5477/A Talk With Gar

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A Talk With Gar
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Gar and Nightwing discuss Robin's return to the team. A party is planned and catnip is stashed.
Cast of Characters: Dick Grayson, Gar Logan

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing steps out of the elevator once it opens and looks around the room. Spotting Gar over by the monitors, he grins and heads in that direction, calling out "Hey, Gar! How have you been?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Time for monitor duty. This means Gar is in a chair with his feet up, tapping away on his phone. Either a game, or more likely, keeping up with some social media stuff. He's in costume, just in case an emergency comes up. It's the new one Vorpal got made for him, so it fits about the way Vorpal wanted it to.

Hearing his name called, he turns in the chair and sets the phone beside him, face down. "Nightdude," he acknowledges. "It's all good. You've been around a little more lately. Did we finally convince you to come back and play leader?" he asks, and that might be a hint of a hopeful look in his expression.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing continues over and drops into a chair next to Gar. He spins around in it once, stopping when he's facing his friend and shrugs a little, "I realized I was a little too spread out and losing track of some of the most important people in my life. You guys just went through hell, and I wasn't really here for you like I should have been. So I cut down on some of my responsibilities so I'd have more time here. I've already had a couple talks with Donna, and just caught up with Terry earlier, but I wanted to catch up with you too."

He purses his lips, then shakes his head, "I don't know about playing leader, although Donna did ask me to keep an eye on things while she's taking the girls on a trip to her home. I don't know about making it permanent though."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan nods after a couple seconds, drumming the fingers of one hand against the opposite arm, after crossing them lightly. "Yeah, that was probably premature of me to say. I know you've had stuff going on since, you know." He gestures around them then makes a fist and spreads his hand wide. "Poof."

Doomsday and the aftermath.

"But we kind of all did. You know I was only, like, sixteen when that happened? And then I came back around last year and you remember we saw how Raven was, and we kind of lost track again but here we are now, and the Titans are getting bigger than ever. I think coming back was the right move. I needed it, and I wasn't the only one." Waving it off, he shakes his head a couple times. "Listen to me. I skipped right past 'How are you, what've you been up to, and what's up?' So you've been talking to people? About what?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing smiles at Gar, and begins by saying, "Ok, fighting bad guys and lots of stuff." He chuckles, then gets a little more serious, "I have, but you guys.. that whole doppleganger thing, and what happened to you. I mean, I should have been around more. I'm sorry I wasn't, I let myself get caught up in other problems and almost let my best friends pay the price because I wasn't around to help." He sighs, shaking his head.

"Anyway, beating myself up about it doesn't help, but I wanted to at least apologize for not being there like I should have been. But right at this moment, I'm dealing with another problem that involves all of us. Robin. I know he didn't make any friends while he was here, but I really want to see if I can get him back. I know it's going to take some changes on his part to even be given a chance, but I want to look into it."

Gar Logan has posed:
"It's what we do," the green Titan - by color, not by experience - answers as it pertains to dealing with bad guys. Then, perhaps subconsciously, Gar flexes the hand that grew back with the rest of his arm following the attack and later rescue, though it took some pretty far-out stuff coming together to help it regenerate so quickly. "It happened, and I know you would have been. We got through it, and that's what matters." He adds, "And we got through a few other things, too. We're still not really complete without you around, even if you don't officially do the whole leader thing."

He eyes the monitors, watching for signs of anything that looks like trouble. All quiet, so far. Most of the time, monitor duty is. So, it's with partial distraction that the topic of one Robin comes up and Nightwing goes into the initial part of what's on his mind. For the moment, his reaction consists of a somewhat muted, "Oh." His brow creases and he stares at the screens with enough focus that the tooth from his underbite sticks out more prominently.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing tilts his head, "Comon Gar, talk to me. Give me your take on him. I need to know what the team thinks before I can do anything. Terry wasn't especially kind regarding Robin, but he gave it to me straight, which gave me some good ideas what he thinks needs to happen. So tell me what you think. Even if it's that you don't think he should come back at all. I need to know."

He looks over at Gar, trying to read his body language and figure out why he went quiet like that, "Did he do something the others don't know about? They weren't overly happy with him, but they at least would discuss him."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan shifts a glance back toward Nightwing, and he begins. "Don't get me wrong. I have things to say. I'm just thinking about how I want to say them." He lets that sit there while he reaches for a bottle of water to take a drink from, and he taps one bare foot against the other where they rest up by one of the consoles.

"So I wouldn't say he didn't make any friends here, but I also don't think I can say he's got any good friends." Similar expression as before, with the brows scrunching together again. "How do I put this part...I know who he is, and I'm assuming you do since you guys who have been Robins or Batman's sidekicks probably all hang out together out of costume, and I'm not saying any more than that because he didn't make it common knowledge." Then he laughs to himself. "And if you somehow don't know who he is, it's not really my place to tell you, so I guess you're just gonna have to take my word for it that I know and wonder how that is."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson nods, "I know.. where he came from, how he was raised, all of it. So no worries there. I know about a hell of a lot of really bad things he's done, and why, and why he's the way he is. I'm just hoping the fact that he chose to walk away from it means that he really does want to change, so that I can help him change."

"So go ahead Gar, say what you need to. I don't think you can surprise me with anything about him at this point. He's a scary guy, but he is at least trying to be better. He just doesn't really have the social skills to pull it off yet."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's eyes center on the screens, but there's a slight narrowing to them, more of a seriousness that comes out from time to time, a side of him he normally keeps behind the smiles, the jokes, and the laughs. "I'm not scared of him. I was almost killed by a version of me that didn't have anything holding him back. But I do hold back. I know I have to. But you know what I can do," he explains, a slight edge to his words. They're not meant to come off as a threat, not meant to sound menacing, but it is a sign of what he'd be capable of under the right circumstances, or rather the wrong ones.

The sharper side of his tone softens again. "When Terry, Donna, Vic, and Cait were missing, I almost gave up on everything again but I came back. He said some things about them being gone, I said some things back, then the next thing I knew he came over to where I was and hit me. I hit him back, and we went at it pretty hard before we calmed back down. He told me a few things, and who he was." A frown takes shape and he looks down at his hands, finding himself to be fiddling with them now.

"After that, there were a few times he seemed like he was trying to be better, but it's like..I think he felt entitled to be the leader just because he thought he knew more than everybody else and he thought he was better than the rest of us too. That's not how it works here. Nobody is just coming in out of nowhere and going, 'I'm the leader so you need to listen to me because I know best' and think everybody's just gonna go 'Yeah!'"

He turns to face Nightwing, going away from the casual position in relation to the console, now planting his feet flat against the floor to lean closer. "He needs to learn that this is a family. It's always been a family, and that's a big reason I wanted to be here and an even bigger reason I stuck my neck out there in coming back and facing Raven when she was being all...spookier than usual. We're not some army toys to be moved around and told what to do like we can't think for ourselves, and I wasn't just gonna accept someone we didn't even know showing up thinking he could boss us around because of who he was and what he's been through. If he's ever gonna be a real leader, he has to earn it and earn everybody's respect, or it's never gonna happen whether he wants a second chance or not. You feel me?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson nods, "Absolutely. Terry said the same thing about him just expecting to be the leader, and it's one of the big things I'm going to get him to understand before he comes back. I know why he does it, he was raised being told he was destined to lead and he was given unquestioning obedience, so that's what he expects wherever he goes. It's probably his biggest flaw, and if I can't get him to understand that it doesn't work that way here in the real world, I'm not going to send him back here."

He looks up to meet Gar's gaze directly, then smiles a little, "This is my family Gar, my real family. I mean, I love Batman for what he did for me and what he taught me, and he and the others are another kind of family also, but you guys accepted me as an equal and as a brother. I'm not going to try and force him in here if I don't think he'll be able to fit. I think if he can fit, he'll be good for the team and the team will be _really_ good for him, but I'm also not going to fight a lost cause if he's not able to change."

He reaches out to put a hand on Gar's shoulder, "I want to help him, but not at your and the team's expense. You all mean too much to me to put you through that. If I think he understands that he's not just going to be in charge, I'll try bringing him back. If he earns it, good for him. If not, he's going to have to learn to deal with it."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan hunches forward in the chair, leaning in such a way that now has him giving Nightwing his undivided attention. The monitors should be fine for a minute or two of that. "Yeah. I get all of that. I'm not trying to act like stuff I went through is any harder or easier, but..I needed the Titans probably more than anybody else, and after everything fell apart the first time it was almost like, you know, I was ready to give up because it always came back to me losing someone important, and everyone here is important. I did stuff out in SoCal, but there was a big part of me that was empty, that didn't feel anything." And he wasn't even out of his teens. Still isn't. "So I came back and ran into Terry, literally, and a year later, here we are."

Running a hand through his wild mop of hair, he shrugs his shoulders. "Anyway, this is about Robin. I know we take in a lot of different people. You let me join when I was about the same age he is. If he's serious about this, that's the main thing right now. No bossing people around, no expecting everybody to listen to him just because. Besides, we don't really have a leader. Sometimes Donna might have the best idea for something, or we'll deal with a threat Vic can help out with the most, or Raven, or even me. I'm not a leader, but I've had a few times where I felt I needed to step up. If he comes back, he's gotta be one of us, not above us, and he's gonna have to get used to us as a family."

By now the hand is at his shoulder and he glances at it briefly before he nods once. "I guess we'll see if the Titans are right for him, or if he's just gonna be a loner somewhere else. I know he's good and knows a lot of stuff, but I'd rather have somebody here who isn't as good but is on the same page with everybody else."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson pats Gar's shoulder then drops his hand again, "Gar, I am totally with you on this. I'd like it to work for him exactly because of the family feeling we've always had, he could use that in his life if he can bring himself to accept being an equal, not a leader. He was raised isolated from everyone around him, if I can get him to understand the idea of the Titans and he can really accept it, I think ninety percent of his problems will fall away. It's the huge sense of entitlement that's his biggest issue, and it's exactly that issue I need to grind away before I send him back here."

He grins, "Hey, you're talking to me. I think I know how this team works, or at least how it used to. I assume even with all the new faces the feel is still about the same though." He smirks, "And I even got Terry to promise not to make short jokes about him, so there's one explosion headed off before it happens." He chuckles. "But I promise, if I can't make him understand that he's an equal, not the leader, I won't inflict him on you. I'll try and get him more involved in stuff in Gotham or something to give him something to do, but I'm not going to disrupt the Titans if he can't understand."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan tries to be more of his light-hearted, joking self. It's just more fun that way, even if it's often used to help him avoid thinking about negative things. The patting is accepted, even welcomed, and he finds it to be comforting. "Yeah, I get that. If you think there's a chance of it working..I mean, you gotta find out, right? We gotta find out. But I think it's gonna be hard for him to see everybody else as equals. He's seen what we can do when we're all together, though."

Then comes the joking. "Dude, I always talked to you. And talked about you too, like how whatever costume you were wearing made you look." Speaking of Terry, Gar adds, "I dunno whose butt he likes looking at more, yours or mine. Probably mine."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson laughs, past the serious topic and just happy to be around his friends again. "Well I hope it's yours, cause mine is reserved for the ladies anyway." He looks around and shakes his head, "Man I missed this place. Now, since Donna is taking the girls on that trip, I'm thinking major party here... DJ, pizza, the whole works. Pretty sure we can make a serious mess of the place before they get back."

He looks back to Gar again and asks, "So how have the others been? I haven't seen Vic, Kori or Raven in a while, are they all doing ok? I want to catch up with everyone, but it's tough to be here all the time."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah, I thought mine was gonna be too..then I met Terry," Gar says, shaking his head as though suggesting you can't always predict where things will go. "He's probably as much a reason all of this is happening as anything else, you know. He helped me figure out it was right to try to push for this. And a pizza party? Bumpin' music? All night gaming session? Movie marathon? That's all you had to say. Vic's got the Roomba Army to deal with the aftermath, and Terry could just send any extra junk off to the trash too."

Leaning back in the chair again, he checks the bank of screens once more. "You know..they're still doing what they do. Vic's still shiny, Kori still loves mustard and wearing almost nothing sometimes, Raven still creeps everybody out..but she and Donna are a thing now too." That might be a surprise. It might not. "Cait helps keep everyone from starving, Wally's doing everything at top speed, and we've got a lot more people for you to get to know."

Flashing Nightwing a toothy grin, he suggests, "If you want to have some fun, after I finish monitor duty you can help me stash some catnip around for Vorpal to randomly find."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson nods at the listing of what their friends are up to, "Cool.. Raven and Donna? Hadn't heard that, but if they're happy, more power to them. You're going to have to introduce me to the new folks, like I told Donna I'm gonna be around a lot more. And yeah, we can put on one hell of a party, should be able to get the whole tower jumping with the music. Ok, so that's a plan then. Let the other guys know what we're up to. I'll get the DJ, pretty much everything else is in place already. This is gonna be great, just like old times." He grins at Gar with a sparkle in his eyes.

"As for catnip... I bet we can find some really good places to stash it, we've lived here long enough to know all the little hard to reach corners. Where do you keep it, I'll start making up little packets while you finish your shift." Adulting goes the way of the dodo as the two friends spend the next several hours planting delayed blast catnip bombs around the Tower.