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Afterlife: Old Name, New Face
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: Afterlife Settlement - Nepal
Synopsis: The finale of the Afterlife plot. Negotiations between Gonzales and Jiaying are going well until Dr. List's Quinjets attack with the intention of capturing Inhumans, bringing an old enemy with it: Gayle Trushot. SHIELD joins with Inhumans to stop the threat and while many lives are saved Afterlife is no more.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse, Elena Rodriguez, Matthew Murdock, Melinda May, Leopold Fitz

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Clear skies today. A beautiful morning even if it's chilly considering how high up they are in the mountains. A perfect place for vacations, or even to live at, away from everything and everyone. Idyllic. No wonder Inhumans chose this place to live in.

The meeting had finally been set between Gonzales, May and Jiaying, the two SHIELD Agents seen being escorted to a house to said meeting by a rather unfriendly looking wolf-man. But at least he wasn't growling.

Mark had invited Elena and Matt to go meet him at his clinic on their previous talk. He wanted to show her what they were about, what they wanted to do with the Inhumans here. Besides, he also needed help in moving supplies. It was no secret anymore they were getting ready to depart if negotiations went badly. And many of the people were gathering at the clinic.

As for FitzSimmons and Bobbi, they are making way to inspect Nona, one of Afterlife's Inhumans and Bobbi's current 'obsession'. And to some it's a way to see more of the camp, and maybe even try to understand why communications don't go out, or in.

As for Daisy, she is chewing on her nails attempting to not be too nervous, sitting on a room not too far from where the meeting is going at.


It starts with a 'bleep' on Fitz's instruments. Then a second. And a third. Incoming Quinjets. Weird enough, there was no indication that there were reinforcements coming. But good news! Comms seem to be up now? The sound of the jets approaching is heard but then there's an odd sound that last only a moment. Missiles?

A couple of houses are hit, exploding, including a missile hitting near the house where the meeting is going on...

Screams start to be heard as a quinjet comes into view and starts unloading soldiers. Men in metallic armors.

The symbol was unmistakable. Hydra.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Simmons had turned back to go get some more equipment for the meeting with Nona, which left Bobbi and Fitz wandering through the idyllic village. Bobbi dressed as one of them, with her SHIELD gear underneath and her split cloak hanging from her back. She's carrying over her shoulder a spectral emitter for Fitz.

    "So we need to be very careful - she is staying in a pitch black room and has been for years. Any light, even some from torches and the light from my phone was enough to start antagonising her condition," she explains to Fitz as they walk.

    "Ideally we can find some spectrum of light that lets her at least have a lit up room and she can read books or watch tv... something rather than complete isolated darkness. That is torture. Still she hasn't had any choice since Jacob disappeared on them," she says with a sigh.

    They round a corner to one of the larger buildings in Afterlife. It's decorated much the same as the others, with paints, but people don't seem to go here - it's not a central place of gathering. "Okay Fitz, are you ready to meet the patient?," she says with a quirky smile. She's never had a 'patient' before. She's not a medical doctor like Simmons. "Think we should wait for Simmons to catch up?"


    The missiles fly in SO fast. The whistling sound they make is unmistakable, nor is the looming of quinjets on the horizon.. the source of the missiles. She drops the spectral emitter and dives on Fitz, "Get down!"

    The destruction is everywhere, and all at once. Bobbi looks up at the building they were about to enter, part of it is collapsed and on fire, "No... no no no." She pats Fitz's shoulder and gets up, running in to the burning building. Her goggles switch to heat signature mode to cut through the thick dust and smoke. "Nona?," she calls out desperately.

    There's a large chunk of wall in the way and she wraps her arms about some of it and starts trying to dislodge it to get it out of the way. Even with super strength.. more of the building is going to come down if she succeeds. Through the dense walls she sees a faint outline.. unmoving.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"We took a walk up near the base of the mountain, charlando. It was a good day, like today is.. sun out, beautiful weather." Elena explains to Matt as they walk towards the clinic from the basecamp where the SHIELD deligation had been set up. She's wearing black cargo pants, boots, shirt, and a thick black coat. Hair pulled back off her thin neck into a tight ponytail at the base of her skull. She's as armed as she dares to be in this place, pistol on her hip and another in a leg holster hidden beneath her pants tucked into her boot.

Nothing obnoxious.

Like the sound Quinjets coming in over head. "Dios mio..." Brow furrowed, her first reaction is to reach for her radio, but never actually gets the chance to grab it. The missiles start hitting, first a couple houses. One of them within a dozen or so yards of where she and Matt were walking. The force of it knocks her backwards, hand up to shield her face from the back blast as she rolls across the ground into a push-up position with a harsh, constant, ringing in her right ear. "MATT.." Coughing, she pushes up and reaches for her pistol, turning in a slow circle at the sudden chaos and presence of armored HYDRA soldiers. "... This is Agent Rodrigeuz, anyone hear me?" If comms are back up...

"HYDRA agents.. .. Everywhere." Broken up by fits of coughing where the dust and bellowing smoke of missile struck houses is filling the air.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
At this point he accepted that SHIELD was going to know not all was as it seemed with Matt's blindness so when Mark asks him to help move supplies with Elena he agrees, leaving his cane behind so he can carry boxes with both hands seemingly having no problem navigating the narrow cobbled paths to the clinic. "Sounds like a good time," he says to Elena as she tells her tale moments before the sound of jets get his attention. "I thought SHIELD wasn't supposed to bring more agents," he says with a frown seconds before the first missile flies.

He ducks low as the explosion rocks his senses stunning him for a moment. "I'm alright," he says to Mark and Elena as he shakes it off, coughing a little as dust and smoke fills the air. He can sense the agents being dropped off and frowns. "We need to get to Daisy and the others," he tells Mark and Elena, before turning and beginning to sprint in the direction of the meeting.


Inside the SHIELD quinjet, a woman in a HYDRA uniform steps through the hull and smiles at the surprised SHIELD agents inside. "Boo," she says, lifting a hand and letting loose with arcs of electricity that send the Agents flying back, smoke rising from where the electricity hit their bodies.

Casually the woman, raises her hand again this time aimed at the vehicle's controls, sending fresh arcs of electricity into the circuits frying them before she turns her attention to the power system, raising both hands and dumping a massive burst of power into jet. A chain reaction starts, systems frying components exploding and the woman just smiles at her handiwork and phases through the floor before the quinjet explodes into a ball of flame.

Gayle Trushot has returned.

Melinda May has posed:
The side wall of the meeting house explodes violently and Jia cannot keep hold of the terrigen crystal in her hand as she crashes to the ground. It explodes in a puff of terrigenesis enducing mist, mixed with the building falling down around them.

Gonzales is reaching into his jacket to produce an envelope he's carried with him. Before he can do or say anything further the building shudders, the crystal falls, and the mists expand in a rush. He looks to May, "Agent May" he begins before the effect reaches his throat stopping his vocal cords, a moment later it has covered his jaw, his nose and all the way to the top of his head, leaving him little more than a statue holding an envelope a surprised look etched into his stoney features.

May meets Gonzales' eyes. There's nothing she can do. She reaches out for the envelope, her hand closing over it. But volcanic rock is spreading across her own body, crawling up her legs and over her hips. She looks down at it, feeling it flow over her ribs, making breathing tighter. Not the first time she's been in a full body cast. It's just the first time she doesn't expect to wake up from it.

Jia's ears are ringing as she stumbles up from the floor. She can feel the blood all over her body. It's hers, she knows this feeling well. One of the HYDRA shock troopers lifts up a net gun and fires it at Lash. Another walks over and picks up Jia by the shoulder and laughs, pulling back his visor to look at her, "Not so powerful now are you."

Jia shudders as she is pulled about like a rag doll. She reaches in and cups his chin. His body freezes up and he starts to struggle to breath as the life starts to drain from his very features. Even as he starts to fade in her grasp, she begins to heal. "Ssh," she says softly to him as she feels his life force drawn in to her. "Not so powerful now.. are you," she quietly whispers back to her would be attacker.

Vibrations are felt running through the house. Another attack? But it's a familiar feeling, that of Daisy. The young SHIELD agent bursts through into the house with an urgent look to her face. "Mother, May!" she says, the tone equal in caring. In many ways May had been a mother when she had needed one.

So her eyes widen when she notices the scene in front of her. Jiaying draining a man.. And May's figure surrounded with the terrigen transformation.

But the rock encasing May begins to crack. Splinters break away, crumbling as her earlier arrested momentum breaks free, sending her stumbling forward. She catches herself on Gonzales' stoney form before he begins to crumble. Her fist tightens around that enevelop for a moment before its contents spill. She takes what remains in it and jams it into her pocket. It's an automatic move, not one she thinks about.

Moving solely on instinct, she stoops and picks up the deadly weapon fallen from the fists of the man Jiaying has drained. She lifts it to her shoulder and starts firing at every HYDRA trooper that steps within her sights. And when she runs out of ammunition, she flips it around and uses it as a club. When it finally breaks, she starts in with fists and feet.

There is no fury in her eyes. No fear in her body. Not even a sense of vengeance, shock, or grief. She is nothing more than a swift, efficient, relentless fighting machine.

The man Jia is gently holding collapses to the ground as Jia watches May stumble out of her casing. The look of shock on her face is immeasurable. Her head jerks up as she hears 'Mom' and sees Daisy, having just witnessed her using her gift to heal herself and end the life of a HYDRA shock trooper.

"Daisy...," she says as the chaos of the room erupts amidst sudden gunfire from May. Gordon has a job to do and Lash is too engrossed in tearing the metal men apart. He places a hand on Jia's shoulder and a blue aura spread around them both. "Gordon NO!," Jia protests. It is not her call, a higher Inhuman power demanded it of Gordon.

With a crackle, they are gone...

Leopold Fitz has posed:
This is a strange sort of situation -- at least in Fitz's eyes. Not the standard sort of SHIELD Op. Definitely not something that he specializes in. More diplomacy then field work. But that doesn't mean that one of SHIELD's premiere engineers and general big brains can't find something to do. Even if it involves more biology work then he is truly comfortable with. Fortunately he had Simmons for that part. They usually do their best work together afterall.

And while helping to provide a solution for the unfortunate Inhuman Nona is the priority under the circumstances, access to the village does let him work on that little side project as well, to try and crack why there is so much difficulty getting a signal in and out of the area. So often people underestimate the importance of good communication lines... right up to the moment where they desperately require it. Then it comes back into play.

"Understood Agent Morse," Fitz says absently, walking along side of Bobbi, his gaze fastened onto the discrete scanning device in his hand more then where they are going. He's more or less leaving the navigation up to Bobbi, barely glancing up to make sure that he is still a step or two in her wake. "And I don't think we need to wait for Simmons. She'll catch up with us. Between the two of us I'm pretty sure we've found an appropriate spectrum. But it will take me a little time to set up the initial test. We'll need to position both emitters and sensors about her room before we start so we have some time," he assures her, a frown creeping over his expression.

The frown is for the signals that suddenly appear on his scanner despite the inscrutable interferenace that he is positive he has not cracked yet. But there they are. "Several birds incoming," he says, brow furrowing, his attention mostly on the signals to try and figure out what's different about them. "Wait... multiple more signals incoming, way too fast to be Quin jets," he says, eyes widening as he finally looks up, peering into the sky with alarm. "Agent Morse I think we have incoming missles..." he manages just an instant before the streaking projectiles land amongst the camp.

Anything else he might say is drowned out in the sudden burst of explosions about the village...

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Crackles are heard in comms now that indeed now they are back to working. Elena's question, followed by Agents inside one of the SHIELD quinjets. "... attacked..." followed by a scream, "... powered hydra agent inside the quinjet. Electric-" then static, followed by the explosion of one of the SHIELD quinjets. Clearly this was a planned attack, and even SHIELD agents are under attack. Agent Davis is heard on comms, "Quinjet 2 lifting off, engaging hostiles." the sound of it's engines heard as it prepares to engage.

Ahead of Elena and Matt, behind a few houses there is the sound of gunshots, electricity arcing up in the air. The clinic. Enhanced senses will be able to detect a shout of pain from Mark before more electricity is visible in the air. But before they can get there a pair of armored troopers drops down, right in front of them. Curiously enough they aren't holding lethal weapons but net guns of some sort. They shoot towards the 'blind' lawyer and the Colombian woman.

Outside with May and Daisy is Lash, the wolf-man now having finished to slash through metal and throat, claws dripping blood. He lifts his head, almost as if sniffing the air before he looks in the direction of the clinic where lightning is arcing. "The cubs.." he murmurs then starts running rather fast, taking advantage of the efficient way with which May dispatches the various agents around. Daisy joins in, the vibrations felt rising in intensity as she 'cracks' one armored soldier, armor caving in. Eyes are wide now, wild. "May, we should follow him." murder in her voice.

A trio of soldiers drops in near Fitz and Bobbi, shiny black armors and weapons held high as they point them at the Agents. Agents? They shift to their lethal pistols. Apparently the net guns are for Inhumans only. Perks of being an Inhuman, people don't shoot to kill.. Another missile hits the encampment just before the Quinjet piloted by Davis engages, the missile hitting rather close to the clinic.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi struggles with the piece of wall in her hands. She groooans hard as she lifts it up and pushes it out of the way. A beam falls down and she catches it. "No... nooo....," she says as she sees the crushed body of Nona. "Nona no...," she says in a soft weep and steps away, letting the building crash back in to place. She walks out of the building, stunned, then sees two HYDRA soldiers drop down in front of them with.. net guns?

    In their confusion to swap to lethals she has glanced across to activate her wings. The black cloak snaps in to the shape of wings and begins to glow purple as the alien anti-gravity plates inside fire up. She charges in at the first HYDRA agent who hasn't had a chance to lift his lethal gun up yet and punches him as hard as she can. Her fist smashes through the visor and crushes against his face, knocking him out.

    "HYDRA.. Why can't you people just disappear forever!," she says -- her visor, running Falcon's software, alerts her to being targeted by the second HYDRA agents machine gun and she dive rolls blindly from the gun fire. "Fitz!," she calls out for help. She's not super fast, she can't outrun bullets. And the heart rate monitor on her wrist keeps spiking up and down wildly.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena glances after Matt when he makes as if to sprint towards the house where Daisy and the others ran, "I need to get to the clinic!" It's not that she cares less about the Agents, but... Really... May's there. It's fine. Everything is absolutely fine there.

As if to make her point for her, the sound of gunfire, screams, and the crackle of electricity comes from over behind a row of buildings between them and the aforementioned Clinic.

The Columbian, rubbing her whole palm against her ear trying to clear out the ringing, is moving towards them. Not yet running, unsure even how she'd do with her equalibrium affected by the shift in her inner ear, but ready to if the need arrise...

That need, in the form of two armed individuals and the sound of Mark screaming, arrise. Her grip tightens around her pistol, leaning to the right she leaves a ghostly trail of multiple YoYo's and cuts left at a blazing speed. Right at one of the firing HYDRA agents. Ducking beneath the net, she's using the grip of her pistol like a blugeoning weapon to take, at the very least, one of the two out before she can snap backwards.

Confident that the armor will be too thick for her 9mm weapon, she'll ring his bell with a couple dozen pistol whips to the armored head. He was unconscious by six or seven, but it's better safe than sorry. Slingshotting backwards to her original position..

And immediately diving for cover..

Matthew Murdock has posed:
At Elena's shout Matt stops, focusing a moment in the chaos. "At least two troopers by the clinic he reports, they may have Mark, good luck, I'll come join you with Daisy and May." Then continues his run ducking as a HYDRA trooper's net is fired his way, he rolls and comes up infront of the man, knocking the net gun to the side and driving a fist into the man's exposed chin, before leaping and kicking the man in the chest sending him on his ass. Recovering the net gun he racks a new cartridge into the weapon and fire a fresh net at the man before continuing to run, calling out, "Daisy! May!" as he tosses the empty weapon aside.

As for Trushot she makes her way from the landing pad towards the clinic, arcs of lightning taking down Inhumans and agents as she goes, and all the while she's smiling savagely.

Melinda May has posed:
May gives Daisy a simple nod. Whatever she felt about Lash or even Gordon or Jiaying walking into the meeting, it's all academic, now. She is driven not by emotion, but by the simple fact there are people in danger and it's her job to protect them. She runs toward the clinic. And when she encounters a HYDRA operative in the way... she takes care of them.

Some of them hit back. So, she hits harder. She doesn't stop. She responds to the pain with grunts and chuffs of air, but not with rage. And then, she hits harder again.

HYDRA will either learn to get out of her way or not.

The missile that hits near the clinic throws up dust and debris. She throws up her arms to protect herself from the rain of dust and dirt.

Then Trushot is coming, electricity arcing. The senior agent pulls up short. She looks around for something to deal with that. With little else to hand, she pulls out her ICER and starts shooting at the woman's head.

May's a pretty true shot, too. But ICER rounds through an electrical field? Probably dicey.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
So... the problem with the signal jamming is fixed. He supposes that might, possibly qualify as good news even under the circumstances.

Which is probably the only thing that qualifies as good news under the circumstances.

For a moment all Fitz can really do is duck and cover, crouched low to the ground, shielding himself as much as possible with his pack as the explosions go off around them -- but most especially as one of those HYDRA missiles rips apart the building that they were headed straight for. When they are given a brief reprieve, Fitz gives himself a quick once over and makes sure that he does not seem to have been injured by the flying debris, his gaze darts towards Bobbi where she frantically tries to prop up what remains of the structure. He doesn't need to see a body to know that in all likelihood, those efforts are likely vain.

While tragic, he SHIELD scientist doesn't exactly get a long time to reflect on that fact, not as a small host of enemies begin to descend on them. It's probably not all that long ago that Fitz might have frozen, or at the very least scampered for cover and waited for another, more experienced field agent to come to their rescue as backup. But Fitz has been in the field quite a bit as of late and while he can't see every coming to enjoy it like he does the lab, he's not exactly a deer in the headlights.

While the HYDRA agents might intend to polish them off with lethal rounds, fortunately for them Fitz is cut from a different cloth. Given the option, he'll always choose ICER rounds and he smoothly draws his sidearm, lining shots up on those threats that are approaching, but not yet engaged with Agent Morse, aimming center-mass.

Even if he can't take them down, hopefully he can give her enough time to deal with those she is already engaged with.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
One of the Hydra Agents is still befuddled at how his partner just dropped unconscious out of nowhere..., levelling his weapon at Matt and .., wait this guy moves a bit faster than expected. "Requesting backup--" *crack* another one unconscious and a net gun for Matt.

Elena's duck for cover may be cut short most likely as apparently that blind lawyer is able to take an armored, armed man with his hands. Not so blind apparently! But it also gives the SHIELD Inhuman room to approach the clinic ... The missile that hit close to the clinic has made one of it's walls crumble, a few Inhumans staggering and moving away from the debris, dust up in the air. Mark is there, lightning arcing from his arms as he fries one more Hydra Agent. There's a few already and Hydra has apparently chosen to go lethal on this one. Bullet wounds are visible on the man but he is still standing in front of a group of cowering Inhumans in a corner. He cries out to the Hydra Agents. "Cowards!" just as one nears him from behind with a gun, levelling it at his head..

Matt will come to find Daisy and May running, fighting Hydra in the way, all the while those vibrations getting more intense. She aims up at the sky too to shoot a concussive blast at Trushot but it goes wide. "That bitch again." she gritting her teeth, then spotting Matt. "Matt! Are you okay? Jia is gone, Gonzales is dead.." a look to May, "We need to keep an eye on her.." she may be the cavalry but even she needs her backup! (Sometimes) But with Trushot being on the way to the clinic as well they are able to see in the distance by now too.

Shooting metal-armored men with ICERs may not go too well, but it brings the guy's attention to Fitz, one hand in front of him as if he was expecting a deadly shot. He then laughs. "SHIELD and their ICERs..." smug tone. "I am going to kill you now." he levels his weapon up at Fitz.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi rips her hand free from the helmet of the HYDRA shock trooper, small lacerations covering it. She turns again to the second HYDRA shock trooper as he dives out of the way thinking those ICER rounds might actually be dangerous to him. It's the perfect distraction and it gives Bobbi the time she needs to grapple with him on the ground.

    He struggles against her, but her grip around his neck tightens and her legs wrap around his armoured torso. He's heavy, but she's strong.. and after a few more attempted kicks and jerks, he goes limp. She rolls him off of her and nods to Fitz. "Might have to switch to lethal, if you've got 'em."

    She pulls out her earpiece and pops it in and is suddenly filled with all the radio chatter from SHIELD. The battle is taking place all over Afterlife and even their own encampment. "HYDRA.. everywhere," she murmurs and draws her dual staves. "The others are meeting near the clinic. Let's go Fitz.."

    Bobbi takes off at a run and as she comes across HYDRA agents, she doesn't hold back with her stave strikes. Their armour might stop their knees from breaking with a sudden whip, but she's finding their tactical visors are a weakness and no one likes a stave to the face full of broken plastics and glass.

    Bobbi sees Trushot crackling the air and stares in concern. "Oh great.. I read about this one," she says. "Mark! You need to neutralise her electricity.. Quake.. she might try playing Earthquakes with you again." Bobbi read the report. She says to Fitz, "I thought she was meant to be dead?"

    She shoots a look across to Elena, "She's fast too, you might have to slow her down... and if she is too strong, I'll move in." That ragged look has come across Bobbi and she notices May is covered in dirt and soot too.. she gives her fellow level seven a look of 'wow were in it deep this time'.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Ciego mi culo.." Elena murmurs at Matt, looking at him in a whole different light after he takes that other HYDRA agent apart with nothing, but his fists and lightning fast movements. She scampers out from behind cover, crawling across the scattered ground on her hands until her feet catches up to her body to carry her around the blown out remains of a house into the thoroughfare that leads to the clinic.

A bit of blood is running down her face from the explosion. Some chunk of plaster having left a clean laceration through her eyebrow. Deep enough to bleed, but probably not scar... she's not thinking about it. Not with Mark there frying HYDRA like a bug zapper. Genuinely glad to see it, him still standing.. despite the bullet wounds. There's no smile on her face, less so when another soldier steps out from behind a crumbling wall to put a gun on the back of Mark's head.

Quick decision.

YoYo leans forward, ghosting across the open field with the sudden forward momentum of a human sized, Columbian bullet, she slams her raised forearms into the soldier's flank and sends him smashing through what remains of the wall. The ghosts follow behind her, rather than the other way around, and she remains standing behind Mark. "Check your corners." She murmurs to the doctor, only the smallest ounce of joke in her tone because this is a serious moment and she absolutely never joke during a serious moment.

Pistol up to fire off a shot at a hydra, then tilts her head and glances up at Bobbi. "On it." Once more ghosting in a whip of sudden speed, kicking up a cloud of dust as she runs directly at Trushot!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's hand throbs from hitting the man in the chin like that but he keeps going, moving until he finds Daisy and May. "Mark is up at the clinic, Elena is going there too, I said I'd bring you both that way when I could," he reports senses sweeping around for threats as he speaks.

Trushot for her part meets May's shots by simply phasing through them though as she does she staggers a step her hand going to her chest. She takes a breath, crouching as the concussive blast from Quake comes close. "Excuse me, dear, I was already dealing with the Cavalry," she crows before unleashing the full force of her electric blasts at both Daisy and May. "But I suppose I can share!"

Her attention is fully in front of her so she doesn't see Elena coming until she hits sending Trushot flying into the side of a building.

Melinda May has posed:
"I'm fine," May says to Daisy, her voice matter of fact. Her head's buzzing, it's true, but it's not something that bothers her. Nothing bothers her, right now. "Where's Fitz?" she asks, drawing up short beside her and Matt. "I need a link to him or Davis." Because she knows something the rest of them don't.

She knows how to blow up those HYDRA quinjets.

As the comms come back online, and she hears the static in her ear. "Fitz," she calls, her voice clear and calm as he and Bobbi draw near. "Those HYDRA quinjets have mini-fours tucked under the pilot console." She's referring, of course, to a small sabotage explosive device that is *very* good at vaporising holes in things. If it's under the piloting console, that means it'll take out the full cockpits and much of the nose of the planes. "Frequency 89.527. Blow them." Y'all can ask her how she managed that trick later. Right now, there's more fighting to be done.

She returns Bobbi's 'we're in deep' look with a simple nod of acknowledgement. No snirk. No attitude. No roll of her eyes to agree. She's scary-calm, Commander Data neutral.

Again, she looks around. She has no lethal weapon on her; she left it behind when they went to see Jiaying. It seemed politic at the time. Seeing another HYDRA rifle fallen beneath the body of a soldier, she jogs towards him, shoves him off of it with one fluid motion, and picks up the rifle. Automatically, she checks it, chambers it, and raises it to her shoulder.

She tracks Trushot as Elena knocks her into the side of the building. When Elena retreats, May begins firing again. Even if it doesn't stop her, it may keep her busy.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
There is a reason that Fitz helped Jemma create the ICER rounds. Beyond the need for Agents to sometimes bring their targets in alive. As a general rule he doesn't really approve of killing. It's rather final and even the best shot risks killing their target with standard issue rounds. It's inefficient. And if there is anything Fitz hates it might very well be inefficiency.

That doesn't mean that he is oblivious to the limitations of ICER rounds, especially when facing an armored foe. Piercing human flesh is one thing. Piercing armor is an entirely different beast and there is no real way to make those round armor piercing without taking the risk that they will be fatal to the target. So Bobbi's suggestion is a good one. But if anything his recent time undercover has solidified in Fitz's mind that he really, really doesn't like to kill.

"It seems that you've got me," Fitz replies with surprising calm as the HYDRA agent approaches. "ICER rounds definitely won't be getting through that armor," he agrees. "On the other hand, there are drawbacks to going with metal for your armor," he notes as a trio of his seemingly ever present drones rise up amongst the smoking rubble. "It's an awfully good conductor of electricity," he points out as those drones fire off their tasers at the man.

With that threat dealt with, Fitz starts off after Bobbi, at the unexpected sight of Trushot. "That's unexpected. I don't really have any theories yet," he says, just a hint of reproach in his tone. It's only been a few seconds. Besides, this is clearly a Biology issue and he is clearly Engineering.

Then, with May's message he retrieves that device at his side. "Understood Agent May. I'm tapping in now... give me a moment... okay, signal sent. If they didn't find them before takeoff those pilots are in for a nasty surprise..."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Oh hey, I think I have been shot." Is what Mark says back to Elena when she uh .., plays bowling with the hydra agent aiming to kill him. It also shows the man is most likely going into shock soon. Yet that doesn't stop the man from continuing to shoot lightning and ..., someone else with electrical powers? He turns to Trushot.

Daisy screams and tries to unleash her own power against the lightning, and Trushot. A mistake as the lightning goes right through, hitting the ground not far from where she is standing and sending her flying. She rolls over, on hands and knees, breathing heavily and looking around...

Screams. Inhumans being captured and taken away by the Hydra Agents. Others dead in the blasts. "No.." she murmurs.

A rumble is felt in the mountain, again an avalanche.. And the young Agent starts to get up. She lets out a loud scream now, a contrast to May's unfeeling self. She is all feelings now. With all the consequences it brings, including the uncontrolled powers. A couple of Hydra Agents are caught by her gaze and she lifts her hand, 'burying' them inside their armors as they cave in and crush the tender flesh beneath...

Bobbi and Fitz are now close to Mark and the rubble. Nearby they can hear a small cackle even as Fitz inputs the codes to take down the quinjets in range. Reina is there, under a pile of rubble, body broken and her porcupine face fixed on Bobbi. "I told you. But you didn't believe me. Now you will. Now you will!"

Explosions are heard as a couple of Hydra Quinjets explode.

Davis is heard on the comms. "Woohoo! Good job! I .., still have a quinjet on the radar but it's moving away fast. Damn it, I lost the track."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi nods with approval at Fitz's tactic against the HYDRA agents. Very efficient. She flicks a switch on her staves to activate the stun tips. That will save her a lot of time too.

    Bobbi hasn't seen May this serious in a long time. Whatever happened in that meeting must have been.... bad. She hears echos of other statements made prior to putting her ear piece in as other Agents repeat the news. Gonzales is dead. The colour drains from her face and her lips tighten. That stubborn old man has been her boss for a decade and mentored her in to the level seven role.

    Bobbi is far from lacking emotions as she scowls and charges toward the biggest HYDRA threat available to punish - Trushot. Her attention is ripped away from revenge though as she sees Reina. She pulls a chunk of wall off of Reina and then a beam and kneels down next to her.

    "Reina..," she says as her eyes search over the crushed body of the difficult Inhuman. She never really had anything against her, just felt she was a charlatan. But the metal men are here... which would mean Sky Commander Morse is real?

    Against her better judgement, she takes Reina's hand and sees a dizzying flash of alien symbology in her mind. She shut her eyes for it this time, which helps. "I'm sorry Reina," she says of her condition.. they both know this is the end for her. "I'm listening to you now.. even if it is too late," she admits.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
The collision between Elena and Trushot is a magnificent thing to see. The Columbian speeder hits the electric field surrounding the HYDRA super inhuman at well over a hundred MPH and sends of bright flashes of bleed off energy in arcs like a missile crashing through a deflector shield. The kinetic shield that protects YoYo from harm when crashing through air at those speeds drinks up some of the physical damage to her arms slamming into the womans back, but it does absolutely nothing for electricity.

Thankfully the dangerous charge was focused forward, so it wasn't a full on electricution. Less thankfully, it doesn't have to be. Elena whips backwards, slingshot back to her original position with the add speed of the charge sparking off in her face. Staggering into a roll over her shoulders that leaves her on her knees with both arms twitching, dead at her sides. The gun she was carrying hits the ground, but Elena is already pushing back up.

And leaning into another rush towards Trushot. Ignoring the fact she cant feel her hands... or anything from the elbow down for that matter. This time turning her body to use her shoulder rather than forearms, she doesn't have the same element of surprise on her side. Or a whole lot of a balance, to be honest. Her arms are dead weight.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Trushot pushes a hand against the wall trying to stand when the first of May's ICER rounds hit her, she jerks back, then again and again as each round hits. Her legs begin to sag in the moment before Elena returns driving her shoulder into Trushot again bouncing her against the wall like a rag doll before she collapses to the ground, the collision and the ICER rounds taking her down.

For his part Matt rushes to Daisy's side, trying to block out the feeling of what she's doing to those HYDRA agents,"Daisy!" he shouts coming to his knees beside her, hands on her shoulders the deadly vibrations coming off of Daisy playing hell with his senses.. "You got to stop. Please, no more killing."

Melinda May has posed:
May pivots, stance widening as Daisy's earthquakes play havoc with even her usually superb balance. Morse has lost emotional control. Daisy has lost emotional control. Elena is unbalaced by the electricity and the shaking ground. And Fitz... is still not a true field agent.

Trushot goes down; May's not convinced she's out. She *is* convinced she'll make a good prisoner, can they subdue her long enough to accommodate that. But her priorty isn't prisoners.

"Davis," she says over comms. "Get back here with any other friendlies we've got. I want whoever's left in the sky who's not chasing down HYDRA quinjet pieces back at the village. We have people in need of evacuation and medical. Now."

Then, she's looking around, lifing her weapon and firing at any HYDRA soldiers that remain. Their rides, after all, are gone. If she can disable them rather than killing them, that's good. If she has to kill them? Well, she feels no remorse. Not currently, anyway.

"I don't know where Jiaying is," she says, moving toward Bobbi, kneeling there by Raina. The quilled woman means nothing to her, unfortunately. And even if she did... it wouldn't matter. "If Jiaying went to the caves in the mountains, she could be in danger. Any one who evacuated there could be." Because Daisy is bringing the mountain down on everyone's head. "We need to coordinate a rescue and evac."

It's easy to sort these things out when you're not scared or angry, somehow. Odd, really. "We need to protect these people." On the bright side, she does seem fully on board with helping the Inhumans.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
When Fitz is in his element he can be rather effective. And that element is slowly but surely expanding.

There is a certain satisfaction in watching those HYDRA Quinjets explode -- despite his reluctance to kill. Maybe it helps when he's not actually looking them in the eye. Or maybe the fact that he watched them kill and hurt so many moments before with their rain of missiles has tempered any guilt he might feel on the subject. Either way, he doesn't exactly take time to savor the changing of the tide. There are still enough problems.

He is not ideal to assist May if Trushot is not really down, that much is true. The drone-mounted tasers might have dealt well enough with the HYDRA agent appetizers, but they probably wouldn't be all that effective against the main course. Fitz has no delusions where his gifts lie, fortunately.

The controls to his drones are almost immediately back in his hands and the three flying bodyguards he had flanking him are redirected out, joining the small fleet that he has had scouring the area to try and track down the source of the ongoing disruption to their communications. With that no longer a pressing issue they can serve a much more urgent purpose now. "I'm redeploying the DWARFs to S&R Agent May. The heat blooms from the missile impacts will make infrared marking a little hit or miss but I will livesteam video of those areas where we can't get good data for any signs of survivors. I'll have the drones take up airborn positions to clearly mark the locations of any signs of life. Agents can converge on them," he says, putting that same report into action.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Reina is gasping in short breaths as Bobbi leans in towards her. And the smile she gives her is a bloody one. One hand moves fast, clasping over Bobbi's, the quills felt digging into skin as even by death's door she is spiteful. "Now you believe me. In the end." bitterness in her voice. "What good will it be now, mmm?" she rises herself up further. "It is too late for you and what you hold dear too, for the angels will come with scythes for my people, and SHIELD will be caught in the maelstrom and broken against the rocks." she wheezes out, eyes losing some of that spite, "Oh, it's you." this to May, "The caretaker.", her eyes go back to Bobbi, "I just wish...." but then she speaks no more.

Daisy lets out an anguished wail, "I can hear their pain." her people. What right do these Hydra have of breathing after what they have done? She is prepared to continue until she feels the hands on her shoulders, keeping her centered and 'balanced'. She attunes herself, feeling that familiar song against her that means so much to her now. She staggers but slowly the vibrations start to subside, some control returning. "Help them, please." she pleads to Matt.

Trushot is like a true pinball now, bounced around by Yo-Yo and shot by May. She is truly and well knocked out. Unfair! She was supposed to be the next Epicenter! Or so she thinks.

Some resistance is heard from other parts of the village, bolts of ice, fire. Apparently the little army Jia was creating is doing some work. Hydra agents start to be captured by the joint effort of both Inhumans and SHIELD.

Those familiar blue forcefields of Gordon's teleportation start to be seen around the place as well, along with the sound. Clearly he has begun to take Inhumans away. Or at least taking away those closer to where the Agents are.

The DWARFS show just that, most of the survivors being plucked away by a very busy Gordon.

Mark sits down against the building, exhausted and bleeding, Lash kneeling next to him.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
May's orders to Davis are met with a, "On it." SHIELD agents starting to work on rescuing and evacuating the wounded. At least when most of the Hydra threat appears to be done with. Many captured, a few dead. Casualties on all sides.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi can't hold back her tears anymore. Gonzales: Dead. Nona: Dead. Reina: Dead. Her eye sweep around the village. Buildings collapsed, on fire. Somehow the snow is starting to beat down upon the village as if all its hope and wonder has vanished. Or may be just the Inhuman that was keeping the climate at bay. There are bodies everywhere. HYDRA and Inhuman alike.

    Tears roll down her cheeks and she pulls her hand back from Reina's dead grasp, the quills tearing at her skin. She draws in a hiss of pain and lets the blood drip to the ground as she stands back up. How can May be so clear minded in a time like this?

    Bobbi walks over to a HYDRA shock trooper several Inhumans have pinned against a wall - pinned with a spear that is. She stares him in the eyes and demands, "Who is your leader."

    He begins to laugh and says, "As.. if.. telling you.. would change a thing, Traitor... Dr. List will be coming for you. Coming for all of you."

    Bobbi grips the spear and twists it causing the man to groan in pain and then pass out. She stares angrily at the man and then shakes her head - he will be a useful prisoner. "Medic!," she calls. She turns back around and walks away leaving him to be handled by other SHIELD agents. She stops and stares at May.. she seems very with it and in charge right now.. she turns and walks out of the village back toward what remains of the SHIELD encampment. Bobbi is done here.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
This time when Elena rebounds back, she's on her knees. The fingers on her hands are twitching, especially the left that hit the electrified field around Trushot the last time. A bit of pain on her face, she works herself down onto her bottom and lays back on the ground with slow, deep breaths. Calming her heart down from the rapid pattering in her chest. Electricity sucks.

Speedster or not.

Dark eyes roll towards the last place she'd seen Mark, really just hoping he's okay. She's dirty, most of her hair is loose from the ponytail, and matted to blood on the side of her face from the small cut above her eye. Anyone who comes towards her, she shakes her head, "Get the villages first. I'm just catching my breath." Big lie. Big mood. Big disdain for electricity.

Big desire for an energy bar.

There's still the sounds of the rogue shot at remaining HYDRA, screams of people in pain, and the cracking of foundation where the missiles had weakened a building that's just now giving up its fight against gravity. Much less beautiful day, this one.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt keeps his hands on Daisy's shoulder few moments longer before giving it a squeeze. "You got it," he promises standing and offering Daisy a hand up. "We can look for them together." He stands there then, hand extended as the snow begin to fall ready to help Daisy to her feet and join the search for survivors.

Melinda May has posed:
May watches Bobbi's actions... and *doesn't* react with anger. Or sympathy. Or satisfaction, for that matter. She doesn't react at all. She simply watches her go. There's a job to be done, here and now. And, unfortunately, Agent Morse doesn't seem to be the one to do it. If it bothers May, however, she makes no sign of it.

Instead, with search and rescue underway, she turns and walks over to where Trushot lays. Almost casually, she flips her unconscious body over and binds her wirsts with zipties. It won't likely be enough, given the woman's powerset. If they had a containment module, she'd try that. But they don't. So, she'll settle for knocking her out repeatedly, if she has to. It doesn't remotely bother her she might scramble the HYDRA woman's brains by doing that.

She looks up, calling to her people, "I need help. We need to get this woman contained."

Leopold Fitz has posed:
So, quite literally they are left to deal with the Aftermath. With his drones deployed Fitz has a bird's eye view of the fact that the Inhumans are dealing with their dead and injured without any help needed from them. But it is offered nonetheless. Somehow he expects right at the moment that trust for outsiders, whether they are friends -- or willing to be friends. Still, the drones sweep the area, keeping an eye out for any of the injured that Gordon might miss, ready to bring it to someone's attention.

It might be the equivilent of busy work really, given that he has yet to notice anyone who needs it not getting attention, but sometimes busy work is a good thing at keeping one's mind off of difficult things to process. Fitz won't be complaining today, not when so many have much more to deal with then him. He shoots the occasional glance around, checking on the others. But he otherwise keeps his head down and helps how he can.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Lash seems surprisingly careful when he handles Mark, looking at the man's wounds. He sniffs. "You will live.." Mark doesn't seem too enthused by those news, blue eyes having lost some of that bright light he normally had, so hopeful for all this. He is looking about, at the Agents, at the dead.. He looks at Elena. "You look worse than I do." he wheezing a chuckle even if it isn't a very amused one. But then Gordon appears, placing his hands on both Lash and Mark. "Time to go." Mark looks resigned and says back to Elena. "Try to keep the faith." even if it's clear his faith his gone. And then they disappear.

Daisy takes Matt's hand, getting up, tears streaking down her cheeks openly. She nods mutely about the search for survivors. It was time to try and salvage anything that could still be salvaged from this broken dream.

Eventually the teleporting Gordon stops being heard, even if a few Inhumans remain. Some wounded, perhaps ones he didn't spot. But SHIELD Agents begin to bring them towards the Quinjets (The RIGHT ones) to rescue them.

Trushot gets heavily sedated when May asks for contaiment. She'd most likely find a nice cell back at SHIELD for her troubles. And being interrogated, along with the rest of the prisoners.

It takes them a while still to get everyone inside, fighting the threat of both fires and also the snows that are threatening it further and further.

As the Quinjets lift off to leave Afterlife what's left is ruins of hopes and dreams. A paradise lost.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    --- some time later ---

    Vogel stares with anger at Dr. List's hologram before him. "I did not give you permission to touch those quinjets. They had a purpose and worse still, they were being watched! Now SHIELD will suspect Gyver!"

    Dr. List smirks and chuckles back at the hologram of Vogel before him and says, "They were gathering dust and mothballs. I had a need and a purpose for them. I don't care what you and your cowardly cohort have or have not got planned. I am achieving results. We recovered seven Inhumans for testing from Afterlife and they are proving to be most interesting. The rest of the Inhumans will be captured soon, their teleporter gives off a signal we can track. I will soon achieve what Whitehall could not."

    Vogel slams a hand down on the table top before him and says, "You're as wreckless as Whitehall and Schmidt. You show your hand and now they will be coming for you. You and I are _done_ List."

    The holograms disappear as the crack between the factions of HYDRA widen.