5455/What Could Go Wrong

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What Could Go Wrong
Date of Scene: 06 March 2021
Location: Hank Pym's Rover Mark 3, flying over New Jersey
Synopsis: Nobody is Stronger Than Hulk. And Hank did not dispute this.
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Bruce Banner

Hank Pym has posed:
It is said if you don't like the weather on a typical day in March, wait ten minutes. Thus, when the clouds broke over the Tri-State, Hank Pym decided to try a test flight of his new Rover Mark 3. The minijet still needed a few amenities. Its AI was still being compiled. However, the engines, instruments and manual controls were installed. So Hank headed out with his friend Dr. Bruce Banner beside him. The flight started out well enough. There was some discussion of a stopover in Atlantic City and playing the slots before heading back.

Thirty minutes later...

<<BEEP-BEEP-BEEP>> Engine malfunction. Propulsion off line... Warning... Hydraulics locking... warning entering dive!!!>>

Despite this Hank managed to hold on to the stick, and got the jet level. He was even trying a restart of the engines as he spared a look over at Bruce.

Bruce Banner has posed:
There are reasons Banner never leaves the ground. This is probably one of them. When trouble starts, the heart monitor starts to beep steadily. Bruce takes a deep breath or two, slowing the rate if he can. The look towards him is returned and he forces a smirk,"Never a dull momnet Hank." he mutters softly and looks out at the view as the dive starts.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks back at the instruments. "I'm going to have strong words for the guy who sold me these engines... maybe a side effect of treating the ship with Pym Particles... ah yeah the reduction effect I used on the fuel... almost got..."

Got nothing! A downdraft pulls the tiny jet out of the sky. Fog parts to reveal desolate swampland below them, Gotham City, far off. "Try to go limp... we'll at least land level and it is VTOL. We can get her back in the air or get a tow truck I guess.

The Mark 3 augers in, its nose throwing up a spray of water as it hits. Air bags deploy with twin bangs... should have mentioned the air bags before. He hopes the gang at GIRL don't get word of this.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Strong words?" he asks through gritted teeth as Banner tries to relax. Relax, sure. He closes his eyes to slow his breathing, but how much good will it do when the crash causes the usual adrenal response?

Relaxed as much as he can, the bang of the air bags will startle him as well. His eyes snap open as the crash occurs and he eats air bag. His heart rate is higher, but at least he isn't growling or yelling, just a loud exhale as the contact happens.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym supplies several of the words in question in an impromptu demo. His is barely muffled by the bags. Then the jet settles and tilts to one side. Hank sees how hight the water is reaching, already up the sides of the jet. He shrinks -hopping free of his restraints and the air bag and lands on Bruce's shoulder. His stinger punctures the air bag and he is cutting at the belts with a small, very sharp knife. "Can you hit the button to raise the canopy, Bruce. I'll have you out of here in a minute and kudos on the self control."

Bruce Banner has posed:
Steady breathing and he glances towards Hank,"Thanks." For the freeing or the kudos is hard to be sure. He continues to steady his breathing as the accident finally is over and the adrenaline doesn't cause the rise of the Hulk at least. Likely that means no bad injuries since that could give rise to the beast as well. He reaches out and hits the canopy release so the pair can get out of this mess,"No more flying."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym hops out and flies to the shore. "I'll get us an Uber. Promise." He sees Bruce will have to wade through waist deep water. He begins to grow slowly to 12 feet tall and makes an effort to grab Bruce and set him down on the shore. "Man, Nadia would never let me forget this. Thinks she knows everything that girl." He smirks. This wasn't too bad. I think I know what went wrong..."

As he is reaching for Bruce the jet begins to slide, then lifts up.

"Born on a Monday..."

"I swear I was just abut to call for an Uber..." The jet is lifted in the grasp of a chalky giant who bursts from the water. Worse a bubbling mound of clay appears beside him, forming eyes and a mouth. "Don't wreck it... we can sell it!" the mound yells.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Getting surprised is never good, the jet getting picked up is worse. He was about to comment on Nadia, and instead the jet is tossed about and he hits his head in the cockpit and falls out and into the water where the two villains came from. He doesn't swim the best, but the blow to the head and fall might make that a moot point as he vanishes from sight for several seconds. For the time being, Hank is on his own.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes the initiative throwing a punch at the chalky giant. He nearly breaks his hand. "Bruce, hang on!" The counter attack comes from Clayface as he spews a blast of mud and muck on Giant Man, trying to smother him. "Oh you're going to be so sorry in a minute! Blugh, globlugh!" Having a tiny partner with wings, flit her curvy self around and blast people in the ears and eyes would be nice right now. He can see her now...

No not Nadia! What are you sick?


A man is entitled to a little nostalgia.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Sorry comes sooner than one might think. While the two are concentrating on Hank neither sees the massive, green hands rise from the water. They grap the legs of Grundy and grip hard. Fortunate for the zombie that he will not have crushed ankles and legs as he is ripped from the ground and the Hulk rises from the water.

The first roar fills the air and he hurls the zombie creature at the nearest tree. While he has never encountered either one of them, it doesn't seem to bother the green behemoth. He roars a challenge into the air and ready to see which one tries him next.

Hank Pym has posed:
A tiny bug sized figure, covered in glop pops from the mud heap. Hank wipes his visor clean. The respirator he wears served him well. Still yuck. Jan never had a day like this. He begins firing his blasters at Clayface, trying to bake him into Crockeryface or some such.

Grundy is thrown into a tree. He is stunned for a moment. The tree never regains consciousness. Hank's new jet sinks into the muck. "Dammit! Why don't we just smack them over the head with my jet?!"

Bruce Banner has posed:
One never knows what the Hulk does and does not understand. Maybe he took Hank literally and maybe he just has bad intentions. Whatever the case, he grasps the sinking plane with both hands and swings is like an over sized, odd balanced bat and swipes Clayface as best as one can hit Clayface that is. His breathing is heavy and the longer this goes, the madder he gets. If it passes through Clayface, that will be even worse.

Hank Pym has posed:
Some more harsh words. Clayface is splattered, the jet crushed in huge hands and against the shore of the island. Solomon Grundy rises and with a roar charges at the Jade Giant.

"Hulk! Look out!" Hank yells, after spitting Clayface out. He begins growing but then stops after reaching his normal size. Screw it. He never gets to see the big guy act out on someone who has it coming. He sits on a stump!

"Go big guy! He said he's stronger by the way!!!"

Bruce Banner has posed:
His attention snaps towards Grundy as he closes on Hulk. Reach is a thing. Unforunately for Grundy, Hulk has it,"No one is stronger than Hulk." he screams and uses his massive fist to smash Grundy in his ugly face. There isn't any killing Grundy, but Hulk grabs him by the leg as Grundy falls.

A firm grip on the ankle allows Hulk to smash Grundy's body on the ground three times, a giant whiplash movement. Then he turns and uses the leverage to crush Grundy's skull against the tree. Dead or not, Grundy stays down. No Clayface rising either.

Hulk looks to the sky and roars,"Hulk is the strongest there is...." He looks to the dstaince. His knees flex a little and then he leaps away from the site, leaving Hank to contend with the authorities. Hulk's a jerk like that.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym watches Hulk leap away. "I better make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. The big doofus!" Hank hates flying for very long under his own power but it's still too cold for insects to be anything but sleeping lumps. He flies into the sky after the Hulk after tagging the spot on his GPS. Oh he is in such trouble if he can't calm Hulk down. Tony, Steve, SHIELD. Janet and Nadia will make the /face/. He zips along in the direction Hulk leapt.