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School labs bring the most interesting guests
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: Madigan becomes a member of GIRL
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Madigan Belle has posed:
Columbia University, after hours. It is late and already getting on into the night but Madigan Belle has some genetic analysis sequencers running. About a dozen of them, and they won't be ready for a few more hours with her results. If her own analysis is correct, which she is most often, then she'll have yet another bit of mapping in her associated genes work which will move her closer to the Doctorate that she's pursuing. She's been here for a bit, and she's not so much pacing, since that would be tough with her leg braces and crutch. No, instead she's sitting at a table, her backpack unzipped, opened, with papers about on the desk, snacks, mostly candy bars and bags of random candy, spread out, and then of course text books. Though she's got those closed and stacked. A laptop sits with the screen open and displaying the current status of the analyzers.

While she is all alone, she's got some music playing on a nice Bose bluetooth speaker that she keeps with her. Currently it is a Disney song play list, with Colors of the Wind just wrapping up, "We need to sing with all the voices of the mountain, we need to paint with all the colors of the wind..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Columbia University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world nevermind the United States, has some pretty sophisticated security to protect its research and to keep just anyone from wandering in off the streets. Fortunately Nadia is not just anyone and there are incredibly few security systems that can actually thwart her if she really wants to get into a place.

There probably really shouldn't be a knock on the laboratory door at this hour, with most people having either gone home or hard at work in their own laboratories, but there it is *rap* *rap* *rap* Someone knocking at the door. The guards reviewing the footage later will be quite surprised by the fact the teenaged girl knocking seemed to just appear from nowhere.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Life always gets in the way at the worst times. There Madi was, finishing up a song from a classic Disney film, and eating a chocolate bar while scribbling on a notepad some random thoughts she was having about the nature of life. It was an alien, drawn as per the films, and drawn poorly at that. She settles the notepad up on the table that she's at and looking to the door, she quirks her mouth, and looks up to the ceiling before letting out a little sigh.

Standing isn't the easiest thing for her to do from her seat, but she manages, and she calls out, "Hold on, just getting dressed!" She calls out, grabbing her crutch, and then making her way toward the door. Swinging her hips to get her legs to move, then the braces to lock, then her other leg to move in a similar way. A well practiced but slow manner of moving and the crutch there to keep her balance and keep her moving on. Once to the door she presses the button that swings it open in its automated way, "Forget your card? I do that sometimes, pain to go back allllllll the way to my apartment just to get it, thankfully Mister Danzig, Danzique? I dunno, the security guy, knows me pretty well, I mean, I kind of stand out. Though, if you were looking for genetics equipment pretty sure I booked the sequencers this entire week, though if you are in here for the liquid nitrogen freezers, I think someone was having a bit of fun with their lunch earlier. Wasn't me, I'd never waste food like that." Big grin. And she starts to turn back toward her stuff that she's spread out over most of a large table.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia stands in the doorway when it is opened. She blinks once at the unexpectedly long explanation, not that hse isn't often quite chatty herself. She sometimes forgets that she is far less recognizable when she is out of her Waspette armor.

"No no, I don't have a card to forget, wait that probably isn't what I should lead with. Hi, I'm Nadia. Actually I came to see you not this lab." She says stepping inside and letting the door close behind her. You're Madigan Belle, right? I have read several of your papers, your work on mapping the nature of metahuman powers is fascinating. It is still such a largely unexplored field with so much potential." She grins with an infectious smile.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan sort of pauses a moment, looking at her seat again and then working her way around the front, to lean back, then use her arms to mostly get herself back up on the more stool design of a seat, "Me?" A bit of a questioning tone as she tilts her head to the side and then tilts it back, "That would normally seem unlikely, but you are referencing my papers." She adds with a quirk of her mouth to the side, "Well, it is really interesting, actually. To be able to identify associated gene expressions to be able to more solidly indicate what potential side effects future gene-splicing may cause in order to have a chance to mitigate such things. Or, use associated genes as a means to protect the subject."

Looking back to this 'Nadia', the red head smiles large and offers a little shrug, "So, you came to see me about a paper? And... you knew I'd be here at this time, in this place, right now?" A bit of a question, then she starts analyzing that aloud in a rather quick ramble of words, "Well, I do have a habit of coming to this particular lab, to work. I did put my name down on the form to request the sequencers. You look a little young to go here, but I get that as well. Were you looking for someone to chat about genetics with?" A pause, and she grabs a box of the candy Swedish Fish and turns it in the direction of Nadia, "Swedish Fish? Movie theater grade." She's chewing on one of them already.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia chuckles a little bit like maybe she hadn't really thought through her tendency to just evade security systems and the like and how suspicious it might come off, though getting permission is usually way too much boring red tape and bureaucracy. "I'm very good at information gathering. But nevermind that." The last thing she needs is yet another lecture from SHIELD for telling people about the Red Room.

"I did come here to talk to you about genetics and some other things. Specifically there is someone who I am trying to help that seems to be either randomly gaining or possibly absorbing them from people she spends time around. So I was thinking based on your papers that you might be able to help her. But also I recently formed a lab initiative called G.I.R.L., Genius In Action Research Laboraties to showcase brilliant girls in STEM, give young girls better rolemodels they can look up to in the sciences, and help deal with super science threats that seem to just keep cropping up one after the next."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Absorbing genetic material... Madi lets out a hmmmmmmm as she chews diligently the waxy red sugar fish. Then she thinks for a moment or two about what is being presented and she says, "Role models?" An actual wince comes to her face, maybe a bit of a grimace as she pulls back a bit and scrunches up her face in response. She definitely can't hide a thing on her overactive face. Though she squints, and looks you over, and then thinks more, "Threats? You are starting a program filled with girls, who are scientists, to go up against super threats? Sounds super dangerous." A pause and then she smiles, "Neat. What else would I have to do? Occasionally help people, it sounds like, and sometimes what, like stand in front of a camera? Get a picture taken, that kind of role model? I could do that, I'm not going to any children hospitals though, those things are so depressing. And statistically, most of those kids die, so it isn't really even worth the effort."

She eats a few more fish in between her words which act like thinking aloud. "You said a lab, what kind of lab? How many people are you planning on fitting into it? Would I have to reserve space to utilize equipment? What types of science do you like to study there? What about my schooling? I have a family business I operate part of, will we be studying aliens? Mutants? What kind of threats? I mean, I did meet a demon recently, he turned out to be cool."

A pause from her rapid fire words, she's speaking quickly and her expression changes as she asks questions from curious to biting her lip to smiling big, to eating candy as she goes.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia shakes her head, "No absorbing genetic material, just powers. Though I'm curious what effects that may be having on her physiology outside the the increased brain activity that has been noted. Several brilliant minds have not been able to pinpoint how it is happening. I thought you might have fresh insights from what I read."

She finds a table to lean against, "As for G.I.R.L. we're all very different and individualistic, everyone is at the forefront of their given fields but together we are able to cross pollinate and create even cooler ideas that we never might have come up with on our own otherwise. We don't necessarily confront threats directly, that's up to individual members, like myself I'm a member of the Titans and sometimes help the Avengers." She says completely casually still having only introduced herself as 'Nadia'. It's all very matter of fact. "As for being role models that's not an active thing, it just sort of happens by doing great things like how people look up to Dr. Banner, Dr. Richards, Tony or my father. Currently our headquarters is one of the buildings on the Pym Technologies campus, everyone has their own lab space to outfit however they want. Currently we're working on something that probably involves aliens, that's Mori's case, the girl I mentioned earlier."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I'm not really one for action movie type antics, got all the sizzle in the leg department none of the steak." Offers Madi as she thinks about what's all being said. And out of all of it, she zeroes in on, "This lab space, you said we can outfit how we want. Is this... something -I'd- have to pay for? I have some money but nothing where I'd want to spend it all on a lab when I have a nice lab right here at this school. Just, not all the time, I want, for my school. These machines are also a bit slow, but otherwise, it is pretty good." And she finds her box of Swedish Fish is empty, looking into it with her mouth quirked to the side as she is biting the tip of her tongue. Then she shakes her head and starts looking through what remains. Chocolate seems next, she grabs up a chocolate bar and has it opened up so she can start biting off little crunchy squares filled with some kind of rice and tapioca mixture and rather dark chocolate.

"Oh, got it. Less Miss America and more that principal at the school in the poor neighborhood kind of role model. I can dig it." Though she squints a moment, you mention working with the Avengers, and also bring up a bunch of people. "Pym ..." She pushes her lips forward, squints, looks right at Nadia for a moment longer and then wonders, "I'm not... likely even in the runner-up area of the Avengers, though I'm really interested in bizarre things." She then chews her lower lip a moment, "And, am I free to pursue stuff outside of GIRL, in terms of my own research and experiments? I just want to make sure you don't own everything I do. You know, cause contracts say that sorta stuff all the time."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia shakes her head, "G.I.R.L. is less about action movies, there are other teams that do that was what I meant. Our main purpose is tackling the SCIENCE! that lets the more combat ready teams deal with the threats. Some of us are members of other teams and do that sort of thing too, but we tackle extreme science challenges first and foremost. Though sometimes though challenges might take us to some exciting places and science adventures are definitely not out of the question, but nobody is going to be forced into harms way. Our goal is science and showing despite what the old boys club seems to think girls do it just as well or better."

She glances around at the Columbia machines, though really doesn't seem very impressed. "Yeah these aren't bad, ours are better." Nadia grins a bit. "I mean for readily available equipment there are lab funds from grants to set up a lab, members sometimes bring their own stuff though." She looks mildly confused at the high school principal analogy having never been to school but just sort of shrugs, "No, anything you do outside of GIRL is outside of GIRL. We have members affiliated with the Fantastic Four, Stark Industries, and others. Exclusivity is not a thing here. Our goal is to bring together some of the best minds and solve the otherwise unsolvable, exclusivity does not work for that because everyone has other projects."

Madigan Belle has posed:
With a few nods of her head, Madi takes another bite of chocolate and chews on it more slowly than she devoured the previous bites. She looks up and off to the side, "Weeeeeell, I'm definitely interested in looking into this absorbing powers person. And, also, like, working on better machines. I was just complaining about how slow these things go..." And she shrugs her shoulders, then asks, "Do I need to interview, or something? Answer a quiz or something? I'm in. I just, am not sure what to do -next-. And, yeah, even normal human women have more white neurons, on average, than the grey neurons in men. So, like, we're totally better at processing lots of information more quickly. Storage, in a quantum computer, really isn't that -important-. And some of our brains are different than others, anyhow."

Then she looks around the room, and then back to Nadia, "So, um, do I like, sign something? Apply my blood to a contract, seal it in gold and then sit around a campfire chanting in latin?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Interview?" Nadia cants her head to one side, "I am the interview, it is this, now. But I've generally already made up my mind before showing up after researching potential candidates." She pushes herself off the table she was leaning against, stretching her arms a bit. "Oh those all sound like fun ideas, I think there's some paperwork." She makes a face making it evident she really hates paperwork and all the tecnicalities of things, "Anyway, just come by our GIRL HQ on the Pym Technologies campus tomorrow and we can get everything taken care of."