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Trouble in Ibiza
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Ibiza town, Ibiza
Synopsis: The plot is laid?
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Kitty Pryde, Ororo Munroe, Illyana Rasputina, Xi'An Coy Manh, Julio Richter, Rahne Sinclair

James Proudstar has posed:
Ibiza, party capitol of the Mediterranean, a place for sun, fun, alcohol and a free-wheeling non-taboo lifestyle which is were we find our heroes. James sent out a text with coordinates and the sitch and a time to meet, bring formal dress, travel low key. He wasn't quite sure who would respond if anyone and what path he would have taken if that was the case.
    But he rented a small villa, very modest by island standards and even by the standards of those who reside in a mansion or penthouse for their day to day, but palatial to the Apache. He was catching a quick bite waiting for the others to arrive. He looks tired, a rarity, and his hair has been cut rakishly short, it's odd style choice for the Apache until you notice the fine white marks fading out on his neck and shoulders, bite marks, big ones.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty brings along a travel bag to have an assortment of suitable clothing. Plus of course her X-man uniform. As the teleport disc fades away the young woman steps forward, dragging the wheeled bag behind her, and carrying a cat.

Ok it's not really a cat. It's Lockheed with his Image Inducer turned on. Kitty expects the villa probably won't be one that other people can see into easily. But if someone is and they missed the teleport discs bringing the team here, no need to let them see a small purple dragon flying about.

"James!?" Kitty calls as she steps forward, glancing around the area and heading for the villa's door. "Let me say we absolutely need more missions like this," she says, voice lowering a little bit more again. "Nothing personal, Illyana, but I'll take this over Siberia," she says to Illyana when able.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Having made the decision a little later that most, Ororo's luggage is quite literally a single small sized suitcase on wheels. She doesn't usually need much when traveling, but form wear was specifically required so into the bag it went and thus larger than usual bag needed.

As the teleport disc fades, she immediately looks around herself to get a sense of her location, who is present, who might be missing, and of course the weather.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
X-Force's infiltration expert is also the X-Men's getaway driver and the New Mutants' Marie Kondo, a master of finding space and organization. When it comes to arranging illicit trips over the Pond, she can be easily relied upon to scout out the situation or haul all the interested parties in the twinkling of an eye. However, whyen it comes to anyone but herself and occasionally Julio, Illyana usually waits for an appointed time before randomly committing acts of grab-and-telesnatch. Unless it's an emergency. Then you're on your own, teleportational drops to arrange the team for more than a holiday proves how good her time-management skills are. Easy when there's no time sync with Earth!

Ibiza then: a party island aligned to the Mediterranean's balmy currents, a good twenty degrees Celsius warmer than New York? Check. It's safe to say the experience of stepping through one of those fire-etched portals is miserable at the best of the times, though the tectonic shift of dimensions proves more jarring than usual. The swandive across sixteen dimensional axes when falling backwards and being inverted inside out is never going to be easy, but the brief step in the monochrome cavern acting as the midway part is a bit of a shock to the system. Maybe less for said geomancer; her power answers to a more absolute cast, before they are reassembled brick by atomic brick on the other side of things. One second for the chance to be undone and rebound, free of the fire or any signs of demons? Trade-offs for everything.

Being a Russian in Ibiza is like Monaco, easy to blend in when half her moneyed generation is here being a bunch of entitled nonces. She isn't expecting any of them to loiter around the villa, of course. Any who might will receive a flat Russian order to scram, for all the good that does. And then, Jimmy, clearly showing signs of needing more sun. Possibly more healing.

When she steps through, it's in black. All black. At least a cool coat. A smirk at Kitty: "Piotr is not there, is he?"

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan comes through the disk with a slight stagger at the additional vertigo of such a long-distance jaunt. She takes two deep breaths while pushing herself upwards. "... ahhhh, the Mediterranean, we meet again, at last," she addresses the sea-side while gazing momentarily out to the horizon. She has an overnight bag with her, containing two changes of clothes, but for the moment she is in a vaguely sporty red minidress with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of vaguely Guccioid sunglasses, against the glare.

"James! I like what you've done with your hair," Shan calls as she walks forwards, "but you seem like you've had a rough time. What has happened?"

Julio Richter has posed:
Fresh out of the X-men medical ward, Julio steps through Illyana's portal wearing a pink tank top and loose linen shorts. He's also had a recent makeover: his stubble is gone, his hair has been buzzed, and part of one eyebrow is missing. The outfit, at least, will blend in nicely here, and he strides around so confidently that you'd think he was born to a lifetime of springtime Mediterranean islands.

The truth is significantly more awkward, and those with access to X-men logs will know at least part of it: Julio managed to get a significant portion of his skin burnt off and, with the help of the healers around the school, has been regrowing it for the past several days. As for the swagger? He has confided to Illyana, at least, that he finds that if he walks around like he's in a rap video, his body moves less and the friction of cloth on skin doesn't hurt as much.

The only real evidence of just how loopy Limbo leaves him is a pained squint as he sweeps out onto the patio to lean against the railing there and catch his breath. But he's kind of squinting in pain as a general rule at the moment, so who's going to notice?

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The search with her senses continues until Ororo is satisfied with the information garnered. Who would notice, Julio wonders, she did. The natural flow of energies in the world flickered and shifted, revealing the pain in his body without having to see the actual squint. She says nothing to the young man about it, but decides she will keep an eye on him all the same.

Ororo is dressed in a simple pair of leggings with a pattern in blues and green similar to the waves of the ocean. A long tunic shirt of blue cotton, with a sash around her waist covers her upper body, and on her feet a pair of blue sandals because shoes were required. Simple, she seems to like simple.

Pulling her little wheeled bag along behind her, she offers James a nod and soft smile, speaking quietly as she says, "You have had better days I see."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sees the portal and smiles, standing, he's on the patio with the door open before the portal has time to fully open. He's wearing a swimsuit, flattering if a bit snug and a stylish short sleeve button worn open. His sunglasses are ostentatious and he's bare foot. He looks the part of the indolent wealth that surrounds them. There's a smile on his lips that tighten when Kitty walks through the portal. He head tilts and pulls the glasses down. "This I did not expect." And then Ro walks through and he exhales a little nor this, "Nor this... I. Wow, thank you for coming." Jim laughs, "If Scott walks through next I am going to just go home and let you guys take care of this." He grins and shakes his head,and actually almost misses Illyana's arrival. Shan's question is met with a nod, "Shark attack. Just like the kid. There's only on place that body cold have come from and the caves underneath are full of big mean great whites." He points, across the open water to the island around a mile off the coast. "I was doing recon and got caught. I'll show you what I found we can go over notes, have some lunch and then tonight we party." Jim reaches out to gingerly fist bump Julio. And that's when the subtle gravitational pull that is Yana grabs him and he turns to her with a gentle smile, "I see you."

    He motions to the grill, and the house. "I've got everything set up in the house and white shark is delicious." Jim leads you all into the dining room which has been set up like a conspiracy theory. There is a scale model of the island on the dining room table and pictures are on the walls, the kids, persons of interest, he even has a guest list.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde walks over to James, wheeling her luggage behind her. At his reaction to her, she says in a joking tone, "What, and miss a chance to make up for certain words once spoken?" Her insulting X-babies remark is years in the past and Kitty worked to make amends long ago. But the occasional reference to it at her own expense remains a self-imposed penance to the New Mutants.

She pats James on the shoulder, having to reach up to do it, because damn that man is tall! She looks over at the meal of shark and says with a laugh, "Now -that- is the best 'you should have seen the other guy' that I have ever seen." The Jewish girl grins and then goes inside, looking over the information that James has put together. She turns off Lockheed's cat hologram and goes to explore the villa and claim a bedspace before returning to start studying the information in more depth.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo was all smiles, happy to be of assistance, ready to lend a hand and then James said caves and that smile faltered, though only for a moment. There were only a few things in this world that could send her headed in another direction and James had managed to find one of them.

Putting those thoughts aside for the time being, she moves to follows the others inside. "You requested assistance, I happened to check the text. A rare thing I realize, but as I did, here I am." Moving inside, she also begins to look over the information that James has gathered, leaving her bag by the door for the time being, but out of the way so no one would trip over it. Each thing is examined, the notes read, the pictures memorized. This whole thing screamed inside her heart, made her ache, that children were being stolen and hurt. Anger flared inside her, burned like a forest fire in California in the summer, but she kept it all inside as she continued to examine the offered materials.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan waves gaily at Ororo as they move to join James: "I think you will have to settle for us," she says, with another smile. Then, thankfully, they move inside. Looking towards Lockheed, she informs him quietly, "Be careful out there, detective," which is a cryptic remark indeed...

She moves into a room, shortly after Kitty. As she hoists her own bag onto the bed, she asks Kitty over her shoulder, "You didn't happen to bring an adapter, did you? I think I have forgotten. Five demerits for me."

After this she moves towards the dining room, arms folding loosely as she frowns. "That's horrifying... I am concerned about what these sharks are eating. Should they be congregating like that if there isn't a regular food source? I mean, one or two sharks could be anywhere, wandering around or trying to get some privacy. But from what you are saying, it was a veritable shoal of brutal cannibals."

"Party party or infiltration party?" Shan also asks. To Julio, she adds with sympathy, "No swimming for either of us, I suppose."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Cool blonde locks might do with a very big hat, and when Shan displays her impeccable fashion taste, there may be a corresponding pilfering somewhere on the other side of Monaco or Milan. For the meantime, Illyana acquires her bearings by casting a thorough look at their surroundings. "How did you do all of this?" By the time it completes, she has a solid insight into every major entry and exit point, hiding spots, and how many doors point at the water instead of inland. Important things, all in all.

She brings no bag, but then, luggage is for a different kind of jetset crowd. With her hands going to her pockets, she glides after Lockheed, casting a sidelong smirk his way that may be considerably more peachy than the average mutant or human get. "Going to get a good room?" she murmurs askance in the dragon's direction. The efficient stalk of a predator moves in on Julio, as the injured one, not so close to put him ill at ease, but enough to intervene if a nasty step or some fire-riddled crab runs up from the beach wielding a moonblade in its claw to shiv him with. You just never know, the Mediterranean is tricky and suspect that way.

One of the last into the villa proper, then, bookending Jimmy as he leads them to a crime scene plucked straight out of a YouTube fan theory video. She won't be seeking out a room because paranoiac teleporter. That's nothing new.

"Sharks in such numbers is a problem. Breeding or food, da?" Her gaze simmers, darkened in thought. "The sea here is usually overfished."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio returns Jim's fist bump as they pass each other, the Apache on his way in, the Mexican on his way out. Julio does give a slight, surreptitious backward glance afterward, but he's mostly focused on getting outside. With just a few seconds in the sunshine to catch his breath and regain his focus, he's feeling himself again, and strides back into the common area of the villa with the others.

He doesn't lean against anything, or stuff his hands into his pockets -- again, minimizing friction is a //thing// for him at the moment -- but he does give an appreciative sniff at the seafood meal they've got waiting for them. "If I'd known there was going to be swimming, I would have stopped in Atlantis," he says, flicking his eyebrows upward at Xi'an's comment. "They have some pretty handy spells for that sort of thing there." Then he pauses for a thoughtful second as he passes into the Charlie Day yarn-web room. "I might be able to use mystic armor, actually," he says. "It sinks like a rock but it is waterproof so long as I keep it up. And I'm //great// in caves."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar goes over his presentation, there's a bit of nervousness but most of the people in the room have been giving AARs since they were 16. The pictures of the victims, 24 of them are on the wall, though it's unlikely all of them are on the island. He's confirmed six through smell, there are small zip lock bags under most of the photos. He's been watching the island and has confirmed Black Guard on the island, at least 6 as many as 12. Black guard are magicians for hire, work for the highest bidder, they usually come in three shades, white, grey and black with black being the most dangerous. There are also your stereotypical guys with guns, and a squad of robots. He points to several blurry photos, "This is the man in charge. Can't get a clean shot. It's annoying. HIs Major Domo. Ned, I know" Mustachioed and looks quite a bit like Ron Johnson, so very dangerous of course. "And his head body guard, Delilah." The rare tough buff woman who looks like a tough buff woman.

     The island is a fortress but it will be opened tomorrow night for a once a year soiree. The security is tight, but I think we're up to the task. Their power comes from tidal. The place is riddled with caves, I'm guessing that's where the kids are. There's probably others two. I'm pretty sure this party covers an auction so at least some of the guests are traffiickers themselves. They'd built the edges of the island out to make a sort of marina, one we can trap everyone inside.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde pulls an adapter out of her bag. "Yep. First two trips over here I didn't think of it, and then learned from there. Plus living in the UK for a couple of years I had to handle a bunch of different power needs," she says.

Kitty tosses it over to Xi'an and then goes to look out at the view of the water. "Hmm. Lots of sharks. And not just the marine variety then," she comments, before turning back to the dossier on the men on the island.

The young woman walks along slowly, looking it over. "Any idea of their networks? Are they connected online where I can start trying to break in?" she asks, looking over to James Proudstar as Kitty crosses her arms.

James Proudstar has posed:
None of the bedrooms has been claimed by Jim, you may realize he hasn't slept since he's been here. He smiles at Yana, "Beak passed the hat, a few of the kid's parents had means and apparently there's a few good samaritans out there." James shrugs, not sure he believes it either. "Most of the pics and the model is from Beaks, 3D printed? Yes, the sharks behavior isn't natural, it might be a nursery but they're being fed, I think it's people and I think it's more than a few."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Once she has completed her investigation, Ororo turns to look at James. Other's may miss it, but she sees the change and flow of his energies. MOving over to collect her bag, she walks slowly toward James and pauses there, laying one hand lightly on his arm.

"When was the last time you got some sleep?" She asks softly, studying his face as she speaks. "I believe it may be time for you to do just that. Physical, emotional and mental exhaustion take their toll on you, lowering your reactions times, making it harder to think and to reason. Perhaps after lunch, you should consider a nap."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio tilts his head to one side, wearing a half-frown as he considers how best he can help. "I can map the caves, no problem," he says with confidence to match his hip-hop walk. "If anyone is in there, I will find them. I can also help with magicians." He casts a quick glance toward his Russian compatriot and adds, "I'm no Illyana, but I did eat a couple of demons recently."

He does not elaborate on that comment, for some incomprehensible reason.

Instead, he goes to inspect the grill, trying to judge when their food will be ready. "Does anyone know if sharks use echolocation?" he asks, out of nowhere. "Or is that dolphins? I think it's dolphins. I could really mess with a dolphin, I think."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Your digestion will not thank you. Consumption always has consequences." Illyana addresses that in clipped tones wreathed in the black punctuality of warning, no signs of concern bled over when Julio's statements deserve a response. Face value or not will do. She faces one of the plotted charts, expression a mask no more expressive than any statue outside or feature printed by ink-jet on glossy paper.

Her eyes narrow in speculation, a haphazard answer for the geomancer. "Sharks use electrical reception, smell, pressure." That chill in her sinks deeper than the surface, though trying to read any of the energies through her through semi-conventional means is asking for blinding. She burns like a damn torch. With Kitty taking care of the computer side of things, another matter comes to the fore. "I can find the magicians." Unsaid, the likelihood of just removing them, since some things you just don't speak aloud. With three of Mother Birb's bishops and cardinals free from the roost, another plan may well be forming to address /that/ issue. "Any move prematurely might put their guard up. Have other visitors to the soiree brought security? Do they come by boat, the ferry, air? Numbers?"

Strategy is gonna strategically strategize.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan catches the adapter and thoughtfully fingers it. A quick glance tells her: Yes, the leg charger will connect here. Kitty gets a thankful smile. Julio raises an alluring possibility of waterproofing through sorcery - and then dashes her hopes! accursed.

The outline she gathers makes her nod along in slow thought. "Magic magic, I'm assuming. Unfortunate, but... well, if they're working in a crew, they must not be the finest sorcerors of all time." Then, raising her eyes from the conspiracy board towards Jim himself, Shan says, "She's right. You ought to freshen yourself. If you're hurting that badly, you could even stay back - rest and await our call if we need you to ride to our rescue."

"Sharks use electricity, dolphins use sound," Shan tells Julio. "I don't think you want to antagonize dolphins. They can be mean."

"Mm," she answers Illyana. "If they've been growing UP on this diet... how many people...?" And back to James, she asks, "Do either of those two leaders have unusual abilities? Or simply poor morals and a bad attitude?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods and pulls a folder out of a pile, and reads the tab 'complicated internet stuff' He hands it to Kitty, "Yeah, Beak has been collecting info, but he's not a coder, he's an analyst." There are screen shots with notations and connections made, there are server lists but nothing followed up on, there are other bits of cool IT clues for Kitty to follow. James blinks at Ro, and shakes his head, "No, I'm fine, it's only been... three... and a half days, hunh." James smiles, "Yeah, maybe I will take a short nap." He looks are Julio, "Hmm? No, they do have an electrical sense, lets them sense nerve twitches in murky water or under silt." Yes, James keeps tracks of weird animal senses, just in case.

     Jim nods to Yana, "Their security is only superb. Their biggest mistake is they assume anything that is enough of a threat to the sharks will attack directly or leave a trace. Yes, They have the typical small contingents of the rich and powerful, probably a few metas, maybe mutants, it's possible even one of our 24, but I doubt it. The bring their own boats and stay in the marina." The model shows the island shaped like a C, with a marina in the middle, "There's only the one way out, if someone makes the C into O, well, are we trapped in here with them or they with us? It's about 100 guests, make it 300 all told? But the vast majority are there to party, they won't throw hands. The maestro, has about 50, say another 120 waitstaff and support." James, frowns at Shan, "Ned seems hyper competent, but I haven't picked up mutants from him. Delilah is strong and fast, more John's class than mine from what I've seen."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes the file from James, starting to look it over. She looks up now and then as James continues to share information on the island and those upon it, multi-tasking. "So are you thinking of going in as guests at the party? Or using the party as cover to try to go in through the cave? Or a little of this and a little of that?" Kitty asks.

She eyes the file some more, and starts to rise. But Lockheed pokes her with a wing and then flies off to where she took her luggage. He comes back with her computer bag dangling from his feet, the little dragon not seeming to have any difficulty with the weight. "Thanks old friend," she tells the dragon, who lands on her shoulder and gets a nuzzle from his human as Kitty gets out her souped up laptop.

Kitty glances around at the others. "And here I was hoping we'd get to go out dancing," she says, giving Karma a grin before looking back to her computer. She takes out her phone and scans the file, the results coming up on her computer and the images converting to text for easier use. "Let me see what kind of security they have on their network, see if I can get any access," she says.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo takes her bag to a room with a bed, it doesn't matter if it is one shared or not, she's not picky about such things. A place to sleep, a place to change clothes, if someone else happens to be there, so be it.

Coming back into the room as James is speaking again, she find herself a chair and sits down to listen. As he explains the island and the people there, the ways in and out, she wonders if these people even considered those who could teleport or those who can fly. She knows she can offer cover, that's easy enough, but she will leave her offers until she has heard the full plan and what others intend to do. Most know what she is capable of, and perhaps there are suggestions to be made.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio squints over at Xi'an, thinking, then offers, "I could put you in a box of ward walls. I would have to test to make sure it was waterproof, though. And you would have to let someone else move you around." It will not be dignified, his eyes carefully convey.

Then he gestures at Illyana and clarifies, "I think she's talking about my diet, not the sharks'." It looks like he's going to have to explain this after all. "The spell I do to kick demons and stuff like that out of reality dumps a bunch of their power into me, and I have had to do it a lot over the past month. I think she's saying it's messing me up." He shifts his weight from foot to foot and uncomfortably admits, "She might be right."

As for the echolocating sharks, he simply shrugs with a smidge of disappointment. "Too much to hope, I guess. But I can still kick ass in a cave, underwater or not."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The Russian mutant doesn't even shift her gaze away from the details posted on the wall to Julio. She doesn't need to; the iron-clad certitude gilds her words with the weight of hyperdense lead under the pressure of celestial infernos. "No might involved."

Sliding her finger up her the bridge of her nose, she flicks her bangs to the side, though her fringe comes falling right back into place. Ororo slipping in and out, as well as Lockheed, happens at the periphery of notice, marked wordlessly. "Safer to go in as waistaff. They go ignored by the powerful people. Carry a dish or tray of drinks, you become part of the background." Well, some of them do. A smirk forms. "Splitting up should be at least paired otherwise to avoid problems. The sharks count as the smallest of problems. Security in people, four hundred civilians, fifty actually concerning. Ten casters, ten metahumans. That gives us a wider berth to deal with."

Factors already spinning as James gives them the details fall into concrete ideas. She sketches a light gesture. "We can watch them from afar. See who meets with those leaders. They might be the ones to immobilize first."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Karma considers what Julio says, and then tells him, "I am sure I could possess these sharks, perhaps even a slew of them, but you would have to carry me around like it was beyond Thunderdome, and I was the little man. I think it will be better if I move upwards. If I run across Delilah, I am sure I can convince her to help us out."

She glances at Illyana after saying this, but then back to the others. "I would like to have SOMEone with me up there, but I think that I could work well with any of your aid... you all brought appropriate attire, or can get it, right? We will have to do improvisational banter and pretend to be affluent and disaffected. I think we can manage that."

"Do we need to forge invitations?" she asks Kitty.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo lifts one brow slightly, that part of the mystery concerning Julio's energies explained. She had watched them dancing around him, so many colors from various energies, but some are unmistakable in the nature and where they come from

"It is." Is all she offers in response to his comment, then sits back quietly to continue listening. "It is something you may want to consider having taken care of when you get home. I may be able to shift some of those energies away, but it would be better for an expert in those energies to assist you, and perhaps that you stop eating demons."

Now she looks toward Illyana as the woman takes, listening to her wisdom and tactics with a slight smile on her face. "I am not likely best to be mingling with people, my eyes tend to stand out quite a bit and I am possibly recognizable."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
A background sound happens, something that probably wasn't expected. Having just managed to catch up, the red wolf known to most as Wolfsbane pads up from the shadows. Intelligence shines in the yellow eyes, but as it snuffles those present letting them know that she is there, she shows no sign of wishing to shift to the little usless Scot girl.

A strong nose would tell her that this is a tense situation. And likely her wolf form is much more useful than her human.

Julio Richter has posed:
"I don't literally //eat// them," Julio grumbles. "It's just the heart, and it's sort of symbolic." This is a pretty feeble defense, and he seems to know it; there's little energy in his rebuttal. Rather than fight that point against the unified others, he refocuses on the division of the teams.

"I speak Spanish, obviously" -- his accent leaves little doubt -- "But not peninsular Spanish. Not to mention my skin tone." What's left of it. "They'll know I'm not a local instantly. And, I mean: caves. I should go in through the back."

He also winces at Xi'an's comment about clothes. "I brought what I'm wearing," he says. "Skintight total coverage seems like a really bad idea right now. Light is better, less is better." He laughs, gestures at Jimmy, and adds, "I could wear what he's wearing."

James Proudstar has posed:
The yawn is long and loud, "Sorry, yeah, Yana is on it. The island is powered by tide generators in the caves but the energy comes in through one substation. It's ingenious but its just leaves a few generators for the whole place. I can take it out, leave them in the dark. "The norms flee, Julio bottle up the fleet. We give the 'good guys' a call and let them deal with the confusions with a bonus present from Shadowcat? That just lives the inner circle, probably here." He indicates a temple looking object at the pinnacle of the island. The island is a full compound and we can all recognize the villas, barracks, medical staion, communications, but no labs, "If we have eyes on when the lights go out and the fog rolls in... " James leaves the intent hanging in mixed company. Jim raises an eyebrow at Julio and does that pec flex so they appear to hop first right then left. He sees Rahne and pulls the baggies off the board, laying them out on the floor, with the picture and the item next to each other. He motions her over and explains.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo smiles, knowing her cue in that statement. Fog rolls in, fogs are easy, especially with all that water around. In fact fog in the morning was likely a common occurrence in the winter months, but the time of year didn't matter... James wants fog when the lights go out and he was going to get fog. Nice, cloudy, pea soup fog. What the intent might be, she leaves out of her thinking. She has a good idea what James is intending, she knows deep in her own heart and soul she should say something, but this wasn't her op. So long as she wasn't expected to do anything in that particular area of thinking, she would attempt to look the other way.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde continues to try to listen to everything, though she is paying more attention to her computer. "Just for planning purposes, while I can phase people past sharks... I have never unphased in water. Even doing as much as I can to phase some of the water in the same moment, so our bodies aren't suddenly finding themselves with 100 pounds of water inside... I expect it would be painful, maybe debilitating to even try. I need to get people to air to unphase." She types a little bit and says, "Though I'm willing to go in through the cave if needed."

She goes back to working and lets the others talk for a bit. "Oh bingo," Kitty says at one point, without elaborating. At another point she holds up both hands in celebration like a signal for a touchdown. But also doesn't fill them in just yet.

But finally she pushes the laptop back a bit. "Ok. There's auctions going on now. They end tomorrow night at 10pm. Presumably the party is a cover for people to pick up their 'purchases'. There are 18 auctions going on, so assume at least that many kids. Possibly more if they aren't selling all of them yet. I've got the IPs of the bidders. 16 bidders. And I'm tracking them down as fast as I can but that is going to take longer than we have. However, I do have the guest list here and there's at least 20 names that set off flags, so the 16 are probably well represented in that group of twenty."

Kitty makes the names and other information available to the group.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio opens his mouth to make a comment at Jim's pec dance, then closes his mouth, then opens it again, gestures at him with an open hand, and finally says, "OK, I think I can pull off the outfit, but..." His lips part again as he helplessly struggles for words, and finally settles on: "I think, not so much the, ah, performance aspects." Julio has gotten a lot more muscular with better diet and training, but bouncing pecs are a skill he hasn't had a chance to perfect.

Unless, of course, he absorbed it from one of those demons and just hasn't tried yet...

But back to the actual mission they're planning -- focus, Julio -- "Anything that's in the cave and making noise, I can find and wreck, so if you want the generators gone, just let me know," he says. "So, I'm coming in through the caves. I guess the question I need answered is what order I should do things. Destroy the generators? Find the kidnapped kids? Take out defenses or defenders? I can navigate in the dark, easy, if that helps."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Rahne is a welcome presence when she pads in to their vicinity. Illyana moves away from the wall of information and evidence, ceding her place to any who might wish to review the details laid out in varied printed form. Rolling her feet to make less noise, she swings around to a window of the villa and opts then to peer out onto the sky.

"Best to look on foot, da? See what might be here. It is not so hard to manage that without being noticed." Her accent is as far away from Spain as a victory on the Crimea, but there's calculation there. A smirk to Ororo isn't as harsh as it could be. "You stand out, which helps. A useful diversion if we want one."

A slow, dark stretch of silence follows as the devisings of outward cares meet the crush of inner walls and thoughts.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Snuffles, or Wolfsbane as we like to call her, gets her active nose busy. She gets into the bags, containing items that hold the scents of the kidnapped little humans, and spends a little bit of time memorizing. No words from that quarter, though even if she had she'd not be able to match what Ororo does, or Kitty.

Still, as the mists rise, the wolf starts to pad about anxiously, and pushes her nose against Julio, whining. And a knowing glance toward Illyana says it all. Clearly she's there on 'find the children' duty. It's what you do when offered a bloodhound. Track.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
"You should get some of this grilled shark, Rahne," says Shan towards, well, Rahne; and she thinks silently as other people outline matters. "Hnfh," she frowns audibly as Kitty reveals that the auctions /themselves/ have already happened. "Miserable. I suppose the good news is that they will be carrying large amounts of evidence with them, and so this should be even easier than usual for the police to deal with."

If they will deal with it, Shan thinks, which takes some of the 'horray, I'm on Ibiza' joy out of her faith. She toys with her plug adapter, gazing at it, in case a small electrical appliance could reveal her truth to her. (To Kitty, she asks, "You don't see my uncle in that list, do you?" A few moments of intense review and Shan exhales with some relief; apparently, the answer is 'no'! THIS TIME.)

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar hunhs watching Rahne and Yana, "Yeah, do we? I mean the kids are the important part. My plan was to take the whole thing apart tonight, but we have the information on the movers and bidders. We can collect them anytime? They're busy prepping for this party making sure everything's ready, we hit them in the morning just before dawn. Grab the kids, damage as much of the infrastructure as we can. Maybe grab a high value target? ... am I over tired?"

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio reaches down as a wet nose presses against him, and gives Rahne a gentle, reassuring scritch between her wolfy ears. "We'll get them back, don't worry," he tells her quietly. Nodding at Xi'an's suggestion, he grabs a couple of plates and starts loading grilled shark steak onto them. One is for him, and one is for Rahne; if the Scotswoman doesn't transform to take it, he'll lower it down to where she can easily reach in wolf form.

In his own tank top and shorts, he already looks like a tourist; the pair of Ray-Bans hooked into his back pocket are all that's left to complete the look once it's time to scout around. His lack of wardrobe flexibility might actually work in their favor.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde rises from her computer after firing off a number of subroutines that she and Doug have written to gather information on IPs and start probing them. She goes over to the food. "So hungry I could eat a... shark," she says with a grin, getting some of the meat and making a shark taco.

Kitty leans over to give Rahne an affectionate pat on the shoulder, fingers ruffling in the fur for just a moment as she greets the mutant who came in while she was busy on the computer.

Another piece of shark is taken and Kitty tosses it over to Lockheed who catches it happily and starts to work on it.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
While Julio may in fact want to go now, there's an issue. His partner in scouting is distracted. Someone, not naming names, put a big-ol shark steak down in front of her and she's tearing at it with all the grace and manners of a wolf tearing apart meat. It takes a moment, it's messy, and it isn't super fast.

Which makes it all the more amusing a moment later when she turns back human, just to touch base with folks, and everyone gets to her her in her cute little accent..

"Oh laird, it's in my hair..."

She'll be right with you.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar yawns and shakes his head, "Right, Catnap first then save the day." He heads back towards one of the rooms. Scratching his hair he shakes his head ruefully "this is going to take a week to grow in."