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Good, Good, Good...Good Vibranium
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Financial District
Synopsis: Black Panther and Spider-Man meet during a high-stakes robbery.
Cast of Characters: T'Challa, Peter Parker

T'Challa has posed:
Large sums of money move through the Financial District on a daily basis.

It is not so common for vibranium itself to do so.

Given the black market for the precious metal that only comes from Wakanda, T'Challa has had to establish tight monitoring of as much as he can where the ore is concerned. Smuggling, unfortunately, happens. Not every Wakandan is trustworthy. Not every Wakandan sees things the way the King does. Identifying said smugglers usually comes after the fact, and justice must be done.

First things first. A blip comes up over the Kimoyo Beads around the monarch's left wrist, alerting him to a small stash of it on the move. Even a few pounds would be enough for the average thief to retire on. What's more concerning is keeping it out of the hands of anyone who would commit evil acts with it.

An armored truck speeds through the area, ramming into cars that don't get out of the way quickly enough, putting pedestrians in danger as well. A group of gunmen, after making an exchange with a third party connected to the smugglers, is now trying to get to their drop in a race against time, for they are already being pursued.

By whom? The Black Panther himself, who sprints at a remarkable 45 MPH, taking advantage of the traffic slowing the truck down to allow him to close the gap before he leaps for the roof.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man has no clue about the precious cargo the truck contains - three heavy 1-kilo ingots of pure vibranium. All he knows is that the police radio is humming, dispatch is sending SWAT, and the truck itself is a 10-ton behemoth used for high-security cargo.

Spider-Comm has already pin-pointed the location on his HUD, and he is 400 yards and closing fast.
It's been awhile since he's done any truck-surfing, and he's hoping to see what the ride on this one is like as he rounds the corner and sees the truck for the first time.
LZ confirmed, closing in, landing in five seconds, and please return all stewardesses to the full and upright posi-

Then the "landing zone" is suddenly and visibly OCCUPIED.
He pulls up on the webline before practically landing ON TOP of the guy on the roof. He continues swinging overhead, looking down at the man in the black suit.
"Computer, check the database?" he subvocalized.

T'Challa has posed:
The costume, as many often are, is form-fitting. No doubt about it, that's a man within. A rather famous one, depending on how quickly Spider-Man is able to figure it out if the costume alone doesn't give it away. Silver accents against the black suit, completed by a stylized area around the neck and shoulders that features a claw motif, and the head covering includes ridges in the shape of a cat's ears.

Black Panther already has the claws out, and one hand is used to 'slice' into the roof while the other helps hold him in place. It's not so much cutting as it is the roof itself 'parting' where he curls his fingers to dig in, but it looks like cutting regardless.

The man's head turns when he senses, then sees Spider-Man passing by without landing, the eyes darting after him much like the big cat he takes inspiration from. "If you are here to help," he calls out, voice holding a distinct accent to it, "I advise ensuring the safety of those people up ahead." He nods about a block and a half up, where a group of tourists has stopped in the middle of crossing an intersection. Some bolt. Most stare, a few with their phones out. What good fortune to see a real chase like this in the city! If only they weren't in the direct path of it.

Peter Parker has posed:
Holy Toledo, it's BLACK PANTHER!
He clues in a split second before the database pulls up the file. An Avenger, too. Crank up the social media machine, a bonafide A-lister has entered the building.
The man has a proper-but-not-prim cant to it. Educated. And...

Then Spider-Man's head snaps forward and he sees the tourists. Threat levels exist as nodal points that he can sense, and different colors exist as signs of threat level. He had been trying to analyze how it was working but some of his own powers were still a mystery to him.

Seventeen tourists. Thirteen of them are white nodes - easily out of harm's way. Two were yellow, which meant they were in danger.
And two of them were bright red, which meant they were guaranteed street pizza unless someone did something.
He slingshotted himself forward, twisting in midair to fire two webs to the yellows , keeping them in place and from going in the wrong direction. The two red ones got weblined, and then yanked out of harm's way. One from his side with his own force, the other tethered to a lamp post by a webline that contracted suddenly, pulling the girl out of the way of the truck.

GOD, he loved applied physics!

T'Challa has posed:
While Spider-Man sees to the tourists, a couple of which wear gleeful expressions as they realize Spider-Man himself is coming to their rescue and using actual webbing to do it, Black Panther is focused on his side of things. Showing off enhanced strength, after creating another opening in the rooftop he draws it back like he's peeling an orange.

At this point, he removes a bead and drops it into the cargo hold of the armored truck. "You made a mistake, getting involved in this. Did you really think I would not find out? Since you will not stop this truck, I will stop it for you. You will hurt no innocents today."

That's the only warning he gives them, and confusion registers in the forms of shouting from inside as the bead's properties are suddenly revealed with a powerful but localized EMP burst that immediately knocks out all electronics in a radius of about twenty-five feet, which also disables the engine. Again, he raises his voice for the webslinger. "If you would like to apply the brakes to this thing in your own way, now is a good time."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks back at the truck as Black Panther tears into it like it was an aluminum can. Yee-IKES...

Then the headlights die and the truck engine suddenly cuts out. How did...

Then he realizes the vehicle is still in gear as it starts slowing down dramatically. He calls out, "GANGWAY! Clear the area!" It looks like people are listening to him and scatter like fall leaves, and then there is an audible grinding.

Later, of course, he'll find out that the brakes automatically engage at sudden loss of power. A safety measure created by the engineering dwarves at the Brinks Truck Company.
As the truck rolls to a stop, Spider-Man idly considered sending them a fruit basket.

The five people inside are having a LOT of trouble. The three in the back are facing up through a hole into the masked (and presumably glowering) face of the Avenger-in-attendance, and the two in the front are realizing that the magnetic door locks are similarly-engaged. Enough air to breathe because of a couple of vents too small for a finger, though.

"This is what happens, guys," Spider-Man admonishes the driver and his friend. "They build better armored trucks."

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther may not even have known about the auto-brake feature, but that is to be considered a moment of serendipity right now. While the truck passes through the intersection the pedestrians were made safer in, it comes to a complete stop not far beyond.

T'Challa tears open more of the metal, creating a custom but not very stylish sun roof, which gives him more room to look at them disapprovingly. When the mask itself has no particular facial details, there is a lot that can be read from the solid white eye openings.

That's when one of them takes a shot at him. It impacts against his chest, where a sudden purple glow forms and dissipates a few inches away, and a couple more shots lead to a repeat of that. Now that section of the costume carries a dull glow through what appears to be lines running through it. "You are only going to waste your bullets. You do not need that gun."

In he goes, and even if Spider-Man can't see it, he can hear a yelp from the man and the sound of the gun breaking. Black Panther quickly confirms the payload is in fact all there, and the others rapidly determine this isn't something they're going to win. What follows is a mixture of excuses and begging for mercy, to which he says, "I am not interested in your empty words. Driver. You will bind your accomplices, then wait for the police." He is not joking.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is just...watching Black Panther work. It's a little awesome, actually. But then again, he IS an AVENGER. Like watching Michael Jordan playing in a pickup game. You KNOW you're outclassed, but you feel privileged just to be a part of it.
He begins to see flashing blue-and-red lights and realizes the NYPD is en route. He send the police dispatch an alert: <Black Panther (Avenger) is on the scene. Don't shoot at him.> A pause. <You might just annoy him, anyway.>
He looks up as the driver pulls out the heavy plastic zip-ties they used on the original occupants of this tank-on-Michelin-rubber, and begins zip-tying his compatriot before zip-tying himself to the wheel. Last time he did this sort of thing, the only reason they didn't shoot at him was because of the bulletproof glass.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther is a picture of efficiency and command, though he strikes a figure that's imposing enough for the average person to be cowed into doing as told. It isn't that he projects this image through sheer physical strength - he's in peak shape of course, but no Hulk - it's from the way he carries himself and the atmosphere that helps create.

With the middlemen subdued, so nice of them to do it themselves, although one's displaying a shiner, the Wakandan King checks the case the ingots are kept in before closing it back up and securing it. An effortless leap up brings him back to the top of the truck's roof, where he turns his attention toward Spider-Man as the police response draws near. "That was good work with the bystanders. It is fortunate you are wearing a mask, otherwise you look as if your jaw would be down here." He holds a hand out low, near his hips.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man blinks. "Uhm, yessir," he says politely. Boy, he sounds all of TWELVE when he says that. "It's...well, that's plate steel, first of all. I've seen people crush aluminum cans with greater effort. Second, I clocked you at 45 MPH. RUNNING. And third...well, I recognized you. You're Black Panther, one of the Avengers. I...kinda thought you'd be sorta USED to Quiet Awe by now."

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther has possession of the briefcase, which features three different ways of locking and securing it. In fact, the people transporting it didn't even have a way of getting it open. Probably for the best. From the roof of the truck, the two easily tower over anything else in the neighborhood except for the buildings themselves. Maybe it's a cat thing.

"I work with people who are stronger and faster," he points out, which is just a matter of fact even if it may sound like he's deflecting. "And you are Spider-Man, based in New York City. I may be a King, but I do not expect the..'Quiet Awe' from every person I meet, especially someone who also looks after the safety of other people. My sister has spoken of you before."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is about to say something - something about how he can't rip into armored trucks. About how he may not expect the "Quiet Awe" look, but as a monarch-Avenger-high-tech powerhouse, he's sure as shootin' going to get it ANYWAYS...

And then he mentions his sister.

*You GOOB. How many Wakandan princesses do you KNOW?* Jeez, he hated when his inner voice sounded like Carl King.
Spider-Man's eyes go wide (yep, the mask-lenses do it, too) as he adds it up. "You mean...?"
Jeez, big shock. Beautiful, smarter than him, talented...well, that describes MOST of the women he knows. Guess he has a "type." Okay, SHE has the GDP of Wakanda for resources. Yeah...she's gotta be his sister.

"Uhm...if it's good, she's biased. If it's bad, it's legit," his mouth says, independently of his network-shutdown brain.

*...STUPID MOUTH...* he mentally groans.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther hops off the truck, clearly prepared to wait for the police to complete their approach. He has what he came for, and the perpetrators are all ready and waiting to be taken into custody. Except for some property damage and a few people with minor injuries, nobody is the worse for wear. It could have gone a lot worse than that.

"She must be biased, in that case," he answers, and if Spider-Man is used to his mask helping hide a few things, T'Challa's accomplishes it even better. The front facing of it doesn't really move at all even as he speaks, and he keeps his voice from giving away too much. The answer plays off of what Spider-Man suggested, though.

"Now, if you are as intelligent as I have heard, how did I stop the truck?" he asks. Time for a round of Spidey On The Spot. Body language suggests curiosity, his free hand resting at the hip.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man takes a deep breath. Logic problems are easier to handle than the presence of superior technology, training, etc.
He looks towards the truck, and T'Challa's suit alights with notifications of a passive sensor-net sweep, coming from the mask with the multiple-mendings...heck, the whole suit is showing the results of nearly 50 patches, mended rips, and replaced sections. But the sweep gives a basic visual analysis, with...an augmented reality HUD? Microtech in the lenses. And an assessment of code...ORIGINAL code...running through an unknown frequency.

He's using the cell-phone tower network. Figured out the code. Most likely using some kind of module manually patched in, but it could be anywhere in New York and look like anything.

"Well, the computer's fried. The guys in the front were yelling at the guys in the back, so the comm system they had was fried. And these truck builds, they are designed to lock up tight in case of problems. I'm guessing some kind of electromagnetic pulse."

T'Challa has posed:
While they examine each other, they can tell just how different things are with their costumes and any underlying technology. Black Panther's is a rather interesting piece of construction that is difficult to place, but it holds definite signs of vibranium in the microweave. It alone must be worth a massive amount of money, given the tech and more that goes into the build. Where he was shot, there are still signs of purple, glowing in a dull manner. A storing of energy of some kind? The bullets did not penetrate it. There are no holes, no blood.

Meanwhile, T'Challa is taking note of what he can determine, leading to a slight cant of the head to one side as he focuses on the mask before he glances in the direction of a visible cell tower atop a building. "Hmm," he makes a sound, more to himself.

"That is correct. I determined it to be the safest way of stopping them, but had you not been nearby I would have had to employ other tactics to ensure the safety of the people who forgot to move." He shows the Kimoyo Beads around the one wrist. "One of our pieces of technology. I see you have some tricks of your own, besides the webbing."

Police are now cordoning off the area, setting up a perimeter to keep gawkers out.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man chuckles slightly. When you can shrug off bullets, wear tech on your wrist and the only thing your sensor says about the suit is <Fricked If I Know>...
"...Uhm, yes, well...I'm actually writing a manuscript about my experiences. I'm calling it SUPERHEROING ON $5 A DAY. The title says it all." He chuckles again. "You do what you can with the tools you've got, so you can complain about what you don't have or do the best with what's available."

T'Challa has posed:
As a couple officers begin to approach, their guns out and held low, Black Panther holds up a hand to bid them wait. They actually do. "You will find five men inside the truck, along with a variety of weapons. I have seen to it that they are bound. They were in possession of stolen Wakandan property, which I have recovered." He is not done speaking with Spider-Man yet.

Turning his attention back to the young man in question, he looks him over and shakes his head briefly. "That is less than the minimum wage in this country. Surely you have some form of income to help?" It appears to surprise him that someone might be doing this on such a low budget. "I have seen you in action before. You are capable, if raw at times, but you aid in ways we cannot always be around for. That is something I hope you take pride in."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man shrugs. "To be fair, sending the Avengers to handle street crime is like Iron Man killing cockroaches with repulsor beams. Overkill. And, well...someone's gotta watch out for the little guy? Or girl? Either, both. And pride...well, I have to disagree. It's not pride. It's more like...a calling. A duty. I'd rather have satisfaction than pride..." He looked over to the cops rounding up the thieves.

"...pride's been more trouble than it's worth."

T'Challa has posed:
"Call it what you will. The satisfaction of going to sleep knowing you helped protect someone who needed it, then," Black Panther says, gesturing with that free hand. The metallic claws have retracted, but it still leaves the fingers looking slightly thicker than they'd be without them. "But you would not hear of Superman being above aiding anyone in need, no matter how simple it may be. It is no different for most of us. It is a responsibility."

He keeps at least partial attention on the officers on the scene. It seems the SWAT team has been called off, as they won't be needed. Police radio chatter conveys that the Panther and Spider-Man are on the scene.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man shrugs. "True. And you're here now." He looks around. "Well, it looks like the NYPD has everything well in hand. I should probably get out of here before one of those yahoos spots me. I've already got a dollar bet on whether Jameson is going to air HIS views on my involvement in all this, and the longer I stay here, the better the odds."

He fires a webline, then glances at T'Challa and his current "burden," giving the briefcase a cursory scan. Can't see what's inside, his homebrew tech isn't strong enough. But he sees enough to have a pretty good idea that whatever's in there was what brought T'Challa into it.

Ah, well. No skin off his nose, and he's still got three hours of patrol and a prelim on biometric interfaces on Wednesday.

"I've got to get going. Promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther remarks, "Whatever others say or think, if you know you are doing the right thing, that is what matters." His way of saying 'ignore the haters.' Easier to do when one is a King? Perhaps. Still a fair point for anyone to keep in mind.

The case itself is shielded against most forms of penetration, even x-rays, a sign of how valuable what's inside must be. He did identify it as Wakandan property, and to that effect there is even a panther symbol etched into the case itself. "I will help the police complete their investigation. If you have reason to see me, contact the Wakandan Embassy and I will hear of it. Thank you for the assistance."

There is no bow or salute or anything of that nature aside from a raised hand as a farewell before he turns to handle giving the NYPD the information they need, ensuring those involved in the theft are seen off, but not before he is able to get the name of a contact from one of them. It will be run through internal databases to track further.