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Munch Box for breakfast
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: The Munch Box
Synopsis: After a night of patrols and hard work, Barbara, Jason and Stephanie gather for breakfast at The Munch Box.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Some patrols are easier, some are harder. The one last night for Batgirl ended up involving far more cardio than the already grueling job often demands. A fight with some Maggia hoods had knocked her grapple gun out of commission. And a few of the men feeling in different directions had resulted in three separate foot chases, thanks to Oracle guiding her in to the other targets.

By the time Stephanie had made it back to her apartment and showered, the sun was coming up and her stomach was like a black hole threatening to suck in anything nearby. So a comment on comms about getting breakfast had gotten an exuberant response from Stephanie. Tossing on some regular clothes, she grabbed a jacket and made a beeline for the Munch Box. The door opens and she comes inside, looking around to see if anyone else is here already.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
It had been a long night for Oracle too! It's not easy, being the woman in a chair. Watching everything and keeping all the assets in play across a wide city was mentally exhausting and has left Babs a little worn. Rolling towards the stairs leading down into her apartment, she pops the front wheels and works her way down steadily until she can continue her way to the shower.

Wash off the grime. Change into something warmer. Head to the Munch Box in one of her cars, since she can't use her motorcycle and carry around her wheelchair. She enters a short time after Steph. Red hair in a ponytail, red framed glasses on the bridge of her nose, and a tired smile. "Morning, blondie."

Jason Todd has posed:
A few minutes after Stephanie arrives, a motorcycle roars up outside. Jason slings his leg over and slips his red helmet off, tucking it under his arm. Tight, dark jeans, sturdy boots, and a faded Smashing Pumpkins shirt under a black jean jacket make up his outfit today. He fishes out a battered Gotham Knights baseball cap and tosses it on before heading inside. He weeps the place briefly, instinctually looking for possible threats and places to escape. After a moment he nods to himself and turns to approach the girls.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown doesn't see anyone here yet so asks for a table for four. Table not booth, so Barbara can use it more easily. The extra seat just in case someone else hears of the gathering and joins too. Stephanie gets seated, ordering some coffee. And a lemon Danish just in case the others take too long in getting there. She doesn't want Black Hole Stephanie to consume the diner before they can arrive.

But she spots Barbara and hops up, moving over to greet her at the door, leaning down to offer a quick hug. "Morning red," Stephanie says back with a grin. "Glad to see you too," she says, moving to the handles of the wheelchair to wheel Barbara over to the table where Stephanie has already pulled one chair away to make room.

Stephanie caught the motorcycle sounds, so is expecting Jason by the time he comes in. She gives a small wave to help him spot them. She's wearing a green jacket, sort of like an old fashioned army jacket thing, with a purple shirt beneath, and jeans.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Thankful for the assist, Babs returns the hug with a grin and settles her arms on the rests to eitherside of her elbows. Letting Stephanie roll her over to the table without even a second thought... lazy bitch that she is. "Yes, can I get a coffee?" Motioning at the table, speaking up since they're the only ones here at this hour. She smiles politely and looks towards the door when Jason appears straight out of the 90s.

"Well, if it isn't Billy Corrigan himself." Teasing, big grin, "How you doing?" Babs is wearing a green cammie, black jeans, riding boots, and a black members only jacket. She loves this jacket. Everyone should be jealous because it's for members only.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smirks and adjusts his ballcap. As he gets closer a pretty fresh shiner becomes visible. Knowing him, though, it'll be fully healed by the end of breakfast. "As long as I'm early Billy and not current Billy. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Read a thing the other day where he was saying lizardmen controlled the media."

The rough and tumble young man slides into the booth and picks up a menu. Fresh scuffed knuckles, too. "Mn. What sounds good?," he grunts softly. He looks between the two and then back down at his menu. An expert on small talk he is not.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives the waitress a grateful smile as the coffee comes. She adds two creams and a sugar and then downs half the cup. Ready for a refill already. One more cream and a half a sugar. "I ordered a danish just to hold me over. I was afraid I might eat one of your hands otherwise when you got here," she tells the others with a chuckle.

Stephanie smiles as the danish is set down, and she says, "Anyone want a bite? I can cut it three ways." If anyone wants some she cuts and and passes a piece over. But soon after there will be a bite taken and Stephanie sighing as she chews it. "I think that counted as a marathon," she says non-specifically about her night.

She gives a quiet scoff then. "Everyone knows the lizardmen only control those who control the media. They don't do it directly," she kids.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Underneath the wheels lie the skulls of every cog." Babs says with a solemn sigh, reaching out to squeeze his hand apologetically, "The fickle facination of an everlasting god." As if this is the keys to the universe and all the truth of Lizardmen in control of modern media. She releases his hand with a laugh and flicks a finger towards herself for a slice of that pastry, "I was going to lie and say I'm on a diet, but I'm eating away my sorrow, so hand momma some danish."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smirks at Steph's response and glances down at the menu again. Bab's words bring a small laugh, though, despite himself. He glances up from the menu at the server. "Steak and eggs, medium rare, runny eggs. Beer." Yes, this early in the morning. Jason might have a problem. Okay...a lot of problems, let's be fair.

He sets the menu aside and sits back a bit on his side of the booth, looping an arm over the back of it. "No pastry for me. In a savory mood."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown cuts the Danish in half and passes Barbara her portion of the lemony pastry. Stephanie om-om-noms the other half, mouth full when the waitress returns. Stephanie holds up her finger for the woman to wait a second and flips open the menu.

She points out something on the menu, the waitress asking, "You want the Allstar Breakfast?" A thumbs up result. "Pancakes or hashbrowns?" Stephanie holds up one finger. "Pancakes. And sausage patties or links or bacon?" Stephanie holds up three fingers. "Bacon," the waitress says, and Stephanie makes an energetic circular motion with her hand. "Extra side of bacon," the waitress says, and gets another nod from Stephanie and a thumbs up. "Good Danish?" the woman asks.

Stephanie finally swallows. "Oh god is it ever," she says, giving the woman a grin. She looks back to Jason and Barbara. "Thanks for the help," Stephanie says to Barbara. Without those drones she'd not have caught the men who ran in different directions.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara is a little more controlled with her eating of the danish on account of not wanting to asperate the pastry, raising a brow at Stephanie when the waitress is walking her through her order with a growing smirk until it actually is finished. "Grand slam sam. Everything she just ordered, use the waffle as sandwich bread." Motioning with an up and down move, "Runny eggs ontop of hashbrowns, top layer sliced sausage links, covered in syrup."

Because Babs is trying to be fat apparently.

Or have diabetes.

Either is possible.

"Yeah, of course... I still need help getting more of them around the city, by the way-" The drones. She's got them hidden all over Gotham, but certain sectors are still under very lite coverage. Sparing a glance at Jason. "And you could let me dial you back in, too... would be a lot easier if I didn't have to hack your phone every night."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason watches Steph deliver her order in code with a small smirk before he hands his menu over to the waitress. He adjusts his ballcap and glances between the two. He blinks at Babs' order and then nods a bit. "Gonna have to remember that one."

He furrows his brow when Babs says that and he shrugs a well-muscled shoulder. "...I don't know. Besides, if you didn't hack my phone I couldn't scandalize you with whatever I put on my wallpaper each night."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
It's Stephanie's turn to give the small grin as she listens to the older pair talking about Jason's phone. "Is that where Barbara's interesting choices of screensavers come from?" she asks, though Barbara at least will know that Stephanie is just teasing. If anything did come from his phone, it would be news to Stephanie.

She takes another sip of her coffee and after setting the cup down, quietly drums on the table. "It'd be nice having you around more," Stephanie tells Jason with a little shrug. "Exciting things seem to happen when you're around," she says with a small grin for him.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"You mean Kate in a swim suit?" Babs asks Stephanie with a smirk, teasing right back. That is not her screen saver on her computer by the way, it's a artistic painting of Leia being drug away after the destruction of the Death Star. https://tinyurl.com/4dx32jtt

"She's right, it would be nice having you around more, Jay." How many people can even get away with giving him pet names?! CAN BABS?! Is she THAT connected?! Only time will tell.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason grins and doesn't confirm. He does sighs softly as they talk about him being around more. At that point his beer arrives. He picks it up and takes a long pull. "I don't know. Maybe. I setup a place in town for now. Plenty of people to keep me busy, too." He shrugs a shoulder and peels a bit at the label on his bottle.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The waitress returns carrying a big tray. She balances it on the bottom with one hand as she starts unloading plates to their table. Everything is as ordered. She pauses to let them confirm everything is good and then refills coffee cups as needed before heading back and leaving them in privacy again.

"Mmmm..." Stephanie murmurs as she leans down to her food and inhales an aroma she audible titles as, "Delicious." She moves her napkin to her lap and then starts in, adding syrup to the pancakes and getting a bite there. Bacon follows pancake, and eggs follow bacon.

"I can help, Babs. With setting up stuff. Just let me know where and when," she offers, going back to the talk about the drones from earlier.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs makes inappropriate smacking sounds with her lips when the plate is set down in front of her. The consumption of such a precariously balanced slamwich is not a task taken lightly.. It requires a knife and fork, obviously, but also a steady hand... Because of the runny nature of some of the key components, there's a chance for spillage.

Babs has those steady hands.

Nodding to Stephanie and Jason alike. "It'll be good to see you more, at any rate." That could be for both, though she obviously sees Stephanie a fair bit more than Jason.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason sets into the steak and eggs unceremoniously. He eats quietly as he lets the girls discuss drones and such, focused on his beer and his meat. He nods to Babs' words when she speaks up.

"Alright, yeah. I'll be around more. Don't expect me to be hanging around with the Old Man too much, though. You two are alright but...." He shakes his head a bit. His relationship with Bruce is a complicated one, to put it lightly.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Steph wipes her fingers with her napkin, and then reaches over to give Jason's arm the gentlest little pat as he speaks of his relationship with his adopted father. "Good," she says as to the rest though, smiling at him and then digging back into her food.

She watches as Barbara navigates the difficulties of her meal choice, grinning more. "So Dick moved back home. Helped him with some boxes," she says. "Also did a workout together," Stephanie says, picking her words to sound ordinary enough should their voices carry. "I got the impression he came away thinking you've been a positive influence on me there, Barbara," Stephanie says, flashing her a grin that says Dick was impressed with how the spar went.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs raises a brow and glances up at Stephanie, "He moved back to the mansion?" That's... surprising. Generally speaking, once the boys leave the nest, they might visit... but they don't resettle. "Did he go broke or something?" Blinking into a glance at Jason, "See? Anything is possible, Jay. Soon you'll be eating breakfast at the long table." She motions over at Stephanie with a syrupy gripping fork.

"And I am a good influence on you! I make this wheelchair look good."

Jason Todd has posed:
"He's really leaning into that millenial stereotype isn't he? Moving home and all." He scoffs gently at the talk of a spar with Dick, and eats some more of his steak. "Probably couldn't cut it in Bludhaven."

The mention of the long table brings a smirk from Jason. He plucks his ballcap off, briefly revealing his dark hair with the white streak, and he brushes it back before setting the hat bak in place. "Eh, pretty sure you could make whatever look good," he states idly to Babs, taking another pull on his beer.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown doesn't expect Jason to react any differently, having seen plenty of the brother's loving to take the piss out of each other. "He owns the whole building he was living in. Which, I felt stupid that it took me the second trip up to his apartment for boxes to realize. So, I don't know why exactly, but I don't think it's money. He's transferred to GCPD though. They even had a blurb on it in the paper for being Bruce's son," she comments.

The syrup has soaked into the pancake thoroughly, making it a mushy jumble of deliciousness. Stephanie switches from the eggs to the pancake for awhile, but casts a grin at Barbara. "The best. I... I'm not going to start talking about how grateful I am. Because there's no crying at breakfast," she says, blue eyes flashing with warmth to Barbara. But there's honesty in that. Steph's emotions on that subject run deep and strong.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"I know it's not really about money." Babs says in a low tone, leaning over her plate to capture a fork-of-food without dripping syrup into her lap. Smirking around it at Jason with a wink of one jade green eye. "Flattery will definitely get you preferential treatment on patrols." Also said in a low tone before sipping at her coffee.

When Stephanie starts to get mushy, Babs "nu-nu-nu-nu... nuuuuu-nu-nu... I'm on my period, don't start with the emotional shit or I'll be crying all through my breakfast. I love you too, you're great." Patting her hand affectionately.

Jason Todd has posed:
The man chuckles softly at Babs and then leans back when intense emotions are exchanged. He focuses on the food on his plate, polishing it off before washing it down with the remainder of his beer. "Whole building to himself kinda money and he still works as a cop." Jason shakes his head a bit and loops his arm back over the seat behind him, settling in and getting comfortable again.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown grins back at Barbara and blows her a small kiss. She goes back to work on her eggs. Hunger is the best spice, and Stephanie has plenty of it. That the food itself is quite good only helps matters. She's not eating like a pig, but the blond is going through her food with a will as she replaces the calories that she burned off overnight.

"Well," Stephanie says to Jason, "While there's things they can't do to help people? There's also things they can do to help people that others might not be able to," the blond says. "So he's covering both sides. I mean, Barbara was heading that way too," she says.

Which brings her eyes back to the red-head. "Speaking of. I've... ok I haven't decided on my major but I'm leaning really heavily. A dual degree of linguistics and forensics."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Was." Babs stresses that word, almost exactly after Stephanie speaks it, "I was young and impressionable." She muses, mostly for levity, but it's not at all untrue either. Slicing through the sandwich with the flat side of her fork, she takes another bite with a glance at Jason. "You know those Wayne boys, always up to their stories and social trickery in public." The grin grows wider as she gets to tease them.

The big sister they never had.

And who they really never wanted.

"I should go by and see Dick, if he's properly back from Bludhaven. God knows I'd never go to that acursed place... not if I weren't kidnapped and held at gunpoint. Which I'd surely BE if I actually DID go there."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smirks softly and nods, glancing between the two before he leans forward and rests his elbows on the table. "We live in Gotham. Not too much they've done," he grunts, in regards to the police. He shakes his head, though, raising his hand to wave off the topic..

"So, now that I'm settled in, either of you seeing someone I need to meet and properly threaten?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie takes a bite of her bacon, starting to slow in her eating as her stomach is finally in a happy place. There isn't too much left on her plate though. "Whatever I go with, I'm going to need to use it to make a living," Stephanie says. "So while, there are obvious reasons those are appealing, I also have to keep that in mind. I just don't know I have it in me to build up a big successful company. I imagine it would be my profession," Stephanie says to Barbara.

She gets a sip of her coffee then says, "You should stop and see him. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you," the blond says, then looks down, coffee cup moving to her lips. But not reaching them as she says behind it, but still audible to both of them, "Though not as happy if knows about the Kate screensaver."

Her blue eyes twinkle with mischief from her comment, as Stephanie looks back to Jason. She lets out a sigh. "No. Roberto and I split... the end of September. And, yeah that pretty much is the only update from the last half year," she says with a wry grin that comes across as self-deprecating. Since it is self-deprecating.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs laughs at Jason's question, leaning into her wheelchair with her arms braced on the rests, "I'm seeing Kate Kane. You're welcome to threaten her! I just have to demand we record it and post it on a pay per subscription site." Which probably explains the comment about a Kate screensaver, mention of which has her smirking at Stephanie. "He can't possibly still hold a flame for me, right? What was that like... a hundred years and the lose of my heterosexuality ago?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The younger blond girl flashes a grin across the table at Barbara. "I don't know if there's a roaring flame, I imagine after all this time it probably isn't foremost in his mind. But face it, you're a babe of the highest magnitude. With the flaming hair and the successful business. No less appealing now than you were then," Stephanie says, and means it. The wheelchair doesn't change any of that in the blond girl's eyes.

"I mean, he'd be an idiot to not have a little of it in there still, right?" Stephanie says. Her eyes shine with a bit of admiration for her mentor. Barbara's accomplishments as a hero, and her perseverance at making it in an endeavor that was a man's world largely at the time, were easy enough things for Stephanie to want to emulate since taking up this life at fifteen. But Barbara's social ease also had to have appeal for the younger woman who could count far more social failings than successes over the span of her life.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs makes a pffffffff sound with flappy lips, waving a hand dismissively through the air, "You're giving me way too much credit, babe." Smirking at Stephanie, "I realize that I'm the cats meow, but Dick could have the pick of the litter, he don't need no soulless ginger bringing down his elegable bachelor game." Mostly said in good fun, she still winks at her blonde friend and settles back with just her mug of coffee to keep her company. The other hand rubbing her stuffed belly.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie wants to counter that by pointing out Barbara IS the pick of the litter, but she just grins back at the other woman. Mentor. Friend. It's a relationship like no other in Stephanie's life, and sharing those smiles just reinforces that for her.

She finishes off the last bite of bacon. "You know I think he's looking to spend a bit of time with Damian. Sort of, help him adjust to the different life here from what he knew," she says. "We spent a bit of the drive back talking about that. Oh and I know you don't like Bludhaven, but the bridge, lit up at night, and the lights of Gotham shining on the water below? It was really a pretty gorgeous sight. Well worth the trip just for that."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"So is earth from Space, but you don't see me signing up for any Moonwalks." Babs points out with a cant of her head, "... On second thought, I'd absolutely sign up for a moonwalk, disregard. I'm too big a nerd not to take an opertunity to say I'd been to light speed..." It's encoded in her DNA. That said, however, she sighs softly and glances at her watch. "I'm glad we got to have breakfast, babe, but I'm suppose to meet Kate this afternoon for dinner. Can you tell Jason to stop by and see me once he's settled in? Dick too... I really should get up to the mansion and see both him and Damian, it feels like forever."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"Will do," Stephanie agrees. "Oh, and maybe you can help me pick out some things... I'll go over it with you later," Stephanie says, the younger girl getting a tiny smile about what it is she's talking about, but apparently not wanting to go into it now.

"Thanks for making it. And for the help earlier," Stephanie says. Her eyes are more than enough to say goodbye without getting up to go give the redhead a hug. The feelings are there, writ in baby blue, and in that grin of hers that shows sparkles of white teeth.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs wraps her arms around Stephanie when the other bends over for it and nods, "Of course. Just text me and we'll make a day trip out of it." She rolls backwards, not ignoring the thank you for helping on the patrol, but not overtly acknowledging it either. That's her job! It's what she do be do... she shall accept no thanks for doing it! "Love you, see ya soon." And off she goes, towards her parked car to begin getting in and getting her wheelchair in, the vehicle.