5451/A Ray Of Sunshine

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A Ray Of Sunshine
Date of Scene: 05 March 2021
Location: 5D - Gwen's Greenwich Loft
Synopsis: Gwen wakes to remembering she has a house guest. But who wants to get up, really.
Cast of Characters: Gwen Stacy, Eddie Brock

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The storm had hit New York hard last night. Hard enough that even a disgraced journalist had found shelter in a 'spider's' den. Tea, a warm blanket and good conversation had made time go by quickly. Too quickly perhaps. And while the storm raged outside making those windows shake it eventually happened that sleep claimed them both.

Gwen hadn't exactly meant to sleep on the couch. In fact she was pretty adamant about making her way back to her room. But talk was good, and it was way too warm under the blankets. So it was that she found herself falling asleep, peaceful and quiet. No demons of the sync'ed worlds coming to plague her nightmares as they often did.

The young woman has yet to stir and wake up from her sleep, breathing soft just as the first rays of sunshine are starting to poke into the living room, giving the whole place that ethereal light between dream and the real, that silence just before the whole world wakes up for another morning.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The couch is reasonably comfortable as couches go, though for a man of Eddie's size it doesn't support one quite like a mattress does. Lacking room to really stretch out. Especially if you fell asleep while sitting there under a blanket. And only gradually sank down into something nearer to a laying position.

Still it wasn't an unpleasant sleep. A ray of sunshine just starts to move across his face as the sun rises higher, the brightness causing him to blink. As he comes awake, he realizes there's someone laying there with him. Against him.

There is a brief memory of something to do with Saul's Bar. Please tell me I didn't pick up someone from there, he thinks.

   <<Venom>> "No no. Far better than that"

The symbiote's voice in his head is enough to cause Eddie to crack an eye fully open and peek down beside him. At the mop of hair so blond it's nearly white. The warmth he feels against his side he realizes is the young woman's body, pressing in against him, her head resting on his arm which is cradling her as Gwen Stacy sleeps blissfully.

Eddie closes his eye. Then opens it again. Still there.

   <<Venom>> "Not a dream. And no I didn't move her there. She did it on her own. But while she was asleep."

Eddie closes his eye again as he works out what to do. God she feels good cradled in his arm. His hand is resting on her upper back. The urge to caress his fingers back and forth requires willpower to resist. Eddie does the smart thing and pretends to still be sleeping while he thinks.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
That ray of sunshine does eventually start to reach Gwen's face, bright enough that it makes her begin to stir. To be close to fully wake up. Not that she doesn't fight it with all her strength. It feels way too good right now. Warm and soft. Does she even process she is not in her bed right now but instead on the couch? Not just yet.

Some mumbling is heard from the girl, "You won't beat me just yet, sun." and then the sound of her moving under the blanket, shifting so her face is turned to the *inside* of the couch.

Take that, sun!

It also makes it so her head nestles perfectly against that arm, burying herself against it and letting out a satisfied mmmm. This *does* feel good and .., is she hearing someone else breathing? Wait, this isn't exactly her bed..

She doesn't need to open her eyes to know where she is now. Her couch. Somehow she had fallen asleep here and ...

Gwen's body goes stiff, clearly now fully awake but also not making any kind of motion to move. Is she pretending to be asleep too?

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie's ears pick up the mumbled words and it's all he can do to not smile. He knows how she feels, that sunbeam is still on his face.

Should he get up? Let her know that he's awake. Would that worry her in some way? He's not quite sure, but the last thing he wants to do is upset her. But he could lay here like this all morning and be a happy man.

Eddie stirs just slightly, like he were just shifting in his sleep. The hand that is on her upper back, arm curled around her, shifts. It doesn't slide or caress, just moves until it's resting along her side. It leaves her enough his arm won't restrict her from rising now, though her head is still nestled there against him, and her body against his muscular side.

The TV is still playing, the morning weather report as they had the Weather Channel on. The volume turned down so low it can barely be heard, relegated to background noise as they'd talked.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Now what to do? Gwen could just get up. She *should*. But this still feels good, and is Eddie awake? Apparently not so there's nothing like enjoying the moment and just letting herself be for now. And that hand around her does make her feel safe. Protected, those muscles just as strong as she had imagined them.

Or had it been a dream?

The girl finds herself blushing just so but makes sure to remain still for the moment, breathing just starting to get a touch accelerated. No, she certainly isn't sleeping anymore.

This continues for a while longer, just relaxed, sharing that time there in the couch, her legs curled up against her and also felt against the man's side...

Yet eventually she *does* start to move. Did she notice Eddie being awake? "You awake by now?" she asks quietly, head still down.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie doesn't answer for the first few seconds after she asks the quiet question. "Shhh. Just a little bit longer, mom. I can be a little late for school today," he murmurs back to her.

Though his eyes slowly crack open and he looks over at her, not really lost in some dream he's a schoolboy. "I have long suspected that Mrs. Wong is a some kind of martial arts master. And I think if she saw me right now I would probably discover the truth of that in a painful way," he says, giving Gwen a little wince as if how it would hurt, but letting it turn into a soft grin.

"Seriously though," he tells her quietly. "If you'd like to get up, go ahead. If you're as warm as I am like this, I won't tell if you won't," Eddie tells her quietly.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen lets out a snorting laugh at those first words. His mom?! But yea, she knows he's awake. Call it intuition! Or just those sharp spider senses. "The only martial art she knows is swindling clients." she informs Eddie. She lifts her head a bit so she can look up, bleary-eyed before closing her eyes again. No, too bright. "If you were doing something wrong don't worry, I'd be the one throwing a punch. Not a good one as I never really learned how to properly fight but ..., you know..." which is true. For all her powers often other heroes that knew her well joked about her not being able to even throw a proper punch. Of course that had been .., a long time ago. She lets out a brief sigh.

The offer to stay in that position is tempting. And it's not as if they are doing anything 'wrong'. Or rather, why would it even be wrong in the first place? "My lips are sealed.." she eventually replies before curling up further.

Just a few minutes. It won't hurt.

Eddie Brock has posed:
"You're much too intimidating for me to... to do something you'd hate," he tells her, pausing for a faint yawn in the middle of the sentence. "Last I remember was talking. And the tea," he says.

When he realizes she doesn't seem to intend to move yet and promises not to out him to the Chinese Terror of the corner store, Eddie closes his eyes again. His hand takes hold of the blanket and draws it over Gwen a little more. Covering her, and his hand ending up on her back again, and the movement perhaps snuggling her just the slightest bit more against him, though not a very overt amount.

He breathes slowly and deep. Almost like he were sleeping. Though the feeling of her, so warm against him. Just the right amount of softness and the right amount of toned. But it's more than that. Just having her there. It's been a long time since he's had someone in his arm like that.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Ah yes, feared geneticist." Gwen says in agreement about how scary she is, nodding sagely under the blankets. And now she was getting cozy, breathing also starting to slow down some, "Me too. And no, before you ask, I didn't put *anything* in the tea." she then letting out a soft chuckle at the notion of it.

"Storm seems to be gone though. It's good news. Too bad it's been replaced by that blasted sun, so bright." The blanket being drawn up over her form has her smile, again that feeling of being safe, cared for, making it possible for her to go right back to sleep if she wanted to. So tempting...

"It's been a while since I have had someone stay." She admits quietly before adding quickly. "I mean, not that it is the same of course but..., it still feels good."

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie gives a quiet chuckle about the tea. "I thought of making that joke," he admits, turning his head just enough he can smile down at Gwen. He sees how that sunbeam wants to light her up, and he reaches over with his other than to shift the blanket just a little more to intercept and for her.

"I know what you mean," he tells her quietly, his voice managing at once that normal coarse quality, yet also carrying a quiet warmth. "A quiet morning. Just relaxing. Enjoying the warmth. And there's something about feeling another person. Knowing they are there. Being able to share something as simple as your warmth with each other." His fingers move, just a few inches on her back before growing still again. "It does feel good," he whispers, holding her gently.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Forgetting everything else.." Gwen adds about what makes this feels nice too, sensing how that blanket is brought up to cover her from the conquering sun that dares to start filling up her living room. She exhales slowly, relaxedly, feeling that breathing body under her, how it slowly moves and appears to be rocking her real slowly, as if cradling her to sleep.

It feels almost as if she will be falling asleep right there. Perhaps just letting herself go but then her voice is heard again. "You shouldn't let go of who you are, Eddie." whatever that means!

Not that she explains exactly what it means, having lapsed into silence. Has she fallen asleep?!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie's eyes are closed, but not asleep. He can't help but think about when having someone to hold like this was a regular part of his life. Though those thoughts don't last for long, dulled with time. And unable to compare to the moment. To the feeling of the younger girl in his arm.

Arms. Without really deciding to, Eddie's right arm moves over, joining the other so Gwen is gently folded in his embrace. The desire to protect the young woman, to shelter her from the outside world dimming her warmth and brilliance is a powerful thing.

He starts to breathe a little more easily then once she's held in both of his arms. Relaxing and savoring being beneath the blankets with her so warm. He finds himself wanting to talk to her, but afraid the magic of this moment is like a bubble, and he could inadvertently prick it if he isn't careful.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
It's the kind of warmth that Gwen could very well get used to. The safety, feeling relaxed and without the need to justify herself to anyone. Yes, she could stay like this for a while longer. She *knows* she will pay for it later when she gets up and figures out how much work for college she has to do. But it can wait. Just this once.

She finds herself drifting to quietness, to again falling asleep. Indeed there are no words needed for this moment. They would only complicate something that is meant to be left simple.

And so it is that the sound of Gwen's slow breathing turns to one of her having fallen asleep once again, breathing felt softly against the man's arm in a rhythmic manner.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie soon joins the college coed in that sweet, deep slumber. His arms gently draw her more fully against him, to hold her close as they drift through the dreams. Dreams that for Eddie are better than he normally has, as if even the symbiote's influence cannot push through that warmth that comes from the young woman.

The sun finally rises higher, the sunbeams shining on the floor and leaving the pair to their slumber, warm and snug in a way that the man will find it hard to forget.