5492/Drinking Tea Like Civilized People

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Drinking Tea Like Civilized People
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: Ororo, Betsy, Gabby and Kitty gather for tea up on the roof.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Ororo Munroe, Gabby Kinney, Betsy Braddock

Kitty Pryde has posed:
For the last month, Kitty hasn't been at the school as much as she had been. Coming by at least twice a week to help with the guidance counseling, and sometimes more often. She has a contract still in the city, plus is spending more of her nights there.

So tonight when she planned on staying overnight at the school, she made sure to let Ororo know that she'd be around. Not even an email! Kitty had written out a nice note and left it for Ororo:

Tea, 7pm, the roof tower. My treat! - Kitty

Come 6:45, Kitty was making the tea in the kitchen and putting some snacks on a tray. Also others that she bumped into while doing so were given verbal invitations.

The hot water ready, she puts it on the tray and takes it all up to the roof tower. The grass isn't quite green yet, nor leaves on the trees. But it still has a great view. Kitty arrives, setting the tray down and starting the tea steeping.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Seeing to the last of her official duties for the day, at least those for the classes, Ororo checks the clock and smiles. It was time for tea, and a chance to catch up with Kitty.

Glancing around the room to ensure everything is in its place, she spies her reflection in the mirror and straightens her shirt. She feels like a whole new person today, must be the weather.

Coming out onto the roof she pauses to take a deep breath of the fresh air, letting the light breeze blow across her face and through her hair. It was a fine evening, not too cold nor too windy, even on the roof. Noting Kitty already there, busying herself with the tea, she offers a wave and walks toward her.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney wasn't often on the rooftops given the few times she'd gotten stuck up here from climbing. She could easily get down but her methods usually made everyone very upset. So surprisingly enough she hadn't been to the rooftop tower before. It's only pure happenstance that she was walking past Kitty when she was heading up here for tea and got the invitation to join.

Grabbing some snacks to bring to the party as it were she makes her way up not too long after Ororo. Grinning broadly she greets with a cheery, "Hi! I brought snacks!" A tray snagged from the kitchen is filled with things she thought would be good with tea. Cookies. Some Hostess cupcakes. And a plate of bacon.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The clicking of heels on the stairs precedes Betsy's emergence onto the roof. She's pretty much business casual in a grey pencil skirt and purple blouse, though the heels might be a little taller than usually seen in an office. She looks around the roof and heads over to the small gathering.

In her normal, slightly upper crust accent, she offers, "Evening all. One of the students mentioned there might be some tea to be had up here, and I thought I'd check in, considering I've been spending time in the city lately."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde had indeed invited Gabby to join them for tea when she saw the younger girl. Her choice of snacks drew a soft smile from Kitty. A carton of tea biscuits is on the tray, but Kitty says, "I think I like your choice better, Gabby. Though I'll have to pass on the bacon. Not that I wouldn't enjoy some if I could have it."

As Ororo comes out, Kitty's face lights up. She moves over to offer a hug to the woman who was surrogate mother to her when Kitty first arrived at Xavier's, though later that relationship became more of a big sister. "Glad you could make it. I've missed tea in your attic," Kitty says.

As she hears the English accent, Kitty lets out a laugh before she's even turned to find Betsy there. "You realize you're reinforcing the whole British and tea stereotype. Not like it isn't true of course. Hey Betsy, good to see you," Kitty says, offering Betsy a quick side hug once she's able. "Come join us."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
A warm smile spreads across Ororo's face and she quite readily returns the hug offered by Kitty. It was good to see her, so she would not have missed this for anything in the world.

"You are looking well, Kitty. It has been a while since we could talk, so I could not refuse the offer." She sounds truly happy to see Kitty, her tone mingled with the hint of accent from her native lands.

As Gabby arrives, Ororo's eyes follow the selected snacks, one brow arching slightly at the choices, but the bacon looked good. "Excellent choice Gabby, bacon goes with everything. I am sorry you cannot enjoy it with us Kitty, but those hostess cup cakes will certainly make up for it."

And now the sound of the heels and she looks to Betsy as she appears, "Evening Betsy, good to see you as well. Though Kitty here, did say what I was thinking."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney settles the tray down with a little shrug of apology at mention of not eating bacon. "Oh right, sorry, I forgot. Logan made a *ton* of bacon earlier for BLTs and I figured it's good for snacking too." This small explanation given she watches the greetings between the old friends trying not to look as if she stands out like a sore thumb. Hard to do though being a good head shorter than the shortest of them.

Looking between Kitty and Ororo she asks curiously, "What's about British and tea?" Sometimes it was easy to miss the obvious things.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock smiles at Gabby and answers, "It's generally thought of as our national drink, really." She returns Kitty's side hug, "Any chance I'll consider it actual tea, or are we making due with the American version as usual?"

She makes her way over to a chair that pulls itself out for her and sits down, crossing her legs as she turns to face the group of women. "So has anything exciting been happening lately? Preferably good-exciting, not bad-exciting."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A small wave and a grin are given by Kitty towards Gabby as the Jewish girl says, "Oh no worries, Gabby. Everyone loves bacon, it doesn't bother me if you have it." Kitty grins to Gabby and admits, "I love the smell of it too, just can't have it myself."

Kitty turns back to the teapot and checks on it. "It's an American blend but not Lipton if that's what you mean. Ororo would probably blast me off the roof if I made her LIpton," she says with a warm chuckle. "Hot Cinnamon Black Tea. With a bit of cloves and orange peel as well," Kitty says.

She pours out each of the cups, passing one to each person as it is poured before moving on to the next one. "Even more than just a national drink, it might be the one thing that most of the world would pick first to define the English, their love of it."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Moving to find herself a good spot to sit, Ororo accepts the offered cup of tea with a bright smile and a soft, but polite, "Only a little Kitty, your landing would be secured by water of course." For the moment she sets the tea on the table, it will need to cool a bit, and she adjusts herself in the chair, getting comfortable. Presently she is dressed very casually, a pair of slacks, a long tunic style shirt that tends to fall off one shoulder and bare feet.

"How are you all doing? I would love to hear what you have all been up to," she says all, but her eyes are on Kitty, as if attempting to call the girl out, but in a polite way.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney clambers into a chair while the explanations are made. It might not be 'correct' posture either as she crosses her legs indian style in the chair which she scooches closer to the edge of the table. A bit of bacon is picked up to munch on quietly as her gaze flits between the three older women.

"Oh, like Canadians and hockey? Someone mentioned that was a thing for Logan." Of course so far she'd only seen him watch a football game. Settling back she takes hold of the cup poured for her to hold it between both hands to avoid any accidental spills while listening to them chat. Then without care for getting burnt she tips back her mug to gulp down a good mouthful of the scalding tea without a hint of discomfort.

"Nothing much myself. I haven't been up to anything interesting since helping Illyana in Limbo that last time. Just school work," she admits with a sigh of someone who might be just a tad bored.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock chuckles, then nods to Kitty, "Yes, Lipton would cause such problems, but your choice sounds quite good, actually." She accepts the cup when it is passed over. A very slight purple glow precedes one of the tea biscuts floating over onto her saucer.

Looking to Gabby, she agrees, "Precisely, Canadians love hockey, British love tea, it's perfectly stereotypical." She blows lightly across her cup, then tests a small sip. "Not too bad." Looking back to the group, she answers Ororo's question with "I have mostly been spending my time at Sion. Running a mutant and metahuman friendly nightclub in New York tends to keep one quite occupied."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty makes sure everyone has what they want and need before taking her own seat. She grabs one of the Hostess cupcakes, making sure Gabby sees that it is being appreciated, setting it aside for the moment as she stirs her tea a little to help it reach the right temperature.

From the nineteen year old's soft smile given to Ororo, she catches the look in the African woman's eyes. Kitty waits for the others to respond first. "Limbo?" she repeats of Gabby. "Good of you to help her," she tells the younger girl, and then takes her first sip of the tea.

"And we're probably best known for loving hamburgers. Though blue jeans and rock and roll probably make an honorable mention," Kitty says of Americans, to Gabby.

She looks over to Ororo then. "I've owed you a bit of a visit," Kitty says, blushing just faintly in her cheeks. "Well, I finished the contract work at Fisk International. Still have the work at JVD Fashion," she says. Kitty knowing that isn't what Ororo was politely seeking though. "And... and back around New Years Eve I started seeing Warren. Actually, it was on New Years Eve itself, when I got snowed in while at work at Fisk." Kitty stirs her tea, but can't help but smile a little bit at this topic. "And, well, in February he suggested I move in," she says, looking up to judge the expression of the woman who was like a second mother to her.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The tea is collected from the table now, and held with both hands as Kitty speaks. Ororo's eyes watch the young woman, a soft smile on her face, but no indication of judging her, merely listening to what she has to say. Each had been listened to in fact, intently, she seemed genuinely interested in what they had all been going. She finally takes a sip of the tea, savoring the flavors chosen with a gentle, content sigh.

"Snowed in," she offers softly with a slow nod, as if that was the most important part of what Kitty said. "I am a bit... curious. Which would you prefer Kitty, the loving big sister, or the loving mother response? I am capable of both of course, but would prefer not to onslaught you with all of it at once."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney offers a slight nod at the mention of being nice toward Illyana, and opens her mouth to explain more... but she hesitates feeling that certain tension in the air as Kitty starts to reveal things about her dating life. So instead she gulps down another bit of the tea growing abnormally quiet. It was like she was eavesdropping on a conversation that others might not have intended to have around her otherwise.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock raises an eyebrow when Kitty reveals she's moved in with Warren, "Well, he is absolutely delicious, after all. I'm guessing you're happy, or moving in wouldn't have come up. So good for you." She looks over at Ororo with a slight smile, "Can you really avoid the motherly advice even if you want to? It's quite who you are, after all." Glancing over at Gabby, she smiles, "Don't worry dear, they wouldn't talk about it in front of you if they thought you shouldn't hear. You're here, so you're family, warts and all."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde holds up the Hostess cupcake so Gabby notes it before she opens it up and takes a bite. "Thank you for this, Gabby. The sweetness is nice to go with the black tea," she says, giving the other girl a warm smile and a wink.

The Jewish girl looks over to Betsy to say, "I've been wanting to come by your club. Maybe we can figure out a good night you might be free. I'm excited to see what it's like," she tells the English noblewoman.

That wasn't stalling answering Ororo, or wasn't meant to be, as Kitty turns back to the African woman. "Yes, he'd brought Christmas presents, well and one Hanukah present, by the school a week before," she says. Her hand goes to a Star of David on a necklace she's wearing. She's had such a necklace for most of her time at the school, but this one is different. It has the Tree of Life in the center of the Star, and this one is adorned with some diamonds and topaz. "We'd talked about getting lunch sometime, since I was working in the city. And, well I figured he'd be out, but if I was stranded there?" Kitty says, and doesn't elaborate the rest for now.

She gives a soft smile and says, "I kind of figure I'm going to hear both, so go ahead. I know it's moved a little quickly. He is amazing though, yes," Kitty says, confirming Betsy's question. "And, well. I've known him, trusted him with my life for years."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Another small sip of tea, another moment to savor the flavors before she too collects a piece of bacon to nibble on. Her eyes move between the three present, Gabby getting a reassuring smile as Kitty speaks.

"It is quite alright Gabby," Ororo offers quietly. "I did not think that Kitty would have issue with speaking about it in front of others, after all such wonderful and joyous things are meant to be shared with friends and family, are they not?"

Looking back to Kitty now, Oroso cants her head slightly as she considers for just a moment the correct words. "The proverbial 'eggs all in one basket' or some such, I do not recall the exact quote." She pauses to say it in her native language then says, "Oh yes, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do you think it is too quick, Kitty, or are you concerned that everyone else will consider it too quick? I ask because only you can truly decide if it is too quick, and what others may think or think they know, means nothing. Do not let what others may say or think effect your decisions, unless you are specifically seeking advice on the matter."

It is not after thought, it was merely an order to speaking as she now looks to Betsy, "I would be interested in seeing your club as well, though clearly I am no 'party girl'."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney shrugs at Betsy with a wry grin. "Just making sure. Usually people don't talk about adult things like dating in front of me. Which is silly, really. I've been through way worse than dating." Ftt. Shaking her head with amusement she tips her head toward Kitty flashing the other a grin. "You're welcome! I wasn't really sure what went with tea anyway so... Just grabbed things I thought everyone would like."

Ororo too gets a grin and smile as she reaches for another slice of bacon. There was no sense in letting good snacking bacon go to waste after all. "Is the advice 'use protection'? That's what everyone used to tell me when I was dating Julian. But it wasn't like that anyway. Just be safe, Kitty!" She declares with a wag of bacon in her direction.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock laughs, "Well yes, that too. Protection is important until you're actually ready for a family." She sips her tea, "And of course, anyone from the school is always welcome in Sion any time of the day or night, if you need shelter for any reason."

She smiles at Gabby, "Though I'm afraid you'd have the underage hand stamp, my dear. Pesky American laws and all, but I do need to preserve my license." Another sip of tea is followed with, "Ororo, that was a terribly convoluted way to say "Do what makes you happy."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde thankfully wasn't taking a sip of her tea when Gabby shares the advice. She does break out in a grin, and maybe is even biting down on her lips to keep from breaking out laughing. She clears her throat and nods solemnly. "That is good advice," she agrees, her eyes flitting over to Betsy, hazel sparkling as she shares a small grin with the other woman.

She looks back to Ororo. "I am very happy with it. I wasn't expecting it when he asked, but I don't think it's too quick, no. But I'm sure others may think so. Not that I won't do what I think is right, but I do care about my friends. Want them to just be able to be happy for us," Kitty says.

She smiles softly. "You all know him. He's just wonderful. We have a little age difference, but... well that isn't different from anyone else I've ever been interested in, practically," she says, chuckling softly as they will know who and what she means.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo Munroe turns slightly in the chair and folds her legs up with her in it. The bacon slice was finished, so now she just sip her tea. The fact that she is concerned about that age difference is not something she will bring up, at least not right now. The difference may not seem like much to most, only five years, however it is a formative five years between nineteen and twenty-four. It was something she would keep an eye on, but only for her own sake.

"If you are happy, then it is as it should be, but Gabby it correct, use protection," is said quietly, not exactly something one might expect Ororo to just throw out there, it's almost as if she understands that young people in relationships have sex... gasp. "Do you think it would be possible to have lunch with you and Warren sometime, Kitty? It has been a while since I saw him, and I would love to see you together." She tilts her head again, "In fact, since Gabby would like to go to Sion, and I would like to see it, perhaps we can arrange a field trip to the city. We can have lunch with Warren and you, then go visit the club."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives a solemn nod as if she were wise beyond her meager sixteen years when the others apparently agree with her bit of advice. Even if it was likely known already. The grin that she often wears returns though at the mention of Sion earning an eager nod of her head. "I'm okay with that. I can't get drunk anyway so it's not a big thing for me to avoid it. Oh! What's the dress code though?" Growing thoughtful she adds, "I already sold some of the really fancy dresses Julian got me. Not like I'm going to the Hellfire Club anymore."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney another sip of tea is taken, and she lets out a satisfied little sigh. It was good tea. Even if she hadn't had a lot to begin with she could tell that. "I'm up for a field trip! I bet I could even drag out Illyana if she's done with her work."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock shrugs slightly, "It's a nightclub in New York City that mainly caters to mutants and metahumans. Given the body types, sizes and species, my dress code pretty much sums up as "If it won't get you arrested on the street, you are ok."

Tilting her head, she adds, "I would think you'd be a touch young for the Hellfire Club anyway. It tends to be a somewhat... mature type of place. But yes, bring friends. Actually, if we do it, why don't we do it right?"

Looking to Ororo and Kitty, "What say I hold a kid's night, a party for all the students who want to come. All you teachers and such can bring your charges down for the night, I'll have food catered and they can enjoy themselves dancing and the like."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's smile shows she thinks that's a great idea as soon as Betsy gives it. The same had been given to Ororo at her wanting to get together with Warren and Kitty. "Absolutely. And you know you're always welcome. And of course the penthouse has a nice big balcony that makes for easy landings," she tells Ororo with a small grin. Kitty reaches over and if Ororo lets her, take her hand to give it a tight squeeze before letting it go.

She sits back in her chair then, taking a larger sip of her tea. "I do like this blend," she comments of the tea before smiling over to Gabby. "I don't recall if I've ever seen you dancing much. Do you ever go out with the other kids to any dance spots? I bet Betsy has some of the best music in the city."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo Munroe has no problem letting her hand be taken, and she returns the light squeeze with a smile. It was good to see Kitty, life always seemed to have a way of spreading people away from one another, so what little time was offered for company was wonderful.

"I am certain we could arrange a school outing to the club, give everyone the chance to get out, stretch their legs, wings, etc. and have a good time. That is a wonderful idea Betsy, thank you."

Another sip of her tea is taken, her body relaxed and comfortable in the night air. She seems content to just sit and chat, and of course tea, the tea is a must. "I cannot speak for the other teachers of course, but I most certainly would be willing to chaperon this event. It will give me a chance to see Warren again, as well as get away from the manor for a short time. I wonder how many of the students would be interested, I also wonder how many teachers. Something tells me this is not a Logan type event."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"For certain levels of it, yeah," Gabby agrees. "But Julian was a... what was it?" Trying to search for the word she scrunches her nose until it comes to her. "Legacy member. So he was allowed in certain levels, and the they opened the under 21 nightclub so it gave more options. I went with him a few times as a plus one," she explains with a small shrug. "Some interesting theme nights, like the time they did Oktoberfest." Beneath her breath she mumbles, "So much bratwurst."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glancing to Kitty she nods vigorously. "A bit. We don't so much these days after..." Here she pauses to blink several times deciding it's best she NOT blab about why. "Things. But yeah we go dancing. Or out by the lake to make s'mores. I'd be up for trying a dance club again though!" Even now that the idea was on the table she's practically bouncing in her chair. "I'm gonna go see what I've got kicking around in my closet still," she decides as she places her cup back down, and starts off for the stairs. "Thanks for the tea!" Aaaand she's off.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock chuckles at Gabby's excitement, "True, I forgot they opened that. Have a good evening, dear, I'll see you soon I'm certain."

Looking back to the other two, she adds, "Well, talk to the rest of the staff, pick a date and I'll clear the clubs schedule and set things up. That's the nice thing about being the boss, I can just do that if I want to."