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Look who is over for dinner
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Mystique comes to visit Rogue and catch up on current events. It is not a hallmark moment.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Raven Darkholme

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had taken three whole damn kids to Salem Center this evening after classes were over. They all had Dentists appoints from 3pm and she wasn't getting home till just now...

She'd stopped at a fast food place to get everyone something to eat (on the school's dime!) and then ushered them all back in to the school with their Frosty's and sore mouths.

After dealing with some things in the kitchen, Rogue is on her way back to her room carrying a glass with some fruity red raspberry drink in it and her phone in her other hand. HEr eyes are on her phone as she steps up to her bedroom door and nudges it open.

Dressed in blue jeans, a red tanktop with a flannel shirt tied-off around her stomach, black leather boots and black gloves on her hands, Rogue is in casual school worker mode, happy to be back in her room.

She walks right over to her bed and turns around to sit down on it, her eyes still on her phone.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Getting into the mansion wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either. Not for Mystique. She could look like anyone at any moment. Change every detail about her attire to the point of fooling retinal scans, finger printing, and even vocal recognition with pinpoint accuracy with any amount of research or scrutiny of the subject. On the fly, she could certainly appear like some snot nosed little shit to sneak through unobstructed to Rogue's room.

Seated in one of her chairs in the dark, the long legged mutant shapeshifted had her left crossed over her right at the knee. Wearing black leather pants with a skull belt, purely decorative mind, they're all silver. A mid-drift black tanktop, and a black hoodie with the hood up over her mane of red hair. The soft glow of her yellow eyes watch the door open and permit the entrance of her estranged daughter.

With little expression on her cobolt blue face other than the perk of one manicured red brow when she is not immediately seen.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is known for a lot of things, but amazing perception isn't necessarily one of them. Especially when in her private retreat, her little corner of the large old mansion.
She's grinning at something on her phone and leaning over toward her desk beside the bed to set her drink down on the edge near to her closed laptop. When she pulls back is when she looks over and sees Mystique... having 'felt' someone there, as one does when they let themselves be more aware of their surroundings.

"Shit!" Rogue gasps at the sight of the woman in black. It takes her a second longer to realize /who/ it is and it just makes her groan.

"God, can't you just... call ahead? Or send an e-mail, or a tweet or somethin'?" She asks the woman who has done this to her for years now, off and on check-ins... ever since Rogue ran away from the Brotherhood after the event at Golden Gate with Carol.

Rogue stands up and rops her phone on the bed. "What is it now?" She asks the infamous woman of blue.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique is a lot of things, one of the most obvious is patient. While it may bug her that none of the training she's tried to instill in Rogue about checking her surroundings has taken hold, she doesn't interrupt. Instead she counts how long until the younger woman realizes that she's there...

And it's way too long.

Not that she could kill Rogue, of course. Few people could, but that's really and truly besides the point. "What have I told you about checking your corners?" She asks in a dry tone, leaning forward after uncrossing her legs to rest both elbows on her knees.

The new position brings her partially into the light, revealing half her face where the other side is covered in red hair spilling from beneath her hood. "I just wanted to see you. Is that too much to ask? Skys know you wouldn't reach out to me.. and you don't return calls no matter how loud I breath into the phone." A little creeper humor.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's arms fold over her stomach, rumpling the fabric of her white and light blue patterned flannel shirt over that tanktop she's wearing beneath it. She just stands there for now at the corner of her bed's foot, staring at Mystique seated by the Fireplace.

"None'a your damn numbers stay in service long enough t'consider reliable." The Belle says as she walks over to her dresser now under the windows and starts to put away some of the items of clothing that were hanging out of the open drawer.

Is she nervous about her 'mom' scolding her for cleaning up her room too? Probably not. Maybe? Who knows.

With her back to Mystique now, Rogue just sorts her laundry out in the drawer and shakes her head. "My corners aren't a threat here." She says in her thick southern toned voice. "This place is safe, secure, ain't like those shanty town places ya used t'shack us up in." She chides back at the woman, glancing back at her now as she lifts up a light green tshirt to fold it into a little square before putting it in with the rest.

"So what do you /really/ want?" Rogue asks then, apparently not trusting the woman!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven fights to keep a scowl from crossing her face at the redress Rogue attempts to give her regarding the places they had often been forced to hide... "It's easy to say that //now//, but there were no mansions welcoming our kind back then." There were, this place, but it wasn't what it is today by any measure. Yellow eyes follow Rogue's path around the room as the younger mutant puts items away in drawers or pretends to look busy.

Anything, Raven guesses, to keep from looking at her.

"There are always ways to get in touch with me and you know it. If you wanted to, you could, and you don't... so don't pretend otherwise." The truth is the same for both of them, of course, but it is of no surprise that Mystique is often the one reaching out.

"I had no purpose. If I'd intended something nefarious, you surely wouldn't have known about it until I wanted you to. The events of the last few weeks has put a great many things into perspective for me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shoves the drawer closed on her dresser and then leans down to pick up some of her boots on the floor at the foot of it. She gathers them all up, four in total, in to her arms before she starts to walk forward then toward the little doorway that leads in to the intersection of bathroom and walk-in closet.

"Yeah, well... I found this place on my own." No she didn't. Mystique was a major part of that to, Rogue just doesn't realize it. "I don't need anythin' from ya, RAven." She says as she disappears in to her closet and there comes the subsequent muffled sounds of her moving around inside of it.

Her voice calls out from in there.

"You're in danger bein' here, ya know." She says. "Hell, Carol comes by now and then t'check on me too. She would be... furious if she saw ya." A moment or so later and the Belle is coming back out of the closet and in to her room to stand behind the chair that sits opposite of the one Mystique is in in front of hte fireplace.

Rogue just stares at her. "I'm fine, you know that. This place is actually helpin' me. I'm enrolled in college too, buildin' a life for myself that isn't about 'war'."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The turth of how Rogue got here and Raven's hand in it are well known to the cobolt blue woman, of course. But she's never felt the need to inform Rogue of her hand in that, for reasons that were never really clear. As most things aren't where it pretains to Mystique: It's right there on the tin, afterall.

She's quiet as Rogue goes about her activities, leaning on her elbows with her right fist wrapped in her left hand. Watching from beneath the slightly pulled back hood until finally her daughter is standing right in front of her behind a chair that seperates them. Offering safety tips about where it would be dangerous for her to go.

It's almost humorous.

"She would be as furious if she saw me at K-Mart, dear." Flicking her fingers up and out dismissively of such trivial matters as who would be displeased to see her. "I'm not afraid of anyone here." That is true. It wouldn't be the first time they'd tried to stop her and failed, afterall.

She's fine. Raven nods once, "You seem fine. Delightful... but I was never teaching you about war. I was teaching you about freedom... which I highly doubt is a course you're studying in any human college. Their concepts of it are skewed dramatically."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue remains there behind the chair throughout what Mystique says. She'd heard the woman say similar things times before. "Right, probably not." She quietly says to the subject of Freedom Class. "Don't think anyone teaches that one..." She adds further muttering.

Rogue's hands grace across the back of the chair before she moves again, now going over to her desk to get her drink from the corner. She picks it up after removing her gloves, laying the gloves on the desk, she takes the drink back over toward the chairs and now chooses to sit across from Mystique. Might as well get comfy.

Rogue leans back in her chair, and crosses her legs at the knees now. "So what have you been involved in lately?" She asks, phrasing it that way like it's assumed that whatever Mystique has been doing must've been some kind of crime!

She's relentless with this 'angry daughter' routine...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"You have a very low opinion of me." Mystique says quietly, watching Rogue like a predator hidden in the brush watches prey. Her eyes narrowed, leaning back into her seat with her arms laid across the cushions to either side of her. "I wonder what I must have done to you to give you that opinion." Inner musing, there are a number of things for sure.

Though none of them were done, specifically, out of overt malice.

"I only wanted you to be stronger." Which is true... in a manner of speaking. A weapon, certainly, but one nurtured, in so much as what Raven has to spare. The question, however, gives her a moments pause. Curiosity obvious whether Rogue was aware of her current involvement in Mutant Town.

"Starting a revolution."

Rogue has posed:
While Mystique replies, Rogue takes a sip of her drink before she sets it on the small table to her right on a coaster even! She looks back over at Mystique as her hands go to lay across her lap all casual like. She smirks at the woman. "Pretty sure you wanted the power I have for yourself, for... revolutions." Rogue shoots back.

"Don't think ya expected me t'run off, because what I did was too much for me t'even handle." Mystique might disagree with that! But she also knows Rogue likes to play up the drama, like a good Southern Belle stereotype might say she would.

With a shake of her head, Rogue just sighs, the white locks of hair around her face shaking slightly as she does that. "Look, ya helped me out a lot when I was a kid, I can't forget that. It'd be rude if I did. But... lets not pretend like you're just full'a virtue here either. You wanted my power as a weapon. For..."

She just sighs. "A revolution, I imagine." She glances down at her hands in her lap. "So what are revolting against now? The same stuff? TErrible humans and their horrible ways?" Her green eyes go back up to Raven's yellow own.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"That's what all parents want for their children." Whether Rogue was born of Raven, or even acknowledges the parental mentality at all, to Mystique this is a simple truth. She took in a troubled mutant and treated her as her own. Whether her intentions were as altruistic as she suggests? Completely perspective. "I wanted the best for you, which would be the best for all of us. And since you've made decisions for yourself..." She motions around with no small amount of disdain at the domesticated living arrangements, "..I've not stood in the way."

Even now, sitting here speaking to her, "I've not tried to encourage you to return. I come to you with gifts... some of them absurd, certainly, but genuine all the same.. Or simply to speak with you. When every inclination says that doing so would be personally dangerous for me." Again motioning to the room, "I'm certain your friends would be delighted to learn I'm here and easily captured-" She wouldn't be.

"So your general anamosity for me right now is disconcerting, to say the least... and overtly disrespectful at worst." Head tilt to one side, "We both view the world in different ways, dear. Your scholarly chums see a field of grass and green, where humans and mutants coexist peacefully... I see a world where humans can barely get along with each other, let alone find common ground with mutants. Is there a //peaceful// solution for these monkeys? No... There's not." She raises one long blue finger,

"The only thing they understand is violence. And I there to give it to them."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's arms go up to fold over her stomach during Mystique's response to her. Her expressions shift here and there, but mostly stay in a mild mannered position upon her visage.

The idea of Mystique bringing her more gifts though did get a small snort and when Raven finishes speaking Rogue chimes right back in. "Is this why you 'gave' me a jet last summe'ah?" The Belle asks. "Ya know I gave that t'SHIELD, right? I wasn't gonna make a weapon like that work again for ya, that would've been insane, and gotten me inta serious trouble."

Was that why Mystique wanted her to have it? To help her make it a weapon for her? Probably not... Raven is smart enough to know that Rogue got a lot out of Carol's mind, likely a love for airplanes too. Hell, Rogue is always down in the Blackbird hangar now, helping maintain the SR-77.

"I don't wanna help you cause violence, Raven." She tells her. "I wanna live a peaceful life. One where I can just... be me, and not deal with that heavy shit that you're always neck deep in."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven shakes her head and sighs herself. Again flicking her hands upwards, mock frustration apparent, though she rarely actually gets upset in the typical manner. She doesn't get much of anything, anymore. It's been drained out of her over the decades.

"I got you a jet because I knew you would enjoy it. Somewhere in that pretty head of yours is the memories of a fighter pilot.." Wiggling a finger in her daughters direction, "But I'm proud of you.. truly.. giving an agency designed to keep tabs on inhumans and mutants a fucking fighter jet." From pointing to slow clapping.

Thrice. Then they settle back down on the arms of the chair.

"I've not asked you to. Nor offered a sales pitch at all. You asked what I was doing and I told you. Stop projecting your desire for me to be a monster upon me. I do that enough without your help."

Rogue has posed:
"Fine." Rogue simply replies to her 'mother'. There was a time where she was happy to call Mystique that, back when she was in her early teens and had just run away from her Aunt's house. She'd been desperate for such a connection... with someone. Her real mother was dead and gone, her father just as so. Having Mystique offer to be 'that' had meant a lot to the Belle, at that point in her life anyway.

Now it was just like a distant memory of a different life.

"Well then I wish you luck in your revolution." She says in an almost snide way, which is no surprise at this point. "Lets hope we're not sent t'stop ya, yeah?" She adds in, knowing full well Mystique is well aware of the X-Men and what their role in all of this is.

Erik and Charles' Chess Club: Pawns go First.

"Well then, as you can see, I'm happy and healty here." Rogue says as she starts to stand up from her chair again. "So you don't gotta worry even a lil'bit."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique's lips press together while watching Rogue, "You will be." Sent to stop her. She sounds certain of it, as if it was always part of the plan that they would be. Standing up from the chair, she pulls her coat closed and zips it up to just beneath her blue chin which quickly becomes the face of Tommy, one of the younger mutants who frequently hangs out with Hambone.

It makes what she says next all the more chilly when the frog eyed young boy's voice is the one saying it, "And you'll succeed... but the humans will hate you for it." Hands slip into the pockets of the hoody, either side of the Xavier's logo. She starts towards the door to Rogue's room, out into the hallway at a steady pace.

"Good. That's all I could hope for. I'll show myself out since you seem disinterested in spending time with me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back when she hears the voice change. She now sees Mystique in the form of one of the students and it just makes her roll her eyes. "Figures you'd choose one'a the most trouble-makin' students in the school t'use as your infiltration template." She quietly comments on her way back toward her desk.

She lifts the top of her laptop up, the screen coming on to show a desktop with the picture of a young Patrick Swayze on it (her real mother was obsessed with the Swayze and it's one of the few memories Rogue has of her).

The Belle's eyes shoot over to Raven as she's leaving. "Don't act like that's my fault. What are we gonna do? Watch a movie t'gether? You wanna Netflix an' chill with your daughter?" She asks, mockingly.

"Oh that's right, you have a rebolution to start." She moves to start to sit down at her desk then, pulling the desk chair out. "I'll be here waitin' t'hear how it went, I guess. Try not to die!" She's so bitter!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"I might would if you invited me to." Raven says without glancing back, reaching the door where she pauses with hand on the knob, "Guess we'll never know. But at least I know where to find you when I want to see you." Whether she's playing games or being manipulative, the truth is Mystique is a masterclass at deception. Near as impossible to know when she's lying as when she's being honest.

It's a side effect of taking on so many different identities over the years. It just comes naturally!

The door opens and closes and Mystique, ala Tommy, is slipping into a group of kids laughing as they pass by the doorway. Slipping down the stairs when they keep walking, shifting into the appearance of one of the girls who'd just gone further down the hall to further complicate following her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits at her desk now with her eyes on her laptop, and she glances over at Mystique after hearing the woman say this. Did she want to 'Netflix and chill' with Mystique? Maybe, some part of her did... that part of her that still cared about Raven, the actual person... not the freedom fighter. She doesn't reply to the woman though, and just lets her go out of her room in the form of that boy.

Oh god. "Wait, don't--" but she's gone and she hears laughter.

Now some kid has been seen coming out of Rogue's room, that's not gonna bite her in the ass at some point...

Rogue steps up and looks out in to the hallway a moment or so later, but Raven's already gone. So she just shakes her head and closes her door.