5466/Stolen Trinkets: Quentin Quire

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Stolen Trinkets: Quentin Quire
Date of Scene: 06 March 2021
Location: Student Gardens
Synopsis: Quentin and Ruth take a trip to the future and see themselves as older adults.
Cast of Characters: Ruth Aldine, Quentin Quire

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth was no expert thief; she merely saw situations where she could take advantage. If she wanted something from someones plate of food, she merely inspected each and every possible future that lies ahead and took the path that she would travel. That, in itself, was a sort of chaotic manipulation that she rarely ever considers it such.

In Quentin's case, it was all too easy. He already would know what she was up to, as she would have thought it. Rarely does she ever keep things from him, given the current state of their relationship. So as they met in the garden for lunch, they spoke.. rather he spoke and she listened, the answers and responses came and went from her which allowed him to continue a one sided conversation and vice versa. Most conversations between them went as such.

She held out her hand, paused, then took his. She did not need to slide whatever trinket he kept on his fingers at that time but merely touched it. And when she did, the world fell around them into a different place. Quentin's childhood home.

A home that remained in the Quire family regardless of the situation. And it was now his. Him, being close to forty years old at the time could be seen wandering through the halls and into a different room, he wasn't carrying anything, but his hands behind his back. Everything looked almost the same save for new holographic projections that seemingly came with futures time. And in the middle of that hallway stood Quentin and Ruth, as they were.

"Your power, yes.." Ruth starts, holding onto Quentin's hand. "..my power. We share to see the moments of there and now."

A look into the future it is. Will Ruth be there? Will she still be alive? Is he the one?

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire doesn't think much of home, of his family, of his parents. They didn't care for him nor he for them. He was a freak in genetics and mind and they did so love their propriety and their traditions. His taste for heresy and rebellion came from their repressed lives and seeing how bland and colorless and empty they were. And how it inspired nothing but insipid hate.

The idea of taking their home for his own, in time, was an amusing one, even as he adjusts to the idea that he is somehow sharing in one of Ruth's visions. "More empty than I'd have expected. Am I a hermit, then, an outcast? Worse, a sellout/"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Mm." Ruth answers with a shrug of her shoulders, stopping in her path only to dig a finger into the blindfold to tear it away. The cloth was tucked into her back pocket, then gives Quentin a look with a fresh new pair of eyes, colored pink. She smiles. "Perhaps, you grew up?" It could be that. It could be something different.

As they follow the older Quentin into the room he was in, it opens up to something alike a shrine. A shrine that wasn't built by Quentin's hand, but by those who serviced the Quires' and lived under the roof of the elders. Pictures of his parents, side by side, flowers all surrounding them. It was clear, that close to a month, judging by the dates upon the picture frames, the parents have passed.

Elder Quentin stands there, arms folded across his chest, hand lifted to rest upon his chin as if he were deep in thought. The same pink hair he had, but more refined. The relaxed wear he wore had no sigils or decoration, all just plain black. Shoes were expensive loafers that created the look as well as the glasses to match. And he didn't look bothered by the slightest.

"You grow up handsome." Ruth remarks, amused. "Yes, and slim. Your shoulders. Arg. Thank you." She giggles, squeezing his hand and giving him a little bump with her hip. "Not a hint of gray."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire runs a hand through his own pink hair in curious consideration. This isn't how he imagined himself but, then, he hadn't imagined himself older at all. He knew it would come, eventually, but part of him thought he'd somehow seal himself against the ravages of time. Perhaps invent some sort of immortality serum. Maybe he had and he still looked like this.

"It's a little drab," he says, although he's bemused, "I'm already grown-up, you know, but it's good to know that my looks don't fade, even if my wardrobe does."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Maybe you just woke up?" Ruth asks, but she wasn't going to follow. He does look like he could be someones sexy sugar daddy, maybe he was hers! "I like that look, yes. Blends in. Pardon." Instinctively, Ruth pulls Quentin back to allow the entrance to something. It was clear it may have been a person, but the overall vision of them just -weren't- there. They appear to be swirls of spirits, bodies dispersed, but clearly.. people. That in itself was weird, but what wasn't weird was the Elder Quentin's ability to speak to them.

"What now?" He asks, as the little spirits pulse and glow purple and pink. He doesn't say anything, but storms out of the room not in a childish nature, but more irritated and urgent than the last.

"Huh." Ruth mutters, then tugs Quentin along to follow. "What are those things and why are you mad." As if he would know, this is just one of his possible futures..

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire seems fascinated, staring for a moment as Ruth tugs him a bit along behind her, "I tend to make most people mad. I imagine the occasional emanating hallucination wouldn't be much different," he says. He keeps his hand laced in Ruth's tightly, not out of fear, but to keep himself anchored. THis reminded him, in some ways, of his toying with psychotropics, the third eye that awakens in such moments giving glimpses of things unimagined. Perhaps through space and time, although Q tended towards the skeptic side of such things. Except with Ruth. Ruth he believed in.

"I can't read anything here, it's beyond my range, through space and time. It makes me feel...blinded," he says, "Sorry."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The little spirits whiz past Ruth and Quentin as they try to follow. The older Quentin's footsteps are too fast, even scaling down the stairs. He never broke stride and missed a beat as he headed down, into the foyer of the large house, and out the double doors. The little spirits didn't disperse, but they went a different way, off to the right, where the sound of laughter could be heard.

Was it them laughing? Ruth couldn't tell, she was following the Elder who was now outside on the porch.

Ruth stood in the door with Quentin to watch.

The Elder Quentin was clearly negotiating with a man in a suit. It wasn't angry, it wasn't heated, but it was clear it was about the house and what was to happen with it as soon as Quentin went outside.

"You are going to destroy this place." Ruth says in finality. She could not read Elder Quentin either but she could tell that is what the discussion was about. She looks to Quentin again, her brows lift. "I know you dislike them, yes, but would you destroy this?"

.."Quentin.." A woman speaks, standing off to the side. This causes Ruth to turn towards Quentin, her hand gripping hers tight. It was clear that it was her. But she didn't know in what capacity she would see herself.. at least in that future. But Quentin could tell that Ruth hearing herself, gave her a little bit of hope. In fact, a massive amount.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Elder Quentin radiates a different energy than his youthful self, that fire and rebellion honed into a critical edge, a sword he wielded less but which cut sharper than ever before. "I want to forget, Ruth. I can't. I remember everything, always. Why should I keep reminders I do not need? Doesn't that just double the pain and the weight? I used to laugh in the face of death. Now I just turn my face away," he says.

He's offered a document and he signs it with a flourish.

"It's done. You can lecture me now if you want. I won't complain."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"No." Elder Ruth says, both hands laced in front of her fingers. The man says nothing, but he does accept the paper, looking onto the house with one last, wistful sigh, then steps off to the side. He was placing a call, the crews will be here soon.

As he moves away, Ruth steps up, reaching out to take Elder Quentin's hand. "We have our own place and our own issues to worry about right now." She does comfort him, as much as he would allow. Though, as old as they are.

Current Ruth looks up towards Quentin, her face near twisted. Even hearing her voice, speaking so clear, it gives her a little hope.

"Christ, sorry." Ruth whispers quietly, as if Elder Ruth would hear her. "We're still together!"

That nearly makes Ruth laugh, but she could see it. They're really the only ones who could deal with each other on a consistent basis. "Does that mean, yes, that we actually kiss?" It was a joke. Ruth, bland as she is, can make jokes.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Current Q raises an eyebrow at current Ruth, "I didn't want to press about it, I figured we'd make things conjugal when you were ready for it. I'm ravenous, but not impatient. Okay, I am impatient, but only about things that don't matter so much, like food preparation and the liberation of the human consciousness. Plus, I didn't want you to see it coming and that's a little difficult when you...always see it coming," he smirks.

The idea of them still being together in the long future doesn't surprise him as much as he'd expect. AS she said, they seem to have a certain capacity to understand one another where others didn't necessarily see what they were about. "I hope we aren't teachers. That would be terrible."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Yes, you do like challenges." Current Ruth remarks. This was actually a good future, even though the circumstances were dire.

Ruth pulls Quentin out of the way as if he would affect the future, much like the Elder Ruth pulls Elder Quentin out of the way to make room for the movers.

"We'll just make money out of it to fund our futures." Elder Ruth tells Quentin, listening as the men begin to filter into the house, breaking off into sections.

Current Ruth leans into Quentin, listening and watching the bustle of their futures, comforted. "I hope this future happens. Every night I dream and see myself die. Yes. But this random future, gives hope. I have to find the path." She nods. "Find the person who leads me and gives me this." She gestures around. "All of this."

Elder Ruth stops and stares at Current Quentin and Ruth, her hands soon pressed upon her hips, lips set at a frown. Clearly, by rules of time travel and Seeing, she knows they are there.

"We teach our own." And that is all she has to say about that, answering Quentin's question, albeit vaguely.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire squeezes Ruth's fingers, "I won't let you die. I know what you've seen and I know it haunts you. But I'm not going to let you die. Not by their hands. Not by yours. If you're going to be mine, then I'm going to treat you like you are. I take care of what belongs to me," he says. He leans over and kisses at her shoulder, then, almost tentative. He wasn't used to declaring actual feeling so openly. It felt a little foreign to be sincere.

He waves playfully at future Ruth as he tries to recognize any among the various men breaking off from room to room. "At least the world doesn't appear to be a smoking crater. That's something. And none of us are in chains."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Future Ruth smirks and returns to her conversation with Elder Quentin who.. is apparently used to the interruptions.

Current Ruth wasn't surprised by the emotion or showing of affection, it wasn't as if she knew it was coming but she knew that he was capable. At least in their own way and solitude. He did mentally attend a dance with her after all!

"I'm yours." She says, as if it weren't clear enough, then breaks the grip upon his hand to hug him. They were already connected into the future just by touch, and she was leaning on him already.

"Yes." Ruth says, though.. that little realization allows her a moment of.. fear? Fear that causes her to hang onto Quentin tightly. "But.." She pulls away a tiny bit, still holding onto him. "..why?" Were they successful in the fight for equality? Or.. did they dominate? That itself causes further inspection, but she was afraid to look.

Quentin Quire has posed:
He turns away from this glimpse of their future to face Ruth a little more directly. He lays his forehead against hers, "I don't know. I suppose it would be cheating to find out. Not that I mind taking advantage. Maybe the world isn't doomed and damned. Maybe people do see sense in time. Or maybe we have to beat them over the head with it until they accept it. I don't know. But I figure if we survive and can do simple things like this, well...it can't be that bad, huh?" he says, holding her hand and glancing down for a moment, letting her feel the emotion radiating off of him, rather than just having him say it out loud. More honest that way anyway.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"We cheat though." Ruth muses, closing her eyes and lifting a hand to press against Quentin's cheek. But she does agree, but still there was something a little unsettling about it. Quentin was Quentin. Ruth was Ruth. Them together? Who knows how -bad- or -good- things could turn out..?

Still, Ruth shakes it away, and this time takes the initiative. She tilts her chin and gives Quentin a five second kiss upon the lips, mostly unexpected to him. Why not right! Look at them over there!

They're old and still together! And it made Ruth giddy!

"Home, now?" Well, the mansion. Heck, she may as well just go ahead and try to claim a room instead of living in the gardens.. but..

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire smiles, "I was about to say, you know you could always kiss me first. But just so you don't start to think it's all in your head," he says, and then he leans in and, frankly, gives her something more than a five second kiss. Not exactly of the chaste variety, either. Quentin doesn't do anything of the chaste variety.

"Home," he agreed. "We'll see these folks in due time, I'm sure. Both of us."