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Themyscira Vacation: Welcome to the Island
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: Themyscira City
Synopsis: The ladies of the Titans ride the Invisible Plane to Themyscira, paradise home of the Amazons. They are met by Diana and Hippolyta, mount beasts, and ride on to the great city where feasting and celebration awaits!
Cast of Characters: Cassie Sandsmark, Kara Danvers, Kate Bishop, Mary Bromfield, Toni Monetti, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Donna Troy, Vivian Vision, Rachel Roth, Caitlin Fairchild, Diana Prince, 1581

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Every great journey has its beginning, and todays begins atop Titans Tower, where the various guests for the Great Amazon Gettaway (tm) have been instructed to gather with their luggage, whatever clothes and necessities they might require for a few days in a warm climate, including swimwear and good shoes! (Not everyone is a sandal person). Assuming they need anything at all, superladies vary. But Cassie is up there and waiting, in summer-y shorts and a tank top (despite the local weather) with a backpack and a small duffel bag. The air above the rooftop deck ripples, revealing that their means of transport - the Invisible Jet - is there too, its strange, liquid-metal style alien skin shimmering as it shifts out of camouflage mode.

Simultaneously, a hole opens in the 'sky,' revealing the interior of the jet, and a ramp sliiiiiides down.

"Alright ladies, all aboard!" declares Cassie, like some kind of overexuberant cruise director.

Inside, the Jet's interior is made of the same strange material, although it has conformed itself into shapes and surfaces convenient for passengers. There is a variety of seating, from traditional lengthwise rows of benches to other couches running along the windows, and even a table with a circular row of seating around it, with some sort of display at the middle. The alien technology is quite versatile, supplying technological interfaces more compatible with modern human technology, and adjusting in shape and form for the comfort of its users. So, basically, this is like super-duper extra first class!

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara has seen this jet before. It's gorgeous. She loves the way it shimmers to her eyes. She gently strokes a hand over its exterior as she approaches. "All ready to go!," she says with a bag over her shoulder. The same one she took on her trip to space recently. Her second away mission in as many weeks. Though, was this really a mission? diplomatic mission probably.

    Wandering on board the jet she places her bag in to a corner and asks Cassie, "Are you sure you're old enough to fly this thing?" Teasing of course, Cassie is amazing. "If anything goes wrong a few of us will get out and push... we'll get there one way or another."

    Her second time to Themyscira. Her first was amidst a world war on another version of Earth. This should hopefully be a lot more peaceful. A taste of yet another alien culture which she is _so_ here for. And then she breaks out in to her Greek, which she's still learning, "Óra na káneis fílous!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate has been waiting for this trip.

Pretty much since the last trip to Amazon Country (tm).

Honestly she didn't get to spend any of the time she wanted too and barely got to drink and shoot bows, what due to the crisis at that time, so this is fantastic.

She is dressed in some reinforced yoga pants, comfy slip on shoes, and a hawkeye themed tanktop. Two bags, one for her armor, gear, etc..... and one for her vacation gear in her two hands. The bow is over her shoulders as always though.

"Wooo.. shotgun!" she notes amused following Cassie on board. She at least has been on this jet before and immediately heads to claim a seat and stow her stuff with a laugh. "No getting out and pushing.. the jet is super good at it's job Supergirl." teasing.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Resplendent in ... well, in cargo shorts and an ugly t-shirt that she probably found on sale somewhere so cheap it was like they were /giving/ it away, honestly, Mary is right on time for the departure. Sunglasses, tennies, and a slightly oversized duffel bag that probably has enough stuff in it to last a month in Europe, never mind a vacation on Themyscira, because /you never know/, after all. And "be prepared" might as well be her unofficial motto. With a paperback copy of an E. M. Forster novel in one hand, she keeps an eye out for the rest of the team to make sure all are aboard who are coming about before she gets on herself. Can't be leaving anyone behind.

When she /does/ climb aboard, though ... her eyes, behind those sunglasses, are pretty damn wide. "This is /super/ cool," she says, sounding, in all honesty, a little abashed. She finds a place to store her luggage where it won't shift during flight, and then, naturally, finds a seat and looks for a seat belt to buckle.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni Monetti is on the tarmac, such as it is, with a loose scarf around the collar of a windbreaker and a pair of black leggings on in order to not, like, be bottomless on the plane. She is wearing a pair of Adidas because this is not a situation where she is trying to impress people. She has three bags with her: small (leather purse, actually small), medium (backpack, one change of clothes plus phone charger stuff even if that probably isn't going to do her any good) and large (hard case, handle, wheels; could probably smuggle Damien Wayne, but won't be).

She also had an irritating chunk of bubblegum and chunky sunglasses, which is important because she nearly gets the former on the latter when the invisible jet presents itself. "FFfff-- Cassie! Oh my GOD! Honk the horn or something! This thing is WILD!"

As she boards, Toni looks around. "This is trippy," she says. After fiddling around and putting her sundry bags down, she says, "I feel... a kinship with this jet. I need to spend more time in it. Cassie, pencil that in."

Toni does not sit down right away. Instead she mills about, and now that she's not in early-spring baytide winds, she says "Hey, glad to meet you, I'm Toni," to just about everyone. There are hand-claspings if not avoided. She does ask Kate, in specific, "Are you going hunting??"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia arrived at some point, though one might be forgiven for having not noticed. This is because just before she was going to give one of her usual cheery enthusiastic greetings, she caught sight of the invisible jet and has been pressed up against it trying to figure it out and just generally swooning over that liquid-metal-ish alien skin ever since. The occasional, "This is so cool!", "Oh wow!", and "No way!" can be heard but for the most part SCIENCE! girl is off in her own little world of alien tech jet.

She's dressed pretty casually for a change. With all the threats that have been popping up lately she had taken to wearing her Waspette armor more often than not. Today though, it is back to a simple T-Shirt 'Just a GIRL that loves Hornets!' under a red and pink bomber jacket, pleated black skirt, and her favorite knee-high stompy boots. Somewhat conspicuously she doesn't seem to have brought any luggage, but knowing Pym-tech it is all just in her pockets, which her skirt does have. Because pockets.

Cassie's boarding call manages to snap Nadia out of her swooning over the hull material and design of the aircraft though, if only because who knows what SCIENCE! wonders the inside will hold! "Coming!" She calls as she jogs over and boards the Invisible Jet. "Hi, everyone!" She waves once inside only to trail off looking at even more alien tech, eyes going this way and that making mental notes and likely several new theories as she takes it all in.

Donna Troy has posed:
"Stress on the iota in /fílous/ Supergirl," Donna says, grinning. "You're swallowing the vowel. Someone might think you're saying it's time to flush." She accompanies the correction with a friendly shoulder-bump, a little tamer than the feet-raising hug she had greeted the Kryptonian's timely return with. She had argued for the trip to be delayed a little in the hope Kara would return in time, but had been outvoted. Fortunately a delay had not turned out to be necessary.

    Donna has barely packed, but then she doesn't really need to. She's going home, after all. But more importantly, she's going home with friends. She had been a little disappointed not to have got to see Kate's face on seeing Themyscira the first time, but is looking forwards to being able to show her around, and take her hunting. Kara is another who Donna had been eager to get to Themyscira - and the pair have been swapping language lessons, Kara learning Themysciran Greek, while Donna learns Kryptonian. And now they're going with a whole HORDE of her Titan friends, what could be better? They even have Hippolyta's okay for the trip, slightly to her amazement.

    And of course then there's Raven. This make Donna slightly nervous. On the one hand, she has been looking forwards to showing Themyscira off to Raven for a long time. On the other hand, she's taking Raven to meet her mom...

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Inside the plane, as the various young superheroines board, they will find there is already a passenger. Seated strategically in the back, as hidden and tucked away as one can get on the jet, is an older woman with long brown hair and glasses, and casual though somewhat warmer travel-wear. Cassie's mother, Helena. Recently held captive by the Bad-Cassie doppleganger, the physical and mental recovery of her and everyone else involved is the main reason this trip is happening. Well, and her daughter's persistence.

"Hey mom." That's as much conversation as they have, before Cassie turns back to Kara. "I can totally fly it! I may not be as good as Kate, but I've got my licence..." An Earth civilian motorist certification definitely qualifies her! "...and, like, being honest the disc's AI does most of the work anyway. I've never even tried it in manual mode." Perhaps this is for the best.

While she walks up a bit of the ways toward the front (and Kate rushes past to claim her copilot position), Cassie pauses before she gets all the way up there, turning back to look back toward everyone as they pile on board. "If you want to stow your luggage uh, you can just find a bulkhead and ask for a compartment." As soon as anyone tries, they will be greeted by the strange metal shifting and opening to reveal an appropriate space, and then closing over it once the luggage is placed inside. "Really, if you need anything, like your seat adjusted or want a window opened or closed, the temperature adjusted, whatever, just ask the disc."

Why always 'disc' and not 'plane?' Oh well.

"Oh yeah, it's kind of... you've both got the whole 'moldable silver gloop' thing going, huh?" she remarks as Toni declares her love for the vehicle. "Wonder if there's any connection. Well. Feel free to poke around, if you want? I've never known the AI to be very chatty with me but it's very responsive to whatever you need from it." She grins as Nadia charges up the ramp as well. "Settle in! I figure you and Viv would enjoy poking at the tech stuff, too."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Of the many advantages being a synthezoid confers packing light would probably not be the first thing anyone thinks of. But there are plenty of things she just doesn't need to bring along on a trip. No need for toiletries, a couple of outfits that can be phased clean in moments and a few token gifts. Because you don't turn up to a magical island without at least a few token presents. Especially when your usual gift basket service can't deliver.

Thankfully because this is a vacation she's dressed up a little. A yellow summer dress with sensible flat shoes suitable for sight seeing. Plus a matching hat.

"Good day everyone," she says brightly. "I took the liberty of bringing a small selection of unhealthy snacks and travel games for the trip." Not that you can gather more than four Titans in one place without at least four dozen home made cookies and a large sponge cake. "If it is permitted I shall also be documenting parts of the trip. So if at any point you wish to pose for a photograph please let me know."

On the assumption the disc/plane has a degree of sentience Viv also broadcasts an electronic greeting. It would be rude not to after all.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven is, as always, utterly grumpy. Sure, Themyscira has a library stocked with literature the likes of which she has never seen. Truthfully, it's a lot like the first time she made her way to the Sanctum Sanctorum.


    This isn't a months-long studious trip to Donna's homeland. It's a vacation. One on which they're taking a multitude of others. One that isn't going to last a long time. Reading anything is going to be difficult, because as guests it is certanly going to be tradition for them to be /tended to./

    That means little time to herself. Troia will want to be social. Troia will want Raven to meet her family. Raven, of course, categorically doesn't want to meet /anybody./

    "I still think we could have sent a politely worded letter, or a greeting card." Raven states, grousing adjacent to Troia at every turn.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "Fiiiilous.. Fiiiiiiiilous," Kara repeats a few times and shoulder bumps Troia back. She grins at Kate, "Okay but if we're suddenly falling from the sky just remember you said no pushing..." There are even people on this plane she hasn't met yet and to them she smiles and says, "ehrosh :bem. nahn Supergirl" though it's hard to miss given the big S on her chest and the red cape and red boots and blue body suit. Iconic really.

    AI, Supergirl likes AI. Sometimes AI likes Supergirl. She doubts it knows her language though, but she might as well greet it, "khehth ehrosh :bem shesur aoliur" Then she takes a seat. There's nothing worse than a near indestructible block of Kryptonian suddenly falling about in turbulence, so she straps in and hopes this sets a good example.

    She needs something to occupy her on the trip and from her belt she takes out a small Kryptonian crystal. She gives it a turn in her hand and a hologram appears before her, floating, scrolling through information in Kryptonian - about the Greek language. She seems to be controlling the interface by subtly turning and shifting the crystal in her hand as she reads.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate indeed knew about the bulkhead trick and had her bags stowed, though she asks the disc nicely to give her a rack to mount the bow on near her with one quiver.

Just in case.

She laughs though turning to smile at Toni. "Hawkeye, though if you are on the jet then yeah call me Kate." bare shouldered shrug. "Also yes. I hope to go hunting for Manticore actually. My sword is in the duffle though." she leans against the copilot seat watching everyone pile into the invisible disc.. I mean jet.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "If anyone official asks, tell them I'm flying the plane Cass," Donna tells the pilot with a wink. "If you ever want to try flying without the AI assist we can work on checking you out on the T-Jet, but you've got spend quite a bit of time with the simulator. Honestly it's more fun with the AI... or just getting Caitlin or Kate to fly you."

    Donna moves through the plane checking everyone is settled, arriving before long where Cassie's mom sits, and greeting her with a warm smile. "You're looking much recovered, Helena. We have a few codenames here, so I hope you don't mind if you let people do more informal introductions themselves, but we have Thunderbolt, Supergirl, Vivian, Hawkeye and Waspette... I believe you already met Raven and Toni."

    Donna's T-com pings and she checks the message on the screen before turning to Raven with a smirk. "Sorry Rae, but Terry is demanding he gets your place if you're not going. For the sake of the world, you have to go. Besides, you're going to like it. If you want to spend your whole time exploring scriptoria, that's acceptable."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
When Cassie informs them of how bag storage works, Nadia reaches into her pocket and suddenly there is a large dufflebag in her hands. "Hello, Disc? Is that your name?" She calls out to the AI, it's just like Avengers Mansion. "I would like to store this bag." Nevermind that the bag was perfectly stored in her pocket before, Nadia wants to see the 'plane' do its thing. She watches in amazement as the bulkhead shifts and creates the compartment for her to put the bag into. "This is the best, I want to make one!"

She then goes and drops into a seat next to Kara, "Welcome back Kara!" She smiles brightly, before her eyes look to the technological interfaces provided as she attempts to figure out more of the alien tech and how she might reproduce it, though they sloooowly drift to Kara's crystal, too. Alien liquid metal tech, Kryptonian crystal tech, what's a SCIENCE! girl to do, she is so torn. But eventually she settles on continuing to try and figure out the Jet's secrets, for now, though that crystal is still clearly tugging at her curiousity.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oooh, snacks! And it's totally fine, Viv. I take pictures when I go, and post 'em when I get back." Which causes a sudden flash of reminder to Cassie, who has another general, trip-director like announcement: "Oh yeah, so like that IS a thing, we don't have internet on the island." TERROR! CALAMITY! PARADISE HAS BECOME HELL! "... but, you CAN connect here via the disk, which can access satellite linkups. It knows how to make a USB adapter, too, if you need to recharge. I have a battery backup in my luggage too, that I'll have at the palace." She grins, and glances sidelong over at Donna. "We're working on getting the island all properly hooked up. But you can always use the disk as a hub and its wifi signal goes pretty far."

Meanwhile, a voice, synthetic but with a slight metallic echo, answers Kara: "/ khehth ehrosh :bem kryptahnium/"

Having no idea what's going on with this conversation, Cassie looks around to make sure people are mostly settled. She thinks she's covered the basics. "Alright. Time to get a move on! Don't worry, the flight is very smooth in this thing." This soon seems Cassie returning to the front, seating herself at the console there.

She presses a button, or at least, an outlined space on the console in front of the seat, and speaks up: "Prepare to depart. Destination: Themyscira." The voice from before again speaks up, this time echoing back in the same English she spoke to it. "Destination entered. Ramp retracted and exits secured. Assisted control flight mode initiated." For the passengers, the shift is barely noticable as the ship's engines engage, via whatever strange technology, although they'll be able to see the Tower begin to fall away through the transparent-metal windows. Slowly at first, but then rapidly.

While this is all happening, at the back of the plane, Helena does briefly speak up, leaning forward slightly. "If you want to read quietly, I know some good spots." She's talking to Raven, of all people. And that's all she says. But apparently, the Daughter of Darkness isn't the only one who finds some parts of this burdensome.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Right? I mean it's probably a coincidence unless this plane is some kinda giant living organism or something," Toni says to Cassie. "In which case I kind of would like to know where, though, yeah."

"What's a manticore? Or is that a set up like updog?" Toni asks Kate, though she also says, more quietly, "/Kate/. Great to meetcha." After this she stuffs her gear down and plops into a chair, slouching vigorously and immediately. "Hey Donna, hey - Raven, right?" says Toni to, well, the people she mentioned by name. "You go to - Themyscria," she is taking pains to say it properly, "often?"

"OH BEFORE I FORGET," Toni says, clapping her hands twice.

"I wanna have a round of applause for Viv because she is completely why I am not insanely, incredibly dead right now? And like, you brought SNACKS, Jesus, tell me next time, I'll bring snacks! I just didn't think about that, and like, you absolutely deserve to get pampered here." Toni says all of this while remaining slouched as heck.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary has (naturally) a smile for Donna and a wave, adding, to those around her: "It's okay to just call me Mary, though, being as it's just friends." Then she can't resist breaking into a grin: "Plus, it's not like someone named 'Mary' is exactly uncommon around here, right? You could probably find thirty of us in any block in the city." She's even loosened up enough to mime a zombie face and zombie arms: "Weeeeee will assimilate youuuuu."

But she hasn't loosened up enough to get out of her seat. No way. That's just going too far. "If you could blur me out just a little, that would be great," she says to Vivian, sounding somewhat apologetic. And then -- hang on! They're in the air! This has her /complete/ attention.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara smiles with delight when the AI responds to her and places a hand to her chest and dips her head forward just a touch. As Nadia joins her in the next seat over she she says, "Chairetismoús fíle Waspette," to Nadia practicing some more greek. She stresses the iota this time. "Your eyes seem enlarged, did you forget to size them correctly when you last unshrunk?," she teases. Kara is in an odd mood since she god back it seems. Like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

    Noticing Nadia's interest she points to a diamond shaped symbol and says, "n," just to see if she can pick it up quickly or not. It's become clear to her that Kryptonian is not a natural language for Humanity like it is for Kryptonians. Then again, the languages of Earth are wildly strange to her too and she is loving learning them.

    At the suggestion of a round of applause for Viv, Kara looks up and smiles to her, "As I expected, others are seeing how wonderful you are." She then nods to Toni curious about the newest addition to their team.

    Kara, for the most part, is reading more about greek translated to Kryptonian for her by the Fortress of Solitude primary core. It's a habit she knows she needs to break. It's inefficient to learn everything via her native language. She has to learn to think in these other languages more directly.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Frankly, that's the only benefit to this that Raven sees. Denying Terry the opportunity to come to Themyscira. This is, in a literal sense, as far as she'll go for petty spite.

    Folding her arms, she takes a moment to look out the window, listening to Donna's statement. "As long as nobody bothers me in the Scriptoria, I will be able to get at least a little reading done." Fat chance.

    "I will be doing no swimming, nor running in fields, or hunting. That was the agreement."

    To Toni, she offers a raised brow. "Nobody does. The least of which any of us who were neither born nor created there."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin emerges from the cargo hold, having tightened down a few crates of good ported aboard before they took off. Themyscira naturally doesn't do much import/export work, of course, and there's always things that are in high demand when the trip from the island is made.

"We're all set back here, Cass, punch it," Caitlin informs Cassie. She's already donned attire suitable for the island, a loose-fitting muslin toga that hangs to her lower thigh and leaves her arms bare, with leather cord cinching it around her waist and lower back. Practical, durable leather sandals are the only accessory she wears besides the smart watch on her wrist.

And because it's proper safety procedure, the near-invincible redhead sits down in her seat and buckles the harness around her hips and shoulders.
% Because those are the rules.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Still chatting with Toni it seems. "It is an intelligent organism I think." glancing at the controls as Cass hits a button and gives the destination. She stays close though in case she needs to copilot.

"Manticore is a mythical monster. Evidently there are a lot of mythical challenges and monsters on the Island."

Also yes, evidently Kate wants to hunt one on her vacation instead of lounging on the beach.

"This is my second of hopefully many trips to the Island." she grins and checks the front displays again then looks back to the group... when Cait suggests they punch it though she moves around dropping into her seat and she also buckles up.

Donna Troy has posed:
"On it, Cass!" Donna says with a laugh. She steps over to the pilot seat and leans over Cassie's shoulder, whispering. "The crate I put on board earlier is not to be unloaded where Hippolyta can see it, 'kay? It's just a perfectly innocent crate. Any talk of satellite dishes and wireless relays would be pure imagination."

    Donna does not buckle down for the take off, but makes her way through the jet, checking everyone's settled. "Very few non-Themyscirans get to go there ever," she tells Toni. "Caitlin, Helena and Cassie are the only ones for about a century. Until you lot. This is a historic trip."

    Mary's shoulder gets a squeeze, and she gives her a nod. "Makes sense to me, Thunder-Mary, but I like to be sure. "

    Kate gets a nose-boop. "You're going to change your view of the word 'mythical' by the time this trip is done," She says with a grin.

    Eventually she's at the back of the plane, standing next to Raven's seat. "Okay everyone, we're on the way. This will not be a long flight as we'll do a sub-orbital flight, so Vivian's travel games probably won't be needed. The last fifty or so miles are the tricky ones because we have to navigate through the barrier that protects Themyscira, and normal navigational techniques just don't work for that. "

    "I'd like to remind you all that Themyscira is not like any other vacation destination. This will be the largest group of outsiders to visit the island in over two thousand years, and you are representing the entire world. Try not to break things. No there is no drinking age on Themyscira, but please don't get too drunk. Do not go swimming in the sea without checking with someone who knows the places to swim, there are sharks around Themyscira, and when I say sharks I mean /otodus megalodon/ and no you can't keep one. Don't stray too far from the city without a guide, keep to areas where you see people. Most people do not speak English, but lots do, it's been kind of trendy to learn it just recently and Themyscirans learn languages very quickly. Your host is the queen of Themyscira, but don't worry too much about formal language, you're not expected to know the protocol and nobody will chop off your head for getting it wrong. You can refer to her as /megas wanassa/ if you like, which means 'great queen', but otherwise her name is Hippolyta."

Toni Monetti has posed:
"But if it's living there, it isn't actually mythical, right? Or is that like being magical?" Toni asks Kate, but she's smiling as she does it. "That still sounds badass. Do they taste good?"

To Raven, Toni seems about to say something but stops, almost visibly, at the 'nor created there' part of Raven's dire statement. This seems to baffle her. It is possible Toni has pregamed for the plane ride. No: probable.

She is not sufficiently pre-gamed to not pay attention to what Donna is saying, though. ("Wow," she says, about the sharks. To herself, Toni thinks, I have to represent my people here. I should probably listen to her about the drinking.)

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Chair what?" Nadia looks down at their seats for a moment, Greek is apparently not one of the seven languages that she was taught in the Red Room. "Wait my eyes?" She produces a mirror from somewhere and actually checks like this may have been something that happened before, "Oh!" A moment of realization comes, "This plane is just so cool! I have not seen this much new technology in awhile, I want to figure out how it works. It seems to all stem from a base of this polymorphic metallic material though the fact it seems to be able to take on the forms and functions of complex electronics on the fly is just wow. I've been to some really amazing labs like my Dad's, and Dr. Richards, and Dr. Banner, and Tony, but I've never seen anything quite like this before.

"n," Nadia repeats, watching as Kara gestures to the pendant. "Is that the name for that?" She asks curiously.

Nadia does indeed applaud for Vivian when it is requested, "Yes, my great niece is the best, also great." She grins at her own terrible joke.

"Wait what?! Real megalodons?! They're supposed to be extinct!" Leave it to Nadia to actually be excited by this prospect.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision looks mildly horrified when Toni draws attention to her. "That was... I was actually going to apologise to you because I failed to keep you from getting close enough for Doppel Cassie to target you...." She points out awkwardly. "Also I don't eat or drink. So please don't feel the need to bring snacks for my benefit.."

"Oh just to be clear I don't intend to publish the pictures online," She replies to Mary. "I just thought it might be nice to document the trip and send people copies at the end. I will however make sure no secret identities are compromised."

A holograph of a lion with a Human face, scorpian tail and wings appears in the air. "Historically the Manticore was said to be 'unconquerable'. Although oddly the tales say they did not consume elephants."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "n," Kara repeats again but she doesn't expect this'll stick. "Yes. It is part of the Kryptonian alphabet. And I said greetings friend Nadia.. in Greek. Greekings," she puns almost like she's challenging Superman. Her eyes return to her holograms as she continues to read and absorb the lessons, quietly her lips move as she mouths how words might sound if spoke outloud.

    "No keeping giant sharks as pet, got it," she says and then looks from her holograms to Troia with a cheeky grin. "Tha se káno perífano," she encourages just in case Troia had any concerns. Then again, this is Kara. She bends over backwards to try to do the right thing.

    "Just out of curiosity Troia. How much of this 'vacation' is going to be spent training?," because she can read ulterior motives sometimes. She's been learning that not everyone has her best interest at heart, though Troia certainly does.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary is unaccountably disappointed to hear that the flight is going to be a short one. "Aw," she says, making a bit of a sad face, "I really like travel games." But she rallies pretty quickly, and is smiling again a moment later. "But I guess we'll be here long enough to have time for some, even if we don't on the flight!" Well, good luck finding too many of her teammates willing to play Scrabble while they're on Themyscira, but at least she's keeping her optimism.

She even appears vaguely dismayed by some of Donna's warnings. Drinking? Breaking things? Keeping sharks? Okay, that last one might be sort of fun. Otherwise, though, she bobs her head agreeably and does her best to look like someone who isn't going to misbehave. Fair enough. That's pretty much what she is.

A quick smile darted across to Vivian. "Thanks! I didn't think you would, just, you know, trying to make sure. You're the best!"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
They observe various FAA regulations for a few minutes while still in US airspace near Metropolis, steadily rising into the atmosphere and over the vast expanse of the Atlantic ahead. Cassie's clearly waiting on something, watching a display. Whether it's Caitlin's suggestion or the fact that they finally cross some threshold, she does finally take the opportunity to 'punch it': even if the ship operates largely automatically, she takes a certain pleasure in pushing the GO FAST button herself. OK, it's a little more than 'go fast,' as Donna explains. Again, however, the change is minimal inside the plane, as its gravitic engines do not obey normal rocketry equations and it boasts intertial compensation. Nonetheless, through the windows, or via any spatial senses certain passengers might have, it is evident that they accelerate quite rapidly at that point. Some might hear the sonic boom behind them, dampened by the vessel. Everyone will see the atmosphere continue to thin, the darkness of the void beyond just that little bit closer.

And once they're really moving, Cassie gets up, proving just how little she has to do as pilot. "Automatic mode engaged," reports the vessel, offering reassurance that she's not actually neglecting any important duties. "Viv, whatcha got back there..." SNACK TIME! "So yeah, we're goin' pretty fast, but it'll-" Oh, but Donna is on this, with her own TOUR GUIDE speech to pair with Cassie the Cruise Director.

She yields the floor for all of this. She may be the first in a new generation of adopted Amazons, and know Themyscira well, but it's not her home the way it is Donna's. "Yeah, behave yourself guys!" Though the way she says it... Well, it's just a little sarcastic, maybe. Behave yourselves but NOT TOO MUCH, maybe.

Even if they're not going to have time for games, Cassie helps herself to some cookies and a flavored water thing, and ends up near Toni, grinning at her and Vivian. "She saved my butt once, too. Kiiiiiind of literally, heh. But don't stress about it, Toni. We're super-people. It's what we do."

After that, she hangs out in the passenger area for a while, leaving things to the AI. Time passes. Snacks are scoffed down. Until there's finally a beep ahead. "Whoop, need me back up front. Gotta do the barrier. This part -can- get a little bumpy, heh." She jogs back to the cockpit, and hops in the seat. Button pressing time again, woo!

The plane rumbles, mildly.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I look forward to doing other stuff and not having my world shook by a trip to the Oracles."

Back to Toni "Well. I'm going to hunt one." she notes with confidence. I mean she says she is going to hunt it, she has no idea how successful she is going to end up being at this rate at defeating it. But she seems confident.

"Also okay yeah maybe mythical is the wrong word... magical may be too. Fantastical... " she considers the best terminology for obviously exinct elsewhere or thought to be mythical beasts.

Over to Kara "I intend to do archery and sword fighting with two thousand year old experts and see how many I can beat... at least with a bow." a grin. "But I also want to have some fun and do non-training stuff for sure."

She stays in the co-pilot seat and enjoys the relatively short ride. This go fast function never really gets old when she compares it to the T-Jet.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's got some knitting needles and thread in her carry-on bag, and once they're airborne she sits back in the comfort of her seat and starts knitting. She's not terribly good at it but clearly the clacking of needles is a comforting sound to her.

She smiles to herself as Donna gives out her tour-guide spiel, and even sets down her knitting to listen attentively. It's obviously nothing she doesn't know already, but it's polite and a good example.

When Cassie settles back into the seat, Caitlin shifts a little nervously and tightens her harness down. The knitting needles are stowed also. After all, almost every plane crash is really just a landing that went badly...

But she has enough faith in Cassie that indulging a flittering pilot's anxiety is as far as she'd dare any criticism.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods her head to Kate and says, "A good mix. I suspect my itinerary may be set for me." Her eyes turn to look outside the jet and says, "Ah. Now the weird bit where they 'feel' their way through the clouds." She didn't like this bit last time, she doubts she's going to like this bit this time. Time for some active 'not paying attention as much as possible'. Her head dips back down to her hologram interface.

    Quietly she whispers, "I really don't like this bit." At least she isn't squeezing the chair arm and deforming it this time. Then again, she thinks to herself, may be it won't be as bad on her own Earth instead of another Earth. Shutting out the sounds and sights and smells sure is difficult though.

    Kara takes in a deep meditative breath and slowly releases it as she shuts her eyes tightly. "nim kryp zhadif ahvrigahjah zw kryp zhadif udolkhehdia," she says mostly for herself to get her through this worst bit of the trip. Bumpy is not really her problem with it. At least this time they aren't ferrying an evil doppelganger of herself.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "/kehp khahp rrip... uh... fis shahrrehth, kara/, Donna replies with a smile. "How much time is spent training depends entirely on you. You will have the opportunity to train with combat instructors who have three and a half thousand years of combat experience. Alternatively you can spend your whole time enjoying the beaches, soaking in the culture and having fun. This is a vacation, not a training expedition."

    "Yes Nadia, real megalodons. A tribe of them guards the island, and they are the last survivors. We can introduce you, but don't be around them without an Amazon present. And remember not to call them sharks, they don't like it. "

    As the plane starts to descend and Cassie retreats to the pilot seat, Donna joins her at the front in case she's needed to help navigating the path through the mystical cloud bank - but this is Cassie's show and she won't interfere unless asked.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oh, I see." Nadia nods several times, never one to turn down new knowledge. "n," she tries again, before the rest of what Kara said sinks in. "Oh right they speak Greek where we're going, oh no I don't speak Greek. Mental note, invent universal translator. They made me learn a lot of languages growing up, but Greek was unfortunately not one of them. I mean other than how it is often used in taxonomy and scientific terminology but not as like a spoken language with grammar and all that."

When they leave the Earth's atmosphere Nadia's eyes are drawn to the windows into space, because that sight never gets old for her no matter how many times she sees it, which is actually a surprisingly high amount for a sixteen year old Earth girl. And then when the engines 'punch it' her eyes get wide again, one can almost see the equations going through her head trying to figure out what is happening for this acceleration and how. Coolest jet ever. The T-Jet may be in for some more upgrades after this trip...

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Look, you kept me from getting stabbed in my own personal heart and I guess it worked out in the end, but like, you can't control me doing some dumbass sh - stuff," Toni says, with a momentary pause probably based in the presence of a range of relatively august figures here. She smiles at Viv. "I'm not gonna forget. (You don't eat at all? Like not even a bite?)"

"Are we jumping to hyperspace?" asks Toni, rhetorically.

"That language is so beautiful," Toni tells Kara. "Is it Croatian?"

On the topic of the manticore: "I see where the man part comes from. ... It'd be weird to hunt something with a like... people face."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin picks up Kara's distress, and reaches over to put a hand on the Kryptonian's armrest with her palm up to offer a reassuring squeeze. "Cassie's a good pilot and the ship's really well made," she promises Kara. Toni's momentary profanity earns a flickering glance that is checked before it turns into something like a reprimand. She focuses back on Kara, instead. "Slow, deep breaths. We'll be on the ground soon," she murmurs.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Outside, they are briefly in clouds again, much deeper and darker ones than the cotton-white wisps that surrounded them in their initial ascent. Occasionally, there is a bright flash, an arc of lightning tracing its crooked-fingered path down through the heavens. While they never seem too close to the plane, whether that is because it obeys some safe path through the maelstrom, or because they are accepted guests? Who can say. Still, Cassie seems relatively calm. In fact, as one particularly bright bolt lights up the clouds, she glances sideways over at Donna and rolls her eyes.

In the back, Helena does the same. "Ugh, showofff." Two different voices, on two ends of the plane. Jinx!

And then, for as much spectacle was made of it, the dark clouds part and the plane breaks through. "Heh. Transparent mode," murmurs Cassie, grinning to herself. This is pure showoff for their guests, but it really does give them a view: suddenly the whole liquid-metal skin of the plane goes transparent in the way the windows are, giving them all the strange impression that they're not in the plane at all, but flying through the open air. Of course, they can still feel the seats beneath them, and see some slight distortions in the light to prove that there's something around them, but for a moment, they're given a fuull, 360 degree view of their descent.

Over what truly IS a paradise island.

By whatever trick of divine sorcery, the 'storm' that enveloped them seems one-way, as they now sail through a calm, clear Mediterranean day, with blue skies above and equally bright waters below. And then the island itself, with a smattering of smaller satellites. From its sandy beaches and dramatic oceanside cliffs, to the vast forests of the interior and a few majestic mountains, it is a natural wonder. The plane is now moving much more slowly again, as if to give them time to take this all in as it approaches. And it is toward one particular rise that they seem to travel, lower, lower, lower, as what at a distance may have appeared a small rise growing into a vast plateau. It is there that they will be landing.

The plane resumes its normal, not fully transparent mode before then, finally halting its forward pace and then slowly sinking to the earth. It settles with a soft thud. "Destination reached," reports the AI. Cassie is more dramatic: "Final stop, Themyscira, island of the Amazons! Let's go meet the natives!"

A portal is already opening in the silver skin, and a ramp extending. And the pilot has rapidly abandonned her post, grabbing her bags and almost jogging for the exit!

Vivian Vision has posed:
"You should make sure to ask permission before taking any samples of plants or animals that don't exist anywhere else in the world too Great Aunt Nadia," Vivian points out. Perhaps a little killjoy-ish. Hopefully they'll say no. Because what GIRL does not need is a shark the size of a medium sized yacht. Who'd end up feeding it? Not Nadia that's who...

"I am physically able to," she asides to Toni. "But I obtain all my energy needs from sunlight. And I'd rather not deal with all the unpleasantness that comes after food is consumed."

"Everyone should probably remember to apply sunscreen regularly," she muses as they come in to land. Inspiring words for a vacation they are not. However it's still very good advice! "Oh and Cassie you mentioned there was no internet but.. if it's acceptable to our hosts I could maintain a link to the plane and act like a wifi hotspot for everyone."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara's eyes boggle open for a moment at what Troia accidentally says and she starts to laugh with delight. A perfect distraction really when they go through the magical barrier. "Oh.. I am a terrible teacher, I can see this now," she says with amusement. "I shall adjust the way you are learning Kryptonian so you don't... say things like that," she adds with a smirk.

    Kara's eyebrows furrow a touch and she says to Nadia patiently, "n." But she also adds, "Ancient Greek too, they phoneticise things differently, as Troia has been teaching me. It's quite interesting."

    Kara's bright blue eyes turn to Toni again and she shakes her head with a smile, "It's Kryptonian, my native language. I have been trying to teach Troia how to speak it. Troia has been trying to teach me how to speak her language too. And we meet in the middle with English most of the time. Thank you."

    A hand rests upon Caitlin's and she nods her head, "It's the magic bit that's upsetting. I'll be fine, thank you Caitlin. It passes quickly enough. Besides, Troia just said she owns me.. amongst other oddities in the way she just spoke. I think the moment has passed."

    As the walls become transparent and the island become visible once more she smiles and then looks confused, "Where's the battle ship? why is the city so small?" She undoes her seat belt and rises once they've landed. Her body lifts off of the ground and she picks up her bag. And, possibly to the surprise of many, she floats out and does not set foot on the island - instead she asks loudly, "Zitó tin ádeiá sas na perpatísete se aftó to evlogiméno édafos tou Themyscira" (I ask for your leave to set foot on this blessed soil of Themyscira).

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate actually ends up doing some homework while there is brief snack time before the descent to Themyscira.

She does watch the whole invisible jet bit, looking out at the whole ass Island which is not something she got to do last trip.

There was a lot more upset and it was much more rushed.

She has her bags and bow in hand by the time the ramp is going down hot on Cassie's heels as she leaves the plane. "MMMM warmth!" she exclaims as she bails out of the plane with her stuff.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia slownods when Donna says she can meet real megalodons, the excitement written all across her face. "Not sharks, got it." Kara's nerves with the hyper-acceleration is juxtaposed against Nadia's joy, she looks like a kid riding the Gravitron at a carnival, having the time of her life even as she is glued to the back of her seat, sinking into it.

She is about to stick her tongue out at Vivian when the entire jet becomes transparent though and that is just one more eyepopping experience on top of a string of already eyepopping experiences and Nadia just sort of stares at the scenery below them. Yes, it apparently is possible to stun the ever chatty girl into silence.

Once the plane has touched down Nadia wastes no time jumping up out of her seat and retrieving that bag, that she really didn't need to store, from the bulkhead just to see the plane do its liquid metal thing again. Vanishing the bag into her pocket once more, bio-synthetic wasp wings extend from the GIRL logo on the back of her bomber jacket and she literally flies off the jet to the paradise island waiting outside.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary doesn't /quite/ jump out of her seat when the plane goes transparent,y but possibly only because she's strapped into it. That makes it more difficult! She's been pretty quiet for most of the trip, alternating between trying to read the book she's probably been assigned for some literature class, and trying to enjoy looking out the window while thinking about the reading she /ought/ to be doing for said literature class.

When they touch down, though, she's also pretty quick to unbuckle, to fetch her bag, and to start down the ramp to get a /proper/ look at their new vacation spot. And what a vacation spot it is! Even if there /are/ megalodons lurking just offshore.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Oh, like pooping," Toni says to Vivian. "Yeah, I get that. I also get the sunscreen, but, wanna know something funny? Sun only makes me /paler/!" She gives two ghastly quasi-albinistic thumbs up with a big wide grin, before she looks out of the window and says:

"Wh - gah!!!"

Toni flinches for a full second before realising that the plane itself didn't disappear, it just became... invisible. She looks downwards, gazing around, and says "/oh my god/ it is like what Greece wants to be! Oh my goddddd! This isn't a video or something, is it?" She gets out of her chair, turning around and managing to bang her shin against her own arm rest, if not with great force.

Gawping downwards, Toni takes a few moments to realize they've landed. "Ah, crap. Gimme my bags!" This is going to take her a minute since she almost certainly overpacked. ("It sounds amazing," she tells Kara, about Kryptonian. "Almost like Hungarian kind of? Honestly I'm just anxious rn.")

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna responds to Cassie's eye-roll with a broad grin, and when the landing is succesfully made she claps a hand on the young Amazon's shoulder before Cassie launches herself for the exit. And then the exodus starts.

    She turns to Caitlin, and gives an amused shrug of her shoulders. She remembers Caitlin's first visit to the Island, a few years ago. Caitlin had not had quite such a bounce in her step, and it wasn't entirely because of the crutch she had been resting on. "C'mon Cait, let's make sure they don't get themselves lost. Or drive Helena insane."

    She helps make sure everyone gets safely deboarded and hasn't forgotten anything on the plane, including -- no, especially -- Raven, who might attempt to persuade the plane's AI to take her home if she's left on her own any length of time.

     Kara's formal request for permission to land gets a fond smile from the Amazon. "That's not necessary this time," she replies. "They know we're coming, and this time permission was granted in advance. Themyscira is different on this world. No ZZGU, no battleship, no anti-aircraft emplacements. And they know me here.

    The landscape outside is open and verdant. The sun shines down on the vistors with a warmth that is more than mediterranean for the time of year -- it feels distinctly summery. A great sea of tall grass waves across the plateau, great stands of cypress and groves of olive trees can be seen all around. A few buildings dot the landscape here and there, but the main sign of civilzation is the city of brilliant marble, tall pillars, painted friezes, golden statues and giant waterfalls that dominates the side of the tallest hill, a cluster of giant porticoed temples and a sprawling megaron dominating the peak.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Battleship?" Cassie has no idea at first. "Oh, are you talking about the OTHER one? Yeah, no, it's a bit-" Well, obviously Kara will get to see the differences up close and in person.

Soon, they're all disembarking. "That's fine, Viv. They're not anti-technology or anything, it's just that the island is isolated from the rest of the world in most ways. But if you can act as a relay to the disk, hmm... we might really be able to get a signal further out." If anything, she's thrilled with the idea. And perhaps she soon demonstrates why. "Hey, while you're all getting off, why don't I-"

Cassie zooms out, flying in a little loop, and lands at a short distance, facing back toward the plane, where everyone is still mostly coming down off or around the ramp, even if some are flying or otherwise in odd positions. She pulls out her phone, lifts it for a picture, and then turns around and takes a second, selfie-style, so that she's in the foreground with the (now mostly visible) Invisible Plane and all the passengers framed behind her.

Then she zooms back, swinging around Kate, who's more familiar with all of this. "Right? So much nicer weather here." The others she lets more or less enjoy their various degrees of awestruckness, or in Kara's case, formality. Cassie lacks all of these: she treats the place with the familiarity of a second-home, hoisting her bag on her shoulder, giving Kate a quick wink and sailing ahead away from the plane and across toward where she knows the route down from the plateau to be, and where she expects any moment-

Ah, there they are, in the distance. First a few emerging figures, and then... a lot more! The Amazons!

Diana Prince has posed:
After the jet had landed, the welcoming party was already on it's way. Not that they weren't already prepared for the arrivals, but the process of arriving was a part of the ceremony prepared for the guests.

Because the welcoming party is a massive line of Amazon Warriors riding a combined force of horses, and kangas. Each woman is adorned in their finest set of Amazonian armor, and each is bristling with an assortment of weapons and ornamental falre such as Themysciran flags or banners.

The mounted line of riders approach the newly arrived jet with thunderous footfalls, giving literal weight to the sheer numbers of approaching soldiers.

At their head, their front, is Princess Diana herself. WEaring a suit of golden armor, mixed with white flowing shoulder capes and long flowing skirt slitted up the sides of her thighs, the Princess is the first to reach the jet, with the rest of the horse line falling in behind her.

It takes only a few moments before the entire mounted brigade falls motionless, staring at the newly arrived honored guests.

And Diana, just smiles. A half-helmet on her head, designed to literally be apart of her golden tiara, she smiles through the open faced helm and moves to dismount her horse.

Diana starts to walk toward the jet, toward it's exiting passengers, her hands spreading out at her sides. "You have made it. Welcome to Themyscira..." She says to all of them, in good spirits upon seeing all their faces.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara smiles to Toni and says softly, "You are perfectly safe here, the Amazons are extremely trustworthy." She nods encouragingly to her new anxious friend.

    Kara nervously places her feet down on to the sand and says to Troia, "...Right. No war. Peaceful." Kara digs her the toe of one boot in to the sand and then gives it a little flick toward Troia, followed by a smile. Just as the picture is taken.

    Still, as the welcoming procession arrives she says with enthusiasm (because danged if she didn't just practice this all the way here), "Sas chairetízo, Amazons of Themyscira" (I salute you, Amazons of Themyscira). Kara crosses her arms over her chest in the Amazonian salute she learnt from her trip to other-Themyscira.

    "It is different this time. We're not the bearers of bad slash good news. And Wonder Woman has the golden armor still.... but where's the flying horse?," she adds and asks of Diana and Caitlin and Troia. There should be an impressive flying horse that stomps on quinjets.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Truth be told, if Donna weren't being vigilant, it is entirely likely that Raven would have already teleported home. Frankly, she considers her role primarily done when she steps off of the ship. She'll have visited Themyscira at that point. Logically, her role in this is over.

    Sadly, Troia would likely have something to say about it, and a protracted conversation about Raven's aggressive antisocial tendencies is the one thing that can keep her in this reality. Or, honestly, make her flee from it, if she knows it's coming.

    So, she makes her way down the ramp, hands in her pockets. "I would like to skip any parties, welcoming crowds, and so on- and head to the library."

    The look she gives Donna is as close to pleading as Raven gets.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Exuberant's the word for it; Caitlin is as thrilled as anyone else to return to her home-away-from-home. She grins at Donna and chucks her shoulder when Kara is addressed. "She's being /polite/, Donna," Caitlin points out. "There's always room for good manners."

The redhead debarks with everyone else, shouldering a backpack that's as large as some of their more petite travel companions. Caitlin does not know how to pack light, it seems.

When the reception party arrives, Caitlin goes through the formalities of greeting the princess (albeit with a warm and familiar affection that ends with a hug for Diana).

It's on Donna to do the polite introductions and ceremonial stuff, which gives Caitlin an excuse to break off and exchange warm greetings with the rest of the greeting party. From the excited hubub and chatter, she seems especially close to several of them who have come out to greet her. Hugs and well-wishes abound before Caitlin remembers her manners and starts joining the hubbub of new introductions.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia touches down on the sand and retracts her wings for the moment, she is just sort of looking around marvelling and taking it all in, though Cassi's talk of signals and relays momentarily grabs her attention, "I could probably rig up a sattelite uplink and relay stations while we're here if that's something you would want?" She asks curiously, though it is hard to hold her attention while surrounded by paradise. Nadia may have been into space and alternate dimensions before, but this is her first time on a tropical island and it is stunning to behold.

And then they are greeted by the huge cadre of mounted Amazon warriors, it is a spectacularly impressive sight on top of the already impressive landscape and Nadia is for the second time today left awestruck for a moment. Though the familiar sight of Diana allows her to shake it off after a moment, "Hi, Diana!" she waves enthusiastically.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
This is so far outside of Mary's context that it's basically an entirely new problem. So, while she smiles and curtsys and tries her best to be as polite and well-mannered as she knows how (which is pretty polite and well-mannered, even if she's not currently accessing any particularly unusual sources of wisdom), she's slightly petrified by the whole experience. But hey. Her friends are here! And at least some of them seem to be taking the whole thing in their strides. So everything's bound to turn out okay. Right?

ight. Surely. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

Donna Troy has posed:
    A gentle but firm hand is placed on Raven's back as Donna guides her in an ever so friendly but very determined fashion down the ramp and onto the soil of the island. "Rae," she whispers warningly. "We've been through this. Maaaany times. Say hello, be vaguely polite, get through the initial welcoming and say hello to your nice hosts. There will be feasts and parties that you can avoid later, but you've got to at least meet my mom or I will never hear the end of it."

    Donna advances through the accumulation of Titans, giving reassuring smiles as she goes, along with a playful wink to Kara as sand is kicked in her direction, and a tongue stuck out at Caitlin, because it's tradition. She clashes her bracelets together in a cross-armed salute to Diana, but the formality of the greeting is somewhat spoiled by the big happy grin on her face. "Hi Sis! We made it. Cassie's a great pilot, you should let her fly the jet more often."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate continues on after Cassie when she zooms ahead once more after that first loop. She has no issues with her gear and will make it when she makes it. No superspeed or flying just in good shape.

"I swear the Kangas get me everytime...." she mutters when she sees the line of Amazon warriors with armor, horses, weapons, and of course Kangas.

She waves to the Amazons, after shifting her duffles to one hand, and well she keeps walking up to everything. She does shift her trajectory to head towards Diana though.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"What the **** is she doing?" Toni says, looking up and behind herself at where Cassie is pulling aerobatics for a moment. But then, before them: there she is. There THEY are. Toni's eyes slowly widen as she realizes they have gotten not merely a meeting but a veritable armored guard.

"Uh, ah," Toni says to herself.

The kangas break her out of this. Toni puts a hand to her heart, the other one still holding on to her luggage, and she says to Diana, and the assemblage, "Uh-- In the name of the state of New Jersey of the United States of America, hi. I'm Antonia Monetti. It's great to be here." She shifts a little so she is, in a sense, behind Kara, who seems to know what to do. She looks at Kate with wide, goggling eyes, as if to silently communicate: what the /hecccccccc/

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Sitting in the back of the plane, Helena Sandsmark is also the last down the ramp, making no effort to jockey for position among a rambunctious crowd of her daughter's super-friends. Nor does she accidentally want to end up in any selfies! Still, as she steps from the disk's strange metal to the soil of the island, she does pause and take a deep, satisfied breath. Then she reaches to adjust her glasses, puts her frown back on, and begins walking with the same certainty of destination as Cassandra. Although this is ostensibly her vacation, she has things in mind. Things to do, people to see. Research to continue!

Meanwhile, Cassie rushes ahead to meet Diana's bunch, grinning ear to ear. She lands in front of them, and like Donna, echoes the traditional crossed bracer salute. She then, of course, turns around and gets another selfie with her and the army behind her. The last time she was here, Donna was missing and the mood was far less lighthearted. Now, among friends, she's making up for it. "Yup! Not a scratch on it," she boasts, echoing Donna's praise. CAN you scratch liquid metal? "So you already know most of my friends I think... most of them were there when we got mom," she starts telling Di, with hardly any pause for recognition of her very royal attire. "Have you met Mary?"

Oh, and since they brought the kangas? It looks like someone also thought to bring -Cassie's-, leading it along behind the cavalry. "Hoppa!" she cries, gleefully, doing another little hop-flight up onto it's back. She gives it a little urging forward, riding ahead of the procession back to the rest of the group and circling them. "And you guys all surely know Princess Diana of Themyscira, no doubt? Also known as Wonder Woman!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision unfortunately doesn't have any files on Ancient Greek social customs. Never mind ones which have diverged over thousands of years. So she sticks to the back of the group for now, helping anyone with excess luggage to carry it if needed, taking in the view with enhanced senses.

The arrival of kangas does merit a curious glance. And not just to make sure her Great Aunt isn't already taking samples of things...

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Upon seeing Donna and Cassie's salutes, Nadia shifts from her enthusiastic wave to trying to mimic the same gesture. It does not have quite the same effect without the bracers but when in Rome etc. etc. etc.

The sight of Cassie on a soaring Kangaroo though is just too much though and her jaw actually drops for a moment, "Can I try riding one of those?! That looks super fun and so cute! The perfect steed..."

Hippolyta (1581) has posed:
Not too long after the sizable welcoming committee of Amazons and princess has arrived, the air stirs with the sounds of a musical procession. The salpinx and the keras mix with the rhythmic beats of of the kymbala and tympanon, underscored by the plangent notes of the phorminx as the most distinguished Aoidoi of Themyscira appear, bright Arethusa leading the procession of musicians intoning in a powerful and clear voice the millennary hymn of the Theoxenia, composed by Clio in ages half-forgotten.

The piece briefly narrates the story of mortals extending hospitality to a humble stranger, who turns out to be the goddess Athena in disguise, who bestowed a boon to the hospitable Amazon of the tale. The story advises mortals that any guest should be treated as if they were a potentially disguised divinity. 'Chaírete!' the musicians intone as one, 'Rejoice!', the traditional greeting of the Xenia. Arethusa carries before her one of the symbols of apollo- a silver Raven.

Donna and Diana know the reason for this display of pomp and music- this occasion marks the first time that so many strangers have arrived to Themyscira in thousands of years.

And, surrounded by her guard of honor and resplendent in her royal garments of purple and silver, is Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, who remembers the days of the world when it was younger, who fought Herakles and trod the Earth in an age where Olympians walked more freely among men.

As the cortege joins the greater body of Amazons and comes to a halt, the song comes to its end, and Hippolyta raises her hands in greeting.

"You, who have come to us from beyond these blessed horizons, plucked from the dominion of Patriarch's world. Long is the memory of the Amazons, and yet longer still has been the time since a group such as yours has set foot on our soil. Be welcome, and be blessed by the Patronesses- the shores of Themyscira welcome you, and I, Queen Hippolyta, greet you in the name of Aphrodite!"

The salpinx lets out a triumphant call, and the Amazons lift their arms in greeting, crossed at the wrist. "The glory of gaea be with you!"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana walks across the grassy field toward those coming off of the Jet. She smiles to each of them, Kara drawing her intial reaction. "Pegasus?" Diana questions. Her doppleganger had been flying the mythical horse, but that wasn't a detail this Diana was aware of. "He resides..." The Princess turns to point to the northwest where the tallest mountain on the island peaks high in the sky. "Up there. Though it has been some time since I saw him. He... is seen when he wishes to be seen." The Princess tells Supergirl with a big smile.

The others are greeted next, with Donna getting a big grin along with Cassie. "I trust her with my life so I certainly entrust her with the piloting of the Lans." Lans being a shortened name of this model of the Jet. "You should take everyone tos ee the old jet, down in the caverns." Diana tells Donna with a continued grin.

The arrival of the Queen is soon to follow, so addtional greetings will have to come later.

The Princess takes a step back and performs the same cross-armed salute when the time is appropriate. She then waits for the others before she motions toward a line of horses and kangas. "You get to choose what you wish to ride in to the city, as well. Each of you." Diana says, smiling to Cassie who's already on her loyal steed.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna rests a gentle hand on Nadia's shoulder, trying to calm her down a little. "It's all going to be pretty new and exciting, but try not to let your head explode, Janet will never forgive me. I'll take you to see the megalodons, but you need to treat them with respect. They are quite smart and they will tolerate you if you behave and if you are with an Amazon, but they must be taken seriously."

    "As for the /altreis/, the kangas -- don't let the looks fool you. They might look cute from a distance, but try mounting one that doesn't like you and you won't think they are cute. Those claws can easily disembowel you, and they can bite the neck out of an ox..."

TIs she serious, or is she winding Nadia up? Diana seems to be implying that riding a Kanga will be safe. Maybe they have some specially trained ones... There's no time to interrogate her though, because the blaring of salpinges heralds the arrival of the queen, and that means Adult Time.

    Donna makes her way to Raven's side during the song and the ceremonial greeting, responding to the salute of the Amazons with a salute of her own. When all is done she steps forwards again though, ushering Catilin and Cassie alongside her.

    "Great queen, on behalf of my friends, we thank you for your welcome to the blessed island of Themyscira. These friends have fought beside the three of us as warriors fighting for peace and justice. Most of them have fought beside Diana too. I present to you Kara Zor-El of the planet Krypton; Thunderbolt, blessed by the gods; Vivian, an intelligent /automate/, Waspette, an engineer who's work helped Caitlin and myself return from beyond the /phaoklops/; Toni, who aided us in the battle against Cassie's double; Hawkeye, who came here before briefly, and..." her eyes go to Raven, briefly. "And Raven, of whom I have spoken to you before."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie rides her strange giant kangaroo mount in a little circle around the group, no doubt as much to show it off and let the curious among them gawk if anything. They were discussing some curiousity about the strange flora and fauna of the island, so why not show one off up-close? "You can give him a pat if you want," she even offers, maybe more seriously to Nadia and more... trollishly to Toni?

Because, from the transparent trick with the plane onward, Toni's looked a bit shocked and Cassie is having fun with it!

But soon, her attention turns back ahead: after the arrival of the armed escort and the Princess at its command, come the musicians and other escorts. Cassie is famaliar enough with the local brand of pomp and circumstance to recognize that the Queen is on her way! She continues around and then draws up near Donna and Diana, assuming a sort of formation with them to receive Hippolya, and saluting again from her saddle. Even perpetually eye-rolling and goof-off Cassie treats the Queen with the respect of... well, of at least a really powerful mom.

Speaking of, Helena is there. In the back. She doesn't speak up, but offers just the tiniest smile and tilt of her head.

And since Donna is doing the intros- she's off the hook! She looks back at the other young Titans with a grin as it's announced they get their own choice of mount. "Hear that?!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Okay. Definitely dibs on a Kanga to ride into the city..!" before too many people actually try to claim a Kanga.

Very fast to the draw there. Very fast.

She looks to Donna's advice "Okay dibs on a Kanga if one likes me... I'd rather not have to fight the Kanga to get back to the city proper."

She starts to carry her duffles to the Kanga line though.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara grins to Diana and nods her head, "Yes. In the other world, you rode him. Most impressive." Her eyes follow the direction pointed to the tallest mountain and she says, "He must be waiting for a time when you need him..." She watches the impressive procession of Queen Hippolyta. Very different to her first visit to a version of this place. This time, she is not being treated with doubt and even fear.

    Kara says to Cassie pointing out to the waters, "Yes the other one, there was a big ship beached out there and a bridge across to the island. The men seemed to live over there.." Then Donna is doing introductions. Not that she doesn't know Diana. They built a moon base together with her cousin. She still has the lego set and Kerbal Space Program mission module.

    It's strange to see the queen and realise.. she does not know this person. Even though she looks the same; though she looks younger to her eyes. At the introduction of Raven, Kara even looks to their spookiest team mate and is truly impressed she's still here, that Troia has such sway over her.

    The thought of riding a mount in to the city though, makes her eyes widen just a touch. Not simply fly in? well, probably most people here can't fly. It'd be ruuude to decline. Then again, a mount must pick her. She walks forward to the offered steeds and places a hand over her heart and dips her head, "ta-kehgier she o khap, kahrah zor-ehl, sokao-ighai khap" Her head dips again and she waits to see who amongst the kangars and horses might greet her for the journey in to the city.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia's eyes get wide again at Diana's statement that she can indeed choose to ride a kanga, is this real life? She looks up when Donna's hand rests on her shoulder and nods slowly, "I mean giant... definitely not sharks, not taking them seriously seems dangerous." Nadia agrees. She may be in a committed relationship with SCIENCE! but the girl is not completely mad.

She does reach out to try and pat Cassies kanga when it comes near and takes a deep breath when Donna explains about the kangas, but still apparently fearless in her desire to ride one!

Nadia is just about to step forward and make her choice known when the fanfare begins and never let it be said that Hippolyta doesn't know how to make an entrance, because THAT is an entrance and for perhaps the third time today Nadia is rendered silent, it's just that sort of day like one of those once in a century planetary alignments.

Toni Monetti has posed:
They're greeted by the Queen. Toni does not understand half of what's going on, but she smiles, rather anxiously, and waves - briefly, and a little shortly - when the Queen!! greets them. She looks at Wonder Woman for rescue. Wonder Woman kind of provides rescue, or at least something a little less shocking. The prospect of a /steed/.

Toni is promptly and firmly trolled by Cassie Sandsmark, history's greatest monster. Her lips purse as the shock starts to compact itself, forming a tight halo of oddity instead of this diaphanous sense of being in a cosmic whirlwind.

"Sure," she says, reaching out to pat the giant riding kangaroo.

"He's so warm!" she says. And then she's being called; when her name is up, she dips down, low, a curtsey that looks a little funky without a skirt, but when she gets back up she casts her gaze back around and --

It happens in a moment. Love at first sight. Toni raises a hand to point towards a palomino, or a horse pretty frigging close to one: "I want that one."

The horse whickers a little and bares teeth at Toni, and yet a moment later ambles over, leaving Toni with the puzzle of how to get up on the horse without the power of a kangaroo's leg. "Fortunately for me," she mutters to herself, and gestures down to create-- a stool; subsequently, a loose vague idea of a bridle; and then, a sort of minimalist silver saddle on the back of the horse.

Who immediately rears slightly upwards, making Toni almost scream -- but then the horse comes down, and Toni is still on it, and she says, "Hah!!!!" with glory. The horse turns his head to immediately start eating Toni's intermediate bag. ("No," Toni tells the horse, who ignores her.)

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara looks up when one animal walks forward. A beautiful white horse that gives Kara a good sniffing and then nibbles on the collar of her cape. "Oh, you like capes hmm?," she asks the animal and gently strokes its head and ears. "Thank you for carrying me to the city," she says and steps past him as he then nibbles on her long blonde hair. She pauses and says, "Hey now. That's not hay."

    Kara lifts up in to the air and then settles down on the saddle. She pats the side of the white horse's neck and says, "What's your name buddy? does anyone here know?" She smiles and is happy to be carried in to the city by this beautiful steed. "We can get you a cape if you'd like one," she whispers to him, "they're very stylish."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana starts back toward her own horse, it's ornamental armor gleaming in the sunlight that shines down over the paradise island setting. Her sword and shield are rigged to the horse's saddle and the Princess sweeps herself up back on to said saddle. Once back on it, she sweeps her gaze over those choosing their mount to ride with the Amazons back in to the city. She smiles brightly at the sight of it and sends a look over to her mother.

'See?' Diana is clearly saying with said look to the Queen. Everything is great, now, the welcome guests to the island already having a good time, so it seems.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Once it seems okay to move again with the pomp and circumstance largely finished or at least ebbing for the moment Nadia moves forward towards the line of kangas. Perhaps a touch nervous after Donna's warnings, but still determined all the same. She does seem prepared to evade a sudden disembowling claw swipe as she holds out her hand for any of them to sniff, like one would with dogs and cats, that's all animals right? Zoology is not exactly her main science.

Eventually one of the animals sniffing her hand nudges it curiously. Nadia gives the kanga a big grin, taking a tentative step forward and rather than trying to immediately mount it instead gives the giant kangaroo a hug? Nadia will hug anything it seems. But like with many of the other exceedingly dangerous individuals she has hugged, somehow she doesn't get disembowled and it seems the two have formed at the very least a temporary bond as she mounts up. "What was that word Donna? /phaoklops/? Can I call you /phaoklops/?" She asks the kanga.

Hippolyta (1581) has posed:
The Queen smiles as her daughter introduces the Titans. "We are honored to welcome the companions and sisters-in-arms of our daughters. All of you are welcome to be among us..."

The Queen's penetrating glance falls on each of the Titans, and upon Raven for a second longer. Then Helena is the one who has her attention and a brief smile. At a nod from the Queen, one of the members of her guard detaches herself from the entourage and approaches Helena with a white horse, "The Queen requests that you ride by her side," she says.

And then, at a gesture from Hippolyta, the groups advance back towards the city, awash in celebratory music and pageantry. There, towards Themysicra, where a welcoming feast is being prepared.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Hoppa tolerates well the attention from Toni and Nadia alike, seemingly quite calm while Cassie is riding him... little would one suspect, from the animal's demeanor, that those giant hoppy feet have crushed many Warzoon in battle!

Soon, everyone is sorting out their mounts, whether or not any or all of them even have that sort of experience. This may prove to be the first example of what a 'vacation' on Themyscira will be like: although Cassie has definitely promised some sunny beach days and other forms of advanced relaxation, the chance of getting through this without a bit of training in the many Amazonian physical arts seems slim. It's barely even day one, and they're getting riding lessons!

"Look at you!" she calls over to Toni, grinning as she more-or-less manages. "Have you done this before?" Hop, hop. Soon she's a little closer. Fortunately the animals, at least, are well-accustomed to each other so the kanga isn't going to spook her horse. "Don't worry, they're trained too- so the terrain shouldn't be any trouble. Here, try and follow."

Hop, hop, now back over to where Kate and Nadia have joined the rest of the kanga herd. "Don't be intimidated, Kate! Donna was jus messingt- see? Nadia just HUGGED that one. Its fine." And soon they have a bit of a kanga SQUAD going.

And as soon as Hippolyta turns to lead them, she guides Hoppa around to follow. "Fall in, Titans! Woo!"

And then there's silent, disapproving Helena, who without remark accepts her own ride back with the Queen.

Together, this procession makes its winding way down the path from the plateau, and toward the grand architecture of Themyscira's great city and all the wonders awaiting therin!