his eyes? She's awake enough to catch it now. Instead of the slightly possessive touch on his knee, that arm shifts around his lower back and she pulls him just a bit closer in a motion that is somehow more tender than possessive. Supportive. She's clued into that he's got more going on in his head than morning wake up. From anyone watching, it's clear she really does love the man.

Fortunately, Zatanna's commentary leads into it fairly well. "...Hey. Clark... we're both... we're all here for you. Friends *and* me. I know this is weird and...maybe not the way you wanted things to go, but you're not doing this alone... Talk to her. Talk to *us*, if you want..."

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark pauses a bit. He tenses, as if sensing something.

Ah, he thinks, they're both gone. Clark realizes he wasn't super clear, either, but Lois filled in for him. Have to stop doing that. Letting his hand wrap around Lois's, Clark doesn't quite look at anyone.

"Well it's not like I don't want Supergirl's theory to be true." Clark says, finally, sipping his coffee with his free hand. "-and thank you, by the way, Zee. It's all kind of new...and I'll admit to being a bit scared, hah, for just those reasons you said." Poor Ollie. "But I think it's worth it." Superman gives Lois a look, and her hand a gentle squeeze. Then, back to the ball game.

"I'm just...gun shy, I suppose. Between Brainiac, Zod, the Eradicator, it seems like every relic I find of Kyrpton is double edged. Do I really want to know what my people turn into when isolated and adrift in space for thirty some years? And Supergirl's invested so much into this...I really don't want to see her hurt, or worse."

"And I can't help but feel Zod's presence in all of this, somewhere. He's still out there, with Kandor. Turning them into an army for all I know. I have to stop him. He's...impossibly dangerous."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Clarification probably wasn't necessary. Half of being a good magician, the stage kind anyway, comes from reading an audience. Those subtle reactions and the interplay with a performer separate good talent from the best, and Zatanna had the finest teacher anyone could ask for. A look transmits so much when wrought with worry and candid affection. How someone reacts to a hand on their shoulder says a lot with no words. She has volumes to read and no malice or jealousy beyond the slightest pang in a very well-concealed, locked down quadrant at the back of her mind.

Let's just pretend the guy over there cannot hear a slowing heartbeat or possibly understand a brief, contemplative turn from thoughts almost grinding gears. She can appreciate what they have found. Like fine art in the museum; it is not hers to own but take comfort and interest in all the same.

"You have the right motives, you know. Concern for everyone in that big heart." Her hands cup the mug, forgetting it's a bit too warm for comfort. "How it affects Supergirl, what about everyone else, and what about your people themselves? What I hear is so much care. That's a good starting point instead of rushing in. How do you feel about Supergirl's approach to all this? Are you able to balance your worries with that?"

She breaks then, at least out of the listening mode to something more wry. "Sounds like it's good to take one thing at a time. My dad liked to say, don't try to drink the sea."

Lois Lane has posed:
"You know, Legs has a good point over there. And she's right about you've got the best heart, Clark... but I wasn't asking about anyone else. I was asking about YOU. You know, you don't have to hold the whole universe on your shoulders. Not when it's just us, in this room." Short of the affection nick names, Lois seems an almost different person when things get serious. Sure, she's laid back, careless, chasing intoxication and pleasure as much as she is stories, but in moments like these she absolutely pulls it together.

She takes a sip of her coffee with her free hand, but her other arm seems to remain firmly around the small of Clark's back. She's giving him somewhere to lean, even if he can carry a thousand times more weight than she can, she'll still let him lean there. "...shit, if Legs here wasn't so good with the abbacadabra, she'd be a great reporters for the kind of smart questions she asks." Lois gives the other woman a small smile. It's as close to a show of approval as she'll get.

Clark Kent has posed:
It's always tempting, hearing someone say that. Clark's heard it from the best; genies, alien princesses, magical manifestations of desire...

Superman lets himself believe it a bit when Lois Lane says it.

"You know, Giovanni used to say that to me too, when we were all just starting out. 'Superman, you cannot drink the sea', and I'd go, 'Zatara, the thing is, I probably can.' and he'd go 'Idiot boy, where'd you put it all?!"." Clark pauses for a moment, and smiles a bit at Zatanna. "I miss him too." Superman has kept carefully netural on the subject of where, exactly, the elder Zatara is; he knows he's fairly useless with high magic stuff, but, well. There's always a way.

And then he barks a laugh, cheering up instantly. "Good news, Zee, you're basically in." Clark wraps an arm around Lois's back, which creates a weird mutual leaning situation that's probably very poetic but is also, importantly, comfortable. "She only comes up with nicknames for people worth her time."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna groans into the cup, and the sound pools among the coffee. "What if it was a little sea?" Easy to imagine a little girl version of her piping up with that. "Just because you conceivably can doesn't mean you should. It has a cost, it always does. We have limits." Her smile hurts for a moment, a bruise taken and wrapped up in the moment of dwelling with the familiarity. Old pains, fresh ones, and the warm salve of a friend. Not all is bad.

No need to remind them that some wars leave behind a string of dead she really shouldn't be raising. No need to spill the beans or spoil the mood, so it's into her coffee she goes. Last of it, anyway, which perks her right up. "See, you found someone incisive and smart. Unafraid to tell you what you need to hear, but from a position that cares." Her wide eyes move to Lois, finding a mutual message there. They stay fixed a bit longer, gratitude and curiosity prancing around. "I'll take it. Given how much marketing goes into them and how much I've insured them for... Tina Turner had nothing on that." A low laugh is richer and riper than her usual ones. "That's high praise. I know how good you are at your job from afar, you know that? What I can do isn't all that much different... use words, convince the world to listen to me, and act."

Lois Lane has posed:
"You *insured* them? For what? Half a mill? Shit, Clark, you think Perry would insure my legs? Or maybe just a shoulder? Next time someone tries to pull some shit in Metropolis, you can wait just a *feeeew* seconds longer before scooping me up. We'd be rich!" Lois grins at them both, mostly joking, her pale eyes with that sparkle of mischief behind them, but every jest does come with a hint of truth. Lois did get in trouble a *lot*. It might be worth it.

Now that she's decided Zatanna is acceptable, and she's seen just how close the old bond is between the two, Lois is far more relaxed. Sipping coffee and considering this all, it suddenly dawns on her. "Hey. Kansas. You never actually *answered* us. Good at dodging questions as you are bullets. Come on... you're feeling something about this whole mess and you might as well get it out in a room of two people you seem to put up with well enough and MAYBE even trust. So. Clark. Spill." Reasons she's such a good reporter -- she does not give up.

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark thinks about this important financial question.

He blushes, again, and sips his coffee, keeping his opinion on the value of certain parts of Lois Lane to himself.

"Okay, okay." Superman didn't quite mean to dodge the question, it always just sort of happens. Still. What is bothering him, at the heart of it? "I guess my real worry is..."

"...that itch I get on the back of my neck, when I'm about to fly into a trap." Clark admits, frowning. "It's there. This all seems...too good to be true. I know I can handle this being Mongul, or even Zod, but..."

"That's what has me on edge, I guess. I don't want to get too into it with the others, but I think you should both keep your eyes peeled as we get closer. I'd rather be paranoid and wrong than get surprised."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"I'm happy to conjure up Lupin if you would prefer to pet the rabbit and talk to him," Zatanna adds brightly. "It's very soothing, petting a nice, soft animal." Especially one conjured up by magic which probably can withstanding some assertive Kryptonian pet-handling. This sentence could go wrong in so many ways, so sidestepping that.

To feed Lois' inquisitive nature is probably a bad thing. But being safe is boring, so she slides over a tidbit to be savored. "Fair bit upward of that." Only fair to smile. "Per leg." Feet might be separate. But a good insurance policy is worth laughing. "I can pass over information from my agent. He would be thrilled. Maybe not the insurance company, but stick it to them."

Her smile fades back, attention again coming round to Clark. It always will, Moon after the Sun, for isn't that how conversations roll? "Given how far we are from home, letting our guard down seems risky at best. Happy endings are what we hope for, but prepare for fighting a bit dirty."

She sits with it for a bit. The obvious thing to say, the consolation. At her throat, that ruby on a ribbon shines. "I won't lie. My instincts say that an island paradise has a volcano under it, but can you still enjoy meeting your people, experiencing a bit of their culture and this whole time? Not an easy balancing act, but it could help." She glances at Lois again, trusting the reporter's expression to key her off. "Should it hit the fan, I have a quick one-way ticket to somewhere away from hostiles."

Lois Lane has posed:
As he comes clean about what's bothering him, that makes Lois frown thoughtfully. Her arm tightens a little against his back and she lets out a slow breath. "...I'll say that everything about this trip seemed a little...too... Easy. I thought maybe space was just like that, but probably not. If it's a trap, you've got your family and colleagues around you and... we'll just fight our way out. If it's not, and it's just your brain being paranoid to go face something you never thought you'd have to..." Lois turns her frame enough that she can lean up and just barely reach to press a soft kiss against his temple. "We'll be here too. It'll be alright, Kal-El." She rarely uses his real, full name unless it's the most important of things. This, apparently, is that important to her.

Zatanna gets a wry smile when the woman offers both a rabbit and the info on her legs. Lois gives her a bit of a wink, almost teasing, but she does appreciate. "She's got it right. We'll just keep watch and...it'll be alright." Lois gives her a slow, thankful nod at the one way offer of a ticket. "If it's needed..we'll trust you to know who goes. But now, I think we're going back to sleep for a bit. Coffee didn't quite do the trick. Take this back to the common room for me? We'll plot better protection when we've all had a shower." With gentle goodbyes, Lois tugs Clark back into the bed. She might have other ideas, but she'll probably end up naping. Space was exhausting.